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January 31, 2008


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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the promises we made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. It is January 31st, 2008; almost February. I'm sure the year is going to be full of many, many surprises to the few people who will see them because unfortunately most people float through life but they question very little. I ask newcomers as always to look into and you can go through many, many talks I've given over the years on the past. You've got to understand the past to understand how we got to where we are and where we're going and who plan it all; the big foundations and the big rich men of the earth who plan the future, always, because power never gives itself up voluntarily. Sometimes it gives the illusion of sharing itself, but it comes with massive conditions and it never really does share itself with people. It's not only knowledge that's power, although knowledge is very, very important. That's why you're given a miniscule amount of it, but they also don't see why, they being the elite after all, the top people, the end product of evolution, why they should share their vision of the world and all that it has to offer them with you. Look into the website and download as much as possible and go into where you can download transcripts in the various tongues of Europe.


I have to laugh at how major items are presented to the public in a "tabloid fashion" as they used to say and the press was within the press. The tabloids were brought out initially to give the ordinary person his news and the tabloids had a lot of fiction mixed in with sports and sex and little scandals because they thought that's what the little man is interested in and you'd get these amazing stories that really affected everyone but mixed in with this surrealistic stuff surrounding it. If you look into the major newspapers and even the websites that the newspapers have put up, it's the same technique that's being used where major news is given surrounded by weirdo type ads and little trivia stories surrounding them and that leaves you thinking that what they've just told you is not very important. That's how it's meant to be presented with surrealism. Nothing really becomes real anymore.


One day I'm sure if they ordered us all through the lottos and certain tickets you should turn yourself in for annihilation, the list would be surrounded with little ads about Hollywood stars and their ups and downs and romances and their breakups. That's how it will be presented and no doubt it will work pretty well with a trained public.


I was just thinking about all of the steps that we do go through to do with the big gender bending, that had nothing to do with anyone's rights regardless of those who think they've won them. The gender bending idea came out in the 1700's and the 1800's through the revolutionary type parties, well documented, because they looked at all conflicts in the world, these particular people, and they thought that they'd also have to end the male and female problem and they had big debates about Adam and Eve. They actually used Adam and Eve as a prototype of the gender problem and they said the only unification there could be of peace and happiness would be literal unification in a sort of hermaphroditic type figure and you'll find that if you go into the histories of the revolutionary parties, which were all Freemasonic. They all had their Freemasonic lodges where they met and discussed these particular problems and the most radical of them did promote this kind of hermaphroditic type of society and especially the radical feminist ones that they had in the 1800's, the St. Simones for instance. Check into the histories and you'll find that they wanted to create a female goddess in fact that could reproduce without the aid of males.


They even went so far as to set up organizations that sent parties off into India looking to try find the ultimate perfect female who would be the prototype, which brings me to this item. It's a realistic newspaper tabloid fashion and it's from the – let me see now. There's so much junk on their site. "The Daily Mail.  The Daily Mail is wonderful for junk type stuff. The SAS used to use it when they were doing waves in Britain because the Daily Mail is associated with government propaganda, as most of them are of course, under the Royal Institute for International Affairs. This one here was from the 31st January, today, 2008 and the headline is:


            "Death of the Father:"


Alan:  What a surprise, eh?


            "British scientists discover how to turn women's bone marrow into sperm."


Alan:  This is about the fourth or fifth article I've read over the last few weeks on this as they gradually get it through our heads through a form of osmosis and repetition. This is by Fiona MacRae. It's got a guy feeding a baby of course because it's politically correct.


It says:


            "The new science means the biological role of the father is under threat. British scientists are ready to turn female bone marrow into sperm, cutting men out of the process of creating life. The breakthrough paves the way for lesbian couples to have children that are biologically their own."


Alan:  This is meant to upset certain segments of society and it probably will, all segments of society, because they don't give a darn about lesbians or anybody else for that matter. It's nothing to do with that. They always use excuses because it's a Brave New World, the sort of Brave New World they're talking about here, that Huxley knew was coming in the 1930's. They were so far ahead then.


It continues:


            "Gay men could follow suit by using the technique to make eggs from male bone marrow."


Alan:  They're trying to give you the equality stuff here.


            "Researchers at Newcastle upon Tyne University say their technique will help lead to new treatments for infertility."


Alan:  Now once again, the big battle cry for a hundred years has been – actually since the 1700's and Malthus, has been "there's too many commoners and if we help them to extend their lives through medical treatment there'll be too many of them." Here they are again trying to tell you it's going to help infertile couples, like they care, right? They really care about infertile couples. People are becoming infertile because they've been under attack through the sciences and by the sciences. The very sciences that pretend to help them and they work so well. Even the doctors and nurses don't know what they're really injecting into people. It's all based on faith and it's all done by plan.


It goes on to say here:


            "Critics warn that it sidelines men and raises the prospect of babies being born through entirely artificial means. The research centres around stem cells - the body's 'mother' cells which can turn into any other type of cell. According to New Scientist magazine, the scientists want to take stem cells from a woman donor's bone marrow and transform them into sperm through the use of special chemicals and vitamins."


Alan:  Interesting, eh? Special chemicals and vitamins, so they know what to do.


            "Newcastle professor Karim Nayernia has applied for permission to carry out the work and is ready to start the experiments within two months."


Alan:  Two months, now this tells you too that there's big, big funding behind this because these characters, these little scientists live on grants. That's how they make their living and nothing happens in society unless it's okayed by the ones at the top, believe you me.


It goes on to say:


            "The biologist, who pioneered the technique with mice, believes early- stage 'female sperm' could be produced inside two years. Mature sperm capable of fertilising eggs might take three more years. Early-stage sperm have already been produced from male bone marrow. Taking stem cells from an adult donor - possibly a cancer patient - removes the ethical problems associated with using embryos."


Alan:  They're trying to rationalize and justify it there.


            "The race to find a cure for infertility is global."


Alan:  Now what a joke, eh? Again, it's the mandate to bring down the population and here's your Hegelian technique again being used that they're trying to help infertile people because it's a global problem nowadays.


            "Greg Aharonian…"


Alan:  I don't know who he is.


            "…a U.S. analyst who is trying to patent the technologies behind female sperm and male eggs, said he wants to undermine the argument that heterosexual marriage is superior because it is aimed at procreation. "I'm a troublemaker," he said."


Alan:  He's just a little psychopath that gets paid for doing all he's doing.


            "Researchers at the Butantan Institute in Brazil, meanwhile, claim to have turned embryonic stem cells from male mice into both sperm and eggs. They are now working on skin cells. If their experiments succeed, the stage would be set for a gay man to donate skin cells that could be used to make eggs. These could then be fertilised by his partner's sperm and placed into the womb of a surrogate mother."


Alan:  No they won't because they'll make a new type just like the Brave New World scenario where we'll end up being grown in artificial wombs, which they already have.


            "Irina Kerkis, a researcher at the Brazilian centre, said this development is possible, but raises ethical questions. Laboratory-grown sperm and eggs offer hope for those left infertile by radiotherapy treatment when they were young. The experiments could also provide an invaluable insight into dealing with infertility, a little understood condition…"


Alan:  Ha-ha.


            "…that affects one in six couples."


Alan:  What a joke. We’ve been dropping in fertility since 1950, dropping like a stone, and that's because it was done by design.


            "Other scientists warn however that the research is still in its infancy and any treatment is still many years away from use in hospitals and clinics. There are also fears that children born from artificial eggs and sperm will suffer severe health problems, like the mice in the Newcastle experiments. Couples who have children from artificial sperm created from women would be able to have girls only. This is because the female sperm would lack the Y-chromosome needed for boys. Robin Lovell-Badge, of the National Institute for Medical Research in London, said the creation of female sperm is at least a decade away. Josephine Quintavalle, of Comment on Reproductive Ethics…"


Alan:  It's an organization on reproductive ethics. It's an organization, Comment on Reproductive Ethics.


            "…a campaign group, said: "We are looking at absurd solutions to very obscure situations and not addressing the main issue. Nobody is interested in looking at what is causing infertility…"


Alan:  Then she goes on. See you have front groups too that pretend to speak for the public because here's what she says to this. This is one who is supposed to be protecting the public.


            "…social reasons such as obesity, smoking and age."


Alan:  That's what she's given down as the problems to infertility. People are becoming infertile in their 20's and 30's, who don't smoke, who are not overweight. The UN publishes that every year the sperm count in the male of the Western world is down by 75 percent of what was in 1950. They always give you your groups, your pros and cons.


            "All these things would provide solutions which wouldn't grab the headlines, but a lot more people would get the response they want - which is to be able to have their own children." Mike Judge, of the Christian Institute faith group, said the Newcastle project flies in the face of research showing that children do best when raised by a married mixed sex couple. "Children need male and female role models in their lives," he added. "Yes, there are children raised by single parents through all sorts of circumstances, but when you are talking about deliberately creating children in that way, that is morally wrong. And Debra Matthews, a U.S. bioethicist…"


Alan:  "Bioethics" is a fairly new term, before they found out when Dolly the Sheep was presented to the public. Dolly is an old occult term for a carrier of genes. Benjamin Franklin used it when he was admitted into a higher circle or the Hellfire Club where he could actually breed with specific royal born, high born females. They call these particular females "Dolly's" and that's why they use the little joke with Dolly the Sheep; and since there are three levels of science from professorship down, that's the lowest form. You know that everything they have done has been perfected at much higher levels and done a long time ago. I've no doubt about that. This bioethics is now a new name for eugenics, you see, same thing.


            "…"People want children and no one wants anyone else to tell them they can't have them." An update of Britain's ageing fertility laws is going through Parliament and is likely to allow the use of artificial sperm and eggs in IVF treatment - but only for heterosexual couples."


Alan:  Well, that will last about a week.


            "The Newcastle research also paves the way for a woman to grow her own sperm and use it to fertilise her natural eggs, creating a child to which she is both mother and father."



Alan:  I'll be back with more of this after the following messages. Hi. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the Brave New World that's being created while we all enjoy ourselves and play and become bemused into the great internet there. You know the thing that everyone is hooked on, which has a finite existence because it's only meant to take us all the way to literally a brain chip in a virtual world where we'll be just a bunch of Borgs where the elite can do with us as they wish. What a wonderful goal to have, but, unfortunately, it seems to be the goal of most people today who don't want to communicate to real people or interact with real people. It's just not fun enough.


Getting back to the story, I'm talking about the new stem cell research where they can turn female bone marrow into male sperm basically and then impregnate the mother if need be, actually the donor if need be. This last little part is very telling because it says here:


            "The Newcastle research also paves the way for a woman to grow her own sperm and use it to fertilise her natural eggs, creating a child to which she is both mother and father."


Alan:  That smacks of the old, old ego, doesn't it, of the old Eden story where Eve wanted to have it all and be as God. Quite an interesting phenomenon.


It says:


            "Similarly, a man could be both father and mother to a child created with his own sperm and a lab-grown egg. Such children would be at high risk of genetic abnormality."


Alan:  That's only at the bottom level because as I say this research is called re-search because the searching was done at a much higher level a long time ago. That's why they could write such amazing stories like "Brave New World" and that's why Huxley was a member of The Futurist Society and he knew all the top professors involved in these very covert operations that were going on. He worked at Tavistock Institute and his whole family lineage worked on the similar techniques of breaking down of what makes a human human; how to rebuild humanity. You'll find that even in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, they didn't get these ideas out of nowhere. The ones near the top who are let in on the know, especially the propagandists who are meant to put stories out and familiarize us with ideas that were to come, they knew that the whole project was to create perfect humans but really perfect slaves. That's what the whole Frankenstein story was about, to try to create what they called a Superman, but a Superman really that would still be a servant to his creator, his human creator.


That's where we are in the world today of the so-called research into a Brave New World, where they're going to obviously get rid of all those with defective genes and that might mean that you're simply prone to certain allergies or asthma or whatever. I knew that even when I was small when they started talking about genetic research that was to come. I said well how on earth could they help the sick? It obviously is meant to detect those with what they call "faulty genes" in the womb and simply get rid of them. That's the only way you could get rid of them is to stop them from being born, and sure enough, that's what eugenics is all about. They want a healthy herd and make no mistakes about it. Make no bones about it, we are the herd as far as the elite are concerned and this elite is a global elite. Always has been global. They have run over countries. They rule over countries. They're often accepted as being the elite of any particular country, but really they don't marry into the commoners that they rule over, and that's the history of royalty down through the eons.


They intermarry each other and they have psychopathic natures. That's a trait that kings and rulers were bred to have. They don't want rulers who have too much kindness in them who are easy going. They want people who can be very ruthless but they also want rulers that can be easily managed by even better, more intelligent priesthoods. There's also the history you'll find out if you go into the old books of kings and queens that often were not the brightest of people but psychopaths generally aren't. They're just simply naturally innately cunning. They can sum up a situation and see their way around it, or through it, or past it, to save themselves or to at least benefit themselves from any situation.


It's interesting that Mr. Hart after 9/11, immediately after, when he addressed the Council on Foreign Relations, he said something that the Royal Institute for International Affairs and CFR commonly say. He said, "we can use this disaster of the towers coming down, we can use this."  That's how a psychopath would see something; it's an opportunity. Every disaster is an opportunity. We can use this to further what Mr. Bush (the president's father) mentioned as the New World Order, to push a New World Order. They utilize everything that happens for their own agenda and to their own benefit.


We're living in a world that is planned the way it is and never mind all the incredible hype that's out about greening and carbon dioxide and how we're all breathing too much and we’re all using too much energy. We’re using exactly the systems which the big fascist corporations have trained us to use, with oil and electricity and all the rest of it, and yet these same fascist organizations are funding the greens who are now bashing us all for using it. Quite an interesting Hegelian technique of controlling us, and most folk never really catch on to it. They're simply punch drunk between left and right or up and down.


Now I think we have a caller on the line. Is it Rick? 


Rick:  Yes. Hello.


Alan:  Hello. Yes, where are you from, Rick?


Rick:  I'm from California. I've called you before. I have a question or actually, I need your help with something. I discovered something it's really bizarre and there's this journalist who is working on a story about Uganda and I discovered that the DOD (Department of Defense) and Bush through PEPFAR. It's an AIDS initiative. They're giving out these thousands – you see, Uganda is touted as a success story as being the lowest – it's most stabilized for AIDS, so Bush is focusing on Uganda almost like it's an emergency. We've got to get all these antiretroviral treatments to thousands of people and get them all on them and it's almost like it's being conducted like it's an emergency, so I was digging around and what I found was, this is what's really bizarre, it actually increases pregnancy rather than decreases it. That's what the websites say and you know me, I'm naturally suspicious because of the DOD because of the past, but I'm wondering they're trying to decrease populations, why are giving out a substance that will increase pregnancy and I was wondering what is going on?


Alan:  Well, number one, never, you never believe them when they tell you whatever they've given out is actually what it is, because when you follow the United Nations agenda for the smallpox vaccination, you follow its root. AIDS broke out in its wake everywhere it went, under the guise of smallpox. Now Uganda has been used by the big military establishment from Britain and the U.S. They have laboratories over there and that's where they created a lot of these different diseases – these exotic diseases which occasionally breakout in Africa. Uganda was one of their main places for experimentation. I'll be back with more after these messages.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us

And a the rivers too deep

And we keep pretending

That there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and sure enough, this great code of silence simply can't go on. The problem is we're fed the leftovers on the plate and the meat has been scoffed by intelligence agencies. We get the filtered down stuff. All media today, all mainstream media has been for a long, long time really run by intelligence agencies and that's not news to people. It's even broke out in the same newspapers about the CIA and MI6 having their own people, their own reporters implanted, imbedded within and magazines too. A lot of the magazines that you probably like were started up by the CIA and MI6 in the 1950's, '60's, '70's and '80's. They created the whole culture industry to create a reality for you and things that you would believe you would never question because it's all around you. It's just repetition and they have been very successful, very, very successful in that.


We're talking to Rick from California who's talking about Uganda and whatever they tell you they're actually doing, there's generally another purpose that they're involved in. I can remember when the United Nations again had given out free tetanus shots to millions of African women and women in India and it turned out within about a month they all came down with massive inflammation of the ovaries which sterilized them. On the CBC Canada a little news blurb broke out when Mr. Mansbridge was doing his usual talk and he didn't prepare us for this little shot and I don't think he knew himself it was coming or maybe somebody slipped it in. It went straight to two men at a map of the world and a reporter asking him why they had the right or thought they had the right to do what they did. It transpired out of this strange conversation with these two indignant men who worked for the United Nations that they were the ones who had authorized this basic sterilization process of these women and they were very indignant at being questioned about it. They said well someone has to do it; and you see we're the last to know what's really going on. We're the last to ever know what's really going on.


Most folk in the Western world have already been given shots that have destroyed their immune systems. That's the majority of the population. Everybody has a vastly reduced immune system compared to 1950 and the sperm count is down. We're three-quarters sterile in a matter of 50 years. Now nothing happens in evolution to cause that, so what does cause it?


Rick:  I wanted to ask another thing. Do you think that maybe this anti – because they're giving it out like 2006, '07 and '08. They're doing it now, so do you think that maybe something is going to pop up in a few years or even in a few months maybe, if they're brewing up a new disease kind of like the AIDS in the '70's, like a rerun of that again, because that's what I suspect?


Alan:  Generally, with anything they test, they release on Africa first, the Ebola and so on, it's tested out in Africa and then they can perfect it or adjust it in some way for it to be more effective in the future. It's a big testing ground, Africa, always has been used by the big boys of the West.


Rick:  One thing I noticed too in my research about Africa is often times when I want to get the dirt on something, like a program or something or find out more of a balanced view rather than so positive, I come up against journals that are very, very expensive that are for the elites only, like "African Intelligence" and "The Lancet," and they're all subscription.  I wanted to ask you too, have you heard of Maurice Tempelsman?


Alan:  It rings a bell but I'm not too familiar.


Rick:  He's involved with this, he's a big diamond – he worked for Oppenheimer, helped overthrow Lumumba and overthrew a lot of African countries. It's funny that his name is Maurice because you always talk about Maurice Strong and they seem to like Maurice.


Alan:  These characters, sure, they all work for the big diamond companies, the gold companies et cetera and they've been doing that since the 1800's, these big companies, mainly based in London, have started little civil wars all over the world, that's their stock and trade. Then they get in there with their own mercenary army and restore peace supposedly. It's to grab the land. They did the same thing in Sierra Leone so there's nothing new about it. That's the real world. The real word that's up there is completely ruthless but there's no real laws to stop them from doing it.


Rick:  All right, well thank you very much Alan for your help. I appreciate it.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Rick:  Yes. You have a nice day.


Alan:  You too. And that's what we have in the world. I remember watching a program on the BBC about wars in Sierra Leone and one was underway at the time. It showed you white mercenaries in there with Africans and then they shot over to London to a big diamond and gold company asking the CEO because they knew that his company was behind this. He admitted it and he didn't have any problems with it. His problem is why he was being asked. He thought it was just normal business practice and he said, "they're sitting on that wealth there and doing nothing with it." That was his justification and rationalization. He felt being asked these questions was rather silly and preposterous, but that's the real world with these psychopaths. We're kept in such cotton wool nonsense at the bottom with fantasy land and propaganda of our cop shows and propaganda with dramas and fiction that we don't know what the real world is anymore. That's part of the whole intent of giving you entertainment and that's what Jacques Ellul talks about. He said everything to do with police, this system, detective stories, everything that fascinates you through drama and fiction, is all propaganda. It's not real. It's not the real world. That's not what they're really there for. It's to give you an image – a different image of what the real world is all about; and of course, they do it time after time because we get addicted to little stories and we enjoy them, unfortunately.


Now here's another interesting little thing here from the BBC news on January 27th. It says:


            "Off Duty troops may be in uniform. British soldiers may be encouraged to wear their uniforms while off-duty in an attempt to boost their popularity with the general public."


Alan:  Here's the military in a PR blitz to make this acceptable to the public, off-duty soldiers.


            "The possible move is part of an ongoing review into how best to improve the public's perception of the military."


Alan:  You see, it's not good enough that they give you a truth about what the military is really for, it's the perception, the public's perception, must be improved. In other words, directed into what they want you to perceive it as.


            "Labour MP Quentin Davies is conducting a review of public attitudes, which may also recommend a warmer community welcome for returning troops."


Alan:  It's to get you all involved.


            "Safety concerns first prompted the move to discourage uniforms unless on duty. The policy, which is officially a recommendation, stems from the IRA bombing campaign in the 1970s when military personnel were perceived as targets. A spokesman for the MoD (Ministry of Defence) said currently soldiers follow the advice of their commanding officers on whether or not it is appropriate to wear uniforms while off duty, but most choose not to as a matter of personal safety. In a bid to improve the public's attitude…"


Alan:  To improve the public's attitude.


            "…towards the armed forces, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth asked Mr. Davies in December to study the issue and report back with recommendations. Mr. Davis is not expected to issue his findings for two months, but he told the BBC he will recommend soldiers wear their uniforms more freely in public."


Alan:  I think they did away with that when they did away with conscription back in, I think it was, the early '60's. Up until then, the British troops had to wear their uniform in public, so now it's being reintroduced as we become more and more militarized and we've got to believe that we're all in it together. This war on everything, we're all in it together. That's the old, old battle cry of slogans and propaganda. We’re all part of it. We’re all in it together.


            "Other possible recommendations include more parades…"


Alan:  That's wonderful, eh?


            "…to welcome home units returning from active duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, a greater public presence at major events and open days at bases and airfields."


Alan:  It’s all fun, fun, fun. Back with more after these messages.




"Inside Job" by Don Henley


Are doing to me and you
And they'll keep doin' it and doin' it
And doin' it and doin' it
And doin' it and doin' it
And doin' it and doin' it
Until we all wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up



"Inside Job" by Don Henley


While you were sleeping
They came and took it all away



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, as that song goes, "as you were sleeping," because most people truly are sleeping in this fake world we live in. This world of scientific control, scientific indoctrination, that's upgraded on a daily basis and those who are under the influence of the indoctrination don’t even know what's happening. They're like children and that's what scientific socialism was designed to do, to keep people in a perpetual state of childhood and to train them that there are experts.


Remember what Bertrand Russell said. He said, "we shall train the public to only listen to experts. They'll be unable to do anything on their own without the opinion of an expert," and that's happened. Most people are perpetual children and that's why so many of the elderly today, who also went through the same scientific indoctrination and through all the massive upheavals they've seen in society as the old system of families and so on were shattered, that's why the elderly people today don't have much wisdom to pass on. They've sat for donkey's years watching the same TV programs, getting zonked out and become zombified. Everyone in a socialist system is trained to believe that these people, these special people at the top are somehow superior to themselves and they will deal with all the harsh problems of life, while we at the bottom play ourselves, indefinite playing and perpetual playing. That's the Peter Pan Syndrome that's been pushed in this day and age.


I'm talking about this particular little article on the British troops and how they're going to make the people through propaganda and through old techniques of brass bands and parades and so on start to support their troops.


It says:


            "Returning British soldiers have been met with mixed reactions from a public that does not wholeheartedly support the country's involvement in the Iraq war. The Ministry of Defence spokesman said the review is an attempt to find a way to ensure the armed forces are better appreciated and understood by the general public. "The whole process is going to be looking at what the nation as a whole can do to better recognise and acknowledge and celebrate the role of the armed forces," the spokesman said."


Alan:  Spokesman means PR person, because the police, the military and everyone else has their own public relations departments where they hire lawyers to script stuff in such a way that's it's kind of public friendly; language which is public friendly.


            "In September of last year, the former head of the Army said more should be done to acknowledge the work done by troops."


Alan:  Now, personally, I have no time for mercenaries. That's just my thing. I really don't have much time for mercenaries. I know the histories of mercenaries. I know that most young men don't have much sense. They are tribal in nature and back in the '60's and '70's the United Nations was talking about creating a super-tribe of mixed people. That was the big problem: can we get blacks, white and Chinese and everyone else to create a new army of the world without them fighting each other? and they thought it could be done by using the psychology mainly of the young male, because young males are the same the world over regardless of what country they come from. They admitted that young men are not too bright. They're hormonally driven. They want to belong to the big tribe, the group, and each one wants to be a hero and be appreciated by the other members of the big, big team, the Army.  These are the techniques that they're actually using on soldiers and not one soldier would go into the Army if they actually could flash forward and see themselves dying. That's common sense but they rely upon the fact that most young males think they're indestructible. Death is a foreign remote thing to them. They can't accept it. It might happen to other people out there somewhere but not to themselves, and that's why they don't hire elderly guys to join the military. Elderly guys have more common sense and know that military has always been used for someone else's purpose and agenda.


It goes on to say here:


            "General Sir Mike Jackson said the nation should "value" its servicemen and women."


Alan:  Why? Now why? Really, it's a job, isn't it? It's a job. They're not conscripted into it. They volunteered to go into it and you have a generation that's been bred and raised playing video games where the whole idea was to kill and be desensitized to killing, where your heroes are Rambo-type characters, steroid supermen who are indestructible and you want to be like them wielding big heavy machineguns and just going rat-a-tat-tat across the desert killing all of these little figures just like the video games. That's a very immature person who puts on that uniform, unfortunately.


It says:


            "The review came after a spate of stories signaling that the public lacks support for the forces, including a woman who complained when disabled veterans were using public swimming pools as part of their rehabilitation and were told to leave."


Alan:  Well, that's what companies really think of them. See, once you've done your job you're tossed out. That's the reality of the military too. They don't make many movies about that. I think the U.S. did a couple actually which weren't too bad and you saw how the veterans were treated in the so-called veteran hospitals and given the boot and the worst kind of treatment. It also happened with Britain as well with one officer of the Scots Guards, I think it was, who was so proud of the tradition. His whole family had been in the military for generations. He was shot in the head in the Falklands and when he came back, after years of rehabilitation by his own relatives, he went to the officer's mess and simply because he had to get helped in and out and he looked weak and feeble, they asked him not to come back. They said it was bad for the morale of the younger officers. That's the reality of war. If you're a winner they'll love you. If you're a loser, tough luck, you're given the boot. That's the harsh reality of life.


What's real in this world? What really is real in this world anymore, with so many big experiments being carried culturally, economically and every other way, which the public, I kid you not, are unaware of. They live through it all but are unaware that many of the things that happen are great big experiments in psychological warfare and so on. Here's something that backs that up, and this is from Mark Baard in, and this is about schools and flashmobs.


It says:


            "The dark side of flash-mobbing. War of the Worlds may be next. In over their heads? Medford, Mass. school superintendent Roy Belson (left) and his assistant appear have no idea what caused a computer to alert thousands of New Englanders their kids were missing. (Belson called it a “sequencing error” in their fast-blast phone system.) Tech and telecommunications firms ghoulishly flog automated phone calling systems to the press after every school shooting."


Alan:  This is a new thing that's come in after school shootings, where they flash out these messages to all the cell phones to all the parents and so on when something has happened and this went off and nothing had happened at all.


It says:


            "Here we see the damage those systems can cause, by generating widespread public panic. Moms were told by a computer today that their grammar school children had gone missing. 2,100 automated calls wrongly tell Medford parents their children skipped school -- Local news updates -- The Boston Globe.


The blast of automated phone calls was accidentally sent at about 11 a.m. to parents of students of all ages. The system, which the school district has used for two years, alerts parents of their children’s attendance, emergencies, and other situations. “It’s an excellent system, this was just a sequencing error,” said Roy Belson, the superintendent of schools. “We’re working on correcting any possibilities of that happening again.” This emergency system gone wrong might remind you of another broadcast panic…"


Alan:  Mark's got the picture there of "War of the World's broadcast that was done many, many years ago when Mr. Welles was the one who broadcast the big panic of aliens landing. Yes, aliens landing and people thought it was real and started trying to evacuate cities and some people even shot at water towers thinking they were big aliens that were landing. That's was done deliberately, and sure enough, they admitted many years later it was done by the U.S. government PSYOPS department in conjunction with Princeton University Psychological Department to see the effects on the public. That's the sort of experimentation they do and who knows if this school computer glitch was just another big test to see how the public react. Back with more after these messages.





"The Future" by Leonard Cohen

Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul


When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant.


You don't know me from the wind
you never will, you never did
I'm the little Jew
who wrote the Bible
I've seen the nations rise and fall
I've heard their stories, heard them all
but love's the only engine of survival
Your servant here, he has been told
to say it clear, to say it cold:
It's over, it ain't going
any further
And now the wheels of heaven stop
you feel the devil's riding crop
Get ready for the future:
it is murder

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul


When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. I think that song sums up an awful lot of the truth because the future, certainly the way it's planned, is murder because the future is planned by interbred, intermarried psychopaths. Many families of them who've controlled this world for an awful long time through commerce, industry and banking, controlling whole countries sometimes, whole empires with their massive power and their understanding of human nature and helped by large armies of paid mercenaries. Nothing much changes.


They don't really like conscription because they get ordinary people who are not so psychopathic or immature having to get pushed into the ranks. They see what's going on and they object to useless slaughter when it's not necessary for their particular job at that time and they might bring back stories which would upset the public and that can destroy that good PR image that's been created about our wonderful troops. Therefore, they prefer peacetime armies or mercenary armies and mercenaries at one time were the lowest form of life on the planet. That's what the Conquistadors were composed of and were sent into Latin America. They were full-time mercenaries. "Adventurers," as they called them, who lived by plunder, rape and booty and had no mercy on anything even though they go as mercenary; that's for their god, the old patron saint was Mercury. He was the patron saint of soldiers, merchants and thieves because they're all combined together. Nothing has changed.


We're living in this big fantasy, fantasy world with people being entertained into their graves as never before, where people on television and their favorite dramas that come on every night with the same characters seem more like a family to them than anything that they have themselves in their own lives, where neighbors like "The Coronation Street," an awful episode that was heavily funded by the Tavistock a long time ago and still is, becomes more real than people in your real street. You get into the little affairs and dramas and life and they also prepare you of what's coming and how your actor is playing the roles, adapt, pretending that they're you, then when the real thing comes along you'll behave the same way as you saw your actors adapt to the same problems. It's predictive programming and it's worked very, very well.


I've got to laugh at these speeches we get given to us about how free we are and the hullabaloo about being so safe. We're so wonderfully safe. I should preface this particular story by a quote from Bertrand Russell who knew the whole agenda. He worked his whole life on this agenda for his own class and he wrote two styles of books. One was meant for the masses and for the NGOs that followed him and who had helped push his agenda through, and another set of books for his own particular aristocratic noble class. The latter are very, very expensive books, not meant to be read by commoners, where he outlined the plans quite succinctly and there was a book he called "Marriage and Morals" and Chapter 18 the title is of that chapter is "Eugenics" and it says here. This is what he says.


            "Religion has existed since before the dawn of history while science has existed for most four centuries. But when science has become old and venerable it will control our lives as much as religion has ever done. I foresee the time when all who care for the freedom of the human spirit will have to rebel against a scientific tyranny."


Alan:  Here's the little adage at the end that negates what I just told you.


            "Nevertheless, if there is to be a tyranny it is better that it should be scientific."


Alan:  That really says it all because we're under it – so much so, that Joe Average is a product of it. Their mind and what they think, their perceptions, the conglomeration of the perceptions all working together, the fantasy world they live in, is the outcome of it.  They tell us we're freer and freer and freer as we watch guys with machine guns walk about subways and we're asked for ID cards and all the rest of it and we're told we're going to get a chip to be even more free.


This is from the Daily Mail, January 2008.


            "State spying that would make the Stasi proud. By Edward Heathcoat Amory."


Alan:  A triple-barreled name, which they seem to love in England.


            "When it was passed into law, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) sounded a pretty innocuous piece of legislation. But in truth it represented a significant victory for the busybody state over our ancient liberties."


Alan:  Now even though I'm talking about Britain, it's worldwide. It's the same system worldwide, same guys running it.


"Labour claimed it was responding to demands from civil liberties campaigners for more control over state snooping. But it soon became clear that the legislation which Jack Straw, then Home Secretary, was introducing would have the opposite effect, massively expanding the ability of the public sector to pry into our private lives. The Act, which has been quietly amended several times…"


Alan:  Very quietly, I'm sure.


            "…(each time handing more powers to the public sector)…"


Alan:  Supposedly.


            "…now gives an unprecedented range of state agencies the right to listen to our phone conversations, tap our emails and open our post."


Alan:  That's your paper mail.


            "In the last nine months of 2006, 960 new applications for the right to peer into the private lives of Britons were made every day. It is a level of Government surveillance that would make even the Stasi, the former East German secret police renowned as the world's most effective intelligence agency, proud. There are three different types of surveillance. The first, interception of communications - listening in while people are on the phone, or watching what we do on the internet - is the most difficult to justify. But the grounds for interception are so wide as to allow most requests to be approved. As well as the more predictable excuse of "national security", they include "safeguarding the economic well-being of the UK".


Alan:  They want to monitor all your purchases. That's why you're going cashless.


            "The police, the security services and Customs can all use this technique but they need authorisation from the Home Secretary herself or, in urgent cases, get temporary permission from one of her senior officials. The second type is surveillance - old-fashioned spying. The list of possible justifications for this is absurdly long - including "to prevent and detect crime or prevent disorder, public safety, public health, to assess or collect any tax, duty, levy or other charge payable to a government department". Just about any of us could be under surveillance using one of this list. Most worryingly, a long list of government agencies - including 474 councils - can put us under the spotlight. Senior officials in each one can simply give the go-ahead and apply for a rubber stamp to be given later by the Interception Commissioner.


Alan:  Here's an Interception Commissioner. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Like something on Star Trek.


            "This Commissioner, former judge Sir Paul Kennedy, with a team of five inspectors, is supposed to check to make sure that all the bugging and spying waived through by the Home Secretary or others has been justified. His report this week identifies more than 1,000 cases over nine months where he found that the rules had been broken."


Alan:  Well, gee whiz.


            "The third type of surveillance is the most common - access to communications data. This includes discovering the identities of who we phone and which internet sites we visit. This information is even easier for public authorities to obtain with relatively junior officials able to authorise it. Later, as in the case of surveillance, justification for needing this information is considered by overworked bureaucrats accountable to the Interception Commissioner. But by the time his staff gets round to looking at the paperwork, the trading standards officers down at the town hall, for example, may have been peering at your phone and internet records for more than a year. There is a tribunal to which you can complain, but since virtually no one under surveillance will know they are being watched, the tribunal isn't busy and has virtually never found in favour of a complainant."


Alan:  That's right. There are no complaints departments.


            "How did the Government get away with this? Well, the Lords…"


Alan:  That's the British Senate.


            …"the Lords did make a fuss at the time. Tory peer Lord Northesk said it "sanctioned mass domestic surveillance measures".


Alan:  So there you go. I mean this is what's happening in Britain and all the British Commonwealth countries, all the way to Australia and New Zealand and Canada, but it's also happening in the States because you see the MI6 is completely integrated with the CIA and has been for an awful, awful long time. In fact, the British system set up the CIA. That's the basic facts. Do your homework and your history and it's well documented.


We're under a totalitarian world regime, planned that way. It took years to plan it, long before 9/11. If you go into the old newspaper records, like Toronto Sun or Star, you'll find that in the mid-'90s it was made law that all communications devices (phones, faxes, everything) had to have chips installed within them which would allow certain government agencies the right to access those, including your computer. Mid-'90s, long before 9/11 happened. 9/11 was just the big push for the whole works. That's what that was.


Now we have I think it's Mohammed in Nevada. Are you there? Hello, Mohammed?


Mohammed:  Yes Alan and thank you. How are you tonight?


Alan:  Not so bad. Kind of tired but I'm okay.


Mohammed:  You know we are addicted to your shows. It's much better than the TV because our TV pretty much kills us off. I mean we barely watch the TV at all. When we monitor your radio show and you know we are so happy with what you are saying. It comes from your heart and then it sits on our heart of your listeners.  I want to have a comment and I have a question if it's possible. My comment is regarding that new passport that Canada is going to be implemented that has no picture on the inside. I never heard of that. I mean the instant – once you go through the airport or anywhere they put a laser and then they see your photo. They call it a ghost photo on your passport in Canada and then you have to take somebody else with you to sign something that yes this is you. Really this is you that you're applying for passport and my question what do you say about this three continent that the internet services were down? What is your opinion about that please?


Alan:  Hold on and we'll talk about this after this break.



"The Universal Soldier" by Donovan


He's five foot two,
and he's six feet four,
he fights with missiles and with spears,
he's all of thirty-one,
and he's only seventeen,
he's been a soldier for a thousand years.

He's a Catholic, a Hindu,
an atheist, a Jain,
a Buddhist, and a Baptist and a Jew,
and he knows, he shouldn't kill,
and he knows, he always will,
killing for me, my friend, and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
he's fighting for France,
he's fighting for the USA
and he's fighting for the Russians,
he's fighting for Japan,
and he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for democracy,
he's fighting for the Reds,
he says it's for the peace of all,
he's the one who must decide,
who's to live and who's to die,
and he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him, how would Hitler
have condemned him at Lwów, (German concentration camp)
without him Cesar would have stood alone,
he's the one, who gives his body
as a weapon of the war,
and without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the universal soldier,
and he really is to blame,
his orders come from far away, no more,
they come from here and there,
and you and me and brothers,
can't you see,
this is not the way we put the end to war.



Alan:  Hi. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and ain't that the truth, that last song. It's funny how wars are run by very old men who sit in big ivory towers in their very expensive suits and seem to benefit from these wars immensely, financially, and increase their own powers, while they train the populations that go off to fight there's always a different agenda. They give them different propaganda and the people who are involved in the fighting at the bottom never wisen up to this when they go home to basically nothing. That's the history of the world.


Now we're talking to Mohammed, and I think I've dropped the line actually on him, and he was asking a question about this new passport. I do know that the passport that Canada is using is the same one as Britain and in the chip they have the ability there to have a photograph, so they don't have to have a paper one under some sort of cellophane on the passport itself. It can have your computer ID print inside the chip itself and they also have a voice print capability on that chip as well where you'll speak into it. Thumbprint and all the others, iris scan, et cetera, all imbedded in the chip itself and this is supposed to make it more fool-proof and tamper-proof, et cetera, which is a lot of nonsense because someone will very quickly come out with some way of getting around that and that's just the way it is in science.


As far as the internet going down in some places, I wasn't really aware of that. I do know that over the last 10 years the main phone carrying companies were the first to start moving all their facilities, all their trunk-type lines together through central systems to enable security to monitor all the calls much more efficiently. I believe all the big servers are doing the same things and you often have problems with the internet while they're bringing these serving systems closer and closer through the one main trunk-type system to make it easier for the world's surveillance society to monitor us all and keep themselves very safe at the top. They won't be safe until we're very predictable, every single one of us, and that's what safety is to those at the top.


When the domesticated animals literally are completely domesticated and have no minds of their own, then the elite will feel perfectly safe for the first time. Up until now, it's done through smoke and mirrors and a false training that you get to give you a false perception of your world. You're brought up singing national anthems to a country which gives you a whole image of a fake past and how you're all in it together and how wonderful it all is. Every country is brought up the same way because why the change the technique when it works so well. The formula is there and it's hard to break out of that conditioning once it's been installed within you, especially when most of your own history has been eradicated and Hollywood has substituted for it in the last 50 years or so.


Now we have Jim in Texas on the line. Hello.


Jim:  Hello. Yes Alan, I had a question for you. I was wondering if you thought they still had the whole alien agenda, if that was still on the table for them, because I've noticed they've had some big sightings in Texas and just a lot of news play coming from the mainstream news. They talk about it and put experts on and I don't know if they’re just trying to put some fluff out there or actually having some trial balloons?


Alan:  I know that they always try to start floating them again when it comes near some major event and because of all the stuff they hyped up to do with the Phoenix lights and since the big game is at Phoenix this year, they'll probably float a lot of craft across – probably Area 51, no doubt, where they make them, and float them across the crowds just to terrify the public or whatever. However, to be honest with you, the UFO phenomena kind of peaked in the mid-'70's, early '80's. That's when they had massive movements of people who were into ufology as a form of religion. I was amazed myself to watch a documentary, a movie actually, on it where you saw thousands of people coming from all over the world and going to these special places that they created for the ufologists to go, wearing all their badges and all their gear and little UFO badges and so on and buying paraphernalia to do with UFOs. That phase seems to have sputtered out a bit as the New Age – see, they don't do one thing at a time. They were trying the ufology idea to fool the public and they were also using the New Age movement as well as a form of taking over the minds of the people. I think personally the New Age has been more successful where they've created alternate realities for the public getting them ready for the ultimate alternate reality, which is to all be one inside a computer type of generated system.


Jim:  And that's working pretty good. I know a lot of guys who play video games probably eight hours a day. They'd probably do it 24 hours a day if they could.


Alan:  Yes, they would be plugged in constantly.


Jim:  That could work pretty good without too much hassle. I've seen they even have a pill they're working on now that that can make you temporarily autistic, so when people get stressed out they can just pop some pills and jump onto a video game or something.


Alan:  That's right. As far as the UFO's go, I wouldn't worry about it. They make them here. They've made them here for quite some time.


Jim:  Oh yes, I believe that and there's even a bad side of me that thought even if they used the UFO thing, at least that would be cooler than some of their other options.


Alan:  It would be.


Jim:  At least you'd get a show. I know that isn't right but that's the way it is. I appreciate it Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Jim:  You have a good night.


Alan:  You too. Now I've got Paul in New York? Hello, Paul.


Paul:  Niagara Falls, right across the creek from you. How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad. You want to hang on until after the break?


Paul:  Yes, no problem.


Alan:  Okay, we'll be back after the following messages.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


And it can't go on. And it can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.



Alan:  Hi folks. Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and I let Bruce Springsteen say it all because this whole agenda, this whole New World Order agenda simply can't go on. If it does, that's the end of humanity as we know it in every respect – genetically, mentally, physically, everything. Everything is to be altered in the Brave New World where the gods have decided a long time ago they were going to rebuild everything in their own image and that everything that was built already was simply imperfectly made. Therefore, the big builders that they are, and the big architects that they are, they'd redo it all and fix all the defects in nature and they're well on their way. All they have to do is convince the public that it's in their best interests and that's beautiful really because the big shepherds at the top are the wolves in sheep's clothing and their job is to convince the sheep that the direction of the shepherds and the sheep lay in the same direction. Works very well, doesn't it?


We're talking to Paul from Niagara Falls area. Hello Paul. Are you still there?


Paul:  Yes. How you doing Alan?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Paul:  Big fan.  Hey, a quick chemtrail update. I was over my brother's a couple of weeks ago and he's half awake. I've talked with him about chemtrails and he's seen them and I went over there and he's all excited. He watched a show and figured it out. It was a PBS Nova program, N-O-V-A, the science program they have and the scientists had told him that it was from pollution from China. That's why these chemtrails were happening. That's what they're pushing. I went up to their website and tried to find their show but I couldn't find it. He was all excited about it and I just shook my head. He watches too much TV.


Alan:  Well, if it's on TV it must be true.


Paul:  Yes, must be. He's got a big one too.


Alan:  I guess the bigger the TV the more truer it must be too. Maybe you get a different story on a cheaper version. It could be. You never know, eh? I do know that anyone who writes or complains to the military in any country is getting the same standard response where they tell you you're mistaken. "It's condensations trails" and then they go into the little primary school, little grade school method of telling what a condensation trail is and how it's formed, et cetera, et cetera, but those with memory can remember what condensation trails were like.


Paul:  They're different now because of Chinese pollution.


Alan:  Oh, it's Chinese pollution. Oh yes, it's just an awful mess and I guess that Chinese planes that are coming over here spraying us too. Must be. Maybe they are. Maybe they're built in China – made in China, which means they might not last long. There could be hope there yet. Yes, there could be hope there.


Paul:  Hey, have you heard of this Benjamin Fulford story? He's from Japan. What do you think?


Alan:  Not a lot, to be honest. What amazed me, someone had sent a link and I heard this sort of interview with old Rockefeller and at the end, though, he said to his audience, he said that this character like Rockefeller and his kind are suppressing technologies that could make us live for hundreds of years and all this kind of stuff and we should have it. That was his main thrust, that we should all have it, all these hidden technologies. That seemed to be his main beef about it all, not that Rockefeller was running the world with his foundations and all other foundations in league with each other, but keeping all this technology from the public. Could you turn your volume down? I'm getting a feedback here, an echo.


Paul:  I don't have my radio on.


Alan:  Oh, someone is. Maybe we're getting intercepted.


Paul:  There you go. It's the Chinese.


Alan:  It's the Chinese doing it. It's those cheap sets that they're selling us, but the thing is – that was his main thrust, and I thought, if he thought this whole problem out, the reason the elite are keeping the technologies to themselves is because – which would be true enough. If they gave us all extended lives and so on, then maybe we would become overpopulated and then you enter a new problem of who has the right to breed? Who doesn't? And so you have a whole new bunch of problems to deal with, so I didn't understand where he was going with that at all.


Paul:  He mentioned that some 9/11 films had been shown on prime time TV over there and also the Japanese Diet [legislature] opposition is questioning some of the other leaders of the Diet about 9/11. I mean showing clips of building seven coming down and things like that. I mean is this 9/11 supposed to come out?


Alan:  Oh, absolutely. It was meant to come out. It was a world performance. That's why it was done in such a dramatic form and they picked those particular towers, the Jachin and Boaz, the old man and woman of the old system, and they'll bring out the new one, much bigger, better.


Paul:  I mean the idea that they did it. Is it supposed to come out?


Alan:  I think they're not really caring about that, because again if you follow history and especially military strategy—and this is taught in all higher military schools for officer training—they tell you that no matter what excuse they use to start a war for an agenda, once the public clue in that there was lies told and propaganda given to them or whatever, complete deception, it doesn't matter, because by then they're already in the countries that they planned to invade. That's the standard technique and so no future government, regardless if it's an opposition government, will then pull the troops out of that country because they claim it will destabilize them. They don't care that the truth eventually comes out, to be honest with you. It's fulfilled its objective.


Paul:  So far. I wonder if there's a backlash against this. There's a lot of people waking up because of people like you.


Alan:  Yes and it's the backlashes that they're trying to prepare and they have, even before they brought down or created 9/11, they've been building internal armies and security forces all to do with what happens as they steamroll ahead after the event. See, the most important things that are happening are happening after the event because the event was necessary to bring in a global society under a total surveillance system for every individual. That was the main purpose of this whole agenda of 9/11, so they're ready for the backlash.


Paul:  With you and all these movies, people are up in arms. A good percentage of the people are waking up.


Alan:  They better wake up and not just get stuck on the event itself. Take it for granted, once you understand it, you take it for granted that was the detonation point for this whole agenda; but they've got to start realizing, as they're looking at the past all the time, they've got to realize they're losing their freedoms on a daily basis. Even if one day the elite were to stand up and say, "yeah, we took down the whole thing. We planned 9/11," by that time you'd have no rights left, no freedoms anyway, so you've got to fight everything that's happening. It's like a war going on in a battlefield. The General doesn't stop to see the casualties over to his left or his right. He looks on the main part where they have to go next and that's what we have to do as well because we're losing everything in the process after 9/11, but 9/11 is a good starting point to at least understand this was planned; and what is the plan? It's not just the bringing down of buildings, the declaring of marital law. It's to bring in a pre-planned scientific surveillance system on every individual on the planet. We have to fight all of it. That's what we have to fight.


Paul:  Well, I'm going to tell everybody it's a very good move to turn off that TV.


Alan:  Yes it is. It's an incredible tool. It's the best tool they ever came up with and look at the speed of the dumbing-down process in fact since they gave us television. It literally has destroyed conversation, not just between neighbors and people, but between families themselves.


Paul:  The best thing anybody can do for themselves is turn off that boob tube. Don't even watch it for the news. I watch the weather before I go to work. That's about it.


Alan:  In Britain and other countries too, the same with the U.S., when they started bringing television sets into bars and taverns, that was mandated from the top in Britain because the pubs in Britain in the British Commonwealth countries used to be where the public met and that's where all the debating went on was in these places. All conversations, all exchange of information went on and they brought the television in to destroy people talking to each other and passing on information. I'll be back with more after these messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. I've got a caller on the line there, talking about very pertinent stuff to do with TV, chemtrails and all the rest of it. I will be putting up a link on a British organization that's put in a complaint to the British government on the chemical spraying and it's put out by Dr. Andrew Johnson, so I'll put a link up with today's show on the site and you can look into all the people who are involved in this organization. At least that's the start of it, when people are really inquiring people with credentials and functioning brains have got together to question what's really, really going on.


Now we'll go on to Dan from Kentucky. Are you there, Dan?


Dan:  Yes, Alan. Thank you for your work and your books and everything that we have and I was wondering sometimes you can – where we tick off psychopaths at a meeting. We ask questions about chemtrails when the city brought over some Tibetans on one of these frou-frou New Age get-everybody-together things and half the people left. Legislative meetings, parliamentary procedure, sometimes you could really expose them in it and it really tears a rift in the belief system and then I was wondering what you would think about follow-up. I tried to ask a question, framed it like how they're trying to do people in – the peoples rabble instinct is a little low. Do you have any suggestions for once in a while when you make a tear in people's belief systems like that, how to follow through and I'll take it off the air please.


Alan:  You've got to then literally appeal to the reason of their humanity itself. You're going beyond beliefs into what affects them all as people; as caring functioning people. In fact, you have to bring it up and actually ask them are they really caring at all and do they care just about themselves and their own little space and this little blip of life that they have? Or if they're truly caring, they should be caring about the next generation and the next and the next and they should also care about those that went before and did their share of suffering to bring them to this state that they're in today. They should really look at the ancestry, all those that have gone before, who've suffered so that they could live; and if they're so selfish with their own little world where everything revolves around them, it's the end of it.


I don't think that was in the minds of our predecessors or ancestors. I used to like the American Indians way, where whenever they changed anything to do with a forest or whatever they would sit and debate it and ask would this affect people even five generations down the road. That's when you're in touch with things, in tune with things, in tune with the flow of life. People today have been cut off from the past and they don't care about the future. They've been taught to be egosyntonic, so you must bypass that and appeal to their humanity and you do it through reason and bring out the compassion that's lying latent within them. It's the only way to get through to them.


Now I think we'll go to Jeff from Iowa. Are you there, Jeff?


Jeff:  Yes I am. Hello Alan. How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Jeff:  Good. A couple of things, real quick. I'm the gentleman that called about the little accidental school thing; I'm pretty sure it wasn't accidental because just after the big school thing out in the college where they shot or 33 died, I received a test call. I didn't take it, fortunately, for the security guy that called, but it was done live like it was active until a question asked and that was, oh this is a just a test. It really terrified the person that answered the phone. It's like my God what's going on you know.


Alan:  Yes, I can understand that.


Jeff:  And I was at the college. I couldn't find the book. I don't know where I put it, but in Jacques Ellul's book he mentioned chemical and biological a few times but there's always a paragraph somewhere in his book that just floors you and he specifically goes in to a few things and he mentions chemical, biological. He mentions lobotomies and then he mentions specifically thalamotomy, so I looked up thalamus and it's kind of like a communications node between certain areas of the brain, the way I understand it, so it kind of appears like instead of destroying huge areas of the brain they just cut a few of the "telephone lines," so to speak.


Alan:  That's pretty well it. You've got the thalamus and the hypothalamus and the midbrain, the pons Varolii and so on, and they understand all of this perfectly. You see they've been probing people's brains for donkey's years, a hundred years even, from the Tavistock Institute onwards, and they know every part of that brain. Then other guys were working for the United Nations on ways to lobotomize specific parts of that brain by using chemical lobotomies or using bacterial or viral lobotomies and that brings to mind the whole idea with inoculation because it goes right to the baby's brain. That's with the inflammation that's in the head and wherever you get inflammation you have cells dying off. That's standard in all inflammation and it's lowering the IQ. This is done deliberately and I have no doubt about that whatsoever.


You don't want an intelligent public existing when you're taking them through the biggest change to their detriment. You don't want that happening so you must dumb them down in the process and we have been under attack for about 100 years with various methods all targeting our brains.


Jeff:  It's amazing when you look into food additives and the sweeteners and just all of those things. You do find a common thread in most of them and I don't know how they found things that attack all three areas but a lot of them do. They attack our brains, the reproductive system and the immune system. It's a very common thread in all of this stuff. Once you dig into that it's kind of amazing that there's not bodies all over the street, as much of this stuff as you're getting pumped into you.


Alan:  That's right. What we do have, though, is an incredibly sick society – physically sick like never before, with no energy, a whole host of problems that used to be termed "aging problems," now you have juvenile arthritis for instance and stuff like this, which is affecting so many people it's becoming common, and autism. There's a big blitz now with the big drug companies to put out counter-propaganda to tell you that mercury is all right in the vaccines and having no affect. It's a propaganda war.


Jeff:  I even asked my doctor and he said, no, mercury is no problem in vaccines, and I'm like good grief.


Alan:  Yes, I know. Thanks for calling.  Well, it's coming up to the time anyway, but even Bertrand Russell talked about the use of ways of dumbing them down. Even in the Soviet Union he was referring to "they would use the needle," as he called it, to attack the brain. It wasn't just in the Soviet Union. This was being done all across the Western world and if we go into the health of the public with crippling diseases et cetera that's hit us, especially from the '50's onwards, it's astronomical. It's astounding. I don't think there's anybody today who doesn't have allergies for instance. Allergies and various forms of arthritis, early arthritis that sets in and these are autoimmune problems. When you have arthritis, especially the rheumatic type arthritis, something has been introduced into your body, which then is attacking your joints. They claim to say that they don't know what it is, except your own white blood cells, the leukocytes, are attacking something or appear to be attacking something and they claim there's nothing there. It's just your white count going crazy, going haywire. It's at war with everything and there's no reason for it to be. Well, your system doesn't go at war with things unless there's something in it to go to war with, and that's the basic truth of it all, and we have been under attack.


The whole idea with some of the third-world countries was to bring them down quickly in population reduction because they were too poor. No one cares about them. They have no voice, no power to stand up and get noticed, but with the West they'd have to take it down slowly because people would catch on that there was something vastly wrong and they'd have counter groups starting up to fight this. They said they'd have to be very careful and covert about it and bring us down with crippling diseases, more so than just sudden lethal diseases. That's why you have the chronic fatigue syndromes and Epstein-Barr virus. All these different things all came out at the same time; and sure enough, people don't get married. They're poor partners for marriage if they're living with constant fatigue and they can hardly move. That puts you out of action, out of the race for reproduction. That's all done deliberately and then if we take all the venereal diseases that were spread and introduced and sterilizing mainly women, attacking their ovaries. Nothing happens by chance.


Now from Hamish and myself, up in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)