Sept. 30, 2018 (#1687)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Control over Minions from Ancient Times

Meant Studying Prey then Disabling Minds"

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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see

that it ain't enough baby

To bridge the distance between you and me

There's a list of grievance 100 miles long

There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on September 30, 2018.I should kick off by just mentioning, before I always forget of course, that you can buy the books and discs Remember too, you can donate and help me tick along here... and pay for all the different sites I have. Because Iím not selling anything else. Iím not selling, well whatever, you know, T-shirts and products to make you live forever or things like that.Iím just giving you basically information which hopefully, delivered in the proper way, will help you understand the system weíre born into.


Öa really good system.And by good, I mean, for someone who wants to study it. Itís a work of somethingÖ[Alan chuckles.]Öyou could say, art, I suppose, almost in a demonic way because itís very clever. And itís clever because the ancients, and we are very old, humanity is very old, look at the ancient empires of course from China and the Middle East in different places, all the places that actually had written histories, and even Platoís great uncle Solon who went off, as they all did, all the aristocracy went off to study in Egypt at the time, of ancient Greece that is, and he was told, you Greeks donít even know how old you are. And that was back then.And how many empires had risen and [had] managed the world and fallen, over maybe even thousands of years.


Now, since they had empires in ancient times, going way back, way back, even before Christianity, for instance, for maybe, maybe thousands of years. We just donít know, although theyíre always finding evidence of new civilizations, or new old civilizations put it that way, all over the place actually in the ancient world. But an empire tells you that you have something very important, and that is, an understanding of human nature and how to control human nature in order to profit from the bulk of the population. Thatís what itís all about.Always has been. Always is.Today in fact, same thing, it is.


Therefore, they had the sciences, like Machiavelli of the Middle Ages, they had the sciences in ancient times as well by the studying of human nature.Weíve got to stop thinking that because TV wasnít invented thousands of years ago that they couldnít learn about all the things that youíre studying today. Knowledge was always accumulated, because knowledge is power. And for ruling people youíve got to always have it written down, or at least passed on to students as to how to control and manage the general population, how to profit from us, always to do with profiting from the bulk of the populace.


Iíve always mentioned that Albert Pike made a big thing about this too, in a very small little statement. It was a big thing, a big statement, big meaning behind the little statement, in that, we make no apologies for nature because itís an elitist thing, for even for the low masons who donít understand that, itís very elitist, and it picks out potential people for positions in different controlling functions over society. The bulk of the populace never get to that position of course, Theyíre the outer portico as Pike said. But they do understand human nature. Plato did the same thing and Plato bewailed the fact, and so did his contemporaries, that with writing and more people writing, then the art of memory and memorizing would be lost. Because in those days you had to really, really memorize things, like you doÖWell, we used to do that too with our times table for instance in school but now itís all calculators and computers and so on.


But in ancient times, they started writing stuff down too, and for the controlling elites, you see, it used to be kept very secretive. And the best way to have it secretive is to be taught directly to the people without writing. No notes, no nothing, just your memory is the best way for secrecy. Itís also, thereís no evidence, you see. And even the conspirators today understand that you shouldnít really have any evidence of a conspiracy if possible, in any recorded method at all. And so, they go to great lengths to try and be very secretive and to be anonymous.


But anyway, getting back to what Iím saying, empires, the understanding of human nature, the controlling of human nature, the using of human nature for your own purposes, including wars. People at the top are always ambitious, they always want more. And they intermarry with other ambitious little, either city states in ancient times, or countries across even waters in those days too. They always inter-married their elite off, so they became one big family if possible.And those big families would go through the motions of war sometimes too, which culled down the population to an extent. It really did achieve different techniques of keeping the masses, well, abused. If you abuse the masses they cling to the abuser all the more so to keep them safe.But the people have always been used to accumulate wealth on behalf of those who, basically, own them.


So I go through this in my writings and a lot of my discs which you can buy website and go into the purchasing and so on.I go through the techniques that have been used in ancient times and all through time to the present day, because itís so important to understand human nature. Maybe more so than ever before. Itís not an easy thing to teach someone. It is actually easy to teach them, I should say, but it isnít so easy in this day and age, especially, to have them still enough, still in the mind to understand whatís being said.


Their minds are racing half the time because they are now living in an age of massive overstimulation, a technique admitted to, by the massive data thatís thrown of them through entertainment. They get up in the morning, the radioís blasting away there. And they might go to work with the radio blasting away with these babel mouth nonsensical disc jockeys still pushing their nonsense, this babble, immature babel. Then they have messages thrown at them all day long through computers and you name it. And then, back again at home and then they try and relax through escaping into fantasy and fiction and theyíre getting overloaded then too.


But the mind itself finds it harder to think for itself. Itís part of the technique of control. Thereís an old saying, be stillÖ be still.Itís like the Old Testament, is to be still and know that I am God. Same kind of idea.And the New Testament as well. The technique, youíve got to be still once in a while, youíve got to do it. And when youíre still your mind will crowd, naturally, with all your little worries of the day. Thatís why you love to distract yourself, so you donít think too much. And thatís why your masters and those who own you want you to constantly be bombarded and be distracted too, then you wonít think too much. Youíre quite safe if you donít think too much.You let everyone else do your thinking for you by the data thatís thrown at you through entertainment and different other guises.


Now you understand, in ancient times they didnít have all this extraneous entertainment. They didnít have televisions and radio. But they put on lots of plays for the people. It wasnít the Greeks that invented the whole plays and so on, it was much older than that. Because entertainment is essential, as Plato said too, if you are going to raise people in a city state.City states are the beehives, you might call them the engines of this particular artificial system. Cities donít produce much except everything to do with superfluous stuff, or actually almost gossamer stuff, itís abstract, itís money in itself, itís numbers and so on, thatís what they produce. And everyone in the city must pay big high rents for tiny little places, which consumes a lot of their income for a lot of people, for working-class people.And they get trapped in it.


They get consumed with all the data, and things that are happening around them too, the speed, the people, blah blah blah. Itís very unnatural. Some folk say they love it. But personally, I donít, I donít like it at all. Too many people in the cities. Itís just too fake, too unnatural. Itís synthetic.And itís so far removed from how people really were meant to live. And really, you need space. And if possible, you should all be living scattered around the country, if your masters would allow it, which of course they never would do.But at least there you have some space and quietness if you want it, peace and quiet and freedom, to an extent, at the moment.


And that was why in ancient times, even Rome had, at least they wrote about it, they had their different writers who wrote different things there.But they mentioned about the aristocracy of Rome, and the Senate, the Senators causing overthrows and temporary coups of the government. Because the Senators were greedy, aristocratic families, and they wanted more and more land from the rural people, the people who produced, who actually fed the city people, you see. And they were getting taxed and taxed and taxed in the rural areas too.Nothing changes.


Because this system is a parasitical system that we live in.And I try to go through this in the books and so on, and I show you some of the techniques that have been used down through the ages to control the people by those in-the-know. And thatís what they mean by in-the-know.Codes are always used by those in-the-know, by those who rule you. If you look at all the different departments in governments, even declassified information from different departments, even fairly innocuous departments as well, everything is so coded at the top too so that those who read it in the system of civil service understand exactly what itís about, where itís from and so on.Everythingís coded. The language is coded. The language of brainwashing is coded as well. Youíre brainwashed every day by what they call news today. You really are.And folk never figure it out.


So, as I say, buy the books and discs and donate as well. You can pay anyway you want.[Payment options listed above.]But as I say, youíve got to understand the system. And the system is very complex only because you havenít really thought too deeply about it before. The media isnít going to come out and tell you how it really works. Thatís not what the media is there for.I can remember reading, I think it was The Anglo-American Establishment and different books by Carroll Quigley, different works that he did.And he was the historian for a while for the Council on Foreign Relations which is the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain, which has branches across the whole planet.And they also run the British Council as well, their members are from that too.They create future leaders, they actually literally grab, they grab children, train them to be future leaders across the planet, in all countries, and give them educations.And they are the ones that you are seeing today take over different countries by the way.For those who think you live in democraciesÖ [Alan chuckles.] Good luck!


But youíve got to understand that Quigley talked about this quite a bit. In fact, one of his books was, like book burning only they smashed the plates instead, he said too much, because they werenít ready to allow the public to know about how the system really works.The real establishment is vastly different from the way youíre trained to believe it is. Itís a private club.It really is a private club. And they have other sub-clubs attached to them for specialized areas.And sometimes theyíll transfer people between clubs, or the circles, as they call them, from one to the other club depending on how they need them, you know, where they need them and so on. And you canít apply to join them. You are asked, if they choose you.And if they choose you youíve been well vetted beforehand.


And these are private clubs, and of course, as I say, they donít run for election as the club member, although the clubs themselves put their members out there to be elected and Quigley goes through that process.He does go through the system to some extent, and not completely in-depth but in-depth enough so that you can start to get the picture of how it really works.And their vision is vastly different of the future than the people in the nations, the ordinary people ever suspect. Youíre given this nonsense of politics, and he mentions that, that all the top members of the political parties are members of this particular organization. They are allowed to differ in certain ways, to achieve their end, but they all have the same ends. And of course theyíre allowed to fill their pockets to a good extent too, naturally, with their plunder because theyíre now, theyíve proven theyíre superior once they get near the top. But again, they must obey the masters above them, the ones that are unelected who really have the power.


Itís really interesting to understand how it really does work. And nothing is ever as it seems of course. Nothing really is ever as it seems, for the public.But we are trained to believe that we elect people and we have something called democracy. Although Plato and others went into democracy and they said that it always ends up in a form of communism, and then it literally is overthrown by either a coup, riots and so on.Because they cannot last, itís always so corrupt.So nothing changes, you see. Nothing ever changes.


The techniques of understanding the human mind are important. The distractions are awfully important.And what weíre given today, more entertainment than any generation has ever seen in history, as far as we know. Weíre given more pharmaceutical drugs that are psychoactive than any people before us, which dulls the mind.And weíre also being given now, the next step which is of course, which where the banned drugs with, say, the cannabinoid, different products that are coming out now for instance, in Canada, big big time. And people will still think itís just happening because of some people at the bottom fought battles. No, it wasnít that, nothing to do with that at all.


Back in the 80s the Canadian government was growing pot underground. Underground, yep.And they did a documentary in the 90s, it just suddenly came out of the blue. And for those who can remember it, might remember it, and how they were bowled over when suddenly they showed you these long, long, it was big white tunnels underground with hydroponics going and the Canadian government had been growing pot. They said at the time, oh, it was for the future, where we might go and use it for medicine. And you can believe that if you want.Youíll find everybody whoís part of the establishment, the higher establishment of Canada will have shares in these big companies, including the police chiefs by the way, these big companies that are running it today.


So anyway, man is very ancient.The art of controlling peopleís minds is ancient too. Youíll find little clues in it like the clues you get from Arthur C Clarke, who was one of the boys, you might say. He wrote 2001. He wrote Childhoodís End which is about, really, evolution through aliens coming down and so on and giving people everything they wanted until they didnít have to work. But they were really after the children, to breed a particular generation of children that they could then evolve and take with them. And the old humans would have to perish and die because they were now obsolete. Because of course, itís to do with eugenics, you see.And Arthur C Clarke with the organizations he belonged to, understood this.


If you understand even masonry, Freemasonry, youíll find the same kind of thing too. They have no problem at all in the city of London, when their organizations there rather openly, actually, showing you in symbology and in the occasional little utterance that they are superior to other people and there are different kinds of classes of people.They donít say the word classes, people donít want to mention that anymore. But itís still alive and well.And youíll find that everything is to do with evolution and change. Thatís why the members of masonry are always talking about change, change, change, and that there are no moral absolutes, very important to understand, and morality and moral absolutes are only for the particular period, and the next generation might go the opposite way with the moral absolutes.Part of the reason, and they wonít tell you that of course, they never do, is that it doesnít happen by itself, the pendulum doesnít just swing one way and then swing the other. Everything is controlled and pushed in different directions.By intelligence. And by organization. Thatís how it happens.


But Arthur C Clarke, as I say, he wrote 2001, then 2010, and then 3001. Very important too because 3001, most of the bulk of the population, the lesser classes I think are just somehow, just vanish, you see, or bred out or die off or something. And the brainy types, the ones who are all the top scientists and technicians are all interbred, and they live like almost like gods with their high technologies and so on.So, itís not that difficult to get to the picture if you understand what theyíre actually saying and what theyíre showing you in symbology and so on. Itís eugenics, of course. Winners and losers, etc. etc.So, Pike said it too, as I say, Albert Pike, they make no apology for nature. No apology at all. And of course, they make a big big deal about the symbology, through lions, for instance, a good one is lions, very important, king of the jungle, which of course is also what was behind king of the jungle, Rudyard Kiplingís Jungle Book of course.


If you go into some of the known experiments that lasted many, many years, such as MK Ultra, which is one part of this huge big experimental area. It wasnít just depatterning the brain, to reorganize someoneís brain and then build them, rebuild them in your image basically, the scientistís image or the controllerís image. It really was about psychic driving, and many other things too.And the use of drugs as well, which was being forced on society at the time, in a way where they always think itís for themselves. Such as, the youth always thinks itís for themselves... This is fun, this is good, weíre naughty, weíre bad. And suddenly LSD is tossed all over the place.Free, initially.Big time.And the CIA was behind it big time too, theyíd had the drug since the 1930s and knew what it did.


So, sex, drugs, rock Ďn roll was launched as part of the plan too, to destabilize the old system, break the pattern of the old system where you had tradition and families. And you had families that are a nuisance and they stand together when bills are passed they donít like, itís bad for them and so on, they would tend to band together. So, they were a problem for those that govern, when change is planned, big change. Especially destruction of the family unit, and thatís exactly what they did. HG Wells talked about it, many other ones talked about it, that theyíd have to do that. Itís so that thereís no one standing alongside you to help you when the government is coming for you and coming down to speak to you. Itíll be just you and the government, and little old you doesnít have much of a chance.Thatís happened, hasnít it? Isolation.


So the MK Ultra thing was for the general population, for those whoíve studied and studied and havenít quite figured it out yet, the psychic driving is repetition, repetition, repetition of the same things over and over too. Slogans. You listen to the songs that went out there, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition. Theo Adorno talked about it because he was part of the Frankfurt School for the same function, to destroy the family unit and so on of the Western culture. Listen to the Beatles songs, and he owned the Beatles songs, remember. And it was he, they were all sold once he died and up for grabs. And Paul McCartney competed with Michael Jackson for the bids over the rights to the title, or the songs, and Jackson won at the time.


Nothing, as I say, is ever how it seems to be to the people.Big money, big agendas, big plans are always in operation and the public are never to be told that they are.The public are taught that everything is spontaneous, that somehow everythingís laid on for their entertainment. And itís always easier to go for the youth because the youth have been taught that theyíre separate and theyíre different from the old fogies. And theyíre taught that itís their generation, like the song goes, talkiní Ďbout my generation. And so suddenly they created this new cult, the teenager, that didnít exist before, even the term didnít exist before by the way. It was meant to separate the youngsters from their parents, and old folk in general. Which is awfully good, then any kind of old morality, or even logic of history, what youíve learned in history wouldnít get passed on to them.


Donít talk to them, donít talk to anybody over 30. Then it came down to even younger. That was the slogan. So the youngsters of that generation really thought, really thought that somehow they were building the world. They werenít even in their 20s yet, some of them, but they thought they were building the world. They thought the music was all theirs. It didnít dawn on them that the music machine, this massive business, this massive culture industry is an essential part of control, and it was already controlled and they, it didnítÖ it cameÖ If they pushed anything from the culture industry it was in their own interests and for societal change, not for the youngstersí change. Never has been.


And here we are today, hey. It was awfully successful from the 60s to the present and the agenda of literallyÖYou found in 1984 where they would have womenís groups too, with their red sash on and so on, and they were a perpetual sort of, kind of virgins and so on, this army of women, is almost complete too.Theyíre doing the same thing, itís still going on.Hasnít stopped.That was the agenda, separate men from women. And every group always must think, all the followers must think they are in control of what theyíre doing. Because itís a war thatís going on. And they arenít planning it.But the leaders of them are well picked by the ones who really run the world. They know what the big agenda is in reality. The followers always think they do, but theyíre useful idiots. And when you subdivide and subdivide all categories of humanity, they canít come together as one, you see.


When it really will count they wonít be able to do it.And then you really do indoctrinate them that nothing is normal. Thatís where itís all supposed to go.Nothingís normal, thereís no such thing as normal, like Pike said, Ďeh. Thereís no such thing as cultural, real permanent culture, no permanent truths. He actually said that, thereís no permanent truths.And thatís now taught today all through universities by fake philosophers, isnít it, as situation ethics?Now, if nothingís normal, then you can, if youíre the Masters of the universe basically, you can reshape the world and everything in it, the way that you want it to be done. And the material will then be convinced before you even start, you must train them to be convinced that nothingís normal, and then theyíll allow themselves to be shaped into whatever the masters want. Think about it.


You are as sovereign as anything on the planet if you want to be. And no one has a right to do anything to you. Or alter you. Or use you like some kind of putty or plasticine or clay for their own ends.And thatís whatís happening right now, a very old plan by those who already own most of the planet.


Now, Quigley said that this big world organization for global government basically, and it was government, and is government, was often mistaken for communism.And by that he was referring to even the McCarthy era, the Reds under the bed stuff and so on. And a lot of them were communists too and he said that, in our group weíre an organization, we have everyone, dictators, communists, fascists, capitalists, all of them, they donít mind who they work with. And they bring them all in. And sure enough, the book I read last week, some bits of it, that whole book was the international meeting that year from 1937, published in 1938 with all the top politicians from all countries, and civil servants, and capitalists and financiers and so on, all attending it. And even then, they wanted to keep themselves pretty well hidden from the public, with the name even.


But they did publish some of the groups that attended it, the Royal Institute of International Affairs for Britain, Australia, New Zealand, various other countries, they had members from India.And now, of course, with the British Council thatís part of their organization, they also have probably close to 100 countries or more involved with them. And of course, they have their own European Union department now as well for the politicians running the whole of Europe. They run that as well, this private organization, the European Council on Foreign Relations.But youíre given the ones to vote for.Youíd be just as well voting for dummies.Itís a lot cheaper.Dress them up, put them in front of the TV cameras, you want this one, that one or that one?And play a little tape of them saying Iím for this and Iím for that.And you donít have to pay them wages or anything, theyíre dummies, right. And vote them in. Because they donít run the countries. They donít.


Do you think those people and families whoíve ruled the world, for centuries, are going to just hand it over to someoneís radical ideas? who thinks theyíre Prime Minister or President or something? Do you really think that would happen? Are you kidding?Margaret Thatcher belonged to it. When she left Parliament she mentioned it, she says, I belong to a group of people who are technocrats.She was talking about the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs and so on.And she was also talking of course about their other organization, the Trilateral Commission, they pick members for that too.And she says, we all meet, all ex-prime ministers and presidents, ex-bureaucrats, civil servants and all that, and bakers, we meet and we get things done, and we donít have to go to the public for approval, we can get things done without the input or condemnation of the public because itís never published.


How many exposes do you need, how many admissions do you need from those involved to start to get the picture?Or do you go straight back into, do you fall right back into the emotional he said/she said stuff in politics the next day?Hm? Because itís all drama, isnít it? Weíve never seen so much drama today. And itís like a soap opera. If you noticed, youíre not getting much of what governments are really up to about policies and so on because theyíre training you into a new system altogether, where youíre not really involved at all. Before you werenít involved but at least you had an idea of what was going on to an extent in some areas, not, maybe 40, 50% of the stuff youíd never know but in some areas they had to tell you some. Today they donít. Youíre given soap operas instead.In all countries. All countries.


And government has really withdrawn from the areas of government which used to hand out little bits of information to the public, because that was the policies, the people were used to getting policies at least discussed, in some areas. But not anymore.They donít tell you anything. They just pass bills and so on, they pass bills and thatís the first you hear of them, often.Youíre under a new form, you see, itís changed. This is the century of change, transition. Thatís what they call it.And itís not your place to know. They actually, theyíre becoming very arrogant, again your bureaucrats are rather obvious that itís not your place to know anything.†† Winners and losers.You can be one of the losers. Or you can be one of them.And then they might tell you something. But if youíre not one of them, nope, youíre a loser.Youíre the public, the people.Down there. The public.


But youíre given all these dramas. And if you notice, with all the protests that are going on right now in different countries, and the US is a big one of course, they start with the Me Toos and itís gone on from there. But think about it. What youíre seeing is the perfect, perfect classic demonstration of the Saul Alinsky program in the Rules for Radicals, and how you, you donít debate anything calmly, you just do your chanting. When someoneís trying to speak you keep chanting over it, over and over and over, you see, drown them out. Itís all from Rules for Radicals, the techniques that are being used right now to stop folk getting in or out of power or whatever it happens to be. Itís rather interesting to watch it, such a clear-cut demonstration of it all.


You think about it too, if, if government really has, or really is the way itís supposed to be in how itís organized and so on, donít you think if there was the slightest chance that any group thatís trying to overthrow the system, it wouldnít be dealt with immediately? Donít you think so? Isnít that whatís supposed to happen?The first law for them, the first rule is to protect and maintain itself, thatís the government, thatís what they do.Because your government is really a combination of those who really, really own the country. And really rule it. And yet youíre watching this thing go on and on and on and on. So obviously nothingís really, no oneís really hurting here.Or, it would be stopped. So, what are we getting?Is it a soap, or is it a drama, what is it?


The biggest news we got, really, was the speech at the United Nations by Trump. Little bits and pieces, you know. Of course, heís going to standby for more wars in the Middle East, thatís obvious. Netanyahu is there too with his, his drawings and his supposed evidence, etc., which we never get to see, you know. Itís like Groundhog Day, isnít it, over and over and over. But donít be surprised because the agenda was published in the 90s, a list of countries that must be taken out, for the ones that really own the country, right.And it was General Wesley Clark that mentioned it too on Democracy Now, he mentioned the list and how it was presented to him at the time. And it was a shock to him, he didnít know either.And the Project for a New American Century group, the neocons published it twice in the 90s.And it still goes on because agendas are set in stone basically. They donít change and give up. They might alter here and their little bits, but they get what they want. They always get what they want, eventually.


We see Syria just announcing that itís stable enough now to try to bring refugees, Syrian refugees back to the country to help rebuild it and so on. And now theyíre wanting to take out Syria and Iran.Again, Iran was on the list too and a few other countries around that area, as you know.And since the 90s, and then 2001 added to it with the bombing of Iraq and so on, then we took out Libya as well after that too, the mass of migration to Europe has changed it forever. And itís still happening.Europe is changed forever. Itís not Europe anymore, itís a differentÖ entity, really, isnít it, in transition. In countries that donít manufacture things so much anymore, itís mainly the service industryÖ that already is overloaded with welfare because people, thereís not enough work for people, healthcare and all the rest of it. And yet the populations are being told that theyíre going to pay more and more and more to bring in more and more refugees from all these wars. And now, hereís another bunch of wars for the rest of the list to continue.


Canít you get it through your heads that the people behind all these wars donít represent the people they pretend to represent as leaders because they have a vastly different agenda than the public they pretend to serve. I donít care what side it is either.Quigley said it, theyíre all members of the same organization at the top, they simply take the left-hand path or the right-hand path, but they always end up on the same road down the road as far as the agenda goes.Itís so bad now in Europe, and Britainís bad too, with the budget cuts even to the so-called services, and police services and so on and the laying off of different police, that theyíre now bringing in private police forces across the country because crime is just out of sight now, so they claim.


Neighbourhood Policing Cuts Are So Bad, Some People Are Paying For 'Private Police' - / Sep 18, 2018


But again, most of the crime theyíve got now they brought into the country, for many, many, many years now. And thereís areas where literally thereís just no work left, of old manufacturing areas, all gone basically. People still there but itís, what do they do? You canít make everybody work in computers, and even they are getting less and less and less too, as computers themselves today are doing the work of programmers, they can design programs and so on, a lot of them.So theyíve got that.And theyíve got, as I say, SyriaÖ


Syria foreign minister tells U.N. country is ready for refugee return - / 29 Sept 2018


And then theyíve gotÖ


U.S. pulls diplomats from Iraqi city, citing threats from Iran - / 28 Sept 2018


Theyíll never be happy. You know, they had in, years ago they had the transition teams being trained, for all the countries theyíve overthrown, trained in London, generally, so that when they go into these countries they got the ones that will take them over, theyíve got the personas made up for them, etc. etc. This is what?This is democracy? Training people to go into countries, people who are generally from those countries who are going to be made the future leaders, and you just get rid of the old ones, Ďeh?Hm. Isnít that something?Quite something. So anyway, theyíre pulling the diplomats from Iraq and Iraqi city, Basra.And theyíre increasing US economic sanctions and all this kind of stuff too. And itís all supposedly to, really, to put a bulwark against Iran because they definitely want to take out Iran.And Israel is really furious too. You can see Netanyahu has been trying, heís been getting fed up for years now with America dragging its heels on getting it all done. And as I say, youíve got to see the speeches at the United Nations. Itís just like Groundhog Day.


Also too, itís awfully handy, all this war industry and so on, because itís a massive industry, isnít it?


Philip May, Husband of Prime Minister May: Yet Another Example of the ĎCosy Relationshipí Between Government and the Arms Industry / 22 April 2018


(Alan:And this is from Global Research. Now, Global Research is more of a Marxist organization, but good articles. Although some of them, they take on another organization now that really is pushing very left-wing, which is not left-wing at all, but theyíre into euthanasia, this other organization. But, hereís a good article anyway regardless as far as the facts in it go. Youíve got to really, really sift through everything today.Everybodyís got an angle, theyíve all got an angle and a different agenda, donít they?Anyway, this is the husband of the Prime Minister of Britain and it saysÖ)


Selected evidence of the revolving doors between Whitehall appointments, their family and friends and the Ďdefenceí industry in our archives, in chronological order:


(A:And they go through the different people in the defense industry, the ones that they know of, who are getting big big bucks now from there. Itís the same in the US, though, isnít it?)


Admiral Sir John Slater, the former first sea lord, left the military in 1998 and became a director and senior adviser to Lockheed Martin UK.


Michael Portillo, the secretary of state for defence from 1995 to 1997, became non-executive director of BAE Systems in 2002 before stepping down in 2006.


Lord Reid, secretary of state for defence from 2005 to 2006, said in 2008 that he had become group consultant to G4S, the security company that worked closely with the Ministry of Defence in Iraq.(A: Itís a mercenary organization really.)


Air Chief Marshal Sir Glenn Torpy, the chief of staff from 2006-2009, retired from the RAF last year and will become senior military adviser to BAE Systems in January.


And it goes through a whole bunch, I wonít read them all. But Iíll put them up, all these links Iíll put up for you to read if you care at all.And thereís just so many of them actually it would take probably an hour to do them all. But thatís what itís all about, revolving door for the defense industry. And you pay for it all of course. And people pay an awful lot of money for defense because youíre kept in fear all the time, and they simply soak you with taxes to supposedly keep you safe.In the USÖ HillaryÖ


Clinton Tops List of Arms Company Donations / 17 Dec 2015


(A:She has a close relationship with the worldís top arms companies.Again, this is from Global Research, 2015. It saysÖ)


Hillary Clinton has received more money from arms and military service companies than any other candidate during the 2016 presidential campaign, data from Open Secrets shows.


All but one of the worldís 10 biggest arms producers have contributed to Clintonís previous campaigns, giving her ó along with the top Republican receiver Ted Cruz ó a significant margin over the other candidates.


The numbers, collected by the Federal Election Commission and compiled by Open Secrets, also reveal that Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders make the list of top 20 senators and top six presidential candidates to receive money from arms and defense companies.


Most of the funding is channeled through Political Action Committees, which have no limits to how much they donate. About 18 percent comes from individual contributions, totaling almost US$10 million between all of the companies.


The biggest donors ó Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Boeing ó devote about a third of their funds to Democrat candidates. In the last presidential elections, Barack Obama won more funding than his contender John McCain, though McCain is the top-earning senator this year.


A report released Sunday by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute showed that while U.S. arms sales have slowed, U.S.-based Lockheed Martinís profits soared in 2014. Overall sales rose steadily until the financial crisis of 2008, when they mostly stabilized.


And it goes on and on and on. But itís not a bad article actually.Another one too, thereís actually two on Teresa Mayís husbandÖ


Theresa Mayís Husbandís Capital Group (A:Öhis companyÖ) Is Largest Shareholder in BAE, Shares Soar Since Syrian Airstrikes - / 20 April 2018


And thatís just how it is, isnít it?And you all think that youíre in charge of something because you get to vote for A, B, C or D. Amazing, isnít it? Or is it? Is it?Is it amazing or not?People go right back to where theyíve been, when something collides with their training or indoctrination and theyíre right back to square one the following day, itís like itís out of their mind, itís just tossed out.As I say, even when you get admissions from those who are doing it, they tend to forget that itís notÖ And they have studies and studies and studies upon how people think and what leads them to do that. They know this, what makes them to do it, what leads them to do it. Because itís what they can handle.What they canít handle, we have this nice safe kind of myth, or myth making machine inside of us actually that, it keeps us kind of secure.Or weíd crackup, wouldnít we? Weíd really crackup. Or youíd run off for your pills from the pharmacy. Or else you would, youíd get what Canada is giving them, like dope to the world, Dope Inc. basically for the planet.Interesting article too, Iíll put up tonightÖ


Common antidepressants could fuel the rise of superbugs, study finds / 17 Sept 2018


A widely prescribed antidepressant could be causing antibiotic resistance and contributing to the creation of superbugs, Queensland researchers say.


Antimicrobial resistance occurs when microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites change when exposed to some drugs such as antibiotics and antifungals, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Mind you, too, theyíre getting more and more fungi diseases in too because of what theyíre spraying on the crops now. Spray one thing and something else is going to flourish. Thatís what happens. Everything keeps everything else in check.Otherwise, you see, and you interfere with it, and something gets out of control, then they spray that with something else for that and something else gets out of control. And thatís what happens.


I just want to mention too how government works with your money. You know darn well that all big banks are kind of private. And yet youíve got a strange public-private deal with some of the big banks, like the Royal Bank of Scotland, that really isnít Scottish at all, I guess, is it.


RBS bailout 'unlikely to be recouped' / 12 Sept 2018


Royal Bank of Scotland's chairman has admitted it is "unlikely" the government will get back all the £45.5bn (A:45 BILLIONÖ) pumped in to the bank.


Now, the government pumped taxpayerís money into it, naturally, as taxpayers, so the government wonít, the people wonít get it back, forget the government! 45.5 billion pounds they tried to bail it out, to an extent. And donít forget that, I think the British government owned about 80 odd percent of the shares, the London govÖ or the LondonÖ letís say The City of London because thatís what runs the world, isnít it, they owned about 80% of that bank. Anyway, so there you go. I guess thatís gone to money heaven just like the last crash we had, Ďeh? Where did it go? during the little inquiry they had.Oh, itís money heaven, weíre told, with quite the dose of arrogance, werenít we?


Also, marijuana for Canada, right.


Growing marijuana 101: How your pot is being produced ahead of legalization / 12 Aug 2018


(A:Theyíre ready to pass it so theyíre making it a big, big deal. Theyíve been making it for a long, long time, as I say, but now itís time to have it all legit, etc.And youíre supposed to be all happy about it. You see people smoking, blowing the smoke out. And itís okay to smoke this stuff now although the same governments have been bashing everybody else for smoking cigarettes for years and years. But itís okay to smoke this. There you go.Not bad, Ďeh?[Alan laughing.] And you want common sense, hey, common sense and logic, you know. Everybodyís been had here, hey. Everybody.And this is aboutÖ)


Canopy Growth in Smith Falls, Ont., is a 500,000-square-foot facility that used to be a Hersheyís chocolate factory. Now, it houses hundreds of millions of dollarsí worth of cannabis products. (A:There you go.And thenÖ)


PC government to table bill on pot legalization / 26 Sept 2018


(A:There you go.)


The bill will appoint the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (A:So there you go, itís like the Mafia, the alcoholÖ It sounds like it, the alcohol and gaming, thatís your gambling commission, hm, so now theyíll be dealing your drugs now too, running all that, Ďeh.) as regulator for the market place, the province adding it will not put a cap on pot shops when it begins its licensing process. Kamil Karamali explains.


And itís all done with a happy happy smiley face type/kind of article, isnít it? Time for soma, Ďeh?Time for somaÖ and the same governments are trying to pull back medications for folk in severe pain, who donít want to be stoned all day.Itís quite amazing, isnít it?But it isnít amazing at all.Itís only amazing if you really want to believe that government is what youíve been trained to think it is actually.


Youíve got to start thinking for yourselves.For those that want too. Remember, not everybody wants to.†† Not everybody can handle truth. Because truth is rather scary. When you find out a really intense indoctrination, into one reality, a fake reality, but itís rather scary to get the truth, to realize it, what it really is.Iíve got some articles on the myth makers, people who create the realities of the modern time for us all to believe in. And they actually boast about it, they call themselves the myth makers.


Freemason Royal Ritual 2017, 300 year celebrations in London - / 26 Jan 2018


They know the sciences of behaviorism, psychology and so on, psychodynamics of growing up, the stages that you go through and how to use the stages for different ends and purposes. And the last people whoíll figure that out are the ones who are used. It happens all the time. All the time. Charles Galton Darwin who wrote The Next Million Years said that slavery has existed in some form or another in all agesÖ ALL ages, and he didnít see any reason why it would be any different today and tomorrow.Donít forget, everything today is disguised, isnít it? Very, very well disguised indeed. Youíre given your same indoctrination across the planet at an early age, like Russell said would have to be done, and your subsequent propaganda indoctrination is so scientifically designed.Youíve got to read some of the teachersí toolkits, they call it, for indoctrination. Theyíre not calling it indoctrination but thatís what it is. Of course, it is, itís indoctrination. Indoctrination is not a bad word as such. It means what it is.Youíre getting instilled with a doctrine, you see.But itís not your own doctrine, itís to serve someone else.


Itís really amazing how little people really know about life.And itís kind of like the Lodge doors, as they say.Think about it. The Lodge door in the mystique of Freemasonry, this kind of army thatís scattered across the planet, everywhere, where those in-the-know can pick candidates to go up higher, who help to manage the system over the people, right down to the local area. And even the ones at the bottom donít know theyíre being used for something else, generally. Because they get little perks and, you knowÖ


But it also ties in again with what Pike said.And what did he say? He said what I mentioned before, we make no excuse for nature.If people want, if they get curious and knock on the doorÖ Remember, they use the Bible and so on, hm, not because they believe in that, but they use it, knock on the door and weíll open it, Ďeh, seek and you will findÖ Itís the same thing, you see. And the ones who are curious, mind you most of them are told to go to there anyway.But the ones who are curious show that very thing, that curiosity, whereas most of the people donít. And thatís what they mean by it.So, they go in thinking, well yeah, I was curious, I had a superior nature. But there are many ways to find out about it without knocking on the door.


Of course, the one thing they make sure that everybody does know in every area is that it can help you get ahead in life, at any station that youíre in. It might help you get the job, or promotion, even at the bottom levels.It can bring business to your small store, they will help each other out, theyíve got to.So, itís a safeguard, isnít it? So they make sure people know this to attract the people in. But then when youíve really got the levels and degrees and so on youíd really find at the very high degrees that the worldís run by a vastly different system, thatís the whole point of it, then that which everybody else is taught, all the so-called profane are taught.Sad, isnít it, the deceit in society and the world?Very sad.


And to think that anybody who puts on a fancy outfit is better than anybody elseís the biggest deception of all.Because youíll find the same people within the same selection of peoples in these organizations as you find everywhere else, the con men, the rip-off merchants, etc. etc. And thatís the sad part too, isnít it, that people love to strut around thinking theyíre better or different and so on. Rather sad.Really very very sad indeed.


But, as I say, buy the books and discs Get yourself to start thinking and understanding it. For yourself if you want to. Thatís all it is, everything out there is a con today. Even the old movements that used to be out there to really teach the people their basic rights and so on have all gone, been knocked down.Because even amongst them there was deception that crept in, used for other purposes by other people.And thatís the world we live in.Thatís what itís all about, con-ology, conning the public. And using them all. And preparing the next generation to be used for the next level of bricks on the wall.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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Common antidepressants could fuel the rise of superbugs, study finds / 17 Sept 2018


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Neighbourhood Policing Cuts Are So Bad, Some People Are Paying For 'Private Police' / Sep 18, 2018


Syria foreign minister tells U.N. country is ready for refugee return / 29 Sept 2018


U.S. pulls diplomats from Iraqi city, citing threats from Iran / 28 Sept 2018


Philip May, Husband of Prime Minister May: Yet Another Example of the ĎCosy Relationshipí Between Government and the Arms Industry / 22 April 2018


Theresa Mayís Husbandís Capital Group Is Largest Shareholder in BAE, Shares Soar Since Syrian Airstrikes / 20 April 2018


Clinton Tops List of Arms Company Donations / 17 Dec 2015


PC government to table bill on pot legalization / 26 Sept 2018


Growing marijuana 101: How your pot is being produced ahead of legalization / 12 Aug 2018


Freemason Royal Ritual 2017, 300 year celebrations in London / 26 Jan 2018 (alternate link provided)



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