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July 31, 2007






Greg:   Welcome to the Tuesday addition of the Investigative Journal. I'm your host, Greg Szymanski. I'll be here for the next two hours and hopefully in the next two hours we're going to have on today Alan Watt, and he is a person that – boy, I'll tell you. He talks about a lot of new things and he's got a website called .  At this point, we're trying to wait for Alan to get on the phone, but we'll be with him in a minute. We'll spend the next couple of hours discussing many different things with Alan, including the Vatican's connection to the New World Order and much, much more.


I wanted to mention that my new time is 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. and that's Pacific Time on the West Coast, and I'll be on Monday through Friday on Liberty everyday Monday through Friday 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. You can also go to my website and that is and you can get a lot of articles regarding the New World Order and much, much more.  Alan, are you on the line yet?  Alan, are you there?


Alan:  Yes, I'm here.


Greg:  Oh good. I didn't know if you were there. I'm glad you're here.  Alan, you have a website called Why don't you tell the people what you've been working on lately?


Alan:  I've been very busy doing my talks that I give out every week on the histories of this system that we live in, and how we got to where we are now, and all the different agencies and religions involved in controlling the people down through the centuries up until this point. Into the new scientific dictatorship that we're moving into now, a world run by experts and professionals that was taken over from the old priesthoods, but they still use the old priesthoods to their advantage.


Greg:  You talk a lot about hidden history. I guess we can start from a point – where would you like to begin?


Alan:  Just the fact that because of man's basic needs to get in touch with something he thinks is out there bigger than himself, which is their deity, their god, their creator, whatever, that in all times, especially in the ancient times, priesthoods arose using that knowledge and distorting the truth and saying they had the truth; and because of that they became very dominant over the people. They control the people's minds through religion; and with them, wherever they went, they brought the money system with them. That's very important because the money is a form of slavery. Once you get people to accept money, you can then tax it back from them. You can hire armies and go and conquer other countries. We're really seeing a culmination of thousands of years of this very technique coming to an end with the Middle East, and they’re put under the exact same system for global domination. This agenda has been on the table for an awful long time.


It also takes the cooperation of all existing religions to go along with this. If you notice, not one of the major religions or religious leaders is warning the public about the future and what it has in store for the general public, either in the cloning field, the genetic engineering field, the eugenics field, and the depopulation programs that they've been putting forward for a long time. None of the religious leaders who have the power and the authority to tell people, “look, start thinking about this.” None of them seldom even talk about it or even discuss it. It tells you they're all in on this together at the very top levels.


Greg:  Right. You're talking about all the major religions at the top levels perhaps working together to mislead the masses, and this goes back a long, long way. Can you give us any kind of history that you uncovered throughout the centuries that lead you to believe this is true?


Alan:  It's not just coming to believe it. It's when you stumble across major figures in history like Alexander the Great for instance.  Alexander the Great, his mentor was Aristotle the philosopher and Aristotle was married to one of the biggest international money lenders of his own era; and the same money lenders from the Middle East funded the Macedonians and the Greeks. They go into Persia and take it over. They paid for the war in other words and all the people who were taken over had to pay it all back through taxes to repay the money sharks. You find the same thing all down through history. Money-lenders, the leaders that teach and put up front men like Alexander the Great, or maybe a George Bush in our time, it's all the same old con game. They're all interrelated we find through their wives and through their mentors. They're all intermarried and interrelated. This is their world as far as they're concerned.


John Kerry's the same with his wife who's involved in the Heinz industry. They said they'd take over the food industry you know 40, 50 years ago, because when you take over the food industry you have war on the people. War, in all times, takes into account economic war, food and water, all the basics when you're having a war on a city or on a whole country on in the world. They go for those primary things.  It's just a coincidence of course we have John Kerry who's married to the Heinz Dynasty, who I'm sure have been modifying those foods since they created the company called Heinz.  Modification of the food is modification of the people.


Greg:  Yes, exactly. You know what? I'm looking here on your website and you only have three books available correct? One is "Cutting Through 1," and then "Cutting Through 2 - A Glimpse into the Great Work" and then "Cutting Through III - Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition." 


Why don't we start with your first book and tell us what that's about? Go ahead.


Alan:  Really, hermaphroditic has different meanings in the occult industry. In ancient times, they talked about the perfection of the human being where the right brain would be working together – emotion versus reason. It would come to a harmonized point and that was the perfected man or the illumined man as they called it. You'll find the same thing hidden behind major religions. In Genesis, the deity he makes a double of himself and from that double he then subdivides Adam and Eve from it, meaning the deity himself was male and female. That's the meaning in Genesis.


You also find the same things in the writings of Plato. The deity they worshipped was male on the front and female on behind when they walked the other way. They're talking about the ultimate perfection is going to be a creature which is neither male nor female, which can self-reproduce.  It's an odd agenda, too, you might think, but it’s always been here for thousands of years. Now they have talked about the creation of the perfect worker human being that would be both male and female and could self-produce. That way there's no conflict. The world they want to bring in has to be conflict free. Free from conflict of nations or races, ethnic groups but also no conflict of gender conflict. That's what they call their utopia, their peace on earth. However, the elite themselves said they will not alter themselves. They will only alter the worker bees to be more perfect; and one day if you serve the system of the state very well, the honor you will have is the right to reproduce yourself, an exact model of yourself.


Greg: That's the first book. You talk a lot about that, correct?


Alan:  Yes and also how it's all done through the Masonic coding hidden in the language, right through so many different words that we use commonly without thinking of what they really mean. Our language itself was given to us to contain coding, as all the high freemasons know.


Greg:  You know just before we get into your other works, the second and third books give us your thoughts about religion. About the Bible. About the Koran. About how all these things fit in your thinking and whether it's important to follow one of these groups or whether you feel a person can find the creator without any of it.  Just give me your thoughts about religion, the Bible, the Koran and all the Jewish books that tell about ways to find the creator. What do you think?


Alan:  The mainstream religions all have (for the west anyway) all came from basically the Hebrew versions and split off – the Christians would say it was the culmination or a completion of Judaism to have a Messiah. Most Jews think the messiah is still to come; and you can have many messiahs within Judaism, anyone who furthers the cause is called the Messiah. Mohammedism was slightly tailor-made and altered to suit the Arabic peoples, the desert peoples and give them strong laws basically to make it more cohesive as a society.  They all come from the same root.


You'll find in every region of the world there's always a trinity of religions which are associated from a main root; and so for the west, they gave them Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedism (or Islam) coming from the same source. You'll find in the Far East they give you Shintoism, a form of Japanese Buddhism and another mainstream religion or Taoism as well. You always have a trinity of religions for each region of the planet; and that's how it's set-up, slightly altered for the mentalities of different cultures. That's the only difference there is.


Greg:  Now looking back at the Vatican's control over the centuries, do you think they were involved in creating any of these religions?


Alan:  I know it's been said they've been involved. Roman Catholicism itself you have to look at through history’s eyes to see how it even evolved.


Greg:  Yes, go ahead.


Alan:  You have to realize that what you had was a Roman Empire, that knew it could not continue—it fell towards the end because it could not tax all of its colonies sufficiently to keep Rome in the lifestyle that had accumulated and was used to.  They thought religion was a better way to dominate the minds of all people more cheaply, more effectively, especially if you could indoctrinate the young, you will never lose them when they grow up. The Catholic Church, remember, took someone else's religion, the Gnostic religion really. The Gnostics had a Jesus type figure who they said was mythical. He was a myth of a perfected man which they all hoped to emulate, so it was almost like a mascot you might say of a perfected man, not a real person. They were arguing with Constantine when he had the first great meeting in 325 AD to form this new Universal Church as it was called at the time. Since the Gnostics wouldn't go along with the Vatican saying Jesus is a real person, Constantine sent out armies to try and kill off all the Gnostics because they knew, according to them, that it was not a real person that had existed.


In Judaism they have references to a Jesus in the Talmud and other writings of Judaism, which would make you think there was at least one character who could have been called Judah or Yehuda, whatever, but probably not Jesus. We know it meant the fish from the Greek, Iesous, and it was for the Age of Pisces, the fish that it was created.


Greg:  Correct.


Alan:  In every era it's the same long before that. You had the Ramses line for the pharaohs in Egypt because their lineage began in the reign of Aries the ram.  They always give you a religious figure for the particular constellation that rules for 2,500 years or so.  Jesus was meant to fulfill a period for 2,000-odd years and then you're into the Age of Aquarius, which we're coming into now, and then he dies off and a new one takes over. Everything is stellar occultic, lunar occultic and solar occultic in the world's history; and the priests down through the ages simply change hats as they did for Rome. The high priests of Jupiter changed their hats overnight and they were now called the Universal Church. Then after hunting down all what they called were the pagan priesthoods, the Roman Church then began to adopt those very tenants of those priesthoods back into their own religion.


Greg:  We have that battle between Constantine and the Gnostics. The Gnostics saying that Jesus was a mythical figure and then we have Constantine's new religion who's going to the Roman Catholic Church, who was going to say that Jesus was an actual man. Now he's translated in the Bible as an actual man. How did that come about? I guess what I'm getting at is let's deal with firm Bible believers and firm believers of the Koran and move on, but what would be your answer to a Bible believer who says this is really the only way to God? The words in this Bible have been written by God and as they're written, they should be read and believed, and this is the way to heaven. What are your thoughts?


Alan:  In a sense they’re right, in that very clever people put the Bible together, giving you the simple rules that would give you a really workable society if everyone followed the rules, including those who lead your countries, you see; but never, in any age, have the rulers in this system followed the religion they make the people adopt. We know that by history itself. The leaders have never followed the same rules as the public. Yes, it would be workable for the people if everyone did adopt and follow simple rules. However, these religions are very Hegelian because there's always a truth contained within. The falsehood is well-contained within, but the truth is that they're supposed to be stepping-stones to much higher truths. They're not meant to stay static and become dogmatic as a religion. They're supposed to progress onwards and upwards and carry the person who's truly seeking into a higher realm of understanding towards a creator. If you notice the main deity of Yahweh for both Hebrew is very much of a human character: Very much of a human god with his failings, his anger, his temper, and his favoritism. He can also change his mind when he wants to and kill you if he has a sudden rage.  It's really a projection of the human oriental despotic king that you would find in the Middle East at that period. It was something the people could understand.


The Greeks talked about the Demiurgos, the base god at the low level of godhood, claiming there's four levels and that the base god is in charge of the world. He is the Lord of the world and he – because the people are base, they've had stringent patriarchal type rules to make their system work – he's unforgiving.  If he puts you off guard, you're never sure if he likes you or dislikes you. However, he's not supposedly the only one. He's one level, so he's a Demiurgos; and Jehovah fits that level perfectly well.


If you notice for instance the story of Jacob. Jacob cheats his brother out of the birthright and the blessing by pretending that he is the brother and he fools his own father who's blind or half blind, so he lies, he cheats and he steals the birthright and he disobeyed his father. He broke all the rules and yet the god blessed him for being so crafty and cunning and made him the father of Israel. Now that's how the mafia would work.  You have to understand that there's high Masonic rules in there too, because they do believe you should get away with things if you do it craftily and enough cunning and to get your way. The rules of the high corrupt system are also contained in that Masonic Bible, the Old Testament, if you understand them.  What deity that's for justice and all the rest of it would ever allow that to happen and actually bless the criminal?


Greg:  Exactly. Now getting back to talking about the Vatican's role in the creation of all these religions: What have you learned through your studies regarding that whether the Vatican was involved in the creation of Islam? Whether it was involved in the creation of Christianity in a sense as we know it and what is their role in the Bible?  Have they been involved in rewriting that?


Alan:  Yes. The Bible has been rewritten many times, always for political purposes, including the King James version was written to make the people obedient, because King James thoroughly believed that he was God's representative on earth ordained by God.  He even wrote a big speech about that. King James said how dare the people inquire as to his decisions. He says "don't they realize that I have the power of God given to me by God to do and say and do as I wish?"  That's what he truly believed.  In the King James Version, he had all the writers stress that point that the government was put there by God and you should obey it.  It was written for a political purpose with a lot of High Masons at the time working on that very project. Francis Bacon and others helped to write the other.


If you go back into the ancient Middle East, into Zoroastrianism really, that was the start of all of these religions. The Zoroastrian religion is the first one to come out talking about a good deity and a bad deity. Later on in Judaism, you have a god and a devil, even though the devil, if you read Job, worked for God. God told him to go and torment people. He was a worker. He was employed by God.  Zoroastrianism seems to be the one they've all taken their queue from, and he created Judaism from it and Christianity as well.


Greg:  How far back are we going?


Alan:  It's a very mythical figure but it's hard to put Zoroaster. It also calls them Zarathustra; and Zoroaster in the old, old system meant seed of Ishtar. That's where the name comes from, Zoroaster. Zoro also means the man with the mask, like Zorro, and you also have the same thing in the Old Testament with the Zoro-Babel, which means the seed of Babel. Why would anybody who had been a slave in Babylon call themselves seed of Babel?  You're looking at coding in there for the wise to understand, and of course the profane are never taught the reasons as they call them. You're looking at very clever people running a system down through the ages, running an exoteric for the public—be it Judaism, Christianity or Islam by teaching a high esoteric tradition for the ones “in the know” at the top who laugh up their sleeves at the public all the time.


Greg:  Have you ever had a chance to see that video Zeitgeist?


Alan:  No. I've heard about it. I haven't seen it though.


Greg:  I wanted to get your thoughts about it. I recommend you take a look at it because it goes back and talks about all of the astrological symbolisms that are contained in all the different religions and how they relate to the zodiac, regarding what we were talking about earlier, the Age of Pisces and coming onto the Age of Aquarius.


Alan:  It's even in the New Testament if you understand what you're reading; and I wrote that in the third volume. I went through the whole zodiac a few years ago and explained what each one of them meant in the higher esoteric meaning.  You'll find that even George Bush, Sr. said, “Everything is going to the heavenly divine plan.” What he’s referring to was the zodiac and what they mean, because the zodiac to them is a timetable. Each part of the zodiac is part of this system that must come into play at a particular time according to an old, old plan. The Aquarius is even in the New Testament, where Jesus says to his disciples “go into town. Find the man with the mule and ask for his mule. He'll be carrying a picture of water,” and what he's telling them is that Aquarius, the man with the picture of water was Aquarius. The whole thing is astrological.


Greg:  Right. What happens here once we begin talking in these terms of the astrological similarities that religions use, you know December 25th we get into the virgin birth and the other things, the resurrection things like that in many, many different Jesus figures throughout history have had the same characteristics, it begins to upset people that have this strict belief that Jesus was an actual person put here as the Bible says, "God's son put on earth."  I wonder how you reconcile that?  How can there be any reconciliation? Let's just say for argument sake, what's the difference if I believe if God is a myth or Jesus is real or Jesus is a myth? Can we get to the same place and that is an understanding of truth and finding some type of meaning in life or creator? What are your thoughts?


Alan:  I think that people can find the higher truths beyond the base truths. The laws are given for the base public. I think the individual who is truly seeking will find it if they seek hard enough and they'll even go beyond whichever religion they've been given on the base level, a common religion. Very few do but some are able to do it and use that like a stepping-stone to get up and come in touch with something far greater than themselves, far bigger than the basic Yahweh character with the human characteristics of the battle-angry old man. There's something much greater in the world than that and some people can go – even I've talked to people from Islam who've gone beyond Islam on the same path too, and come to the same conclusions only because they've done the journey themselves. They've left the dogma behind them, the dogma given to the general public who need those basic rules at a certain period in their history.


Greg:  Exactly. We're going to take a break shortly. We’ve got about a minute and then we'll come back for our second half hour. We'll be with Alan Watt for the next hour and a half and you can find him at his website and you can find there a whole bunch of different works and articles, and I can see you've been doing a lot of radio shows lately. You've been on many, many different broadcasts and I'm wondering in this last minute. What are you finding people want to hear? I mean you have a very broad scope as you go back into history, but what topics are you finding that many people are wanting you to discuss these days?


Alan:  What's getting them eventually is I'm trying to get through to them that even though they're sort of waking up to what's happening, now in their lifetime at this period with the big changes that are underway, what they want to know is how we got to this point. Then they're realizing what I've been saying is you don't understand. This has been going on for thousands of years and what you think of as normal (meaning your culture) was not normal at all. It was one of many cultures they could have given you; and they changed culture from the top and the people simply emulate it and copy it. The America of today is vastly different from 20 years ago or 40 or 100 years ago. It's constantly being upgraded as you upgrade a computer program and the public don't even notice. They simply adapt.


Greg:  Yes. I think what we'll do after this break, we'll go back into history and really try to trace how we got to where we're at with Alan Watt. We’ll be back in three minutes after these short messages. Okay, real happy to be back for this second half hour of The Investigative Journal on I'm you're host, Greg Szymanski. This is The Investigative Journal. My guest today is Alan Watt, a website called , a website that I recommend you go to and read. You can learn a lot about lost history and Alan's trying to bring us up-to-date with that.  Before I get back to him, I just want to mention that on my show yesterday I had John Levy, attorney for the Croatian victims of the Holocaust -- excuse me -- of the genocide, and that is in a case called Alperin v. Vatican Bank that's going in the federal courts today.  I want to mention go to my website and you can read all about that case and it will give you a little insight on really what the Vatican's up to and how they really play an important part in our geopolitical world.  They're not to be left out of the picture when you start talking about who are the really spiritual controllers of the New World Order and how they are trying desperately to turn this into even more of the fascist country. They want total control and I say to people, beyond all the understandings and wisdom of religion, we must deal with actual people on this planet right now and we cannot forget about the Jesuit General Father Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, probably one of the most powerful men in the world works at out of Borgo Santo Spirito.  That's right next to the Vatican where the Jesuit headquarters are, and you need to just look him up. Do some research about him and see if you agree with me and many of my guests who have come forward to say we've got to check on the Jesuits. These guys are not going to let you go easy and they've been behind many, many assassinations including the one -- we had CT Wilcox on yesterday who has documented the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and actually the Jesuits were behind that. We've also talked with others who talk about their role in the Kennedy assassination and also their role in creating the Federal Reserve system, the banking system; and, also, we can't forget that if we do not deal with this issue fairly, we will never get to the real nuts and bolts truth about the New World Order, who they are on this planet today.  So, with that, let me get back to my guest Alan Watt.


Alan, you say this on your website and we're going to get back to what we were discussing at the break, and that was how did we get to this point where America seems to be coming apart at the threads and why are people in such a dilemma? You look at everyone and many, many people are just – “what is going on in this world” they say to themselves and they feel something but they can't put their finger on it. However, let me read this. You say:


In all ages, in all lands there have been those seek truth. This seeking is an individual search for something more than self and much more than the confines of this worldly system that we live in. It is the seeker who understands there is more than what meets the eye, who is not afraid and makes the choice to going to the unknown. The process of awakening has begun. The discovery is underway. 


You give a course of deprogramming and I want to get into that. However, let's go back. Can you give us kind of a brief historical look back at how we got to this point and maybe that will help people be able to cope with it a little better. Go ahead.


Alan:  We got to this point when money was introduced into civilization with cities. That's what civilization comes from is the city. You're a citizen of the city.  The definition of a citizen is someone who is born with preexisting duties to a system.  If you're born with preexisting duties to a system, it means you're not born free. They talk about Nimrod being the first builder of cities; and a city cannot supply itself with anything it needs to simply survive. It needs an artificial system and it is an artificial system. It must have this thing called money. It can then hire people who don't work for food; they work for money. You buy your food and they tax it back from you and create armies to go off and conquer. Therefore, even guys like Plato said that they would bring their utopia, their world republic into being by using the cities, because in a city the culture is plastic. It is fluid. It is flexible. You can shape it and direct it into any direction you wish them to go and the public adapt so quickly in the city. It doesn't matter what kind of society it is, the public will adapt to it if they think it's normal.


A child born into a system where the parents don't know it's abnormal, it means that the child itself will think everything that exists in that system must be normal and they will never question it. That technique has been used for thousands of years to be a form of slavery. Charles Galton Darwin admitted this in the 1950’s. He was the grandson of Charles Darwin. He was a physicist and he said, "there has always a form of slavery and we (meaning the elite) are simply creating a more effective form of slavery today."  That was in the 1950’s. That form of slavery is already here. People are wage slaves. They work like rats work in a laboratory where they pull levers and get a seed, and that rat then begins to think that's normal and that's the only way that you eat. It's the same with people working for money. They are wage slaves. If you add up all the taxes and hidden taxes that you pay, it's about 60 percent of your income.


If you go back to the Middle Ages, the feudal system, the average serf who did not own his land had to give 60 percent of all his produce to his lord and he's left with 40 percent to feed himself, his family, any cattle he had and any other labor.  The rates are the same from the feudal system to the present system; and yet today, through propaganda they keep telling us we are free. How can you be free if you don't really own the roof over your head? How can you live in a truly advanced society, what they call progress and civilization, when someone that you will never meet in a city far away decides to send the taxman after you and they take that roof from over your head and seize it? That's called stealing, you see. They steal your property and through propaganda and through altering perceptions, the whole population’s taught that this is somehow normal. It's incredible how they can distort perception by the use of words. It's the same type that goes with – if you have a highwayman on the road and he draws his pistols and holds you up and demands ransom money or you won't pass, and you pay him off, you see this guy as a highwayman. He's a robber. If a cop does it and demands he gives you a ticket, or even cash as some of them do nowadays, for their bosses, he's doing his duty for the law, the legal system. It's the same act. If the highwayman comes and steals your stagecoach, you know he's stolen it. If the police impound your car, they call it impounding not stealing. It the same act.  Perceptions are altered in this system to fool the public and the public are trained to think this is all normal. That's how you distort perception.


Greg:  Exactly. So we begin with this monetary system that creates us into slaves, but can you get into some historical sequences that bring us to this point with the people in modern times, in a sense, from the formation of our country and how it's changed from the beginning until now.


Alan:  Even the creation of the United States, there's no doubt about it; it wasn't a sudden idea to have a revolution. It took years of planning and the Founding Fathers admitted that. They had to do negotiations with countries long before -- in advance they could supply them with powder and all the rest of it and logistics. They had the islands all mapped out and ready to go where they would bring all this pirated stuff. They also had treaties made with France who would finance them through this war. It took a lot of planning and preparation to set it off and it was a Masonic led revolution. That's why 33 of the 50-odd Founding Fathers signed the Declaration. It was for the high number 33 because the sun rises on the 30th degree and sets at 33. The same as Jesus comes on the same age of 30 and dies at 33. It's the same old Masonic stuff down through the ages and they do like to stick to their formulas.


Greg:  Yes, that's right.


Alan:  The Founding Fathers, like all countries that have been created through this technique, England was the first you must remember because the English Revolution was before the U.S. Revolution. Everyone seems to forget that.  The colors of the Revolution were red; and then they had the Blue Lodge for the color blue, for open freemasonry, because the sun is blue when everything is out in the open; and white is for the spirit that would really guide it. That's the colors of revolution: red, white and blue. Therefore, every country that had the revolution—Britain, United States and France—ended up with red, white and blue on their flag because it's Kabbalistic and only the Founders understood this religion. The lower peasantry didn't understand anything about it at all. When they got together in the convention hall, they barred the doors. They pulled the blinds. They put sentries on the doors to keep the public out; and that was a Masonic meeting they held in Philadelphia, because they do it in the temple that has no windows. That's why no one could see in. It was a Masonic meeting and they came out and said to the people, "we have given you a government."  There was no vote by the people to have that government. The public have no say in the whole thing; and then they give you the foundation myths that George Washington could not tell you a lie and all this stuff. These are called foundation myths that they always give every country. That's to make them feel good about themselves.


Greg:  So definitely we had a Masonic influence in the creation of America?


Alan:  Yes.


Greg:  The Revolutionary War: Can you tell us what was the real reason that you found for the creation of this country?


Alan:  They had meetings in Europe before the Revolution and they had the Concert of Europe and they had different ones they called them. The elite wanted a world society. They knew the way they were going. They couldn't war amongst themselves, the psychopathic crew, again at the top of this monied system that there are always psychopaths, and then they become inbred psychopaths and then hereditary psychopaths. They knew they couldn't keep on having wars without eventually having a global society, because every war led to a takeover of other countries and amalgamations that started with alliances to become amalgamated to become empires. They knew eventually they'd end up with one global empire but they knew they couldn't do it quickly with the countries that were already known for plundering every country they went into. That was Britain, France and all the other Germanic countries and so on.  Therefore they had to create a new knight in shining armor that stood for freedom and democracy and all the this stuff; and so they created the United States of America, the elite.


They also knew by the size of the Americas and the natural resources that it would be built up through immigration and manpower to lead the world. They'd be the richest country in the world. They could finance wars. Wars are very expensive and global war would cost an awful lot of money and manpower for a military, so they had to create this; then they gave the world this new one that didn't have a history of plundering other nations when it started off and it led the charge.  Today when you go across the world, even 20, 30 years ago when you traveled across the world, you'd meet people coming from Georgetown University and students doing their work abroad to help the peoples; but what they were really doing was bringing the American business system with them and furthering American corporate interests abroad. That's really what they were doing. The U.S. has caused more wars and done more war-like things through international corporatism than any other way.


Greg:  Exactly. The story that Americans are given about the Revolutionary War and the purposes for this country I think are naïve, and when we see what's happened through the course of history and how our country has been subverted. How the Constitution now is gutted. How religious organizations like the Vatican have bound together with the secular world with our government to move in a certain direction which limits our freedoms in almost every area we look at. It's high time we do something about it, and is there anything we can do at this point?


Alan:  Here’s the dilemma. The people have come to this point thinking the past was normal and the money system was normal. Their industry has gone abroad. Most of them saw it happening and didn't recognize it at the time. They floated through the changeover to China as the industry was leaving shores. You can't get America back to a phase because all the industry is gone; and under this economic system, if you don't produce product, then you're a service economy. Service economies, as the big economists tell you, were meant as stop gap measures between industry and something else. If there is nothing else to take its place, the dog that's paddling will eventually flounder and drown.  It looks to me like the U.S. is going to be vastly depopulated in the future; and that ties in with books like "Millennium" by Jacques Attali. A man who helped spearhead the unification of Europe and who wrote about the next phase, which is the unification of the Americas in his book "Millennium," written about 1990. He said that eventually when the borders were going down in the Americas, the Latin Americans will flood up and for a while, there will be mayhem as even the big gangs move up.  He said it will be similar to Attila the Hun invading Rome et cetera. The Huns and the Goths and Visigoths invading Rome when they come in, but eventually it was settled down. However, that they knew, America would never come back. In fact, the next boat people would be Americans going across the world looking for employment. This has all been discussed at top think tanks at international levels for many years.


Greg:  You talk about the depopulation of America. Tell us what you mean by that.  How do they plan to do that?


Alan:  The depopulation on one aspect will be say mass immigration out of America eventually, but they also believe at the top that they don't want (and they mean this) they don't want what they call "useless eaters."  These guys at the top want an efficient system where you're not born just to enjoy yourself and eat et cetera, but rather to produce for this system. They've said before: if there's no work for you to produce for this system, you are therefore a useless eater and they will not tolerate them to live. They mean what they say. They want to vastly reduce the population over the next 10, 20 years. If you look at all the agreements that have been signed by every country in the world, including the Kyoto Agreement, they want to kick back countries like Canada and America to the pollution standards of pre-1960. Pre-1960 had a much smaller population than today and electricity, your gasoline, all of those things you know.  That's the China express that’s going by my house, by the way, so they phone up all the Costco stores across Canada.


Greg:  What part of Canada are you in, Alan?


Alan:  I'm right up where the TransCanada Highway Ontario goes across the whole country from the east to the West Coast.


Greg:  Okay. Go ahead. Go back to what you were saying about depopulation.


Alan:  As I say, people like Bertrand Russell and the Council on Population Control at the United Nations have put out these statements that they are going to have vastly reduced populations that will live in these habitat areas. The United Nations has websites up on these habitat areas.  What it boils down to is initially the habitat areas are the existing cities that are going to become tremendously crowded, but they also had habitat areas with armed guards and perimeter fences with high-tech homes for the high bureaucratic class that will be running the Americas. This is modeled on the Soviet System where no one could leave their area. They all lived in a form of almost a British third-rate level, except for the bureaucracies that serve the system had dachas in the country where they had servants and they could get away and enjoy themselves. That was the model that we're now based upon.  These special habitat areas, high tech ones, the present ones will be for advanced professors and people who have control over parts of indoctrination processes, which is very important. Lenin said it himself. He said you must pay the police, the military and the educationalists very well because they do the indoctrination and they keep people obedient.


Greg:  I don't think they'll get to that point, the New World Order. What are their plans? I mean just actual plans. In America are living now many people just like nothing's happening. Everything is normal. What do you think you'll see, to wakeup I guess the people that are sleeping, to understand that there's big changes along the horizon?


Alan:  The people who are sleeping will stay sleeping. It's been the same in all ages if you read history that the populations, the vast of them will go to the wall rather than admit what's happening. They want to believe the propaganda. They want to believe the six o'clock news. They want to believe that the experts are running their lives for them efficiently. They don't want to know the hard, sad truth about the world. They're perpetual children and that's what socialism is, you see.  They'll go to the wall holding on to the myth and stay in denial until they personally get hit or thrown out of their homes, or whatever it may be, and then they'll start howling. Then they'll start mobs and then they'll riot, uncoordinated mobs which will riot and the governments are prepared for this. They've been preparing 30, 40 years for this by building up big internal armies and rapid deployment forces.


The British Department of Defence, a couple of months ago in the Guardian Newspaper, released nine pages from the Department of Defence for NATO as well as Britain; and the U.S. is part of NATO. They all signed the same thing; and for the next 20 years they project from the top think tanks in the military, they see nothing but riots and what they call flashmobs from the general population getting increasingly worse over the next 10 to 20 years. They are preparing through their think tanks of every possible scenario of what they must do to handle and control the public, including the use of neutron bombs on selected target groups within the population. This is from the biggest Defence Department on the planet. Now what on earth is going to happen to make Joe Six Pack get off his chair and actually take part in something, albeit rioting? What it will be is the effects of things like Kyoto. They're going to stop giving you your gasoline. It's going to get rationed in the future. They want non-essential vehicles only, eventually, on the road for the habitat areas. They're going to cutback electricity usage drastically, all the conveniences that you have and they're also going to give you less and less employment.  You're going to get rioting breaking out, an uncoordinated riot that will be dealt swiftly by the police and the military type forces that are being trained to deal with this now.


Greg:  And with the best of your knowledge, how far away is this when these drastic measures start taking place?  We're now in 2007. What do you think?


Alan:  Once the United Nations has declared the sovereign government of the world and the United Americas has taken place officially, the last part of this signing of the Americas will be done in 2010. I think the second or third part is being signed this coming month in Quebec with the president and the prime ministers of Canada and Mexico. By 2010, the Americas have to be united completely with its own form of a Brussels type government; and they even discussed creating the new capital of the Americas in Quebec. That was decided back in the 1990’s when they did the Free Trade Negotiations. In 2012, the U.N. is to be made the official government of the world. That means the Congress will be like a provincial government and so will the Canadian one.


Greg:  Right. And we'll be united with Canada and Mexico, correct?


Alan:  And Chile and a few others, yes.


Greg:  Let's take a two-minute break at the top of the hour. We'll be back right after these short messages with Alan Watt.





Greg: We're back on the Investigative Journal. My guest is Alan Watt, I think if you'll go there you'll find it quite interesting. Alan's really asked to appear on many, many shows all over the internet and that you can hear him on many different stations.  I want to mention this: that Alan is a perfectly, like he says on his website and this is important, he's a perfectly genuine human that has no agent or manager to arrange any of his interviews. He belongs to no group, sect, or political party, has no hidden agendas, which is good to know. He'll say that upfront and if you would like to hear him more, just contact me at my website and we'll have Alan on again; and I'm sure he has an upcoming schedule I'm seeing here. He's on a number of shows coming up and I can see why. There's a possibility, Alan, the type of person that you are and I can add to that. I belong to no group, sector or political party and have no hidden agenda. Our type of free thinking ideas, no matter where they go, won't be seen in this world maybe in another 30 to 40 to 50 years. What do you think?


Alan:  In that time they planned to have everyone brain chipped so people won't be able to think at all; and I'm not kidding about that. They've actually done testing on this. This is the big push now making people think it's a natural progression from the computer to the little Blueberry that they have, the little machine to the cell phone and then to the brain chip. People are getting indoctrinated that this is a natural evolution. However, once that brain chip is installed—and they've had world meetings on this at big universities like Loyola University in Louisiana, the World Science Meetings. The chip is ready to go. It does interface with your neurons, your nervous system. It will be able to transmit to your brain and transmit from your brain to central regionalized computers. This is ready to go. All they have to do now is convince the public to accept it and they're doing that through movies and fiction. The youngsters, it's already through their cartoons. They think it's going to be a wonderful idea, but what they're not telling you is once you take this chip and they flick the main switch and the real purpose kicks on, you will no longer be you. What they said at Loyola was – In fact, you'll be unable to even perceive yourself as a distinct separate individual.


Greg:  Very interesting. We have a call from New York. Judy's on the line. Judy, do you have a question for my guest, Alan?


Judy:   I probably had about 25.


Greg:  Go right ahead.


Judy:  This is a great show Greg and Alan it's always a pleasure to listen to you. The agenda that you're describing was obviously crafted a long time ago and it seems to be going along according to plan, even thought there seems to be a whole industry that has sprung up around these events such as taking on the New World Order and 9/11 truth, which to me just seem more like confusion than anything else, unfortunately. Now I think that you basically answered my question, because from what I've been hearing, it looks as if we're in the final chapter of the USA and there's no hope for people like me who's a useless eater; and unless the answer is spiritual and that's probably what my question has evolved into.


Alan:  It does. Ultimately it isn’t how much you know about this and how much you understand about it, ultimately it comes down to life itself, the purpose of life for everyone; and is there something beyond it that we have to fulfill ourselves on a different path, as opposed to where governments have decided they're going to take us.  It is obvious to me it's only a spiritual type shift would shift us out of this dialectic of government and us opposing the government in traditional methods, which they're well aware of and very used to. We have to go on a different path, and in the past there has been spiritual movements that have always shifted gear for the people into much higher things which ultimately end up with different ways of living. We do need a different way of living, but we don't need the elite's planned agenda. We can't go on the way we are, where it's dog-eat-dog in a psychopathic culture and success depends upon how many people you can destroy on your way up to the top, and there's people going homeless on the street or can't afford operations. There's nothing humane in this system. This is an inhumane system. So from a spiritual point of view, and spiritual is such a dirty word. It's been stamped into the mud by the New Age movement and everyone else so many times it's almost like love. Love means nothing anymore either, and so we have to go beyond that and find out what that other part of humanity is. What is a true spiritual connection between you and some creator and those around you as well?  How do you manifest it?  We certainly can't manifest it in a monied greed corrupted system of dog-eat-dog and very clever con-men and psychopaths getting to the top and feeding off us all. We've got to change this system into a new way.


Judy:  Do you think there's any truth, any validity to what people are saying about as we enter the Age of Aquarius we're going to be in a different frequency. We're going to have our "junk DNA" activated and so there's going to be almost like that 100 monkey syndrome where people are going to start reaching a critical mass in consciousness or do you think that that's just wishful thinking of the New Age?


Alan:  The whole New Age movement unfortunately was led from the Masonic groups from the beginning and they've kept them running in circles. They've kept them in denial. In fact, they teach them don't look at the negative things, and because of that, they're the most ignorant of all of what's actually happening. They're taught not to look at the bad sides of daily life. Just look at the positive things; and it's a very me-orientated type new religion. As far as Aquarius goes, you have to understand the higher significance of Aquarius. Aquarius comes really through the Roman legends from the Greek legends, where Aquarius was actually a beautiful young boy that was raped by Zeus, a homosexual rape; and the water that he carries is not just from the sea where he was raped, but it also means the pool of life, the gene pool. When that gene pool is emptied out, you'll have a new type of man in the Age of Aquarius, which is neither quite male nor female. That's what it stands for.


Judy:  So we can go either way at this point. Sometimes it just seems so hopeless and especially if they chip us.  I'm a believer in the soul. I can't prove it but I think I can prove it and it sounds as if once we're chipped we will be soulless. Our thoughts will not be our own. It sounds like we're just doomed.


Alan:  That's the problem. Put it this way: What we know about the brain itself is one thing. The best neurosurgeon cannot tell you what the mind is. We know when the brain gets damaged certain parts of the mechanisms fail to work properly like a machine, but we still don't know what the mind is. Is that what your soul is? Soul used to be the activating principle that drove you towards higher things called spirit. That's what it meant. The brain chip is going to stop interfacing or have the possibility of going beyond the natural to something greater. It's a form of stopping you getting it; so, yes, you'll be “fixed.” Basically fixed in the world and be unable to even have higher critical thinking on any topic that's not programmed into you by the elite themselves.


Judy:  Then what happens to the mind, since it appears that the whole world is mind?


Alan:  At the Loyola meeting the professor from Japan who'd been working on this brain chip, which is ready to go, said that think of it more like the hive rather than individuals. You'll have a hive mentality where you'll hear whispers of instructions going to those around you and whispers of their thoughts going to you back to the main computer. That's exactly what you've been watching on Star Trek with the Borg. That's what the Borg is all about and the Borg are all one. In the New Age movement you hear the mantra that we're all one. Sure, for the New Agers that all of them are going to get their chance. They'll all be one. It's just that they won’t retain their individuality to do anything with it.


Judy:  I think I've said that mantra myself a couple of times but I didn't mean it that way. I meant that there is an interconnectedness. I don't know whether it's quoting [Kardashdan] is any better but that there is an interconnectedness, just our one arm is interconnected with another that we don't see it and it doesn't mean to me turning us all into Hare Krishna types. It means that what I do to you, I do to myself, basically.


Alan:  That is a truism. For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. There's no such thing in this world as free when it comes to certain choices, the tremendous consequences from what we think are flippant choices as they come back in our own lives; and these are natural laws. That's true.


Greg:  Judy, stay on the line and I want to ask both of you a question because we're going down this path that seems to be a path of hopelessness. I mean people that are listening, including myself, we get this idea that all these people are all powerful. They have the power, the money, the control and I guess what I'm saying is I've always cheered for the underdog and I'm always looking for ways to clog up their motors and to slow them down a little bit.  What I mean by that is: Do you guys think (and I'll ask Alan first and then you Judy) that if we were stronger individually, all of us, and we could somehow harness this and actually pinpoint who these people are and nail them to the wall and to show people that not just by talking in generalities but by specifics. Okay, this guy involved in this political organization is involved with this religious organization to do one thing and that is to destroy this country, to take away everything.  If we could get this kind of change where we'd get rid of all these people in government who follow these people; rid of all these religious leaders who are untrue and who are deceptive and just so cunning and just so evil.  Is there a way to divert this and to stop it and to turn it into a country of good people ruling each other and religious starts in people working together to find that creator? What do you think Alan, and then Judy you can chime in after? Go ahead.


Alan:  One thing is you can't save that which you never had. You see what we've had in the past is only parts of the same elite system that they've given the people and the people grow up thinking it's natural. What we need is new way. A humane way of getting back to what humanity is all about. This system we're in, we can't save it. I wouldn't want to save it. I keep telling people I'm not here to save this system or to stop it. 


Greg:  I'm agreeing with you. I mean that wasn't clear. To change it into something new and better.


Alan:  That part there is exciting itself when you realize that the culmination of thousands of years are happening right now. It's here, it’s now. In previous times, people could read all their books or their holy books and imagine but never know. We're living in a time when they can stop you buying and selling. We're living in a time through technology and science being able to cause the earthquakes, floods, famines and the pestilences and the diseases. They have all that done with science today. Now is the critical time for the few people across the whole planet to start living a completely different way of life and manifesting in their own life to those around them; and it's only through that and the questioning of the purpose of life itself and how can we become more human, which means more spiritual as well. That's all part of being human, and alter this rather than go get our heads locked together in battle with the elites armies. That's what they want. That's what they expect. That's how they're used to dealing with us and that's how they're used to us dealing with them down through history with counter revolution. We must make a different way.


Greg:  What are your thoughts, Judy?


Judy:   I totally agree. I think it was Einstein I'm going to paraphrase. He said that you can't solve a problem on the level on which it has been created; and it reminds me of a drug dealer on the corner. You can arrest the drug dealer, but two days later they'll be a new drug dealer because this is the level of consciousness that we're at now; and for some reason the people that are attracted to this game, and no matter from what they call themselves, they really are psychopaths and there's plenty of them. More than I ever realized. So if we can start – I think that the revolution has to be a spiritual revolution. Otherwise, we're just going to have a war and they have the bigger and better weapons. The bigger and better toys and we're lost. They can microwave us as we're walking down the street.


Alan:  That's right.


Greg:   Judy, you could still stay on the line. I wanted to get to this course that Alan has in deprogramming and maybe you could tell us a little bit about that and maybe use me as a guinea pig.  How can you deprogram me from the past?


Alan:  It's a matter of showing you what you already think of things or believe things are, or how they are, and then showing you how they really are. As I say, even when I was simply talking about perceptions of events, when you see something which is the same as something else, same thing no matter if they call it a different thing, where the cops impound your car or a highway man steals your car. It's the same act. How can one be unlawful and one lawful?  Stealing is stealing.  Therefore, it's a matter of showing you how your perceptions have been warped so that you don't actually realize what's really happening, and that's what I mean by deprogramming, plus showing the coding through the religion and the words that they use in their language. We think like computers. We are, in a sense, computers in this physical world. Every computer has a logic and it has a language given to it, and a good programmer should be able to take a question from you and tell you the answer that the computer will come to, because he knows the logic and the language of that computer.


If you watch the techniques of all education and media pronouncements and documentaries that are given to the public, they are given in specific sequences using the language of your culture with words that are specially selected, given in a certain formula form so that you are going to come to a prearranged conclusion. A conclusion planned by the purveyors of that documentary or the news or whatever. That's how we are worked. In fact, there's an incredible psychology that's used on all of us from the time we are born. It's a perfected psychology because they know our language;  and by feeding us specific information and omitting other parts of information, they know the conclusions that we always arrive at; and that's what they want. They have written about this and boasted about this and we are living it now. The public are programmed on a daily basis, mainly through the media and through the movies and fiction too.


Greg:  Yes. Judy, anymore questions?


Judy:  No. Alan, when you were just talking about that I was thinking about the alternative media, because I've watched myself react just like a Pavlovian dog to certain buzzwords and we know that they're out there to have me react that way, or to sell a product or whatever, and it's almost like you have to have almost like a Zen mind, you know.


Alan:  Yes.


Judy:  You have to just discard everything that you think is going on.  I don't know how you feel about – some people say and I guess it comes from Hindu cosmology. That the world is basically a mirror and we're looking in the mirror and we're so busy trying to clean the mirror, as opposed to looking within ourselves. If we can start looking within ourselves, we can start recognizing the evil, the pillar, the primal rage. We won't have to project it out into the world so much and maybe we can raise our level a few notches. 


Alan:  That's right. People, as you know, because they're trained in a system that's inhumane and runs on fear in this world and always has in a monied system. Fear of errant poverty, homelessness, having no friends, being sick and being unable to get treated; it’s run on a fear based system and that's why you have the most insured countries in the world, Canada and the U.S., it’s a fear based thing. Everyone's terrified of being poor and because of that, you get a neurotic exaggerated need for wealth and so we have a psychopathic culture which promotes success by all and any means possible at anyone else's expense. If you can get up there without being put in prison, then you've suddenly become respectable and you've made it. You can go like the Kennedy's and sit in the Congress forever. It's the same con-game.  Yes, we've got to get away from this system and stop emulating people we're told are now heroes because they got up there, the Donald Trumps and all the rest of them, and start taking our worth as fellow human beings, not by what we neurotically accumulate in the bank.


Judy:  These exoteric religions, all they do is promote fear. If we had a true sense of spirituality like I believe or I think I know because of certain experiences I've had that my life will not end with the final curtain on planet earth. Now if I could really internalize that so that I could eat, breathe and sleep, there would be nothing to be afraid of because I wouldn't have to fear death.  Death is one of the great ones and what's going to happen to me afterwards in religions that you know I'll give you the hell, fire and brimstone or whatever, you're going to pay the piper. It just makes it rather than to give you some solace, it seems that they do just the opposite.  I've taken enough of your time gentlemen. Thank you so much.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Greg:  Okay. Thank you, Judy.


Judy:  You're very welcome.


Greg:  Judy from New York.  You were going to say, Alan, go ahead that we never get the time to really--


Alan:  Sit and ponder life itself. We're always worrying, scurrying, running off to try and accumulate or keep up with the Jones's or pay the latest fee or taxes or whatever else it happens to be, and it’s constant – we run through our whole lives and never get a chance to stop relax and wonder.  However, you know most people are living and hiding a great misery within themselves. They have a great hole insides themselves, a gapping hole and they've been taught that only by purchasing and buying are you going to be happy trying to fill that hole, but it's a bottomless pit because they're looking in the wrong directions for what makes life worth and gives it happiness and contentment. They don't have that in the western societies because it is corrupt. It is built on a hierarchy of dog-eat-dog and get to the top.  Why are we so surprised when the people at the bottom are ripping each other off in a corrupt system that the boys at the top are ripping us off in a bigger corrupt system?  Why are we surprised?  The whole system runs on corruption.


Greg:  Yes, good point. How are you going to cope with the changes coming if they do? What are your plans? Practically speaking, are there any places in your mind that are safer than others? Is there a way to cope with the coming clamp down I guess on our freedoms and on our things we normally need to survive in this world? What are you plans?


Alan:  I would hope that those who have enough into what I'm talking about and there are a lot of people out there who are getting to that stage now that have done their homework. They've looked at all sides of everything. They've looked at the heroes. The anti-heroes and all the group leaders that you’re given down through society and realize that you've got to go beyond all of that to change society; and they are speaking out. They are demanding to know all of the affiliations the people that you vote into office belong to. You must ask if they are members of occultic or Masonic or Freemasonic or related groups. You must ask if they've given oaths for world societies or globalism or “the Brotherhood of Man” as they often couch it, because you're giving authority to these people to come in and make laws that are going to affect you; and that goes from your local school board to your local plan council, all the way up to the federal government. You have the right to demand that these guys’ lives are fully laid out for you. If they want to rule you and perhaps even sentence you to death with their powers, you better find out who these people are and demand to know.  If you do find out they belong to these organizations that have sworn allegiance to a global society, they are already traitors to your national system anyway.


Greg:  Exactly.  Practically speaking though, are there any places in North America safer than others in the coming days?


Alan:  I don't know so much about safer. Probably more in the sticks and the boonies at least for a period which is coming where they will give us all the shortages. The foods, the energy shortages et cetera. It certainly would be much easier in the country to survive if you can stand a little bit of hardship, as opposed to stuck in the city where they turn your water off. Stop your food coming into the grocery stores and then you're dependent upon the United Nations to give you a handout, always with a little something attached to it. They give nothing for nothing from the United Nations; and that will happen. The city would be the worst possible place to be because you cannot support yourself even individually within a city, unless you go and plunder the guys next door and rob them of their food.


Greg:  Right, and then you can in so many different ways, figure out ways in the country to survive with alternative types of power, with water sources that are more abundant that you can filter water; and also in a sense gather together with the people living in the country for some type of food source, where people can get together.  It may come to the day when you have to go out in the woods and hunt again.


Alan:  Yes, and that's where all the gizmos and gadgets that they sell for survival have to be thrown into the river, because you can't haul all that stuff around with you. All you need are a few basic tools and the knowledge how to use them. Hunt, trap and all the rest of it and live as simply as possible. Any technology is going to – you spend more time fixing the stuff than you will be using it.


Greg:   It might not even be a practice for people to practice this, you know, technique. For example, there are different parts of the world you need different survival skills to really make it in the wild; but like you said, if you are in the desert area, there's certain skills you should learn. If you're in the high country of Scotland, there are different skills. If you're in the Rocky Mountains, and like you said with a flint and basically a little bit of basically something to hold water and there's even ways to get around that, you can survive a long time if you know what you're doing off of the land.  Many of us have no idea what berries you can eat; and this may sound primitive, but when it boils down to it, man has a strong sense of survival and if you use these techniques you may be able to continue on.  None of us – basically, man's sense of survival is based on our primitive needs – right now we are so dependent upon the system for that.  We must start learning how to do it on our own, and no better place than to start thinking about the desert land, the different ways to survive in the high country; and like you said, you don't need a lot of tools.  All the things they sell, you don't need those things. You need common sense.


Alan:  Common sense and simplicity.


Greg:  How are you going to stay warm in the winter if you're up in the mountains? How are you going to stay cool if you're stranded in the desert for a week?  Do you understand the difference between – it's impossible to discuss everything now, but if it boils down to that those are the kind of people that may survive, while the rest of us don't, correct?


Alan: Yes. It's also to do with how long will that period last. We know – they've told us from the top, they're going to give us massive energy cutback, pandemonium will break loose on and off, down through the next few years et cetera.  Therefore, at least knowing how to survive through the basic times, the basic equipment is all you really need to get through those times, and then hope for the best.


Greg:  All right, let's take a short break. Will be back with Alan Watt after these short messages. Okay, we're back on the Investigative Journal for the last half hour. My guest has been Alan Watt and if you want to call us, let me give out the number, 559-781-3773.  Alan, what I wanted to talk to you about this half hour was specifically—and I kind of taken on a lot of interest in trying to uncover the evils of the Vatican because of their history. One of the ways they do wipe out people, even in the modern world, now through genocide, through constant wars. We can look back to Rwanda. We can look back to the Balkans in 1992 and then back to World War II of course.  This is an organization that I believe is involved in the occult connected with freemasonry under the table, as was found out when Pope John the First was killed.  Before he was killed in the Vatican, he uncovered more than 200 high level archbishops involved in Masonic lodges, which is supposedly a violation of Canon Law and a matter of excommunication. However, we have a hypocrisy going on and because this organization is so large around the world, and so wealthy and powerful, it needs to be dealt with.  I wondered how do you deal with it in your research and what do you recommend people do about this organization, but I guess begin in a bad light during the time of Constantine. Go ahead.


Alan: These organizations have been maybe for thousands of years. Some claim they go back to a time when they tried to create a global world system a long, long time ago—and at the end it didn't quite pan out for them and they scattered; and the people hunted them down and tried to kill them because of what they brought upon the world, and so they started off again with their secret signs and passwords so they'd recognize each other. I wouldn't be surprised if there was truth to that, to be honest with you. Why would big charitable institutions need to take blood oaths of death if they betray secrets? What's that got to do with charity and self-improvement of an individual?  It's really the sifting point of a big sieve where you put in the big drain and most of comes through. They sift the ones they can use and put upstairs into the higher truths of Masonic coding that let's them into this big mafia world system where they're allowed to fleece the profane. They believe the profane—those that live in darkness, the general public, the people who accepted the world as it's been presented and indoctrinated—they believe they have the right to fleece the sheep, and they have no qualms in doing it. They boast about it, in fact, all the scams they pull off. That's what they boast amongst themselves.  We've got to realize this is not a good charitable institution. You cannot have a free society and secret societies co-existing together. It's an impasse. It's one or the other. You'll find that even Kennedy gave great speeches about having to end the secret societies within government itself. That was one of the last speeches he gave to the United Press Club before he was assassinated. It think it had something to do with it.  Yes, there's no doubt at all about it that even the ancient church fathers of Rome wrote about the fact of having an external ceremony for the masses. That's where the mass comes from and Clement and others said “once the mass have gone, we the higher orders have our own private meeting ourselves once the doors are closed.” This has always been within the church.


Aleister Crowley, who was recruited while a member of the Anglican Church in England, he wrote about that in his own memoirs, said that every authorized religion is also recruiting to serve as their agents. They take people into the higher degrees into the higher orders of those who can be used to go higher; and that's always been the case with religion. In fact, if you understand what the Bible really is, you'll see the hidden coding in all of the little stories. That's why that Bible is on every freemasonic temple on the altar. That's why the eight members of New York swear in the president with the Bible escorted by those eight members from New York to Washington, D.C. with the swearing and ceremony of every president. That's the Masonic Bible and if you understand the coding within, you understand how the system is really run. In the Old Testament, slavery is accepted by the deity for instance. There's nothing put out there that's bad about slavery. Making mass profits off the stupidity of others is also hidden in there if you understand it too. It's showing you the con-man's rulebook through world domination, basically. That's how I see it, and that's used by the high freemasons as a guideline of how to run the system and maintain it for themselves.


Greg:  What about the idea some people said that the Vatican is setting the world up for not only a one-world government, but a one-world religion. What are your thoughts about that?


Alan:  What's interesting is that it's not only the Catholic Church, but those involved in this push towards the creation of the world religion; a New Age religion for the world like Gorbachev who has written in his own books, such as "Towards a New Civilization".  He said, "We are creating a new religion for the world which is to be based on earth worship."  When you look at who could possibly bring this about, who has all the documentation on religions and all the formulas of pushing religions down through many, many centuries, but the Catholic Church itself. If you look at the fact the Catholic Church took into itself all of the old pagan deities and called them saints for instance – if you see all of the hidden meanings in their architecture, which really are open (to me at least). I could give guided tours around cathedrals and point at the whole occult right there. Why do they have Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the Bible? The North, South, East and West? Why do they have each one painted in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as the eagle, the lion, the man and the bull as Taurus and Leo et cetera and Aquarius as well? Why is that in there? Who were these evangelists? These four apostles or was it completely a stellar fiction to begin with? This is known by the high priests and the curia. They understand all of this stuff very well.


Greg:  You know, I happened to live and work in Italy, in Rome for six years during the '80’s and learned a lot from these priests that I would meet and some of the secrets that they would tell me that were down there and how they manipulate it.  They would even openly say, if you ask them a question about certain things, they would say the masses hear one thing. The people hear one thing and we know another; and they can never know this or there would be mass chaos. That would be their answer to me all the time when I questioned some of the Vatican's architecture. When I questioned other things about the real underpinnings of the Catholic Church and what it made me see was that it was such a huge controlling  mechanism funded by billions and billions of dollars in gold, amazing. Nothing to do with salvation of people. They would care less I think. You know what I'm saying.


Alan:  Yes. It's one huge business you see.  The Catholic Church interestingly enough promoted the whole idea of the same monied system throughout Europe. They brought in the usurers throughout Europe. They forbid all the gentiles to use usury, but they wanted the usurers to be all throughout Europe in order to spread the money. They could tax that money from the people because the Vatican runs on money itself.


Greg: Exactly.


Alan: It has accumulated incredible wealth over the last couple of thousand years and has investments across the planet in some of the biggest corporations in fact on the planet. What's a religion that's after your soul and takes to your soul, running a complete antithesis? The monied system which can never be clean. Money can't be clean.


Greg:  Yes exactly. They have the biggest hoax ever put on mankind and that is how they hide or held Jesus hostage, when in fact – an interesting way to look at them is for example a recent article in this magazine in Rome called [Christianiata]. I had a guest on who was talking about the pope being gay and there was high level information that he has a 24-year old lover, and this came from the head of the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge amongst others who were a bit upset about it. All you can say, all I asked my guest was why, and they say they're still here in Italy, this masculine, this upsetness over homosexuality, even though in the by-dark rooms they accept it. They still find it difficult to accept the pope was gay. After these kind of stories came out, one of the more high level people in the Vatican who works in a religious group, he works for one of their research centers, wrote a scathing article saying that I should spend more time – and this came out in a Catholic publication in the Vatican – that I should spend more time looking for Elvis Presley than to criticize he Vatican and that I was completely out of my mind and insane to think they were involved in any of this wrongdoing. However, at the same time, I researched an article that this guy – he gave an interview in 1993 to a magazine and admitted that he was a Satanist and had very many experiences with the occult, worked closely with the Vatican and was a Catholic. Now go figure that out.


Alan:  It's interesting too that Malachi Martin came out, and he'd been an advisor to two or three popes and he was a Jesuit priest, and he wrote his book on "Windswept House" and different ones explaining the corruption that had gone so far that the Vatican was rotten. That it couldn't be saved and that the deviancy was rampant throughout all the different orders of priesthoods, but there's nothing really new in that you know.   What man wants to dress up in a woman's dress anyway and live his life with other men and have nothing to do with women?  What does that tell you?


Greg:  Exactly.


Alan:  It's either that or the army.


Greg:  Yes. In fact, I interviewed another archbishop. He's a former archbishop of Guatemala who lives in your country in Canada. He was a former emissary between the Black Pope, the head of the Jesuits, and the Pope and worked in a high level position in the Vatican before becoming archbishop of Guatemala.  He basically verified exactly what you were saying about Malachi Martin and the high level corruption in the Vatican and the satanic elements there; and he left the priesthood and lives in Canada now.  Here's a living archbishop, former archbishop, who's verifying what we're talking about, yet no one believes it. That's the real mystery to this old story.


Alan:  It’s not difficult when you realize that when you indoctrinate children into a perception of one thing, or just viewed in one way, it's very difficult for them ever to imagine any other way.  It's through incredible indoctrination, but all religions work on the same principles.


Greg:   I grew up as a Catholic, Alan.  I understand that. Maybe I'm one of the few. I don't know why I've been able to find, to understand this. It wasn't easy in the beginning because I have this close connection to the church as a youth. I mean as kid I grew up as a Catholic boy. I was an epistle reader. I wanted to be a priest when I was ten. I can remember and then went off to Catholic high school.  I can understand that, and that's how all religions work and that's why they are so limiting to mankind instead of really helping.


Alan:  They always end up with the perverted class within them because it's an easy life for these guys that join the priesthoods. The guaranteed a good wage. They're guaranteed a lot of perks and benefits and they have good pensions and good healthcare. It's an easy life for these characters.


Greg:  Yeah, I mean who's taking care of it for them?


Alan:  It's a business you see.  Did Jesus ever say take a company job and a company benefit and all of it?  No, he didn't say that. He says go out in life and take your chances. You're to live on faith, not the corporation.


Greg:  Exactly.


Alan:  Here you have a business thing going, it's a corporation really, and running the supposed soul’s lives of other people – the spiritual life of others.  Again, Protestantism is just as bad. They don't go into the basic meanings of Christianity. They're just another dogmatic institution that is used for control. They don't even understand the basic double-speak within the Bible where freedom was pushed to the limit and the guy that they’re supposedly following died standing up to the system.


Greg:  Yes, good point. We have about maybe eight minutes to go. I didn't want to forget those two other books that you have for sale on your website, if people want to go read your books go to . I wanted to talk about the second one and the third one. "A Glimpse into the Great Work" and the "Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition." If you could briefly tell us what those two books get into and maybe we've covered some of it, but anyway I wanted to finish with that.


Alan:  Yes. I go into the higher meanings, the different levels of meanings as you go up through the occult or masonry. Occult just means the hidden. That which is hidden from the public. It comes from the eye – the oculus, the eye. The seeing eye, the third eye is your mind. That's what your mind is. No matter what your eyes actually bring in, it's your mind that must figure out the information and put it in the proper little slots and so on; so I go through how your mind should work. I show you how to make it work through the use of the symbols and explanation.  In the third book, I go through Revelations according to the high solar, stellar and lunar religions; and it make sense of Revelations for the first time when you go through it. It can't even be argued about once you see what it really means.  In the third book, I also go through the creation of money from the ancient times and how with the introduction of money and commerce the elite arose, created an idle class of thinkers that became their civil servants that they could then dominant and run society. You couldn't have had that without the bringing of money to create a leisured class with time to sit and ponder the great things of society and rule them.  Money is the key to it all and I go through the history of how they use money to set-up nations. Use those nations to start wars and fund wars and then how they pull the money out of that nation, once it's served it's purpose, and move on down through time and history from the earliest time, and it's from all ancient sources and so on that I use the history that's documented.


We've got to understand we're not living in a natural system at all. We're living in an incredible unnatural system, anti-humane system that must come to where it is now. It has no choice. Once you leave Eden, which means nature, and go along that path out of Eden, science and this corrupt system must always end up trying to dominate everybody on the planet for full control, because full control means that every individual on the planet must be predictable; and that means total surveillance. It literally means owning your mind. That's where it takes you once you leave Eden.  We've got to find a different way to get off of this path and find a new path before it's too late.


Greg:  Do you see any difference between the way Canadian citizens are reacting to what's going on in North America than American citizens, or is it primarily the same to you? Canada's no different than America anymore. Maybe it never was.


Alan:  It never was. Really, this whole business about the borders is such a farce. The elite knew that to tax people they need warfare or the threat of war, and so they gave us the borders. That means the Order of the Bee. BEE-Order is a border. That's a high Masonic joke. If you go along the U.S./Canada border, get off the main roads, and walk along the border, both sides, you will see Masonic obelisks that mark the borders of Canada and the U.S. from coast to coast. It was a Masonic deal, and in the 1800’s they finalized the border, and it was one of the Rothschild's who was given another lord title who came over and fixed the borders for U.S. and Canada.


Greg:  Interesting. I never knew that. You can actually see the obelisks as you walk the border?


Alan:  Yes you can. They're right across the border, both sides.


Greg:  We're getting to a point where most Americans anyway, I think basically if they can allow a person like Bush to take office, what's next?  I look at the future of this country and I have a hard time politically to see it – I mean it's a joke. It's almost as if we're living kind of a fantasy.  If we looked at the reality of what we're doing, I think what you said earlier, we need a change. It's not going to work inside the same system anymore.


Alan:  We can't. As I say, they set up the system and the agenda of free trade and the amalgamation of countries under free trade for democracy back in the 1500’s in London at Queen Elizabeth I court. John Dee was the guy who coined the term the British Empire, based on a system of free trade where countries will be given most favored nation status, as we've given China recently. This is a 500-odd year plan. This is the part of the plan we're living through today.  London has been putting their boys in, the interbred people, into politics for years in all countries including the U.S.  It's funny that every U.S. president pretty well is related to the British Royalty and has been for the last – even Washington was; and once they've done their job, they all go over to get knighted by the Queen.  Haven’t people ever figured this out yet?


Greg:  Yes, it's just amazing to me. We've got a couple of minutes here, and this is an interesting topic I get into with people.  I think I believe the same way you do, and you say:  "For those who wish information on Reptilian people, rather than waste my time, please check the entertainment sections of major bookstores…"


This reminds me of a small argument I got into with Davie Ike when he would mix the Vatican in with the reptilian people, and I just wondered your thoughts about that. I think you made it clear here. To me though, it’s a waste of time and a diversion to be thinking in those terms. What are your thoughts?


Alan:   I mean the whole reptilian business was put out there as almost like a counter-intelligence; because if you want to discredit truth, you just mix the truth that's been spoken—the intelligence. That's what they call it. The true intelligence has been spoken by smart people going around halls and have been for 50, 60 years. You take that intelligence. You add the farcical to it and you discredit the intelligence, or you throw the baby out with the bath water.


Greg:  Yes, good point and I agree with you on that whole-heartedly.  One last thing before we go. We’ve got about a minute. If you were a betting man, what does the world look like in 2012? The United States?


Alan:  The amalgamation is already over with – the amalgamation of China and the rest of the Far East is almost complete, and 2012 is the time that United Nations is supposed to be in charge of the world then as a supreme government.


Greg:  Interesting.  Listen, Alan, I want to thank you for being on the show and again I want to give out your website: When you go there, read a lot of what Alan's written about.  Thank you so much for being on the show.


Alan:  It's been a pleasure.


Greg:  Okay, Alan. That was Alan Watt and we'll have him on again. That about ends it today. We've got a good two-hour show. I want to thank our callers and also I wanted to mention I'll be on tomorrow, same time everyday on Liberty You can get the copy of this show on Liberty Radio's archives and then about a week later, you can get it on my website at and you can go there and get a lot of past articles over the years and past radio interviews. Hope you do that. Support my cause. I'm always looking to keep the truth – to keep a search for the truth, we really need your help. You can support me by going to that website, and until tomorrow, good afternoon.



(Transcribed by Linda)