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Scientific Socialism:

"Obey, Take Your Drugs, Sex will Calm All Anxiety,

Behaviourism and Neuroscience Run Planned Society - Part 2"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 20, 2019.Last night, because of global warming, when I left to go to bed at about two in the morning it was about -24įF, which is about -32į maybe on the centigrade scale. Thatís without a wind.Itís been like that for quite a few nights in a row in fact. Itís been one of the coldest winters, really, when you take a record for yourself.Donít listen to the stats theyíre constantly churning out there, youíve got to keep your own records of them. Itís quite amazing to see how cold, and how long the winters are now compared to what they were not so long ago.And yet, as youíre living through all this youíre told constantly, and come about February or March theyíll tell us it was the warmest winter, probably, on record. Thatís what they generally do.


Iíve given talks about this before, by keeping my own records and comparing them, what they project itís going to be for today or tomorrow or whatever, and what I notice is, they never change their predictions. If they claim thereís going to be a few inches of snow, youíll find it might be a foot or foot and a half and things like that, but they donít readjust it on the records to say that that actually happened, they just take their own predictions. So predictions are more important than the consequent facts.


Everything today is so incredibly politicized. Isnít it? The average person doesnít know that. Thatís the stunning part about it really. But everything is so politicized. Thereís hardly anything you read or hear on the electronic media of any kind that isnít incredibly politicized, and everythingís out there with some agenda in view. Everythingís agenda driven today.


Iíve mentioned it before, how we live in an age of personality cults. Folk donít even realize that even on your mainstream television the main anchor people that become, that are made to be popular, like personalities, theyíre really a corporation. Everything is a, everybody is a corporation these days. Politicians hire the marketers to give them a personality, an image to project it to the public in a kind of fake, fake reality, a kind of a fake image of how wonderful they are, etc. And itís all fiction.Everything is about appearance to the public. Perception management they call it.


We are in an incredible time today when everything is like that. Everything. The stories they put out today are often put out by marketing companies using the memes of today and the themes of today and the politicized agendas of the day, but the main motive is really to get publicity. Everybody this week has been prattling on about the latest Gillette toxic ads or whatever, men are toxic and masculinity is toxic and all that stuff. And it turns out the one who really put it forward is a person who was actually advertised on behalf of Gillette, in advertising themselves.So when you think of the free publicity theyíve got with everybody prattling on about it, for pro and con, etcÖ And again, it ties right in with what Adam Curtis talked about it with, the media is meant to get you angry and emotionally upset soís youíll allÖ because the more upset you get the more people will click away on the Internet in their chat rooms and their twitters and all the rest of it.


Gillette draws fire for #MeToo commercial that challenges 'toxic masculinity' - cnbc.com / 15 Jan 2019


But what a free publicity that is, isnít it, for a company that probably would not, maybe would have never thought about Gillette before, for instance, nevermind asked the question, what on earth is Gillette doing, a big corporation thatís out to make an incredible amount of money, whatís it doing in that area in the first place? Well, itís a great free publicity thing. If the big agenda right now was marriage, for instance, theyíd be battering about marriage and oh wow, marriage, marriage, pro or con.Again, it doesnít make any difference, as long as that was the theme of today and everybody gets upset about it.You see.


But itís the same too with the personalities weíre given as figureheads in charge, apparently in charge of countries. I gave out the articles before where politicians in the UK, and itís the same Iím sure in the US and Canada and elsewhere, actually have acting lessons given to them.They attend acting lessons and how to appear to the public, and deportment and how to stand and posture for all their photo ops, etc. Because nothing in the system youíre living in today, itís all visual, etc., itís not real anymore.Maybe it hasnít been real for an awful long time.


You find too that a company like Gillette thatís there for mass profit, right, with quite an amazing history. I remember a long time ago, many years ago an article in the paper, I think I maybe read it on the British side. It was a big award given to a man who taken over Gillette at that time, an ex-military fella, as the CEO or owner, Iím not quite sure which.But he turned it into the massive powerhouse it is today for profits. And it said in the newspaper how they did it was to vastly cheapen the life of each blade so that people would buy more and at the same time market it in such a way that folk would think it was wonderful and buy more of them, and lo and behold, it actually worked. Thatís what they said at the time in the newspapers.


And I thought about it too. Because you see, at one time people had open razors that would last a lifetime. They sharpened it on the strop, and youíd see it in old movies and so on. And then came in the closed razor, safety razor as they called it.You had one blade initially, that, again, would last quite some time.It was a bit thicker but high carbon steel and it would give you a lot of shaves. And everybody caught on the act, make them thinner and softer steel so they wonít last as long, theyíd be dull, and youíd buy more of them. But again, then you can make the people by the actual blade holder in fact, the rest of the whole thing more often too. That was part of the gimmick as well for a point. And they says, no, letís just make it a fancy looking holder and then give them a five blade pack and make the price awfully expensive. So they did it.


The same techniques basically as lightbulbs, Iíve talked about that too. Because thereís an awfully good documentary put out years ago on built-in and planned obsolescence.†† [The Story of Stuff - youtube.com] Where the companies that used to make lightbulbs made them last for many, many years. Each bulb would last pretty well almost forever. And of course, if youíre making a product and youíve got a company to make them you would get to a stage, youíd think, where everybody got enough lightbulbs and unless you broke them by mistake they would last forever, so youíre out of business. So the companies that made these bulbs met in Germany. They went from Britain and US and everywhere else over to Germany for this big meeting. All the makers of these lightbulbs decided to sign an agreement, come to an agreement where theyíd limit the life to a certain amount of time. And even then, it was a much, much longer, much longer than they last today. And over the years they would agree again to shorten them even more and more and more, until of course towards the end you find that you put the thing in, it lasts a few days sometimes and just pops as soon as you switch on the lights.Thatís how you do it, the same with razor blades and everything else by different companies. Theyíre all pretty well in the same con game.Then you have the double razor, you know, double blade razors and all the other gimmicks, etc.Whereas if you had a decent high carbon steel thicker blade it would last you an awful long time. And there you go.


But everything today is profit driven, big, big profit. At one time you used to have a lot of families, actually real families who had the controlling interests in the shares of their companies. Therefore, the head, the people who became the CEOs were of the family lineage. They used to have a kind of responsibility to the family name. They knew their workers too, a lot of the workers and they look after them, made sure they were okay if they were sick and so on, theyíd make sure their pensions were okay and that kind of thing. And that was awfully good for a long time, the way that it worked with a lot of companies. Not them all, naturally.


Then along came the corporate raiders, as they called it. The corporate raiders found backdoors into companies to buy up excess shares and then get the controlling interests, kick out the family members of the board if possible, and then they started selling off the assets.All the things that functioned to make the companies what they were was sold off and stripped and made lean they said so they could resell it. The whole point was to resell them.And a lot of them went under as soon as they stripped them of their assets and so on. A pure incredible, a greed typeÖ personified in fact, a greed personified, really, system as they ditched everybody. They got rid of older folk with the skills and training, etc. and sold off the assets. Until companies were folding all over the place eventually. But that was a get-rich-quick.


And since then, really, weíve been in this era of the me generation as they call it, and winners and losers. Everyoneís taught to be a winner.And as you lose old moralities that kept cultures intact, and we are, weíre constantly losing our moralities of the old systems. And of course, the old system wasnít perfect, either, by the way. There was a lot of horror involved in the old system. Indeed. But what Iím saying is that there were values in amongst the people themselves that kept things just tolerable, and you brought in the human aspect of it where you couldnít just push people around for moneyís sake. Well, weíve pretty well lost that today.


Back in the 70s I think it was, there was a book, maybe in the 70s or 80s, called The Corporate Man. It was about the era where they started to really, really push the corporations as big massive empires unto themselves. And you were part of a team, the teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. And of course, the neurologists and scientists and psychologists were on board with all this stuff to make sure, with all their different tests, that if they brought someone on board would they be the right person before they hired them. And theyíre pretty good at predicting who would go along with anything at all that the company did, even all the things that perhaps they shouldnít go along with, and they would swear unyielding alliance to these companies no matter what happens. And we never really got rid of that eventually. Now that whole kind of culture is spread into all of society.Milton Friedman too came out with his, oh, greed is good, greed is good, being taught through all business colleges and universities.


In such a culture of course as I say, itís winners and losers. With the Internet with the chat rooms and Facebook and Twitter and all the rest of it, everybodyís a narcissist out there. Itís all about me, as they say, itís all about me. And again, Curtis mentioned that too on some of his documentaries, where all the information is being gathered about you to reflect back to you, to advertise to you and suggest to you, itís all about you, you, you.Which boosts the whole idea of narcissism, that oh, Iím so important. Really. Really. But youíve never seen such incredible arrogance on a personal level as we have today. Weíre losing our natural humaneness, and thatís all through companies and corporations.


Iíve even found out this last little while, thereís no point in complaining to a corporation about anything, whether itís a government agency or anything else. Actually, private ones are bit better to deal with, theyíll try and get things fixed. Whereas government agencies are like civil service bureaus where they canít really fire them.And if you complain about something it doesnít matter what the problem is or who you happen to be, youíre a figure, a number, a non-entity and youíre dealt with as such. Itís a there-there, dear-dear-dear. Nothingís going to happen really. Or if anything happens itíll be the wrong thing. Or they havenít listened.


Itís like going to the doctors today, they donít want to know your family history. We are in Idiocracy, honestly, where they look at pictures, and the doctors look at pictures, and theyíll even look onÖ [Alan chuckles.] I had an experience where one of them showed me something in a smart phone, I donít even have a smart phone, I donít need to, and which it was pointing out about the spine. Which I could write a book on the spine and Iím not kidding you. And I thought, why would you even point to this picture on a cell phone? Itís just like Idiocracy.When in my mind I could just take it from my mind and draw it for you, perfectly. But thatís what everything is today. And if you try to mention any kind of family history, which has always and always and always been so important, they donít listen to you, it doesnít matter.


Everything today is flowcharts. So if you go to the doctor or something with a problem, hereís a problem, it goes to the next, and a little arrow points to the next flowchart, to the next flowchart, and the next flowchart and the next flowchart. But if you donít understand the family history side of things, which suggests that lineages have got a DNA or a chromosomal problem, perhaps, in the family lineage, or something that youíre all prone to, then theyíll definitely misdiagnose you.That happens all the time today.


Well, itís the same thing complaining, as I say, to different agencies, especially, especially with governmental agencies where they tend to pad the hierarchy, constantly growing all the time with people who work at the bottom, who worked their way up and come off the shop floor you might say to speak that is, and put them upstairs, and you end up with too many of them. And no one, no one, no one is going to risk their neck by maybe getting involved in any complaint or problem or whatever. Their job simply is to pacify callers with a there-there attitude and try and alleviate something.And often the alleviation will be a lot worse than the initial problem. Iím not kidding about that.


So thatís where we are today. Everybody is a personality. Everybodyís got their allegiance to whatever they work at, especially when thereís big money involved.And the average person doesnít make the kind of money that the agencyís for instance that are related to government do make, naturally. Therefore, since the whole point in the winners and losers society is to get up amongst the winners, then once they get up there as I say, they arenít really going to serve the public as such.Theyíre not going to do the same way. No way.And they donít want their names mentioned, in case anything goes wrong on any particular thing and a complaint comes in about themselves, you see. Thatís how scared everybody is of losing their status, which goes along with the level of their paycheck.


But weíre living in an age now, and itís not a matter of bemoaning it to an extent. Itís a matter of factual reality. We go through massive transformations of society down through time and it doesnít mean that youíre actually going into perhaps a better one. Although the different sociologists and thereís even anthropologists involved now too.They even work with the military all the time when they go to invade countries, they go in with the troops.Because they know the ways, the Achillesí heels of different cultures and how to infiltrate, destroy and even threaten or torture them. This is the society weíre into today, isnít it, where itís all professionals but the professionals are not there to really help you.They see you as numbers and figures and animals, actual animals to be manipulated. They do this and we do that and then youíll do this andÖThey, them, thatís the public.


The biggest and most well-paid psychologists and neuroscientists, etc. and behaviorists all work for big top agencies in marketing, which also are related to governments and work with governments when required for big, big, big money, in order to prompt us and persuade us to go along certain paths.They also work and have done for a long time with teachersí associations for education. They create the toolkits and how to persuade the children collectively to come to the same conclusions as the teacher wants them to have on any particular topic.And how to even annul any individual responses from any actual individual child. Itís all pretty well perfected, using peer pressure, even shunning techniques and things like that to make them conform. Itís just astonishing. And thatís through all of education today.


Then the same techniques are now used on the public, overwhelmingly so.Youíre seeing the politicization, as I say, of everything out there in order to control, to make you conform. Itís nothing to do with idealism. Donít ever fall and say, well, theyíre really idealists so thereís an excuse. No, theyíre not. The ones at the very top of this, who design all of this, [Alan chuckles.] their ideals are not your ideals. They want you to all conform and be controlled. Thatís what itís all about. Thatís what itís all about.


If society was free, really, weíd have individual opinions, individual everything out there. And people would not be at each otherís throats because they were different than you. So theyíre forcing you to go along with everything, until you canít even have your own opinion. Or youíll be punished, sometimes in a more shunning type of way. Or else to the next step, which is coming, where theyíll go for your income, or your job and get you out of work. That happens too by the way today. All the way to violence, and then that will come. Because the system today, run by those at the very, very top use all the unstable people below them to do the violent things to other people.Which also frightens those people who will not conform with the latest PC whatever it happens to be. And thatís where we are with all of this.


I listened to a little clip by Christopher Hitchensís brother, Peter Hitchens, and he had done a talk show with someone from Australia. He was talking about the past and how heís lambasted at times aboutÖ His criticism today, Peter Hitchens, is that theyíre saying about him that heís bewailing the loss of a past. But heís not. Heís bewailing the loss of some of the values, individual values that kept society going, even amongst the toughest times where folk would try to help each other out, out of just basic decency values, which are vanishing. Thatís really what he stood up for in the past. And why things are not necessarily on a great course for the future, nevermind the present.


But he did mention that he came out of University, in his day, I think he went to Oxford, and he came out like many of this peer group at that time, as Trotskyists, as Marxists and revolutionaries.They were all getting trained in University, thatís what University is for.Never stopping to think, wait a minute here, this is the big Ivy League type of university, the real, real granite stone building type thing as opposed to the red brick, as they pooh-poohed the working-class type universities that were getting built at that time in maybe in the 1940s or 50s. And why would your establishment have brought in revolutionary Marxists and Communists into the country and given them teaching positions, in the areas where those in the elite who rule BritainÖ Maggie Thatcher talked about it when she was giving big, big grants to the private, top private schools, the posh schools as theyíre called, and University, she says, because thatís where our future leaders come from, and they all meet each other there, and theyíll all know each other as they grow up in politics and business and CEOs, you see. Why would the country be allowing that to, not just allowing it but encouraging it to happen?


Theyíre not dumb. There was never a country more spied upon ever and monitored than the UK. A country that ran an empire didnít just sit back and let things happen. Even though they were rapidly losing the Empire with a massive debt being incurred from borrowing from the US banks during World War I, which you could never pay off, and then World War II rolled along too.They still had that same control system embedded in the universities, but they allowed all this to happen. So thereís Peter Hitchens, and his brother of course, who became a radical far-left pretty well communist working for The Nation, and it wasnít until Peter Hitchens saw what was happening in the Soviet Union, towards the end of it, he was there when it fell or supposedly fell. It didnít fall, actually, it was just transformed. If those who remember at the time Gorbachev gave a speech, I think Eric Margolis, if I remember, who is a good reporter, he did, he covered that speech and he wrote it down and put it in the newspapers. Gorbachev at that time said that, youíll hear shortly that communism is dead. He was talking to the nation, the Soviet nation, and he says, donít believe it. He says, weíre simply transforming into the next branch, international.


If youíre wondering why the West, especially the US perhaps, is financing and leading the charge for a form of socialism, but itís a corporate socialism with corporations at the top running the systems below. Very much, by the way, very much like China, isnít it? Because China knows, they can give you everything you want in China. Everything you want.And Hitchens said the same thing.And they are, my goodness, you wouldnít believe what they can buy them, what they can do in the cities in China where the money is.The prices of even facelifts and things like that are so cheap and the youngsters all go in for mass plastic surgery, things like that. But what you cannot have his freedom of thought. You must conform with the ideas and opinions according to the party norm.


Well, it really isnít much differentÖ If you stop thinking in terms like communism, capitalism and corporatism and so on, itís all the same, folks.Iíve said before, you can have the same brass bands playing the same national tunes and marches as long as you want, but youíve got to remember, you can change incrementally quite a long distance, even face the other way, in one generation quite easily, and done so slickly that folk donít even recognize it.But when you see the same signs and symptoms of a system, across the worldÖ and youíd better believe it is the same system. Weíre still battling the same nonsense today of, oh, theyíre right-wing, theyíre left-wing and theyíre liberal and all that nonsense. Itís the same agenda.Just like Jefferson said, when you see the same agenda continuing between changes of the house, meaning parties of politics in government, theyíre continuing the same agendas, then know youíre under tyranny.The trick is to make you, to appear like theyíre different. But theyíre not different at all.


The same agenda is in the UK when it happened, actually have happened.Look at Cameron for instance, heís supposedly conservative, what a joke that was. He was more liberal than anybody. Tony Blair was more conservative, with warmongering. And the big corporate giveaways, which rewarded him awfully well by the way, for his wars, donít you think? Have you seen lately all the houses and real estate heís collected throughout England, and abroad probably too?But, huh, you donít get that with just being a little Prime Minister, a public servant.Hm.Yeah.Then he was picked up by J.P. Morgan and elevated to the head of the group to do with, The Quartet they called them I think, The Quartet, to do with managing corporations across the Middle East.


So as I say, nothing really is what it seems to be, unless you want to look at it.Remember, most people, and itís not their fault, havenít got a clue whatís going on. Theyíre too busy having fun. And if you interject and say, well, would you like to know why this is this way, in whatever it happens to be, theyíll call it, youíre a downer.They donít want to be reminded of these nasty and unpleasant things. Like debt, for instance, donít talk about debt. Donít talk about, for instance, a Great Depression that happened before, for some reason it could never happen now, you see.Hm.But they canít tell you why it could never happen now. They really do think theyíre living in a kind of a type of free society where special invisible people above them are managing it all perfectly, on their behalf, like bureaus and bureaus and bureaus of saviors who just live in little offices in sky buildings or something taking care of everything in their lives for them, because they love them. Thatís as far as it goes.


Itís astonishing, really, how little thought goes into asking questions.At least I find that. Iíve always found that, I suppose.And I did analyze even when I was young, I thought, well, the conditions in Britain were so bad for most of my life. They got a little better about the late 80s I think as the governments allowed more money to be printed up. They allowed credit cards to be thrown out across the board to everybody for the first time. At one time you couldnít get those things unless you had collateral to back any kind of loan, including credit cards. Thatís how they got a lot of the country through such incredibly hard times as the deindustrialization went on and on and on for years. Without telling the public even why. There were agreements they had signed with the EU to completely deindustrialize the UK.


Everything is secret, isnít it, when youíre dealing with agencies and government bureaus and so on.Itís always secret, they canít tell you anything. And they wonít tell you anything. But people are told that theyíre there to represent them.WellÖ.. for who?Who is representing you? For what? Theyíre there to represent you for what? So we go along with this game of pretense, and we have to participate in the pretense, and youíre supposed to vote so that someone can rule you. And again, a marketing company will create the image of this person or this party that youíre going to vote for. Theyíve been doing that for, long before I was born, that same nonsense. Itís really amazing to me that people just donít ask the right questions.


How many folk do you know have even asked why your countries are always at war somewhere across the planet?Why? And donít take the glib answer, oh well, itís to stop some genocide over here or there or whatever. Really, is that what itísÖ weíre just out there to do good for people and stop them killing each other, is that what itís really about?Youíll find our countries are behind most of the killing across the world, and the plundering still today of the resources of different countries, way more than any little tyrant is doing.The first thing you need for war, and that includes localized war, without even the term war being used because we donít use that very often, weíre policing, weíre policing actions.Just change the appearance of something, perception management again, to disarm your logical process of thinking.


Youíll find as I say that, I mean Tony Blair is a good example, only one of many. The Daily Mail had it years ago, years after the invasion of Iraq and elsewhere, where Tony met with the heads, the CEOs of big oil corporations, and the US ones too, and they divvied up the oil fields across Iraq before they did the invasion. But what was the guff that they gave to the public for the necessity for invading Iraq?Well, suddenly Saddam Hussein, the guy who had served the West all that time, was a bad man.Bad. He was the worldís demon, for goodness sake. And thatís how you do it.George Orwellís 1984, who are we at war with today?Whoís the enemy today? Öas they change the gun sites all the time, back and forth, until youíre lost.


But behind it all is always profit for big corporations, always.Always, always, always.The whole idea with Russia for years now, is because thereís a group in the Middle East involved with a group in the US and in Britain, who want to have the rights of the oil fields all through the Middle East and into the east of Europe.And naturally, Russia is also, was also laying oil pipelines across, in fact, they were feeding a lot of the gas to Europe of course, and that all got canceled supposedly because of the last fracas of propaganda. So itís always to do with corporate warfare going on. Thatís what itís about. Nothing to do with ideology.Russiaís got the same successful psychopaths as we do running us behind the scenes.Governments are almost there to rubberstamp things on behalf of the big corporations today.


The big corporations use every technique of control. Again, persuade the public. The first thing you must do for warfare is basically get the public support on your side. For anything you want to do, if you want to invade and steal whatever, donít say weíre going to steal, weíre going to help these folk over yonder, thatís what you say.Itís not difficult to do. And because youíre raising a public to be gullible, believing theyíve got an honest society, even though thereís no signs of it, they keep telling you there is, and so why would they lie to you?Decent folk will say, well, it must be, there must be something to it, for goodness sake.And the fallout from it all achieves further goals and thatís what people donít realize too.The mass migration, remember, into the whole of Europe was discussed before Tony Blair got the war going with Britain involved in Iraq. That was part of the agenda, the mass migration into Britain and other countries. So there are many agendas being fulfilled here. And itís not by chance.Not by chance at all.


In other words, what Iím saying to you, Iíve given talks on this many years ago about how history is written and itís never, nothing sudden in history, unless itís something out of nature that was unforeseen. But anything to do with human involvement means thereís been planning involvement. It doesnít simply happen by itself.Thereís never a spontaneous war on any grand scale. It takes years of planning to get it all going and to get all the logistics worked out, etc., before you even make the first move. Big, big battle plans. But for the public you are taught today that everything was just fairly sudden. Utter nonsense. Your history books are written in advance, and thatís why the initial propaganda, no matter how absurd it is at the time, and even more absurd after the facts and after time has passed with more evidence coming to light, is that the initial propaganda will be stuck to like concrete and everybody involved at the top, as they stand together and they close ranks, will never ever vary their opinions. They all know what to say and do to get, keep on their own little power jobs and to stay up in a position of wealth. Thatís how precise and total everything is today.


History must be taught afterwards the way it was planned, to be taught, before the event took place. The same with World War I, and the whole of other wars as well for that matter.Itís so fascinating to see how the group, the Milner group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs / CFR across the planet, for the global enterprise system based in London, England at the time. Itís so interesting to read The Anglo-American Establishment by Professor Carol Quigley who was given access to their own historical records. They have their own historical records for goodness sake.They also have members who write the history for the public, which, and itís different.[Alan chuckles.]But for accuracyís sake, for their own members, they have archives of the real histories as it happened, going way back. Quigley said it was so important, their function in history and altering and planning history, and planning the future, was so important that the world should know about it. Then, Tragedy and Hope went too far, the group that he belonged to kind of panicked and they took the plates back for the book for printing and didnít print more. Although, luckily, enough had been printed that could be copied. And they are accurate when you compare them.


But the other book, The Anglo-American Establishment, giving you the history of this group and how, they didnít actually start in the 1800s but they changed their name in the 1800s. In fact, it was so secretive they change their names even amongst the degrees of membership from the low to the top. He shows you how they worked in circles and how some of the circles would inter-lap, like Chinese puzzle rings, and where they inter-lapped, those members there, we would call technocrats today.They were the, they worked to do more of the doing, the persuading other groups on how to go along with the doing of things across this Empire that they were creating.


They also planned wars with South Africa to take over South Africa from the Dutch and settlers, the Boers.They planned an attack on the Boers.Members of this group attacked the Boers and they took along with them a Times reporter.Because they owned newspapers, the members owned the newspapers in their day too, as they still do today.The reporterís job was to give a fake account of this raid on the Boers and have it as the Boers attacking British settlements. That would give the propaganda, justification for Britain then, force them to an extent to then send troops in there.Then the troops would police the areas, fight the Boers, and they had the Boer War out of it.Then a few, a handful in London that really ran the Empire and the resources of it all, would then grab the diamond and gold fields of South Africa, the diamonds and gold.Thatís how it was done.


Quigley goes through it and a lot of the members involved in The Anglo-American Establishment. Itís quite fascinating to read it. When you realize what heís telling you, and in his position too, what heís not telling you, he could even go further than that. But he did say that for the last hundred years or so they pretty well had been instrumental in steering the course of history. Well, it hasnít stopped.It hasnít stopped. And depending on how you look upon this agenda, if youíre an insider naturally youíre going to get rewarded for going along with it all. And you do. Doors will open if you are tapped to go into the CFR. You canít go and apply for it, youíre tapped. Theyíve already sussed you out to see if you can keep your mouth shut, how trustworthy you are, how much influence you can have in your little circle. Then they bring you up and put you into different positions. Theyíre all through the civil service of government as well and the military too, at the top. And for the military, they donít often even have to serve much time in the field, if any at all, theyíre just rammed up through the ranks pretty quickly. Once theyíre up to the top ranks they know all the contacts, the military-industrial boys. Then theyíre given jobs, the CEOs at times, or go-betweens to lobby on behalf of the military-industrial complex. Itís quite a system. But itís a completely different reality than what the peasants are taught at the bottom, that pay for everything, and fight for everything, and do the fighting. Itís vastly different. Vastly, vastly different.So perception management is incredibly important in the way that we are run.


Iíve always mentioned in my talks, at least I hope I have, that I donít give you nostalgia for the past. But thereís no doubt about it, the natural humanity youíd see from people even in times of incredible poverty, and the UK was incredibly poor after World War II.And they were incredibly rationed right up until the 1954, I think, and even then, lots of the food was still getting taken out of British farms and sent abroad to feed Europe.It was a devastating war. Devastating.But during it all you still found decency amongst different people. But youíd also find a lot of viciousness amongst those whoíd had maybe a few generations of poverty. Because to survive people can become awfully hard, as well, naturally.But it was the balancing out of it with the decency there too that got people through it.


I remember when people didnít own their own homes. I mean, most folk, say, in Scotland rented Council housing. They couldnít afford their own homes. A socialist country, socialism, as far as I was concerned, was the suppression of people, hchhh, not for people to be able to afford and to by anything. They were kept at the bottom level with wages controls, prices controls, high taxation.And thatís how it was, set almost in stone that way. It was terrible.Amongst it all you had ridiculous public relations exercises of propaganda, run again by psychologists and marketing companies, on how wonderful the youth were today, they had all this chance in the pop business and rock business and so on, and we should all be happy because you had good music. Well, it was to give you the amount of fake idea for the change of the future. Because they werenít raking in the millions of bucks, like two or three different top groups. Of course they werenít. They were lucky to get jobs, a lot of them at that time.


As I say, so anyway, Peter Hitchens, he did mention that heís not nostalgic for all of the things of the past.But he did mention they had basic values and there was a basic remnants of a culture that came from what is hated, and that was at least Christian values, how to treat each other.That came in to good effect to get folk through the hard times. Neighbors would often, I remember, help each other out to pay the rents. Very frequently. That was quite normal. You didnít have the mass commercialization of purchasing and buying because most folk bought everything secondhand, that I knew. It was the same across a lot of places in England too, a lot of big, big cities, etc. People were just broke, and somehow, they survived and ticked along basically.


The so-called Empire thing, that was for Hollywood to play that up, the wonderful Empire, they had. Because the general public didnít profit from it at all.They paid for it all through their taxes, to be armed and policed by soldiers and all the rest of it. But thatís what it was. Nothing really changes, just the perception of how itís managed today, and the constant reiteration that youíre free and youíve never been so free, as youíre the most surveyed and surveilled society in history.Itís incredible, Ďeh.


But anyway, I didnít even mean to go there today.I was just going to prattle this off, a whole bunch of articles. But what gets me is, that most folk wonít ask questions. The youth are always catered too much more than the adults too. Because the youth, and I really mean this, with anthropology and psychology and the milestones in life and psychodynamics, and all the rest of the stuff working on us all the time, they know exactly through the culture industry how to cater to you. For the young folk itís sex and hedonism and narcissism, and just fill their heads full of it, fill their heads full of it, get lots of this, party, fun, sex. For the people who do get hitched, which are declining all the time naturally with all the anti-marriage propaganda coming out there too, except for maybe single parents, the state has become the supplier of goods and finances to single parents and has done for an awful long time.And none of this happened because of pressure from the bottom, folks. It came from the top.


It always comes from the top. It suits the banking system, the international banking system, the big, big system that really runs the world through its networking and its circles and circles, like Quigley said. Awfully important to understand it. Because the same group that the Milner group belong to that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs /Council on Foreign Relations, Pacific Rim associations and all the other associations, itís all the same group, gave you the United Nations, the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund and a host of other debt creating systems that profits from the banks that youíll pay off, they own them all, and the central banking systems across the world.


Because money was to be the new military power, the new form of military to control everybodyís lives. Itís been awfully successful, isnít it, when you think about it to the present time. Because when youíre getting some of it, even though itís all debt base money people can live a bit better on a materialistic basis than theyíve ever done before. But again, theyíve been taught that somehow this candle will never burn down. Although itís designed to. Because once the whole world is under the same system in comes austerity. And just like theyíre teaching children today, in school now, to worship the planet earth and they must sacrifice for the planet earth, which is another big front organization for total control of the planet and how you live.Right down to even if you get born if they need you, eugenics, etc.Because thatís all part of the same system run by the same group. Always was.And theyíve got all the time in the world to implement it.


Theyíre awfully precise now with their 50-year plans and 100-year plans and what they can achieve, and different goals along the way, all the milestones.They know exactly what they can do now. And you will see all these things come to pass. The Brave New World of Aldous Huxley, that didnít appear out of thin air, Huxley mixed with all the eugenicists. He mixed with the class that were the controllers and the professionals that dealt as controllers on behalf of those who owned the planet and the finances of the day.He was well aware through many, many discussions from, and growing up, at the dinner table, etc., that through psychology and training and behaviorism, and repetition, you could train up and raise the public to believe and behave in any way that you want them to behave and believe.And thatís exactly what theyíve proven over and over again.


Most people donít have their own mind.They have no reason to question things if they are basically materialistically happy and theyíre getting along in life with, as they say, the substitutes for everything else given to them.But from the beginning I never came out to talk to the general public. I just knew there was enough people out there asking questions who didnít have the answers. A lot of people, youíll find, were punishing themselves.They couldnít fit in.They knew lots of things were wrong in the world.They didnít know how to get verification of it and the knowledge of it, and what was going on.And maybe a lot of them, some of them were brighter than other people perhaps and if you donít get the answers and youíre demanding questions, you might turn in towards yourself and destroy yourself through either alcohol or drugs or both. And Iím glad that down through the years people have got in touch with me to say I helped them get over that track.


Itís very hard to explain to someone where this thirst comes from, this thirst, you know. The most important thing in life is, whyÖ why? Itís never been asked.Or, youíre given ersatz answers, youíre getting fake answers from the establishment who crush any alternative facts.Iím not talking about reasons, Iím talking about facts. And thatís important to know as well.


Again, if you go into Lord Bertrand Russell, another Lord, remember.And folk never question, why are the Lords, would be they working to create this thing called socialism? Because they donít have any affinity for the general public, the common people.Just like George Bernard Shaw didnít. But he had the same attitude as Shaw, and he worked in the same organizations as Shaw.That the general public would have to come, everybody individually, to the socialist organizations, run on behalf of the elite, the elite who should rule you, and youíd have to justify why they should allow you to stay alive and live in a socialistic system. George Bernard Shaw said it.His voice is up on video out there, on audio, if you want to listen to it. That hasnít changed.


Russell also said that eventually, hopefully, he said, anyone will be able to persuade anyone else of anything they want. Heís talking about with the right techniques and power behind them. Well, guess what folks? Look around you today. Whatís getting pushed?†† Hm?And they have everyone fighting everybody else.Because you fall for opinions, you immediately take sides. Rather than say, wait a minute, whoís giving us this? Why are you giving us this? What is the final agenda with this?Itís too easy by using emotion to get them all fighting rather than asking. Isnít it?


Remember too, before I finish off this talk that you can get the books and discs @CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com.You can also donate to me. You can find out how to do it if you look into the websites. Youíll see all the sites I have listed there @CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com, you should take note of them in case any of them get pulled eventually, you just never know.Or if I just decide to cut some out because of the cash problems, everything takes money.And I was never out for money, otherwise Iíd be selling you all kinds of gadgets and gimmicks and so on. Or magic truths. I could give you lots of the answers to whatís called magic, but I wouldnít sell it basically.


Most folk want mysticism as opposed to facts. Itís much easier to escape from reality that way for folk, rather than to really go after knowledge. Because if you go after knowledge, then youíre left with decisions on what youíre going to do in life. And will that mouth of yours stay silent down the road?Or wonít it?Iíve said before, and itís amazing to hear that the talks Iíve given from even 20 years ago being reiterated by other people, and even in whatís elevated high places you might say. Iíve said, remember that youíre the only material, just like the builders were always talking about, you are the building material and youíre the only building material that you can be sure of.Start with yourself instead of grabbing the latest flag or banner thatís waived in your face for some cause or another. Start with yourself. Once youíve basically built yourself then you see through all the cons that are out there. Then you can be a more complete person.And less angry perhaps.


Because you will certainly, if you follow all the stuff thatís dished out on a daily basis to you by the marketers, including those who run all the rebel sides of all kinds, everything out there is either a color revolution or something else on the go, isnít it?Once in a while you have to ask yourself, what are you rebelling against? Who wants you to rebel? Now we have this sanitized version of it where every country will issue permits for your little demonstrations and you go and protest whatever it is, hold hands and sing whatever it is you sing, and then you all go off and have your pizza and coffees like youíve done.Itís almost like a hobby now in some big cities across the world.It really is, isnít it. Itís a nice hygienic safety valve for everybody. Because everyone now is being pushed into different groups that you must belong to. You must belong to something or youíre not complete, apparently. But again, with a lot of folk now itís the only socializing they get. They canít even talk to each other, even when theyíre standing next to each other, without texting.M-hm.


Anyway, Iím gonna put up some articles tonight, I was going to prattle on about them actually, but I just wandered off as I always do. One of them was about the libraries and how the libraries are churning out, and they have been from the 90s in Canada and elsewhere, youíd see massive book dumps and garbage dumps of awfully good books as they were, they call it weeding, by the way. Like all organizations today theyíre international, no one in any country in any particular job profession or anything does it according to that country or culture. Theyíre all, they all connect, you see it being done across the world, oh, theyíre doing this, letís do it too.But your culture, your history is often getting trashed.And along with it, the weeding as they call it, and itís taught, they call it weeding, every top librarian knows it too.And some of the salaries of these librarians in the US blows you over. Really. Honestly. Wherever you get taxpayers money at work, youíre getting plundered, folks. Thatís where the money is these days, isnít it?


But yeah, the books are getting, theyíve been getting chucked in the rubbish dumps and the whole bit.Thereís a lot of politicization involved in it, naturally, of things that they simply want to disappear. Tragic. New Zealandís doing it.Australia does it. Canadaís done a lot of it, already.Still doing it. The US is just doing it at an awful rate right now. Quietly from the public. They donít want the public knowing about it because you might start getting complaints about it. I mean, this is public money that bought all these books, remember. And a lot of them arenít even selling them off.Theyíre literally, they want them all ditched.Thereís a lot of stuff now that must just disappear from history. The memory hole, as George Orwell called it. So Iíll put those links up for those who maybe are curious to find out, wonder where all the books in the library, and a lot of reference books too, simply went to. As they give you new histories all the time. Everything is remade again.


Weeding Collections: A Four Library Perspective - slideshare.net


New Zealand - why you should weed - natlib.govt.nz


The Art of Weeding | Collection Management - libraryjournal.com / 23 June 2015


Weed to achieve: a fundamental part of the public library mission? - weeding-books-libraries.pdf / moyak.com


Collection Maintenance: Weeding and Inventory - bcpslis.pbworks.com


CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries - crewmethod08.pdf / tsl.texas.gov


So Iím sorry to prattle on tonight but as I say, I didnít mean to go here in the first place. But once you get started sometimes it just happens. As I say, the main thing is not to repeat just stories, etc. Itís to do some thinking at times, hopefully help other people out who are asking questions too. A lot of young folk are, and not just young folk but a lot of folk are asking the questions. And theyíve been runningÖI used to compare it to beingÖ the awakening process, something sometimes stirs you, something mightíve lit the fuse basically, that starts you off really searching. Itís like coming out of the tunnel onto a field. And the field is laden with minefields everywhere. Everywhere youíve got posts with signs that say, come here, hereís the answer, oh no, itís over here, hereís the answer.Thatís how confusing it is. Often deliberately so, too.


Because those who control the world, as youíre trying to break free, theyíll wrap you off into some sideline, immediately, if they can. Thereís nothing in reality thatís there by chance. Really. Information from the beginning of even writing, or even before writing but with writing came along, it was used from the beginning with conformity of thought, with political and control motives behind things, in many, many areas, not it all, but getting worse and worse, right up until the invention of newspapers. Now itís of course, the Internet and television and newscasts and newscasters. And the newscasters themselves, again, are corporations, a lot of them, with their big PR companies and the agent, their own agents that negotiate for their pays and all the rest of it...that donít do anything for free.Nothing is spontaneous, folks. Big money is behind them all. Big, big money. Millions.And teams of writers at times too. Teams of them.


So question everything and start thinking for yourselves. Hopefully. And perhaps like all down through history, there are always those who are around, a few, who can pass the knowledge on to the next group, who sometimes have to go and hide themselves in some generations, because knowledge can be dangerous. And those who control everything have always known that.


So for myself, Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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The Art of Weeding | Collection Management

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Weed to achieve: a fundamental part of the public library mission?

weeding-books-libraries.pdf / moyak.com


Collection Maintenance: Weeding and Inventory



CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries

crewmethod08.pdf / tsl.texas.gov



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