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August 10, 2007


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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and I'm filling in for Charles Giuliani today. You've heard me on-and-off over the last couple of weeks filling in for different people, and I do this on other radio broadcasters as well. Other shows, other networks. I'd like to talk a little bit today about a show I did last night, late at night, and finished at midnight in fact, Eastern Standard time.  I perceived that the host, I think a younger fellow, still didn't quite catch on the fact that politicians with their acting really were not in charge; and so I was filling him in on different bits of history to try and show them the bigger picture of this big matrix we live in – and that's exactly what it is. It's a matrix where nothing goes by chance in the system, nothing on a big scale. Everything in the system takes years of planning and we are in fact under a form of total control. A total control which has been written about copiously over many, many years in fact, going back into the 1800’s especially by authorized authors. That's why they called authors. They're authorized as all authors used to be by the crown, by those in charge to write a particular version, a spin on what has happened in the past in history and also as to where it's to go in the future.


The trick of the authors was always to reinforce the mythology, the big myth that we just evolve day by day and that those in charge just have sudden meetings and deal with crisis as they happen. That was the trick of convincing the public of the big lie, because, in reality, huge think tanks, specialized think tanks plan the future. Each part has a specialization to do with part of society and sociology. Even in the culture creation industry, which is very important to this, they market their plans into each generation, which adopts all of these plans thinking that we're just evolving day by day, never suspecting that the major events in your lifetime including the wars are actually planned before you're born, generally – long-term goals, long-term plans.


Those who have worked amongst bureaucrats on higher levels, even in the federal governments, are the first to tell you and they admit that nothing moves swiftly inside government or the bureaucracies. They have meetings upon meetings about singular items and then they redraft them and it goes back for more meetings and for each little part of an agenda; and that takes a long, long time. Therefore, when you see something happening on a world scale where you have governments all working together – and that's the key, implementing the same big agenda at the same time – you know there's been cooperation and it's been going on long before you were born. I'll be back in a few minutes.


Hi folks. Alan Watt standing in for Charles Giuliani. You can look into my own website. It's called You'll also find me at for those who speak other languages, the European languages and download the transcripts of my talks for free.


I am not in this area of work because I particularly enjoy it and I'm not in this area of work because it makes money. I am not in the game of making money for a business in fact. The way I look at the world is rather different from most people, including many of the listeners I'm sure. I can trace the root of money not just as being the root of all evil, but it literally is the roots of all the system that has brought this world into play – the world that we know of commerce, armies, taxation, and produce and consume. It's a world that created into an inhumane world of winners and losers as we like to call them actually in the west.


We have lost our humanity through the greed and the corruption that comes with a monied system. A monied system works on basic fears. Fears which were understood and observed by high priests in ancient, ancient times, long before history has been given to the public or this history of civilization as they like to call it, long before Sumer in fact. Sumer did not create it. It simply reinstalled the system that had existed before under the Hurrians, who ran the most ancient world of commerce and business, a system where they weighed the money out, primarily silver and then gold. They weighed it out because money and coinage didn't come into existence until around 800 BC.


Those who controlled the money, a substitute for real wealth, eventually decided how much that money would be worth. In other words, they took over ancient economies. They got countries into debt. I write about this in my third book, which you can find on my website. They actually gave money to kings and cultures, mostly tribal cultures in ancient times, and started off the debt racket. They then would come in when bankruptcy was declared and installed their own advisors. We still have the same today because the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Canada consist basically of advisors put there by the money-lenders themselves.


This happened to all ancient countries except Sparta. Sparta went to war for over a century against these bankers and eventually lost, because as you fight the system you become like the system. You become your enemy in fact and corruption sets in. Money runs through fear. It creates fear: fear of poverty, loneliness, ill health and no treatments. We see this especially in the medical systems of today in the west, where once your insurance runs out, you’re handed off to the charitable institutions where really you're given palatable care until you die, or else you're tossed out on the street; and we say this is progress. We call it progress towards a higher society, a higher civilization, yet we never ask:


What is the definition of progress? Whose definition is it in fact?


It's a very inhumane system, which is getting worse.  Since about World War II, the notches were stepped up a few from what it had been before with the family unit, even though that system itself was put in place by the same controllers’ families. The same culture was given to us then. Keep the family unit together when they had to breed people for factories. They wanted you to take care of your children who grow up and go into those factories and go into the militaries, which would be sent abroad to conquer other parts of the world. With the global agenda, you come to the end of this long, long history of takeovers, because that what wars are. They're takeovers of other nations. You have corporate takeovers through business and the legal system, and you also have war, which is a continuation of business under a different guise. All historians know this, at least the better ones.


At the global agenda, the whole world is to be transformed into a more efficient system. The family unit is now defunct according to the elite. It serves no purpose and they won't need massive populations working in factories including China because the populations of the world are to be reduced drastically. This is not a wish that they have. It's a goal that they have, and we better get that very clear in our minds. We're not dealing with wish fulfillers here. These guys make goals and make it happen and they are so confident they can pull it off step by step because they have very advanced sciences and they've had people working on the most horrible types of diseases and weaponry you can imagine. If fact, you can't imagine just how far ahead they really are. They're so confident today that they've planned the next million years according to Charles Galton Darwin (the grandson of Charles Darwin) who wrote a book in the 1950’s called "The Next Million Years" on behalf of this world elite. He talked about the need to cull off all the "useless eaters" because there would be no factories for them to work in. They wouldn't keep people alive just for the sake of keeping you alive. You would have to have a purpose to fulfill in this New World Order.


In fact, he said you wouldn't be allowed to be born unless they had a role for you to fill. That's the planned system. We started off with a planned family, family planning, which actually meant abortion, and we just went on from there to global planning, which means global genocide. Terrible thing to contemplate but I think we better do it very quickly since the elite have contemplated this very thing for a couple of centuries and written about it. We've watched the hype of scientists training us, you know the expert class on television, over the years in association with the fictional movies like "Outbreak," all to terrify us and condition us through programming of the inevitability of coming plagues.  Every scientist who comes on from these institutes and bacteriology today tell us the same thing, "oh it's just around the corner. It's inevitable,” they say.


How strange that all their predictions tie in with plans which they published a long time ago – vast population reductions for this utopia. This utopia of the elite where there will be no individual thinkers left to cause them any problems. Every one of the great philosophers in recent times at major universities, like Toynbee who trained Rhode Scholars, talked about this agenda. They're all elitists. They believe truly in the their plans. They believe in their right to dictate the course of the world and everyone in it and they wrote copiously about it. You can get Toynbee's volumes on history right up to the present. I think it's about a 15-volume set.  He talks about these agendas and the necessity of bringing down the world's populations, because in a post-industrial society and a post-technological society, they wouldn't need all the useless eaters anymore. They would be just consumers and that's bad for the earth. They would take away the resources which the elite's families would need for their coming generations to survive for the next few thousands years. Very arrogant, very open, and the reason they get away with this and these kinds of statements and publications is because the public go into disbelief.


We cannot believe that human beings could do these kinds of things, plan these kinds of things and actually implement them, pull them off. The reason we can't is because the average person can understand a little lie or little deception, but they could never imagine planning wars or genocides to fulfill some big agenda. It's not in our psyche because we're not psychopaths, you see. What is interesting though is that even the psychopath on the street level who's very streetwise has no problem understanding the elite. The only problem the psychopath at that level has is that he's not born into the families with power to implement these agendas. That's the difference. Therefore, he's generally recruited on a lower level into one of the new classes of professions, like being a torturer for governments. One of those types of classes is given a machine gun, and told he's in the Special Forces and go off and kill these people. That's where they get the recruits from at the bottom, and unfortunately, today we have lots of them, lots of them in every country.


The Holy Loch in Scotland, this big lake where the nuclear submarines go into from the United States all through the Cold War (no doubt still today) in a documentary special with the BBC, they showed you the two people who would always turn the keys to start off the fail-safe mechanisms for the setting loose the atomic warfare weaponry. The interviewer asked the Commander of the station base how they picked these guys and how could they be sure they'd actually go through with it when it was the real thing.  The Commander said they're predictable, they're psychopaths, and he named the tests that were given by the military to pick them for their particular positions. That's a scary thought. Scary thought that the military uses tests to seek out the psychopaths for special jobs – jobs which would perhaps break a normal person with a normal conscience. However, they seek out those who have no conscience, because a psychopath will only please his master and do whatever he's told by someone with more power than himself. That's all he respects is power, you see. That's the history of psychopathy.


With the elite themselves and all of the helpers of the elite, including those that you'll see in the visible spectrum to the public eye, they're also psychopaths who respect those above them with more power. Back in a few minutes after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt filling in for Charles Giuliani. You'll find at there's a lot of material there, which you can download for free. For those who want to buy the books and the DVDs and the MP3s, they are for sale. Please go ahead. I need the money to keep going. I hate having to even say that because I don't like money personally. I think we need a different way altogether. Certainly not the way of the elites, because they plan to do away with money in the long term and give us credits from the government. Credits which you cannot save up, you have to use them, and credits which will also be withheld for social disapproval if you go against the system. This has been written about by some of the big boys, the big players, the top think tanks long ago.


I'm talking about different parts of this matrix we live in. The world that we think is normal simply because we're born into it and everything exists in its present form. A world where our parents didn't know enough to warn us about the tricks and the con-games that go on, therefore the teachers, the state (as they said they would) has taken over the role of the parents and the parents input is of very little value today to the children. They’re taught not to listen to their parents.


We also have all the sciences working against us. A world of experts you see. Bertrand Russell said they would bring in – he actually quipped in one of his offhand remarks – the time would come when a woman would be unable to change a diaper on her own child without the advice of an expert; and you know it's happened. It's actually happened. It's also happened that most people today can't even cook for themselves in the cities. They don't know how. They need experts to tell them or books put out by experts. Something as basic survival as that they can't do. Experts guide our lives. They tell us what to think and what to wear, what our opinions should be – and we never question them. We never question their motives either.


Psychiatry has been one of the greatest tools beginning in the 20th century to manipulate whole populations into what's now the "new normal." Freud started this off basically. He was paid to do so, fronted to do so. Made famous like all famous stars are. It's like Darwin made famous. No one had heard of Darwin. The media made him a superstar before his book was even published. That's how you create stars. The same happened with Freud; and psychiatrists including psychoanalysts have painted a picture of a normal personality, which is never terribly sad and never terribly angry or never too excited. Then they use words like "infantile" or "neurotic" to denounce certain types of personalities that don't conform with the conventional pattern for a normal individual.


When you think, this kind of influence is in a way more dangerous than the older more honest form of name calling, because that's all it is. It's name calling. Then of course when people called it a name, the individual knew at least there was some person or some doctrine which criticized him and they could fight back, but you can't fight back against science, you see. It's “science.”


How can you have a world of billions of people and yet we're all supposed to conform into one personality type? 


This is what we're taught by science what is normal. We saw the same thing with the McKenzie Report. McKenzie was put up there again as a superstar and he wasn't the first one to be put up, because in pre-Nazi Germany during the Roaring Twenties there was a German put up in front there to do the same thing, to bring sex to the fore. They even had a museum of sexual perversions, this particular guy to try and standardize this as being normal for everyone and to make people think that if you're not into this, there's something wrong with you.  Eventually they were all kicked out of Germany and a lot of them went to the U.S. in fact.


Then they came out with McKenzie, the same darn thing in the United States, well financed by the big foundations, the Rockefellers and the rest of them.  His job was to make everyone on the planet especially women think if they weren't going around with a thousand guys per year doing all kinds of weird and odd things, there must be something wrong with them. The idea being to destroy once again the family unit and tradition. Tradition had to be completely destroyed to bring in the new, according to the master builders at the top, and they did this very well with unlimited financing and with unlimited media attention constantly spouting this nonsense.


It isn't until years later, once they changed all the system – and remember, his books were used in courts of law. Judges would refer to his books in special cases and use that as a ground of law. –We find out later it was all bogus. He hired prostitutes to do all these studies on, anything but the average individual. Back after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt filling in for Charles Giuliani. Look into my site and much, much more. These topics go into more depth to do with how culture is used, altered, made to be fluid and reshaped into new directions. Plato, the philosopher of ancient times, member of the secret societies of his day of the aristocracy, talked about culture creation in great detail and how that even in his time no cultural change was allowed to come from the grassroots. It all had to come down from the top down, be authorized. Anything from the grassroots wasn't in the plan of the elite, could have disastrous consequences because it would have ripple effects which are unseen. That's why even during the Cold War, and I wondered about this when I was young. I knew that the communists had implemented a Department of Culture and I though why would you do that? Why would you have a governmental department of culture if you, the people were the culture? Then when I looked into Britain and all the other European countries and Canada even, they all had the same things, Departments of Culture.


Why would you fund Departments of Culture?  When you look into what they actually do, you find the biggest authors that write about the great little stories of your past or your peoples and so on are all paid by the Department of Culture to give a specific, generally false idea of the remote or recent past. They also dish out the grants to so-called "budding artists," you know the ones who make odd things out of metal, very ugly and they call it some particular name, and an art museum or some public works place will have it outside a building. That's what they fund. The Nihilistic programs, nihilism being essential when you want to break the ties with the past or normalcy of any kind that puts you into a fluid state, a psychic state; and this is part of the techniques of mind control through rapid change.


We've now got evidence from declassified documentation from London and the U.S., Washington, D.C. and the Pentagon that they were heavily involved the Departments of Culture Creation for every country and they funded all of the what we thought were left-wing groups. The idea being if they made left-wing groups which are more radical then any left wing group, then they would lead all the left-wingers; and that's how simple it was. They did this and they funded these artists. They also funded a lot of the music industry as well which give you – especially during the 1980’s, that nihilistic type lost-boy type image with the whaling sounds. It was meant to create a depressing sort of ambiance for a depressed era where there was no hope. Generation X they called them. These are the ones that wouldn't have steady work in their lifetime. They were written off: X, that's what they were called.


Nothing in this world is as presented to us, according to the elite who call us all the profane, those in the darkness. That's why their symbol is Moloch the big owl. An owl sees in the dark. We don't. We take the world as it’s being presented to us from birth. We don't question. In fact, we're not given any clues as to why we should even question. Who would suspect getting born into this world everything around you was one big lie?  That's how it is, you see. That's the tragedy of the existence we live through. It's also the matrix. The movie was modeled after these very topics which I'm talking about right now. The matrix was a computerized system. A system where everything that happened to the characters involved already had programmed events built in to them. Every possible maneuver you could make was pre-thought like a great chessboard. The only difference is with us the profane, you see, you don't even know you're on the chessboard. You don't even know there's a game being planned and it's actually played and you're on it, you’re in it and you're a pawn.


Those who ask for truth and phone me up will be very sincere, but I'll tell them off the bat, do you really want the truth?  You cannot just open Pandora's Box and close it again. Once that lights hits you, you will never be the same again. Your opinions, your ideas, your ideals will be drastically forever altered and you will never be able to go back to sleep in the same way. Opening Pandora's Box means you will have to act in your life. You'll have to do things in your life. If you don't – the knowledge would turn against you and actually destroy you. Many people, young people who are very bright, the ones who escaped the side effects of their inoculations (which are meant to dumb them down), will turn to drink or drugs. The real thinkers will see too much. They've no one to fill in all the blanks for them and explain it to them, so they start blaming themselves as to why they cannot get on in this society.


In fact, they really don't want to get on in this society. They don’t want to become a good successful killer type person and climb over others to get to the top, and so they turn inward on themselves with the knowledge they have and try to self-destruct. Therefore, I always tell the young ones, if you want I'll teach you how to get out of this. I’ll teach you how to become constructive with your thoughts and how to become active with your thoughts and your way of living and how to teach other people, because we’re at a critical time how. This is the last generation who will be able to talk, say, convey and pass on the wisdom that's being passed on right now.


The ones coming up, they've had the biggest doses of inoculations than any generation before, inoculations which have targeted their immune systems and in fact their higher critical thinking abilities. It's only those now who have the knowledge and who have lived long enough who can pass this wisdom on, and that will be forbidden very shortly. The bills that were passed, at least the Executive Orders that were passed recently in the United States and in other countries are now getting rather heavy. They want to confiscate the property and assets of anyone speaking out against this war agenda of the governments. The same technique that was used in the Soviet Union is now being used here. In the Soviet Union they called it anti-government propaganda. Anyone accused of it lost all they had and those who seized their property, the police forces, the military forces et cetera sold it off and split the loot. The same laws that we already have in the western world because the Soviet model was the trial bed. That was a big laboratory which was to be used on a much larger scale – scale of the whole world in fact.


Mikhail Gorbachev, when he was still the President of the Soviet Union, gave his last speech to the Politburo, which has been published. You'll find it if you go back into the archives of the Toronto Sun under Eric Margoles who was the reporter. Read that speech because he said to the Politburo, “You will shortly hear of the end of communism, don't believe it he said. We're moving on to the next phase.” The next phase of course is the merger of capitalism, which it was intended to do from the very outset. He said the end result would be something not quite communist and not quite capitalist. What he was referring to was a system of fascism at the top, with the bulk of the populace run by a bureaucracy in a communist-type manner. That's what we have. Now that is the UN agenda. The United Nations was set-up to take over eventually as a form of global governments.


The young people should stop beating their heads against a brick wall and wondering why they're so lonely, they can't get relationships – can't get relationships because everyone now is dysfunctional. They're trying to emulate a style that's gone out of style. It's old fashioned. It's gone because the genders have been under attack for 100 years or more to split them up to make sure the family unit could not survive. Government wants to be able to talk directly down to you as the individual, with the television screen in your house one day telling you what to do and you’ll look around to those around you, your friends, relatives to come around and stand beside you.  They won't be there. That's why they had to destroy the family unit, because the family unit is still the embryo, last vestige of a tribal unit. It gives people cause to stand up for other things and perhaps sometimes disobey government. The same type of inconvenience they found with the religions which had served he elite so well for thousands of years to make the people obey. Religion still had something in it which they couldn't dispose of completely, and that was they had the choice of ultimately obeying tyrant king or obeying your god, and that was a real nuisance to the elite, so they had to destroy religion too. It had served its purpose well for the majority, but it still had that little embryo there – that little spark of disobedience when there's a clash between government's wishes and the laws of your god, whichever god that happened to be.


Margaret Thatcher in her world tour, which was called The New World Order, spoke at Massey Hall about this, about the coming wars in the early '90’s.  She said it would be against religious fundamentalists. She meant Moslems, of course. She also meant all religionists and that meant all fundament religionists. That's Catholic and Protestant and Jews and Moslems, everyone. The only ones that would be exempt were the passive ones like Buddhism because it falls right in line with the new agenda for the UN of an evolutionary kind of religion. Evolution is not incompatible with Buddhism or even Hinduism. You'll find evolution came from Hinduism because that was always the higher religion of the mystery religion.  In Hinduism they start off with the primordial slime and amoebas and things that grow out of it, simply evolving, through the will of Brahma to become something better and better. They actually call this evolution "the coming".  It's called “the coming.”


Freemasonry is modeled after Hinduism. Charles Darwin's whole theory, which was just taken from his grandfather before him on the theory of evolution, was a reiteration; a public reiteration of the higher freemasonic religion that already existed. It was an expose of it. It was also intended to be the first step to de-sacredtize human beings to get them to start to give up their thinking that there was something special. That life was something special. That others around you were sacred in a way since everything was made by some great creator. Once you threw that out the window, put yourself in line with the animals, it was much easier to control you and justify why they were controlling you. You had less rights then to stand up for and say, "Wait a minute. I'm a human being. I'm a creation."  No, you're just a fluke of nature. That's all you are they tell you and you believe it, and you have just thrown away the only defense you ever had against them.


When we begin to kill at any extreme, whether it's the very young or the very old (and they always go for the weaker ones first) and we accept that as a culture, how can we possibly stand up to the elite when they say, "There's just too many of you. You're inconvenient. You're in the way." You have no arguments. You have no leg to stand on; and that was their planning all along.


In academia, many topics are allowed to be discussed which cannot be discussed in public; and I understand why not. Because some of the topics are so emotive, people become violent over them. In academia, you must become to an extent dispassionate and stand above and look at something on the outside. Just look at the effects as the elite themselves do and their think tanks do. When you start at the abortion end of the scale for many, many reasons – Inconvenience - Can't afford them.  Again, it's economics for you. Or the very fact that you have promiscuity or whatever it happens to be, the fact is if you kill off life because it's just unwanted at the moment or it can't be afforded at the moment, how can we stand up when they start killing off the elderly? Or want to kill off all the rest of the useless eaters? They don't have factories anymore. They don't have the economies anymore or excess population. We've lost our ground for our arguments and this was a cleverly planned agenda to make this so.


Ancient religions, long before they were tampered with so heavily for political reasons, always reinforced that the sacredness of life – knowing that if it was thrown out the window, hell would break loose by controllers.  The worst tragedy is today we're so selfish, so incredibly selfish in the me generation we don't care about other people. We don't care what's happening to other people, whether it's wedding parties in Iraq who get bombed from the air by mistake, supposedly, or people dying because they can't afford medical treatment and all of these things in this great society, the most advanced society we've ever had we're told, the most progressed society. If we don’t care about these people, and believe you me, the big eating machine that goes around chomping at people will come around to you door in the end. You can't escape it. I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt filling in for Charles Giuliani. I generally go into much more deep topics to try and show the public that everything they take for granted is not only a lie but a projected lie, a planned lie, a thought lie, a thought out reality in fact. We are molded into our way of thinking. If you look at the original thinking – I was mentioning psychiatry a few minutes just before. Original thinking as it happens to feelings and your emotions. As soon as you go into education, original thinking is discouraged and then you're given ready-made thoughts right into your head. It's easy to do with young children; and young children are very curious about the world, very curious. They want to know why things work, why things are the way they are. They want to see it from different points of view. They'll ask questions. You'll think they're annoying you. They're looking at different aspects of the same topic. They want to know for themselves. They want to know truth as well, because if you know truth, it's the safest way to orientate themselves in a strange world. A world that has power in it, which they sense. They’re not taken seriously and no matter where this attitude takes them, if it takes the form of a disrespect of the subtle, even condescension, which is usual towards all who have no power, which is young children or older sick people. However, they're taught in school primarily to accept ready-made thoughts, ready-made answers, standardized answers; and that's the key to all of this, standardization.


In the higher Masonic traditions they talk about a standard, the standard is the flag that's put into a hole in the ground at the beginning of battles. That means the land that they've taken over or shortly will take over is going to be standardized under their system. They're standardizing the whole planet right now under one system. They have decided that all of the junk genes, which the commoners are made up of, apparently, have to chance to evolve any further and all of those who have evolved to the highest levels are already in positions of power or at least helping those in positions of power. Darwin and others even discussed the possibility of this happening, this religion of theirs called evolution.


H.G. Wells, a man who put a lot of non-fiction works out there, exposed a lot of their thoughts. He was a worker for them. He also admired Plato's Republic, which he called the blueprint for the coming utopia – the utopia of the elites. You'll find this particular book is mentioned often with many of the big players in this agenda. I'll be back after the following messages.


Hello. I'm Alan Watt filling in for Charles Giuliani, going over some of the reality behind the illusions in this world – the illusions which have become our normalcy. We've been taught that everything is normal and it must be normal isn’t it, because if you look at your neighbors and everyone around you, they all have the same opinions as you because they all get it from the same sources. In fact, the technique of opinion creation is so perfected today. It's a perfect science they will always bring you to what you think are your conclusions by the data, the technique of transmitting it to you. I was talking about children and how they're indoctrinated and how creativity is drummed out of them at school because that leads to individuality, a very, very important topic because the elite have said that they must eradicate the problem of the individual.


This elite, remember, and their ancestors guided the world through thousands of years where collective was the norm under the religions that they mandated for them. The whole idea of individuality is a fairly recent phenomena. Before that, it was areas and habitats and group think, towns and villages and you conformed to the system or you were shunned by the system. It wasn't until really the beginning of the 1800’s that the whole idea of individual thought could be very, very important in fact. If you look at small children, you'll often see spontaneity coming out of them. They have an ability to feel and think which is really theirs. It's personally theirs, not because they’ve been told to respond in a certain way to this or that situation.  The spontaneity will show what they say and what they think and the feelings that are expressed in their faces and in their drawings and so on. If you ask what makes an attraction small children have for most people, it's really, apart from sentimental and conventional, the answer must be that it's the sum quality of the spontaneity that attracts us. It's something that we are supposed to have ourselves that's been drummed out of us.


Life in this system, which is anti-human, tends to drive it out of you. It makes people dead; and the sad thing is you find so many people when they hit about 50 years of age become desperate. They're saddened. They’re dead into this world, which they can’t really understand. They're fed up with the worry and the scurry, the tensions, the fears of poverty, losing their job. Losing their family, which they generally do today, and so on; and they become dead and they look forward to getting a pension and retiring. It's like a runner going through the tape. If I can just get through there, I'll get my pension and retire and I'll be out of this rat race for a while. That's what they hope for; and what a sad ambition for so many people to look forward to retiring, because we know once we retire we get older and sicker, especially in this day and age with all the inoculations we've had and the rotten food that's genetically modified to serve that purpose to make us even worse.  You won't live very long so you won't have much time to enjoy anything, and with the cost of living going up by the magic wand with the man at the top, you can't relax even then. Life is drummed out of people. Spontaneity, the creativity of individualism is under incredible attack.


In the Industrial Era we saw the rise of what they called from the feudal system and the collective to the mass man. The mass man, even though he thought he was an individual really was conforming to one or other groups that were laid out before him to join; and from that we have the mass indoctrinations, the mass agendas for the masses today. I'll be back after these following messages.


Hello folks. Alan Watt standing in for Charles Giuliani.  Please look into my website at where I go into a lot of this amazing matrix that we do live in, different levels of it. How we have gotten to where we are and where we're supposed to go from here if we allow it and what the consequences will be. Lots of stuff for free and you can take transcripts as well, download those and pass them out to people you know.


Don't expect miracles because we're living in a time of choices where people are wittingly or otherwise choosing a future for themselves. The choice not to know is a choice. We have to respect that people are choosing. Many people like this world of slavery. They like this world where the slave is guaranteed X-amount of dollars every week and can buy their little rewards from China that don't last very long, but then they can buy more the following week or the following month. They like the idea that there are these special people above them who are managing all the severe and heavy weighty problems of the world for them. It gives them time to play, to mix and socialize and talk trivia to each other and smile and sip wine and laugh.


What we're down to in this day and age is a battle for the individual self.  We have to understand that if you lose selfhood, individuality, you go into a state of masochism; and this is what fascism is based on, sadomasochism. The sadist and the psychopathic sadist worship power. They worship power for power's sake. They detest anything which is weak and they will tell you, and in many ways, of how they hate the weak. People are not allowed to be sick. There's something wrong with them if they're sick. You'll hear this said in fact in conversation. Power is the key.  George Orwell who wrote "1984" in 1948 – the actual title of the book was going to be called "The Last Man," but his publisher chose the actual 1984, as a reversal of the year it was published. However, he said when he was being tortured by O'Brien. O'Brien would have no trouble getting employment today in at a high government level with all of his techniques and knowledge.  O'Brien said in answer to Winston's query as to why they did it when they already had everything you could possibly want, and O'Brien said power, just for powers sake – unending power.


It's hard for normal people – in fact it's really impossible for normal people to imagine this kind of mentality. That's why they get away with it. They look like us. No, they're not reptilian. No, they’re not Nephilim or anything else. They're psychopathic human beings and we better understand what psychopathy is and it's not difficult. Go into the books. Study it. Study the ego side of psychopath and you'll find that sadomasochism is a tremendous part of it.


You'll find in all big military regimes the officer corps worship the people above them and they’re sadistic to those below them. They worship power. They'll do anything they're told by their leader or their master – the one who has achieved ultimate power. This is the system that has been brought in today, which will have control over all of us.


The annihilation of the individual self and the attempt to overcome an unbearable feeling of powerlessness are only one side to masochistic strivings.  The other side is the attempt to become a part of a bigger and more powerful whole outside of yourself and just submerge yourself and participate in it. In other words, a much more powerful group. This power can show in the form of a person, an institution, a god, the nation, or conscience even, or a psychic compulsion by becoming really part of a power which is felt as much stronger than anything else around you; something that’s eternal and even glamorous at times when you participate in that kind of thing and you'll feel its strength and its glory. You'll find people who were around Hitler with his speeches always said that even though they didn't believe in him when they walked in and the philosophy of Natziism.  Natziism was not just a national thing. Don't believe that for a minute. That's a cover. It was an elitist international doctrine, which simply started with National Socialism.


The people who went in and heard Hitler speak talked about how hypnotized, how caught up they were in the raw emotion of this man that was felt by the group all around the man.  It was a kind of hysteria almost that you will see if you're on a stage in a rock group, where you know you have the crowd in the palm of your hand and you can sway them in any direction you want. It's much the same technique. However, sadomasochism comes into the worship of the all-powerful leader that promises you utopias and better futures to come. It's always strange to find that going through history they never materialize. In fact, when you fight for something to overthrow a terrible power, you often find you end up with a worse one in its place. It's because it's the same power that's still in control. It's just changed hats because the sadomasochists, those who worship power above them and hate the weaker below them, are still in charge because they belong to all sides, all groups, in all eras.


They used to be called in ancient times "the deviant creation" because their whole world was a form of deviant thinking. They must dominate to control and they cannot leave anyone else peace. Again, difficult for the average person to comprehend because, hopefully, the average person doesn't want to dominate and control those around them. You will still see it, because I do believe, just from my own observations, that there are just as many psychopaths at the top and all down through the strata of society down to the bottom level. In books dealing with pathocracy (that's reign by psychopaths and dynasties of psychopaths), pathocracy shows you that the pathocrats will give you psychopathic culture, so even the ordinary people at least will try and emulate the psychopaths by their lifestyles and by their behavior. It's only when it comes to the nitty-gritty would you kill mass amounts of people to go further. A normal person will have their choices kick in and hopefully they will say no.


In a system of winners and losers, and that's all you see now on television where you have the stars: the super rich, the wealthy, the Donald Trumps, the Bill Gates. The people who you're trained to believe made it by themselves, but they didn't. They were allowed to come up there. In fact, they were groomed to come up. You don't get into those positions of power unless the doors are opened by the big boys above you, but we are taught to worship them. They've made it. They've become stars.


What do they have that we don't in this world of terror and fear?


They have no wants anymore of poverty. They have no fear of becoming sick and being unable to get the best treatment. All of those worries are taken away from them and so the public are taught to worship them. They call them “the stars.” The Hollywood stars is the holy wood, remember. It comes from the holly wood, the holy wood that was the staff of the ancient wizardry. You'll even find that in different bibles and different holy books. They use to call it a 'holly-day'.  The holly itself is the green wood, evergreen. It gives the leaves in the wintertime too. Look at the old Christmas carol, the holly and the ivy, because there's an occult meaning behind it and predates Christianity. That's the staff of the holly wood.


Mickey Mouse has his little wand: Holly Wood, which waves the magic spell over the people and distorts their reality into a different reality, a fictional one, which we all follow. The stars are all in the culture creation industry. They give you through fictional forms, your downloading, your emotional imprinting, your viewpoints on things, because when you're being entertained, it never dawns on you that you're being indoctrinated because your shields are down. You’re being entertained. If you go to hear a lecture on something, your shields are up so you can analyze each sentence as it's said and dismiss it or accept it. It's up to you.  Through entertainment, with the story line, with you always identifying with the hero (if you're the male) or the heroine (if you're the female), ancient techniques, you will follow and they do, including the things you might not necessarily like. You've been given new ways of doing. Through entertainment you're being filled with predictive programming as they call it in Tavistock Institute in London, which is really the world's premiere place for mind control and psycho-politics and even the psycho-politics and geo-politics for different cultures. We are living in a big laboratory, a laboratory where everything is introduced to us and discussed at big think tanks before we even see or hear it.  When Miss Jackson's breast was exposed at the Rose Bowl, as the Masons do for males, the fire went on behind her – the big Masonic idea – and you didn't know, did you? I'll be back after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back standing in for Charles Giuliani and I believe we have a call from the Netherlands. Are you on the line? Hello.


Walter:  Yes, I'm on the line.


Alan:  Yes, who are you?


Walter:  I'm Walter from the Netherlands.


Alan:  How are you?


Walter:  I'm fine. Thank you. How are you?


Alan:  Doing well.


Walter:  I first want to thank you for filling in for Charles. It's always a pleasure listening to your calm voice explaining the dire situation. I want to ask you one thing and then I'm going to hang up. I was wondering if you could comment on the current crash that appears to be happening on the market and if you see a global crash coming? Thank you very much. I'm going to hang up now. Bye.


Alan:  Bye now. I'll answer that, yes. We've gone through this before with the supposed crashes and so on. Remember, everything else again in this system is pretty phony and the price of anything is just an idea. When you have middlemen coming in to fix prices in those who deal with real estate, who simply inflate everything out of all proportion with regards of the materials and a particular house or property or whatever, then you've got a business taking over. Whenever you have a business, you never have any kind of reality involved in it anymore. You have a game going on for higher profits, so they can manipulate markets up and down like a yo-yo.


The only real estate—and this is a very important part—real estate always really meant the land itself, not so much the buildings that were on the land.  They’ve trained us all as they got us into cities et cetera to start thinking in real estate as being actually a home. A home is nothing at all really. It's just a bunch of sticks or bricks. Bricks are preferable and that's the old story in Masonry is the straw house, the wooden house and the brick house. In other words, real estate was really the brick house. Yes it can be manipulated and there's no doubt that in the future step by step, but not suddenly I believe, they will bring down the value of everything as they start to get us all into the habitat areas. They've told us through the United Nations through the Agenda 21 program (that's the agenda for the 21st century), that by the end of the century and it could be the middle of the century, who knows. It could be 20 years from now, they are going to train the public into this new system of living in habitats; and they have stated categorically there will be no private property. It will not be allowed. It will be rental only, because they plan to withhold the credits for your rent if you go against the system, so they must eliminate private property through a step-by-step process.


I'm sure they will bring us through two or three major crashes and then introduce a new system of government supplement, probably initially, and then introduction of rental accommodation only for a new age, and they'll tell us all of these reasons. All of the experts will come on over a period of two or three years to convince us of the necessity of changing our whole way of thinking and doing. However, right at the moment, I'm not too worried. The U.S. they’ll probably bring it down faster because the U.S., as they said in their own books and materials, as they finish off the last part of their mission – which is to bring the Middle East under control and convince all the residents of the Middle East of the necessity of joining the big global club – as they pay for all of this, their economy is to come down and their real estate business and so on will suffer first. I think Europe is much safer for a little while longer.   I hope that answers your question.


If anyone else wants to call in, we can take calls for the next half hour or so. Meanwhile, I'll continue talking about this. This is what I'm saying about perception versus reality. Nothing in the system is what you think it is, including the value of things. Value is an idea. In old times, if it was truly valuable, it was something which you used and was utterly necessary, but when you create a new perception of value where someone else decides what something is worth, you have stepped outside that initial definition. In old times, a tool was valuable. A saw was valuable. It was something you could create a home from or with, but when other third parties come in and deal with real estate and gage the prices out of existence to get a bigger cut, then you’re in an artificial system, the same as a monied system, the banking system and you've lost all control. Your decision and the value is made by other people, even though, as I say, a price is just an idea. The difference being they're taking your right to make the idea away from you and put it into the hand of a supposed expert. I'll be back after these messages.


Hello. I'm Alan Watt filling in for Charles Giuliani and I believe we have another caller. Ted from Georgia on the line. Are you there, Ted?


Ted:  Yes, Alan. I've been watching the CNBC, I believe they call it, this theater about the stock market and they would have you believe, not necessarily they but the whole outlook on the market is it's spontaneous, that it's a market economy, a market system and yet it is completely rigged.  Now today and yesterday it's becoming obvious it's completely rigged. We have the fed bailing out the market; and the fed is a private institution, it is outside what we recognize in government and yet it is a part of the ruling apparatus.  I know you agree with me on these things but I'm trying to get them into a better perspective for us, and that is that it is a part of what I think Gorbachev in his book, I think he's written two but in the one that I read. I forget the name of it but he recognized it as being a form of socialism and you alluded to that a while ago.


Alan:  Yes. He wrote in the book "Towards a New Civilization" some references to the new system of the combination of capitalism and communism that would be brought into the West, and along with that was the elimination through a series of events (he didn't specify what events would be) of bringing in rental accommodation; and, of course, he said it was to serve the masses much better.  He was alluding to the fact that eventually private property would be done away with and we’re seeing it begin to happen. This has always been their intention is to house everyone in habitat areas.


Now the real estate organizations, interestingly enough, and they have big organizations of these sharks who have got together and they're touting this whole habitat strategy for the United Nations as the best boom they've ever had for themselves. They're building big high-class type habitat areas with super modern homes or what will eventually be the bureaucratic elite that runs the system for the true elite.  They think this is a wonderful chance for themselves, while the rest of the public, just as it happened in Britain during the Industrial Age, they drove all the peasantry off the land into these thrown-up cheaply built cities at Manchester, Birmingham and so on. It’s the same strategy recurring again as they get the rest of us all off into the major cities, which will become overcrowded and diseased ridden and so on. They've written about this. That is the strategy. It's not a pleasant picture, but I'm not here to sugarcoat things. I'm here to tell people like it is.  Yes, you're quit right; it's an artificially driven system. When you're not in charge of your own property or its value or anything else, then you're powerless to resist it. Someone else is in charge. Unseen forces, unseen faces. You don't even know their names in fact, there's so many layers of them dealing with you all the time and the most folk don't even realize it.


It's no different from Rothschild getting up every morning, sticking his finger out the window and deciding which way the wind blows and putting the value on the price of gold. It's the same thing. It's outside your hands. Or a bunch that meets in the Bank of Canada, which is just a floor in a building where representatives from the major lenders meet with an appointee from the government to decide what the value of the dollar will be. It's the same con-game. We have never had freedom, definitely not in the financial sector and they knew a long time ago they'd have to take away the real estate sector as well. Yes, you're quite right there.


Ted:  The main point I want to make, and of course it's a struggle by the elite to subjugate the masses and manipulate the masses and manipulate them with information where possible but with force when necessary, but I call it – I adhere to Mr. Gorbachev's idea that it is socialism and I call it private socialism, and that's why the Federal Reserve comes in. It's private but it is part of the effective government.


Alan:  Oh absolutely.


Ted:  The media is privately owned but it is a part of the effective government.


Alan:  Yes, the media is an essential arm of government. In fact, they used to have the three estates: Heavenly, Temporal and Ministerial and they added on to it the fourth estate, which is the Media. That's an official part of the 20th century dogma, so the media is an essential part of governments, absolutely.


Ted:  Would you mind repeating that?


Alan:  Yes. I'm saying that we use to have the three estates and that was your god in power, spiritual and temporal, meaning all the way down to a king or an elite and that was always in the dictionaries as the "three estates”. Now they've added the fourth estate, which is the media. That is officially in the dictionary in Oxford because the media is an essential arm of government, so you're quite right.


Ted:  The media is of the essence in this system they’re imposing upon us.


Alan:  That's right.


Ted:  If we can expose the media as being – it’s not being in the interests of the people but in the interest of the elite, then to that extent we can neutralize them and prevent them from running rough shod over us.


Alan:  Yes. The media is so effective, especially since television was given out to indoctrinate the people into false perceptions, which become their reality. Perceptions become reality, you see, how it's presented to you.  Whole nations have been trained and weaned and brought up on television with the same main news anchor people for their whole lives.


Ted:  I consider that the television hypnotizes its addicts.  You alluded to that I think recently by saying it took an ad eight exposures I believe you said to solidify it in the mind of the observer.


Alan:  Yes. It takes at least eight repetitions of even a simple advertisement or a term like “weapons of mass destruction” for the public to remember that and start parroting it themselves. That's the trick, after the eighth one the public themselves will parrot those terms, those slogans in a conversation with each other.


Ted:  I have a website that deals with these questions of the media and so forth.


Alan:  Go ahead.


Ted:  It's and the title of the e-book which can be read without cost is "Horrified Hypnocritters," and the hypnocritters are what most people call sheeple. People that have been hypnotized by the media and they are led to believe that what's not in their interest is in their interest, and what's in the interest of the elite that controls the media is in the interests of the television viewer, which is normally not the case.


Alan:  Even television with its 60-hertz cycles and its flicker rate and all the rest of it was designed to be hypnotic, and it's always been understood it is a hypnotic instrument.  It's more easily observed with young children who will sit in front of it and their mouths will just drop open and they'll stare at it.  When the parents try to talk to the children, the children don't hear them. They literally don't hear them. They're hypnotized. However, you also see adults who are hypnotized too. Most main news comes on late at night now. It used to be earlier, around 5 or 6 p.m., but the Tavistock Institute did a lot of studies and surveys and found out that when a person's tired, around 10, 11 p.m. at night, that was the best time to give them their propaganda through news. That's why you have it on late now, because you're in a semi-hypnotic state already. You're tired and you go right into that deep stage of hypnosis and you're downloaded with all this data. Your censor part of your mind is down completely and you don’t critically think about anything you're told, but your subconscious will remember it and you will repeat those terms that are instilled into you so carefully.  The following day at work, you'll actually repeat the slogans they give you and the terminology they give you.


Ted:  When you're tired and relaxed, then you're more prone to suspend judgment.


Alan:  Absolutely.


Ted:  Right. It was so nice to talk with you.


Alan:  It's a pleasure. It's an interesting thing that a Canadian show was following up the members (the shareholders) of Hollinger Corporation, one of the big newspaper and media chains that was owned by Conrad Black, who was knighted and made a lord, Lord Conrad Black. He's in the news right now over some scandals, but I think he'll get off with it because he cannot be tried by ordinary people, because in a court of law you must be tried by your peer group, which means he'd have to be tried by other lords.


You'll find that the other members were seen going into the Hollinger meeting and Barbara Walters and all these other news anchor people, well known ones, were all top shareholders in it.  Here's the shareholders giving you the news. They're not just anchor people. They're actually members of it too.  We have other callers on the line. Who do we have here? Hello. Okay, we've got Daniel in British Columbia.


Daniel:  Hello. Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes.


Daniel:  Okay Alan, great to talk to you.


Alan:  How are you doing?


Daniel:  It's great that RBN now seems to have its resident philosopher.


Alan:  I'm just filling in at the moment. It's spontaneously you might say. I'm trying not to go into spontaneous combustion.


Daniel:  No, no. But seriously, it's great to get your level of analysis and insight onto the network.  If you will allow me for just a moment, I’d like to play a bit of devil’s advocate. I would say to the contrary that perception is "reality" and reality in quotation marks because what reality is a very, very extensive study.  On that score I would quote Kant when he said that we cannot know the thing itself so that we actually live in a mythic realm, the very self. The persona, the ego, the psyche is mythic and so the best we can do at this point it seems to me is to create a more viable better myth. You see where I'm coming from?


Alan:  I understand what you're saying.  Kant himself borrowed heavily from both Luther and Calvin.  Calvin's idea was a form of predestination, which was to submerge the individual into the mass under that very pretense that you could never understand everything, so give up your will to a god or a deity.  Kantian philosophy came after that with the same basic idea.


Daniel:  He did say that man must have his god.


Alan:  Yes, but we find again that the big institutes which took over as psychiatry got involved and psychology got involved with the behavioral psychology on a mass scale, they found more and more techniques to influence people’s perceptions of things and actually use the way that they do perceive, the way the mechanics of perception go into action. They can actually influence and guarantee the outcomes of the perception; and this is the problem today. The Marshall McLuhan Center was heavily used by the CIA and other intelligence agencies because they were going into how perceptions are created and influenced.


Daniel:  Just a minute, Alan. I happen to be a Canadian and I read Marshall as a young man. I'm sure this happened if it did after his death.


Alan:  Even during his life--


Daniel:  Are you saying that Marshall McLuhan was a CIA operative or agent?


Alan:  Not an operative, but see they also got funding. Even the universities you understand get funding through agencies and foundations along certain lines, and McLuhan knew perfectly well – he knew Professor O'Driscoll that died a few years ago and other ones and there are some professors still alive that knew him very well.  McLuhan was well aware that some of these ideas could be abused by these agencies and that they would certainly pick up on them.


Daniel:  Okay, Alan, I hear the music so I'll just say goodbye and thanks. It was great to talk to you. Keep up the good work.


Alan:  I will do. It's a pleasure to speak to you. Be back after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for Charles Giuliani and I believe we have one last caller on the line. We have to make it very short. It's John from Kentucky. Are you there, John?


John:  How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


John:  I am enjoying your show. It's the first time I ever heard it and I think the best thing people do with them TVs is just carry them out the front door and kick them off the front porch.


Alan:  I agree.


John:  I got rid of mine about 15 years ago and quit all that Christmas and all that other stuff and it's really changed my life, but after I quit watching TV, I can't stand to watch it now.


Alan:  That's right.


John:  I mean it's just like you – once you figure out it’s all a big bunch of BS – but what I really want to get to real fast is to prove to people the TV is behind it all.  I don't think we'd have to fire a shot to take our country back here in the U.S. when you throw the TVs away. I believe that's what would wake everybody up and take our land back and everything.  In Alaska, the Eskimos, the federal government tried to buy their or steal their resources up there and they never would sell for years and years; and then one day they talked them in to taking one TV, and within a year most of them have five or six TVs. They all quit hunting and wasted their money on four-wheelers and all that stuff and ruined the whole society.


Alan:  Television was designed to.


John:  I was going to tell you you're doing a good job; and are you religious of any kind?


Alan:  In a certain different way than most people, if you've studied religions. However, the television definitely has been the great tool to destroy the communication between people to converse themselves and share their own opinions and viewpoints. You're quite right. It's addictive. It's very addictive.


John:  It’s the oldest illusion in America. If you can get the message across to people, it seems like they know it when they leave your house that in two or three days they're back out in their house and the TV and stuff, they completely forget what you were even talking about. They're back on the same train.


Alan:  Absolutely.


John:  Hey there, you're doing a good job. It's the first time I've ever listened to you. Thank you very much.


Alan:  We’ll talk to you again.  I'll be filling in as well today in a couple of hours for John Stadtmiller for two hours, so tune in again and we'll carry on this discussion. However, just to end this little part here, to the previous caller I talked about Kant and Kantnetics and economics and so on, where Kant said that you can never know everything; but, remember, Kant came out of the mass man's era when they were talking about individuality and what was it and how much power did it have. The later philosophers even took it further and said that individuality was everything, and that without individuality there would be no true creations within the world, no guideposts, no lights to guide people into more freedom.


The mass man unfortunately, which is conditioned today to be a mass man, is very easily manipulated by the major stream media, and that's our problem. The enlightenment talked about sapere aude, which was dare to know. Dare to know. Ask the questions. Dare to know even though you don't like the answers, you've got to ask the questions, because only then do you start making decisions according to your conscience and that's all you have. That's your relation to your deity in fact, is your conscience. What is right and what is wrong according to you – not by the standards you're taught by society, but what does your conscience tell you?


We're living in a time when many of those at the top have no conscience.  They are psychopathic and we must overcome them while we have a chance.


I hear the music coming, so that's it for me for this particular show. Tune in later. I’ll stand in for John Stadtmiller. All the best for now, Alan.



(Transcribed by Linda)