June 22, 2007





Tim:† Good afternoon America.† How are you doing everybody?† This is Tim Wingate sitting in for the traveling Michael Herzog, who will be back on Monday on the American Awakening here on the Republic Broadcasting Network.† What a wonderful day.† Itís a great day for freedom, great day to move forward.† I was talking with a number of people over the last few hours and we were commenting about all the negativity.† Everyone says how bad it is and itís getting worse.† No-oneís trying to close their eyes to that kind of thing, but the fact of the matter is if you just give in to all that stuff, youíre gonna lose.† If you focus on the negative and the bad thatís happening, it could very well happen.† Letís focus on some solutions.† Letís deal with ideas and concepts to make a better world, to make a freer America, to counteract these things.† Yeah, people have guns and numbers and so-called legal authority, but thereís actually more of us then there are of them.† The trick is who motivates the mass of people - psychologists, psychiatrists, people that are in the human development fields, the positive seminars, and anyone who deals with why people do what they do.†


We know that the rough estimate is that 70% of people are ďsheepleĒ.† Now come on, you know that honestly.† Look at the people around you.† You know how it is.† You try to talk to them about freedom and they donít think anyone can do anything about it.† There are things we can do.† Weíre going to talk about some of the solutions to the problems and some of the ideas that we could do.† First of all, you in your own mind have to develop a positive attitude, a can-do attitude.† Weíre going to try to help you do that today - ideas, concepts, tools that one can use to liberate your mind, to have a freedom mindset.† Thatís exactly what we need to have, a freedom mindset.† One of the ways to do that is to feed your mind with good things, with positive things.† So often in the freedom movement, we get caught up listening to all the problems.† Weíve got so many issues that we can always point to this.† Thereís always going to be negativity around us.† The battle is in your mind and the battle is to have a positive attitude.† To do that, we have to have realistic tools.† Tools to be able to move forward and have that motivation inside of ourselves.† The scripture says that youíre not supposed to have a mind of fear, but youíre supposed to have a strong mind.†


We have our special guest Alan Watt today Ė Alan, are you with us?††


Alan:† I am. Yes.


Tim:† Excellent, I am so happy that youíre here.††


Alan:† Iím glad to be on.


Tim:† You and I were talking a little bit earlier, as we were talking about the program and ideas and different things, and you had brought up something I had not known.† We have a broad spectrum of individuals listening here who know that there are certain issues are starting to take off.† Obviously 9/11 and the inconsistencies with that whole story, things you and I have talked about already Ė about the Bilderbergers and the elitists at the top, the globalists, and one of the other things is this issue of chemtrails.† Something is going on way up above the commercial airline route that planes are doing something, theyíre spraying something and thereíve been all kinds of reports here.† You told me, if I heard you right, that in Europe theyíre already admitting that theyíre doing this?


Alan:† Yes, just in the last week or so.† It had to come to this because thereíve been too many people talking out about it, that they had to eventually address it.†† Some of the governments have come out and admitted Ė see, now itís time, now that we have heard the Kyoto warnings and global climate change, to use it as an excuse that theyíre actually trying to save us all from extensive global warming.† However, theyíre a bit late and a bit of a liar, too, because they were spraying back in the 90ís pretty consistently before we heard about the global warming and all the terror thatís been drummed up since.†


Governments do not move quickly, as you know, and bureaucracies certainly donít.† It takes many years of planning something of this scale to get it into operation.† It takes years of making the chemicals that theyíre spraying on a world basis.† I get photographs from all over the world.† This is going on everywhere.† This has been in the manufacture for probably 20 or 30 years beforehand to get us to this stage today.† Long before global warming became the con-game issue that it has.†


What theyíre doing, I think, is to drug the populace as theyíre taking them through the greatest changes in history, entering the new system.† The day after 9/11, on national television, Rumsfeld came on and he was asked what the government was going to do if there was another great catastrophe in another city and what they would do about the panic situation.† He said we have aerosolized Prozac and Valium compounds ready to go and we can deluge whole cities with this stuff.† Thatís when it hit me that my God, theyíve been doing it before this.† They were doing it since the late 90ís in Canada, for instance, on a daily basis.†


Tim:† You know, Alan, people who have been fighting fluoridation of the water have been contending that this side product of making aluminum, the sodium fluoride that they needed to get rid of, that is actually functions in some capacity asÖ


Alan:† It brings your brain structure down, your IQ drops; it makes you more pliable to government authority.† They knew that in the late 1800ís and the early 1900ís with the fluoride.† Teller, who is the guy who came up with the H-Bomb, wrote whole treaties about this particular Ďspraying of the air syndromeí that they thought about doing in the 50ís.† He said if we can deluge the air with metal particles, we can use electromagnetic frequency to create a circuit across the whole atmosphere, which would alter the weather, and the good side effect is that it could make people compliant by affecting their moods.† Theyíve been doing it, you see.† Theyíve actually been doing it.†


Tim:† This is amazing.† This is science fiction. Iím a big science fiction fan.†


Alan:† I donít go into science fictionóI go into reality.†


Tim:†† I understand that, but science fiction is one of the ways of telling a story that deals with the present, but you put it into the future and it makes it a little more palatable and entertaining for some people.†


Alan:† What it is, itís called predictive programming.† All the biggest science fiction writers that have, and do, exist are paid by the future society to write stories around these things to get us ready, subconsciously, to accept them when they actually happen.†


Tim:† Maybe thatís true for some people.† Maybe thatís true for the 70% of ďsheepleĒ out there.† The other 30% of us are more independently minded to varying degrees.† Iíve often seen science fiction as predictive but not necessarily something that had to occur - more as possibly a warning of what could happen if things didnít change.† The point I was going to bring up is that Robert Heinlein wrote a book back in the late 40ís, it was called the Sixth Column.† In it, the United States has been overrun by Chinese, and the remaining Americans developed a technology that was using electronic beams that could pacify or actually put to sleep people of different races.† Of course, the Americans regularly used it on the Asians who had invaded the country.† When we started talking about these EMP, and the pulse machines, and different things that are out there - HAARP thatís up in Canada, and these particles in the atmosphere that could create an antennae effect or reflection, much like short wave bounces off the ionosphere, it can travel for hundreds of miles.


Alan:† It can be focused on the ionosphere, and because they have 54 of them worldwide, they can put them up in convergence and aim them over entire continents.†


Tim:† We know that from even the Republican Convention that occurred back in New York that they already, we can see the pictures of the machines that they had set up ready to focus on the crowd to either induce vomiting or something.†


Alan:† Thatís what they found 70-odd years ago, with early experimentation with electromagnetic frequency pulse waves and standing wavesówas that the secondary signal attached to it could actually induce thoughts into a personís skull and the easiest thing to do was to alter the emotion.† It can either make them very aggressive or passive.† That was very easy to do by altering the frequency just a little bit.† They have been doing it.† Theyíve admitted theyíve experimented on the people of Maine back in the 70ís.†


Every country that signed a treaty, it was called an Open Sky treaty Ė there were two treaties Ė one was for commercial aircraft, thatís the one for military aircraft thatís important, and all the signatories to that treaty have been getting sprayed heavily since 1998, and some beforehand.† What theyíve been doing, you see them making the clouds in the sky.† Anyone that bothers to look up can see them making the clouds in the sky, the criss-crossing of the trails, which spread and spread.† They donít go away like the old ones used to when it was just water or vapor.† This is not just water or vapor.† Itís a polymer substance, which was developed by the military as far back as the 1950ís, which can carry other substances along with it.† They can certainly alter the weather with it, but they can also use drugs on the populous.† On certain days and certain colors of spray they use, from the white to the blue, the blue sprays are being used in conjunction Ė you find everyone in the summer are almost drugged.† You also find them getting bouts of irritability.† Everyone you meet is irritable when the stuff starts to wear off, just as you would if you had a high dose of a tranquilizer and itís coming out of your bloodstream.† Youíre getting withdrawal symptoms.†


This is happening all over the place.† Zbigniew Brzezinski talked about this coming.† He says forms and techniques of electronic warfare used on the public, which theyíll be completely oblivious of - and that was in his book called Between Two Ages and the chapter is called the Technetronic Era - this technetronic warfare which theyíre using on the peoples of the world as they change the whole new system into a brand new system.† It makes perfect sense from a military strategy standpoint.†


Tim:† That brings up something else that you and I had talked about, which is that they havenít been hiding their plans from us whatsoever, and the fact that Zbigniew had put this in his book and that he also was the front man for the Trilateral Commission.† I mentioned that if you really wanted to know whatís going on, at least from the position of the Council of Foreign Relations, you need to read Foreign Affairs magazine.†


Alan: This all came out in Britain from Cecil Rhodes and the Lord Alfred Milner group, which joined together.† They were front groups and unofficial groups of the British Crown.† They would go into countries and get little wars started, and Britain couldnít really be accused of starting a war.† The Crown would say, ďIf theyíre private organizations, they have nothing to do with us.Ē However, once these little groups had their wars agitated and people like the Boers attacking them in South Africa, then theyíd say, ďwe have to send in the troops to defend the English.Ē† This is an old strategy.† From that they created the American branch.† Any non-British branch is called a Council on Foreign Relations; and they set theirs up in the United States.† The other group which is designed to bring a three-part world, three trading blocksóa united Europe, Pacific Rim united block, and a united Americasówas called the Trilateral Group, which belongs to the same CFR.† It was a step higher on the rung.† The also have a Council on Pacific Relations that deal with the Far East. Theyíve been working on that since 1930 onwards.† This whole present situation has been worked on 70-odd years ago.† Carl Marx mentioned it in the 1800ís, the same three trading blocks under a world power, a world government.† Itís the same agenda, hasnít altered.†


Tim:† Then we know that theyíre there.† To be informed is to be forearmed.†† What are some of the positive things that we can do?†


Alan:† First of all, you cannot be positive until you know whatís really happened in the past.† If youíre just positive, you may as well join the New Agers that get taught positive thinking and just be happy and donít look back at that express train coming up behind you, which is a great form of disarming the mentalities of the people, thatís why they created the New Age.† You have to understand how we got here and you have to understand your histories to see why you got here.† Itís only then that you get any peace of mind.† When youíve gone through all of it, youíve broken through all the levels of the Matrix, then you understand that you have personal peace of mind.† Understanding clarifies an awful lot.† It takes fear away.† It takes the fear of the unknown away because now you know.† Thatís so important.† You also have to go back to all of the documentation written around the era of revolutions.


Tim:† Ok, understand whatís going on.† This is what you deal with quite a bit at your website† You have materials, you have books, you have seminars, CDs, these kinds of things.

Iím not talking about the New-Agey, feel good, positive thinking type stuff.† Iím really talking about things that we can do to stop this, to slow this down.† Iím willing to completely admit that itís taken generations to get us into this situation and it may take us generations to get us out of this situation.† I came across this quote, Alan, and honestly I do not know who said it, it says this ďthe world can only be turned right side up by the conscious collective activity of those who construct a theory of why it is upside down.† Spontaneous rebellion alone is not sufficient.† Without adequate, advanced preparation, the old world will simply reappear after any rebellion, imbedded as it is in the psyches of the fabled people.† An authentic revolution can only occur if there is a coherent and practical mass movement of self-conscious individuals, in which all of the mystifications of the past are being consciously swept away.Ē


Alan:† Thatís true, too, because Iím not here to save our system.† The system is unsaveable.† It never was my system. †It wasnít yours either, you were just born into it.† It was created by the same people or their predecessors, generally in the same family lines, who are moving on to the next phase of their system.† This was all thatís happened down through history.†† People fight when the system theyíve been born into is suddenly changing.† It never dawns on them that it wasnít natural to begin with.† Theyíre trying to save something which wasnít theirs; it was already lost.† We canít go on in this system, which is not a humane system to begin with.† A system that says, ďIím ok, Jack, tough luck on youĒ is not a humane system.† Itís a totalitarian system already and it has been for quite some time.† Iíd grown up in a socialist country, that was Britain, and literally, you are a number from the beginning.† You were followed down through your life by the authorities by that number.† Everything you had to do at any major, you had to get government permission and approval or licensing.†


Itís just the same here now.† Just because they havenít come to your door doesnít mean they donít do it to other people.† Thatís been like that for a long time now.† The system itself is corrupt from top to bottom and it cannot stand.†


Tim:† Part of what we need to do is understand the past, understand how we got here, but also look at what can we do to change?† Some of us are here already.† Weíve been listening, weíre involved, we know what the past is, we know what theyíve done to us, we know about the numberingÖ


Alan:†† The answer is very simple.† That is: for the first time for the people themselves to debate what is the purpose of life in the first place?† If you canít get that answer, you get nowhere.† The rest of it is just the blind leading the blind because weíve never had that debate.† We take it for granted that weíre here, one way or another, to serve the system or to benefit from the system personally. Thatís as far as most people ever think.† At one time, they knew this during the Revolutionary Wars.† All of this stuff was debated.† Thatís why government was supposed to be set up in the ďgreat experimentĒ of the US Ė to see if the public could govern themselves with the least possible amount of government over the top of them.† They knew darn well that if the people couldnít do it and if the people did not keep control of the government over the government, the government would gradually take control over them.† That happened pretty quickly.† The government has become the master.† It was very quick.


Jefferson wrote lots about it and so did the other ones.† They were well aware that hereditary families would create the dynasties in politics, in finance, and then direct the course of the country.† Thatís happened.†

Tim:† You know, itís interesting that you talk about the structure of our system.† Whether itís Canadaís system, whether itís Mexicoís system, whether itís the United Statesí system, government by itself, once at a certain point, becomes institutionalized.† Itís like it switches roles.† Instead of being created to serve the people, now we find people are being told they have to serve the needs of the government.† Thatís not the way itís supposed to be.†


Alan:† Itís become the master.† Itís an old story that when people fear their government, then youíre underturning.† Thatís whatís happened here.† Thatís why the same old techniques used in Europe over many centuries are now used here, because America has been joined at the hip with London for many, many years.†


Tim:† There are the theorists who do say that America never really did break away.† They broke away politically but not really economically, because the same money financiers financed America.† Didnít America even come back to Britain and borrow money to maintain its existence for a while?†


Alan:† Itís the same old story.† Money is the root of all evil.† The love of money is a problem.† Money is the first con-game ever invented in history, along with the priest hoods.† Thatís why you have coin: itís the same word as Cohen, which is priest.† It was the first con-game that came between barter where people decided what they wished to exchange for what item they would exchange it.† There have been ongoing wars.† The Phoenicians took the money system all over the world in the ancient times; and itís allowed privileged families to rise up above the rest who understand this game.† Itís thousands of years old.† It doesnít matter what money is.† Money itself is the con.† Thatís our problem.† Weíve never debated what the purpose of life is.† Is it simply to accumulate this strange thing called wealth or are we here to serve each other?† That is the dilemma, the paradox.† If we go the way of the New World Order, we will be a bunch of robots serving them.† The time is running out for everyone, including the youth.† We are the last generation with the knowledge of the histories to stop this, because the youth donít have it. Later on, people will be chipped like everyone else and when that happens, you will no longer be able to even think coherently as an individual.†


Tim:† Ok, I can see that possibility.† You were talking about, back to Jefferson, and the ideas, the American Experiment and self Ėgovernance.† We had Edwin Vierra on yesterday talking about Homeland Security and I love his idea and concept, thereís only one weak point in that.† Once again, it is getting enough people to go along with it, to change their minds and stand up and pledge their life in the cause of liberty and freedom.† Iíve tried to bring this out to people as I have talked around the country.† I wrote the idea of an American shibboleth.† A shibboleth is a word or an idea, a concept that causes a division. It makes you have to make a choice between something.† The ancient story goes back to Judges, chapter 12, where you had two tribes of ancient Israel that were battling an enemy and one of the tribes called the other tribe and asked them to come and help.† The tribe said no, and then the tribe that fought won the battle, got all the possessions and the tribe who sat it out wanted their share.† The tribe who won said, no you didnít participate in the battle, youíre not going to get your share.† The tribe who didnít do anything decides to invade their cousins and try to take some of the booty.† There was a battle and they got their butts whipped.† As they were trying to escape back across the river to their own territory, sentries were posted by the tribe that had been attacked and they had a simple word and that was ďshibbolethĒ that they had to say.† It means nothing more than a torrent of water.† The world itself doesnít mean anything; itís the pronunciation of the word.† That ďshĒ sound was not in the dialect or the language of the tribe that had attacked them.† That way they knew they were not part of the proper tribe and they could not speak it and it became a password.† Through the centuries, it is a term that has come to mean something that makes a division.†


I maintain that the five premises that are articulated in the Declaration of Independence is an American Shibboleth.† Either you believe in these or you donít.† How theyíre flushed out is just a question of form.† Itís not the substance.† This is the substance of our belief; it should be the substance of our mindset.† Iíll just innumerate them for you very quickly:


  1. The positive laws of any government are always subject and subordinate to the natural law, the laws of nature, and natureís god.†


  1. That all men equally entitled to certain uninalienable rights whether or not it is convenient to public officials or special interest groups, domestic or foreign.†


  1. That governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, and therefore can never claim and unjust powers whatsoever or impose any powers from the top down.†


  1. Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter and abolish it and institute new government, the people being always morally, politically, and legally superior to any form of government.†


  1. When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, shows the design to reduce the people under absolute despotism, it is their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security. For the fulfillment of which right and duty, the people must be organized, armed and disciplined in a well-regulated militia. The second amendment declares to be necessary for the security of a free state.†


What say you, Alan Watt?


Alan:† That was fine for the time.† Jefferson himself said that anything thatís on paper is worth nothing unless the people believe it in their heart and actually work it into existence.† Thatís the problem.† People eventually deify leaders or they deify the Constitutional papers.† They deify the object, and say, with the bible, ďwhatís written is there,Ē and that said, ďleave it there,Ē instead of going onwards with the information from there.† If you donít live what you believe, you think itís all been done for me, well guess what?† Youíve been tricked.† If you believe that and allow others to do it all for you, then youíll find out itís the bad guys and they have already taken over.†


They were well aware of that too, during the Revolution, that the public would have to believe in it generation after generation.† Everyone would have to know it.† As you know, it was taken out of the schools long ago.† It was also worked on almost like a Hollywood fictional type of thing, since prior to the 1950ís, they altered an awful lot of stuff.† They started to take out information from history from the classes.† Now you have a really dumbed-down population that really gets their reality from television and dramas rather from history.† Thatís the problem.† Anything thatís on paper can only be of value if the people actually live it in their daily lives.†


Tim:† How do we get people to attach themselves and become one with the substance and not with the form?†


Alan:† Youíll never get the masses.† As we know, that never happens in history.† Itís always the few who are willing to go into the depths and go beyond the world they understand to think deeper, more profound things of nature and what human kind is.† Beyond the selfish motives, the higher aspect Ė some people call it the spiritual aspect Ė itís going beyond all of those things; thatís when you start to realize that the world youíre now in is completely corrupt and it was corrupt at its foundation because there was the money system.†


Tim:† Youíre right, there are a lot of different reasons, but there is the minority.† We canít necessarily totally convince the majority, thatís true; but we can influence them.† We can get them to go a certain direction for a while.† Itís like what Sam Adams said; all it takes is a loud, out-there, in your face minority lighting brushfires in peopleís minds.† We donít need to have the big numbers.† We just need to have people who are willing to stand up and be an example and to lead.† Too often, we sit back.†


Alan:† Hereís a problem, too.† It really is a real problem.† In all ages, thereís one type of human thatís always risen to the top, in all peoples, and itís called the psychopathic type.† The psychopath is almost a deviant creation.† It used to be called that before they had the term psychopath.† What youíve had over centuries and centuries is selective breeding between the psychopathic leaders who do not have the qualities of compassion and empathy for others around them.† They are not bonded to others around them.† They are pretty ruthless, but they do climb to the top because they are ruthless.† They do it just as much in big business as they do in politics or royal families or anywhere else.† What we have today is also a group of the higher ones who are also scientists now, because they take the psychopathic types, put them into to big colleges, train them to be scientists in warfare departments for creating good and new viruses and bacteriums or standing wave type to eventually infect or kill the rest of the people.† Thatís what we have to deal with.†† The psychopath always can sniff the way that the public are going or complaining.† They tend to come out and speak on behalf of the public and they start to lead the public. Thatís why in many revolutions, youíll find that people end up worse after the revolution then they were before.† They canít quite figure it out.† Itís because the psychopaths get right in there.† That happened with the communist revolution too.† The psychopathics came in like droves. They didnít want to live like the ordinary people below and since the 1950ís onwards they started to give themselves higher pay and increases, etc.


Tim:† That doesnít happen with every situation.†


Alan:† Itís almost all situations.


Tim:† Donít you get various levels of it?† I mean Americaís been taking some time to slide this way.† Certainly there are authoritarian personalities that can rise to the top, as people get lazy, they go on auto-pilot and figure the system is set and the system will run itself and they donít keep watch.†


Alan:† No, the U.S. has had their share of problems since its foundation.† How long was it before you had all the other wars that started?† Never mind the Civil War and the many wars since.† Thereís been one war after another and who benefits?† Itís no different than today or that story you read from the biblical stories.† Itís to do with loot and booty and corporations.† Halliburton somehow has been given the authority to rebuild all over the world on behalf of the United States.† Halliburton is still a private, international corporation with many of the top psychopaths who are the top shareholders.† Nothing has really changed.† Itís about looting and booty under the guises of protecting or bringing civilization to, or bringing democracy to, or giving a religion to the pagans.† Itís the same old story, the same excuses.† Behind it all, itís to do with looting and robbery.†


Tim:† I was looking at your website and I really like your official logo.† Heís got the all-seeing eye above the pyramid and Alan is suspended in mid-air in a karate outfit with a black belt, executing a flying kick to the all-seeing eye and knocking it off the top of the pyramid.† I like that imagery, Alan.


Alan:† Yeah, itís about time it was knocked off because weíve had it around too long.† You know on the DARPA logo, their official one that theyíve taken down, was the same thing.† They had the pyramid with the all-seeing eye and I guess it was them at the top looking down through the light to the masses down below.†


Tim:† It was like a light beam coming out of the eye coming down across the whole globe.†


Alan:† Yes, total information network.†


Tim:† Good old Poindexter and his Freedom creation, as far as that goes. Alan, letís deal with some real practical stuff now.† Weíve talked about all the negative and how bad everything is and that we need to understand where we came from.† Maybe we need to understand the construct of the matrix and that is really is whatís inside of the people that makes the difference.† Do you offer a course in deprogramming?


Alan:† I used to teach people privately, very few.† Not everyone who asked because I donít believe in wasting my time with those that think money can simply buy ultimate truth.† You pick people who have already done the journey, that have done the start of the journey.†


In all ages, you have the world of the dead.† In the New Testament, you have the dead where the dead bury the dead.† You canít wake the dead up, they have to try and get up themselves.† Thatís when they try and walk. Thatís what that always meant.† You look for those that have been asking the right questions from their own hearts.† Those are the ones that you can fill in.† They can go beyond the natural, beyond the just, the data of the world because they have something else in them.† Itís a tremendous compassion that they have for other peoples all over the world, not just their own particular group.† I think the U.S. would get far more approval within their country and around the world and if they stopped bombing other countries abroad, especially the Middle East.†


Tim:† Thereís no doubt about that.† Thereís a wonderful little booklet out on the internet that is called ďThe Myth of the Innocent CivilianĒ, which is a wonderful little treatise on how none of our hands are clean because we have been allowing this, at least some have not been actually protesting this, and weíve created a negative situation in the world for the reputation of the U.S.A.† Recognizing that thereís these bad guys at the top and theyíre well entrenched and theyíve got the money and all these other things.† If we accept that money and this kind of power is not real power and is not the thing that we need to go toward, what are the techniques and tools that we use to bring liberty and freedom back to a group of people?†


Alan:† Again, I donít think you understand that most people never knew what liberty or freedom ever was.† They see it in a tunnel, the tunnel that they were born into.† They think itís the normal in their lifetime or something theyíve heard about in someone elseís lifetime.† They donít realize that freedom starts with the individual mind and letting go of indoctrinated concepts.†


Tim:† I get your point.† Letís go then and use the analogy of The Matrix movies since thatís what you adopted for your website cuttingthroughthematrix.† We have this situation, if everyone remembers in the first Matrix movie, where Neo is taken into the construct and heís walking along.† This is where he sees the woman in the red dress.† Heís in the construct.† This is where heís being instructed by Morpheus to Ďlook at all the people around you.† Every single one of these people think theyíre alive, think theyíre free, think that this reality is true, and every single one of them can become an enemyí.† Then one of them morphs into what they call the agents or variations of Mr. Smith; and heís warning him that Ďyou have to be careful, you have to find people that have been asking the right question and that are doing the right thingí.†


This is a parallel with scriptural teaching of the Remnant.† Thereís a wonderful American writer named Albert J. Knock.† Knock wrote a wonderful little piece called ďIsaiahís Job.Ē It was a retelling of the story about how God told Isaiah ĎI want you to go and tell these people that if some things donít happen Ė they need to repent, they need to change their ways Ė however, theyíre not going to listen to you, theyíre not going to pay attention to you.† Theyíre probably going to throw you into jail and they might even take your life.† Isaiah said Ďwhy should I go?í and the Lord says to him Ďitís because your message is actually to the remnant.† The remnant will be heartened by what youíre saying.† The remnant will be strengthened by what youíre saying, and by getting up there and being out there and speaking the truth Ė yes the masses arenít going to listen, but those with ears to hear and eyes to see will respond to the messageí.† Thatís what we need to do, isnít it Alan?†


Alan:† It is, however itís such an incredible education that must be given.† You canít just give ultimate truths right off the bat.† Youíve got to bring people up through levels of consciousness until when you give them certain truths, theyíll understand.† If you tell a person at the bottom the ultimate truth, it goes right over their head.† They donít understand.† Youíve got to prepare a personís mind to understand.† Thatís a lot of education.† Thatís the thing, you canít do it in an hour, two hours over radio like a ďrah, rah, rah, letís save the worldĒ type deal.† Itís a very deep education.† Some people do have it naturally that have already gone through the process of being born, being aware, but very few.† In all ages, thatís how itís been.†


Tim:† How do we get that Alan?† How do we get that education process started for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see?†


Alan:† They have to get in touch with one of the few who are teaching the right things and not the misleading things or the things which are to try to save the present system.† We canít save something where the elite are already shifting the system under our feet.†


Tim:† I think youíre right.† I think weíre under a paradigm shift.† I think many of us who are sensitive to these things have sensed that this paradigm shift is occurring.† Iím not talking about saving this present political system; this is just one form.† See, the whole idea that I understand it is that Jesus was talking to the Pharisees and condemning them and saying that Ďyouíre white-washed tombs, youíre white-washed sepulchers, you appear to be all bright and clean and wonderful on the outside, but inside youíre full of death and deadnessí.† The issue is that form is supposed to follow substance; and in our situation now, we have empty, dead-filled forms.† We have white-washed monuments all over DC and all over this nation that are full of destruction and decay.†


Alan:† A lot of them are also called churches.† In all ages, those who give the teachings know darn well that as soon as theyíre gone, in come the ones who corrupt it.† The majority of the public want ritual, they want fancy shows, they want something familiar so they become dead very, very quickly; and thatís always been the way.


Tim: So what?† We donít care about that.† We want to reach the people.† Donít we want to reach the people?† How to we get the message out to them?†


Alan:† They must also reach out of their own religion to those of others.†


Tim:† Letís say that weíre doing that.† Letís say thatís done.†


Alan:† I good start would be to stop killing off people in the Middle East Ė men, women, and children.†


Tim:† But to do that, Alan, then we moral people, we aware, we awakened, we spiritual, we who understand liberty and freedom, we who have touched on what you call the ultimate truth, we need to be in power to stop that happening, unless youíve got some other way of doing that.†


Alan:† What you can also do is to demand where your tax money starts to go.† No-one does that.†† When you acquiesce by your silence, youíre acquiescing that itís going to abortion, itís going to the war machines to kill everybody else, and itís going to our own chainsóbecause theyíre going to use all this technology on us, too.† I would also suggest that if youíre going to put anybody in a position of power where they can make laws over you, then you better have them Ė rather than Bush having American society psychologically tested Ė we have each one of them tested, even your local school master, for psychopathic traits.†


Tim:† Those are two great ideas on how we can actually start to work against the system, things that we can do to make it better.† One of the things is to withhold your approval from what the government does in bombing innocent people, in hurting innocent people.† In fact this goes right along in line with We the People Congress with Bob Schultz out of New York, where they are saying that based on a Continental Congress bill that was passed in 1774 that if government is not responsive to the people, then the people have a right to withhold their monies from the government.† If thatís whatís going on, then those of us with conscience should be doing whatever we certainly can toÖ


Alan:† Even the timid ones can still pay their taxes if they want to, but still put an objection and tell them what they object to, and they give this money under force and duress.


Tim:† At the very least, they could ploy on their congress people to not vote for any new spending.†


Alan:† I donít think thatís the way to it.† It literally would take the people to literally launch the complaints to where the money is going, and they object to the fact that theyíre being coerced by the threat of force into paying it.† Money thatís going to change the culture, money thatís going to technologies which will dominate them, thatís where itís going.† Weíre building and creating it, buying our own chains.†


Tim:† Alan, I think that really just because we lodge a protest, they go Ďfine, protest all you want just keep giving us the moneyí.† At a certain point we have to just pull back and say, thatís it, no more.† We know that theyíre getting desperate and thereís a lot of talk.


Alan:† This is uncovered now.† The velvet glove is off.† They knew theyíd bring us to this stage over 60 years ago. Theyíve been building up for the chaos thatís going to come.† They published their plans for the next 30 years in the Department of Defence documents from Britain.† The head of NATO, every NATO country signed it. Theyíre all preparing for massive upheavals in the very near future, because they know what theyíre going to bring on in this world and they know the publicís reaction to it.†


Tim:† Ok, so then what Alan?† What are we supposed to do? Lie down and submit?


Alan:† What Iím saying is you donít do what they expect you to do.†


Tim:† I agree with you, so what do you suggest we do that they donít expect?†


Alan:† What they donít expect is for people to do it in such a way they canít imprison or kill them for protesting.† Thatís the first thing.† These are the masters of war here.†


Tim:† In other words, weíre talking about no frontal assault.† We have to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.†


Alan:† Absolutely.† These characters have played this game over and over, down through many centuries, and they know how the public will come on; head on like an unorganized mob, as they call them at the top, and thatís what they want.† They want to say, ďLook, there are crazy guys running around called militias.Ē† They tried that right after the Oklahoma City deal.† They want that to start so they can tell the passive public, ďlook, there are crazies living amongst you, we have to be under complete martial rule right now.Ē†


Tim:† Edwin Vierra really laid it out yesterday that we do have the rules; we do have the tools available to us if we would just exercise them and have the courage to do that.† Your second point that you made, you were talking about psychological exams for elected officials.† I would say that all public servants, all bureaucrats, they all should go through a psychological exam.†


Alan:† Yes, because right now, Bush under the auspices of the United Nations Ė by the way, the United Nations is throwing all the laws out there, every country signs them into existence Ė and one of them is they want the whole worldís population psychologically evaluated every year.† Man, woman, and child from birth and on.† Bush mentioned this briefly about six months ago, that he wanted every American citizen to be tested to see if Ďmaybe you harbor some terrorist qualities and you donít know it.í†


Tim:† Theyíre not looking for terrorist qualities.† They might be looking for a little individualism.† Iíll tell you what else theyíre looking for.† Theyíre looking for the authoritarian personality style.†


Alan:† Yes, leadership qualities are what theyíre looking for.


Tim:†† Iím not sure authoritarianism is leadership.†


Alan:† Instead of letting them to do what they want to do, letís change all of this and say, ďall you guys who want authority over us must take this psychopathic test.Ē† Youíre going to find you have a very quiet Washington D.C. after itís done, because there will be very few people left there.†


Tim: It is that authoritarian mindset that is amoral.† Theyíll pretend to have morals.† Theyíll go to church, theyíll do all the right things, but behind the scenes, they have no morality and they are only interested in the acquisition of power and wealth.† If we can understand this, maybe something along these lines, this test that would be at least a framework to have all public servants follow.† What do you think Alan?


Alan:† What you just described is the classic psychopath.† The psychopath really only respects someone more powerful than themselves.† When they get governments going and infiltrate, then the government becomes like a military organization where the superiors all the way down do crave power, but they really respect the person above them almost like a god because they wish they had more power themselves.† They are truly psychopathic.† What you have today, across the whole Western World and now the Far East as well, youíre voting in the left-wing bunch of multi-millionaire lawyers or the right-wing bunch of multi-millionaire lawyers.† I think lawyers should be banned from applying to get in there at all.† We donít need lawyers for that.† Normal people can discuss things for normal people.† We donít need lawyers to confuse the issue.†


Tim:† I would agree.† There are some that contend that the original 13th amendment to the American Constitution was referring to a re-affirmation of no titles of nobility, specifically dealing with lawyers and being esquire from the London Bar.† I donít know if itís true or not.† Iíve seen evidence on both sides; and at this point in time, it doesnít make any real difference.† I do understand what youíre saying about lawyers.† In fact, even in the New Testament that was one of the major problems, that they were the doctors or the lawyers of the law and had convoluted and constructed the law, in such a way that it did nothing but hold down the common person, and they themselves would just flaunt it.†


Alan:† When you need a professional person to interpret something for you thatís supposed to be simple, then youíre being fooled.† Thatís what lawyerís jobs are supposed to do.† The law is supposed to be easily understood by every individual, regardless of IQ, within the normal population.† They portrayed that very well in the movie ďDevilís AdvocateĒ.† Al Pacino, who was the devil in it, he says ĎHow do you think weíre taking over this country and the world?† Weíre churning out armies of lawyers every day, thatís how weíre taking it over.Ē† Itís very, very, very true.† Itís meant to confuse everything to make everyone else, the ordinary people, subservient to something they donít understand.† You donít understand it because they are deliberately complex.†


Tim:† Youíre absolutely right.† This is one of the arguments that many of us in the Tax Truth movement, if you want to give it a name, have argued the governmentís position on claiming that the tax is legal is so convoluted and is so cafeteria style, picking here and picking there, and then trying to say Ďthis is the lawí.† Ed Vierra yesterday was pointing out that you use a legal flowchart.† There has to be Ďif / thení clauses.† There has to be cause and effect.† You should be able to draw a line from the very beginning straight through to the end, without any breaks in the line that show that this thought process is normal. Basically, what Iím trying to say is I agree with you that the law has become so complicated that it is of no effect.†


Alan:† Itís only there to serve an elite, who want to confuse whatever theyíre doing that passes through the lawyers and then is reinterpreted to the public.† Law can reinterpret as much as they wish, whenever they wish.† Thatís what theyíre there for.†


Tim:† Law is nothing more that just a group of people agreeing on rules, on how theyíre going to do something.† We used to play the game of Monopoly and we would sit around and all agree on whether or not you landed on a certain space, you got a hundred Monopoly bucks.† We would make up extra rules and as long as everybody agreed to it, that wasnít any problem.† Law, in effect, is the same thing.† The problem is now that not everybody gets a chance to agree to it.† Not everybody gets a chance to follow it and we end up with a question as to what law is.† Even though itís specifically written, itís being enforced by the bullies with guns out in the populous and theyíre telling you what the law is.† Now you have to spend your time, your property, your life assets to go and defend something that you know the rules say you can do and canít do.† Yet, theyíre in this position of bullying power, physical prowess.†


Alan:† Theyíve taken over through acquiescence of the public, over a period of time, until itís become the norm and a generation have grown up accepting this as normal.†


Tim:† Listen, weíve got a call coming in from Katie in Texas.† Hi Katie, are you with us?†


Katie:† Yes Iím with you.† I wanted to ask Mr. Watt if has any books available?†


Alan:† Yes, Iíve got some up on my site, in fact.† Iíve got the Cutting Through 1,2, and 3 series, where I even go into a lot of the coding thatís used in society with the higher Masonic groups.† Once you understand it, you can reinterpret the headlines from the newspapers as they pass theyíre little jokes to each other.† Youíd be quite astounded at the language they use.†


Katie:† You donít have anything available in Barnes and Noble or anything like that, do you?


Alan:† No.† Iíve bypassed all the regulars.† You see, Iíve had people offer to publish my works.† However, once you do that, itís authorized to be out there and the editor then edits out little bits that he thinks are inappropriate.†† I went and bypassed them and did it my own way so I donít have to be censored.†


Katie:† Thank you so much.†


Tim:† Alan, I canít emphasize how important it is for people to shake off the shackles in their minds that this is the way weíre living in our society; this way with supposedly depleted energy and all these things is the only way that it can be.† I believe there is a paradigm shift and I donít necessarily believe it has to be toward the negative.† I think that if we can awaken the remnant - itís the remnants, those that have eyes to see and ears to hear, those who respond to that internal responsive chord of liberty and freedom will start to get up and talk and influence the people around them, will start to make it known that there is something that can be done before this happens.† We may be able to change things around.† I donít think that the future is set, even though these guys have been planning this for 60 years, which brings me to what we had talked about earlier, privately.† That is that it came up out of think-tanks, these globalists, these nationalists.† Why donít we, as freedom minded people, put together our think-tanks and figure out a way to not confront them with mob action, but come up with more subtle strategies and tactics to circumvent them and to basically stop them?†


Alan:† Hereís the problem:† The big think-tanks and political movements that have tried in the past to alter our course are always infiltrated immediately at the very top.† They come in, they take over very subtly to begin with, but eventually you have a talking head or a bunch of them at the top who are trained to do this.† They say all the right things. They become the leaders.† Before you know it, youíre off in a different direction all together or youíve joined the United Nations and theyíre all part of the problem.† Itís a con-game.†


Tim:† You bring up a very good point.† This then goes to the next step that we as individuals, we as adults, we as liberty minded members of the remnant, need to stand up, shake off the shackles of the society.† What I mean by that is watching TV, watching all the sports, bothering ourselves with all the things that we think we have to do and start learning about freedom and liberty, the rights of man, which is another good book to read by Tom Paine.† If you have read the Rights of Man for some time, you have to go back and reread it.† Reread the Declaration of Independence.† Get into your mind these ideas.† Then, we individually, have to start to think about ways of working the system and throwing road-blocks up.† Whether itís going after the youth, which is one of the things that I like to do.† I like to feed the youth with the liberty virus and give them material and ideas and help them and encourage them to resist the attempts on them.† Go along, make it look like youíre doing it, but in your mind stay true to liberty and freedom.† You have kind-of turned the tables on them, Alan.† What they were doing to Nicaragua, weíve got the CIA brochure that the CIA printed up and flooded through Nicaragua to try to teach the Freedom Fighters how to resist the communist Nicaraguan regime.† That pamphlet is now available.† All kinds of wonderful things that people can consider doing.† I donít encourage people to go out and break the law, but I consider you to start thinking about things in terms of whatís actually right, whatís wrong, what leads to liberty, and what leads to slavery.† You yourself have to make the decision on what youíre going to do; and many of us are family men and we have obligations.† Alan, is there anything else that people can do to fight against this?†


Alan:† You donít win any battle until youíve conquered yourself.† To run off studying other peoplesí definitions doesnít do anything except following something.† You have to be your own champion.† You must come to your own conclusions of what freedom is or liberty is, for yourself, by becoming it.† This is a change that happens within the individual and thatís the only way itís real.† Otherwise, youíre just following.† If you follow, youíre so easily led by the wrong people.†


Tim:† I agree, we donít need to be followers, but I certainly donít believe that learning from other examples of people who have led in liberty, I donít think thatís necessarily following.† Itís gaining the idea.† Arenít you talking about inculcating the beliefs and concepts of freedom and making them part of your own very nature?†


Alan:† You understand that freedom starts within the individual. That comes as a natural process of work going on, as they analyze themselves from beginning to end.† You canít understand the world until youíve done that first, until you know your own motivations.† You have to analyze yourself and how true are you as a person?† Youíve got to really analyze that.† Understand your motivations for wanting certain things.† What do you really want?† What do you need?† What is life about?† Where do you stand in proportion with the great world you live in and others around you?† That means the whole world, everyone in different creeds and cultures.† You have no choice.† If you break the natural laws then youíre blindóThe blind leading the blind.†


Tim:† Thereís going to be some folks who look within themselves and say, Ďyou know, Iíd rather be a follower than a leaderí.† Weíre interested in those who have a positive response to the liberty message.† Weíre looking to encourage the remnant to resist and there are a lot of good ways of doing that.† Alan, I want to thank you for being with us again.†