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Alan has put together a video you can view entitled "Reality Check."
It is approximately 1 1/2 Hrs. of De-Programming.
May not be for those in the Land of Nod or those comfortable in the Holding Pen.

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Reality Check Part One - Watch Video

It's recommended you download the video first, and then watch.
Then read
The Books - Cutting Through: Volumes I, II, & III
Occult History from Ancient Times to Present

Reality Check Part 2 is now on DVD for purchase

Alan Watt on OUT THERE TV - March 23, 2008 (Originally broadcast LIVE on America One TV and BEN TV in Europe)

Alan Watt on The Freeman Perspective - Oct. 18, 2007
(Originally broadcast LIVE on TV Channel 16, Austin, Texas, USA)


Alan Watt on "Current Issues TV" with Hesham Tillawi

Alan Watt on OUT THERE TV - June 25th, 2006 (Originally broadcast LIVE on America One TV and BEN TV in Europe)

Video short "Yellow Drip Road"
A new addition to the alchemical mix in sky-soup

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"The Capstone That Killed JFK and
The Speech That Sealed His Fate"


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"Would You Join Me In The Woods For A Casual Conversation?"

"Peeping Through The Clouds" ***

***First four minutes in higher detail***