Apr. 12, 2020 (#1769)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Making Hay from the Dead, A Shameless Sacrifice,

Old Agenda, Presented New, Freshly Painted Lies."

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Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April 12, 2020.  I'm kind of hesitant to say I hope you're all doing well… because we’re living through science fiction, aren't we?


Britain was good for the Sci-Fi’s, the very cheap types. So cheap in a sense and so ludicrous, in the old ones that is, even though you watch them, there was a quaintness about them, but because it seems so far-fetched that you'd kind of laugh at them and their little cardboard sets and things like that. But they did show you scenarios that were really constructed by psychologists and behaviorists of course.  Because they're famous for that in Britain.  Even the long-running Coronation Street, it lasted generations, I think.  They had lists of psychiatrists and psychologists and the behaviorists, and sociologists and all kinds of professionals that would deal with the different facets of life and bring them into writing the scripts, the real-life situations into the scripts.


But also, for things to come, that was the beauty of it.  Very successful that, because they programed the generations before the big changes happen. So each big change planned every 20, 30 years was put in carefully, incrementally, in drama form, and when the things really happened the people, they'd adapt to it the same way as they had been trained to by the fiction basically.  Very successful and they boasted about that too. But it wasn't just coronation Street. Britain had been doing it for so long with pretty good Sci-Fi’s as I say, the ideas seem to be far-fetched but now they're pretty well realistic when you see things happening today.


It was generally about bending your reality, all completely bending your reality.  And Britain had a lot of practice in doing that with wartime scenarios. You've got to remember that George Orwell, for instance, during World War II was employed at the BBC. He gave different programs out. One of his specialties was working with the group that broadcast news for the propaganda during the war to India, and to different British colonies by that time outside of India too in the Far East. Very successful at that as well.


But he also did talks on how to, this is interesting because it's back in the news again, on how to make food out of very little.  Because we're going into austerity, this is the big austere plan we're into now, austerity times and training the public in a very drastic, fast way.  And in a war scenario, this WAR terminology, against a virus, you see.  It's all out there, and for martial law techniques too being used on the public under different terminology.  


It's the same thing as martial law, of course it is. When they can fine you or even taser you as they're calling for now, or in some countries they're shooting you, I think the Philippines shot some people who broke their quarantine, even though they weren't infected they just refused to stay indoors.  This is what you're seeing today, you're seeing wartime scenarios. 


So, Britain had lots of experience with World War I and then World War II.  And all the other wars before that too.  Because since the Bank of England was created, they've had nothing but wars.  [Alan chuckles.]  That's really what the Bank of England was for, to lend to the governments for the wars, and the government had the right then to have an income tax bureau basically set up to get the money off the public to pay back the loans.  A great scam.  Then America followed suit, as I've said before.


But the thing is, here we are in the science fiction, right, and it's almost cardboard sets though, isn't it?  Where every day if you watch… I watch the stuff on the Internet, if it's working all right, even though they've slowed my speed now to, for the good of all, you see, we're sharing our bandwidth apparently with so many folk at home, but with the same amount of folk at home in the evening as before so how come it's slower now?  But again, we're living in conology, isn't it? 


Because this is the time for big corporations across the board to just plunder us all in a free-for-all frenzy of looting basically that we have to all pay back down the road. But even at that we're told, you're not going to ever pay it off because now you're into the new system permanently.  The new normal. This is what they're pushing for now and it's right in the open of course. 


This was the intention before the thing broke out, obviously. And I mean obviously.  And it was all done in the planning phases with the big exercises before this supposed Covid 19 broke out.  Yeah, it was all done, the kind of world they'd want post-Covid basically and how they'd bring us into it. There's no doubt it all about it, this is the full agenda into the new planned society, the socially controlled, scientific socialism where experts now guide and rule your lives. It doesn't matter if they’re phony or if their doctrines are phony or anything else, as long as they're appointed there and they talk with authority, then we’re supposed to obey them. 


In all kinds of areas, economic areas and police, military, you name it, and medical, you're just supposed to obey them, you see.  How to live properly according to your betters. You know, like Bill Gates, people like that.  People who came out of special wombs and who are elevated into stardom through the big money that they have. Because you pay to be made a star, you see, and there's a big club at the top that has all these different stars. In fact, they even create them to be what you think is very, very clever, etc. They're not at all.


They're front people for a bigger club above them, actually, even though they seem to represent billions of dollars. That's how the world is really run, the so-called Gods, the hidden masters as they call themselves, and they decide in their little clubs at the top how we are going to live.  Every 20, 30 years, and where they want to take the world in every 10, 20, 30 years, all these long-range plans.


We're living through it right now.


Now, once again I've got to remember this will be a long talk and I should, I should really remember to request that you send me a few bucks once in a while. And preferably now because you forget later on, naturally.  Go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website and you'll see how to do it, how to donate something towards me, PayPal or send cash, or check or whatever it happens to be, and how to do it and where to send it to, etc. 


Because as I say, times are getting tough for all of us, and I know that too, for all of us. Some people would reap fortunes, they're the sharks that make money while blood is running in the street, as Mr. Rothschild said a long time ago.  And there's going to be a lot of money to be made off the bankruptcies across the country and the world through this planned system. Unfortunately.


A lot of folk, an awful lot of people, this is disgusting actually, how big plans are made, and they really are made this way, for war type strategies, and millions of people can be sacrificed to get big agendas through. They call them ‘noble lies’ and they work hard at it and so on.  We could see how so much is going to be fulfilled through this incredible sacrifice of the elderly and the weak and the infirmed and all the rest of it – it's just really sickening – to get a big agenda a completed.


I've done talks for so long on this.  [Alan chuckles.] I have literally gone blind reading all their stuff.  And here we are living through this phase that the Green Party in Britain literally cried to have happen years ago, a few years back.  If they could just get a wartime scenario and people would obey authority, and they would live under hardship conditions and accept it, and they'd all sing together cheerily, in the underground as they were getting bombed and so on in London.  She thought that was fantastic.  And you'd accept the deprivations and austerity and rationing at all that.


Here we are, folks, 'eh.  Bingo.  Bingo.


What did she have in common with all the rest of them? Well, she was put in place by the same folk that put Bill Gates in place with his organizations, that are trying to use, you know, the Club of Rome.  All these groups are all ONE big bunch, a cabal, you see, one, all different faces of the same cabal, slightly different functions some of them, to fool mainly the public.  Because the agenda, they're all on board with the complete agenda of depopulation.


Bill Gates: How the coronavirus pandemic can help the world solve climate change - cnbc.com / 31 March 2020


They tried to use global warming.  Before that it was global cooling and the coming Ice Age.  And a lot of them who really pushed that out there, like Ehrlich with his population timebomb and all that, did the ice thing, and then they turned to the global warming thing when that didn't quite work out. And Ehrlich's wife, remember, was on the board of the Club of Rome. They're all connected. It's just coincidence, though, really.


They came out with the big agenda, and oh, how they had to bring the world into a proper way of living where their betters would manage you. Exactly what HG Wells talked about.  He was quite open about it.  Anticipations, and so on, and A Modern Utopia, things like that.  He was quite, completely, out in front with it really. You'll do what you're told. You'll obey your betters.  And they’d eventually sterilize the inferior types, as he called it, HG Wells.  He said it was more humane.  He said initially we thought we would have to kill them. But we thought, no, it would be more humane to sterilize them and they'll die off in that generation and they won't be breeding any more of their own kind basically. You know, the inferior types.


That's been on the go... this is the second century of this thing, you understand, we're into now.  HG Wells was involved in this in the late 1800s, the latter part of that. He was picked up early, you see, and he proved to his masters then that he'd be an awfully good propagandist, and they made him a star.  With a lot of help because lots of them out there really have an awful lot of help to make them a star.  Some of them today they're parading around in front of you didn't invent anything at all, they're just businessmen, or they're fronts for huge businesses.  But they're made stars through the machinery. I can't believe how many people have got in touch with me, so sick of seeing Bill Gates face every day on the news. Well, they're quite right, you see, because he's playing the part of the technocrat now, the unelected but appointed by the better group as a technocrat to rule over us.


On what? I didn't vote for him, and I never will.  And whatever he's telling us we've got to do; I'm not going to do it.  And I hope you're all going to be the same.


This guy has been at this for years.  Once you hit that strange ding-ding-ding number of billions and billions of dollars, you're supposed to think they just suddenly become philanthropists?  with the same agenda?... oh, well, there's too many people, they all have to get vaccinated, but depopulated at the same time, y'know, etc. etc., and live sustainability, y'know, with the sustainability thing, the sustainable goals and all that, SDGs.  And... they just know how to do it, how to make you all do it. But they need a crisis.  And it's just re-familiarity, you start to believe they are an authority over you.


No, they're not.


No, they're not.


Bill Gates with all the usual suspects, you know, Friends of the Earth and all these big paid organizations, with literally CEOs with big, big paychecks, annual paychecks given to them by the big foundations. These front people with their armies of NGOs, it began with the top, it's almost like a military, the ones at the top are all paid lots of money.  The ones, the bulk down below think they're actually doing it for the good of the planet and so on, for the right thing to do. Because they haven't grown up yet, you see, and they're easily used. Every youngster is the same, in every generation.


But today it's an art, and they've been trained since school for what's happening today. Literally. Radical little lefties who are quite willing to push for something they really don't understand at all. They've swallowed the indoctrination without a thought because they haven't been given anything opposing it, in, during the indoctrination.  If you're getting one side of everything as you’re growing up, that's all you're going to believe, you see. And that's what they do believe.


But Bill Gates is funding lots of different groups of course with the usual characters who fund big, big groups of youngsters.  It's fascinating to see the Club of Rome involved in it too. They all know each other. They all work together, you see, with the same goals, for climate, using the climate as an excuse to take all your rights and freedoms away. And eventually get you to stop even breeding, at least all the wrong people breeding, so's the right people like themselves can breed. 


Like Bertrand Russell says, y'know, he had it all worked out, that they could only have a few females as breeders, they called them, selected, and the ones at the top would simply pass on the genes. Well, now they can do it all in the lab.  Brave New World was ahead of it all, a long time ago with that kind of idea.


But they're going to breed out all the wrong kinds, as they say. They'll keep a few peasants at the bottom for really basic work just in case anything goes wrong.  But for most folk of course, most folk literally in the West that grew up through the 60s and 70s and 80s were trained not to even have children.  And they were trained that marriage was more than just a downer.  Of course, they had the pill thrown at them, the so-called birth [control] pill thrown at them, literally like bags of them, I think, because they didn't want girls to have children.


Then come the 80s and 90s, the governments that told them not to have children, y’know, just do your own thing and be happy, then the government said, well, there's not enough people there to take over and so on, so we've got to import them.  In comes mass migration as everybody else is getting phased out. It was all worked out in advance, for those who think it's all happening happenstance.


Nothing happens by happenstance.


The Bill Gates generation isn't the first of these super so-called gods, you know, the hidden masters we've had. We've had them going way back. If you look at, as I've said before, the members of the societies that Rothschild was involved with, including the scientific elite of his day, mind you, in the 1700s for instance. It's amazing how they were even then planning the kind of world they wanted to bring in for the next century.


They set up the left-wing groups and the right-wing groups. For everything you might think of, you might like to join, they've got a party made up for you. And if you want to rebel, and somewhere or another or just be rotten as a child, you see, as you’re growing up, they've got the uniform for you, whatever it happens to be at the time. Spiked hair.  Before that it's just the blue jeans.  And before what that it was bell bottom jeans and beads and everything else. Whatever it is, they've got a uniform made for you. It's so perfected.


Nothing happens by itself in this system, I hope you understand.


And here we are. They couldn't get it all rammed through to get us living austerely, you see, stop driving altogether is what they really wanted.  Agenda 21 has it plainly stated there, which all your governments agreed and signed onto.  It says in it, no private vehicles eventually, it will be simply essential vehicles only. That's police and military and ambulances, government inspectors and things like that.  So, in the meantime they're getting phased out with temporary electric cars. In the meantime. Until you're locked down.  And think about getting locked down into your community. Well, you won't need the car now, won't you, if you're in the city, will you?


You understand how this is the big windfall they were looking for? They couldn't MAKE you do it voluntarily and give up eating this and eating that or even eating meat. So, you're going full steam ahead into authority, martial law type authority, to save us all you understand but take all your rights away.   The oldest trick in the book, to save us all you've got to allow others to make your decisions, every decision, really, for you. Like Bertrand Russell said, a world of experts. And of course, they're all politicized experts as front people who get paid awfully well to tell you a lot of lies. With an authoritative attitude though.  As long as it's convincing, you'll follow it.  And here we go into it.


Isn't that amazing to live through these times?  Where, if you've read a couple of hundred years of their books and their different surveys and all their wishes and agreements, and the agreements they have signed on through the United Nations, y'know, all them come into fruition suddenly... when as I say, they couldn't do it through voluntary means.


Remember what Carroll Quigley said, awfully important, Professor Quigley.  Because he was a historian for one of the private groups that still runs the world today – there's different levels of them, and the bureaucratic kind that work really as journalists, a lot of journalists who travel the world and so on, and they're often appointed within governments – the CFR.  He was the historian for them, and he said, he said that they, we've changed the world so much through what we've done, this group, this private group from England initially, running the world now, and the CFR branch in America, it's all the same group, then you understand it's quite fascinating.


Quigley said that they changed history so much that he thought it was time that they announced it to the world, and the world would simply accept it. He believed, you see, that he and his own class and his own type had the right to rule the rest in a technocratic fashion. Being specialists, you see. And they already, that's what he, his job was, was to train diplomats and different people in the American government in diplomatic capacities basically on how to negotiate things with other people across the world, superseding the forms of government or democratic governments as you think fit.  Because they have a different way of doing things in reality. It's not like what you think it is. Those who are appointed really don't see themselves as serving you, the people down below at all. It doesn't enter their head actually. They think they are superior, like benevolent dictators, that whole idea.


Quigley himself said, the thing is, you've got to understand, you got to constantly basically shape the minds of the public, the herd, the great herd, for what you want them to do, for you, without them knowing about it really.  And he said that you can do more in five years of war, because you've got, you can take the reins of power over completely and people will obey you to save themselves. So, five years of war can do a lot more than 50 years of propagandizing in peace trying to convince the public, you see.


That's what they've been doing for the last, oh, 20 years with, oh, the world's going to fall apart with global warming, it's just going to fry, yada, yada, ya, and we're all going to die, die, die. And, it's all your fault, all you people, it's all your fault.  And the ones who tell you that, like Al Gore, have you seen all the houses they have and all the electricity they use and so on? It doesn't matter. And the jets that they fly across the planet and stuff like that? It doesn't…  Reality doesn't matter, you see. 


You've got to be trained to be guilty and feel bad about it.


And it works awfully well, especially if the ones, the parents have been trained the same way before, you see.  They'll, oh I guess it's true, oh yeah, we've got to save the world for our children because it's been all disrupted by our existence and… Things like that, you see. And it's all a big ploy by those at the top who want to rule the world completely by themselves.  You see. 


So, here you go, you've got five years, if they can get five years out of this, the world will change. 


And getting back to the science fiction of Britain, when you saw the different movies they made, like Fahrenheit 451.  It seems kind of quaint looking back at them at the time, in the socialistic fashion, where you have the firemen who go around the houses… much like today, y'know, only it's the Internet they use and try to just scrub things off the net, or even fine you for looking at things.  Back then it was 451, the temperature they claimed where paper would just ignite, go on fire. And the firemen, weren't to put fires out.  They went around like a Gestapo looking for people who were covert readers, actually read stuff, you see, and their minds were contaminated about the beauty of things.  It was all forbidden in a socialistic autocratic system basically.  So, that was their job, to find people who are secret readers who are therefore subversives, and you'd get their book collections that they had got hidden away inside the walls and things, you get the books out and put them on fire and destroy them. And you had to label them all, you couldn't take any home, or then you are a subversive, you see.


That idea eventually was incorporated into a much later movie, I can't remember the year it came out, 2000 and something [2002], to do with something similar, subversion, people reading books and all the rest of it. I guess that's where they got the idea from.  It was called Equilibrium I believe, and everybody in the system, every citizen too and every cop had to be, take daily drugs to flatten their responses, emotional responses. Because emotion was a bad thing, you see.  With emotion you might get angry about things or disagree vehemently about something, and it makes you much harder to control. So, it's much better when you're all agreed on the same things and nothing really bothered you really too much.


Getting back to Fahrenheit 451.  Yeah, they'd burn your books there in that one too. In one scene they show you they're looking for the renegade, the guy who breaks free and realizes that he likes to read books and things and it's awfully interesting and important, and they're after him because he is one of their own, you see. They go around these housing schemes, typical little British housing schemes, all socialistic in little boxes, little boxes, one after the other. The people are ordered, or, they're ordered from the van going around with a big Tannoy system on it, to get out of their homes and assemble with their families in the front garden so's they could all be seen.  And they dutifully all complied, you see.


Even then in Fahrenheit 451 drugs were profuse, especially for people staying at home, for home people because they're bored stiff.  They had interactive television where you could take part in shows yourself from your own home and get drugged when you're doing it.  In the other movie, the Equilibrium movie, the people injected the drug into themselves. 


It's the same too, you find the same thing with Brave New World. Huxley knew, and he held hope out, actually, Huxley, that a drug would come out that would make people very compliant and happy, regardless of the circumstance, without too much side effects basically.  He looked forward to that time because otherwise, if people had their own minds, you see, it takes a lot of... very careful management to keep them in line without taking all their rights away, because then they'll really rebel.  But if you have them drugged, they're compliant, they're happy. People have been waiting and waiting for the drugs to come along and be forced upon the public. But they didn't do it that way, they simply made it legal when government financed it and subsidized it, [Alan chuckles.] until you by your own drugs, you see. 


It's not coincidental, folks.  It all happened just in time for this, 'eh?  Where folks can stay at home and get lots of drink or take drugs.  And lots and lots and lots of entertainment. It's interesting too that sex has always been used for control, as we all know.  Anybody broke that went through the 60s and 70s, within the 80s, through it, with the sexual revolution, it was incessant. All promoted from the top.  The BBC, the posh, [Alan mimics a posh accent.] the posh accents, you see, at the BBC… and they used to only bring people on who worked there at one time from Eaton, that was their favorite place to recruit all their employees from. So, they all talked with the posh accents, you see, very… kind of… sneeringly, you know, condescending to anybody else that was brought on. 


But here's the BBC, the posh ones, you see, promoting for the people at the bottom to have sex and rock 'n' roll, and aren't we naughty, we're all on drugs.  And they literally would bring on people, I think Benny Hill had a good impersonation of one of them who he [Unintelligible]  [Alan chuckles.]  And he was a drug star, I mean… same thing actually, he was drugged and a star, and he kept falling off the chair. Because they actually had people doing that at the BBC during these interviews.


The youngsters were seeing this, and they thought it was great that this renegade... And in reality, the real ones were falling off the chairs because they didn't even know where they were half the time. And that was promoted from the top!


Do you understand now? Are you starting to get it? Promoted from the top.


I did talks years ago about that when at colleges and universities the drugs were being thrown over, in bags over the walls by the secret services, y'know. In the States you had the CIA groups doing the thing too.  To make sure that it took off, make them free and [Alan chuckles.] plentiful.  That's how they really promoted it all. 


But yeah, aren't we naughty, to the children.  And the children hadn't the brains at that time and the common sense to say, wait a minute, why are the posh ones pushing this on the people? It didn't dawn on them.


So, you had sex and initially it was pop, they called it, for the music. Then it was rock 'n' roll.  So quite fascinating to live through it all and see it being pushed, pushed, pushed. Because sex is a tremendous thing for disrupting all of the way things were.  You wouldn't have a partner that you marry and have children with. The idea was to have multiple partners. 


Like HG Wells said way before that, he said, if we encourage them to have promiscuous sex, by almost forcing the women, he looked forward to the, before World War II, looking forward to it he said.  He said, if we can get the women into the factories to replace the men who are off fighting, they'll have more affairs in the workforce with the men who were still there, and they're less likely to stay with one man once it's over. That was the idea.  Quite plain about it all, it was no real secrecy. They boasted about what their plans were. And they were awfully successful.


So, they know if they could stop the bonding process that happens naturally during sexual activity with a partner, if they could prevent that from happening, then they'd conquered the society.  They generally wouldn't have children. Especially if you give them free abortions and things too for any mishaps, even though they had the pill and that kind of thing.


So, sex is a tremendous weapon because you can disrupt the family unit with it. 


And here you go, it's right, it's there again too.  As you're going through this crisis today, hm, you've got booze at home.  You've got all these articles about how the police are to manage the public because they know there will be a lot of domestic violence.  Not just the men but women too.  If they've got enough booze and they're stuck at home and just and get cabin fever at home.  Then they're on drugs as well, which they can purchase or have it delivered and all the rest of it. And the police are told to look out on how to manage it, but more likely under the circumstances, you know.


So, it's all... it's all... And then they're getting all this cheap porn, you see, pornography.  Oh, they give you the big porn hub, it’s given free ones away in some countries in sort of free memberships.  You can see it all in action at the same time.  In the Daily Mail a few days ago they had, some of the best businesses are still working during all the supposedly lockdown and so on, and it was sex shops, y'know, what they're selling.  I guess the folk are so bored with whatever else.


It's astonishing to see all the techniques, that we’re laughed at when they were first announced by people who were... conspiracy theorists, y'know, who were simply quoting from the books by the people who were planning it, who were all from Oxford and Eaton and Cambridge and so on.  But it's astonishing, isn't it, to live through it all and see it all happening.


So, everything was thought out in advance.  The drugs.  Keeping you at home. And lots of entertainment, cheap and pretty well free at times too. Then suspension, a temporary suspension of rents or mortgages for a lot of people as well.  They'll probably lose their shirt eventually of course along with their homes, but at the moment they can just have a sort of fun, as they look for more ways to amuse themselves as they're stuck in their homes.


So yeah, all the old Sci-Fi’s are here. The ones people used to laugh at and say, oh, isn't that ridiculous.  Really? Is it really ridiculous? Who would have thought a policeman would be telling you to get home.  You, if you are 70 years old, hm, what you doin' out?  Y'know. 


Are you a child?




You're allowed you’re one short walk, 'eh?  Or someone even 80 or 90 even, what you doin' out?  Some young punk, y’know, with his little policeman's hat on, it could be a woman too, and that's how they're talking to the people. 


Disgusting arrogance of authority. From idiots.  There's no, you know, you can look at their examinations, they actually have, those used to be put out and published at one time. They actually have, if you have a certain IQ above, they won't accept you. I'm not kidding you. That's the facts.  You can look it up yourselves.  They want folk who will just get… stick like a little bulldog and annoy somebody, and just like a gnat going around your head until they… they upset you enough you will retaliate in some way and then they can charge you. That's the kind of characters unfortunately they've been hiring for a long, long time, especially in places like Britain.


And you would think there would be some kind of embarrassment or shame from the police in acting in such a way.  But nope, not at all.  They're all competing with each other and telling people, talking to people like they're children.  Hm?  Just amazing.  That's why you can't give police that kind of authority.


Or the military for that matter, because when they get going, then the blood starts flying... That's what militaries are meant to do.  They can't use them for anything else. They've tried that in many countries as policeman, and they slaughter people. Everywhere. That's what the military is trained to do. Under the new police type systems, it's not far off it either.


Don't forget, a lot of them now who are donning the uniforms and have the uniforms on as police were maybe 5 or even at the most 10 years old, say, when 9/11 happened.  They are the policemen, men and women now, who think it's quite natural that you shouldn't be photographing buildings in cities, and you have no rights under this not quite stated martial law of 9/11, what followed 9/11.  But they've been raised thinking, yeah, you just don't have those rights anymore. They think it's right the police have whole departments scanning folks’ computers, in police hubs they call them, intercepting information going back and forth. They think it's quite natural to be the overlords of the general public, the people they're supposed to serve but seem to have forgotten long ago.


That's the world we're in today. And what's happening in Britain is the same in Australia.  Australia is astonishing, really, at the openness and the arrogance of those in power steamrolling ahead as though, and loving it, y’know, just chomping at the bit to get going with the next phase. And the money that they're getting thrown at them in taxpayers’ money, you know it's going to end up in a lot of pockets.  We live in such an incredibly corrupt system today. Incredibly corrupt.  It's hard to believe how corrupt it is and how greed, greed, greed…


Again, Carroll Quigley who was a member of the group pushing for this whole world order, this managed socialistic type world order. Socialism is not for the good of the public. It's for the ease of those who control you.  [Alan chuckles.] That's what it's for, that's why they designed it this way.  He thought it would be great.  But he said eventually the greed factor of rising middle classes, as they come up to the middle class, and the competition and the market for greed, in medicine and everything, would be so corrupt, he says, that eventually the system would fall apart. That's one thing he was right about is, absolutely, it's happened.


The hospitals are short of money but when you see what's getting spent, not just… Forget the staff, the staff take a massive amount of it, especially doctors and specialists and so on.  But the hospitals, remember, they're businesses. And they have big boards. And they have investors in them. And most of them belong to chains, they’re like chain stores, you don't realize that, and they've got a get more and more profit in, and in every possible way they can. 


Here's the thing too, every generation is trained, especially the ones who are brought up in austerity. I mean in Britain, when I grew up, literally, you had ration cards at birth. The ration cards literally kept going for years after World War II. Then after that, folk couldn't afford meat anyway, if they could get it at all.  And if you did it was very, very scarce, and maybe once a week, y'know.  Maybe less.  And that was normal.


Because you had two world wars and in between you had a Great Depression. Then there was a constant Great Depression from before World War I [Alan chuckles.] all the way through and then after it through the Great Depression into World War II, the rationing, and right up into the 1950s and almost into the 60s. It was about the 1960s they started to get a bit more pocket money, for a little while, for some of the people, not all of them. 


And you had wages, prices and wages freezes, y'know, or wage and price, or price and wage freezes they call them, by government decree.  Folks just couldn't get ahead if they were at the bottom.  Prices still went up even though it was supposed to be frozen. But the paychecks didn't go up.  Taxes kept increasing.  They even had brownouts, which they're going to bring back again, which they've been chomping at the bit to bring in, before this happened, this present Covid thing.  And here they'll start to do it under austerity programs.


I gave talks on this for years and years at this whole agenda.  Because I read what they publish, you see.  And there's no conspiracy involved in it unless it's what they are doing is a conspiracy. It's a conspiracy of keeping the people in the dark, that part is true.  You often hear about governments meeting behind closed doors. Well, what do you think THAT is?!? if they're your public servants.  Why would you be meeting behind closed doors, with supposedly, supposedly no journalists present. There's always select ones get in if they belong to the right organization. But behind closed doors? Well, it's so the public don't know what they're up to.


Because you might be after them if you knew what they were up to.


You can't… Where's the openness, 'eh?  and the honesty? when they connive together, hm?  It's all connivance, that's how we're really ruled.


D'you understand, if you're ruled, you're not governed. There's a difference. And we are now ruled.  And when they bring the technocrats forward, the so-called, the big billionaires that are made into stars and suddenly they're philanthropists that pretend they're specialists in certain areas, and they're given all this airtime by other folks who own the media, and who also belong to the same big club, you understand, you don't have democracy and you're living through an agenda, their agenda. 


They've been quite open about their agenda at their annual meetings and at the World Economic Forum, and they all belong to that too.  All the same groups belong to each other's groups, you understand, and they're quite open about it.  And the thrill of using this one too, this big crisis to get all the global warming agendas through and the climate change agendas through, and the carbon taxes increased across the board until we're all paying hefty fees in carbon for everything, just for existing, hm, to bring you into total austerity. 


And giving you new things to eat, like crickets and bugs as opposed to meat, etc. 


With economic crisis looming EU overlords legalize food made from worms and baby crickets. Are they going to serve that in Brussels? - rt.com / 5 April 2020


D'you understand where this is all supposed to go? Because you're going to go back into the 1800s, where life was HELL for most folk. And the lower you are down the totem pole, the more hellish it was. Into the 1700s even, in squalor and disease, etc. and ill health with lack of good proteins. That's where you start going down.  Where all the...


Energy, remember, was the actual group that called themselves Technocracy Inc. back in the 1930s.  Some of the well-known folks today are the grandsons of them by the way, these, again, promoted stars that you're supposed to all follow and do what you're told by.  That was the idea, that there would be a price of energy. Everything was an energy price and money would be energy units. Whatever you bought or used would be all energy units. You yourself were an energy unit, you see.  That's what it was all based on, energy units.


A credit system, like Bertrand Russell called it, a different name, the same thing. This is what it's all about.  They bring into it with the cashless system. And maybe universal. Meaning world credit systems, you see, universal credit system with the new unit and all that.  But anyway, it will be dished out by your big masters. Because you're going to save the whole world, you understand, it's all for the greater good. 


You'll have your credits put into your bank account, your electronic bank account every month like Bertrand Russell said.  And you'd better be good and do what you're told, or you'll be punished.  They'll take, they'll forbid you from withdrawing money to pay your rent. Because you won't own much in the future, you'll be paying rents.  You'll be on your knees because you couldn't even afford food then, until you behave yourself and you promise, you get penalized until you obey them.  And you stop being so antisocial, you see; these are the terms they use too.  You start, if you disagree with any of the rules and regulations, you're antisocial.  And that's now a crime, you're antisocial disorder they call it in Britain.


So, it's all here. You're living in the Sci-Fi’s that they put out in the 50s and 60s and 70s. It's all here. And even further back to the 1930s with Brave New World. You haven't got to the utopic Brave New World bit.  Utopic for the ruling class, that is, and the alphas and betas.  You haven't got there yet. But that will come for the elite, because they are the alphas and betas, according to them.  It's all their joke, you see.  Or like Prince Charles, that says, well, I'm a member of the Olympians, he said, y'know.  He's one of the gods, you understand. And you hear these things being said by these characters, and folk don't quite get it, do they? They really don't get it at all. 


But yeah, the people you're meant to follow today are, they're technocrats. They're not… they're not specialists, by the way. Bill Gates is not.  He's not. He's a businessman, a massive businessman with fingers in lots of pies. He doesn't give away anything for free that he doesn't get back a thousand times over through different companies that make things and so on. Including the things for the charitable companies that he does across the world. And he has big plans for the world, big plans.


I don't, I can't trust the man at all.   I look at his face even and it's so, he looks so deceptive in his facial expressions, there's nothing I would trust about that man whatsoever, believe you me.  Nevermind some of the statements he's made in the past in talks he's given. No, you can't trust a man like that.  You can't do it.


But that's what we are in today. We're given these characters. One of them, some of them will know how we're to live, or not drive, or what to drive, or maybe their vehicles to drive.  But all the rest of it is Technocracy basically.  And here you are in it now, 'eh, where the government’s going to give you your universal credits. They're talking about making it all permanent.  Oh, just stay at home and don't go anywhere and...


I wonder if it will become like the troglodytes that lived in the caves in ancient times? We'll be so pale, y'know, like... like… like anemic vampires that need a good drink.  We'll kind of come out once in a while, to get yelled at by someone in a police outfit who will taser you if you don't obey them and get back in your cave.  Hm?  Maybe that's how it will be.


Because look how fast they've got everybody doing... And that was part, that's part of retraining people by the way. You make them do incredibly ridiculous things, [Alan chuckles.]  which ties into...  Thoughts always tie into thoughts, you understand, which are all connected, in little groupings of connections and clusters of thoughts and thinking. Because topics are the same way.  Look how you've been trained for the last umpteen years, but again from the top down, as to what you see, what you see with certain things, right?  You all know what I'm talking about, you can't say what you see anymore.  You might even get fined because you say what's obvious, self-evident. That term, self-evident, like the Americans have it in their constitution, you know, when they're talking about things, like natural laws, self-evident.  There's nothing to be disputed when it's self-evident, you see.


But your brain is being scared, you've been frozen into denying your own abilities to discern things now.  You're told, well maybe I am wrong, I thought that was… But you see, you're trained, and then you're bad, you're bad if you, if something is self-evident to you, something’s wrong with you if it's self-evident. And you know where I'm going here.


Well then you take that, you see, you've been trained already into this aberration of not, of doubting yourself, doubting your discernment. That's imperative to change, you see.  Then the next thing is, hey, you're not 6 feet apart, you lot there.  And so, you're all walking down the road and kind of signing to each other because you're, the further away you get you can't hear each other talking. If you yell, a cop will stop you and ask you why you're yelling.  So, here you are going into this new trained system of something that's utterly ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous.


Do you know that if you're outside, give or take… And you get fined if you do it, mind you, so you can't win in this system.  If you have little bits of paper, take little bits of paper with you, just little bits, y'know.  And if you're outside and a cop yells at you, right, drop a little bit of paper.  And if he's down wind, if he's literally, if you're downwind from him, or her, you yell at them to get out the way, because their breath, even if it was 20 feet away is coming in your direction with a little breeze, right. You'll know where it's...  You understand what I'm saying here?  But then they'll get you for littering though. But you can say, I'm just trying to save my life, officer, y'know, because you're in danger by breathing and shouting in my direction, and that breeze is carrying it way past me as well. I mean, if those folks down there, way down yonder, you might have killed them... by your breath.  That's real bad breath, isn't it?


This is how ridiculous it all starts to get.  But when you get into the stores, it’s not so bad, you see. It's okay to go into a store, which is an enclosed environment, you're all breathing the same air, that's somehow okay.  If you're allowed in for your rations, you know.


Then how they've trained folk too, to follow, it's like… Do you ever see, Oh What a Lovely War?  It's a good satire on how war is and how the government gets you all riled up and use the young characters to join up. They're all called Smith in a satirical way in the movie as they join up and things like that.  But towards the end you see a line of them in a ghostly kind of line going across the hill. They're following this tape.  It was a yellow tape, I think it was, white or yellow.  And that's all they could do, because they are blind now, they were all gassed you see in the trenches.  Well, here you are going along to the Walmart places now, you're following the yellow tape.  And just the same way, here, don't stand there, stand here, y'know. And here's all these adults doing what they're told. And there's no sense to it at all.  There's no sense whatsoever. 


D'you realize anything you touch, it doesn't matter how far apart you are, anything you touch on their shelves, someone stocked them. Hands stock them, those shelves.  Are the items you're buying 6 feet apart? No. They've all been contaminated in some way by someone touching them. It's farcical what we are going through right now.  But you see, the intent is not what they're telling you. The intent is to get you to accept the absurd, because we got a lot more training to do to you.


I really mean this.  I honestly mean what I'm saying here.  They've got a lot more training.  They don't... They can't let this... A lot of planning went into this whole thing. A lot of planning. Never mind the Johns Hopkins big experiment with the Gates Foundation and so on in 2019, you know, two or three weeks before it actually supposedly broke out.  Or the Rockefeller one in 2010.  [Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development] Or the military one by the way for the Navy even just before, at the same time actually as the one that Johns Hopkins had.  It was a massive exercise, y'know, all planned in advance.


But here you are living through it. 


It was just coincidence that this all just kind of perfected what they would introduce, including the social distancing and all that stuff too. Just coincidence, 'eh?  That was all in the Rockefeller one in 2010, the social distancing, and how the people would have to stay at home and get paid by government and stuff like that.  Just coincidence again, you understand.  They're good sci-fi writers, or whoever did it for them. 


But that's the world we're living in, folks.  And they've got a lot more to do. There's no way... They're almost pleading for folk to start keeling over with Covid 19. They really are. Canada's been bringing lots in, still coming, bringing them in from India and Africa and all over the place.  Saying that these are folk who would get a pension and can't go over there, back home to live again, you see, and it's cheaper. So, trying to get them to come in, to get the numbers up with folk who've got it. That's the only thing I can think of, that's the only reason I can think of.


Because they've never followed any, ANY of the quarantine rules to defend the country.  You don't, you never risk a healthy population, that's the first law. You don't, you stop all aircraft, literally all aircraft, to defend a healthy country. If you bring the infection in, then you've just defeated the whole purpose of it.  You see?  So, you know there's more at work when they don't follow any of the basic rules, as you well know.


Then the kits they've got, all the test kits are just a joke. Absolute joke. Even the labs are admitting that now. And so many of the tests are getting contaminated inside the labs now, y'know, that happens as well.  There's even studies come out by the top virologist organizations admitting that even vaccinations for flu can influence these Covid results as well.


False-positive PCR results linked to administration of seasonal influenza vaccine - microbiologyresearch.org / 1 March 2012


There's all kinds of things going on here. But look at the incredible push that you've had to terrify the whole planet, absolute terrify it. And they made sure they were churning out these pretty awful pandemic and plague movies for years now to make sure you all got the message. Oh, there's that kind of tent they put up there with that white tent and there's that bit you walk up there, and you know the folk that will get in there just get wheeled out the other side of it, oh my God, you know. You've all been trained, you see.  So, they go into action and they start putting all these tents up.  The military put 120 of them up in the States in different cities, and they haven't used any of them.  They're dismantling some of them now.  They didn't have one patient.


BUT it really scared the people, didn't it? Because you, oh my God, the tents, oh, we better obey what they're saying because we are all going to die. I'm not kidding you; this is how things are really, really managed. It's astounding really. Astounding. I've got the old Socialist International plans for the League of Nations that morphed eventually into the United Nations. Again, they needed a... Again, HG Wells was very prominent in that. He had a big party, he was overjoyed, he wrote a book about the League of Nations.


He said now, he said, we can use the bureaucrats in the technocrats to bypass governments. Because bureaucrats in high levels, you see, they really are technocrats in a sense. They don't serve the public. They don't pretend to serve the public. They probably don't know most of them even exists.  You'll never get their names or anything, but they're heads of all the departments that run the country.  He said, now we CAN, THE bureaucrats in different departments in Britain can converse with bureaucrats with people in Germany and France and across the world, he says, and literally bypass all the politicians.  Because you see, the politicians, no matter how they are all roguish and crooks and all the rest of it and terrible psychopaths, they have to put up a pretense on serving the public.  Whereas now of course they could just bypass all of that and converse with each other and get things done, and even make their own laws and rules. That's what he wanted.


But better than that, though, they had it broken down into departments. I've got the old books from the League of Nations, you see. They had different departments already setup for running the world. And the regions too that eventually morphed into the 10 regions eventually for the United Nations. The Club of Rome even uses the same 10 regions today. All connected, there's no coincidence, not coincidental.


The League of Nations also had a Department of Health, you see, that would deal, again, with mass vaccinations and inoculations.  They were so enthusiastic about the power they would give the scientists now, you see, in the early days.  Back then they hardly knew what a virus was.  They had all these plans and vaccinations from the very young, and how they would keep pumping things into your body your whole life long for every citizen in the world. They really had all these great big plans, you see.


They didn't really let it go.  They're still at it today with their big, big plans, regardless of the rights of the public.


You understand, you've got to be trained that you have no rights, that public safety overrides rights, you see. And since you get a big pandemic or scares of pandemics, or even bogus pandemics in the past… And the things in the past with the H1N1 and so on that happened, came, and went, and the ones in 2009/2010 for instance, the WHO tried to get to scare things going but the numbers didn’t out. Some of the countries had more folks dying of the flu then, than you're having dying of Covid today.  And even the flu.  Have you found the numbers of the flus right now that are killing people?  You'd be hard-pressed to find them because they're all getting lumped in with the other ones.


I've got the reports here, I'll put some of them up tonight because it's been admitted now they're lumping in suspected with confirmed, and then they’re admitting too, all the confirmed are not really confirmed because they break it into pneumonias, we'll add them in too, etc. etc.  So, the actual cause of death is to be put down, they're telling them now to put them down as Covid.


Change to death certificates could boost COVID-19 counts - mprnews.org / 3 April 2020


FROM THE NUMBERS: Only 150 Americans to Date With No Pre-Existing Conditions Have Died From the Coronavirus or 0.9% - thegatewaypundit.com / 10 April 2020


That happened again with the previous flus actually. I remember them well, where in Canada, and I kept all the articles by the way, and I gave them over the air at the time as that was going on.  They actually told all the doctors, and the clinics and so on too that were dealing with it and the hospitals, to put them all down as that particular flu that year, it was a few years ago.  Under the guise too, well I couldn't test them all, just put them all down for it. So, anybody, even phoning in back then with a sniffle or for advice or whatever, was put down as having a particular flu, even when they didn't. 


So, everything's always fudged, y'know, for the big agenda. And we are living through a massive agenda. Because the whole austerity program, the new way of living where rulers, or maybe experts, and every area would have experts, you'd all be monitored, maybe even chipped, you see.  It's all right open, wide open, right on the cards, right in front of you now because it's in the open. And being hailed by again, from guys like Bill Gates that's got a finger in every pie when it comes to making money in business. All for the good of the planet you understand.  There's nothing to guess at anymore.


It's fascinating to live right through all this and watch it happening. And watch the people being trained, so quickly.  And yes, they will stop thinking for themselves.  Bertrand Russell went through it again, you understand, there's nothing new with this happening. The behaviorists had their big experiments for the last 100 odd years on us all, to make sure the different techniques would work. And they DO work on us. When you deny your own sensibilities, you're wide open to be reprogrammed completely. Into even walking backwards if they tell you to do it. They'll give you some ridiculous, oh well, I'm walking backwards, and they say it's safer for society, you know.  Yep.


That's really how it is. Russell said too, we can train children to believe that snow could be black. And if we keep them away from other children until they've grown up, they'll always think it's black.  You can bring a whole generation up thinking it's normal to walk 6, never get close within 6 feet. Yep. And stay in your homes is much as possible.  It's so farcical.


Then the police again too, they're stopping people, I'll put one up tonight too, a little clip from a YouTube where a woman in England was on her way to a store for, probably for a little grocery bag or whatever, and had a stop at the park bench and had a seat. Along come the two cops, y'know, like, what's she doing there, why are you sitting there?  She told them, she says, oh I'm having a seat, y'know.


The whole point is, a short time.  Like, the longer you're going to be out you're going to pollute the atmosphere? Do you really believe this rubbish?  Huh?  Do you really?  Do you understand how ridiculous...  You could put this in a movie and folk would laugh at it, a few years ago, it would be so ludicrous.  There's even a church in the States where to get around the gathering together thing, they're going to drive around in a circle in some field somewhere and have a kind of a service in their cars, like a drive-in movie. 


You see, you've got all these behaviorists behind the scenes working, trying to, and playing with you, trying to get you involved and make you think it's all exciting.  That's what they do in wartime, the same kind of nonsense. Then they'll have the shows of healthcare workers outside, they're all getting applauded by the public. Meanwhile some of the hospitals are empty!  Except for the ones outside clapping their hands.  I'm not kidding you.  And when some of the big stations were using clips, showing you how bad it was in New York, they were actually using the videos from Italy.  That was the height of disgust and how low can you stoop to.  There's no…


There's a big agenda here, folks to convince you of something. Because everything now, EVERYTHING is riding, everything is riding on this being prolonged as long as possible. If they can get it stretched into next year, it's permanently here. And they've already said that too.


And the money, again, when we bailed out the banks the last time, and all the crooks last time, it was a planned bailout, you see, before it all happened.  The same thing again, 'eh.  D'you really think you're going to go back to some kind of normal after this?  I know the dollar in Canada lost a good 40%, almost 50% buying power.  You need twice as many of the money to buy the same things, maybe even more at times for different things. 


Well, guess what you're going to have left after this one? Look at the shark frenzy as billions and trillions have been tossed around, 'eh.  And you'll never recover that lot.  There's not even a check into where it's even going, you know that don't you? 


Just like Halliburton, I remember giving the talks on Halliburton when they went into Iraq.  Under the guise of really building roads and that for the military and restructuring the peasants’ places that they bombed into the Stone Age and stuff like that. A big joke.  Halliburton's got a big massive holding company, a massive conglomerate of all different subcontractors galore. Of course, the money was all scammed and creamed off the top level by level until guys at the bottom don't get as much of it. 


However, it was so incredibly bad, you actually saw them, there was a video made of these big transports coming in and landing, every day for about a week or two weeks. CRATES of freshly printed dollars from the US treasury.  Astonishing, 'eh.  Then they even showed you the guys who managed it. They took it into a dugout underground.  Not too big either. I think it was about 12 x 12 or something like that, no, maybe 20 x 20.  That's where they kept the cash. Folk just came in with bags and they would stuff it in. There was no receipts, nothing.


It was the biggest free-for-all ever. You can't believe it. I mean, government… You see, don't forget the biggest crooks, folks, are governments.  When you really find what they've got investments in, and they put their own children into big positions across the world, and they're scamming millions from other countries through grants and stuff and yada, yada, ya.  So, when they pass laws during emergencies, oh, the billions just fly into black holes, y'know.  Yep.  Never to be seen again.


[Alan chuckles.]   It's just amazing really, 'eh?  And all the big hands are out now for the loot. This is the looting time.  And you’re left with what? The bill. And the chaos. 


And d’you know how many people probably died because they can't get into hospitals now for other things?  They can't get treatments for their cancers and their operations, hm? 


Whatever it takes.  Whatever it takes.


Now, before I go any further, yeah, there's something out there.  There's no doubt about it, there's something out there.  And it's killing people. No doubt about it.  And it's being used for a big, big agenda, no doubt about that at all.  But it's nowhere near as lethal in the numbers as it was predicted, like millions and millions are going to die.  Remember?  Fauci was saying the same thing.  If you don't follow his, because he's part of the same group that Bill Gates is.  I hope you understand they have some business arrangements as well.  [Alan chuckles.]  Everybody's connected, aren't they?  Hm?


But if you look at the hype and the hype and the hype of where they said it could happen, it all could happen... according to computer models, you understand.  It's such a farce.  Millions and millions Fauci said and other ones said they we're going to DIE, millions will DIE.  And they terrified the public with weeks of this stuff, you're all going to DIE, you're all going to DIE. 


And they don't give you a God to pray to, they give you white coats to pray to. You see, that's the substitute today.  As I said last week, you can take people out of religion, you can't take religion out of the people, they're still looking for it somewhere else, so they supplied it to you.  Here's these experts, look, this guy is obviously an expert, he's a multibillionaire don't you know.  Hm.  Wow.  You do what he tells you. He waves his hands a lot and has a little smirk on his face each time he talks so believe him, do what he tells you.


But Fauci, another one with a deadpan face, he also has little smirk once in a while.  He said in an article, I'll put it up too by the way.  He said offhandedly, and it was in a medical magazine, a virology magazine.  He says, well it might be no more than, you know, than just the same, he was talking about the casualties, like a seasonal flu.  Then about a half an hour later he goes on the television and tells you, they say, oh, thousands and thousands and thousands, and maybe even bigger than that is going to die.  Y'know.  There's a huge drama getting played out right now, I hope you understand it. 


Covid-19 — Navigating the Uncharted - Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. - nejm.org / 15 April 2020


Unfortunately, people are suffering alright, they definitely are suffering. Because even a lot of the treatments they could give the people who have ended up in the hospital, with not just that but with things very similar to it, all the same conditions actually, or very similar conditions, they are not getting the treatments they're supposed to get. 


Then they've got the bioethicists out, they're training them too, and training you... Well, we have to decide who should live and die. And getting the public used to the idea, well, they're old, y'know. 


Coronavirus – a small victory: NHS hospitals and GPs are warned against blanket ‘Do Not Revive’ policies - voxpoliticalonline.com / 9 April 2020


D'you realize, do you realize up until this Covid thing hit with this massive, massive… folk have died every year from flus. That's normal, it seems to be normal. Winter is bad enough but winter takes away a lot of people in the colder climates, especially. 


But we have something in our nature, we don't like to dwell on the fact that we personally could die.  If you did think like that, you'd commit suicide, you wouldn't wait for it happening you'd be so depressed. They have terms for it and names for it, all about that particular mechanism that allows you to continue and ignore the fact that you're mortal.  It's true, we all think, especially young folk, I mean, we've all been there, you're never going to die. It just doesn't, it might happen to other people, but it will never happen to you. Obviously.  You tend to deny it, you see, most folk.


Unless you're working in the field and you'll see these annual flus go, sometimes 50,000 odd will go over a bad flu season, sometimes way more than that actually, within one country.  That's regarded as quite normal actually.  With or without the vaccine, it doesn't make any difference it seems as far as the deaths go.  They generally hit initially, I can remember reading the articles on the air from different authorities years ago, where they'd look at, using Canada as an example and the States.  Often the folk would get hit first in the elderly homes, homes for the elderly, caretaker homes type of thing where they're looked after. So, they're frail to begin with, but, the big puzzle is why would they break out in these places?  So, they said it must be brought in by the people from outside visiting them.


That's plausible, and probably partly true as well. Not all the time though. But then they did tracers, and they did experiments in some of these homes where they found out that somehow or another a lot of them are just breaking out in the homes and getting carried into the community by folks that visit, pick it up there and carried into the community.  It was the other way around, you see.  Then they would go into, why would they start there? Well, certain things happening these homes, you know, mandated things, that might be behind it. And you can't say anything about it today because you're under martial law, you understand?


And you'd better take it seriously this martial law thing because honestly, they can do terrible things under wartime scenarios and lock folk up for just having an opinion about something.  You're not allowed opinions anymore, you see.  It's called progress into austerity and all that.


So, it was the same thing too with it breaking out in Canada. I really did check, and I put one article up, awfully good one, it told you about British Columbia.  But most folk can't read between the lines, because a lot of things tell you things between the lines.  Of what groups were actually getting it.  The fact that a lot of them came from a different country, and the relatives came back from the countries that were infected, back-and-forth, back-and-forth, all through it too. British Columbia is a big multinational area, put it that way, and it's very traceable that way, you could tell what was happening.  But that it really added to the numbers of folk infected and folk who died with it too. But they had great success as well, where they even had 91-year-old women surviving after getting it in British Columbia. Which again, negated the fact that it was death for everybody over the age of 60 pretty well, you see. 


Fear of COVID 19: Overcoming the Hype - tenpennyimc.com / 5 March 2020


But the hype and hype and hype, they've made hay over this incredible hype and terror. Because the agenda is totally, it's just completely unfurled…  Here's the real agenda here, we couldn't get it all through the climate change thing and sustainability and sustainable development goals, etc. etc., and you wouldn't stop breeding, and you wouldn't stop consuming things, and you wouldn't go into a postconsumer society, you're postindustrial but you wouldn't go into a post consumerist and start eating the crickets and all that and the insects, so we're going to MAKE you go into it...


..through saving you all...


...by terrorizing you all...


...by getting you into such debt that you'll never get out of it. And whatever you can manage to make for an income in the future is going to be peanuts. And you can probably live on peanuts, you may be lucky to even get some peanuts, under a martial law type system.


Personally, I'd rather they just got rid of the politicians.  Just move them out of the way, pay them off, y'know. Just have the totalitarians that are managing us all, the technocrats I think, because then you know who's doing it, instead of going through the pretense that the politicians are there to help you. Because they're not helping us at all, are they?  And they won't listen to the public at all, which proves there's no democracy. Quite amazing. 


I listened to a little clip of a talk given by an ex-Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. He was talking to Peter Hitchens.  It was interesting. The man seemed genuine enough.  He didn't seem, but again, y’know, you can be misled too because a lot of politicians are psychopathic, and they can be awfully pleasant. But the man, he listens to this, he is agreeing that this martial law scenario is getting ridiculous. And he is agreeing that it would be bad for the country and all that. 


A fiasco in the making? As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, we are making decisions without reliable data - statnews.com / 17 March 2020


RCMP to enforce Quarantine Act, while Trudeau says no plan to invoke Emergencies Act - nationalpost.com / 10 April 2020


Canada in it ‘for the long haul’ with COVID-19, deputy health officer says - globalnews.ca / 28 March 2020


But as soon as he said that he was a true believer in free trade, the penny dropped immediately for me, my alarm system went off.  Like the Council on Foreign Relations type group that, the club, y'know, that they always put their members into government.  And the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the British company, or the British group that's the grandparent of them all, and the boss of them all actually, they make sure that these people are appointed into governments to make sure that the free trade agreements are done.


The same free trade agreements that made sure you can't even make anything in your own country, even to save your own lives. You can't even make swabs. Or gauze bandages, you know. Never mind facemasks or medical equipment.  That's what happens when you become interdependent. Meaning, totally dependent on some outsider.  And the same politicians signed all the deals for integration.  So that's really what free trade's all about. Nobody forced the countries into signing. Every politician in every Western country and in the Eastern countries signed on with glee, against the wishes of the public. 


But we never learn, do we?...  Well, we're Democratic and that, though, we've got rights, y'know.


We're trained and trained and trained, always, for what's to come.  The biggest training mechanism is indoctrination in school, for sustainability, and all parents are bad, and that consumerism is bad. Now, you've got Antifa groups that are all paid, again, their leaders are all paid awfully well.  They have lifetimes salaries and pension funds for some of them.  The followers are all just angry little youngsters that have been trained to be angry, about everything.  They're little armies, you see. 


I'll put up another clip tonight of a woman who was the head, at the moment, at the present, of a big group at the Club of Rome, and how she is, with glee again, praising this wonderful Covid thing for giving them an opportunity to push forward with the global warming and sustainability climate goals and so on that have to come out of it. She's just, oh, just having, almost orgasms I suppose, with the money that will be flowing. She doesn't mention the money, but you can tell that she likes it. They do like money at the top. The people, the people who are the biggest altruistic people in the planet, they're there to help you, love money. They love money.  The communist hierarchy, even Lenin loved money, you know that 'eh?  I hope you understand that.


But this woman praises Antifa and Extinction Rebellion group, 'eh.  The other created group by the same… They're all connected, these groups, and they all get money from the same sources. They're all trained from the same sources. Your tax money helps a lot to train them too, to be rebels. Folk don't know how the world really, really is run.  They really don't know. They don't know.


There's nothing out there that's not organized from those who own all the other groups at the top. There's nothing out there that's from the grassroots.  If you’re from the grassroots you might be approached to join one that's pre-existing, you see, that's authorized.  But if you don't agree, you'll get flattened. You’ll get cut off or defamed or something, but you'll fall flat. You're done for. That's how controlled the system is.


I can remember years ago, occasionally you would get asked to sing at do's, y'know, these do's for charities and that. And also, a couple of them I accepted, without knowing that all the top communist on the planet were going to go there. All authorized by your government. And most of the folk who organized it all, all worked for government, they were civil servants in Canada.  I met lots of them.  But I also popped into a place once I heard them singing, and it was in Toronto. It was interesting because someone says, do you play? I says, yeah, a little bit, I says; y'know, I don't want to say too much.  I sang a couple of songs, and they liked it.  But a woman came up and says, do you know anything really revolutionary? I said well what d’you mean revolutionary? You know, against the establishment. Well, this place where they had coffee and cakes and all the rest of it, and some of the other ones in Toronto that sold beer, they had licenses, were funded by the government to set up left-wing systems to protest the government.


D'you understand? Are you starting to catch on here how it works?    And unless you're in the right places at the right time, you won't have the learning experiences. But that's how things really are. There's nothing at the bottom, I don't care what it is, that is not agreed upon from the very, very top.


Years ago, I gave talks as well about the fashions. You can go way back into the past and you can say, my God, look at Benjamin Franklin's day, most guys wore wigs and they had silk stockings.  You see the pictures too of the folk, the paintings for instance of King James in Scotland, y'know.  He had a name for himself, for other things, King James. But you always have one of his legs really pushing forward.  He liked, he liked his thighs, that's what they said, y'know, he liked to show off his thighs, in his silk stockings.  He thought he looked really, really good in it. So, I guess everybody has their vanity.


But every generation has some kind of fashion designed for them. And it didn't just happen by itself. I can see how the class system evolves; they want to be different. They even talk differently from the people. I noticed too, it was interesting in Canada, and in the States too, the ones who go to university adopt the kind of, a certain way of talking.  [Alan is mimicking the speech.]  It's kind of like that. And they think it's a bit posher than the ordinary people at the bottom.  So underneath the pretense, we're all the same and we are all pulling together as a country and that, the class distinctions are always there. The you find it in all areas of life and across the whole planet.


So, people in the past used to dress differently. And they made it illegal at one time in England that when silk became popular, if the peasants got even cast-off silk that was torn or whatever, and started wearing it like a…, it was illegal, you'd be charged, you'd be taken off to prison for impersonating an upper-class person by wearing a bit of silk. That was in GREAT Britain, y’know, the land of democracy and freedom.  So that's where folks stood to go.


Then in the 20th century, you don't realize that for many centuries the ordinary peasants, [Alan chuckles.]  the peasant folk, the working classes that really made things work, all dressed the same pretty much for generations for a lot of the time because they didn't have the finery.  And they WORKED. That's what they saw, they did real work you see. 


It wasn't until the 20th century, and then into, just before World War II, that you started to get clothing made for TEENAGERS. The term ‘teenager’ was invented by the Communists, so that they tried to drive a wedge between not just the sexes, you see, everything is divide, divide, divide, but between generations.  So, a child now was not a child anymore, he was a teenager, you see, once you hit that teenage year. The term had never been used before, teenager, you see.  Then a whole fashion was set up for the teenager.  You had jeans.  The hippies of course came out with their beads and everything and the longhair fad as well.  And drugs naturally, they always give you drugs along with things. So's you can't think straight anymore.


Then of course they came into, it was interesting, the Beatles you see, came out initially as the four young men from Liverpool nonsense, y'know, like they just happen to be there, a prepackaged, you know, product.  And they had, again, the star making machinery, here's the Beatles suit. It had no collar on it. The Beatles haircut, the little fringe haircut thing, and little gimmicks like that. And the winklepicker shoes of course, the pointed shoes. 


But eventually once they got people hooked on them, because everything is politicized, you see, and has got a reason for being there.  Once they had a following then they started bringing the long-haired ones in, and then the anti-, oh, let's-fight-the-system, and there's-going-to-be-a-revolution, yeah-yeah, etc., and back in the USSR, hm, and things like that.  Then you had the protest stuff. Then you've got the dirty jeans. Then you've got, y'know, things like that.


Then after that yet you had the glam, they called it the Glam Rock thing.  Rock initially was anything but glamorous. It was meant to be, it was again a protest and so on in a way, but it was mainly for the music.  And you didn't want to, you didn't care about them telling you what to protest, you just wanted to go yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, and scream a bit. So that was successful for a bit. Then they turned it into Glam Rock.  Where the guys started to, you weren't quite sure what they were. They wore silks and everything.  And they probably spent more on their hairdos than Farrah Fawcett Majors did. Things like that, you see. And it was meant to be that way. 


Then they put on a very effeminate kind of band type thing.  I mean, lips come on, and makeup and lipstick and all the rest of it come on, come on, y'know.  If you've seen Spinal Tap it gives you an idea, it was a good comedy.  But it lost its way eventually. So eventually you came out again with the kind of punk, where you just went on and yelled a lot with the distortion, y'know, in your guitar and that was it, you didn't ever play much.  Then you had the spiked hair cuts and all that would come out of it. Until they walked around looking like coronaviruses, 'eh, with the spiked hair everywhere.


Every generation is given something from above. It didn't happen amongst themselves, by themselves.  They think they did at the time, even the music, they think they did by themselves. No, it was all given to them.


The rappers did the same thing. Once the stuff was put out by the machinery, the big stars and so on and tells you what the fad is going to be, the big boys at the top, it's always the same people, gave them suddenly the rap, you see. I can remember them even interviewing guys at the time and they said oh yeah yeah, we know what to do, yeah. Because it was all given to them by the first ones, they put out there and they all follow suit. They copy.  It's all about copying, you see. 


That's how we're trained. It's so easy to train us. And every group is given the things to protest, and the things that they want. Until now you have, again the Antifa groups, and in France you have the Yellow Vests, and the color revolutions too, etc. etc.  They start with one protest and then they’re protesting everything, but they're never sure what. And even that's been quashed too with the Covid thing. Interesting, isn't it, 'eh?  Same thing with the Hong Kong one as well.  It all went quiet because, oh, you're all going to die.


So, what's happening today is a long process of management, and readying, and even practicing, by the way, and making it happen. Because every country in the West, Canada and the States, has been doing massive exercises for the last 20 years, together, on emergency powers.  Even going into certain areas. You hardly ever see them because they're so quiet about it.  They set up command headquarters under emergency powers, if anything happened, they'd have to go and help the people, you know, and take over and manage it, again, in a technocratic way.  Not Democratic. Technocracy is not Democratic, it's the opposite.  They've had these exercises every year across big parts of Canada and the States, with both countries involved. They’re already again to do the same thing.


You can tie so much into what's happening today including the militarization of the whole society since 9/11. The police in Canada used to have uniforms that didn't terrify people. They didn't look like, like, SS SWAT teams y'know, with all the black outfits in combat boots and combat pants even and all that. They didn't have that kind of stuff. It was done intentionally in the 90s to get you ready for what was to happen in 2001. All in advance, of course it was.  They even passed the Omnibus crime bill in Canada a few years before 9/11 happened. Allan Rock was in charge of it.  It was an anti-terror bill.  Nothing happens by itself spontaneously. It isn't allowed to.


We're trained and trained in every generation, right up to the present, with a youth brigade that's like the young Communist Party really, that's how they've been trained.  And they're full of anger and they're ready to go against the ones that are older because you ruined it all and you destroyed the planet and the climate and everything else, you see, it's all your fault.  They've been brainwashed into being radicalized. And your tax money made them that through the teachers, who know darn well what they're teaching.  The teachers are prostitutes.  They’re social engineers. Change agents as it's been said in the US by some older folk who are dead now, Charlotte Iserbyt and people like that.


So, we're going to the next phase of it now, which is mandated austerity.  You are going into it. And you'll have rationing, I gave these talks years ago, they want to bring in rationing. And here you go, along with it, and the electronic surveillance on everybody, including your movements by the way, and they want to give you rationing IDs and all that. It will all be on your cell phones, etc.  And Bill Gates is just mentioning this day after day apparently, that that's what he's pushing forward, that you're going to have this before you can travel, you're going to have that.


Well, I didn't vote for this creep, did you? Did you? No.  Have you ever seen the movie Idiocracy? There's a scene anywhere the guy is shot, from the past basically, he slumbers for centuries, wakes up into the future.  And the world’s been run by, really, fools and idiots.  He goes into a hospital because he's got a little problem.  They don't even ask you what's wrong, they just point at things on computer screens. Like, here's the knee, and you see these little marks coming from it, like it's pain, and so he, oh yeah, it's not that, no.  And they stick all these different things in different orifices, and of course they get them all mixed up, because they're not very bright these people, for temperature and all that.  Then he goes into see the doctor there, who talks like a… yeah, yo, okay man, yo, whoa, whoa. 


Then at the end he had to pay for it all and he doesn't know how to pay for it.  The doctor says, where's your tattoo?  And he doesn't...  He says, you don't have a tattoo!?! Then the doctor freaks out and hits an alarm button, no tattoo!  That's, your everything comes off that tattoo.  That's everything that Bill Gates is pushing with this tattoo thing and all that.  It was in a movie, Idiocracy.  Folk who did the movie obviously knew it was coming, 'eh.  [Alan chuckles.]  


So anyway, yeah, you're prepared in advance for every step of what's to happen. And you will see, the longer they can keep this going, the more they'll become more authoritative, and keeping folks at home.  And you might even get deaths down the road, if they keep you in for a long, long period of time and not let you out, etc., the people will crackup, etc.


But don't forget, and this is something you always keep in the back of your minds. Quite a few years back I remember doing the talks when the military, National Guard, even the Forestry Commission and different departments inside the US, all different departments, Homeland Security, were getting, were buying billions and billions of rounds,  all kinds of caliber rounds for their weaponry. And stacks of hollow point, which can only be used internally.  It's against the Geneva Convention to use hollow points in warfare against soldiers, they use the full metal jacket types for the soldiers.  The hollow points are meant to create maximum impact and possible death, that's what they're designed for.  They'll hit and expand and create a bigger whole, and more disruption, more shock, etc.  So, they're only allowed to be used on your own populations. Because the UN has decreed this against all their treaties, the arms treaties, to use it in combat against foreign troops.


There was a big kerfuffle at the time, what on earth are they buying all this for? I mean, for goodness’ sake here. Well, if things were to drag out a long, long time, and they get more and more authoritative, and it's supposed to go that way, remember, and folks start cracking up, and then eventually a lot of them can’t get the food that they need, or anything else that they need perhaps...  Then laws are broken and yada, yada, ya. Who knows?  But they're certainly prepared for the worst if it ever came to that. You understand? 


They certainly are prepared for the worst, and they've got all these treaties with Canada and the States, so I have no doubt at all, under the right conditions they actually send, it's in one of the old NAFTA deals, now it's the USMCA one I think they call it, that the States is to come to the aid of Canada too if need be. And even vice versa. Including Mexico too, mind you. 


So, you've got a look at all these things that are happening today.  If they want to push it and push it and push it, and they're testing with the latest gear, constantly testing us all in real time as I've said before, as they float the ideas from Bill Gates, etc., and within 10 minutes with the chitchat on the net and the cell phones and that, they know exactly how far to push something or draw back a little bit on any particular point or topic. Because they put out trial balloons all the time, you see.  That's how perfectly things are managed today, I hope you understand that.


But if you notice, at the moment they're getting you trained that there's no input from the general public at all. You don't count. I hope you understand this. Because you're living through precedents. Things that never happened in World War I or World War II, or in the entire Cold War when you're supposed to be all getting blown to bits with atomic weaponry, none of this happened, and half the planet is locked down under martial law now. It never happened before. Never ever happened.


In some countries you had curfews at night, in totalitarian countries.  But here you have people locked down permanently? Forbidden to work?  You'd better start thinking about these things, and how you're ACCEPTING it so easily.


You see, the psychic driving of repetition, repetition, oh my God, look what's happening in China, oh my God, look, look, look, look, look, look has done wonders to decimate the people's common sense. 


And you've got to understand something right now, history is full of people rebelling and even having revolution, to try to GET rights and freedoms from those that deem themselves superior, who believe they have the right to rule people.  It took centuries to get rights for the people. And you’re watching it all go down the tubes voluntarily under the guise of the big psychic terror drive you're watching day after day after day. And you never get those rights back once you give them up.


Now, let's just start with, I'll put this up tonight too, the actual plan, Event 201, outlined it.  Again, the Rockefeller one as well, which happened in 2010.  This one happened one month before it supposedly broke out in China, Event 201, Call to Action.  It’s a PDF, you can download it yourself. But it says…


Event 201 - Public Private Partnership Pandemic Call to Action - pdf



The next severe pandemic will not only cause great illness and loss of life but could also trigger major cascading economic and societal consequences that could contribute greatly to global impact and suffering.


(Alan:  Then they go into how they'll have to get public-private partnerships where, basically what they're talking about is how the private sector, they're talking about big corporations, will be part of the rulership for managing the general public basically. It says…)


The Event 201 pandemic exercise, conducted on October 18, 2019, (A:  ...I mean, isn't that amazing, 'eh, it's halfway through October pretty well and the thing broke out in November in China, we're told, it might've even been earlier for all we know.) vividly demonstrated a number of these important gaps in pandemic preparedness as well as some of the elements of the solutions between the public and private sectors that will be needed to fill them. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, (A:  ...as well, so there ya go, you've got the World Economic Forum again, all the biggies, that you don't vote for and…) and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation jointly propose the following:


1. Governments, international organizations, (A:  Guess where they will be again?) and businesses should plan now for how essential corporate capabilities will be utilized during a large-scale pandemic.


(A:  They go through the whole plan basically.)


2. Industry, national governments, and international organizations should work together…


(A:  So, there’s the end of your democracy, right…)


2. Industry, national governments, and international organizations should work together to enhance internationally held stockpiles of medical countermeasures (MCMs) to enable rapid and equitable distribution during a severe pandemic.


(A:  Then they bring the World Health Organization into it. The World Health Organization has been heavily a communist front for… its inception actually is kind of comical as well because the Rockefeller Foundation set up the Department of Population, it used to be called Population Control, just across the corridor I think from the World Health Organization place. So, it all works together.  And you understand what I sometimes by world health. I mean, perhaps bringing down the population comes into the healthy population part, and some things that Mr. Gates mentioned before kind of ties into that as well perhaps. A healthy population, maybe a smaller one but a healthier one, y’know. Anyway, it says…)


The World Health Organization (WHO) currently has an influenza vaccine virtual stockpile, with contracts in place with pharmaceutical companies (A:  …the big corporate, you know, [Alan chuckles.] the fascism, here it goes.) that have agreed to supply vaccines should WHO request them.


Then they go into all the nitty-gritty stuff too, not in great detail in this particular one, but you can go into the whole PDF and look it up for yourselves if you're...  It's really interesting, and the videos are up there too, of I think it's a five-part series, often discussing how they'll manage the general public and the laws they'll have to bring in to make the public obey them and all that kind of stuff. Interesting.


Public-private cooperation for pandemic preparedness and response - centerforhealthsecurity.org


The Naval War College ran a pandemic wargame in 2019.  That was coincidence too though, right?


The Naval War College Ran a Pandemic War Game in 2019. The Conclusions Were Eerie.

military.com / 1 April 2020


An infectious disease breaks out in a densely populated metropolis and is spreading rapidly, causing respiratory failure and death in its victims. As local containment and response mechanisms break down and cases multiply, it becomes clear that a global response -- spanning governments, humanitarian organizations, health agencies and the military -- will be required.


That scenario is not a condensed narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic that currently has much of the globe on lockdown. Rather, it's the premise of a war game run last September by the Naval War College (NWC) in Newport, Rhode Island. And its findings (A:  …which are, I’ll put the link up to it.) -- released in summary format Wednesday -- reveal prescient and sometimes troubling parallels to the real-world response effort that continues today.


(A:  But that’s just coincidence, folks.  It’s coincidental.)


Called Urban Outbreak 2019, the war game involved 50 experts who spent (A:  …probably the same bunch again with the Johns Hopkins.) two days coordinating response, containment and messaging efforts around the notional pandemic. Some of the conclusions, such as the way forced mass quarantine can backfire (A:  ...you see, forced mass quarantine...) can backfire and trigger additional disease spread, and how the mortality rate is better than the overall number of disease cases in assessing the scale of an outbreak -- have been proved out through the response to the novel coronavirus.


The Naval War College - Urban Outbreak 2019 - digital-commons.usnwc.edu / 1 April 2020


It goes on and on and on.  If you want to read through it, you can do it. It’s not a bad little article, mind you. But it gives you an idea what goes on, in preparation for the thing that supposedly is the real thing. I’ll also put down this one here.  It’s…


World Economic Forum - COVID Action Plan



COVID Action Plan

The Global Future Council, (A:  I guess that's the name of the organization.) is the international organization for public-private cooperation. The World Economic Forum acting as partner to the World Health Organization is mobilizing all stakeholders to protect lives and livelihoods.


(A:  Well, if you look at the characters that make up the WEF, y'know, World Economic Forum, it's a massive, it isn't just a...  You always hear of them meeting. It's not an annual meeting. It's a massive organization with permanent buildings, a massive civil service running it.  They sponsor, it's a big massive foundation that trains future leaders across the planet for their own particular agenda, I hope you realize that too, to make sure there'll never be anything called democracy.  Of course, the WEF is just the FEW backwards, it's for the few, you understand.  Anyway, it says here…


The dramatic spread of COVID-19 has disrupted lives, livelihoods, communities and businesses worldwide.  (A:  They're very clever, that, so they can tell you what you obviously know.) All stakeholders, especially global business, must urgently come together to minimize its impact on public health and limit its potential for further disruption to lives and economies around the world.


But the sum of many individual actions will not add up to a sufficient response. Only coordinated action by business, combined with global, multistakeholder cooperation – at exceptional scale and speed – can potentially mitigate the risk and impact of this unprecedented crisis.

(A:   Then they go into…)



The spread of COVID-19 demands global cooperation among governments, international organizations and the business community. (A:  You’ve already said that, for goodness’ sake.) This multistakeholder cooperation is at the centre of the World Economic Forum’s mission as the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

(A:  So, they’ve decided that they themselves are the organization that’s going to manage the public and private businesses, etc. That’s very democratic of them too, isn’t it?)


Galvanize the global business community for collective action


Protect people’s livelihoods (A: [Alan laughing.] That's a good one.) and facilitate business continuity (A:  What a joke that is, 'eh?)


Mobilize cooperation and business support for the COVID-19 response


(A:  Then they give you a summary and all that and you can download it for yourselves and all that kind of thing. And you can...)


Embed their special Covid 19 transformation map (A:  This is the age, remember, of change and this is the century of changes they call it, transformation, 'eh?  Everything's transforming supposedly.) on your Internet or website enabling your employees or stakeholders one click access to the latest strategic trends, research, analysis and data.


There ya are.  So, aren't you glad these unelected organizations are, they're all working on this before it even started, 'eh? it's just constant.  Another article, it says here…


The Normal Economy Is Never Coming Back

foreignpolicy.com / 9 April 2020


(A:  …just to make you happy again, that one.  It says here...)


As the coronavirus lockdown began, the first impulse was to search for historical analogies—1914, 1929, 1941? As the weeks have ground on, what has come ever more to the fore is the historical novelty of the shock that we are living through.


(A:  It’s shock and awe, you see.  There’s a joke about shock and awe too but I won’t go into that right now.  But shock and awe, and that’s what they’re doing.  Psychic driving, oh my God, and oh look at that, oh, shock, shock, shock. So, we’re living through it all.)


As a result of the coronavirus pandemic America's economy is now widely expected to shrink by a quarter. 


(A:  Well, forget it, it's a little bit more than a quarter, I think.)


That's as much as during the Great Depression. 


(A:  They’re all happy about that.)


But whereas the contraction after 1929 stretched over a four-year period, the coronavirus implosion will happen over the next three months.  There's never been a crash landing like this before. 


There is something new under the sun and it's horrifying.


Then they go into it and all the rest of it.  But the thing is, they don't plan on getting over a great depression. This is permanent. It's a whole new way of living. This is what they're going on about here. And it's in glee. As I say, that woman at the Club of Rome is in ecstasy over it all.  And no doubt the money that's getting thrown her way as well.


This goes into it as well; it will never be the same again. To get you used to the idea, the whole agenda, sustainable goals, right, have to be fulfilled. It's beautiful for that. They'll never let this go. Nope.  And planned or not, take your pick what you want to believe. But the fact is, they're not going to...  They are in glee and ecstasy over the whole thing, they are quite open about it.


I’ve read the plans to reopen the economy. They’re scary.

vox.com / 10 April 2020


There is no plan to return to normal.


Over the past few days, I’ve been reading the major plans for what comes after social distancing. You can read them, too. There’s one from the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute, the left-leaning Center for American Progress, Harvard University’s Safra Center for Ethics, and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Romer.


I thought, perhaps naively, that reading them would be a comfort — at least then I’d be able to imagine the path back to normal. But it wasn’t. In different ways, all these plans say the same thing: Even if you can imagine the herculean political, social, and economic changes necessary to manage our way through this crisis effectively, there is no normal for the foreseeable future.


(A:  Then he goes into…)


Until there’s a vaccine, (A:  That’s what you’ve been told, you see.) the United States either needs economically ruinous levels of social distancing, a digital surveillance state of shocking size and scope, or a mass testing apparatus of even more shocking size and intrusiveness.


(A:  M-hm.  That’s what they’re telling you. And then he goes into the different bodies that are all working together…)


The AEI, CAP, and Harvard plans aren’t identical, but they’re similar. All of them feature a period of national lockdown — in which extreme social distancing is deployed to “flatten the curve”
(A:  … as they call this nonsense, you see.)
and health and testing capacity is surged to “raise the line.” That’s phase one. Phase two triggers after a set period (45 days for CAP, three months for Harvard) or, in the AEI plan, after 14 days of falling cases and a series of health supply markers.


But the whole point is, he goes through the process they're using here. It's a whole new way of governing basically with all these different checkpoints that you must get to before you can get to the next level, next level.  And that's what it's all about, you see, that the scientists are going to rule your lives, folks. 


Because they know better with all their models that they make, y'know, these computer models, with scary scenarios, 'eh, scary scenarios.  Isn't that what they said with all the meetings of the groups that were... I read them all for years, every year I used to read them, on the air, all the scary scenarios. That's what they call them themselves, from the different organizations for sustainability and depopulation, and sustainable development goals, is to give the folk scary scenarios about the climate or they wouldn't believe you otherwise.  So, they had to terrify the public and tell them terrible scary scenarios.  Well, this is what they do.  And they've got all the authority to do it. That's why they get so much airtime. 



The Fed Asks for BlackRock’s Help in an Echo of 2008

nytimes.com / 25 March 2020


BlackRock will advise the Federal Reserve on the purchase of billions of dollars in bonds and securities. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.


The Federal Reserve has turned again...


(A:  You see, that's what, they helped bail them out the last time supposedly. The Federal Reserve by the way, has become the bank to the world. They lend to all the countries. They bailed all the other countries out, including Canada, at the last big crash we had.  BlackRock apparently is the big con job that bails them out, supposedly. However, the Federal Reserve is a private, maybe even foreign-owned, group of banks, and BlackRock is an interesting one as well.)


The nation's central bank said it tapped BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, to help oversee the Fed's effort to stabilize the bond market amid economic turmoil caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


A BlackRock subsidiary will advise the Fed on the purchase of billions of dollars in commercial mortgage-backed securities and investment-grade corporate bonds


(A:  Sound familiar? It's the same, a repeat scenario of 2007/8.)


— a decision that echoed a move from the 2008 financial crisis.


(A:  It's interesting, when you really dig into who they are though, you just keep falling over and having a good laugh to yourself with the names that pop up, they're also familiar, y'know.  It really is, it's amazing.  It says…)


The last time (A:  ...at the time, the last time) that arrangement prompted criticism for lawmakers and others who worried about coziness between Wall Street and Washington, as well as the potential for conflicts of interest.


(A:  Because my God, there's really some amazing conflicts involved in all of this. But then, there always has been really with the Federal Reserve.)


Dennis Kelleher is the president of Better Markets, a nonprofit group that supports stringent financial regulation and the Fed needs to guarantee there is full transparency.


(A:  What a joke.  So, they've already got it set up, their pretended watchdog, etc., hm.  N-n-n.)


BlackRock's advisory business is separate from its asset management business, which generates most of the firm’s revenue. Besides working with the Fed during the 2008 crisis, the advisory division has done work for the British treasury, the Swiss National Bank, the European Central Bank and the government of Greece.


(A:  Ohhh [Alan laughing.] they can really floor you, can't they.  Poor old Greece, and Italy too for that matter.)


New York Fed said in a statement that it selected BlackRock on a "short-term basis" because of its expertise in the market for commercial mortgage-backed securities which are backed by government-sponsored mortgage finance firms Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae.


I tell ya, n-n-n.  I-yi-yi.  That's quite interesting too for those that want to go into the cons that go on in the world.  [Alan chuckles.]  And really, the legalized crooks, I call them legalized crooks because they run the law systems too, obviously.  Everything is corrupt today. Wherever you look it's incredibly corrupt.


Banks To Make Billions On Small Business Bailout

zerohedge.com / 1 April 2020


As part of the $2 trillion fiscal stimulus package that was signed into law by Donald Trump on Friday, the Small Business Administration will offer $350 billion in loans to US small businesses meant to preserve business solvency as part of the emergency federal response to the coronavirus pandemic; the loans, part of the so-called "Paycheck Protection Program" will be offered through banks and credit unions to cash-strapped businesses employing under 500 people (it's not clear how a company employing 500 people is a "small business" but we can assume that this is just a stealthy bailout of some not so small businesses).


(A:  That’s really what it is, it’s the big boys getting bailed out.  Yep.) 


Borrowers will need to fill out a two-page form and document that they were in business as of mid-February. Lenders will not need to wait for SBA confirmation before providing cash in hand.


According to the SBA, there are 30m businesses with fewer than 500 employees in the US, employing 60m people, almost half of the private workforce.


Yet some may be "shocked" to learn (A:  Maybe they will or won’t…) that like in any government bailout package, the biggest winners here will not be America's vibrant small and medium business sector, which at best will get the bare minimum cash to fund 2.5 months of payroll (this assume the pandemic will be resolved by mid-June) but - drumroll - America's banks.


The big boys are getting all the cash as always, y’know.  That’s how things always work, ‘eh.


Why it's no longer acceptable to pay with cash: Aussies are urged to ditch disease-spreading notes - as experts

(A:  …again, there’s these experts, ‘eh.  I wonder where that school is where they turn out experts?  I mean, it’s a strange priesthood, ‘eh.  I’ve heard about perverts, but I don’t know about experts.)

admit coronavirus could kill physical money for good

dailymail.co.uk / 27 March 2020


(A:  They’re trying to make sure, trying to convince the public just to stop using it. So rather than ban it they’re trying to JUST get you to give it up, you see. The big boys too have been putting out this stuff for years in Canada, of the end of cash, we must get the folk off it into electronic stuff. Then you can get really managed, a la Bertrand Russell, ‘eh, the government will give you everything, it will be total control into your bank account.  If you’ve been bad, an asbo as they call it, antisocial behavior disorder, by saying that this is not the best country in the world, then whoa! that’s it, you’re going to be fined immediately, you can’t pay your rent.  So, if you had some cash there at least you could pay cash, couldn’t you, hm?  You see, I keep saying, when your choices are gradually taken away, or narrowed down until there’s none at all, ‘eh, you are really under tyranny. In all areas, folks.)


Some retail stores are already turning away customers who use notes in desperate attempts to combat the rapid growth of the virus.


Well, who’s bringing all this stuff you’re going to buy into their stores in and touching it all?  ‘Eh?  Get off it.  Get off it.  That’s all been touched as well.  Absolute rubbish.  Then you’ve got this one here on…


Spain is moving to permanently establish universal basic income in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

businessinsider.com / 6 April 2020


Spain is moving to implement a permanent basic income (A:  Naturally.) as a measure to help workers and families battered by the coronavirus pandemic.


(A:  Again, the Club of Rome is pushing this universal basic income. They mean universal, meaning worldwide, that’s what they want. This is for global government; I hope you understand.  So, we’ll all get our funds like… a la Bertrand Russell, into our bank accounts.  They were pushing that before it happened, remember? And again, the World Economic Forum, that we don’t elect, was making all the statements at the time, oh well y’know, we have to start just paying folk to stay at home.  Before any viruses.  It’s all coincidence though, isn’t it?  It really is. It has to be. What else could it be?  [Alan chuckles.]  You know, conspiracy theorist. I guess what they are imagining is about, and being right that this would come, and they could push it then, I guess THEY were really the conspiracy theorists, ‘eh? They were pushing world conspiracies; they are making their own conspiracies happen.)


Nadia Calviño, the country's minister for economic affairs, told the Spanish broadcaster La Sexta on Sunday evening that the government was planning to introduce the cash handouts as part of a barrage of policies meant to help people get back on their feet.


(A:  Well, why? You can’t walk anywhere, and you’re not allowed to. But this is the kind of stuff we’re living through, isn’t it, ’eh?)


And you really believe, something’s for nothing, ‘eh?!  And your kicks for free? Money is not for nothing, folks.  It’s always…


Government and opposition parties pass $73-billion wage subsidy program - nationalpost.com / 11 April 2020


Even loans by the big banks to other countries and the World Bank, it comes with all these different social policies you must introduce in your country, and cultural changes, and you know, all that kind of stuff.


Coronavirus West Australia: New $91m policing package will include electronic surveillance

7news.com.au / 8 April 2020


(A:  I put a little clip on, it’s a YouTube, I think it’s on YouTube, or no, it’s from a newspaper in Australia. You see little clip there, it says…)


Coronavirus West Australia: New $91m policing package will include electronic surveillance


(A:  That’s how they’re going to fight the virus, you see, by studying it, working through you.  [Alan chuckles.] It’s amazing.)


The West Australian government has announced a $91 million policing package

(A:  This is just the Western Australian government.)


The massive investment was announced by Premier Mark McGowan on Wednesday afternoon.


(A:  And a woman came on who was the head of something that had to do with this, I'm not quite, I thought she was McGowan, but I guess not. Well, who knows?  And I'm not kidding you, she starts off by saying how much they'd saved, before she tells you what they're spending it on, you see. And I had a friend who used to joke about his mum who would come home with all these packages.  And you know, they used to have these, from the better class shops you'd get these, they were kind of cardboard type, not quite cardboard but heavy-duty paper bags and they'd put their stuff in the bags, you see. And it had nice pictures and that and little prints on them and all that.  But she would come home with stacks of the stuff on a spending spree. And she would always say that, right, because they got it from the magazines what to tell her husband's and so on. So, his mum used to come home and as soon as the husband appeared she'd say, you wouldn't believe what I saved today, you see.  [Alan laughing.]   That's just exactly what this woman said in Australia with the $91 million policing package. And you have to really hear this stuff, you know.  And you could actually see them, oh, just smiling, just like, oh my God.  You can tell a lot of money is going to help, a lot of people here.)


Of that total $73 million will immediately be invested to strengthen WA’s police force, including the recruitment of 150 new police officers.


(A: ‘Eh?  $73 million, ‘eh?  To help recruit 150 new police officers? What are they paying them? Well, it’s not for their pay obviously, right.  That’s what I’m saying. I used to laugh when Canada would put up millions, like $12-15 million to give maybe 10 students window washers jobs for the summer. Well, where did the rest of the money go?  I mean, this is what government does, ‘eh, their $73 million for 150 new police officers. That’s really what they need in these times, right?)


McGowan said the injection of new officers into the force would help keep the numbers up if police officers were forced to self-isolate because of COVID-19.


(A:  Really?)


The fast-tracking of 135 existing recruits would allow new officers to go into support roles, freeing up more senior police members to go onto the “frontline”.


In addition to a total of 285 new police officers, the WA government is investing in forms of electronic surveillance to ensure people are not breaking quarantine rules or unlawfully trying to breach intra-state borders.


(A:  You know, crossing over the state borders, inside Australia.)


Plate recognition cameras that are able to instantly read number plates will be installed at border checkpoints across the state.


The police force will also acquire 200 (A:  …200, listen to this 200…) 200 GPS-enabled ankle bracelets to track people who may be breaching orders to quarantine or self-isolate at home.


(A:  When you look at these 200 GPS, they’re little things, you can look them up online, some of them you can get for as cheap as seven bucks! I’m not kidding you. But they’re going to spend about 3 million, I think it’s 3 million for these 200 GPS ankle bracelets.)


(A:  You can’t believe….  I’m living in, you see, I’m living in a time w… I mentioned earlier I was brought up in austerity in Britain, you see. I mean, REAL austerity too, it wasn’t even middle-class, never mind austere times.  So, my idea of money is, and what a normal income today is so incredibly low compared to most folk today that think nothing of a thousands of bucks here and thousands of bucks there.  M-hm. So, I get kind of shocked, but you know.)  


There are currently 30 regional road checkpoints across Western Australia.


(A:  This is like, again, this is like the Stasi, isn’t it? And checkpoints… just like the Soviet Union used to be too, they had checkpoints everywhere. In streets at times, and for no reasons. And the money, the millions they’re spending just for make-work programs for the cops, ‘eh?)


Since April 9, when the state was carved up into nine separate zones, (A:  There ya go, that’s what they do in totalitarian states, they put in the zones.) 106,029 people have pulled up at border checkpoints.


Of those, 104,716 have met the exemption criteria, but 1313 have been refused and ordered to turn around - a total of one per cent.  (A:  Whoa, that’s really worth it, ‘eh?  Wow.  Gee whiz, ‘eh.  There ya go.  1313 have been refused. Interesting.) 


McGowan praised West Australians’ “high level of compliance” (A:  Again, they love that, under a wartime scenario you’ve got to comply and do what you’re told.) but reminded people that “going for a drive down south or up to Lancelin” was no longer allowed over the Easter break.  (A:  It wasn’t allowed.)


(A:  You see how even the wording in it is, it’s no longer allowed, over the Easter break, children.)


Only essential travel is permitted, and travelling outside your regional area is not permitted,” he said.


“This Easter is going to be like none other, it will be very different.”


(A:  No kidding.  N-n-n.  I tell ya.)


Then you get this one here. Let’s see…


How ‘war’ with coronavirus could lead to lasting government overreach

(A:  Again, you're getting the message, getting the message, getting the message, 'eh?)

pri.org / 19 March 2020


Under war-like circumstances, history shows there is a very fine line between protecting citizens and eroding rights — and that line can be exploited or extended in times of great uncertainty.


(A:  Well, that’s the whole plan, obviously, that’s why it’s all happening.)


So, say world leaders as countries struggle to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. The unprecedented outbreak has pushed governments to take extraordinary measures unheard of in peacetime — including closing borders and instituting nationwide lockdowns. People all over the globe are increasingly required to carry permits or face fines for leaving their homes.


(A: I-yi-yi.  I tell ya.)


"This crisis could ultimately have an impact as serious as a world war in terms of the number of people affected, in terms of the impact on the economy and on people's way of life,” former US Ambassador to NATO Nicholas Burns told The World.


(A:  That’s why he’s a bright guy, he says what’s going to happen. If you can’ go to work and stuff, you know it’s going to impact the economy and affect the way of life as well. That’s intelligence there.)


Governments have gotten the message.


French President Emmanuel Macron said Monday the invisible spread of the virus “requires a call to arms,” as he locked down the country. 


Well, he had to do it because he was losing his country with all the riots before it all happened. Obviously.  And this goes on and on.


Germany to introduce coronavirus 'immunity certificates' for recovered public

newsweek.com / 30 March 2020


(A:  They're copying China, and from the WHO and the Bill Gates big plan, you see.  I'd tell them to go and stuff it!  Because you never had to get an immunity certificate for the flu and getting over that, did you?  So, it would be the same for anything else.  Once it starts, this is to be a whole agenda.  It will go right into your ID card, and it will be imprinted, and Bill Gates wants it injected into you or tattooed on you.  [Alan chuckles.]   Well, go and stuff it, Bill Gates!  Yep.)


(A:  So, they're... This is the researchers; the researchers are planning it.  Well, I'd tell the researchers to go off and… Mind you, poor Germany doesn't have a democracy. They've been hammered for a long, long time, and they've got the ex-Stasi characters who've been trained by the Stasi running them for years. It says…)


The documents are part of a research project being conducted at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Braunschweig, which will conduct blood tests among the general public for antibodies produced against the virus.


The antibodies will show which of the participants have had the virus and have recovered, according to a report by the German magazine Der Spiegel. Around 100,000 people will be tested at a time, and certificates issued to those found positive.


If you start doing these things, they're going to make it mandatory. They always get the usual, you know, the curious cows and cattle to nosy up gradually, and when they get enough to do it, then the make things mandatory. Well, they all accepted it.  That's how they do things, folks. And you always get the ones going out for it first, the same kind that bring apples for the teachers.  You know what I mean, 'eh?  You know those characters.  They're snitchers, those characters.  Well, it's the same thing again here.  They'll say, well, look how good we are, we've done it, oh, and I'm clear now.  Even though it can’t actually prove that they've got antibodies for that exact virus, folks, y'know.  But that doesn't matter. Facts don't really matter you see.  N-n-n.


And then of course you'll have to have all the new vaccines that are coming along the pike, nothing to do with this one, but they've got on the list that they want to make money off of.


Mecklenburg County residents file hundreds of stay-at-home order complaints

fox46charlotte.com / 1 April 2020


MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. — (A:  That's in North Carolina.)  Him New data from Mecklenburg County shows that some residents are growing tired of people violating the stay-at-home order and now they are taking matters into their own hands.


(A:  Oh, Ohhh!)


The stay-at-home order was put in place last Thursday. You are still allowed to do essential activities like go grocery shopping, visit the doctor or go to a park to get exercise. You are required to stay six feet apart from other people.


(A:  In Britain you can't even go to the park unless you keep moving, you see, you can't sit down for a break. It's not allowed.)


Since the order was put in place more than 600 complaints/violations been made through the CharMeck 311 center. County leaders stress you should not call 911 to file a complaint. (A:  I guess the other folk are complaining about other folk, I suppose, that's what it is, 'eh?  Hard to tell.)


It's just astonishing, it really is amazing.  You understand, what are they expecting you to do? You're breathing, 'eh.  If you're nowhere near anybody, what's their problem if you're sitting on a park bench? Or on the grass for that matter? What does it matter if there's no one near you?  In fact, the cops have got a bit more of a problem.  They're more in danger than anybody because they'll get closer than 6 feet when they come up to annoy you.  They could be carrying it and passing it on.  But you see, facts don't matter, and sense doesn't matter with this, you see.


It's the training of the public for things to come, that's what it's about.


You know, they are even charging people, in some places where the cops have noticed, that you're walking to a grocery store when they know that you've got a car, they want you to drive the car there.  Huh?  You see, you understand, they can interpret it in whatever way they want according to the county.  And cops chomp at the bit for that kind of authority, y'know.  Why are you driving your car? Well, I thought it would be safer that way and it wouldn't be… But here you are, he's got his face stuck inside the car asking you questions, 'eh?  That's really healthy.  But this is the sort of thing that's happening.  So, you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't. 


It's a fear exercise to instill terror into the public. This is how it's done.  This is how it's done, folks.


Aren't you fed up with these massive psychological tactics that are used on you?  ...as though you're some animal in a maze? That's how they see you.  And you go here, and you get shocked. And you go there and... It's like Skinner's box, y’know, shock, shock.  And Pavlov, the great, the great scientist Pavlov that made a fortune and a great name for himself shocking and terrifying, and to the death, of animals. Psychopaths, psychopaths, psychopaths.


Anyway, this is where it's going. Mind you too, if everybody in the warm climates are driving, have you noticed their windows are down? And they're breathing!  My God, they're breathing… and that's getting sucked away, and along the streets with their breath. My God, 'eh.  You see, it's all, it's a complete farce, farcical nonsense.


Another one too is…


Queensland - Home Confinement, Movement and Gathering Direction

health.qld.gov.au / 2 April 2020


Direction from Chief Health Officer in accordance with emergency powers arising from the declared public health emergency.


(A:  Oh, it’s all authoritative stuff.  And scary stuff. Direction home confinement movement and gathering part one, etc. etc. This is Queensland Australia, they have a preamble and everything about it, and the citation…)


Public Health Act 2005 (Queensland)



This Public Health Direction may be referred to as the Home Confinement Movement and Gathering Direction


(A:   This is the stuff that petty little bureaucrats dream up, ‘eh, with your tax money.  And restrictions and private residence directions, as well, oh my God here we go, oh yeah, a whole list of them here.  This is the stuff that petty little bureaucrats dream up, ‘eh, with your tax money.)


(A:  - restrictions and private residence directions… as well.  Oh my God here we go. Oh yeah, a whole list of them here.  Home confinement requirements in Queensland. They got a whole list...)


(A:  -To obtain medical treatment maybe you can go.  Or to engage in physical exercise, but if it's a short walk, 'eh?  Maybe you can get out and shake a leg and run back in again.)


(A:  -To perform work or volunteering, or to carry out conduct as essential business activity or undertaking, blah, blah, blah. The average citizen is supposed to read this rubbish, y'know, paragraph 9, subsection what?)


(A:  -Education and early childhood workers may travel to and from their home center over the term break.)


(A:  -To visit a terminally ill relative or to attend a funeral, or a wedding, subject to any applicable restrictions under other relevant…  You understand, you've gotta have papers with you and stuff to prove where you're going.  I-yi-yi.)


This is super Soviet.  You see, this is a more refined Soviet that you're into now, folks. You're going into whole areas which the Soviet era didn't manage themselves.


And you're doing it all voluntarily. 


Until it's mandatory. 


Then it will be normal. 


You see?  Yep. 


Another one too…  You're supposed to stay, they want you, this is to go on forever until they find a vaccine a la Bill Gates, you see, y’know how Bill Gates is really saying that.


NSW coronavirus social-distancing to stay 'until vaccine is found', Premier Gladys Berejiklian says

abc.net.au / 6 April 2020


NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian (A:  Strange name.  I can't really pronounce it properly, or I don’t know how it’s pronounced.) has warned the state's tough coronavirus social-distancing restrictions will stay "until a vaccine is found", (A:  You understand, that’s like forever, folks.) after Australia's death toll climbed to 46.


(A:  46!  46.  There’s more folk die of the common cold!  46.  That’s incredible. What’s happening is incredible, folks.   But it’s a big agenda, ‘eh, big agenda.)


Key points:

There have been 21 coronavirus deaths (A:  …21…)  

2,686 cases in NSW


I guess that’s the tests, y’know, which means nothing.  We can’t correlate the deaths to the cases here because most cases are not tested. They even say in other articles there could be 100 times, 100 people to everyone that is tested, that also has… Most folk don’t get any symptoms at all, not even the slightest ones, you know.  So, they are determined to make sure it’s permanent, ‘eh.  And unfortunately, a lot of folk go along with these things, and that's what happens.


Cancer Surgeries and Organ Transplants Are Being Put Off for Coronavirus. Can They Wait? 

(A:  Well, what do you think, 'eh?  Hm?)

propublica.org / 6 April 2020


So, they're talking about cancer patients and they have stories here about certain people who can't get treatment, and surgeons that can't even treat them.  There's breast cancers that are malignant and all the rest of it and every day counts actually when cells start spreading and yada, yada, ya.  But there ya go, all hospitals are on the same…


I'll put up the link to a clip in Bristol in England where a guy and a couple of people from his family drive into hospital car park. They go into the underground part and the whole thing, and they drive past admissions an emergency and so on, and everything is empty. There's nothing happening. The only people they see are a couple of unemployed folk dressed in their gowns and that who will do any testing for anybody that wants to do a drive through just out of curiosity. There's nothing happening.  And yet, there's no, y’know, everything's closed down, the regular surgeries and stuff, in these hospitals are all closed.


Empty A+E Bristol 05.04.2020 11:30 - youtube.com / 5 April 2020


I hope you understand what's happening here. It's quite interesting what is happening. It really is interesting.  That's the whole wait and see, it's interesting.


I really do want to say this.  One of the biggest technocrats up there, Technocracy, and the Trilateral group of course, which is a specialized group that comes, they're generally picked from the Council on Foreign Relations in America.  But the Trilateral group really appoints high level technocrats in banking and different areas and social engineering to different countries. They slip them into even running countries at times, like they did when they crashed Italy and Greece, they put two technocrats straight in there to run the country, like dictators basically.


But one of the top ones we've seen in that level of engineering wars and manipulating people and all the rest of it was Henry Kissinger. Of course, Henry, who really, if you really do well, you're given a lot of good life extension.  You really are. Honestly. I mean, Henry Kissinger is not known to be a good jogger or exerciser but he's still going yet, y’know.  And out he comes on que, and it's called...


Henry Kissinger - The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order

wsj.com / 3 April 2020


The U.S. must protect its citizens from disease while starting the urgent work of planning for a new epoch.


(A:  So, there you go, here’s it is from the horse’s mouth…)


…the urgent work of planning for a new epoch.


By Henry A. Kissinger, April 3, 2020, 6:30pm.


The USNS Comfort Hospital ship...

(A:  That's what they show you on the picture I guess, you know, I don't have the pictures here, March 30. And it says.)


The surreal atmosphere of the Covid-19 pandemic calls to mind how I felt as a young man in the 84th Infantry Division during the Battle of the Bulge. (A:  I think he was talking about his tummy at the time, y’know.  But you actually see him, he was a driver. I think he was even one of the drivers for Eisenhower. You can see pictures, old pictures of him, I’m sure that’s him. He’s definitely drove different generals around. It says…) Now, as in late 1944, there is a sense of inchoate danger, aimed not at any particular person, but striking randomly and with devastation. But there is an important difference between that faraway time and ours. American endurance then was fortified by an ultimate national purpose. Now, in a divided country, (A:  …interesting, ‘eh?  You understand, these guys never, they’ve got their fingers in all the pies, always quietly too.)


American endurance then was fortified by an ultimate national purpose. (A:  M-hm.)  Now, in a divided country, efficient and farsighted government is necessary to overcome obstacles unprecedented in magnitude and global scope. Sustaining the public trust is crucial to social solidarity.  Sustaining the public trust is crucial to social solidarity, to the relation of societies with each other, and to international peace and stability.


Nations cohere and flourish on the belief that their institutions can foresee calamity, arrest its impact and restore stability. When the Covid-19 pandemic is over, many countries’ institutions will be perceived as having failed. Whether this judgment is objectively fair is irrelevant. The reality is the world will never be the same after the coronavirus. To argue now about the past only makes it harder to do what has to be done.


(A:  Are you getting the picture, folks?  Hm?)


The coronavirus has struck with unprecedented scale and ferocity. (A:  Although personally I think it’s more noise in reality in most countries, not them all, but in most countries.) Its spread is exponential: U.S. cases are doubling every fifth day.  (A:  Which is not quite true actually. Because now they’re lumping in untested people, in the statistics, along with the statistics, for Covid, by the way. I’ve got the articles about it from the top saying that.) At this writing, there is no cure. Medical supplies are insufficient to cope with the widening waves of cases. Intensive-care units are on the verge, and beyond, of being overwhelmed. Testing is inadequate to the task of identifying the extent of infection, much less reversing its spread. A successful vaccine could be 12 to 18 months away.


(A:  They never had one, remember, when it was any big, say, heavy flus in the past. We never had one given to us yet for the SARS, y’know.  So, what ARE they going to pump into you, I wonder? And if it keeps jumping strains and strains and strains, then, into new strains, then you’ve got the same problem with all the flus. So, you know, it’s just awfully… Well, no one really is taking this the way they’re presenting it here.)  


The U.S. administration has done a solid job in avoiding immediate catastrophe. The ultimate test will be whether the virus’s spread can be arrested and then reversed in a manner and at a scale that maintains public confidence in Americans’ ability to govern themselves.


(A:  Do you understand what he just said there?)


…and at a scale that maintains public confidence in Americans’ ability to govern themselves.


(A:  Are you getting the picture here?  You see, he doesn’t believe, he’s never believed you had the right to govern yourselves, or the ability to govern yourselves.)


The crisis effort, however vast and necessary, must not crowd out the urgent task of launching a parallel enterprise for the transition to the post-coronavirus order.


Leaders are dealing with the crisis on a largely national basis, but the virus’s society-dissolving effects do not recognize borders. While the assault on human health will—hopefully—be temporary, the political and economic upheaval it has unleashed could last for generations.


the political and economic upheaval it has unleashed could last for generations.


(A:  You’re getting austerity, folks, you’re getting the idea of austerity.)


No country, not even the U.S., can in a purely national effort overcome the virus. (A:  Isn’t that amazing, ‘eh?)  Addressing the necessities of the moment must ultimately be coupled with a global collaborative vision and program. (A:  Global.)  If we cannot do both in tandem, we will face the worst of each.


Drawing lessons from the development of the Marshall Plan and the Manhattan Project, the U.S. is obliged to undertake a major effort in three domains. First, shore up global resilience to infectious disease.   (A:  You see, they’re not saying this one, they’re saying this means ALL diseases, ‘eh, infectious disease.)  Triumphs of medical science like the polio vaccine (A:  Oh, here we go.) and the eradication of smallpox, or the emerging statistical-technical marvel of medical diagnosis through artificial intelligence (A:  That’s really good, ‘eh, the picture things like in Idiocracy.), have lulled us into a dangerous complacency. We need to develop new techniques and technologies for infection control and commensurate vaccines across large populations. Cities, states and regions must consistently prepare to protect their people from pandemics through stockpiling, cooperative planning and exploration at the frontiers of science.


(A:  So, he’s all totally on board with his pal Bill Gates and all that, y’know.  They’re all on board because they’re all in the same club, you see, you know, the real managers of society. Unelected.)


Second, strive to heal the wounds to the world economy. Global leaders have learned important lessons from the 2008 financial crisis. The current economic crisis is more complex: The contraction unleashed by the coronavirus is, in its speed and global scale, unlike anything ever known in history. And necessary public-health measures such as social distancing and closing schools and businesses are contributing to the economic pain. Programs should also seek to ameliorate the effects of impending chaos on the world’s most vulnerable populations.


Third, safeguard the principles of the liberal world order.   (A:  What a joke.  What does this man know about liberal world order!)  The founding legend of modern government is a walled city protected by powerful rulers, sometimes despotic, other times benevolent, yet always strong enough to protect the people from an external enemy. Enlightenment thinkers reframed this concept, arguing that the purpose of the legitimate state is to provide for the fundamental needs of the people: security, order, economic well-being, and justice. Individuals cannot secure these things on their own. The pandemic has prompted an anachronism, a revival of the walled city in an age when prosperity depends on global trade and movement of people.


The world’s democracies need to defend and sustain their Enlightenment values. A global retreat from balancing power with legitimacy will cause the social contract to disintegrate both domestically and internationally. Yet this millennial issue of legitimacy and power cannot be settled simultaneously with the effort to overcome the Covid-19 plague. Restraint is necessary on all sides—in both domestic politics and international diplomacy. Priorities must be established.


(A:  Then he goes back into the Battle of the Bulge…)


We went on from the Battle of the Bulge into a world of growing prosperity…


Well, we won’t see that again because we’re supposed to be postindustrial. Remember too, Maurice Strong with his, and the Club of Rome too, the same agenda actually, with sustainability, where they went into the deindustrialization of everything, of the whole West in fact, is what they wanted.


But there’s Henry, here’s Henry.  I’d like to hear him saying it himself, y’know.  You used to strain your ears.  When I was a child, he used to, you’d also have the presidents there, but he was always speaking on their behalf, you see, he was really running the country.  He’d come on, and in Britain, he’d come on there too when the Vietnam War was on and things like that.  They'd say, well Mr. Kissinger, what is your predictions of the future outcome of this war and the impact on America for the future?


And he would sit there, and everybody would just strain their ears and he would say, wu wugu wa wo wanno boh bah an de oh ba jur a bu.  And no one had an idea of what he was saying.  So, they always had somebody afterwards to tell you after he was off the air what he'd actually said.  Wu ju but n but n jut and buut and buut.  And that's all it was, y'know, it was astonishing. It was like a famous, it was a comedy act but a famous man at the same time, it was just…  Who knows if he actually said what the woman said afterwards, or the guys said? Who knows if that's really what he said at all? Maybe he was just saying ohm bu n but oo butn but.  [Alan laughing.]  Who knows?  [Alan laughing.]  I mean, that's the characters they give you. 


It's like Brzezinski, and I put the link up years ago from a talk he gave. I mean, he literally went over to Afghanistan when the Russians were going in there and the whole thing. You hear him saying to the tribesmen, he says, we are creating a holy jihad!  And he's got his fist up there in the revolutionary pose in the whole thing, 'eh.  These guys were part of the same teams, y’know, the same club changing the world. You know, for the greater good, you understand.  And somehow a lot of pennies seem to fall in their own pockets in the meantime, in the process. But that's just how it goes.


But it's quite a little interesting article that one.  And let's see now, I might also put up one by Rockefeller, you know, their groups big plan 2010, their big 2010 pandemic control and their big exercise as well.


Rockefeller Foundation Paper Published in 2010 Predicted How a Pandemic Can be Used as an Excuse to Establish Global Authoritarian Power - needtoknow.news / 16 March 2020


Rockefeller Foundation - Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development – pdf - ia802609.us.archive.org / May 2010


Sweden just saw 77 new deaths, hardly much at all there. They haven’t shut anything down so far as far as I know. It will be interesting to see where that one goes.


Sweden sees just 77 new deaths from coronavirus and number of new infections drops by a quarter to just 544 as nation continues to resist lockdown - dailymail.co.uk / 10 April 2020


And also, I want to put up the modeling, as I say, Delingpole in Britain goes on about…


Delingpole: ‘Trust the Experts on Coronavirus’. Sure. Which Experts?

breitbart.com / 9 April 2020


Britain could suffer more than 60,000 coronavirus death by July, warns the Daily Mail.


But there’s a massive tell in the first sentence of the report: “…leading scientists say.”


(A:  You see, they don’t tell you who.  It’s either experts or scientists, that’s all they need to say now, you see.  They can make it up as they go along.)


And there’s an even bigger warning in the second paragraph:


“Modelling by researchers (A:  …researchers and modeling, the computers…) at the University of Washington predicted 151,680 people would succumb to the virus across the continent.”


Well maybe they will, maybe they won’t. No offence to the University of Washington but when I read the phrase “modelling by researchers” I know we are operating in the realms of purest fantasy.


That’s because I’m a climate sceptic and I’ve seen it all before.


…all the stuff they put out with the climate, it’s all done with the same guys, and come up with scary scenarios, isn’t that amazing, ‘eh. Oh, my God, we’re all going to die. That’s how it’s done, for those who don’t know.


I’ll put some links up to… You understand, another thing I realized, and it hit me the other day when I woke up and I took a breath, I went, wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooo.  You realize you’re still alive, you see, and you say, my God I’m alive. And it hits you, like I said earlier, most folk never think they’re going to die. They don’t think they’re going to die. You know that. If you dwelled on it, you really would be, oh my God, I’m depressed. And you say why? I’m going to die. When? I don’t know. 


But that’s how we are, it’s a kind of a safeguard, it’s a mechanism that makes us just push ahead, you see.  But because of that, you see, and even though we’ve had flu deaths in the 50,000s, 60,000s, 70,000s, sometimes more, in previous flus that are pretty common, very common, and annually and all that, and there’s never a big fuss about it.  Except for the poor souls that die and the relatives grieving and the whole thing. That’s… It’s never mentioned generally.  And if it’s mentioned, it’s meant just to terrify the public to get more authority over you for some reason or another.


But anyway, as I say, when I woke up with that big gasp, you know, you inhale the air and whhoooooooooooohhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa, y’know, I’m alive, it hits you, you see, that we’d all forgotten, we all forgotten until this pandemic started that we die.  Have you realized that? Here we are going on, along with our little lives, and then suddenly, we’re all going to die, suddenly we’re all going to die. And the media have, boom, boom, boom, boom, y’know, scary stuff, scary scenarios. 


And they showed you all these graphs that come out of these computer models too, and even the premier of Ontario said he wasn’t going to use it, the one, the firm that he was using the graph on because it conflicted with the other politicians. They are all different stories, with the statistics. Because they all use different types of gathering the information. Some of them lump pneumonia cases in with it. Some lump regular flu cases in with it.  If they die with similar things, you know, lower respiratory problems, they all lump it in as coronavirus and yada, yada, ya.  They did that with the H1N1, I remember doing the stories at the time when they were told by the authorities in Canada just to do that because they couldn’t keep up with testing. 


Déjà Vu: Why the WHO Faked the H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic in 2009 - globalresearch.ca / 5 Feb 2010


So, they’re all fudged, you see.  Mightily so actually.  That’s how bad it’s become.  So, I’ll put up some of these, just to remind you, that death wasn’t, is not a novel thing, regardless of the coronavirus being novel, this particular one.


Deaths: Leading Causes for 2017 - cdc.gov / 24 June 2019 – pdf


(A: The national vital statistics report. This is from the CDC. It gives you annual deaths inside America as an example. It's got a whole list of what folk die out. And it's really scary.  Yep.  Do you know that roughly, like 2017, 'eh, all causes of death?  Because you never think about it, 'eh.  Because you hope you'll never get any of them.)


(A:  All causes of death, 2,813,503 people died. D'you realize that’s what happened, whoof, in one year?  Then it's got all the different ones, diseases of the heart…)


All causes . . . 2,813,503


1 Diseases of heart . . . 647,457

2 Malignant neoplasms . . . 599,108

3 Accidents . . . 169,936

4 Chronic lower respiratory diseases . . . 160,201


(A:  ...which is what we're talking about here. I mean, even with that in 2017, 160,201 died.  Yep.  M-hm.  And then...)


5 Cerebrovascular diseases . . . 146,383


(A:  They're getting, climbing too with the cell phones, I'm sure a lot of them will have tumors and so on.  Alzheimer's is up there too; it kills a lot of folk.)


6 Alzheimer disease . . .  121,404


7 Diabetes mellitus (A:  ...of course....) . . .  83,564


(A:  Then again, you've got a separate one for…)


8 Influenza and pneumonia . . . (A:  ...another...)  55,672


(A:  Now, they're getting lumped in now a lot of them with the coronaviruses and so on. It depends on which kind of study you're looking at.  It goes down the whole list of deaths that are recorded in the US by the CDC.  Again, you have their lovely graphs and all that, and we like pretty pictures, don't we?)


But yeah, when you realize that folk die, every year folk die, it really does terrify you.  N-n-n.  So, when you do wake up and you hear, you have that gasp in the morning, hhhwwwoooooooaaaooooo, you should be grateful, you see, it's reminding you, life certainly is precious, especially when it's yours.


United States Life Tables, 2017 - cdc.gov / 24 June 2019 – pdf


CV: CDC Issues New Guidelines To Doctors On How To Fill Out Death Certificate ... Fraudulently - yotube.com / 9 April 2020


I'll put up another one too, I want to talk about...


Washington State Coronavirus Field Hospital Will Be Dismantled Without Treating a Single Patient

thegatewaypundit.com / 10 April 2020


(A:  I mentioned before about how they're, the big, big show from the movies, 'eh, oh God, we’re all going to end up in that hospital and get carried out of the other end of it.) 


Washington State Coronavirus Field Hospital Will Be Dismantled Without Treating a Single Patient


(A:  But yet it terrified a lot of folk into the grave, though, when you saw that, my God.  As I say, we’ve all seen the movies, we all know what to expect, though, don’t we?  Yep.)


But the field hospital never saw a single patient to treat.

And on Good Friday the entire field hospital will be dismantled.


The massive army field hospital that hundreds of troops built inside a Seattle convention center last week…


(A:  But as I say, nothing happened so they’re all going home.) 


Nearly 300 soldiers from Fort Carson, Colo., and Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) near Tacoma, Wash., built the makeshift facility inside CenturyLink Field Event Center.


“We requested this resource before our physical distancing strategies were fully implemented and we had considerable concerns that our hospitals would be overloaded with Covid-19 cases,” Inslee said in a press release.


Well, nothing happened. And that's the end of that one, you see. Yep. Quite something, 'eh?  Quite something.  And then we go into, let me see, let me see, let me see...


Emergence from emergency: The case for a holistic economic recovery plan

clubofrome.org / 24 March 2020


(A:  They're all in on the act together at the same time, all these different organizations are all part of the same club actually, as I've said before.  It's the Club of Rome.)


Climate change, biodiversity loss and deforestation are contributing drivers behind pandemics. Like COVID-19, these cross-cutting challenges do not observe national borders and can be managed only through collective action, (A:  Right, the ‘collective’, you always see ‘collective’ everywhere now, ‘eh? ‘collective’…. ‘collective societies’, ‘eh?) write Sandrine Dixson-Declève and Johan Rockström.


Sandrine Dixson-Declève


(A:  I’ll put the link for her up, you’ll hear her talking. Oh, she’s in glee when she’s talking about this.)


is co-president of The Club of Rome and co-founder of The Planetary Emergency Partnership. 


(A:  It sounds very official, but you didn’t vote for that either, did you?)


COVID-19 is infecting millions of people around the world, claiming thousands of lives, with numbers likely to rise exponentially in the coming weeks. The virus is also causing massive disruptions in the global economy and financial markets, amplified by a trade war on oil, which is already starting to cause economic hardship for people around the globe.


While we fully commend the European Institutions, ECB, EIB (A:  European Central Bank, European Investment Bank) and member states for their swift efforts to confront the immediate threat of the virus (A:  Can you imagine government being efficient at confronting anything, ‘eh?  Really, hm?  Except lockdowns and stuff, that's all they can really do, just the old strong-arm stuff.) and direct well-needed capital (A:  …money, it’s always money, ‘eh …) to economic recovery, we call on EU heads of state to ensure that recovery plans do not undermine climate neutrality pathways and European Green deal objectives due to clear feedback loops that will impact future public health.


(A:  You see, it’s all the same agenda, folks.)  


It is important to acknowledge that the planet is facing a deeper and longer-term crisis, rooted in a number of interconnected global challenges.


Recent research on the ecology of diseases suggests (A:  GIVE us all this stuff, lay it out to us, and it doesn't do it, you see.) that climate change, biodiversity loss and deforestation are contributing drivers behind pandemics, interacting with high levels of global travel, trade and high-density living.


Outbreaks of animal-borne and other infectious diseases such as Ebola, SARS, bird flu and now COVID-19, caused by a novel coronavirus, are on the rise and this is only the tip of the iceberg.


(A:  If it’s on the tip of the iceberg, it will get frozen and it would go into stasis for a century or two, so why don’t we just create more ice?)  


Like COVID-19, climate change, biodiversity loss, and financial collapse (A: …and she’s smiling the whole time she’s talking…)  do not observe national or even physical borders. These problems can be managed only through collective (A:  …that word again, collective action…) action that starts long before they become full-blown crises.


They must be acted upon not as singular threats but as a potential series of shocks and long-term risks to human health and livelihoods, economic prosperity and planetary stability as targeted by the World Economic Forum this year.


(A:  You see how they’re all just partners in the same big club, ‘eh.  ‘Eh?  The Club of Rome, the ones who came up with the idea, because they were tasked with finding something to make us all terrified and bring us all together, a big crisis. And they actually said it, y'know, I've read that article so many times.  We looked at all the different things that we could terrify the public with and what would be more plausible, and they said, we came up with, we hit on the idea that famine, plagued, (A:  ...plague and famine...) and drought and so on would fit the bill, that man was the enemy of the planet, so man was the problem, that would fit the bill. That's what they hit upon. And that's what they stuck with ever since.  The Club of Rome.  Now she's got a plague. Now will come famine and all the rest of it, you see. Lots of money.  And...)


Green Deal should be Europe’s new Marshall Plan


There ya go, the whole agenda for sustainability, sustainable development goals, and don't think you're going to have prosperity, folks, because they want you in austerity and they are quite open about it.  [Alan chuckles.]   But mind you, if they can make you believe certain things are the opposite of what they actually are, they can make you believe you're actually doing really well when you're living with rags on you, and it's called wellness, how do you feel about it?  I don't feel too bad at all actually. 


There ya go.  There ya go, folks, 'eh.  M-m-m.  That's how it's done. So, I’ll put that one up, it’s a little interview with Declève talking about it.  


Club of Rome Co-President, Sandrine Dixson-Declève, speaking at the Global Ecovillage Network's Communities of the Future Online Summit 2020 - youtube.com / 27 March 2020


And A Green Reboot after the pandemic, and holistic economic recovery plan. Isn’t that just wonderful?  It sounds so quaint and lovely. It’s for the good of us all, y’know. Unless you’ve got allergies, green tends to get you then.  M-hm. 


A Green Reboot After the Pandemic - Club of Rome - clubofrome.org / 24 March 2020


As I say I’ll put up the other links too for the woman who was arrested for being on a park bench. She should have been up walking, you see, her short walk instead of just sitting that bench there, halfway to the store for goodness’ sake!


Arrested for being sat on a park bench! On my own! - youtube.com / 6 April 2020


Yep.  In Canada, in Canada right, guess what? Well, it’s a surprise, the doctors are still waiting for the big surge of Covid 19 patients.


"That is a surprise": Doctors still waiting for feared surge of COVID-19 patients in Canadian ICUs

nationalpost.com / 11 April 2020


Doctors, nurses and other staff who run the nation’s intensive-care units have feared for their own safety, too, amid shortages of protective equipment


They have been bracing for the worst, a deluge of desperately sick COVID-19 patients who overwhelm resources and lead to (A:  …desperate choices over how to ration care…) chilling decisions over who gets life-saving care.


Doctors, nurses and other staff who run the nation’s intensive-care units have feared for their own safety, too, amid shortages of protective equipment.


But, perhaps surprisingly, some critical-care physicians in the hardest-hit provinces say they have yet to face that feared surge of coronavirus sufferers.


So far, at least, there is no flood, and plenty of available ICU beds.


The latest report from Ontario's critical-care system on Friday showed just two additional coronavirus patients admitted to an ICU anywhere in the province the day before, despite having to treat over 530 confirmed or possible (A:  ...or possible, you see, here you go, confirmed or possible...) Covid 19 people.


In Ontario, almost 78 per cent of the province’s expanded intensive care capacity remained free.


Quebec has seen a modest eight to 10 COVID-19 admissions a day to the ICU recently, and none at all from April 7 to April 8.


(A:  So, change their schedules, it says…)


We changed all our schedules, our ICU schedules three weeks ago, to be on call.


(A:  ...and they're just waiting and waiting and waiting.  Oh well.)


There ya go, 'eh.  It didn't happen. 


ICU admissions are now LOWER than before the virus crisis began - dailymail.co.uk / 10 April 2020


Now, what else have I got? Oh yeah...  Dr Fauci, Fauci…, here we go, and I’ve got the article here where he actually said that, he said that it might just be another flu, like another flu. Before he got on TV and said millions could die. 


Dr. Fauci Says US COVID-19 US Deaths Could Be As Low As 60K After Warning "Millions Could Die" - zerohedge.com / 9 April 2020


…MILLIONS… That's right.  Now it's down to thousands, now it's down to maybe even below flu levels now, I think. And it doesn't say that it's not a shame for the folk who died, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. It's definitely an oddball one, there's no doubt about it. And the age group that it's hitting.  But again too, we've had flus in the past, and I've got articles here in the past few years, that come on similarly and hit very quickly and can kill rather quickly too with lower respiratory infections as well. This oddball disease is going around, two of them weren't named in fact, in Canada and the States just a couple of years ago, going out and they did notice it and record it.  But there ya go.


Fake Corona data in a fear campaign



Don't be misled by the fear campaign.


Scientific assessment of the health impacts of Covid 19 have been withheld and they do not make the headlines.


They go into different ways of testing, etc., how they're padding statistics.


False negative coronavirus tests could be due to how healthcare workers are collecting samples, as the virus may be in a cavity swabs cannot reach - dailymail.co.uk / 8 April 2020


Oh!  By the way, I'll put another link up as well. There's a doctor talking about the fact they're getting paid more, they're getting paid more to diagnose the patient as having Covid in the States, A LOT more. The hospitals are getting about three times as much for the patient if they can bring them in than for a normal patient. Money, money, money, folks, you wouldn't believe it.


Minnesota Senator Dr. Scott Jensen: Hospitals Get Paid More to List Patients as COVID-19 and Three Times as Much if the Patient Goes on Ventilator - thespectator.info / 9 April 2020


It's just incredible. It really is incredible.  Money is behind so much of everything in our reality. We live in a very corrupt time. A very incredibly corrupt time.  Corruption seems to be the norm, really. Here's one here on, where governments were looking for volunteers to go to New York. Amid the big chaos, oh my God, New York is going to get hit harder than anybody else and can we get volunteers and staff and so on.  Some volunteers came from Atlanta hospitals to New York, they were going to work for free, right.  They were hospital staff and people really wanted to help there. So, it says…


Just 8% of the 90,000 medical workers from across the US who volunteered to come to New York to help fight coronavirus have been assigned a job

dailymail.co.uk / 9 April 2020


Bevin Strickland, a former pediatric ICU nurse form North Carolina, offered a similar account to The Times, describing her efforts to sign up as an unpaid volunteer online and via email, but getting no response from anyone.


She ultimately got assigned to Mount Sinai Queens, but only after contacting the hospital directly and being instructed…


(A:  Now, here she is volunteering, and here’s what’s happening to these volunteers, right.)


…being instructed to go through a private recruiting agency handling temporary hires.


(A:  Now you see, it’s all people who know… you understand, for the hospital staff somebody’s got a big business here for the temporary agencies that charge big bucks and stuff. Everything’s corrupt.  Everything is corrupt, folks.  So, here’s folk who are going to volunteer for nothing, who have to go through, are directed to an agency, right, a private recruiting agency handling temporary hires. So, she’s going to work for nothing…)


Strickland was given a salary (A:  …listen to this…) of $3,800 a week (A:  …which is $3800…) for three 12-hour shifts, (A:  …right…) even though she said her plan was to do the work for free.


'I don’t feel like I should be walking out of this scenario with any money,' she told The Times. 'It feels wrong.'


(A:  Another one too…)


Registered Nurse Elizabeth Schafer, 36, of South St. Paul, Minnesota, left her home to volunteer in New York where she says the situation inside the hospital is grim


(A:  ...in the one that she was in she tells the story where it's really tough and the whole bit. But they're getting so many volunteers and only, only a tiny fraction have actually been used.  Only a tiny fraction of them have got any work to do.  It says here that...)


Some 90,000 medics have signed up to volunteer at New York hospitals overflowing with coronavirus patients, but more than 90 per cent of them were still waiting to be called up


Well, how bad is it?  You see what I'm saying here? Things don't quite tally up, do they?  They don't tally up. I'll also put an article up about China.  You see, China is a model state for the world, for those who never quite caught on to it. I used to give the talks years ago from the big boys themselves, always praising China as the model state, we've all to adopt and copy basically. So, here's Bill Gates pushing the very same systems they're using in China.  And Germany is using them now, y’know.


China is reportedly making people download an Alibaba-backed app that decides whether they'll be quarantined for coronavirus

businessinsider.com / 2 March 2020


Amid the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese citizens are reportedly being required to use a smartphone app that tells them whether they should carry on as usual — or report to a medical facility to be quarantined.


The service, called Health Code, (A:  …one of them that they're using, there's other ones they're using in China too, some people sent me articles about them from China.) is being run by the Chinese government using a platform owned by Ant Financial, sister company to the $500 billion-dollar e-commerce giant Alibaba, (A:  ...that run some of these apps.) according to The New York Times. People can sign up through the Alipay wallet app. Tencent, the Chinese tech giant that owns WeChat, has also reportedly partnered with the government to host a similar health code system on its app.


(A:  So, you have to show this wherever you go now, though.  It's color-coded on your phone.)


People using the health code are assigned a QR code along with a color ranking — green means the user is free to travel, while yellow or red means they must be quarantined. The code is based in part on people's answers to an in-app questionnaire, but little else is known about how people are classified, leading to confusion and fear among those who receive a red code, according to Reuters.


(A:  If you get a red code your phone will automatically call the cops. Well, this is what they want to bring here, folks. There you go.)


Well, don't forget, you see, something you must always remember.  China is still a communist country. And if you're going the same way as them, then, it's because your rulers have decided it's the most efficient way to rule and use you all and get what they want in the system they want to bring in in the future. That's why they're doing it all. I hope you understand all this.  That we shouldn't be following China on anything right now.  Even the ridiculousness of, yeah, their policy, they'll obey their leaders so quickly, in China, they're very uniform that way, very, very unique that way.


But no.   We fought communism for a long time. Even though, and they should never have fought out in Vietnam, America, because the Communists were in America at the time. That's where they were, in the government and the State Department.  That's a fact.


They never really left. 


The US is getting used now as the big battering ram across the world to make everybody comply into a globalized system. And at the same time the leaders inside America are using the same system as China. Interesting, isn't it?  The same people who signed you on and gave all your manufacturing to China.  [Alan chuckles.]   Hm? 


And they want you to copy them now? Well, I don't think we were designed to be a collectivist little... little slaves, y'know, as communist China is. It wouldn't work here, not the same way. Maybe for some people today it would, I don't know, maybe look around you, y'know.  But not for everybody. Definitely not. We can't go that way. That's disgusting in fact, the very thought of it.  M-hm.


And also too, how doctors and so on are being warned not to ration the care, they've been going overboard and just writing folk off with their bioethics now, this new part that's been grafted onto healthcare, where they… Well, let's be practical about things, you know.  It's all down to money and dollars and cents and don't spend money on this one here when that one, that person, they might only live another few years, where this one here could live a few more, etc. Or, who's going to miss that one? Or, this one is more important. That's more like it actually.  That's how they really decide a lot of the stuff, for those who don't quite know that.  It's disgusting, and we can't go that route.


As I say, it's maybe time to start looking around to countries that won't be utterly authoritarian permanently. Because that's what they want to do in North America, and across Europe and Australia and New Zealand. They're all under the same big club, by the way.  It's nothing to do with what the system that you think you vote in is. It's completely way above that [Alan chuckles.]   and they have the power, you see, and they really run the country, the countries, they really do.  Yep.


So, I'll put these articles up for those that want to peruse them.  I hope I haven't bored you all because there's a lot more I could have read tonight in fact to do with this and other things related to it.  One too from the Greenpeace founder who has come out and said the global warming is a hoax, etc., how it was completely hijacked by the same group we’re talking about now.


Greenpeace Founder: Global Warming Hoax Pushed by Corrupt Scientists ‘Hooked on Government Grants’ - breitbart.com / 7 March 2019


Another article, I've got to put this one in before I get off the air too.


Minnesota Senator Dr. Scott Jensen: Hospitals Get Paid More to List Patients as COVID-19 and Three Times as Much if the Patient Goes on Ventilator

 thespectator.info / 9 April 2020


(A:  I'm not kidding you here, folks.)


Last night Senator (A:  ...and he's also a medical doctor...) Dr. Scott Jensen from Minnesota went on The Ingraham Angle (A:  A show, I guess.) to discuss how the AMA is encouraging American doctors to overcount coronavirus deaths across the US.


This was after Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota physician and Republican state senator, told a local station he received a 7-page document coaching him... (A:  Now, he's a doctor getting sent this, right…)


...coaching him to fill out death certificates with a COVID-19 diagnosis without a lab test to confirm the patient actually had the virus.


Dr. Jensen also disclosed that hospitals are paid more if they list patients with a COVID-19 diagnosis.


(A: Money, money, money, 'eh, you see, if they put a diagnosis down, 'eh.)


And hospitals get paid THREE TIMES AS MUCH if the patient then goes on a ventilator.


You wonder what that push for ventilators is?  'Eh?  Mmmm, okay.  You hear him talking about it, I'll put the link up for those who want to listen to the show. He lays it out there. He's an intelligent man and he knows what he's talking about. It's quite something.


Another article too from Canada and another one from the States I think similar, where the ventilators are actually causing the hemorrhages in the lungs, a lot of them. Because the lungs, once they get inflamed with this disease, get filled with blood very easily. Which stretches the very thin, thin tissue of the alveolar tissue, little air sacs, even thinner, it makes them more fragile, you might say too, because they’re inflamed.  And when you put it in a slightly higher pressure they can actually, and force it in, they can try to force the oxygen in to the lungs through all of this to open up the alveolar pathways basically with tiny little ducts in them, in the sacs.  And they're causing hemorrhages.


Then they're finding that a lot of the patients end up with strokes, you see.  Because they're getting clots end up in their, circling through their body and up into the heart and the brain.  So it's...  It's just astonishing. There are regimes for treating this that are not being used.  I'm not talking about the ones you've heard. It's the ones which are standard, actually, in the hospitals to treat this kind of thing. To stop the massive attack on the lungs, you can pretty well stop it dead very quickly with a particular medication, as long as they're on antibiotics at the same time to stop bacteria from setting in.  But yeah, it's not being done. It's just amazing, isn't it?


'Different than anything we've seen': ICU doctors question use of ventilators on some COVID-19 patients - nationalpost.com / 9 April 2020


Now just rather than bore you anymore I should just mention too that the last few nights I've gone down to about 10-15° on the Fahrenheit scale. Because of global warming, you know that 'eh?  At least the snow has been melting gradually and it's getting quite, getting scarce now, which is good.  I had some the other day mind you, but it didn't last that long.


I should just mention before I get off that I thank the people who keep in touch. Because I like to know what they're doing. If they're surviving. Including all the things that happen to people, because it's the little things in life that make us human, isn't it?  We’re all making mistakes and doing things and things happen you understand, and how they're doing with their families and all that kind of thing. That's what life is about really, you see.  Real life, that's what it's about. So, I thank them for getting in touch with me.  And again, sending me occasional links and so on and stories that are happening in their own lives, it's interesting to know.  Because that's what real stories are, people that are experiencing things. Like a person who went to Walmart and noticed the tape and everything, and I could kind of visualize it, what it's like. And they're told to stand here, and there's little crosses on the floor taped down, you can move... maybe...


By the way, Walmart apparently, at least in some places, has cordoned off the areas going into where the seeds are. For growing vegetables, y’know.  Now, why would they do that, 'eh?  Well, it's because you can't be self-sufficient. They want everybody locked down and dependent on their rationing system that's coming in. Obviously. Why else would you cordon off the seeds? If folk are to stay home, they can stay home and do a bit of gardening, for goodness sakes, really. But then they might have their own food then, 'eh?


Independence is antagonistic to totalitarianism, you know. 


Remember too, you can help me tick along here by donating to me @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  List all the other sites I have that's listed on that one site, that's all my official sites. You'll find out how to use PayPal or whatever or cash or check, to send cash my way and help me tick along. Because it does, as I say you've got a bunch of websites there and they're heavily used, believe it or not. They're really heavily used by, I hear people on the big talk, [Alan chuckles.] on the big so-called talk shows, and literally using my stuff verbatim, y'know, every week from my archives. It's just interesting to see that.  And then telling you that you hear it there first from their show.  [Alan laughing.]  But again, it's quite a joke. 


That's how life is, isn't it? There's no honor in the so-called what used to be alternative media, they are just political movements.  You'd be surprised how much out there is actually managed by forces you have no idea about, folks.  Honestly.  As I say, nothing is allowed to come from the grassroots. If it is, y'know, you get bought off or excised out of it, it's simple as that.


So anyway, help me out and send a few bucks my way. Hopefully I can keep going here too and keep you informed about what's happening, where it's supposed to go and the characters that are all getting together to make sure it goes into their totalitarian world state.  Then you know things make sense as they keep stretching it, oh it might be about another month or two, okay, it could be two, it might be six months lockdown. Okay. It could go into next year, y'know.


Because they're not going to waste this big opportunity, whether it's been made by them in the first place or not, it makes no difference. They're not going to waste that, believe you me.


So for myself, and I hope you're all doing well and getting through this one way or another, I really hope you are, I'm Alan Watt from Ontario Canada and it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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