January 19th, 2012 (#1004)
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Beware of Gifts from Geeks:

"Propaganda Abounds from "Scientific Enchantment",
On the Coming Wonders of Genetic Enhancement,
The Sales Pitch is "Miracle by Preventing Disease",
Should Fill the Alert with Queasy Unease,
We're All Viewed as Subjects, Temptations Arise
For Rulers to "Perfect" Us, That's the Prize,
Perfecting the Masses by Masters Not Lenient,
Means Efficient, Tame and Obedient,
Eugenicists Like Demons First Seduce by Lying,
Caught Time After Time, They Never Cease Trying"
© Alan Watt Jan 19th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Jan 19th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 19th of January, 2012.  For newcomers, as always, I suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and help yourself to the free audios, which are there for download.  Thereís over a thousand now.  And hopefully, youíll start to understand this big system youíre born into.  I call it the Matrix because thereís so many levels of it, thereís so many levels of deception.  And each room that you walk into basically, just like the movie, says, ďthis is the real thing.  This is all there is to it, thereís no more than this.Ē  And of course, thereís much, much more, because weíve been brought up in perfected deception and itís a form of scientific control designed a long time ago, by experts, again; people who had studied society, the individuals and how to manipulate them, a long, long time ago.  Itís an old, old science, governing people.  And knowledge is never lost, itís passed on down through the ages.  So, help yourself to the audios and find out how the world is really run, and who really runs it too, because itís certainly not the guys that you elect.  Theyíre simply there to sign bills and do what theyíre told. 


Iíve recommended the books by Carroll Quigley so many times, like Tragedy and Hope and the Anglo-American Establishment.  He was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations.  He got into their archives.  And he wrote about this quite happily, because he believed in it all.  He didnít think it should remain secret anymore, and because they had changed the course of history in such a massive way, he thought it was time the public knew about it.  So, he published the books and gave a lot out into the realm of the public domain. 


So, as I say, you can help me keep going too, by the way, by buying the books and discs I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  From the US to Canada you can use a personal check, an international postal money order, or PayPal.  You can send cash as well.  And across the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and again, PayPal to order.  Donations are really, really welcome.


Because, really, itís only a matter of numbers accumulating and accumulating, and the word spreading, until people understand.  After they understand what is wrong, then theyíve got to decide what to do about it.  Because the future has been planned for us all.  Planned for us all, kept quiet from the general public and you have to start using your own reasoning power.  When you get the information from, like the CFR, for instance, or the United Nations, and weíre signing treaties all the time to globalize us, pull us more into line, under the auspices of the United Nations, youíve got to start doing your own reasoning and say, my god, theyíre actually doing this.  Theyíre not going to say, yes, weíre taking over the world; but if you read it, youíll find out, thatís exactly what they are saying in their own language.  And thatís when too, all the different bills and laws that are passed, make sense to you. 


Your local media, your mainstream, thatís all owned by guys in the Council on Foreign Relations, are not going to tell you, or spell this out for you.  Now, even Albert Pike said the same thing, the Grand Master of Freemasonry: Those who will not use their own reasoning, are just beasts of burden and meat on the table by choice and consent.  A lot of truth in that, you know.  An awful lot of truth in that, because most people donít want their bubble burst.  They want to believe, being good socialized little subjects, they want to believe that Big Daddy is taking care of them all.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  So much history to all of this World Order, so much.  So many organizations that work together.  So many specialized departments, all incredibly well funded by the big guys that are just printing up the money anyway.  So, itís quite easy to control the world, when youíre in control of the money.  Everything runs on money.  And governments go cap in hand to whatever central bank theyíve been given and borrow it all the time.  Thatís why the bankers love continuous welfare and things like that, because they make money off interest, of course.  Massive interest, as well.  So, thatís really how the whole system works. 


But itís more than just a system.  Itís to bring it into a totally controlled society, the perfected society, where they can depopulate eventually and bring in the right kind of people to serve them.  Better types of peasants, who wonít need entertainment and wonít have to get money to spend on themselves and treat themselves and things like that, you see.  Itís quite practical to the psychopathic mind.  And, of course, thereís lots of them at the top.  Thatís how they got up there in the first place. 


So, part of this is eugenics.  A big part is eugenics.  And Iíve done quite a lot of talks in the past on the radio to do with eugenics, its history.  And of course, it all started really, it didnít start with Darwin.  It took off with Darwin.  He was put out there, just like Freud was put out, at the right time to change their views, especially in religion, and to get power into the hands of scientists.  Thatís what Darwin was popped out there for at that time, because, basically, his so-called treatise, etc, that he put out there, his book on eugenics, as we call it today, or you know, the most favored nations or races, he called it himself, you know, and hereditary factors, thatís an old thing.  Even his grandfather was into that.  He wrote the same kind of book pretty well and didnít publish it, and passed the job on to his grandson.  The Darwins were one of the most interbred families out there.  They only intermarried with the Wedgwood family for generations, until most of the offspring ended up in the loony bin or died prematurely. 


So, anyway, it doesnít stop them, of course.  And they talked about it at that time, hereditary traits.  They believed that everyone had a poverty gene in the 1900s, in the 20th century. And the US went steamrolling ahead, broke the ground, by basically sterilizing what they called the unfit.  An idea that was grabbed by Adolph Hitler later on.  And he actually pointed it out that the US had been doing it for years.  And they were doing it right up into the 1970s I believe in some of the states there too.  And theyíre talking about doing it again, eh. So anyway, thereís other ways to sterilize the public.  Just put it into something in their food and down it goes.  And thatís happening now.  Anyway, they always tell you they want to improve the stock, you see.  You see, we are the stock.  Thatís why you have a stock market too.  Itís for animals, you see.  And thatís why you have bear markets and bull markets, and you never have a human market.  Anyway, it says:


Researchers have secured £6m in funding to develop the groundbreaking treatment which could prevent


(Alan: Itís always to prevent something, because they just care about us so much.)


genetic conditions affecting the heart, muscle or brain being passed on to children and future generations.


(A: Itís always to help us, you know.)


But the method is controversial because it involves transferring the parents' DNA into a donor egg, meaning the resulting child would inherit a tiny fraction of their genetic coding from a third party.


(A: This is eugenics coming into it again, the perfecting of the species, or the cattle at the bottom.  It says whoís doing it?  Well, theyíre getting funded by private and no doubt government money as well.)


The Wellcome Trust and Newcastle University


(A: The Wellcome Trust came from the Wellcome Pharmaceutical Industry.)


and Newcastle University has announced a £5.8m package for further lab-based research aimed at assessing the safety of the technique.


It came as the Department of Health ordered a public consultation on whether the technology should be moved from the lab to patients, which will be followed by a Commons debate


(A: Thatís the parliamentary debate)


 on the ethics of the issue.


(A: So, here you have a bunch of psychopaths that crawled and bribed their way into power, on behalf of their bosses of course, going to decide the ethics of the issue about really, deciding who is fit, who is unfit to produce children, and eventually, maybe in five, ten years, the order will go out and theyíll tell you that a court will decide if you can or cannot.  Theyíve been after this one for a long time.


I donít know if youíve seen the movie, Gattaca, the sci-fi movie of a slightly ahead future, not too far off, where you have another class system that comes into it, because they call it genetic enhancement.  It sounds awfully, awfully snobbish and good.  Oh, Iíve been enhanced genetically.  And of course, that creates a better class or a more preferred class of employees for top positions.  Anyway, it says:)


The Health Secretary has the power to lift the regulations and if both the scientific and political criteria are satisfied, the therapy could be trialled in humans within two to three years.


The research is aimed at tackling diseases passed down through families via mutated mitochondria, structures which supply power to cells.


(A: I love the baby talk they give to the commoners.  It supplies power to cells.  It does a lot more than that.  It says:)


Although 99.8 per cent of our DNA, including all our visible characteristics, is inherited evenly from our father and mother and stored in the nucleus of cells, a tiny fraction resides in the mitochondria and is passed down only by the mother.


Faults in the mitochondria affect about one in 200 children in Britain each year, causing severe and incurable diseases such as muscular dystrophy or ataxia in about one in 6,500 people.


Researchers at Newcastle believe they have developed a method which could prevent this particular group of diseases being transmitted, and potentially wipe them out within a generation.


Prof Doug Turnbull, who is leading the research, said: ďThe important thing is that this has the possibility of stopping the disease completely.


(A: Sounds wonderful, like all the things they come out with, like vaccines and stuff, eh?  I mean, we have autism skyrocketing.  Phoom.)


ďIf this technique proves to be as safe as IVF and as effective as the preliminary studies, I think we could totally prevent the transmission of these diseases.Ē


(A: And so on and so on.  So anyway, three parties would be necessary for it, and two mothers, basically, and theyíre really pushing this out there.  But, the idea is too, is to alter other things as well, because the mitochondria has a lot more than just supplying power or energy to the rest of the DNA.)


But it is strongly opposed by groups who oppose embryo research and claim genetic engineering can result in serious defects.


(A: It says here too.)


The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children described the experiments as "macabre and unethical".


Why donít they go into the whole plan of eugenics?  I donít understand these groups that are out there to protect us, you think theyíre out there to protect us, because thereís so many books put out by the big boys themselves, like Bertrand Russell, who says it will be the chance to tinker, to tinker with genes, to supply the right kind of citizenship or citizens for the ruling class, will be irresistible.  Of course itís irresistible.  They want to have you all like little, you know, drooling fools that just work, yes sir, yeah boss, okay boss.  Thatís what they want.  So, it says, anyway, so theyíre pushing this forward ahead into human trials now, and this will be picked up in other countries very quickly as well, and away theyíll go.  And whatever they tell the parents, thatís all you have to say, your child may, may, or it may not, come down with Huntingtonís Chorea.  And of course that will terrify them.  And once theyíre in there, believe you me, they can do more than just tinker with the mitochondria.  They canít help themselves. 


You know, thereís been more quiet experiments done on the human population through the health faculties than any other system.  They donít tell you until years and years later what theyíve been tampering with and experimenting with.  Again, itís up to the people concerned too.  The general public will never hear this, unless it gets on the mainstream and that, I canít see that happening.  If it does, it will be hailed as a Godsend, you know, or whatever it is they worship.


Now, tonight too, Iíll put up Repeal the Climate Change Act, for Britain.  Because itís going to wreck whatís left of any economy it has, and tax the bejesus out of whoís left to tax.  Thereís hardly any left to tax.  The people are literally taxed to the hilt.  Itís just disgusting whatís happening. 


Also in Canada, one article here, you donít get many articles from Canada, because they tell us nothing much happens here.  You see, youíre really a colony in Canada.  Colonial peoples, in Australia too, as you can see, are Socialists.  Theyíve been trained to be Socialists, and they get little decrees once in a blue moon coming down from the top.  And itís a straight, harsh decree, and thereís no debating, nothing, itís just done.  And thatís how colonies are run.† In the past the Romans were the same.  And so, you end up with a population thatís pretty easy going, okay, so what, and they just go along with everything that comes down the pike.  But once in a while little things creep out, which is nothing much, really.  I think they just tell us what things are happening, once in a while, because thereís no other news to give us.  It says here:


A federal agency created by the Harper government with great political fanfare in 2008 is costing millions of dollars to achieve pretty much nothing.


(A: Well, thatís like a lot of government really, isnít it, not just one department.)


The Canada Employment Insurance Financing Board has just about everything a budding government agency could want.


So far, it has spent over $3.3 million for new offices, computers and furniture, well-paid executives and staff, travel budgets, expense accounts, board meetings, and lots of pricey consultants.


All that's missing is a reason for it to exist at all.


(A: Because they havenít done anything.  It says here:)


The Conservative government set up the agency ostensibly to perform three main functions.


And it tells you the functions and so on.  But then the government just carried on as normal as though it didnít exist.  And so nothing was suggested from this agency.  Nothing has been done by this agency.  I think the only suggestion they put in probably is for a pay raise.  And thatís pretty well, thatís like the main, this is main stuff in Canada.  This is big stuff for Canadians, you know.  Big stuff, coming from the guys at the top. 


Now, Iíve mentioned fracking before, this fracking thing that sounds awfully like something else, as you well know.  Iím sure itís on purpose.  Anyway, itís where they pump various chemicals and compressed airs into the ground.  They fracture different layers or levels of basically shale as they call it.  And itís supposed to release gas.  And a lot of itís used now as natural gas.  Thatís what they call it, natural gas, but it can leave a mess in the ground too.  And thereís two sides to this thing, both equally liable to tell you lies.  So, itís hard to make out what to do, except the fact is, that they do know that fracking is mobilizing uranium to come up out of the ground by fracking a lot of the uranium shales thatís actually there.  This is from a university test that theyíve done.  Back with more, after this.


HI folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about this fracking, where they pump stuff into the ground, a lot of chemicals, etc, and gas is released eventually and thatís utilized for domestic use for heating and cooking and all the rest of it.  So, anyway, thereís two sides, as I say to the story, and this particular research comes from the University of Buffalo.  And they say that:


'Fracking' Mobilizes Uranium in Marcellus Shale, UB Research Finds


UB geologist Tracy Bank and colleagues found that uranium and hydrocarbons in Marcellus shale are not just physically, but also chemically, bound.


(A: And it shows you the photographs of the things.  And it comes also with different photographs of the whole lot.)


Scientific and political disputes over drilling Marcellus shale for natural gas have focused primarily on the environmental effects of pumping millions of gallons of water and chemicals deep underground to blast through rocks to release the natural gas.


But University at Buffalo researchers have now found that that process -- called hydraulic fracturing or "fracking"-- also causes uranium that is naturally trapped inside Marcellus shale to be released, raising additional environmental concerns.


(A: Itís interesting too that the thyroid cancers, etc, that youíre finding, and I mentioned them the other day there, most of them, the highest number of them are concentrated in Pennsylvania and New York State, and around the Great Lakes area there too.  Thereís so many, but thereís so many nuclear plants around there.  So, you donít know where itís all coming from.  Itís probably all combined.  The whole lot is combined together.  Anyway, it goes on about the:)


Marcellus shale is a massive rock formation that stretches from New York through Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, and which is often described as the nation's largest source of natural gas.


(A: So apparently:)


"Marcellus shale naturally traps metals such as uranium and at levels higher than usually found naturally, but lower than manmade contamination levels," says Tracy Bank, PhD....


Blah, blah, blah.  Anyway theyíre pumping the stuff in and the stuff is coming out, and well, thatís it.  I really donít think, you know, that the populations, and this is my personal opinion, in America and Canada are really meant to last forever.  Thatís the impression I get.  I really do get that.  I mentioned years ago on the air, that when I first came to the country and went from North to South, I noticed that everything looked like it was jerry-rigged, just thrown up fast, and temporarily too.  All the wooden houses the workers had from the 50s and 60s, and power lines, just hanging on, really hanging low too in some areas, across streets and everything.  And I thought all of this is temporary. 


And we know too, the Friends of the Earth and others have said that eventually they want all industry gone from America, from the US.  And that it would really help the habitat, etc, etc.  They really hate humanity.  They really are friends of, you know, the dirt, but they donít like people very much at all.  And other top people have said the same kind of things.  And they can really remove these wooden houses we all live in very quickly and easily and take down the wires, etc, and return it back.  So, I really think weíve got a job to do, and thatís the only reason weíre here, actually.  Remember, these big boys at the top plan in centuries.  Thatís what they do, plan in centuries, and thatís the impression I have. 


So, anyway, weíre getting poisoned in hundreds of ways, of course, deliberately.  They all know what theyíre doing.  And so, weíll just have to wait and see.  Weíll have to wait and see.  So, anyway, this fracking business, I know it creates a lot of chemicals too, and of course, theyíve got to try and get rid of those chemicals once theyíve pumped it underground.  Where does it go from there?  Well, obviously it goes into the water.  One way or another it works its way.  Water doesnít just sit there at one level.  It goes up and down like a yo-yo with its own internal hydraulic action.  Anyway, thatís that for fracking. 


And a bit of, you know how theyíre going over, all the propaganda to do with the wars in the Middle East.  And we even had at the beginning of it too, oh, they make the women wear the veil, the burka, and all this kind of stuff.  And hereís what happened in Israel.  And itís kind of funny in some ways.  It says:


Clashes erupted on Monday between police and several hundred ultra-Orthodox Jews from a town near Jerusalem who are campaigning for men and women to be segregated, an AFP journalist said.


Israeli police had stepped up their patrols in Beit Shemesh following unrest sparked by discrimination against women imposed by a radical fringe of the town's religious Jews.


Several demonstrators were taken in for questioning after police, and journalists were roughed up


(A: They actually roughened up the police.)


and insulted by ultra-Orthodox men telling them to "clear off," the journalist said.


There were also shouting matches between ultra-Orthodox and secular Jews.


Residents of Beit Shemesh, a town of some 80,000 people 30 kilometres (18 miles) west of Jerusalem, showered police and television crews with eggs and also set fire to refuse bins.


The majority of the town's residents are religious Jews, among them a large and growing ultra-Orthodox community.


Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said one policeman was slightly hurt by a thrown stone.


(A: And they had placards and all the rest of it.  But the whole thing is to do with, women arenít supposed to walk past the synagogues, especially when theyíre wearing knee-length skirts and stuff.  Theyíre not dressed in traditional long dresses, etc.  Itís not the done thing.  It says:)


Other signs posted in an ultra-Orthodox neighbourhood instructed women to dress "modestly" in long sleeves and calf-length skirts.


(A: It started off apparently a couple of weeks ago, when they started spitting at a woman passing, and called her a whole bunch of nasty names, like whore, etc, you know.)


The Haaretz newspaper said the cameraman from commercial station Channel Two was thrown to the ground


(A: It was quite a scuffle, eh?)


and his sound recordist grabbed by the throat in the attack by ultra-Orthodox men.


Anyway, it goes on and on about them.  They donít even want to be on the same bus together, etc.  I mean, this is gender separation.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And after that last article, itís strange too, the world is going crazy, as you well know.  And of course, the big boys know this part too, as we all go through troubled financial times, or people are terrified of losing their jobs, and people are terrified of losing their houses, or being kicked out, because they canít pay rent or mortgage.  It doesnít matter.  Youíre kicked out, youíre kicked out.  And people are cracking up.  And businesses are going under too.  This article here shows you too how crazy it gets.  It says:


NYPD charge Jewish Man with anti-Semitic Threats


Manhattan man was arrested today for making anti-Semitic calls to his mother and other elderly women --- and he is also suspected of scrawling hate symbols in a heavily Orthodox Brooklyn neighborhood,


(A: Thatís not a clever thing to do.  It says:)


The Post has learned.


David Haddad, 56, of Chelsea, allegedly snarled, ďAll Jews should die and go to hell,Ē when he called his 80-year-old mother on Dec....


Blah, blah, blah.  Anyway, he went on a rant, phoning a lot of old ladies.  And itís something to do with his business, anyway, I donít know if it was going under or what.  But he went off on this mission of craziness, and you donít know who is who anymore do you?  You donít know whoís doing what.  It just shows you how confused you can certainly get.  It just doesnít make any sense. 


In Canada, too, by the way, if you think organized crime is just a little thing, you have to think again.  And how really it is a symbiotic relationship between organized crime and government itself.  This article here is about:


Ex-cop alleged to be Mafia informant kills himself


(A: And this isnít just a little informant.  It says:)


The man identified by Radio-Canada as Ian Davidson was a 33-year member of the Montreal police before his retirement last year. 


A retired Montreal police officer who allegedly tried to sell the names of informants to the Mafia


(A: They call it the Mafia here, but itís not the Mafia you think.)


appears to have taken his own life.


The officer was a 33-year veteran of the Montreal police force prior to his retirement last year.


(A: And he was a Detective Sergeant, Ian Davidson, heís called.  And his:)


body was found in a Laval, Que., hotel room Wednesday morning.


(A: Whether he was suicided or he killed himself weíll never know, but it says here.  The:)


Police would only say they were investigating a death at a hotel on the service road off Highway 15.


(A: But itís the story thatís interesting, because, basically he was giving this Mafia, as they like to call it there, about 2000 names of informants that were working, obviously for the cops.  2000, in Montreal alone.  Remember I said, I said years ago, before they brought in the internet, youíd be surprised at the thousands of people placed in your communities to spy on everyone.  You see.  They put them in your streets, and often theyíre retired people.  A lot of them are retired civil servants, with backgrounds that are make-believe, just for the public, and they learn their lines and say, ah, I was a bricklayer, and things like that.  And they collect all the data on every single individual.  But they also report back to government on crime and organized crime, on anything at all.  So, anyway, this guy was going to give them, I mean this guy knew, he must have known he was kaput when he had 2000 names, you know.)


According to information obtained by Radio-Canada, the officer allegedly tried to sell a list of 2,000 informants to the Mafia for a six-figure sum.


Amazing.  Thatís just one, one city.  And you know, I did a whole broadcast once on the British system and how many they had employed in London alone, full time, just to listen.  Go into bars and restaurants, and just listen to everybody, you know.  And find out everybody in their little area, immediately around them.  And you think youíve been living in free countries?  Youíve never been living in free countries.  Never.  Never, ever 


Now, Iíll go to the callers now, and Iíll try to get up the screen here.  It takes a second.  And weíve got Alex from Victoria on the line there.  Are you there, Alex?


Alex: Hi, Alan.† How are you?


Alan: Oh, Iím hanging on.  I got a foot of snow today. 


Alex: Yeah, we got a ton out here too.  We tried to film the weather systems before they made it fall. It was like a lot of metal oxide in the sky and other things, plasma, etc.


Alan: Yeah, the usual. 


Alex: And down came more snow than Iíve ever seen here.


Alan: Well, it certainly was, it certainly dumped itself here too.


Alex: Yeah.  I was very interested to hear you talking about the things you were just talking about.  But I wanted to ask you, what the G represents in the Masonic symbol?


Alan: Itís a whole bunch of meanings on different levels of degrees.  They always tell them a partial truth, and then another partial truth, until you get to the top.  Some of them will say Geometry of course, because they give you the compass.  Thatís for the ones at the bottom.  But youíll also go into Gnosis, you know, like the Gnostics.  And you also get into the Generative power.  And itís really the generative power that runs the world, or plans the world.  The Grand Architect, the Great Architect.  And itís also for Grand, you know.  Thatís the key, is that they plan the future.  They work in the communities.  They work in business.  They work in government.  Theyíre all dedicated to international, thatís the key, brotherhood.  And their job is to help plan the future.  So, really, itís to do with both Gnosis and as I say, the Generative power.


Alex: Excellent.  Well, Iím designing a logo and itís got the geometry with a pyramid with the eye in the center, which is actually the G upside down, bleeding, and thatís the center of the eyeball.  And then, the pyramid is that right there.  And so, the G is the center of it.  And then the compass and the other part of the square is forming, sort of like a star, of David or something.  And yeah, there it is.  So itís looking really good, and Iím going to use that as a logo and put it up on T-shirts and that.  Bumper stickers.  All that stuff.


Alan: When you get the compass, the compass when itís open also represents the male with his legs apart.  And of course, you have, the square at the bottom represents the female, the earth.


Alex: Yeah.  I got that from reading your Cutting Through Volume I.  And Iíve now lent it to a friend, and Iíve got to go pick it up and give her Volume II, and Iím reading that again.


Alan: So, it shows you the sexual aspects and the eugenical aspect, because they put a lot of emphasis in the higher Masonic, even the lower ones are advised too, if theyíre single, to really be very careful who they marry, because the offspring is very important, and not to just let your usual lusts carry you away.  In fact, if youíre very good, the Grand Master will introduce you to your wife, down the road.  And itís the third generation that they want, again, to generate and the generations.  The third one is automatic.  He can join much younger as a full-fledged Grand Master, very young, if heís a third generation Mason.  Because itís definitely a eugenical program, and a lot of their books really go into that in much more detail.  They follow the same, old system thatís still used, of course, with some sects in Judaism.  Where theyíll actually supposedly copulate on the special days of the moon and all that kind of stuff.  I mean, no kidding.  This is in some of their books.  And the same with the Rosicrucians.  They make a big deal of this kind of stuff for conception.  So, thereís many, many layers to it.  It would take hours to go through each layer, though, but thatís basically it.


Alex: Well, good.  Maybe Iíll write you an email.  Maybe if you feel like it, if you ever get time, maybe make a little piece that I can flip around to people that are very curious, so as we donít take up your time over and over again.  And we know the internet is coming down.  Theyíve got a new thing on youtube, so our youtube channel is being really heavily censored.  But theyíre about to force a change in the construction of the sites so that theyíre completely useless, and they work in a vertical thing, where you donít see all the information at once, and itís completely, itís really blatantly obvious that itís just making it so much less effective as a communication tool.


Alan: Itís the same here.  Itís taking me three times longer just to pull up different sites right here now.


Alex: Us too.


Alan: And actually, you see, it wasnít just one bill they put through.  And folk are missing this one as well.  Canada and the US, when they signed the last trading bill together, also had that in it too.  Months and months before these present bills youíre hearing of now.  And so theyíre cooperating together under websites that are causing hate, discontent, or could be involved in terrorism, because terrorism is now expanding to include opinions basically. 


Alex: Yeah.  Well, speaking of terrorists.  I went to the treasonous premierís health quote-unquote care conference.  And we did a media thing and a youtube clip outside there. And I was dressed up like an independent examiner, like an ICBC WCB insurance hack, with blood on my hands, a white coat, and I had a construction hat with a skull and bones.  And it said ICBC and WCB underneath it.  ICBC is the insurance corporation of British Columbia, and we all know who WCB is.  And I did a speech out there in front of their media Gong Show, their media muppets set up the cameras, where the political puppets were supposed to come out and tell us the next ďsolutionĒ to the health crisis.  And we had about thirty people there, standing there, and you know, we blocked the camera and the shot of Victoria Harbor and told the truth, while they all sat in there lying and stuff.  I came back and tried to post that to YouTube.  It took 8 hours to get it up there with the annotations and the tags.  It took an hour and a half just to settle on some tags that I think the intelligence community would only allow.  They wouldnít let us write what I kept writing.  And it was almost like we were arguing about it.  So, the kids and I witnessed that.  And during that entire 8-hour period of time, his heart was squeezed right up, just like he was having a heart attack almost.  It was just dreadful.


Alan: Sure.  Well, that last bill they passed, with the pact between Canada and the US, allows the US military, and I get the hits all the time, Iíve been having them for years from Fort Meade and different places, it comes up on my firewall, you see, but it allows them now to go after Canadians as well.


Alex: Oh, theyíre doing it all right, and theyíre using the most advanced electronic technology and whatever else to divide and conquer us.  And we found that thereís a ray of hope, because we were talking to the detectives and the security guards around there.  The security guards said that they were pissed off because during the lead-up to the 2010 Olympics, they actually had to frog-march reporters out of the news conference for asking tough questions.  And they were disgusted.


Alan: Well, thatís Canada.  That is Canada.


Alex: And another thing was, we were talking to, we tried to walk in, dressed up in costume, in character, and of course were rejected right away.  And they were very concerned, we had a jug of water with us and were about to search.  They asked my daughter what it was, and she was like, uh, water. † So, the guy says, who are you?  I said, Iím the independent examiner, Iím here to say if you get hurt at work, Iíll say, whatever is wrong with you isnít or it would have been whether you were in that accident or not.  He said, okay, get out of here, this is private property. 


Alan: Well, I know that Canadaís answer to the healthcare crisis will be the same as Britain.  Theyíll give you a pill for euthanasia, because, I mean, thatís where itís going.  Thatís where itís going.


Alex: Yeah.  We talked about that.  I put the thing up on my YouTube Channel.  And Iím the Canadian Coalition of the Walking Wounded and the American Coalition of the Walking Wounded, president and co-founder.  And so, we showcase like injured workers, auto-accidents, patient claimants, veterans, and vaccination damaged children and families who are being destroyed by the government and made a point of telling the truth about what theyíre really doing in there, talked about GMO, advanced military medicine, rationed healthcare, and stereotypical clinical commentary used to deny people diagnosis and treatment, so we really nailed them.


Alan: Do you know that Canada, people donít realize Canada, our tax money, for years, long before this redistribution of the wealth idea came along, Canada, weíve got RCMP working in Haiti, and countries in Africa, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  We also have stacks of lawyers we send over to places like Rwanda right now.  We train them in their legal system.  We all pay for all this stuff, across the whole planet.  Canadians donít even know what theyíre paying for, or where the money is going.  And the Rwandans recently were looking for a place to get a fair hearing.  They said that their court system was too corrupt.  Where could they go?  And someone suggested Canada.  And they said, we canít go there because it was the Canadian system that came over and set up our system.  What does that tell, what does that say to Canada about our system eh?  We gave them a corrupt system.


Alex: Itís clearly a master/slave society.


Alan: Oh, it is, absolutely.


Alex: Yeah.  Well, thanks for everything you do.  I wonít take up too much of your time.  Iíll let other callers come in and, thanks a lot for everything youíre doing and weíll keep you posted. 


Alan: Okay, thanks for calling.


Alex: Thanks brother.


Alan: Okay.  Now thereís Carl from New York.  Are you there Carl?


Carlton: Hey, whatís up Mr. Watt, how you doing?


Alan: Oh, hanging in here.  As I say, Iíve got a foot of snow here and I guess most folk down there havenít got it yet. 


Carlton:  Yeah, theyíre talking about snow down here, matter of fact a little earlier it was doing a little flurrying but it stopped.  Iím glad it did.† Just along the lines of the symbolism, what the last caller was talking about.† I kind of see that if you, you can kind of like, well, basically the Masonic square and compass with the G in the middle to me corresponds with the three major religions, or the three symbols of the three major religions of the world, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  I donít know if like, because, I mean, youíve got the Crescent Moon with Islam and the Star being the generative principle, you know, the moon the female principle or whatever.† You already see the Star of David.  You already know how that is.


Alan: Thatís in my book, actually, I put it out there.  In one of my books, I put it out there.  I show you, if you do the square and compass, and you just carry it on, yeah, youíve got the Star of David there, thatís where it comes from.


Carlton: Right. And with the Cross of Christianity, I was just thinking like when you overlap the actual square and compass on it, of course, Jesus died on the middle of the cross, he was crucified on the middle of the cross, that being the sun or the G or the generative principle.  But I was just thinking about that.  When you talked about fracking a little earlier too, I donít know if youíve ever heard of or seen this documentary called Gasland.


Alan: Yeah, I did see that, but unfortunately he fudged it a bit.  He didnít have to, but he went and did it.  He fudged it a bit, because the places he was testing for methane in the water, in your drinking water, theyíve had that since the 1930s there, naturally.† So, he fudged it.  And he kind of ruined it by going that far, when he didnít have to go that far.  The chemicals are bad enough, thatís getting pumped in, never mind anything else, you know.


Carlton: Right.  Thatís pretty much all I had for you.  But Iíll holler at you and probably send you something in the next couple of weeks for your next book, the third part of the series, and you take it easy and try to stay warm up there too.


Alan: I will do. And you too.  And I hope you donít get the snow.


Carlton: I hope not too.  Iím not trying to shovel anything.


Alan: No, itís a bit much.  Itís a bit much.  Yeah.  Thanks for calling.  And thereís also Judy from Florida.  Are you there Judy? 


Judy: Hi, Alan.


Alan: Hi.  Oh, hold on, and weíll get to you when we come back from the break.


HI folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking to Judy from Florida.  Are you there, Judy?


Judy: Yes.  Iím here.


Alan: Yes.  Go ahead.


Judy: I basically think, lately Iíve been observing people, and Iím kind of concerned about how I see, you know, just artificial behavior.  Or, you know, people, theyíre not natural with each other.  I mean, a lot of it has to do with just walking simply into a grocery store, you know, something that you need to do.  And it just seems like everything is done by script for market share.† And that gets really tiresome at times.  And itís just also the fact that you canít talk about, you know, they say you canít talk about religion or politics, and you know, I do, in my circles, but, you know, when you tip-toe into certain subjects, you have to, you know nowadays.  I mean, youíre completely shut down.  And I know Iím not telling you anything you donít already know, but itís just the fact that thereís a quickening occurring, and as far as, you know this, where weíre headed and, you know I know my concerns for myself.  I mean, Iíve made some of the correct preparations, itís just that, you know, I donít know how much of it is, you know, zombie-ism, or how much of it is actual fear, and how effective that fear is in keeping people from critically thinking. 


Alan: Youíve actually hit on it, because people donít realize that under actual warfare thereís only so much stress we can take before people literally start to sag.  Their psyche sags, you might say, and theyíre prone to more propaganda.  And whatís actually happening is behavior modification.  Now, thereís so many sites out there, Iíve got some up here. I didnít have time to read them tonight, but itís from United Nations again, and from organizations affiliated with the United Nations, to do with behavior modification for a healthy population, they call it, across the world. And they admit, straight out, off the bat, that theyíre in the business of behavior modification.  Now, itís heightened.  Itís easier to remodify the behavior of people during times of war, stress, financial war, whatever, economic stress.  All of those things combined.  Itís ideal right now.  And when you also know, itís even worse in Britain, but when you know too, thereís cameras everywhere, just you knowing that thereís cameras everywhere, that also makes you behave differently.  Youíre not spontaneous.  You know youíre on camera.  Youíre automatically readjusting your psyche, because you know youíre being watched, and listened to as well.  But youíre quite right.  And then it filters into, as you say, friends or people around you, where thereís certain topics you donít go.  Thatís where angels fear to tread, as they say.  Because people are now scared if it comes up, as though theyíve committed a crime by even hearing you talk about something, which is crazy because every topic should be discussed.  If you canít discuss any topic, you donít have freedom at all.  Thereís something wrong there.  And youíre under a form of tyranny.


Judy: And itís terrifying in that right now, I mean, in the UK Iíve heard talk about, you know, essentially, people will have, you know, they regret the fact theyíve had to give up their guns, whether they were for sport or for protection.  And you know, theyíve got this subdued society.  And thereís no more time for us to talk.  I can hear the music now.


Alan: Youíre quite right.  All they have left now is the food to keep them going and that will be rationed too.  Thatís the next stick thatís coming along.  Thanks for calling.  Youíre quite right.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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