Aug. 23, 2020 (#1789)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

CONOLOGY on Parade with Masters Who Persuade.

"The Con Within CONology, Perfected by Psychology,

Has the Targets Participate in Pre-arranged Fate

Tempted by Fodder, Like Lambs to the Slaughter,

Or Terrified of Dying, Give Power to the Lying

Led into Circumstances where they Ought-Not-to-Be."

© Alan Watt Aug. 23, 2020

*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 23, 2020 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


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Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on August 23, 2020.  Welcome to my world, where I explain the sciences behind the system that runs pretty well everything. At the top of course, you have conology, a term I coined years ago to do with the art of persuasion by the elite using professionals to give you your opinions and to fool you. In any good con, we've all heard about confidence tricksters, it's much higher than even the confidence trickster because confidence tricksters never work in such big teams for their stings.  But what you do find is that they pick their target and when they pick their target the target must basically get involved in the game and consent to it. Generally, they think they're going to get something for nothing. That's how it generally works.


You can see how in 20 years really, before that as well of course, with free this and free that, if you buy 2 you can get 10 and all this nonsense to do with shopping and saving. It's called ‘mousetraps’ in the trade as they call it in public relations and marketing.  So, they offer you all these little things to pull you in. And when they pull you in, they want your name, address and phone number, your DNA and everything else, you know, maybe even your firstborn, it depends what you're getting.  And you comply with it thinking you're going to win. 


It's based on winning, the game theory too, on winning, this idea that everybody's out for themselves, and they like to win. And sure enough, I've met people who are addicted to gambling. Maybe lots of you out there too may have similar experiences with people they know or maybe even relatives. It's a real addiction. You'll meet them; they're not into heavy drinking generally and things like that. It's just gambling.  It's the feeling that they're winning something. That's the big high and the release of tremendous endorphins, and they feel fantastic at the time. They've done something. They've got value suddenly. Of course, it doesn't last long because they've got to win again, if they can.  But the house never loses as they say in gambling.  It doesn't matter, if you keep going back and back, you lose it all again and a lot more besides that.


It really is a bad addiction.  Some good books have been put out there by people who were addicted to gambling and who've got out of it with a lot of help, etc. But it shows you how it destroys their lives.  And don't forget, you've got to remember too, there's a whole industry based around gambling. Massive industry. You don't think about it, except what you see like roulette tables or horses or dogs at the dog tracks and so on.  But it's a massive science behind it too, to prompt the customer to the next step, to the next step and the next step. Always with the lure of winning something extra.  As I say, a whole science behind it.


Well, it's the same with all conology.  You are the target and governments go to no ends using your tax money to employ people, who are awfully good at what they do.  Some are awful as well mind you, they come up with children's ideas that have been done before, but they're well-connected. Because we live in a terribly corrupt society. But yeah, these persuaders, these advanced type persuaders understand behaviorism, and psychology, and consumerism with the Bernays techniques too that he got from his uncle supposedly.  His uncle Freud, of how the unconscious drives, there's a lot of drives in the unconscious to give you, again, self-worth and things like that.  Again getting back to winning and what you want and what you’d like to have, but you know, if you've got common sense, that you could never afford this, or if you could afford it you might not be able to afford the upkeep on a very expensive top class Rolls-Royce or something like that, or even insurance on it for that matter, so you don't do it. Generally. Generally, you don't.


So the idea is to make you really, really greedy and through motivational techniques, because that's what the motivational people do to you with their hand flapping on stages or run up and down, to stop you thinking for yourself, to make you feel excited and then they sell you the idea or the product. And the idea is the product.  And you buy it from them, the techniques of how to do it.  But it's short-lived again, it's a very short-lived idea that you're omnipotent to an extent. You can browbeat anybody if you just scream loud enough and keep insisting and demanding. That's what most of it’s really based on.  And they produce an awful lot of unpleasant characters, who are all fed up with them.  I actually met lots of salesman like that too, and women too.  Women are better at it, actually. If you look at the drug companies, they employ attractive young women, who are dressed to the nines with the best expensive clothing to go around the doctors’ offices, and they drop off, after having friendly little chitchat on first name basis and so on, they drop off lots of free drugs to try, by their drug companies for the doctors to start dishing out.  Everything works on basic psychology and human nature and you exploit it. It works awfully well in fact.


So, getting back to conology, everything is run by the art of conology.  Many years ago, I remember reading a book about politics, one of the many books. I was never really into politics; I knew instinctively it was a lot of nonsense and a technique of just managing the general public for some other group obviously above them. Because the people you met or you heard about or saw on TV, weren't the brightest.  They were pattern merchants as we call them, again, salesman types. But they were not the brightest of all. If they were tripped up by a good reporter in a very quick interview, generally what they call a flash interview on the steps of Number 10 or whatever it was, or their parliament building, they'd often quip back the wrong thing and would get in trouble. So, they were always taught by their handlers, and the politicians by the way all have handlers [Alan chuckles.] to manage them.


They even have acting lessons. Again, they put it, they charge the taxpayers for their acting lessons. I did the article a few years ago on that one in Britain, and other countries do it.  Of course, they're all taught, again, never to answer a question directly. If it's sensitive at all, or it's going to commit you to any agenda, you just answer the question you wished they had asked you.  That's why when you hear them getting asked straight questions, they answer back with...  What are they talking about? Well, that's their wish question, you see, it's nothing to do with what was asked of them.  It's all a con.


Again, the public, to even bother voting, you've got to understand young people, if they're idealistic, and have got over the destructive phase of revolution, you'd think that they'd eventually catch on and say wait a minute here, it's all corrupt. And you'd hope that you'd get even further and realize that the revolutionary leaders are all corrupt as well, and they are on the take from much higher powers, generally the very ones you are protesting, are managing it at the top. I'm not kidding you.  [Alan chuckles.]   That's how it really works. It's a vastly different, reality is a vastly different system than what you think it is, what you're trained to think it is.


Getting back to the idea of conology, they give you new normals. Now you see a rapid introduction of new normals all the time. All the time. Years ago, I wrote poems about ‘new normals’, years and years and years ago, to come up with the term, and it's widely used since.  But you'll find that the folk do adapt rather quickly now, especially under panic.  You know, the herd instinct as they call it, and the herd mentality, it's all aimed at the herd, at the general population.  So, is all kinds of warfare, and weaponry by the way, you know. 


If you look at bio weaponry, biowarfare, it's designed to hit the most amount of people possible. Sometimes.  But even then, the ones that are designed for the maximum damage on an enemy population in biowarfare won't get everybody. They accept that there's always individuals have some kind of immune system difference that enables them to escape it. Sometimes it's a gene or a pair of genes, that's enough to get them, make them survive it. So, you seldom have a truly 100% cull, you see. 


But you also have ethnic specific viruses.  I did the talk I think in the late 90s on the reporters that would enter, I think it was from the Telegraph perhaps.  The Telegraph newspaper in Britain was well connected with the military-industrial complex.  Even for good public relations for them military or special forces, they would often use the Telegraph and tip them off, or even get them to put out little, if something came out they didn't want they get the Telegraph to do an in-depth interview, that type of thing, which would cover the tracks and exposed some stuff at the same time, to keep the public happy.


But a reporter did go into, and I think it was the Telegraph, I could be wrong, to Porton Downs. Other ones went into occasional PR pieces. They did talk to scientists, some of the scientists that worked on creating deadly viruses and bacterium and the anthrax and everything else.  And who tested it on animal populations, and perhaps, we never know because they'll never admit it naturally, on human populations in other countries, in Third World countries. That was common.  And I'm sure still common today, you know. I'll touch on that later perhaps.  Because it's even in some awfully good fictional works as well.  Well, semi-fictional works. About using test populations in Africa for instance where they can contain it.  When it's a more remote area they could contain it and observe it and study it better. Ebola came out that way too, by the way. 


So once again, we're living in a very controlled system. The world to them is a laboratory. The general population are the lab rats in their laboratory, and mice. And even the terminology that they use with the population is similar.  You see, there's real beings, the important people, the somebodies, and then there's the rest, you see, the lab rats, and the mob and all the other terms that they have for the general population.


Politicians have it too.  Politicians at the top, well, all the leaders belong to the same clubs, especially one big club at the top. Caroll Quigley did go through that, and others have done it since.  About the Council on Foreign Relations or Royal Institute of International Affairs, and all that, the guys who gave you world government ideas and work towards it, up to the present time. They see the world as theirs.  They have no problem employing great people in academia. In other words, great minds in their particular fields, to utilize the techniques of mass persuasion on the general population, cultural change of all kinds on the general population.


And the sad truth is, with enough time and money behind it and repetition, they can generally get the public to accept whatever it is they're pushing.  And yet, most things that are used to persuade you to do something that perhaps you shouldn't do, the terms that Aldous Huxley talks about on his interview with Mike Wallace.  He said that the techniques that they had then, in the 1950s, were effective of persuading the public, and he said, and perhaps these techniques that are so persuasive and effective that they're making people accept things that perhaps it's not in their best interest to accept.


Well, it's much worse today with the techniques that are used.  You have a consolidation of pretty well all big media, and entertainment too. Remember, the European Union video I put up where they had a lot of the big players there who were persuaders on their own populations that is, the ministers, the people who were appointed to do this, that and the other for the European Union. They had them therefore the vaccinations, you see.  That's what the title of their talk was really was pro vaccination basically, we are vaccs.  You'll hear as I mentioned last week, one of them actually mentioning that, amongst the many things and programs that they're unrolling on the public and unleashing on the public, was using taxpayers money again, unlimited money to insert all these messages into dramas in fiction and plays and all the TV stations and so on.  And they would fund these plays and so on and just put in, you know, like, ‘disease’ and ‘immunity’ and ‘herd immunity’, and ‘death’ and all that kind of stuff, and ‘comply’, and ‘vaccination’, vaccination, vaccination, over and over, and it doesn’t matter what kind of play it was or movie or whatever, just get it IN there. That was nothing new because you see, this is used all the time on you with many topics. You see.


And getting back, and I'm still in the whole art of conology. Because again, the first thing is to give a fake reality to the general public.  It's quite easy to do because, you see, your parents, or parent, it depends, because you're under war remember, this is a war scenario, constant war, a changing battlefield of war all the time, financial, with the family too involved, or destruction of the family, or the new family as they want to call it as well.  They came out with the 'nuclear' family, and now they have the real nuclear family because they can see right through you, believe you me, and know everything about you.  [Alan chuckles.] That is the true nuclear family they were really talking about.


People don't know, you think you're growing up, in your own little bubble again in your generation, you look around to the left and the right and there's all the bubbles of your generation going along with you, like a straight line, you see. Just ahead of you you've got the older bubbles living in their generations, and everything that was normal to them is drifting off, and you are replacing it with your new normals. Which you think you all do yourself. Somehow, somehow you think that you designed the clothing their wearing.  No, you didn't.  Somehow you think you designed the hairstyles they're wearing. No, you didn't.  Somehow you think that you designed the music that was promoted. But you know you didn't. Because you see, there are institutions above all these things, this is all part of the culture industry, and they decide what's going to be pushed and what isn't, you see.


Do you really think that suddenly, suddenly, after lots of, you know, different music and so on, and then you had rock and all the rest of it, and you had the glam rock and all that, until the guys were, oh, there was more hair lacquer on them than hair I think, and things like that, it went down the tubes. But you went right down to rap eventually.  Just angry, angry, angry sounds, you know, that was, it had double meanings.


I talked about years ago, about how you rap it up. And the spoken word is awfully important.  The spell is the spelling, you see, you can cast a spell by spelling. That's why the language is so [Alan chuckles.]  it was so used before by different groups, and occult groups too that run societies. They had little winks and their nods as they talk to each other, and you get a different meaning from it. But they literally had this in the 1700s and 1800s.  And movements against it.  And you had people who analyzed the words, awfully important because it meant a lot, you see. The spoken word in court is what matters, when it's uttered, you see.  The judge doesn't ask you to spell it, he asks you to speak it. And you're judged by every word that comes out of your mouth.  That goes way back to the Bible too. 


So, people, but people get confused with it.  And you think of the English language, why on earth would it have so many words where one word could be spelled differently two or three times, but uttered the same way?  It's there for a purpose obviously.  And it is, actually is. They don't really need such coding today, so much, because they are so inter-wired with the encrypted programs for their own communications at the top, waaay beyond anything we can imagine.  And it's really true enough, [Alan chuckles.] that folk can't imagine how far advanced all these things are today.


But the spell is spelling, it casts a spell. And you get back into, so now you can also use the fact that words can mean something else on the general public when you want them to buy something.  Again, the subconscious takes it a different way, you can manipulate the mind by using subconscious or almost, almost unconscious but subconscious suggestions to them without them twigging on to it, as to why they suddenly want to drink this brand of beer or something, a sudden urge for it.  Of course, the easiest things to talk about are candies and cakes and things like that, it's very, people are very suggestible that way, very simple.  But again, the language is awfully, awfully important.  Remember, language also can be visual. Colors are a language as well, for those who hadn't figured that out as well. Colors are very important. 


You're living in a world that has not been explained to you. In fact, great pains are made to make sure that you don't really learn them as well, what's really going on.  Again, Jacques Ellul, tremendous philosopher, very straightforward and honest about things, who is deceased now, but he talked about propaganda and how you must get the children early for an initial indoctrination. You think about it, what are you doing, if you have, if you are in power, if you had, if you are part of a structure of power that manages millions of people in the nation, then what you have to do is standardize thought.  If you can standardize thought, then you're pretty well guaranteed, not exactly, certainly by persuading, but pretty well guaranteed eventually you'll have a population growing up, if you continue at it, they can come to conclusions, predetermined conclusions by the rulers, which are what they want you to come to. It's very easy then, you see.


That's why most folk around you today, they really have never questioned these things, they've never really figured it out, they can't imagine what you're talking about half the time, they really can't. They can't imagine what you're talking about.  What are you talking about? They've never heard about all these terms and these things that you say happened, they never heard of them.  And yet, here you are, you're telling it to them, and it's completely foreign to them. It's outside their ken as they say.  They'll test it out and say, you know so-and-so said this, you know, what d’you think?  And the problem off to them. And they'll say, oh that's crazy.  Because those who've never really, it's like a vaccination, if it's taken on them, it's worked as they say, then that's it, and their indoctrination has really worked. Their initial indoctrination worked awfully well at school, then it's built upon through the curriculum that's drummed, or dun, they used to call it dunned, into them.  So, it's worked awfully well.


Why should, I mentioned before, why should, hhhch, the tribe that you're born into, because you still think tribally, like a small tribe, even though you're in a big city or a nation with millions you still think like a small tribe, that's your nature, it's in you.  It doesn't matter what country you're in.  You take it for granted as a mammal that the older ones are going to take care of you and warn you and look after you. That's what all, how all mammals were, you see, you expect the elders, the parents, put it that way, to take care and warn you it's bad or dangerous to you. And if you don't get the initial indoctrination by the parent, they'll walk right up to something that's going to eat them without any fear, you see. That's how all mammals work. Well, all the things that makes us tick, that's well studied, is what's picked apart in order to exploit us, by using our nature, you see.  So it's impossible for most folk to think that those at the top that you voted in, or your parents, or your grandparents or whatever it happens to be, put in there, are not working for your best interests.  It's terribly sad. That's really how it works. It's very simple.


Then when they want to have you go off to war for a few people at the top that want resources or control over energy supplies or whatever it happens to be, they'll use the nation, and they'll use the taxpayer to fund it all, so that the big corporations can profit. But most folk never figure that out either. They're given, oh, we have to go to war against these people because they're the worst thing that ever hit the world since Satan, you see. They're given very simple propaganda because if it's too complicated a story it can be picked apart. So, you keep it simple until you're just left with great chasms, which you can't jump over.  That's how they do it. It's very simple stuff.


So, all the changes that are happening today to me are boring because I talked about them at least in the 90s, publicly. Before that, even in smaller groups and so on. I knew it all because obviously, and they do publish all their stuff, I really did the reading, the real stuff, I don't copy somebody else's bio, I just really did it. I talked about in the 90s on radio shows and I says, you know, this is what's coming down the pike, because they publish the stuff, and this is what they wanted to happen.


As I say, the Council on Foreign Relations, as an example, and the coterie of big think tanks, they have thousands of them across the whole planet, they have them in every nation in the world, I think without exception. They have the think tanks, that all work together because they're all working, they're all preselected at the top. Just like the politicians in every nation are preselected at the top.  As Quigley said, all we need is one or two people, like a president or vice president, or Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister or whatever, in every PARTY, SO it doesn't matter who gets in, they're on the same agenda. That's why the agenda never changes.


You would think long ago the public would've said to the United Nations, that's it, we've had enough with you, with this international, strange international communism you're pushing.   Where you won't even let developing nations do their own thing and manage it themselves. It wouldn't, there's no way they'd be allowed to do that, they just won't, they won't allow it at all.  It's like sustainability, they're going to keep Africa frozen basically in time because ‘too much energy would destroy what's left of the nation’, etc. It's for depopulation, that's what it is. Of course, it is.


But it isn't just Africa.  The eugenicists started with Europe, the advanced nations, technically, technological and agriculturally and so on advanced nations, to sterilize them first. Interesting that, isn't it.  That's what makes people say, well who on earth are these folk that manage us? Well, they obviously don't like you.  But even the ones that seem to be born amongst you, are they really of you or not?  [Alan chuckles.]  if they ask these questions, how can they have no affinity with you?


Well, psychopaths don't. We know that. Psychopaths don't have affinity for you.  And some of them seem to revel in the ideas of massive, mass culling of the planet, you know, from the days of Thomas Malthus right up to the present. We must remember too the Huxley's, I think it was the beginning, the guy who made his name actually was Thomas Huxley, Sir Thomas Huxley, he was knighted eventually, who became Darwin's bulldog to push the Darwinian theories after Darwin died. Because it tied in with this idea that they had been talking about for an awful long time, many, many centuries, long before Darwin, of who was superior to others, within nations too, you see. Nobility had always saw that as a right. 


They were from God, remember, they thought they were appointed by God, if you were royalty in Europe.  It's a good one, that one, isn't it?  You can't touch me, God put me here. Argue with that then, 'eh.  That became a real problem with lots of kings and queens over time.  They could do no wrong because after all, since they were from God, God had appointed them, you know, that's what they always said, that they could do anything they wanted to.  After all, they're acting kind of like... like a....  general of God, so you could do what you wanted to do.  And they did. At times. I mean, they would literally give whole chunks of lands away, like parts of Scotland or England, in weddings, as wedding gifts, you see, as they intermarried the elites with the elite of different nations, it was generally amongst all their cousins.


Today that would seem kind of absurd. Maybe not, because I think folk today are more gullible. Again, conology is a better art than it used to be, and folk are more gullible today to really just accept it, you know. Because you think about that, I can remember giving that talk years ago, about how they would just give away, I mean, the parts of northern England, North Umbria and so on, that belonged to Scotland at one time, but it was given away a long time ago as a wedding present, part of the dowry I think.  It seems absurd, it seemed absurd at the time I was mentioning and talking about it.


But then with the whole free, the European Union idea, what was awfully important was when we saw the fruition coming, the fruition of the plans of free trade, where it's completely tied up with Marxism, where the nation-states start to disappear as such, but no one realized it was on behalf of the big top multinational corporations.  Part of England at one point, a few years back, was really taken over by a corporation from I think France, you know, maybe even Germany. But they owned a good part of the shores, they were given a kind of sovereign territory idea under free trade. Which wasn't a new idea, because then you find out that FDR set up ones inside the US, that are still there today.  The countries that put in their businesses in those areas, have sovereign rights over that territory. Quite amazing the things that you really don't know, 'eh?  [Alan chuckles.]


Again, it's back to conology.  So meanwhile, when all this is going on, they're still brainwashing children at school, this is your nation, you know, and we're all happy, happy. They tell you that a lot, you're all happy.  Even though you're never asked the question, you know.  Or you have no chance to say, we're pretty sad actually or we're ticked off. You're told you're pretty happy, and you get all these children's books to read, you see, and completely loaded with political correctness of all kinds today, starting about the age 5.  All paid again by the taxpayer. We pay for our balls and chains.  Our manacles, we pay for them. Everything that shackles our brains, literally, we pay for. Big money to the guys that come up with the ideas, of how to insert little bits into stories that have got nothing to… for children, 'eh, to make sure they grow up accepting all the new ideas that your masters have decided are going to be normal, new normals, you see. It's quite fascinating, isn't it, when you think about it.


So getting back to what I was talking about, conology. I never really left it, because all I've been talking about is conology and how you get sucked into it. You accept that which is presented to you is real. Everything.  You're given your opinions.  Ellul again went through that and others have done the same, I've done it, by bits and bytes of information that you don't really consciously think about too much but somewhere it's assembling inside your mind, bits and bytes just come together, not a question is asked about a particular topic, and you'll just blurt out something you've heard bits and bytes of from different, you know, newscasters, just little bits and bytes, and your opinion comes out of you, and you hadn't ever before this just sat down and thought about it consciously and says I think I'll choose that as my opinion. It's because it's all given to you.


You're led to the conclusions. You're always led to your conclusions. It's the art of persuasion. And the art of building consensus, as they do with persuasion. And consensus management. You're living through it all right now with the idea for Covid and we must all accept that vaccinations for that, and everything else by the way that they've got lined up for you. It isn't just for that one. They've got a whole range of things they want to stick in you. And they want your cooperation, and in fact your willingness to allow it to happen. Again, conology, must make the victim [Alan chuckles.], 'eh, participate in their deception, it's for your own good, you see.


If they came up to you and said knock-knock-knock at the door, we're from the government, we want your house from you. And you said to them, why? Well it's for the greater good, we want to move you out to these tents out there, because there's folk already living in those tents over there and we want the world to be equal. So it will be good for them to see that you are losing your homes, which we will then take, you see, to put our toffs in, and then we'll be more equal at your level, you see, things like that.  You say, no, no darn way. But if they can persuade you enough, they can get anything they want.


Just like Monty Python’s, The Meaning of Life, the beginning of that particular movie. After the hospital scene with the wonderful machines that go beep, you know, and another 2 million pounds just for the beep itself, and very impressive little flashing lights, whether they work or not and do anything is a different story. But that doesn't matter. Then they go on to the idea of the men driving up to get livers. If you're consented to having organs donated, and they come for it, you see, and at the end they persuade the wife of the guy that they had just taken the liver from, to put her name down.  After making her feel so small and insignificant he says, can we have your liver too then? Oh yeah, okay, go on then. And that's how it's done, you must participate in the con, you see.


So, it's to do with also belief. Part of tyranny of all kinds, you can have wonderful utopic tyrannies where you're kept in cotton wool and you won't have a single thought or decision to make by yourself, because it won't even require your thought, you'll just automatically respond Pavlovian style into your conditioning, to whatever your governors want, you see, and you go along with it that way, quite happily, to the bitter end. It's for the greater good, you see, we're all in it together. That old slogan, 'eh, we're all in it together.  [Alan laughing.]   Aahh.  [Alan laughing.]   


That keeps me thinking about a long time ago I was reading about the RAF, Royal Air Force in Britain.  You had Winston Churchill talking about, we shall fight them on the beaches and all this kind of stuff. And in reality, of course he was talking about YOU would be fighting them on the beaches and so on. But this is the kind of propaganda they put out for the general public to swallow. Sometimes whole teams worked together, generally that is the case today, you seldom get anything coming out of a person from their own brain, as a talking head. It's done by teams. Even on the radio most folk, even [Alan chuckles.]  a lot of the radio that you think is actually for you, it's got producers and all the rest of it and it's all worked out and yada, yada, ya.


But anyway, Winston Churchill was giving these speeches, the fireside chat ideas that FDR had taken on as well. Meanwhile, the particular long-range, I don't know if they were Shackleton's at the time or, which were really the Lancaster's, which had massive extra fuel tanks added to them. They had all whole, basically a squadron of them and they'd have two at a time with the engines going, through parts of the war, sometimes, sometimes for weeks on end, and then maybe a calm for a little bit and then on again. It was so they could rush the royal families and Winston Churchill and the government out of the country to go to Canada.  So yeah, YOU'd be fighting on the beaches, etc.  But that's how it's done.


Of course, Winston Churchill comes out as the great man for a war that maybe, maybe could have been averted, you know. Because there's a lot of evidence that Hitler really didn't want all the things he was accused of wanting. And I think personally if some of it had been given, some of the land back that was taken from them after World War I, it might have been averted. But the reparations were guaranteed, they had no option but to have another war, and some of the top observers at the treaty in Paris in 1919 said the same thing, this is going to cause another war.


Anyway, these things, but again, getting back to generations of people getting brainwashed. Because look what happens, look how easy it is to set up segments of society, the more differences of peoples and populations and even ethnic groups you can get inside a nation, and this isn't rocket science, this is old knowledge, you can certainly always stir up certain, and now they did it with the genders and so on, and sub genders of the sub genders, etc., you can really stir up people to be radical and start creating chaos, on command pretty well if you want it to happen. Especially when you supply the leaders of all these groups, and that's another key to it as well, they do. The followers seldom know that.  The ones who are following, yeah they do what they are…


Have you noticed all the rioters in the States, none of them are against mass vaccinations that are coming?  Don't you think that's a bit odd? None of them are against the wars across the world. No.  They get switched on and off by unseen forces, don't they? You don't hear any of them demanding the abolition of the corrupt systems of money and having the government coin or print its own money like it's supposed to. It's all dished out to foreign groups, and a lot of them are foreign groups actually, foreign owned.  But you don't hear them saying that or demanding. No, they don't. It's very selective, 'eh? 


We've got very strange anarchists today, don't you?  And very strange communists, 'eh, where they're getting funded by the richest corporations on the planet, hundreds of corporations, who are all part of the WEF, World Economic Forum. Who are all part as well of the ‘great reset’ powers for how they're going to run the world, and who are all part of all the global [Alan chuckles.]  globalization structures that are money.  The fact is, they don't stop and say, how come the people that you'd think we'd be protesting, but we're not protesting, how come they are the ones that are funding us all? 


So, what ARE you protesting about?  What are you, at the bottom line, what are you protesting about? If it's all the fault of the crooked system, and it is, it's a crooked system, way above you, a closed-door policy organization at the top, how come no one's protesting that? And yet that's the groups that's going to fund you to protest other things and protest destruction, so they can bring in a new system. It doesn't dawn on them, on the followers, 'eh.  They're just full of rage.


Full of absolute rage. And the rage is fostered, again, that documentary put out by Millie Weaver there, think what you want about it, I mean it's well produced maybe, because you've got to ask yourself who really is producing all these things. But you get insight into some of the intelligence agencies and how they work, and how government works with them, and how big corporations, the military-industrial complex work with them too. What you see in that too, I'll just touch on it briefly, is the fact that you've got all these people at the bottom getting funded by the biggest richest corporations on the planet, who go to the WEF, these corporations, they run it, who talk about the need to depopulate the planet, etc. They're funding folk to riots in the streets and burn places, and defund the police.


Well, in the documentary, and I’ve seen this before in other places as well, they've got some articles I mentioned there, and in big meetings that have been happening over the last year or two, it goes way back even further than that. They want, don't you understand, the corporations have already got their bids in to put robots on the streets, that you're going to fund anyway. How do you fancy trying to debate with a robot when you're asked, why are you burning down this house?  What d’you think you're going to tell them?  A robot doesn't care about your emotions. Or what you've suffered.  Or anything else. Or your mental state. It doesn't care. But they've got big contracts right now, and the companies have been named. This is the evolution of the military-industrial complex here. From not just this massive surveillance society that was put forth, after they said, what we would do in a post war world?  Well, we'll have to go into complete surveillance. And then what? Well, then they can go into policing, the world.  So what do you, how do you get folk that are, again, human beings we are dealing, back to human being, this problem of human beings, 'eh they don't like changing, 'eh, they might not like it if we just start putting robots on the street.


I can remember years ago giving similar talks from the science articles when they had the K-9 units, you know, the K  9, you know, the letter K.  It was to get you used to the ideas of they would take over from actual real dogs, for sniffing dogs, and they would be robots, you see. Then they showed you the quaint little pocket-sized things that some of the guys in customs that they could sniff drugs and sniff this and sniff that. And sniff all kinds of unmentionable things, perhaps.   But the fact is, they had them, years ago, and all they have to do now is to start putting it into the robots and put them on the streets. I think China has already put them out already, they've had articles in the last few weeks about that and how they're expanding it.


Isn't it odd that, again, we're all called nations, are at loggerheads with each other, aren't we, we're all completing, going to loggerheads, but they all do the same things at the same time, 'eh?  That's just coincidence though. Of course. 


But again, it's the easiest way to get it in, is to get the people to demand that you defund the police.  [Alan laughing.]  Isn't it beautiful? Get them to demand what you want. Otherwise in a peaceful society they would say, oh, we don't want to be arguing with robots. I mean, how are you going to explain yourself to a robot?  …that's got to go through a whole sequence of events, and if you, if it decides that you're raising your voice or belligerent or it's deciding that you're mentally unstable, because your voice is raising, you might just get zapped or lasered or worse, you see, or tasered. Or worse.


So, there you go, get the people to demand it. Why would they demand it? Because you see, once you pull the police out, you've got all these social ills that have been building up for years, with mass unemployment, mass drug taking, of all kinds of stuff, getting shipped in, etc. I've been following the drugs for years and years and years and it's a fascinating thing that they just couldn't stop the drugs, 'eh?  Supposedly. Then you find that every intelligence agency and special forces has had people down Latin America and elsewhere, but Latin America all over the place because that's how they get their money for their black budgets is the drug trade. Massive drug trade.  So, it's quite fascinating as I say.


But again, conology, 'eh?  So you're supposed to sit home, at home and watch these detective stories, and what is it, CSI, 'eh, as they diligently, no matter what happened to the poor old sod that lived on the street and died on the street, you've got this whole team that's never going to sleep, they can't sleep worrying about this poor old sod that lived on the street and died, they've gotta find out what killed him or who killed them, 'eh, they're going to spend millions on that. That's what they tell you they do. Do you really believe that?  Do you really, really believe that? 


This is what they give you for reality, complete fiction. I mentioned it years ago too back in the 90s I said also, here's what they give you, here's all these complaints, and real complaints department for different social things, even social services, things you maybe need, you think well maybe I won't ever need those things, whatever it is.  Or help, because you're stuck at home and you've been partially disabled or something, even temporarily.  What do you do? Well you call these, you know, so you phone up the health this and the health that.  Sorry, they can't help you.  You find out, as I say, these are all tools that are put out there for you to use, that you think are there, you're paying for it, you know you're paying for them through your taxes and so on, you say, well, that's wonderful we've got all these things out there to help me if I'm ever in trouble. But they're rubber tools. They're rubber because when you whack them on the road they bounce, just like a check, you know, poof, they are of no use to you and they aren't going to do you any good.


So, everything sounds wonderful until you need it. You see? The general public are managed. It's the hardest thing to get through their heads, that they're actually managed. They're not managed because the agencies are there to help them. They're managed, because agencies are there to make things work on behalf of the Masters who own you all, that's really what it's there for, otherwise it would be utter chaos, you see, at times. And people don't want to believe they're getting managed, you see. Of course, you're getting managed.  Of course you're getting managed, all the time, your opinions are given to you, the way you behave are you given to you, if you get married or don't get married is given to you. All these things are given to you.  You see.  A lot of what became you was given to you.


I think growing up in Britain it was way ahead of a lot of countries, way ahead with its psychological techniques, embedded in plays and dramas.  I think Canada followed pretty well because the so-called Commonwealth countries are all the ex-British Commonwealth, you see, they still call them Commonwealth countries, or friends of the Commonwealth. Because the elite took their wealth from the commoners, I think, for the whole lot of you [Alan chuckles.] so's they could live in big castles and things.  But Britain definitely exported its techniques to Australia and Canada. 


France did pretty well on its own.  It didn't really need the help. You know, France was one of the first countries that really accepted the system based really on an advanced socialism that came out of they call it Jacobinism, but it was really a form of communism.  They tried to toss out all the old systems and get rid of it entirely. That's always the same thing, when you see year zero starting, that's communism. It's the same movement regardless of what they give you as the front people to lead it, you see, it's always the same movement. Of course, they give you new everything, including new days of the week. Even a longer week, I think they tried 10 days at a time for a new week in France at one point. Also, that thing that really annoys them, in France, they wanted free love and all that, without the consequences. So, you had, you know, backstreet abortionists just opening up quite legally at that time to get rid of, which often killed the woman as well.  They also had a plague within 10 years of orphans on the streets, that they had to get rid of as well. And they did too, they had ways of getting rid of them.  So, these things are nuisances.  You always see the same thing cropping up over and over, the same darn things, right up to the present day. 


But France did well because if you ever watched the French movies, you haven't got a clue what's going on. I'm not talking about the language, I'm talking about the story, you know.  They go through these almost surrealistic settings and you'll follow it thinking, eventually it's going to get to some relevant pertinent point, you know. But they don't.  [Alan laughing.]   They really don't and you’re left feeling, uuuuuugh, yuk.  Very much like the British BBC ones, which at least give you points, the BBC, everything they showed you about marriage was horrible, horrible, every marriage was made in hell. And the women were always nagging the men and yelling at them and it was dysfunctional. Until no one wanted to get married, you know.  And the children were out of control, yada, yada, ya.  It was all done deliberately.


Of course, it was part of the psychological operations that they were doing on the public for the new system. But they would promote more and more women's liberation and sexual revolution for the women during this whole period too. Of course, that's why the National Health Service, we've got to be honest about this, that was one of the main reasons that the people who brought it in, and I think the one for Canada said the same thing years ago, it was to deal with the population problem, unwanted children, etc. ‘Unwanted’ was the new term.  Because most children are wanted, and if an economic system is okay. But it can be part of the dissuasion of having children is to use economics against people wanting children. It's well understood and actually taught in the higher sociological classes, and economists have come out with this quite openly. I mean, what do you think Malthus was initially, you know?


So, everyone has to have a purpose for the elite, as opposed to being a purpose for each other, you know.  So, you have to serve them. Again, back to conology, you've got to believe what they tell you, it's for the common good and the greater good and all the rest of it, you have to sacrifice all the time. Whether it's going off to war, you see, and they'll paint whatever enemy it is with the most horrible brushes, that you really did think that, you know, Lucifer or Satan has just appeared there in the shape of Osama Bin Laden, 'eh.  And everybody else you heard of since then.  Hm.  I'm telling you, it's quite something what you're living through.  Then you had Saddam Hussein, another, again this evil just reincarnates immediately into somebody else, 'eh.  All the way to Libya of course and Gadhafi. And then to Syria. Nonstop, just one after the other, isn't it?  And who's benefiting in America from this? It's not the people, who get stiffed with the bills for it all.  You know that. The same with Britain too.


And yet the strange intelligence agencies, way above, that have got nothing to do with you [Alan chuckles.] apart from using you. Because you see, they belong to something different completely from what you think are protecting you.  But we must always accept, again, our part in it, and you go along with it. Most folks don't stop paying their taxes for it all. No. Again, this herd mentality. It's encouraged. It is encouraged, you don't want to protest that and stop paying your taxes. I can remember in the 90s, again, after 9/11 in 2001, certain folk here and there stopped paying their taxes. They didn't want these wars, you see, they knew what was coming and they had enough of it.


And why should you pay taxes for things that really are, is going to have such a blowback effects on all of you and destroy your nation eventually? Look at all the nations across Europe. The face of Europe is changed with mass migration under the guise of refugees. And they haven't stopped yet. They still want Iran. Iran has been losing its population for years now. Because would you wait in a country where you're told every week you're going to get bombed into the dust like Iraq?  Hm?  Of course you wouldn't.  That's part of warfare, forced migration by terrorizing the public, you see. It's all taught in military academies.


So, you must participate, as I say, in your own deception.  Your hardest part in mentioning the deception, as I say, is to get through to folk around you who swallow it all thinking it's too big to be all a lie.  Hm?  It's too big for it all to be a lie. And yet here you go. You are just, you know, one of the cattle, when you realize, and they're talking openly now of just not once they pass the euthanasia laws, the next step and the next step and the next  step to go, until literally they want you to just kill yourself before you hit 65. Quite openly. Some of them. Again, your back to The Meaning of Life, can we have your liver? Well, okay then, I guess I'm so small and tiny and insignificant.  That's what's getting done to you.


Again, using the same persuaders, like Yale University, I mentioned it before, the links I put up before, I might put them up again. They're spending millions of your tax money for these professional, you know, people who lie as a profession using psychology and behaviorism and all the rest of it to persuade you to accept vaccinations and things and to go along with the flow and do what you're told. And even to cause dissension and to get groups to turn on you if you don't wear a facemask or you don't believe in it or whatever.


These folks should be in, again, I mentioned it before, a tyrant’s hall of shame. Their faces should be exposed.  And you add to them from the politicians that you waste your money on, these swine, let's call them swine, who professionally lied to the public by using psychology and your human nature against you.  Hm?!  Absolutely. I'm quite serious about it. They've got to start naming them, and add their faces to it, put them on it, I'm telling you, the tyrants. And the folk who are going to profit from it like billions and billions of dollars, and the Bill Gates and all the rest of them and the Fauci's, they're all in on it, the ones who deny any other treatment except the ones that they've got shares in.  [Alan laughing.]   Come on here. They're whole idea that nothing is going to work except their vaccinations, and they'll even tell you, whether it works or not...  [Alan laughing.]   Meanwhile, they're having herd immunity amongst the public. And they hate that. Oh, no. Well, it might not last long. Well, if it lasts a few years, it's as long as any vaccine is going to do.  Hm?  And apart from that, there's no side effects if you develop your own immunity, your own immune system antibodies.  M-hm.  But my God, it's free!  There is no profit off that is there?  Oh, no. 


We live under such incredible corruption. We are a herd and they are the farmers.  They see us as animals, and they see us as their animals.  Our job is to be fleeced, for them. I'm quite serious about it, that's how they talk about us, them, you know, the little people. That's all of you. And the arrogance through years and years and generations of academia, into absurd learning, you know, absurd learning in absurd areas, the ivory tower really is just wispy, it blows in the wind up there, you know, there's nothing to hold that's grounded to anything, it's so into fantasia, they really believe their superiority and their right to rule us.


So again, it comes down to fear.  But again, it's an evil system.  You can't say it's just human nature. The scariest part for a naïve people who have swallowed their indoctrination, is even accepting there are incredibly evil people in the world. They don't have horns, 'eh.  Except unless they've had them implanted.  And they actually do that with some people now, 'eh, they implant these horns, surgeons will do that, these...  Aaaaaaaaah, what about do no harm, where did that go?  But they'll actually [Alan laughing.] cement them with some kind of cement, a horn, you know, on your skull if you want it there, you know. I know someone who was in a hospital in New York City and she was a nurse and she went on one day and...  [Alan laughing.]  there was a guy lying in the bed with a horn in his head.  [Alan laughing.]  The nurses were told right off the bat, don't laugh at him, you know, don't laugh at anybody. Do you realize how hard it would be to not kind of laugh [Alan laughing.] or quip at something to this guy.  [Alan laughing.]  I could not have shut my face, no way.  But this is what they've brought society to, 'eh?  There's nothing, you do something like that surgically, I don't care what you're doing, there's definitely harm being done there. And different levels of it. It's the same with using surgery to supposedly cure mental problems. You can't do that. They tried that with lobotomies and leucotomies, you know. It's horrible what they've done in the past, but it doesn't stop them to make money off of people who are obviously got problems. But they're not treating it the right way.


Anyway again, this is the world that we've been given by those masters at the top. Because the more dysfunctional it seems to be amongst the general population, the more scared, and it's easier to control them during this terror campaign we're going through. This is a campaign of terror.  If you haven't fathomed it out, the whole Covid thing, coupled with the obvious total crashing of financial systems, and even food and all that. Because no ones allowed to work normally, it's all planned this way, if you wanted to save the system, why would you bring in this system of total lockdown that's never been done before and you have literally locked down all the healthy folk?  Hm?  Never been done before. And then you get all these penalties if they get out of the house. And all the business is coming to a crunch, EXCEPT the big corporations that are funding all the other, internal perhaps, terrorist groups. Isn't that rather coincidental?  Hm?  Isn't that coincidental, ‘eh? 


Ahhhh.  It bores me to even talk about it. It really does. But most folk never really figure it out, unfortunately. And the ones who take the information, like the stuff I'm putting out and then prattle it in the same week often, you'll hear it often put out there after I do these talks, with all the links and everything else, I've done all the work, you see, you have no idea who they work for. Because I don't believe that there's anybody in politics today that's not there because they were put there. And they play their roles on their sides, you see, they play their roles.


Years ago, I can remember when there were lots of alternate radio, mainly on AM and shortwave radio, worldwide. Harder to get it all censored back then, although you did get certain ones who'd try to censor them by having their ads withdrawn, things like that. Everything is political in this system, you see, there's no such thing as free speech, there never really was.  Anything, the ones who got the biggest money and run ads and campaigns and fund the politicians, the ones they want in power, they've got the power, the ones who have got the cash and they get what they want.  But yeah, at least you had a lot of variety in the whole, and people from different areas who really studied in different areas.  It had technocracy all right, but you had interviews with people who lived through the Cold War, big chunks of the Cold War even from World War II onwards with lots of experience and wisdom, who are all gone now.  But in the talks, they would add little bits, collectively they'd add little bits, you see, of their experiences and their insights into what happened and how the system runs and works and all that kind of thing. Lots of them realized too that politics really was a scam.  It goes way, it's not new, being a scam, a conology, you see, the system.


I think Thomas Jefferson mentioned it too, I've mentioned this part so often, where he did talk about, if you see the same agendas being continued between changes in the house, meaning the parties, if you truly had different parties you would see really drastically different agendas, but you don't.  We haven't.  We've seen the same agendas, even from Papa Bush to Junior Bush, even when Bill Clinton was in, he was lobbing cruise missiles over into Iraq and different places destroying it, his whole time in office. You had the Desert Storm idea, you know, then you had Junior Bush of course, 9/11, and the whole PNAC group.  Then you had Obama went in afterwards, and Obama, even Obama the name, hey, that's not what his name was.  Hm?  That's not what he called himself up until then.  And the main arch villain, this is a comic book, right, I'm not kidding you, I'm still waiting for someone to convince me that it's just a big coincidence that the biggest enemy of the world at that time, supposedly the arch devil, the demon himself, the arch demon, was called Osama, they put in a President and they call him Obama in America. D'you really, are you really swallowing all that?


Do you realize that somebody's laughing at us all?  Hm?  D'you realize that someone's having a big chuckle with all these things that are going on right now.  And they are.  But most folk don't question it. It's that something?  I think it was Barry Soetoro, he called himself up until then or something.  Anyway, but no one questions it. They just present it, and going down the history books, folk in the future, if there's any folk left, you know, that matter, who read that kind of stuff, they'll be laughing their heads off at some big scam getting pulled, you know. 


But anyway, Obama was then congratulated, the Democrat, you know, the so-called socialist communist international group Obama was congratulated by supposed PNAC group using Donald Rumsfeld, hm, who congratulated Obama for continuing his wars, the same wars, and expanding them and even adding to them, right. He got lots of applause from them for doing all that. Why would the so-called pretended, okay, neocon group, hm, that Rumsfeld and Bush were part of, congratulate their supposed archenemy of democracy, Democrats or whatever they call themselves, that are really communists, you know? But international socialism, as I've mentioned before, is the system the elite want for the present time, to suit their efficiency. That's what it's for. Technocracy, you see. 


Doesn't matter if you call it communism or technocracy, whatever, it's all the same thing. It's for the greater good, you know.  And the World Economic Forum as they crash the world economy, for you that is, not for themselves, they're getting richer at the top. But they're crashing the whole world economy for all the little people out there, are bringing in this system of efficiency, and you have to all be in it together, and you have to do what you're told, in order to collectively survive, that's just the way it's done, 'eh.  Any other person in history who did that was a tyrant. But today it scientific, like necessary, don't you understand?  [Alan laughing.]   And the public as usual, unfortunately, through terror and fear, because you always use terror and fear and a reign of terror to get the public to comply to save themselves.  Hm, to save themselves. That's awfully important. 


Remember too folks, that you could help me tick along here as I say if you just donate to me and help me stay, well, alive  [Alan chuckles.] and to keep all my sites going, etc. Go into  Remember always, always make sure you've done it because folk postpone things, 'eh, until certain things happen and then you can't get them again. Make a note of my official sites, if anything goes down and hopefully you can get me on one of the other ones listed on website.  Remember you can buy the books and discs I've got there. They're different. There's no point in just churning out another big thick tome of history for you to waste your time on.  I cut to the chase to show you the cons, right down to the language that are used upon you, to get you to think for yourself.


That's the only weapon you've got is it to think for yourself. It really is. It's the hardest thing for most folk is to think for themselves. The reason I say that is because you see, this is your fight individually, this is your fight. I always knew it would all get down to the chase, we'd have to make a decision personally. That's what it's about, folks.  The last thing you want to hear, isn't it, oh my goodness, I have to make a decision personally? And you do. It would always come down to this. Always. It was inevitable.  So, it's your decisions that matter to you, for you, and for your soul.  Hm?  That's what it's about.


So, as I say, go into Remember, other people take what I put up there and they'll put it into other formats for other social means to get it out there. But sometimes they're delayed for one reason or another, you know, and there's a lot of work involved. So remember, go into and I always try to get it up on the Sunday night.  And my provider of the Internet knows that too, I get slows to a crawl up loading, believe you me.  That's just the way these things really happen. It's not paranoia. It's a fact. I've got stacks of records on them, and daily records on this kind of stuff happening.  That's what definitely happens if you are a little problem.  It's no big problem or they'll eliminate you, you know, if you've been a big problem. I have been in the past and I've had my close, very close calls, believe you me.


As I say, hopefully if you can keep watching my stuff and reading it and so on and listening, then you can at the very least have an idea of what's going on. And I don't tell you who to vote for.  I really don't think Americans were given anybody else to vote for at all in the last election. And I don't think there are this time either.  I really don't. I really think, I don't think they'll ever get a president in America whose real first and foremost agenda is to look after America. I really don't. And that's what you really need to pull yourself out of the mire. But even if that happened, all hell would break loose from the establishment. And there is an establishment that runs the country. Of course, there is.


It's the same establishment that ran London, and still does to an extent, you know, a big extent. Today it runs the world's economic system and it's very true, if the US was to fall down to an extent a good part of the world would go with it. Because the US is keeping a lot of it propped up through its own finances by throwing your cash across the planet. So, you have to pay for it all mind you but still, you are, you're buying countries off left, right and center, you always have done.  That's how the game is played today. And if it’s not that way then you simply go in and invade them.  But it's not for yourselves, it's for those who rule you, over you.


They have their proxies there.  A lot of the proxies are the CEOs at the moment of corporations. You don't get to be a CEO of the top Corporation just because you know something the rest of them don't. You know? Or you know which knives and forks to use it a big, you know, a 15-course meal. One of the reasons, you're preselected for all these things, just like you're preselected for top politics, and you're given a kind of aura, they've had books out about this aura thing for, let's create a CEO who walks on water, he's just perfect, he's just magic, and comes out with these really new ideas, you know, they'll toss half the company down the drain to bring out these new ideas.  And no, that's nonsense that you've got to. But they're preselected, these characters, by the richest folk on the planet.


D'you know there's holding companies out there, holding companies that own a good chunk of the world's transportation supply, of all goods that travel by road and rail, they own them? It was quite fascinating when a few years ago a train was out Montréal way I think it was, and it was to depart for the night.  I forget what happened, the thing rolled down, it was left unguarded and it rolled down the tracks and it blew up, it had some tankers on it, a town.  Everyone was looking at it and said well who owns this company?  And they got the name, eventually got the guy’s name who owned it.


Now, he specialized in buying up railway lines across the world, across Russia and Europe and Latin America and everywhere. When countries that had tried socialism, this is an old ploy by the way, socialism and they get in so much debt and disrepair that they sell them all for peanuts. With a lot of help I'm sure, with maybe this guy's associates, they go into these countries to help the deals and so on. But when you realize how much power this guy has.  As I say, a closed shop by the way for investments, of just certain people's, for pensions and things, but not everybody can get into it. 


Multibillion, billion, billion-dollar industry, 'eh?  A holding company for all these things. He probably never had ever visited one of them that he'd bought over. Because when they buy these things over they expect, they have managers in place, they do all the work. They don't want anything to do with the work. It's like when they used to own stacks of factories, they didn't want to visit the factories, they just wanted to know that the money was coming in and the programs were getting made, and they'd put a foreman or a manager in charge of it. Well, it's the same kind of thing, this guy would have his people all over the place.


But when you think that ALL your goods and services, all the stuff that you need to survive, food, energy, propane, gas, gasoline, oil, all these things, they're getting delivered, and here's this quiet company, that you've probably never heard of if it hadn't been for that one accident, 'eh.  And it wasn't so much an accident, it was negligence again. Not on the driver’s part or anything but because they cut everything to the bone, these characters, for massive profits. These characters, these guys have more power than any tyrant in history.  If they wanted to just shut everything off and nothing's going to move, they can do it. D'you realize that?  But you never hear of these guys. It's just... 


Holding companies are massive operations. At one time you had all their laws in the States for instance about racketeering, and again, that came into place to do with Rockefeller, this strange guy, this family, Rockefeller family that where the old man Rockefeller said that competition was a sin. He went out there to try and take over all energy resources, completely. Completely. He really meant it. It wasn't just a greed thing or personal, no, this guy was part of an international operation and they work totally with the City of London. Totally.


Because whatever the City of London was pushing out across the world on taking over the world's resources, so was Rockefeller in the States. He set up, he was, he became head of the CFR and that was their branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, or the Milner group. That's what that was. And they really mean it, they take over what you need to survive. They own it all. And they don't believe in democracy. They'll use the idea for a long time, of democracy as an opposition to communism when it suited them. You see? Now they don't need that anymore and they want to use the communistic system of total obedience ‘cause you all obey. 


They rather like China, the modern version of China where it's a model state for the world. The BBC documentaries have been churned out for years talking about that, oh this is a wonderful system, this is the model state for the world. Every member of the CFR parrots the same stuff in Foreign Affairs, etc. so, now it's the time to use that, you see. It's efficient. People just obey. You don't have to bother trying to persuade the public, you just tell them they'd better do it or else and that's it. 


But the folk again in their own little lifetime, and it's a short lifetime, really, but in your own little lifetime, most folk just say, oh well this just happened and that just happened, they have no idea how things happen.  I guess life to them really at the end is a mystery, they look back on it and say, oh that was a mystery, you know, what a mystery that was, hm?  When you see all the things that could have been done and should have been done, but weren't, you're just left with this big, well why wasn't it done? Well, haven't you got a clue? Haven't you got a clue?


I used to mention it too, it's like the movie, I think it was called Prophecy. It was the three version one with Christopher Walken. I think it was in the last one, they were trying to reconstruct the physical Lucifer, hm, and eventually you saw this thing rising up at the ground or from the ground, resurrected Lucifer, standing on a pyramid basically of bodies. And I thought at the time, that like represents thousands of generations of people who were born lived and died and suffered, got used and abused and all the rest of it, and never ever, not one generation knew what was really going on, and I thought that's how we’re really run, you know, we're not supposed to know what's really going on. 


I don't think folk realize how every nation in the world, it wasn't just Africa, has been through a lot of hell.  Because in the old days in Europe, and it's not that long ago when you think about the feudal system, and right up into about the 1700s you were still living in the feudal system that might have given you early in the politics to elect this or that, that was for the nobility and the elite and the businessmen. The majority of the public were serfs, they were bought and sold with the land.  They were still bought and sold with the land, of course they were.  And they still doff the cap, as they say, and called folk, there's the master, you know, he's the master, the lord or laird or whatever, he's the master. And I often thought, what a demeaning thing to have to call someone is a master, you see.  Really, a human being.


Because it really is a class system right off the bat, isn't it? If you use the term, you're obviously down yonder at the bottom dregs, and you’re elevating someone above you, just because of their status or their birthright or whatever. But that doesn't ever change and believe you me, it doesn't go away.  It's so well camouflaged today that most folk can't recognize it. Even though it should be more obvious than ever, hm?  Conology, you must participate in your own deception.  You must participate in giving power to others.


I've mentioned this so many times before, for years and years and years, you give your power away to others by voting.  It's a legality. In some countries it's mandatory. Why do you think it's mandatory? It's because for you to be ruled, it's necessary to you to accept the fact you're going to be ruled. And the only right you have in democracy, and this is a fact, check it up for yourselves, look it up and see what it means about democracy and voting. When it comes to recalls for anything, on any level, even from local councils, they've had cases in Canada that went all the way up to Supreme Court by people who ran for different offices, didn't fulfill their promises. They were told that the only right that a voter has is TO vote, not for what happens from the vote, that's what democracy means, they literally said that defines democracy.


So, any liar, and that's what most of them are, liars, that go into politics, are politicians, they are psychopathic, they don't mind lying, it's a way of life with them. For those who really rule the world, it's a natural thing to do is to don't tell the children any truth.  They see you as children, naïve children, because they've kept you in the dark since you were born. Just like mushrooms, you know.


But yeah, people haven't got a clue at all of the system in which, and again, once you're out of school, most of your indoctrination is continued through fiction. Folk prefer fiction, because life is pretty nasty and rotten and boring or whatever, or even scary, so you escape from it all by fiction. You live vicariously either through sports, a lot of guys watch sports because in reality they have no ability or outlet to get rid of all their frustrations, so they watch guys, like a team, it's just a war on a battlefield is the field, playing field, and that’s the pitch, that's why they call it a pitched battle, you see.  So, they live through these characters in front of them, it's a vicarious way of living.  In their own lives they're given very little power today. it's been taken away from them, they've given up too, until they're afraid to even asserts their own selves over anything at all. All deliberate too, a complete war on the male as well, naturally, to get them into this position.


Everything is a battle strategy.  I hope you understand you've been living through battle strategies that don't end and they simply run into the next phase and the next phase and the next phase of whatever part it is. And many things are going on at the same time in this particular battle.  How do you get rid of the main problems? Who are your main problems? Well, they name them. Okay, how do you get rid of this, these ones, you know? Take away their power from them, make them feel insignificant. Even tell them the whole world's problems is theirs, that's what they've done with a lot of the males.  [Alan chuckles.]   In school it's rammed in their heads and so on.  They were told to even feel guilty about it, about things that happened thousands of years ago, nothing to do with them, nothing at all to do with them. But that's not the intention. The intention is to make them feel weak and helpless and useless and guilty. And at the same time, with young girls, from a very early age they're telling them to be assertive, etc., etc., etc.  All battle strategies. It was all done deliberately.  Again, people live through it and never catching onto it. No. Because strategies work awfully well if you get the children young enough. And that way you disable your opponents, the ones who down the road could be your main opponents, well, they're not there anymore.  They're not there. You've eliminated them.


A war on society, a war on every individual, a war on genders. A war on everything that could have worked, and did work at times, nothing works perfectly but the fact is, complete war across the board to disable everybody in society to get society itself collectively disabled. That's warfare. This is all warfare. Awfully effective. I'm not just making this stuff up. I’ve looked at the techniques for long-term and long-range warfare. They have so many, which can scare you with some nations that are at war at the moment.  How they've looked at their opponents, right down to the children that are getting born, to eliminate them. So, they target women in those countries because they breed the boys that are going to be the problem down the road that are going to fight certain nations and so on.


It's just astonishing what you read, and it's horribly effective, I mean horribly when you see it's actually being done for years and it's still ongoing. And this is taught, this is taught as battle strategy. So when you look at your own nations and you see this long-term goal to eliminate opponents and then put in others that will be, that's been well known through incredible studies that have been done on genders, women are more apt to go along and try something new in changing society if it's given to them by a superior authority, you see, so, if you put experts behind folks today, they're more apt to follow that and go along with it.  That's why you see so many today being placed, by the way, in charge of different functions in nations especially during a phase of massive change, it's not coincidental by the way. And most of them are openly, what they think is, they’ll say they're socialist, but they'll go with the wind. And they do like to feather their own nest as well as they go along. So, it's not for ideological purposes.


Everything is a sham, really, isn't it?  Everything is a complete sham. But the last folk who must figure this out are the public themselves because the war is always on the public, and it's subdivided into different sections and groups of the general public, and ages too of course. So again, you gotta stop participating in deception, your own deception.


But yeah, I can remember when Pierre Trudeau, reading about him years later for instance, but it got me onto the track of looking at real communism, and I wasn't in Canada at the time, but to look at real communism to see how it worked.  Trudeau was a leader of the Young Communist Party for Canada and he led the group from Canada for the Comintern, the Communist International over in 1952 to Moscow. Others too that I could name today, not just in Canada, who are names today, others had big parts in that too. But there was a woman in fact who was part of the Young Communist International group who recently I mentioned her name too, that's prominent in the newspapers.


But anyway, Pierre Trudeau did follow it to the letter. The idea was, they knew they couldn't overthrow the Western, it was the people in society, remember, you are the nation, not the leaders, that's why most of the work is targeting you, to get you to change, a whole bunch of things, you see, and your ways of thinking. So, you are the ones they want to change. Most folk, they knew from repeated attempts and testing the perimeters you might say, that's how they phrase it, that the people in the West wouldn't have revolutions.  They just wouldn't be overthrown or collectively get the working classes to go and fight and overthrow whatever to take over. So they used the Fabian technique, you see, which again was born in Britain and funded by one of the richest guys on the planet at the time. That's always the way it is because it's always deception. It's the same group at the top that will use different strategies, for efficiency for themselves, that they have to have.


Pierre Trudeau did run on the liberal ticket, you know, to get in.  Afterwards some of them boasted, and he himself did quip it a couple of times actually, that they did it, they got in by deception by pretending they were just liberals, you see. That's again what Khrushchev said himself when he came over to visit in the States, that's what he said, he said we don't call them Communists in America, we call them liberals, that was the party that they hid under at the time. Nothing has changed there.  But it's very deceptive to the public who watch it because they see a lot of these liberals to who end up being multimillionaires in politics. Strange how that, you know, how they can end up as multimillionaires.  But the fact is, there are no real sides here, they all play their game for those in charge at the very, very top. 


But again, the idea was that they could get in by deceiving the public, and once they are in start pushing all the communistic doctrines under the guise of socialism, you see, and equality, it's always under the guise of equality. One of the first things they do is try to destroy the nation-state by mass migration, you see. Even when you don't need mass migration, because a lot of them you have to house, it cost a fortune to house people, retrain them and even educate them, before they can even learn to speak the languages a lot of times. A lot of money, etc. It's not to help people. It's to help disrupt the nation itself in order to create a whole new system, naturally, and the withering away of borders.


But isn't it odd, isn't it awfully odd that Karl Marx said that eventually you'll see the withering away of the nation-state. But before that they'd create free trade zones, European free collective zone with the parliament for the whole of Europe, hm?  And one for the Americas eventually, you see. And one for the Far East, the Asia-Pacific region.  So he wanted three free trade zones with three parliaments. And that's the same thing of course that Lord Alfred Milner wanted for the British Empire.  It's just coincidence of course isn't it?  Hm, what a coincidence.  They all wanted this idea of eventually the state running everything. So centralization is part of it. What do you think creating a European Parliament was about? It was centralizing all power. You're running through the same agenda hundreds of years old.  And most folk haven't clued into that very fact. 


Then since 9/11, with free trade and 9/11 happening at the same time, and all these global meetings on free trade, the same agenda that Milner was pushing back in the 1800s, and even before that when Britain set up the East India Company and the Dutch East India Company, the idea was always the same agenda, then you'd set up the same parliamentary system in each country that you would take over, which they did very successfully.  India did the same thing, it was based on the British system. And completely compromised just like the one in Britain is too. Because it's not there really to serve the people. 


You're living through an old agenda.  So here's the top capitalists working for the same agenda as the top communists, and using communism and capitalism to get where they want it to go.  They are all terms, remember, 'eh, words, 'eh, just terms. Words can get you lost if you can't see what you're really looking at, because you get confused, well it can't be that because they've got a different name for it. No.  You can use as many names as you want to camouflage something. It's what you actually see it as being that matters, hm.


It's really something.  Folk as I say have no idea what they're really living through. And what you're living through is an eternal battle, really. Very old battle. And between good and evil. And yes, you can always break it down to an earthly system, okay, let's basically secularize it and use secular humanism to say it's bad people who are power-hungry and crave power, they're psychopathic and they don't have, they are not there for the common good. Whereas the humanists, you know, remember, humanism is a religion, [Alan chuckles.] who know better, they know better how to rule the world and they give you bioethics, awfully important field that bioethics.  They can tell you what's moral and what's not moral, you see, using the sheer genius of their brainpower.  Because somehow they're untouchable, the common things that might make you get tempted, no, it doesn't bother them at all.  They've got it all, you see.  [Alan chuckles.]  


We live in amazing times, watching all this stuff is kind of comical. But the folk never catch on. But as I say, you're going through evil times.  You can feel it, it's tangible. There's never been such a time of mass lying, across the board to the general public, all aimed at the public. With the admission they're using universities and behavioral insights teams and the Sage groups and the other groups working on contract to the Sage to brainwash the public to go along with everything that's being mandated.  Hm?  It isn't just to do with vaccinations.  It's a whole new way of living. The global reset. 


This is the great transition. In the last century they called it the coming century of change, or transition, the great transition. Here it is... where the elite will have you all running like clockwork, they think, at the end of the chaos.  They create the chaos first and then to fix it all they'll bring down the population, and they'll run everything to suit themselves bit by bit by bit. Everyone is monitored from cradle-to-grave, you can't get away from them. And they won't allow you, most folk allow it to happen, all these rules to get passed and laws to get passed, and they comply with it, which doesn't help the next generation, you see.


Planned a long time ago. Planned before I was born. Planned before you were born, and even my granddad in fact was born. How to use the general public, and in every nation, how to create divisions in society and use them against each other for your own use. How to get segments of society, let's take it at the real idealistic viewpoint of history here, let's look at a real fictional version of a hamlet somewhere in England in say the 1600s. In a little very short peaceful time, right, and here all they are and there's a little smoky hamlet, because you could smoke back then to heat themselves and cook without getting fined and all that.  Again, this is the idealized version, and here they're happy and they've got their culture and they know where they came from and they're quite content and all that, 'eh.  How do you destroy that?


I mean, if you just come up as an outsider, they're going to turn on YOU, collectively, it's a natural thing to do, and you won't get what you want. Well, you must create divisions in this peaceful little hamlet, you see.  Then you go and say, you know, tit to one of the farmers, how many pigs have you got there? I've got 4 or 5. Really.  Then you go to someone down the road there who's really struggling, and he had a fire recently, his place burned down, he's rebuilding and he's, he can't do all the work at the same time and he can't afford to hire anybody.  How many pigs have you got? I've only got two, I lost some in the fire. Why does that guy up the road there got more than you got? 


And you stir the pot. You stir it to get it going. Or, you see folk, you know, who are intensive units, intensive units of solidarity, like a real family, but who have never heard of women's lib, 'eh, never heard of it, hadn't been invented yet.  And any communist doctrine hadn't heard of that either.  And you've got a get in there and say, you know, why are you carrying those buckets that, you know, those heavy buckets? Why isn't your husband? Well your husband, you see, was down in the field there up to his knees in mud cleaning, or he's cleaning out… But that didn't matter. The point is to exaggerate differences. Exaggerate them. Stir it up. Then you get a faction, then you get a collective, a bunch of women together.  Then you start saying, making demands, we aren't going to do this UNLESS, unless, unless. Before you know it the whole thing is in a mess. And in comes the overlord to rectify, you need a government, we're here to help you.


This is how it's done, over and over and over again.  Do you realize how many agencies have just appeared out of nowhere, you think they're coming out of nowhere, to deal with the chaos in society on all social levels?  Often from the very heads that are causing the problems. And they profit off all the chaos they cause. Amazing, 'eh.  From law, oh you need lots of new laws now and new lawyers, 'eh, The Devil’s Advocate. How do you think we're taking over the world, he said in The Devil’s Advocate, just by pure force? Armies, he says, armies of lawyers, we turn out thousands every year, lawyers. Then they end up in politics too, 'eh, the same characters.  And before you know it, you can't just do this or that without getting a contract drafted up and paying legal fees for every darn thing that you do.  Hm? 


Or, destroy the family unit, what do you?  There are countless agencies, privately owned, that deal not just with marriage counseling, which is generally how to break up quietly, but what do they do with the children?  So let's have all kinds of agencies to deal with the children, right, and foster homes and this, that and the other, and psychologists get involved and psychiatrists.  Every bit of chaos you cause, a disruption, as you destroy society and the fabric that holds it together, and the psyche that holds it all, they profit off it.  Amazing isn't it?


Interesting. It's also interesting, it's interesting that you're into an area that most folk don't want to look at. It scares them.  You see, in an age where you haven't seen mass slaughter, like open slaughter, pits being dug and people being buried after being shot, killed or whatever by all kinds of methods, then you're wide open for it to happen in different ways.  Disease, it doesn't look so bad.  Well, it's disease, you know, m-hm, in an age where one of the top fields that you have for war is bio warfare, it was always said to be the weapon of choice for the future, bio warfare. And the beauty of it is you can't really, you can suspect all you want, you can add little bits all you want, but you always need an admission, hm, like some crime drama. And you're not going to get it.


It was the same with weather warfare.  Lots of data from the military declassified on weather warfare. It's not a lala land thing. It's not some conspiracy thing. They admit it, from the Department of Defense the declassified articles that they've done.  They did lots of it in Vietnam to create massive flooding for instance in the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Weather warfare.  Mud.  And whether warfare they said too, that the advantages of it, again, it's silent weapons for quiet wars, isn't it.  You see, you can know it all you want, you can say, you know, we're getting these strange signals and the weather is changing, or, you know, things like that. 


The HAARP technologies, all countries have it now. They had it back in the 70s, in Russia, or Riga, you know, where they could blot out a lot of the airwaves in the West. Montréal was the first one to pick it up I think.  It was the ‘woodpecker effect’ they called it, this, it was a high intensity powerful signal getting put up into the ionosphere, and that's how the HAARP technology works, it bounces off it, it can intensify it too, you can actually aim it to bounce off and reflect down elsewhere on your target and block out all transmissions on the AM frequencies, etc.  Old technologies.  Then you can superheat the atmosphere, they found out with the Alaskan one, testing that, superheat it, standing waves.  Then you had these big explosions in the sky, clear skies, just boom, [Alan chuckles.] just super heating different parts of the atmosphere. And then lightning strikes in clear skies too in BC, it was interesting that. And they can aim that too across, using the ionosphere is like a mirror to reflect it.  Old stuff. Declassified stuff now.  But again, even though you know it's being used, you can pretty well suspect it, again it comes down to, well we know all about it, we just need that last bit of, well, you're not going to get an admission, that's the whole point of silent weapons.  M-hm. 


Or introducing the bugs that eat crops.  Old, again, masses, masses and masses of information declassified on chemical and bacterial warfare, and agriculture is part of it. How do you disable an enemy? Destroy their sustenance, their meat industry, milk industry, cheese industry, butter industry, by attacking the animals.  Attack the crops, all kinds of rusts they call it and things like that.


Argh.  You can go on and on about the horrors of what humans will do on behalf of the Masters that run the planet, which should tell you what the Masters are like. The Masters are very cold. I remember too Malachi Martin, who was, an enigma to some people, but he certainly sold the Catholic Church out, that is true.  That's come out since, you know.  He helped with the Vatican II, to destroy some of the principles that kept them together intact for a long time.  So he was like a double agent. He was also on an awfully good documentary years ago with William Buckley Junior.  Interestingly William Buckley Junior was in CIA. Malachi Martin, on the Art Bell show, years later talked about the fact that a lot of the Jesuits and so on in the Catholic Church during the Cold War worked with the CIA. Because they were all over the world, and they could get into any countries and come back with information, 'eh.


Malachi Martin did say in one of his interviews, you'll never know where his head really was at with Malachi Martin unfortunately. But he did bring, isn't it odd, a guy who worked and sold out the church at one point, really, like big time traitor, a real double agent indeed, paid too, he was paid to do it, brought back in a humanistic world, in a world where humanism was demanding that folk give up superstition, as the communists called it too, silly superstitions, and trying to get rid of it all, and it was all taught through all colleges and universities, oh science will replace all these things eventually and we'll live in a very, again, a humanistic society where experts and human brains will be ruling us.  Well God help us then, 'eh, especially if you wonder if they're really so human, 'eh.


But Malachi Martin did bring into the church, whether it was intentionally or inadvertently, the spark of something that was sorely lacking, as folk become more and more worldly and secular, including the church naturally, because the church itself, all churches are basically staffed with people who come out of the general population, they've been through the same changes, the same indoctrinations into the secular world where science is supposed to supplant all problems and solve them all and become the guiding light, you see. That's a lot of power to give to mere mortals, the scientists.


But Malachi Martin as I say, inadvertently or whatever, did bring back a spark of something which was sorely lacking for a long time. And again, it's a very powerful thing, that the elite actually fear, it's always intrigued me that. But he brought back the idea of the supernatural. And the preternatural. The preternatural are powers that are above ordinary powers, which evil has, in the Catholic viewpoint, or the Christian viewpoint. Or even the ancient world viewpoints, a lot of it came from the ancient world, remember, even pre-Judaic, a lot of it.  


He brought out Hostage To The Devil, excellently written book describing people, you can take it from two ways, either they got severe mental problems, or they've got, there's other forces at work here, entities, something in a secular society folk don't want to contemplate.  It's astonishing how they'll accept through dramas and movies, fictional movies mass slaughters as horrible, incredibly horrible. But when it comes to who's behind these mass horrors, is it just human nature, are we so defective as a species, or is there something else at play?


So Malachi Martin brought back this idea of the supernatural.  The supernatural is something that comes from the creator, you see. Supernatural.  As opposed to preternatural.  Anything created by the creator therefore has, like, rebellious demons or angels, have these abilities, but they're not so much super but they're definitely above what any human is going to do, but they're preternatural. That was the difference.  He brought back into the church something that they were forgetting, you're living in a world of forces.  We can accept the fact that there are forces at work when it comes to, oh that's secular forces or its, you don't know who the people are generally or whatever but you know they're...  But the fact is, no, what is IN them?


In one of his talks he did touch on someone he'd worked with for a long time, for quite a few years in fact. Until one day he saw him in a particular angle, in a library they were working, and he realized he was looking at something with a... with an... who was perfectly possessed.  Something, a very interesting concept, it doesn't matter what you think of it or believe in it, but just take it from what he said. He said that he confronted the guy about it. And the guy realized before he said anything that Martin had noticed it. Because these things, remember, have the abilities, they have the psychic abilities. And there was no big argument or row that erupted over it or anything.  But it was acknowledged that the guy, yeah, he'd had it for years and years and years and he was perfectly content with this thing abiding within him.


And you see, this kind of thing rings a bell.  It could be like Jung said, who knows, you know, everyone's got their points of view.  But there is such a thing as an archaic symbology, archetype, archetypal symbology. Something that rings true in all of us when we see certain things or experience certain things, that shouldn't, when you get a chill running up your spine when a certain thing's mentioned, or a certain place is reached and you know something happened, or you didn't know beforehand but you do know now. You've all had these odd, odd happenings. 


And suddenly, as I say, inadvertently perhaps, who knows, it brought back into the church something they'd forgotten about. And he did say something true, regardless of the fact that he sold them out. [Alan chuckles.]  He said the church, again, like all institutions, right, become corrupt. They all do. They become lazy. It's not news, it's been done before, in all churches, in all religions, where you get a class that evolves out of it, living on the rest that becomes fat and lazy and they expect it to be the normal that this is the way, you see. They forget what they are there for. 


Francis of Assisi had the same problem and came back after years of being away setting up a lot of the monasteries, and to see his own monks basically fat, and they were getting big endowments from generally widowed women leaving all their money to them.  They were fat and lazy and he was disgusted, he walked off again he was so disgusted. What happened to them? So it's nothing new in it. It happens through all institutions.  Even, even if you could get, well they do it with communism, 'eh, supposedly they clean out the system, then they put their own people in who are fanatics, within a generation they're all corrupt, just like the previous ones. It doesn't matter who, what you want to call them [Alan chuckles.] that's what happens.


So anyway, this is important, a very important thing to touch on because getting back to conology, where you must participate in your own deception, hm, because you think you're going to get something out of it. Then, what's happening in your lives and to the world in general is the biggest deception we've ever lived through right now. You've been living through, I've watched in my own lifetime a good part of it being pushed way faster, because that's how it works, as they knocked down more and more pillars that hold up the roof of stability, you see, then it weakens all the other pillars and the fewer pillars there are, the faster they can move them, you see. That's what they've been doing since about, oh, for the last 50 years or so. 


You're really seeing it happening. And you're seeing the fruits of it.  And the fruits, again, it's almost like demonology where things will wither very quickly including the fruit itself.  But what's awfully important is the one thing that churches had forgotten, especially Protestant churches because Protestant churches were completely hand in hand with science from an early, logic again, and so they were easily converted right off the bat, you see, into the idea of oh, no, it's just they can pray and all the rest of it, but no don't believe in it too deeply. And there's no central command in Protestantism, hundreds of sects, hundreds and hundreds of sects, there's still new sects dividing yet from previous divisions.  And that's another thing, when there's no central command, you see, but they embraced the science quickly. That's why they were the first ones to fall away from churches.


Of course, then you have Freemasonry through it too, a humanistic religion to an extent.  The higher orders is a bit different, it's more than just [Alan chuckles.] the humanistic part. But this is the important thing of all, communism, which is a front, it's a front, communism, for those who want to take over and rule the world.  Of course it is. Just like today the World Economic Forum is a front for the same group that wants to rule the whole world.  Just like the whole idea for Covid and the complete lockdown/destruction of society, destroying all economies and rebuilding, is a front. It's all the same system running it all. But from the days of communism you had the communist themselves ruling out what they had to destroy. At the top was religion. 


Because people, they won't stand and fight for basically a secular idea.  You can't get them all to fight, you see.  But you can get more of them, almost all of them to fight for a religion. Or a belief. Especially a God-given belief, hm, with God-given rights. Well, who's going to oppose God-given rights? Look who's doing it today. 


The World Health Organization from the start, they've got to end this exception for religious purposes, hm?  They've been at that for years and years and years. Really. It's an awful nuisance, this God-given thing.  You've got rights by your creator, hm, you're born with them. And these characters are there to persuade you to give them all up to them.  [Alan chuckles.]   


Mao Tse Tung, the great Mao Tse Tung in China said the same thing, he wasn't scared, he wasn't scared at all, he says, power, all power comes from the barrel of a gun. But he said, what did frighten him the most was a big idea. What he was referring to was religion. 


When the Communists took over the Soviet system, they just went to slaughter, they got the most worst beasts imaginable in human form to do the slaughtering, that continued throughout the whole Soviet Union's period by the way, in all the Soviet bloc countries.  Horrible things were done and they had to wipeout religion especially.  They went to town to try to eradicate it. You saw it in the Spanish revolution too, the so-called Civil War, it was really communists behind that too.  What they did to the nuns, n-n-n.  Or Trotsky's train, you know, when he was head of the Red Army, and the reign of terror in Russia, and he had actually priests dying like on ropes at the back at the train, 'eh, as he went past all the different villages and stuff.


It never changes.  It never changes.  And yet those, once they are in power, they can kill millions under different guises, 'eh.  Even for necessity, well we can't feed you all, now. And they'll encourage you, and again they'll get people from academia to come out and explain to you why it's necessary that you just starve to death.  Or, you don't live too long because there's not enough medications to go around, you know, you're going to cost the state money, just like they do in Canada now and other countries.  Step by step by step, 'eh?


But at one time folk would be horrified. I'm not talking about real deep fundamental really religious people. It was a natural thing that people felt, you had God-given rights, and life was precious. Not the Julian Huxley type where we have to knock man off his pedestal and train him and teach him that he's just another animal, in order to change and rule over him.  [Alan chuckles.] That's what he said.  But what they're afraid of is the other one, the other thing.  Because what scientists can actually take on God, 'eh?  And it doesn't matter what he prattles off about his degrees and this, that and the other, it makes no difference.  Hm. 


It's like the U.S. Constitution, yeah, it was put together by Freemasons.  Again, not all of them were absolutely exactly like peas in a pod, but they were sworn allegiance to the same kind of things. They said, you know, that this was a chance for folk to rule themselves, like an experiment. It was called The Great Experiment at the time. The Soviet system was called The Second Great Experiment. So the first one was American, even though it wasn't given much of a chance to be honest with you because the corruption was there from the beginning, from the big, big, big landowners.  And Washington came out of it owning another, what was it, 200 miles of land I think it was than he did at the start. So it was very profitable too, when you get away from the foundation myth of countries.


But it is interesting to note that they talked about self-evident, that which is self-evident, the people had rights and it was self-evident. What they really meant was it was given by God. They hate to use the term, Freemasons most of them, you know, not all of them but most of them.  But it was self-evident. Well, that which is self-evident, that the rights you have, have been decimated since then by those that rule.  And it's a joke, a sick joke to try to pretend that the US is still the same US of A, you know. It's not.


When someone has this state coming after them, and goes through their entire savings, and if they had, if they could live another 500 years they still couldn't take the state on if you can't afford it. What kind of justice is it where it costs thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to properly fight some charge?  That's railroaded, that's not justice.  That's power, that's corrupted power. Of course it is.


Then the state takes away one right after another.  Again, using all of its agencies. Well, now we've got this other agency, this health agency now, you know, it's privately owned but it's the health agency. And they will, you better do what they tell you.  You see?  And these religious exemptions just won't stand up, no way, we can't have that, that's an abuse. You see. It's always the same thing, isn't it?


They could never go so far as they've done without chipping away, chipping away, chipping away at religion, step by step by step.  Most folk are the best Christians I've ever met, are quiet Christians.  They'll stand up for themselves.  They're not the ones, the TV type, you know, that go around there with the prosperity doctrine, you know, to make money, and God wants you to have gold now, you know, not in heaven, like one of them said, one of the preachers did say a while back.  But no, most folk are quiet. But they have their beliefs. And there's enough of them. They can be a problem to people who want to take all the rights away from them, under whatever excuse, the common good, you know, and the greater good.


So communism always hammered at it. It was the first target of the French Revolution.  And the Bolshevik revolution. Going on to the long term, Russian revolution, the Soviet era.  And here it is all again, the same thing.


Do you ever look at the characters you see on television or in the news, spouting what they are spouting today, do you want to have them as your supreme leaders, and the Supreme Being over you?  Do you really, don't you feel a bit of trepidation when you look at them and listen to them? Today especially?  You'd better hear the warnings. And motivate yourselves. Because everyone here is involved. EVERYBODY'S involved right now and you're all going to get the ultimatum given to you individually.  You know that.


You know, I look at different authors and the lives of some of these authors, like Aldous Huxley, a man who obviously was up there in the planning. He was in, because of his family connections, on the big agenda. That's what he came out with, Brave New World, that science would dominate and control, and that's all it would be, no mention of a supreme being or anything above that sort of thing, some deity, some God. In Brave New World it was just purely secular and science running everything right down to the breeding of people, and the nonhuman births even or pregnancies really, everybody was grown in a test tube to an extent and sperm and ovum came out of the same selected batches over and over, they'd been altered to perfection supposedly. 


You had the division of labor, the communistic division of labor for those who don't know it, that's what the alpha, the betas, etc., were designed to do. The Alphas at the top were the natural leaders, that were designed to be the leaders, and there was Alpha Plus as well, but all the way down, right down to, it had the division of labor was done right down to menial tasks for certain types. And therapies and drugs naturally to keep people in line, if the ones at the bottom with their monotonous tasks and repetitive tasks, etc., in the advanced civilization that they had created. 


But there's no mention anywhere of any particular deity. Religion had been abolished pretty well. The closest thing to it was in the books from the savages, some of the savages outside their huge, supposedly big magnificent utopias.  The cities, outside it was the savages, remnants of the old ones who were born naturally and things like that, very primitive people they said.  One of them, the main character in the book, the savage that they brought into the city to show him off, had read Shakespeare and other books too. He was talking about beauty and love, and the people couldn't imagine that, that he was mixing with there, the betas and so on. 


They were too happy doing their own thing, free sex, a different partner every night. In fact it was illegal I think to have the same partner twice a week. Very important you see, no bond, you can't… If you bond to anybody you could be a problem, now there's two of you against the state perhaps. It's much easier when it's just you [Alan chuckles.] and the state is against you. So a family is taboo.  But they bring him in and they kind of laugh at him and they see him as kind of quaint with these old-fashioned ideas of bonding and bringing up children yourselves and all that kind of thing. But they couldn't relate to him at all. 


But really, when you think about it, what he was showing you was the artificial humans who had been altered, literally altered, genetically altered to be created to be what they are by humans. They were really different, they weren't the same human as the savage at all. He was natural ad they were not. They were unnatural. What really changes? You're back into the same area, whether you like it or not, of not just philosophy but religions going back for thousands and thousands, maybe even millions, who knows, of years, 'eh, of the questions that are asked about life in itself. And it always comes down to the same thing, that which is different from you, different, humanly different, hey.


And it takes me back again in a circle too, to the idea of all those that work in the realm of conology, back to conology again, you must participate in your own deception. The armies of people paid big money from your tax money to lie to you and convince you and deceive you and manipulate you and nudge you into doing that which perhaps is not in your best interests to do, on behalf of your government that dishes out the cash to these agencies with the instructions, are you content being lied to?


This is not conspiracy stuff.  I've given the articles out for years and even the recent ones with the Sage units and the Nudge units, etc. and the Yale one that’s ongoing right now with all its different levels of how to convince the public to do what they're told using psychology. Right down to scolding and getting other people to point fingers at you. They're not quite there. And to use all shaming techniques, all these terrible things, 'eh, to make you obey and comply.  And yet you're supposed to be an individual being here.


You're either free or you're not free, I hope you understand the difference. If you want to define what freedom means, or chained, not free.  If you have, if you're truly free, and have the rights of a free person, what's the first lie they tell you to take those rights from you? Well you see, you could be endangering others because you're not complying. No, that's called tyranny, folks. It's been used before.  It always ends up in a horror show.  We know this from history.


And getting back to what we were talking about, to the same guys, this goes around, you see my mind works, goes in circles.  Because Malachi Martin talked about these characters, again, from the one he talked about in the library that he'd known for years without, maybe in the back of his mind he suspected something, it's almost a subconscious, or not even, something on the fringe, it's not into the consciousness yet but there's something there, and then it hits you one day.


Look at all these folk that run the world, the ones who sit up there and Lord over the general public with this air of superiority, all the top CEOs, as they mandate the world they're bringing in, on behalf of their masters. Because they do have Masters, these multimillionaire characters.  They have Masters all right, you'd better believe it.


And what are these masters? Where is it leading to?  You don't have to, you know, it's always been there, what I'm saying now has been said for thousands of years. But he talked about the perfectly possessed. Now, I'm sure psychiatrist can go off and pontificate for weeks about the same thing if they want to.  Fine, let them do it, I don't care.  [Alan chuckles.] But I've experienced people like that, who definitely have something in them. I have no problems with that at all, of understanding it and seeing it. And it's very real. And you have to say, are they simply just psychopaths?


I remember, and I've told other folk this over the years, if you draft up a list of signs and symptoms of the psychopath, of the nature and traits of the psychopath, and you list them, the signs and symptoms of the possessed, it's pretty well the same. In psychiatry they've got this big puzzle, oh, psychopaths are puzzles. Really? Are they really such?  Because again in religion you don't say they are a puzzle. They're quite understandable. There's something in them.  They don't react to horror the same way as we do. That's why they can commit such horror, and sleep at night, because they have no conscience. Where is the other place that you've been taught about, something that hates you in kind so much, the same way? Well, guess where?


I'm just bringing all these things up because you've got to ponder them. You really have to ponder them. Because you're living in such deception today. Really evil deception.  Where when you uncover it, and it's eventually admitted to, yes, we are paying all the psychopaths to brainwash you and lie to you and deceive you to get what we want… for the greater good.  [Alan chuckles.]   And literally handing them out from the groups working for Sage in Britain, using taxpayers’ money, to the groups that put out the instructions to all media on how to step up anxiety to frighten people into compliance by exaggerating stories and so on.  Woah!  This is admitted. This is published admissions here.


What kind of characters go home after terrifying the public and sleep well? Well, you can say psychopaths if you want.  But eventually you're going to see a lot of compliance towards these psychopaths by folk that you might know, and local cops, and everybody else, as they start to enforce all these horrible mandates on the public. And you will individually, you're going to come down to the choice, you always knew it was coming.  And it's a good thing to contemplate before it all happens. Isn't it?


In the meantime as I say, step-by-step hopefully you've done what I mentioned, try and get a few people to at least help each other out, swear to help each other out, do it. Because you'll all need help with what's coming down the pike here for basic necessity, just getting along. Because as I say, the food supply is a big target of those at the top. They want to destroy it to an extent to starve you into compliance.


I really mean this. This is war. These are all warfare strategies as we go into this, it's nothing to do with Covid.  The Covid is a separate thing, that's an excuse, it's a milder thing than they said, it's hitting certain factions of society harder, we know this. And you can guess as much as you want if it's all accidental or it was purposely released, it's up to you what you want to think or believe. 


But put it this way, I see them all in on it together, China and the West all working together. For goodness sake we know that the virus was in North Carolina, and then through Fauci and the rest of them, they made sure it got to Wuhan. They even financed Wuhan to continue the gain of function tests on it and so on, experiments.  I mean there's nothing out there that you have to really guess at here.  It's been published already by them.


But evil has to be stood up against.  And personally, no matter what you think, humanisticly, secular-wise or anything, you should be really at least indignant at having your money, paying these evil characters that are finding ways to shame you and force you into complying with things that you shouldn't perhaps comply with.  Some indignancy would certainly help.  M-hm.


I've given so many talks about the system and their total warfare, as I said, has been going on my whole life long and my parents too, grandparents. You either had wars going on, in between the wars you had a Great Depressions, that lasted from after World War I right up into and into World War II and beyond World War II in Britain.  Then after World War II the folk were still on rationing up until the 1950s and after that a lot of them couldn't even afford the meat then. You know, sacrifice, sacrifice for the greater good, you see. 


And, hhhhhh, then when the folks started to get a little bit, you know, of money for the first time, a little bit, it took them years to get to even the 1980s where they started to actually see some money getting saved a little bit and so on. Then Margaret Thatcher privatized, which she should not have done, the Council housing systems, because it was technically owned by the municipalities, the people, and it guaranteed housing for all. All paid for by your grandparents and great-grandparents, already, so how could they even sell them off?  But they did.


Then when they start to think they were getting ahead and so on, they're involved in all these foreign wars in the Middle East. Masses of migration into Britain, before that too, and then during it and afterwards, and across the whole of Europe because of it… the blowback that was all predicted before they started the wars.  It was part of the strategy. Then they give you financial crash in 2007/8. 


Then guess what you're into? Austerity, and here's the next part of it, and the big changes too, and the complete reworking and rebuilding of a world society based on socialism. Because they're done now with the so-called, the pretense of free enterprise and democracy. It's served its purpose.  There's never a generation been given peace.  Really. Think about that. They really haven't been given any peace. Wars, depressions, bank crashes, rip-offs, plundering of the economies.  One thing after the other, 'eh? 


And yet folk want to preserve a system, [Alan chuckles.] because they’re brainwashed to think it was all real and it was there for them, they want to try to preserve that system for themselves.  So whatever you do, yeah, you can't go back to the same crooks running you. You can't do it. With the pretense, you know, that they're there for you. You should really have had enough of all that nonsense.  And you certainly don't want the communistic replacement for efficiency sake that the Masters now want, hm, the authoritarian society. 


I know that when I look and listen to some of these radical front people who are put up there, they're all fronts, all of them, and you hear them completely altering reality, as you live through the reality, but what you're seeing and what you're noticing, as news, and they're preaching radical communism with all of that which it entails, which is mass slaughter down the road, maybe even sooner than you think, you've gotta say to yourself, what is in these people? 


And even if you say, well, okay, they're front people for much bigger organizations, which they certainly are.  Because I know for a fact, they would change their tune if they were told to give the opposite points of view and they'd still get up the ladder to power, they would do it overnight, immediately. They are what we call psychopaths certainly. But is that all that's in them?


And then you have to say, why would you accept the system with such psychopaths that are picked and chosen and trained and employed and used by the elite to rule over you to change you? Why are you doing it? Why are you accepting this?  You hearing them say blatant lies every darn day, which can have no resolution, any practical sense to bring peace on earth, put it that way. It's meant to create incredible divisions. And because it's based mainly on Marxist fantasy, it can't be satisfied anyway.


It's a system based on hate with targets, and those who are taught to hate are told who their targets are… That's not going to end peacefully. But the people at the very top of the world are backing them right now, backing them financially.  Which tells you, and I know that even in the Irish Sentinel that they're talking about what should really have to be done, if these characters are overthrowing a system that you're in and not for the greater good, put it that way, then really it's treason, it's insurrection, it's tyranny. In any real system it would have to be dealt with. And put on trial for what they're doing and what they're going to do, [Alan chuckles.] what they're talking about doing, to everybody, and dealt with and charged.


But the problem of course is the fact that the structural system in which we live, the whole structure is theirs in the first place with its police, and everything to do with forces, when you hear force, like a military force or police force, these are their instruments which they will use. And unfortunately forces tend to always go along with whoever rules them. Even when their country is invaded, the police immediately go to work the next day for the new master, you know, it doesn't stop. That's the unfortunate part of it.


Police and everything today is completely politicized with different people being the focus of police attention, especially in the States right now. And across Europe too.  Where other groups are left completely alone, because they've got an elevated status because of some minority position or something like that. There's nothing fair about the system today. It's been completely destroyed in regards to fairness and logic.


But yeah, folk who are deliberately paying to have the countries overthrown to bring in the new system on behalf of those who already rule it at the top, and have done it quietly for a long, long time behind the scenes, and you're all going to have to suffer because of it because they've decided to change their world which they believe they own.  Without your permission to do so, like you have no rights at all?  I mean, it's up to you if you want to accept that or not. But these people who are funding massive, hhch, overthrow of a system that belonged supposedly to everybody, hm, okay it's a farce we know that, but supposedly belongs to everybody, you're all paying for it, and they're changing it for their agenda at the top using all instruments at the bottom for themselves? And funding groups that are radically [Alan chuckles.] burning down parts of cities and so on, funding them?


As I said before, under the terrorist law, anti-terrorism law, if you accept money from terrorist organizations, you know, it's the same if you're giving money to a terrorist organizations, you are classed as a terrorist. Well, what happens with all these CEOs and corporations here?  You either have the laws or you don't have the laws. You can't select it, it can't be selectively enforced.  But this is the new system to be brought in, with all these things in play at the time. 


The WEF, the World Economic Forum has already stated along with the Club of Rome and others too, that work for the big, big global structure, they've already said that all the sustainability rules that they couldn't get the public to accept, you know, for like depopulation and post consumerism and the service economy, all this kind of stuff that I talked about years ago, if they couldn't get it done that way they can get it done by using, under the cover of Covid and they could only allow the companies that would go along with sustainability to reopen. The ones who they deemed in their, what d'you call them, star chambers, you know, hhch, where you don't know your accuser, they'll just decide that you're not sustainable, not essential, etc. and you can't reopen, yada, yada, ya.


And you're going to accept this?  Hm?  Hhhhhhhh, dear.  Folk, they really don't know, and this is the sad part, the path you're on, you see, you're managed step by step to give in and to concede, step by step by step by step, in the hope that somehow they'll miss you and it won't get as bad as you suspect it might.  That's how it works, every time. This isn't the first time in history this kind of thing has happened.  M-hm.  So there you are.


Now, I'm going to touch on a few articles tonight. But again, I've gotta keep reminding you, go to  Buy the books and discs or donate to me. You can use PayPal, you can send cash, there's other ways to get money to me, checks, and I think Money Gram too is still on the go. But it helps me tick along. And remember as I say, make a note of all the sites I have, my official sites because they are mine.  If you can't get my articles up fast enough when I put them up on Sunday nights, then go into my site first before. Because some people will take it, you see, to put up on video instead and they've got work to do and processing to do and it can take a longer time to do. So if you're really in a hurry you can get MP3 at my site  But again, help me tick along and donate to me. Because really you have no idea what we are going into here. 


Now, a few articles just to bolster what I'm talking about at times. But again, just the things to make you ponder about. As I say, like Malachi Martin and his explanation of things, is it really that far-fetched? Do you really think it's just that humans are just horrible people who just go into mass slaughters and so on? Or what takes them over? What's at the top that pushes this kind of thing, you know?


And who benefits from it? You've always got to say, who benefits? Well, the ones who plan it. But what's in them? I've met some of the characters near the top and really, there's something, there's no doubt there's something in them.  They're as cool as can be, like cucumbers, cool as can be.  And they're not, they don't stress.  Yeah, you could certainly say they're psychopaths, they're not stressed, psychopaths can't handle stress, you understand, so they don't generally have it. They'll work off stress by getting into someone else's head, near them, even a couple of people, and having them argue with each other, they'll sit back and watch the conflict that they've started. Just sit back and watch it. That pleases them. They get a release from it. That's what a psychopath does.  They're perfect for that.  It's an amazing gift they have if you want to call it a gift.  But the ones at the top literally can make horrible decisions, but to them it's all practical. They don't feel it, you know.


Now, here's an example right here, 'eh.  I've mentioned the Yale study that's ongoing, on ways to convince the public, I might put it up again, the link to that one. 


US Gov and Yale Hold Clinical Trials To Test “Persuasive Messages For COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake” - / 3 Aug 2020


They're getting paid by your tax money to convince you to go along with it.  And they'll shame you and nudge you and get folk to turn against you and all the rest of it, to make you comply and conform, right. But here's one of these characters, these bioethicists, this fairly recent, you know, term. I remember when they first launched them back in the, about the early 2000s, and you heard bioethics, bioethics.   Professors would put up little bits and quips, we're bioethicists, you see, we know what's best for humanity.   All you have to do is convince the public to just go along with it, you see, you'd better let your betters decide for you. You see, you haven't been trained to be good psychopath, it's not easy to train you because it's a gift that you're born with being a psychopath, you know.  Yep.  No conscience required. This is this guy who's one of them, right…


‘Morality pills’ may be the US’s best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one ethicist / 10 Aug 2020


(Alan:  There you are, morality pill.)


Parker Crutchfield does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.


(A:  Right.  So it's either that or it's a resume to get employed, who knows? [Alan chuckles.]   But I don't believe him anyway.)


COVID-19 is a collective risk. (A:  There you are.)  It threatens everyone, and we all must cooperate to lower the chance that the coronavirus harms any one individual.


(A:  So it comes down to anyone, any ONE getting harmed, right, any one, right, and that's an excuse that you've already heard from Fauci and all, if anybody gets harmed, you see, this is, when you hear the same terms used, this guy is in on it, right.  And it's a collective...


It threatens everyone ...


(A:  Now, they started at the very beginning even with that, oh, don't worry, it's only the immunocompromised and the elderly that get sick and they die from it. Remember that? Remember that one?  Don't worry about it, that's what they said.  In fact, Fauci said he didn't think that the US had much to worry about at all back in January and February. I remember that one as well.  So again, if you're diabetic, or if you're obese, high blood pressure, etc., comorbidities, then you might get a problem, you see, that's what they said.  But most folk, you see, won't even know they've had it. But this guy rechanges reality again...)


It threatens everyone...


(A:  How does it threaten everyone when a tiny minority get sick, and an even tinier minority die with it?  Hm?  Until he brings it down to if it...)


...harms any one individual.


(A:  So, his whole stance on changing the whole system, right, and that you'd better just comply with your betters, and they said, just one person could get harmed, right, that would be the first in history even for common cold that kills some folk every year too, who've got comorbidities or some simple flu.)


Among other things, that means keeping safe social distances and wearing masks.


(A:  Even though the CDC in May put up on their own website, right, that the masks don't do any good AT ALL against Covid. Right? So even though the so-called top, top, top experts say it's no use to you, guys like this are trying to, for the greater good, want you all to wear masks, even though it's causing harm, right. And the social distancing, as I say, came out of a computer model, nothing to do with reality. In fact, all countries have different distances you have to keep apart.  [Alan laughing.]   So he goes on to say…)


But many people choose not to do these things, making spread of infection more likely.  (A:  N-n.)


When someone chooses not to follow public health guidelines around the coronavirus, they’re defecting from the public good.


(A:  So, you're BAD, you're BAD, you see.)


It’s the moral equivalent of the tragedy of the commons: If everyone shares the same pasture for their individual flocks, some people are going to graze their animals longer, or let them eat more than their fair share, ruining the commons in the process. Selfish and self-defeating behavior undermines the pursuit of something from which everyone can benefit.


(A:  Really? So here's persuasion from a bioethicist at work, see?  M-hm.  I should also add to him, because he also hasn't studied history, that the Commons were taken from them by the Lord's bit by bit by bit.  Look at the Levelers in Britain for instance, you know, and the Diggers, when the Diggers tried to get the Commons and start using it again.  Because they'd been getting pushed off the common grazing pasture. It wasn't just grazing, it was for vegetables for themselves, that's all that they had most of them.)


(A:  I mean vegetarianism was nothing new for the common people. That's all they could get.  Hhch.  And Walter Riley and these newly knighted people who were pirates really, were the last ones to take the land off the Diggers, they send in the troops when he was given the land, Walter Riley was granted the land, now that he was a Sir, you know, by the Queen. And that's a different thing. Anyway, I'm getting waylaid here from this article.)


(A:  So, you're all guilty, you see, it's your own fault because you want something and it's selfish behavior.)


Democratically enacted enforceable rules (A: Where is the democratically enacted enforceable rules?  Democratically enacted…) – mandating things like mask wearing and social distancing – might work, if defectors could be coerced into adhering to them. But not all states have opted to pass them or to enforce the rules that are in place.


(A:  This guy has got all the makings of a real tyrant, you know.  Uuuuuuuu.  He hasn't given you one bit of evidence to say why any of this works. Even though some countries ignored it all and they're fine, and they haven't destroyed their economies in the process. So it says…)


My research in bioethics focuses on questions like how to induce those who are noncooperative to get on board with doing what’s best for the public good. To me, it seems the problem of coronavirus defectors could be solved by moral enhancement: like receiving a vaccine to beef up your immune system, (A:  ...that's a moral enhancement.) people could take a substance to boost their cooperative, pro-social behavior. Could a psychoactive pill be the solution to the pandemic?


(A:  There ya go.)


It’s a far-out proposal that’s bound to be controversial, (A:  No kidding. He gives you links to all this stuff.) but one I believe is worth at least considering, given the importance of social cooperation in the struggle to get COVID-19 under control.


Public goods games show scale of the problem


He goes on and on and on.  You just won't cooperate, you see, you just won't cooperate.  You won't do what you're told by guys like experts, you know.  Hhhhh, a morality pill might be the answer to it.  You're not complying, aaaaaaach, we'll force you to take this pill here. Go right to your brain and before you know it you'll sign on to anything, 'eh.  There ya go, that's his answer. That's Democratic, isn't it?  They're out there, aren't they, these characters. They really are, they really are out there, aren't they.  N-n-n.  Quite something.


And then you get this one, you know. Interesting again because you see, all the stuff I'm talking about here was planned years ago.  Digital currency testing, I remember in Canada doing the articles on radio at the time, I was on radio, of places in Canada where they were testing out literally nothing but digital currency, on credit cards and things like that, and no money at all, giving folk the usual little incentives and extras to go along with it, using certain cities in Ontario for instance as the testbeds for it. Old idea.


Then the World Bank came out a few years ago saying, it's about time now to push digital currency and get rid of cash all together. I did all those articles too.  So this is their excuse to do it, you see. You need a good terror campaign to push all these things forward. It works wonders. So…


China To Begin Major Expansion Of Digital Currency Testing / 15 Aug 2020


China's Commerce Ministry released new details Friday of a pilot program for the country's central bank digital currency (CBDC) to be expanded to several metropolitan areas, including Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and Yangtze River Delta region.


The Commerce Ministry is currently running pilot tests in four cities: Xiong'an New Area, Shenzhen, Suzhou, and Chengdu. The People's Bank of China (PBoC), the country's central bank, is supervising the rollout of the CBDC pilot program on a city by city basis.


(A:  So, they're going to use the digital Yuan for the digital currency.)


Beijing owned China Global Television Network (CGTN) said test subjects would be able to "withdraw money, make payments, and transfer money after registering with their mobile phone number.


(A:  So, your phone is the big key to it as always.)


The banks are also testing a scenario where users can transfer money without the internet."


So, this is the way. And it ties in too with your, basically your social standing program where you've got a social status basically, a program. Because everyone's getting that. And with the Covid idea, everything is getting rammed through. Everything that they've been talking about at the World Economic Forum for years and years, and the CFR in their Foreign Affairs magazines, all the agendas, and the Club of Rome that published it too, they can get all their agendas through under Covid. Isn't that amazing, 'eh?  Like they just, they must be praising Covid for making it all happen. ALL of it. I don't mean some of it, BUT all of it.  [Alan chuckles.] Isn't that amazing, 'eh?


In Australia, Australia, it's quite amazing. I've mentioned before that the countries that England or London used run and rule, this corporation called Britain, you know, the UK, or Great Britain as it was then, and it's a Corporation, it is a corporation, a maritime corporation, maritime law.  But all of it is countries that it owned basically, it was called the Dominion, you see, of Britain, Great Britain.  And Canada was called the Dominion up until not that long ago, the dominion of Great Britain, Canada. Now it's just part of the Commonwealth again, 'eh.  But it says Australia, Australia is really going to town with it, isn't it. It says…


Australian Five- And Ten-Cent Coins To Disappear As Pandemic Ushers In 'Cashless Society'


Well, Canada did away with pennies and things, and they were talking about doing away with nickels, and then dimes eventually, they hope, in the process too.  The little incentive is, when you get, when you're using cash, you know, when the money's not there they don't give you the proper change, eventually, so you get shortchanged each time.  Until you say, oooo, I'm fed up with this, I'll just start using digital. That's what… You see how they prompt and force and coerce you into doing what they want you to do, 'eh?  Hm?  And as I've said before, when your choices are taken from you, eventually when crisis happens, then you don't have any other choices, you're done for. Don't laugh at having choices. So it says…


Australian Five- And Ten-Cent Coins To Disappear As Pandemic Ushers In 'Cashless Society' / 20 Aug 2020


Leading up to the pandemic, coin circulation in Australia experienced a sharp decline in the use of 5 and 10 cent coins.


(A:  Can they prove that?)


Royal Australian Mint CEO Ross MacDiarmid told ABC News that he expects 5 and 10 cent coins to be phased out of circulation in the coming years, adding that the pandemic has likely shortened the natural life of coins. 


(A:  Wow.  There ya go.)


Amazing how pandemics, this pandemic's done everything that they wanted, 'eh?  They blame everything on it. My Internet speed is blamed on Covid.  No kidding you. Slow speed. Oh, it's the Covid, you know.  And I talked to the guy and I says, why don't you just give some antiviral medication or an expectorant to the satellite? Everything's to be blamed on it. What a joke, 'eh! 


Everything is, you see, even with farming, and the food supply will start crashing and blah, blah, blah. It's not because, it's not Covid that caused it.  It's the RESPONSE, this engineered response too, a preordained response that's destroying everything, folks. And killing folk.  And more to come.


I just want to touch on one thing on this article before I forget it. Getting back to the value of life, and with bioethicists now saying, yeah, you shouldn't live more than 65 years. I mean, really, you shouldn't even get your pension, the state could do with the pension money and use it for better things, you know, that you paid into all your whole life. They've had professors come out and say this kind of thing. Again, it's bioethics, you know, as they train you that you're a piece of you know what.


Just take euthanasia, it's painless these days, you know. And it's cheap. We don't want to treat you for anything, you know, oh, older folk would cost money.  Barack Obama had that in his speech when he was running for presidency. Oh, my grandmother, he was on about his granny all the time, and she must've cost the state quite a lot of money. So what!  How much money did he throw at the wars? How much money are they throwing at vaccine companies? Trillions of bucks across the planet! Trillions of bucks for all things that won’t be used. Trillions of bucks to keep everybody from going to work. And then they'll try and tell you, to treat you for something, oooohh, it's just too expensive.


Do you understand, when you see a failure in logic and the continuity of logic, you're being deceived, folks.  Hm.  So yeah, getting back to the article…


The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) recently published data showing the rapid decline of physical currency used in transactions over the last half-decade.


Yep.  So they're trying to say that, well, it's time maybe just to get off cash altogether and use contactless payments and stuff.  That way they can monitor every single person on the planet and withhold it if you're bad, bad, bad. And if they withhold it, they won't let you use your own account for a week or a month to punish you, because you're asocial or you've been politically incorrect, you have no cash system to use anymore.  D'you see how it starts to work, folks?  Hm?  That's how the animals get trained.  M-hm. 


Australia's big four banks remove thousands of ATMs (A:  That's just a coincidence, probably because of Covid.) and shut down hundreds of branches as the coronavirus crisis pushes nation closer to a cashless society - / 16 Aug 2020


Aaaah, the Covid again, 'eh, it just shuts down all these machines and so on, and branches, so you're going to have to use nothing but cashless, cashless, cashless.  Hm?  There ya go, Covid, Covid, again.  And then this article here, there's a whole bunch actually on banks, a whole stack of them.  [Alan chuckles.]


Doctors banned from prescribing potential COVID-19 drug / 8 April 2020


(A:  And this is in Australia again, in Queensland. It says…)


New prescription rules, brought into effect in Queensland on Tuesday, mean clinicians are banned from prescribing the drug, (A:  …and it's that...) hydroxychloroquine, as a COVID-19 treatment.


(A:  …that hydroxychloroquine one, that you're not supposed to mention, you know, it's banned. Hydroxychloroquine, as a Covid 19 treatment.  So, the doctors are banned from prescribing it, and get a $13,000 fine.)


Doctors who prescribe an anti-malarial drug being trumpeted as a potential COVID-19 treatment face a $13,000 fine.


(A:  Isn't that astonishing? When you qualify as a doctor, you're supposed to have the license to prescribe anything you see fit. But again, that's in the old system of freedom.  This is the new freedom, freedom to do and obey what you're told to do by ones at the top.)


Hydroxychloroquine is an anti-malarial now used to treat autoimmune conditions such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.


(A:  Right.  This goes on to say…)


There is no solid evidence it is effective against COVID-19


I'll put up articles too, because remember, you see, Fauci said during the SARS and the MERS one, it was effective, it was okay for that coronavirus, you see. But at that time, you know, he didn't really have his pals at Gilead going with antivirals and things.  You know what I'm saying? You know?  Apart from that this particular hydroxychloroquine is awfully cheap. Awfully cheap.  M-hm.  So anyway, yep they banned it there in Australia. Australia is awfully authoritarian now. It's just sad.  M-hm. 


Was COVID-19 a Cover for an Anticipated or Planned Financial Crisis? / 20 Aug 2020


A major sign of financial distress in the US economy kicked in in mid-September of 2019 when there was a breakdown in the normal operation of the Repo Market. This repurchase market in the United States is important in maintaining liquidity in the financial system.


It goes on and on and on. But I'll put this one up for those that want to read about economics and so on.  But of course it's all part of that too. This is the global reset.  They've said it at the WEF, World Economic Forum, it's a reset of all the currencies of the planet to go under the auspices, again, of the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements, that's to get the final authority. Caroll Quigley talked about this in the 60s it would end up this way.


Here’s A List Of Corporations Funding (A:  Right.) The ‘Defund The Police’ Movement / 17 Aug 2020


(A:  It gives you them here.)


Prominent corporations from around the world are bankrolling the “defund the police” movement, a Daily Caller News Foundation review found.


Companies including Cisco, Clif Bar, Degree, DoorDash, DropBox, H&M and Pokemon announced donations to organizations that seek to defund the police.


Black Lives Matter Global Network and Color of Change are open about their desire to defund the police.


Both organizations have received an outpouring of corporate donations in recent months.


I think they also had government money thrown at them.  Even though they're Marxist organizations, you know.  M-hm-hm.  Which means that those companies and the governments that are putting money towards these things are terrorists. Isn't that amazing, 'eh?  M-m-m.  And again, the ones who are following them, the leaders know who's paying them and financing them, the followers are not, you know, they're always used.  Always used.


I've mentioned before that Millie Weaver documentary that was put out last week there. I think it's on Bitchute now, it was taken off YouTube, it's on Bitchute.  It does go into that, regardless of what you might think of the documentary or your decisions are on it, the fact is, it shows you the workings of intelligence agencies, some of it, and how quickly they can alter everything in real-time on the Internet, including what you're doing or anything about you, or even to change what you're saying in real time, and change even information coming in to you, even if it's voice in real time as it's happening, and much, much more.


And also to do with the big corporations, the military-industrial complex that have already got a lot of these robot things to push, put out into society, all they need is the contracts signed.   But first, you've got to get a problem or a crisis.  So you defund the police, the crime goes sky high until folk, including some of the mayors that were pushing it already, are screaming and hollering, and in come the robots, 'eh, the new system. You know, rethinking, reimagining police.  This is the terms that the WEF comes up with, and the Club of Rome, the reimagining, and Bill Gates, reimagining education, the system, stay at home and educate the children at home with computers, 'eh.  Reimagining. Of course they give you the curriculum to make sure they're standardized and they're all equally brainwashed across the world.  Clever, 'eh?  Diabolical perhaps, 'eh?


Dozens of corporations from around the world have collectively donated millions of dollars to left-wing organizations that advocate for defunding America’s police departments, a Daily Caller News Foundation review found.


Companies including Microsoft (A:  Naturally.), Intel and Airbnb have donated to Black Lives Matter Global Network and Color of Change, both of which want to defund police departments across the country.


And a lot of celebrities too...


‘A Violent Institution’: These Celebrities Are Funding The ‘Defund The Police’ Movement - / 4 Aug 2020


(A: they all move… [Alan chuckles.]  They’re all leaving Hollywood, 'eh, [Alan chuckles.]  but they're telling you to defund the police movement.  [Alan laughing.]   Oh dear, dear.  There ya go.  I tell ya.  M-hm.)


It goes on and on and on. Yeah, I wonder if they ever stop and think, why are the richest folk on the planet funding them? The ones that they're actually complaining about, like who rule and own the system, are funding them to create mayhem to get what they want, you see. This is… You wish they'd figure it out.


Germany to test universal basic income by handing people £1,080 (A:  ...pounds, that's pounds, like British pounds.) per month regardless of whether they have a job / 19 Aug 2020


Researchers will give 120 Germans £1,080 per month as universal basic income


Experiment will test how their attitudes and behaviours change as a result


Comes as support for nationwide scheme gained traction amid the pandemic


Spain has already announced plans for basic income to help economy recover


(A:  It can't recover, folks, when you're paying folk not to work.  Hm?  How can the economy recover if you're paying folk not to work?  But the whole plan really is because you're superfluous now. All your factories went off long ago to China and the Far East and it was all signed in under free trade negotiations. Again, through the World Economic Forum, the WEF groups all involved with the GATT treaties and so on.  M-hm.  They probably weren't asked if they wanted it, I mean, do you mind losing all your factories and all your employment and so on? So it was worked out 20 odd, 25, 30 years ago that eventually you'd get to this stage where they would just pay you to stay home.  And now they're going to study them. They've done these tests before by the way, basic income studies and so on.  So they're going to make it run for at least three years.)


It comes as public support for basic income schemes rises across Europe amid the coronavirus pandemic.


It's amazing, it's all to do with coronavirus. This virus is changing everything all by itself.  Another one too is…


Fed's "Direct Money Transfers" Are Coming: Brainard Says Fed Collaborating With MIT On "Hypothetical" Digital Currency / 14 Aug 2020


(A:  Oh, here it goes again, 'eh, it's probably because of Covid as well, I bet you. So this says…)


One week ago, we published a remarkable interview with two former Fed economists - Simon Potter (who was also the former head of the Fed's Plunge Protection Team for many years) and Julia Coronado (A:  [Alan chuckles.]  That's close to Corona, 'eh, Coronado…) - who have tremendous impact and influence on prevailing thinking at the Federal Reserve, and who hinted at the Fed's last ditch reflationary strategy: wiring digital money into Americans' financial apps, bypassing the reserve system entirely, and sparking an inflationary conflagration. As we said last Monday, "the two propose creating a monetary tool that they call recession insurance bonds, which draw on some of the advances in digital payments, which will be wired instantly to Americans."


(A:  Aach.  [Alan chuckles.]   The Federal Reserve is not federal, as we know.  It's been really a racket since it was created.  But it doesn't matter if they're going to be in charge of paper money or coin or digital, it's the same people running it. If you ever wanted a real war that would be the one. Because they'll never give up that. Can you imagine the power to run the Federal Reserve, 'eh?!   Hm, the power. Where no one, no one investigates YOU.  You are your own power.  M-hm.  You've already heard in the past crashes guys like Greenspan saying, no they can do what they want basically, they're not subject to government dictates.  Yeah, I'm telling ya.  So...)


From "The Fed Is Planning To Send Money Directly To Americans In The Next Crisis" says here, and it's got links to that as well, stay at home, stay at home, paid to stay at home. But everything, there's nothing for free, I hope you understand that. There's nothing for free. And the more you do for government, or get from government, the more they demand OF you.  And they've got an awful lot of demands all lined up, step-by-step until your life is going to be ruled by them.  Roll up your sleeves maybe once a month, who knows? Forever, 'eh, how about that?  Oh, you want to eat good food?  Oh, here's something you have to, here's a few hoops you have to jump through in that case to get the privilege. Everything is a privilege now.


I hope you understand, I'm not kidding you here.  This is what it's all about folks.  This is where it's all going, very quickly. Very, very quickly.


Never take anything from government. NEVER!  Because they will, they will, they want it in blood, maybe literally, in payment, you know, the way things are going. And if you've got a blood that they want, [Alan chuckles.] maybe more than you'd imagine, [Alan chuckles.] if they're after it.


Celebrities, 'eh, they are funding defund the police movement. It mentions…


‘A Violent Institution’: These Celebrities Are Funding The ‘Defund The Police’ Movement - / 4 Aug 2020


Celebrities including Anna Kendrick, Ellen (A:  ...Degenerate. [Alan chuckles.]  I always call her the same thing.) DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Legend, Olivia Culpo and Rihanna have donated to organizations that want to defund the police.


Black Lives Matter Global Network, Color of Change and the Movement for Black Lives are among the groups to benefit from a flood of donations from celebrities.


All three groups are working to defund the police. The Movement for Black Lives wants to abolish prisons as well as police.


(A:  So there ya go, they've got a wonderful utopia, and it goes on and on and on.  So they want to abolish everything that inflict violence on black people.)


“We believe that prisons, police and all other institutions that inflict violence on Black people must be abolished and replaced by institutions that value and affirm the flourishing of Black lives,” the website states.


(A:  .... utopia, 'eh?  Utopia.)


You understand, the problems in society today are so vast. People are dysfunctional because of a whole bunch of reasons, and never mind the drugs that have been flooding in and promoted. And don't forget that drugs were promoted with the pop revolution into the rock revolution, promoted, promoted, promoted.  Society uses it all, and it all goes to you know where.  Very quickly. All intentional.  Now you end up with this kind of thing happening, where folk have no work, they have no future, they seem to have no purpose, and they've got lots of drugs. And then their brains go with it, all chaos happens in their lives.  You can't be functional and on drugs at the same time.  Then you have all these fallout organizations set up to manage the chaos. It doesn't work. So just dropping the police isn't going to be the answer, believe you me. It's much bigger than that.


But again, all these characters too, it tells you a lot of who they are, and who make, the star machinery owns the people that they make stars. They own them, the stars that they make.  I hope you understand. So they can call on these characters all the time and, you know, they've got offers they can't refuse and orders they can't refuse. 


Coronavirus: Governments slammed for 'treating celebrities different to residents' in quarantine / 22 Jul 2020


(A:  Again, we mentioned Nicole Kidman earlier.  It says...)


Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, as well as Dannii Minogue, have all been granted quarantine exemptions to self-isolate in their mansion homes in NSW and Queensland.


(A:  I think they also have, I read an article, they also have two homes in the States, at least two in the States, one I think in Nashville they're moving to, and one in Italy itself too, you know, naturally.)


...have all been granted quarantine exemptions to self-isolate in their mansion homes in NSW and Queensland.


The celebrities were allowed to pay for their own security teams to ensure they could stay in their own homes while filming television programs.


(A:  That's nice to be allowed that, 'eh, you know?)


...have all been granted quarantine exemptions...


Queenslander Nicola Ferguson, however, will have to pay thousands for her stay in a cramped Brisbane hotel room after flying back from New Zealand, where she said goodbye to her dying mother and organised her funeral.


"Money obviously talks a lot louder than the average taxpaying citizen in Australia," she said.


"Nobody disputes that quarantine is necessary. It is not necessary from a COVID-free country."


...will have to pay thousands for her stay in a cramped Brisbane hotel room...


Ms Ferguson was denied a quarantine exemption of her own when she requested to isolate in her house, (A:  ...her own house...) despite New Zealand currently having no community transmission of coronavirus.


(A:  Well, that doesn't matter.  I mean, it doesn't matter if it doesn't even exist in that country, you know, you've got to pay for it, woman, come on, you're not famous.  So anyway, that's what it is, the rich and the poor, you know.  All depends who you are, doesn't it?)


Queensland Health responded to her request by saying it "does not meet the threshold for exceptional circumstances".


(A:  But it's okay if it's Nicole Kidman that meets the threshold. Somebody's and nobody's.  There ya go.)


But folk are all flooding out of, say, LA, I know that much, and other places too right now.  M-m-m.  And folk who are, say, important, you see, that’s essential for plays and dramas where they're incorporating all the story of the Covid thing into the dramas and that to make you copy, be and comply and behave the way they are telling you to comply IN the drama. It works awfully well.  So they're essential, you see, that's why they do all this stuff.  I'm not kidding you. I'm not being facetious here.


This one's about China...


China’s national-security law (A:  They're really going at it now in China.)  reaches into Harvard, Princeton classrooms / 19 Aug 2020


Professors at elite U.S. universities turn to code names, warning labels to protect students


The effect of the new national-security law that China imposed on Hong Kong is extending far beyond the territory to American college campuses.


So, courses that China considers politically sensitive, so anyone's who's taking them from China, they're just giving them fake names and so on so that China itself won't really know who they are, taking these particular courses supposedly. That's the excuse anyway.


Another one too is put up by Google... Interestingly enough.  One of the biggest spy organizations out there, it’s part of the massive world intelligence service, this Google. It was from the beginning. So they put out this article here being the good guys, you see, because they’re in it with Facebook and all the rest of it that are censoring certain peoples.


The way Aussies search every day on Google is at risk from new regulation


Open letter to Australians


We need to let you know about new Government regulation that will hurt how Australians use Google Search and YouTube.


A proposed law, the News Media Bargaining Code, would force us to provide you with a dramatically worse Google Search and YouTube, could lead to your data being handed over to big news businesses, and would put the free services you use at risk in Australia.


(A:  So, what's new regulation coming out, and they're trying to say that, like it's almost like they're saying it's not really their fault, right.  [Alan chuckles.])


You trust us with your data and our job is to keep it safe. Under this law, Google has to tell news media businesses “how they can gain access” to data about your use of our products.


(A:  Well, they've been doing that forever, that's what Google's about.  N-n-n.  Giving big companies special treatment, 'eh?)


Hollywood, the ones who are funding all the... the poor souls that are getting their businesses burned down.


Hollywood Apocalypse: The rich and famous are fleeing in droves as liberal politics and coronavirus turn City of Dreams into cesspit plagued by junkies and violent criminals / 16 Aug 2020


(A:  It goes into examples...)


Set just a few hundred yards from the ocean in sun-kissed Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Gold's was the backdrop for Pumping Iron, the 1977 documentary which followed a young, unknown Austrian bodybuilder called Arnold Schwarzenegger as he prepared for the Mr Universe contest.


Yet today Gold's sits amid post-apocalyptic scenes which have consumed much of LA, turning the City of Dreams into an urban nightmare from which people are fleeing in droves.


Makeshift tents...


I remember last year I read articles where you had, oh, hundreds and hundreds of just mobile homes and cars, folks living in them on the main streets and so on, coming in, because they had lost their homes elsewhere, in other states too. The first thing you do is to go where you don't have to pay for heating, for goodness sake, that's essential, 'eh, if you lose all your financial income.  And the rents are so astronomically corruptly obscene, a lot of folk can't afford it. So they go to places where, yeah, where you can at least not die of freezing, like it is in Britain, that die in the winter and now it's normal, it's accepted, again because of bioethics, you see, that's acceptable.


So anyway, here's, yeah, they talk about how bad it is now in LA, it's the same in San Francisco.  Again, this, ha!  Look at it too, you've got so many thousands of people living in tents, you've also got everyone complaining in LA and in other cities when these tent cities come, there's needles everywhere because they are ALL on drugs, and often the syringes are supplied to them.  And in some places too, the drugs are supplied to them by the state too. Safe injections’ they call it.  Come on, folks!  This is beyond soma, hm.  N-n-n.


These are all techniques to create a class that will literally accept the final exit by the bioethics committees, you know. It really is. That's what it's all about, folks, essential/nonessential.  I said it years ago, with all this demand that there's too many people, there's too many of you that they’re on about constantly from the top, the Sierra Club and all the other big groups, the Duke of Edinburg belong to as an example, one example. Too many of you, David Attenborough.  Jacques Cousteau, too many of you. 


I said, d’you think that they were going to keep you hanging around as pets when they have no work for you or no use for you, they can't use you to gain an income? Do you think they're going to keep you as pets?  I did this talk years ago.  No, they’ll convince you what they want you to do by making it so bad.


By the way, I want to mention a series I'll put up if I find any links to it. I don't know if you can get access to it. It was put up by Britain in 2013 called Utopia, it's a six part series.  There's actually two, the first series and the second series. But the first is about literally what we're talking about, an elite who already rule the world, just coincidentally, a secret society that is, you know, has all the power, who can, they've infiltrated MI6 and CIA, they've got members everywhere.  Their whole thing is to prevent overpopulation of the planet by basically releasing a virus, then offering the vaccination, which in the early phases of the show tells you will also sterilize the people who get the vaccine.  And it goes through this convoluted story, with amazing graphic violence, just for the sake of violence, and sex and all the rest of it and things, the PC stuff that they have to shove in there. 


But yeah, a lot of the story is actually in there, [Alan chuckles.] including the twist at the end of they want to eradicate most of the public, that's the big, big secret, most of the public, not just sterilize them, but eradicate them completely and so on and so on; you see some of them turning on each other towards the end. But there you go. And they have the big guys at the top that are into this altering the genetic makeup of the individuals that are going to survive. That's exactly what this new RNA vaccine is going to be by Moderna, ha, it's going to all to your genetic makeup, 'eh.  Permanently.


What a coincidence. I've always talked about predictive programming, how they give it to you in entertainment so when it comes out in reality it seems kind of familiar and you don't really question it much, it seems natural. Because you've been fed little bits and pieces of it, and it is familiar to you, even if you haven't consciously really dwelled on it, it's familiar to you and you accept it more easily. The behaviorists know this, you see. That's how it's done. Lots of things like that out there.


It's called Utopia and it's a two-part series. Each part, one, has got six episodes, I think part two is the same.  If you can get a hold of it. Someone sent it to me luckily and it was interesting to watch it. Predictable from my point of view but it's interesting, they even had it all out there, Bill Gates type character in 2013 where he talked openly about the depopulation and so on. 


And just before I finish on that one, you find generally these characters who write these things are paid and coached by the ones who really do run the world on the topics they're going to write about. But the guy who wrote Make Room, Make Room from which they took the story for Soylent Green, that's where it came from, it was called Make Room, Make Room.  The guy literally admitted, yeah, he was approached by some of the eugenicists at the top to actually promote that idea in his story, that's what it was about, to try to get the public to think about it, that there's too many of them, you see, so they would maybe not have children or something like that, and persuade them not to do it. That's where that story Soylent Green came from, Make Room, Make Room was the original story.


The same thing happened of course with, well, many, many movies of course, Logan's Run, that was one of the other ones too. It makes it sink home, the idea there's too many of you. And the idea that, really, I could tell right off the bat with Utopia, was, and I bet it worked pretty well too for folk who really sit for half their life watching TV.  Because these episodes are really padded to drag on a bit. But it's to get them talking about it, you see. And they'll find that groups, well, I see their points of view. Because they can put it across, again with bioethics would put it across, you see, well you know, there's too many folk taking up resources, eventually there won't be enough food to go around, and enough of this, and yada, yada.


There's even a part in one of the later episodes in part two, where one of the characters are set loose, they've been trained and they are sleepers to actually release these viruses in different parts of the world, come out of hiding and throw off their disguises. One of them talks to a woman and says, that's a nice child, don't you feel guilty about having that child? Then he goes into the usual sustainability thing, that they've already trained people into, all these different movements, save the Earth and all that. He says, do you realize how much carbon that child is going to cause to be consumed and used in its lifetime? He goes into all the amounts of carbon that's being put up by Friends of the Earth and so on and David Attenborough, and again the Club of Rome, World Economic Forum, all the usual culprits.


Because it's always been the same agenda. Always. It doesn't matter what guise they used to get it through, it's always been to reduce the population of all of YOU.  And you can’t please them. Don't forget the countries of Britain and other ones, the population, domestic populations have been plummeting with native British people, etc., and Scott's and all the rest of it for years. They've been awfully good. Then they get punished, there's not enough of you to pay off the debt so we've got to bring in mass migration. You see, you're not going to win.  [Alan chuckles.]  With lies, how can you win with lies?


What always gets me too is, again, the Rothschild statement when he was asked about, when's the best time to make a profit, the big profits, you know, make a killing in a sense. And he answered he says, when blood's flowing in the streets.  That's where the term 'a killing' comes from.  When you got what they need, even if it's bandages or medicine, then you're made, you see. Just like the vaccine companies, oh, give us billions, we might get a vaccine while were working.  All these characters get to be instant billionaires, lots of them right now. But you've got all these other ones jumping on the bandwagon...


Canadian biotech company says its anti-viral clothing kills 99.9 per cent of coronavirus / 12 Aug 2020


(A:  Now, do they have their hand out for something, I don't know? Probably will be.)


A Toronto-based biotech company is a frontrunner in developing a new kind of COVID-19 protection: antiviral clothing, made to protect against the virus.


(A:  They go into the usual sales pitch kind of thing, it's going to be interesting and necessary, etc., etc.  It's got a sort of chemical treatment on at supposedly that will kill off the viruses and so on. And how long it will last and how long it will take to even kill the stuff, and how many washings it will take, yada, yada, ya, you know. Mind you, I mean, what will this chemical do to you if you're breathing the darn stuff in and you're wearing it?  M-hm.  I'm telling ya.)


The chemical targets the fatty molecules that surround viruses, destroying them in minutes.


It has also been tested against other pathogens, including norovirus, H1N1 and E.coli, according to the company’s website.


So, everybody is it on the act, 'eh, everybody that you can name is in on the act trying to get richer or richer. Again, our greed is enough, it destroys us all, isn't it?  Really, the greed factor.  Tyson Foods, amazing company, Tyson. I remember when Bill Clinton was a big fan of them and pals with them too.


Tyson Foods Helped Create the Meat Crisis It Warns Against / 28 April 2020


How Will the U.S. Meat Industry Change From Coronavirus?


(A:  This article goes on about it too, how they put a stranglehold on output, etc.)


There have been about 12 closures at U.S. slaughter plants this month because of coronavirus outbreaks among employees who are jammed together on processing lines.


That’s wiped out roughly 25% of pork-processing capacity and 10% for beef...


Remember too, the more they test everybody the more they're going to find coronavirus because it's in the air from fragments of people who have had it, or animals that have had it too. Never mind most of the tests are pretty useless anyway, these tests, especially the swabs.  So it doesn't mean the folk are ill at the plants.  So, it goes into how come the company actually helped to cause the problem.  Which, and they'll benefit from too, naturally get more business for themselves.  And another one…


Tyson Joins Bill Gates, Cargill (A:  …another big agribusiness.) to Invest in Lab-Meat Producer / 29 Jan 2018


(A:  No, that's a coincidence, Bill Gates is just, he’s innovative, with his vaccines, antiviral drugs, you know, education for children, um, depopulation, sterility. He's just an interesting fellow, he's got interests in these things.  It's a pastime. Everybody bored stiff needs a hobby, and that's his hobby, you know.  So he's in with Tyson Foods...)


Tyson Foods Inc. is boosting its bet on meat that comes from the lab instead of the slaughterhouse.


Now, Bill Gates already has patents out on some of these artificial hamburgers and things I think too, these veggie burgers and all that. Again, they always benefit from the chaos that they [Alan clearing his throat.] cause [Alan clearing his throat.] at times.


Philippines bans chicken imports from Brazil on coronavirus scare / 14 Aug 2020


MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines imposed a temporary ban on poultry meat imports from Brazil on Friday after two cities in China found traces of the new coronavirus in cargoes of imported frozen food, including chicken wings from the South American country.


(A:  Mind you, they did the same thing with that president, was it Tanzania in Africa, who took, he took swab tests from fruit, right, and different things like that, and also even from motor oil at one point, and they all came back positive for coronavirus. So he kicked the WHO laboratory out of his country.  [Alan chuckles.] Quite right too.  So maybe they should try that with, you know, maybe that's what they're doing there, just... I guess they should test everything there and they'll probably find it all over the place, no doubt. It depends who’s doing the testing. So…)


Brazil has the world's second-worst COVID-19 outbreak after the United States, recording more than 3.2 million cases and more than 105,000 deaths since the pandemic began.


Remember, if you've got the darn thing, and you don't know you've got it and you have no symptoms of it, and you die of heart attacks or motor accidents or whatever, they put you down as Covid, folks. This is incredible what they're doing.  And it's been admitted to in a lot of countries, including the US. So you can't even take these death figures as, you know, as meaningful.  So anyway, everybody's getting affected by, 'eh, everybody, everything in society.


Dr. Fauci says aiming for herd immunity would lead to ‘enormous’ death toll


You see, anything like normal immunity from your own body, 'eh, it's not profitable. So here's Fauci and he says, it will cause an enormous death toll.  So here's the, remember I mentioned the blood plasma treatment, where you can get the white blood cells, like the actual immune cells, the response ones, you know, antibodies to the disease, from the blood plasma, and give it to people who can't pull out of it themselves so well.  And there's was a big drive, I remember, I mentioned it, I saw it happening before it happened, because sure enough the Red Cross went into overdrive to get more blood, then admitted it was taking the plasma. Well, where's it going? Why aren't they giving it to the folk who really need it?  Because they would say that they are giving it to the folk who really need it at the very top, 'eh.  Hm?


Dr. Fauci says aiming for herd immunity would lead to ‘enormous’ death toll / 14 Aug 2020


FDA halts emergency approval of COVID-19 blood plasma treatment - / 19 Aug 2020


What a power this has got, ‘eh, the FDA.


Trump shares Fauci's advice on in person voting amid Covid-19 - / 16 Aug 2020


And Fauci….Who is this Fauci, ‘eh?


Fauci doubts Russia has proven new vaccine is safe, effective - / 12 Aug 2020


Fauci slams disturbing Georgia school that reopened - / 11 Aug 2020


Hhhhhhhhhhhh.  This guy is getting himself in a real dither.


Dr. Fauci says aiming for herd immunity would lead to ‘enormous’ death toll / 14 Aug 2020


Dr. Anthony Fauci warned about a staggering death toll from the coronavirus, particularly among vulnerable people, if the US allows the infections to sweep across the country in a bid to achieve possible herd immunity.


(A:  So letting it happen naturally, which happens always, even with a Spanish flu... You understand, the Spanish flu went away, didn't it, after about two years, gone.  That's what normally happens. It devolves its potency, that's what generally happens.)


(A: Then the article from Oxford, remember, a few months ago I mentioned that one, where the chief virologist working on the vaccine over there, at the time, said that it was disappearing so fast in society, the virus, then they might not have time to actually come out with a vaccine, it would already be gone, he said.  And Fauci said at the beginning that, oh, the whole agenda that was really part of the Dark Winter exercise too, ongoing, where they mandated they'd lock the whole country down, yada, and lockup everybody who is healthy, yada, ya, you know.  And Fauci said, you'll never get out again unless you get the vaccine, at the beginning. Because it's profitable.)


(A: It isn't just money and profit. He worked for the big society that owns the world. That's why he's got so much power in what happens. It's an agenda for reshaping everything. So he says...) 


“If everyone contracted it, even with the relatively high percentage of people without symptoms … a lot of people are going to die,” the nation’s top infectious diseases expert said...


(A:  He's not an expert, I don't think he's an expert, I really don't. He's wrong on so many things. He said at the beginning, remember, that he didn't think Americans had much to worry about. Remember that one?  So he says...)


“You look at the United States of America with our epidemic of obesity, as it were. With the number of people with hypertension. With the number of people with diabetes. If everyone got infected, the death toll would be enormous and totally unacceptable,” said Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.


(A:  And don't forget too, his institution's got money, millions from Bill Gates too. Really astonishing, 'eh.)


Anti-vaxxers could ruin any chance at COVID-19 immunity, Fauci warns - / 29 June 2020


HHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  I'm telling ya.  N-n-n.  It's also interesting too in another article, they're starting to worry about folk who might not want to take the vaccine, and a big movement starts, so they might not need as much folk to get herd immunity, if it's 30% or…  I'll try to find the article before I finish where they try to drop the amount. 


Bill Gates: If 30-60% of Americans take coronavirus vaccine, 'exponential spread' will stop - / 18 Aug 2020




The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers / 9 April 2020


(A:  This one goes back again to April, right. Just to show you again, you've got to remember that, how they were fudging the rules then. And the CDC openly admitted that it's fudging the Covid 19 death figures, then, this is the article about it, or one of the articles.)


Dr. Annie Bukacek, MD, explained in a presentation how death certificates are made.  (See “Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek discusses how COVID-19 death certificates are being manipulated,” YouTube, April 6)


It's really amazing, hey?  But it doesn't change anything, even when things are exposed, because it's a huge agenda.  Preplanned, you see.  I tell ya.  Here's an article here from 2005, it’s from Virology Journal, the big one.


Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread / 22 Aug 2005


(A:  This is from one of the top Virology magazines, in their journal.)


Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread


(A:  Now, remember that this present one is called SARS Coronavirus 19, with the base model really being the same SARS coronavirus. That's how you see it. And it's got four inserts, certainly, added to it but it’s still SARS coronavirus infection, right.  They go through it too...)


We report, however, that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage. In addition to the well-known functions of chloroquine such as elevations of endosomal pH, the drug appears to interfere with terminal glycosylation of the cellular receptor, angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. This may negatively influence the virus-receptor binding and abrogate the infection, with further ramifications by the elevation of vesicular pH, resulting in the inhibition of infection and spread of SARS CoV at clinically admissible concentrations.


It goes on and on, it's a good article actually, how it basically gets in and all the rest of it. We know how it works basically. There's little spikes, you see, on these little pictures they keep showing you all the time, is how they really attach itself to the ace 2 receptors and download into them pretty well.  But that particular instant of it touching the receptors in your lungs and your nasal cavities, or sinuses I should say, it really, it has a little acidic response, if it's nonacidic, and it will inhibit the transfer of downloading into the particular cells and invading the cells themselves. Awfully important that little bit.  So alkalinity definitely helps to destroy, or inhibit the infection into the cells themselves. It's really interesting to me.


It's awfully similar to an old sci-fi, I can't remember the name of it. Oh, yeah! It was Andromeda Strain, I think it was the first one, where a satellite comes back to earth supposedly and people just die in a town where a satellite was brought in.  It's landed somewhere and someone brought it into the town and everybody died off. But it turned out that folk, the only survivors was an old guy who was a drunk and he had a stomach ulcer and he took bicarbonate of soda all the time, and a baby, that the system was alkaline to start with because of the milk and that supposedly is what inhibited the transfer of the virus. Again, very similar to a coronavirus type thing, into the body, because they need the acidity to transfer itself, that moment of transfer of the site, that spike to the receptor.  It's interesting that it was an old sci-fi and yet this is similar to it in the way it’s describing it here. 


So I'll put these links up too from, again, they're all from good articles written years ago basically praising it for what it did, you know.  Here's another one too, I mentioned this one already as well.


More infectious coronavirus mutation may be 'a good thing', says disease expert / 17 Aug 2020


(A:  This is dated August 18, although I thought before that, maybe a different article. It says that…)


An increasingly common mutation of the novel coronavirus found in Europe, North America and parts of Asia may be more infectious but appears less deadly, according to a prominent infectious diseases doctor.


Paul Tambyah, senior consultant at the National University of Singapore and president-elect of the International Society of Infectious Diseases, said evidence suggests the proliferation of the D614G mutation in some parts of the world has coincided with a drop in death rates, suggesting it is less lethal.


(A:  That's normally what happens, it starts to die off.)


“Maybe that’s a good thing to have a virus that is more infectious but less deadly,” Tambyah told Reuters.


(A:  And it's true enough, if it's more infectious, but the symptoms are lessening all the time, you don't really mind it because you won't even know you had it.)


Tambyah said most viruses tend to become less virulent as they mutate.


(A:  Well, that's common knowledge, except they don't want you to really know that, [Alan chuckles.] especially if you're common.) 


“It is in the virus’ interest to infect more people but not to kill them because a virus depends on the host for food and for shelter,” he said.


(A:  That's an amazing theory, that, too, where they almost give a virus, this primitive thing, you can't really call it a life either, it's almost like a little robot, it’s almost like a little machine.  As opposed to a bacterium, you know, where bacterium has a cell, it's like a tiny little animal.  But not a virus. It can go inert, a virus, it can hibernate for a long time too.  But it's almost like a little machine.  They have this theory about it as though it was like it's a living entity that can think.  And how would this little thing know, why not kill off its host and it would be done with it? I mean, it wouldn't know, it wouldn't say I better not kill them off.  It doesn't have a brain to think, so how on earth would it know that? But they give you, they always give this, I've seen this theory taught in medicine for a long, long time.)


Scientists discovered the mutation as early as February and it has circulated in Europe and the Americas, the World Health Organization said. The WHO has also said there is no evidence the mutation has led to more severe disease.


On Sunday, Malaysia’s director-general of health Noor Hisham Abdullah urged greater public vigilance after authorities detected what they believe was the D614G mutation of the coronavirus in two recent clusters.


Sebastian Maurer-Stroh of Singapore’s agency for science, technology and research said the variant has also been found in the city-state but that containment measures have prevented large-scale spread.


Malaysia’s Noor Hisham said the D614G strain detected there (A: Malaysia.) was 10 times more infectious and that vaccines currently in development may not be effective against this mutation.


But Tambyah and Maurer-Stroh said such mutations would not likely change the virus enough to make potential vaccines less effective.


So, you can't find two experts agree on anything. Because it's all speculation really, you know. And agenda driven naturally. It's essential all this happened because of the agenda. How do you think you're going to get a great reset and a whole new way of living and sustainability and austerity without it? 


And this other article by another top scientist, he says…


Renowned European scientist: COVID-19 was engineered in China lab, effective vaccine ‘unlikely’ / 11 Aug 2020


(A:  You're not supposed to mention China at all now anymore, because we are all, everything is so PC, we're all friends again, you see, and we mustn't upset anybody and, it doesn't matter what the truth is.)


August 10, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – It will not be possible for the Dr. Fauci’s of the world to dismiss Professor Giuseppe Tritto as a crank.  Not only is he an internationally known expert in biotechnology and nanotechnology who has had a stellar academic career, but he is also the president of the World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies (WABT),


(A:  This again must be reprinted because I know I read this one before, a month or two ago. I'm pretty sure of it.  Maybe from a different paper, or site. So he's the head of the...)


the president of the World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies (WABT), an institution founded under the aegis of UNESCO in 1997.


In other words, he is a man of considerable stature in the global scientific community.  Equally important, one of the goals of WABT is to analyze the effect of biotechnologies—like genetic engineering—on humanity.


Prof. Tritto’s book, (A:  .... this world-class scientist does exactly that, what he says is...)


says that the China Virus definitely wasn’t a freak of nature that happened to cross the species barrier from bat to man.  It was genetically engineered in the Wuhan Institute of Virology's P4 high-containment lab in a program supervised by the Chinese military.


(A:  We know this already because it was all admitted in the beginning, wasn't it?  We found out too from the top, and from official papers in the US, that Fauci even okayed the transfer of the coronavirus from North Carolina to Wuhan, which they helped and even get a few million dollars to get it, for gain of function experiments there. This is no conspiracy. This is all published stuff and verified. So, the scientist goes into the history of it, which we've done many times before.  He said, it was...)


...genetically engineered in the Wuhan Institute of Virology's P4 high-containment lab in a program supervised by the Chinese military.


What sets Prof. Tritto’s book apart is the fact that it demonstrates—conclusively, in my view—the pathway by which a PLA-owned (A:  People's Liberation Army owned...) coronavirus was genetically modified to become the China Virus now ravaging the world.  His account leaves no doubt that it is a “chimera”, an organism created in a lab.


He also connects the dots linking the Wuhan lab to France and the United States, showing how both countries provided financial and scientific help to the Chinese as they began to conduct ever more dangerous bioengineering experiments. 


(A:  It was a woman in Wuhan, a scientist, I think she's missing now. They say she's missing now, who knows, they just take her into hiding or whatever, for her own good, maybe even in China. But that was her job. She had lots of papers on how she altered different viruses through, again, gain of function to make them more lethal. She got lots of awards for it too.  This article goes through some of this.  He says too that he's doubtful they'll come up with, he goes into the gain of function research and how Fauci was a big proponent of getting it altered with gain of function, and he gave it to the China to continue that in fact.  Again, it's all been published before.  Anyway, because of all this too, he doubts that because it's...)


Given the many mutations of SARS-CoV-2, it is extremely unlikely that a single vaccine that blocks the virus will be found.  (A:  And he goes on from there.)


Now again, Fauci, right, this El Duce, Dr Fauci, says, this is again from 2020, right...


WOW! Dr. Fauci Cheered Hydroxychloroquine Success Treating MERS Coronavirus in 2013…

But Today He’s Skeptical… That’s Weird? / 4 April 2020


Exactly two weeks later hydroxychloroquine was deemed the most highly rated treatment for the novel coronavirus in an international poll of more than 6,000 doctors.


Dr. Fauci was skeptical of hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness in treating the novel coronavirus.


But he wasn’t so skeptical back in 2013.  In fact, Dr. Anthony Fauci CHEERED the use of hydroxychloroquine appeared effective “only in cells in lab dishes” in treatment of against MERS. 


(A:  MERS, that's the other coronavirus type.)


So Dr. Fauci thought a 2013 test in a “lab dish” was particularly encouraging.


Anyway, again, they've been working with the Gilead company for quite a few years by the way before this happened, so I guess he's, he seems to always, he picks the Bill Gates type winners, and other companies’ winners, I guess he likes winners.


I'll also put up for Australia, it's a class-action I think against the government in Australia for this incredible lockdown, this horrible lockdown they're having. The PDF, like all of them, it's like 25 pages for these kind of class-action lawsuits. I'll put it up for those that want to look at it.


Lockdown Class Action in Australia - / 20 Aug 2020


Also, the bad news again…


Government may provide indemnity to NZ supplier of Covid-19 vaccine


Because of course as you know, they know there's going to be an awful, awful, awful lot of folks who are going to die of it. Fauci said that himself… No, Bill Gates said that himself, didn't he, was it like 700,000 might die across the world, I hope it was just the world he's talking about and not just one country, because of the vaccine itself. That's what he said in that video.  N-n-n. 


So yeah, they want immunity for the suppliers of these vaccinations because you won’t get all the side effects shown until a few years are up by the way.  You could have all kinds of nasty things happening.  Just like the terrible fallout from the original Simeon 40 polio vaccines that came out with all the cancers in them. Still affecting folk today.  So...


Government may provide indemnity to NZ supplier of Covid-19 vaccine / 30 July 2020


The Ministry of Health (A: already, I guess he must've greased a few palms in the country to...) is planning to fast-track the approval process for a Covid-19 vaccine, and won't rule out offering a supplier indemnity from any potential claims resulting from its use.


Well there's something you shouldn't do right away, don't take anything you can't sue them for, or have them locked them in prison for.


AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries - / 30 July 2020


This is another article here, the AstraZeneca one. They're all getting their immunity from maiming you or killing you. Or sterilizing you.  Oops, we didn't know. Just like the movie, Utopia, hey, or the TV series I should say.  But here's the good news, which we all knew already, because it's quite normal it happens.


A "Novel" Breakthrough? New Studies Show Memory T-Cells Offer Long Term And Pre-Existing COVID Immunity / 20 Aug 2020


Much of the talk about the coronavirus over the last couple of months has been about antibodies.


(A:  Of course, Fauci said, well we don't know how long these antibodies will last in you. This is why they want to keep sticking these needles into you. But they found with testing that a lot of the tests they've done on people, who didn't even know they'd ever had the virus, they are finding that they are creating cells, they've got immune system cells working in their bodies already, and it might be from previous infections from other Covid diseases that are actually working against this particular one now, you see. Because they are all coronavirus types that they're looking at, at the moment.)


"People who don't seem to have high titers of antibodies, but who are infected or have been infected, have good T-cell responses," Fauci said during a Facebook interview last Thursday.


Similarly, a study performed in July found that in 36 COVID-19 patients who recovered, all produced memory T cells that "recognize and are specifically engineered to fight the new coronavirus."


(A:  So, your own body is producing it itself.)


A third study, published in Nature, found that out of 18 people studied, more than 80% developed these T cells.


They should be giving the globulin to the folk who can't recover by themselves, whose bodies just can't, they're two weakened for whatever reason to produce it themselves, give them the transfusions, you know, that's what the blood's for, for goodness sake, and treat them.


But no, it's again, bioethics.  Well you know, we can treat everybody and if these folk, you know, they've already said that, Canada was one of them, we have to work ahead of the plans, make decisions on who should get the treatments and who shouldn't get treatment to keep them alive, because we won't have enough medications. This is before it really broke out. And even when it broke out, nothing much happened.


I've got another one too...


US ‘frontline’ doctors’ website exposes ‘criminal’ campaign by tech giants, govt agencies to block COVID med - / 5 Aug 2020

Again, we know the one they're talking about.  It's astonishing what they've done trying to stop folk from using this. Because they don't want you to get clearing up. They want you all to get vaccinated. That was on the books before you even heard the term Covid 19. That was mandated as a must-be.  They are all in it together. Literally.  And they're going to hammer anybody that comes out with any treatment that works. It says...


IMF and WEF – From Great Lockdown to Great Transformation. The COVID Aftermath - / 14 Aug 2020


I can put that up too. And another one too is…


Global report: Australian PM backtracks on plan to make coronavirus vaccine mandatory / 19 Aug 2020


Scott Morrison wants 95% uptake of vaccine


New Zealand bolsters quarantine with 500 military personnel


South Korea in record daily rise


But no, they'll backtrack on it, but they'll make you wear a manacle and they won't let you out of your house unless you… Just like a prisoner, you see, make you a prisoner, like a criminal. You won't take the vaccine, you're a criminal.


COVID 19: Mandatory Mask or Face Covering Bylaws - / 5 Aug 2020


This is another one too of Toronto, how they come out with all this nonsense. Even though the CDC in May came out with a big article on their own site saying none of the masks make any sense at all, it won't save you from giving or receiving Covid infection. This is from the makers of the masks, 'eh.  And the CDC approval.)


Virginia Plans Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations For All Residents / 22 Aug 2020


(A:  There's another one. Even though they say it's peaked and it's starting to fade...)


The State of Virginia is setting a new precedent by seriously discussing forcing Virginians to be vaccinated with whatever rushed-to-marked candidate the FDA approves first.


They're all getting bribes, that's what it is too, you know, these politicians. Another one too is…


Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination: The Zero Carbon Solution / 10 Aug 2020


(A:  That's by a good friend, Helena Handbasket, because we all go to you know where in it.)


This original article was first published in Issue 4 of The Sovereign Independent in June 2011. The lady in the image above was astute enough to keep a hold of the original printed newspaper.


Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination:


The Zero Carbon Solution


By Rachel Windeer. (First published June 2011)


You see, we are carbon lifeforms, I've mentioned this for the last 25, 30 years.  We're carbon lifeforms. We are the target for it all, it's our fault, everything is our fault.  You see, carbon reduction, carbon reduction, carbon lifeforms, 'eh?


This is an interesting article here…


Government Cameras Hidden on Private Property? Welcome to Open Fields / 10 Aug 2020


(A:  How the government’s now in Tennessee...)


...the Tennessee landowner removed a game camera secretly strapped to a tree on his private land by wildlife officials in order to monitor his activity without apparent sanction or probable cause.


(A:  So, he removed it, and he got a SWAT team on him, for removing their property, which they had put on his land [Alan chuckles.] on a stakeout. And no probable cause or a search warrants or anything to do it.  It says…)


Welcome to Open Fields.


The vast majority of Americans assume law enforcement needs a warrant to carry out surveillance, but for roughly a century, SCOTUS has ruled that private land—is not private. Fourth Amendment protections against “unreasonable searches and seizures” expressed in the Bill of Rights only apply to an individual’s immediate dwelling area, according to SCOTUS.


However, SCOTUS’ Open Fields doctrine has been bucked in Mississippi, Montana, New York, Oregon and Vermont...


It's, you see, unfortunately the US is overregulated now, just like the country of Britain was already overregulated when they all left it to go to the Americas.  That's why America prospered so well too, LACK of government interference and regulations in all businesses. It helped folk get off the ground. Now you can’t get anything started, even in your garage, without permits and inspections and fees galore, 'eh.


Now, there are a few other topics I just want to squeeze into the talk without going over any excess time. One of them is, someone sent me a link to I think a Twitter where it came out from the Netherlands in Holland where the police brutality against protesters, against wearing facemasks, and you see them laying into people with big batons, young, frail, actually frail looking woman actually getting hammered with these batons. And that's what you get in a system that's been, that's ultra-politically correct and very obedient to the state generally. Holland is very much so, always obedient to the state.  In the meanwhile, they had riots on the go for quite some time, and the present time too, with immigrants coming in who are protesting and demanding and rioting in parts of the country there and the police won't touch them.  That's what it's come down to now.


As I said before, if you don't belong to an elevated special interest group, or classified as a minority or whatever, [Alan chuckles.] even if they're not a minority in some countries, then you won't have any rights at all and the police will just turn their angst onto the general population that have no powers or anybody to speak for them. And that's what happens.  So yeah, if you don't wear a mask, they'll lay into you there with batons, you’ll see it happening, little clips from it.  I’ll put the links up for that.


NETHERLANDS: Police officers baton Dutch-lady, attending an AntiMask Protest - / 20 Aug 2020


Also, I’ll put the links up for two other things as well, to do with Belarus for instance.    We've got to remember that Great Gain India... 


EXPOSED: World Bank Coronavirus Aid Comes With Conditions For Imposing Extreme Lockdown, Reveals Belarus President - / 27 July 2020


That was what they put out about from Belarus.  And...


Belarus president unwilling to accept additional terms to get foreign loans - / 19 June 2020


And the Belarus president, that's now under fire actually, and after winning the election, he was targeted because he refused this massive aid, way more than they needed, with conditions for, to put them under the control of the World Bank and the IMF. He said this way over, it's 9/10ths over what they actually need to get through this. But the conditions were extreme lockdown, and an Italian type lockdown.  He didn't want an Italian type lockdown, he said, we don't want this happening, what happened in Italy to happen here he said, so he refused this massive loan, you see. So immediately the EU Parliament turned against him and now they've got a kind of color revolution, a lot of young women protesting him just winning the election there.


Belarus election: Police use live fire on protesters in Brest - / 12 Aug 2020


Who knows what the situation really is? I'm sure all countries are corrupt, you see. But supposedly he won, no different from here or the States, right, it's just in the open, it's always really been that if you understand what happens with elections. That's the way it is.


But anyway, he turned down the loans and immediately he became the enemy of the World Bank, the IMF, and the European Union. Remember, they control the world, this is part of the big structure that controls the world. He said he wouldn't go along with it, he wouldn't become the latrine, he said, of the European Union.  In other words, because if you truly are taking, just like Franklin said, Benjamin Franklin, if you take the loans that are given to you, you're now the borrower, and he says, never a borrower nor a lender be. Although he borrowed himself [Alan chuckles.] to get over to England to meet certain important people in the financial areas in the financial district, different story again.


But anyway, that's how it is, those who you owe money to end up ruling you, and that's basic, basic economics. That's what it is. So, I'll put these links up. As I say, he became unwilling to accept additional terms to get forgiven money as well. They wanted to give him $940 million in rapid financing. He said, we don't need all that, and along came the demands. So, I'll put all these links up. Including this new color revolution. It has all the traits of it, all the signs and symptoms of it, where the young women must wear white, that’s standard stuff.


And then Bill Gates interestingly enough, he said…


Bill Gates: If 30-60% of Americans take coronavirus vaccine, 'exponential spread' will stop / 18 Aug 2020


(A:  He is contradicting his little low down employee, I call Fauci an employee, he is really an employee of Gates, they all are, including the characters that run the WHO, they're all under Bill Gates financial demands and so on. Because he's the boss. So, Bill Gates, after Fauci says, we've got to get up to 80 to 90% vaccination to get it to stop. Bill Gates contradicts it and says 30% to 60%...)


If 30-60% of Americans take coronavirus vaccine, 'exponential spread' will stop


'It will bring the pandemic to an end,' Microsoft founder says


So, there you go, the guy who has no qualifications in anything except making money, and being elevated by a bigger society that runs him in fact, tell you that it will only take 30 to 60%.  And even that's a big jump.  I mean there's a big difference between 30% and 60%. These are the kind of figures that they give you all the time on these things, as they test the waters. Because they know most, a lot of folk aren't going to take this. They've had it with the nonsense with the compulsory vaccinations as they took over our lives, 'eh, and change us, and sicken a lot of people too.


This is horrible, the horrible reactions a lot of folk have had to vaccinations, and permanent damage it's caused a lot of people with incredible immune responses to their bodies, and the damage to their immune systems too...  They can’t keep sweeping it under the rug and banning folk from mentioning it, even the victims themselves. What a disgusting thing to do is ban victims from talking about what happened to them, hm?  There’s totalitarian tyranny for you. So, I'll put these links up for you to peruse for yourselves and see what you think of it.


As I say, it's so much to cram in, you can't do it all, it all takes time and work, etc. But for those who want to know, there you go, add these ones to it.  So, there you go folks, that’s the rush through everything and I hope you'll get something out of it.


But you're all getting, coming to the stage you've gotta start realizing, you personally, every one of you, is going to be forced by the system we are in to make decisions, and comply or not to comply with the incredible totalitarian regimes getting rammed down our throats.... for a very long-standing and old agenda, that's using it openly and admitting it in some records as an excuse to ram it all through, including the WEF with its economic forum.


The next step of their system to rule us all, 'eh, and training us into their new system. The great reset.  The global reset. This is for a reset of culture, of living, of ideas, of nationhood and no nationhood, globalism, all that stuff. And expert ruled society. Again, technocracy. The same in China, for those who haven't figured out what communism in China is, it's Technocracy. They tell you what to do and you obey, for efficiency. 


Justin Trudeau said in Canada, he admired China, how they're handling Covid, you see, they didn't have to try to pamper to the people in an individualistic society with individual rights and freedoms and all that. They don't have to bother with that. They can just order you to do it and you do it. He admired that. He told the truth.  So, if you want it in Canada it's up to you. A lot of people will comply. A lot of folk will quite like socialism, actually, where you don't have to think for yourself, all your decisions are getting made for you.


So anyway, remember folks, go into Send a few bucks my way, hopefully, and I'll possibly keep ticking along as we go through this. This is the biggest change in your lifetime, right now, that you'll probably see.  This is real history in the making. You're watching it all come out, all of the tyranny, the stuff that you'd read about in history books thinking, thank God that happened in the Middle Ages, it would never happen today.  [Alan chuckles.]  Really?  You're living through it.  You listen to the tyrants, and there's lots of them now on board all working against the system that you thought was yours. Big wake-up. 


So yeah, send a few bucks my way.


I'm Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, northern Ontario where I live, or exist, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


Topics of show covered in following links:


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Australian Five- And Ten-Cent Coins To Disappear As Pandemic Ushers In 'Cashless Society' / 20 Aug 2020


Australia's big four banks remove thousands of ATMs and shut down hundreds of branches as the coronavirus crisis pushes nation closer to a cashless society / 16 Aug 2020


Doctors banned from prescribing potential COVID-19 drug / 8 April 2020


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Here’s A List Of Corporations Funding The ‘Defund The Police’ Movement / 17 Aug 2020


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Fed's "Direct Money Transfers" Are Coming: Brainard Says Fed Collaborating With MIT On "Hypothetical" Digital Currency / 14 Aug 2020


Coronavirus: Governments slammed for 'treating celebrities different to residents' in quarantine / 22 Jul 2020


China’s national-security law reaches into Harvard, Princeton classrooms / 19 Aug 2020


The way Aussies search every day on Google is at risk from new regulation


Hollywood Apocalypse: The rich and famous are fleeing in droves as liberal politics and coronavirus turn City of Dreams into cesspit plagued by junkies and violent criminals / 16 Aug 2020


Canadian biotech company says its anti-viral clothing kills 99.9 per cent of coronavirus / 12 Aug 2020


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Tyson Joins Bill Gates, Cargill to Invest in Lab-Meat Producer / 29 Jan 2018


Philippines bans chicken imports from Brazil on coronavirus scare / 14 Aug 2020


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The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers / 9 April 2020


Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread / 22 Aug 2005


More infectious coronavirus mutation may be 'a good thing', says disease expert / 17 Aug 2020


Renowned European scientist: COVID-19 was engineered in China lab, effective vaccine ‘unlikely’ / 11 Aug 2020


WOW! Dr. Fauci Cheered Hydroxychloroquine Success Treating MERS Coronavirus in 2013… But Today He’s Skeptical… That’s Weird? / 4 April 2020


Bill Gates: If 30-60% of Americans take coronavirus vaccine, 'exponential spread' will stop / 18 Aug 2020


Lockdown Class Action in Australia / 20 Aug 2020


Government may provide indemnity to NZ supplier of Covid-19 vaccine / 30 July 2020


AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries / 30 July 2020


A "Novel" Breakthrough? New Studies Show Memory T-Cells Offer Long Term And Pre-Existing COVID Immunity / 20 Aug 2020


US ‘frontline’ doctors’ website exposes ‘criminal’ campaign by tech giants, govt agencies to block COVID med / 5 Aug 2020


IMF and WEF – From Great Lockdown to Great Transformation. The COVID Aftermath / 14 Aug 2020


Global report: Australian PM backtracks on plan to make coronavirus vaccine mandatory / 19 Aug 2020


COVID 19: Mandatory Mask or Face Covering Bylaws / 5 Aug 2020


Virginia Plans Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations For All Residents / 22 Aug 2020


Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination: The Zero Carbon Solution / 10 Aug 2020


Government Cameras Hidden on Private Property? Welcome to Open Fields / 10 Aug 2020 (alternate link provided)


US Gov and Yale Hold Clinical Trials To Test “Persuasive Messages For COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake” / 3 Aug 2020 (alternate link provided)


NETHERLANDS: Police officers baton Dutch-lady, attending an AntiMask Protest / 20 Aug 2020


EXPOSED: World Bank Coronavirus Aid Comes With Conditions For Imposing Extreme Lockdown, Reveals Belarus President / 27 July 2020


Belarus president unwilling to accept additional terms to get foreign loans / 19 June 2020 (link broken)


Belarus election: Police use live fire on protesters in Brest / 12 Aug 2020




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