February 23, 2007


Hi. I'm Alan Watt at and .net and a few others which you'll see on the site.  Today is February 23, 2007. To finish off this week, I was thinking to talk about an event which happened in the 20th century, which was almost lost in the massive upheavals going round the world at the time, across Europe especially, and that was the famine in the Ukraine.

The Ukrainian people had an incredibly hard time, being whacked first by the communist system, the soviet system, and eventually became a battle field.  When the Soviets moved in World War II while the Natzis were also moving in in World War II and the people who lived primarily in rural areas were being butchered by both sides.  Horrible, horrible events occurred there which have been glossed over, as we tend to do in this wonderful world of ours, where we deny the nasty stuff and it eventually gets swept under the carpet of time. 

We are so far removed in the so-called "civilized countries" from the horrors of war that they're now not even real to most people. People today can't tell the difference between fiction and reality. We’ve seen so many people blown up in movies, very realistic movies, that we can't tell the difference anymore. It means nothing and that's why horror can be repeated. It's easier to do it on an unsuspecting civilized public who go into a complete state of shock when it breaks out.

The Ukraine had vast farmlands with small peasant owners, owners who had lived there for generation upon generation, built their own houses, very self-sufficient and independent people. Rich culture, but to the Darwinists and the anthropologists that made up the Natzi and Soviet systems, these people were classed really as a stagnant population. They were not progressive and if you're not progressive they come down with a big stick on you to teach you a lesson or eliminate you. That's part of the Darwin theory. Those who can't adapt into this new system that's supposed to naturally evolve have to be eliminated and can't go forward into the new, an old Hindu philosophy really and since that's what Darwinism is based on and all Freemasonry is too.

This article comes from the, from I guess Moscow, created on the 27.11.2006.  This is what it says:

"Ukraine marks the 73rd Anniversary of Soviet-era Famine that Claimed 10 million Lives."

Alan:  When people ask me about monuments or social days towards holocausts, I've said over and over, I wish every country would put up memorials to government-created holocausts to their own peoples because they're all over the world.  This is what it says:

"Holding flickering candles and standing in perfect stillness, thousands of Ukrainians gathered on a fog-shrouded square to mourn 10 million compatriots who died of starvation during a man-made Soviet-era famine 73 years ago, The Associated Press reports.

During the height of the 1932-33 famine, known here as Holodomor, or Death by Hunger, 25,000 people died every day, devastating entire villages. Cases of cannibalism were widespread as desperation deepened. Those who resisted were shot or sent off to Siberia.

“I do not ask, I demand that the Ukrainian parliament recognize Holodomor as genocide,” President Viktor Yushchenko told the crowd gathered on Kiev’s Mykhaylivska Square on Saturday in a short address followed by a minute of silence and the tolling of bells.

Soviet dictator Josef Stalin provoked the famine in a campaign to force peasants to give up their private farms and join collectives."

Alan:  This collective stuff really gets to me you know. We’re all one. We all have to be one. Our new communitarianism, which is being propagated in the West, the same stuff. We’re all a big community and it's not a recent thing or phenomena. This has been going on since the Soviet system, this whole idea towards the collective, the hive.

"Authorities collectivized agriculture throughout the Soviet Union, but farmers in Ukraine — known as the breadbasket of the U.S.S.R. — fiercely resisted and bore the brunt of the man-made disaster.

Moscow has warned Kiev against using the term genocide, arguing that the issue should not be “politicized,” and some Ukrainian lawmakers agreed, proposing that it be termed a “tragedy” instead."

Alan:  It was a tragedy, yes. There's your legalisms at work again to try and take the nastiness out of what actually happened. It was just a tragedy. Real people just like you and I and mom and dad and granny and grandpa were starved to death and killed and shot.

"Russia argues that the orchestrated famine did not specifically target Ukrainians and also affected others, including Russians and Kazakhs. But historians say that the overwhelming majority of victims were Ukrainians, and the famine coincided with Stalin’s effort to quash growing Ukrainian nationalism."

Alan:  I hope people realize how Sovietization and the Western capital system are one and the same thing since their goal is exactly the same.  To end nationalism was the cry of Soviets, by creating a world empire of collectivization, specialization, bureaucracies, and no independent planning of your own life. It would all be planned for you by experts and that just happened to the same thing in the West.

"Yushchenko appealed to Russia to “stand by our side” and recognize the mass starvation as genocide. “With this high example, demonstrate the human empathy that is inherent to the Russian people,” he said.

“How can it be called anything but genocide,” said Kateryna Kryvenko, 78, who recalled crying at the feet of Soviet officials as they ransacked her family’s village home, carting off what little food her family had managed to hide under a floorboard. Authorities took everything, and Kryvenko’s father and three brothers and sisters died.

During the Soviet era, the mass starvation was a closely guarded state secret, but information trickled out over the years. Ten nations, including the United States, have recognized the famine as an act of genocide, defined as the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or cultural group. Genocide is a crime under international law."

Alan:  But don't hold your breath. They won't take this any further.

"Ukraine’s Parliament Speaker Oleksandr Moroz said Saturday that he supports recognizing the mass starvation as genocide, and said the president’s bill would come before parliament this week. Some lawmakers from Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych’s Russia-leaning Party of Regions"

Alan:  They've got a Party of Regions.

"suggested watering it down, but party member Taras Chornovil predicted the president’s version would ultimately pass. Yanukovych joined Yushchenko in Saturday’s commemorations.

“Those who deny the Holodomor ... hate us, our spirit, our future,” Yushchenko told the crowd that gathered on the square after a silent procession in which marchers carried aloft white banners representing every Ukrainian region. Black ribbons were hung from the banners; black ribbons were also hung on Ukraine’s blue-and-yellow national flag Saturday.

“The tragedy is of such a scale that it is hard to even imagine,” said Oksana Yatsyuk, 18, as she held a flickering candle — one of 25,000 expected to be laid on two Kiev squares to honor the victims. “And to think that one man created all this terror, this genocide.”

Under Stalin, each village was ordered to provide the state with a quota of grain, but the demands typically exceeded crop yields."

Alan:  It's kind of like taxation from government. It always seems to exceed what you can afford.

"As village after village failed to meet the requirements, they were put on a blacklist. The government seized all food and residents were prohibited from leaving — effectively condemning them to starvation.

“On behalf of Ukraine, I will insist that the victims of Holodomor be recognized as martyrs of one of the biggest catastrophes in the history of mankind,” Yushchenko said."

Alan:  Perhaps instead of having children recite a national prayer to obey a system over which they have no control, they could recite the following in school and learn it by heart perhaps.

"The Box"
By John Denver

Once upon a time, in the land of Hushabye,
Round about the wondrous days of yore.
They came across a sort of box,
bound up with chains and locked with locks,
And labeled "Kindly Do Not Touch, It's War."

A decree was issued round about all with a flourish and a shout,
and a gaily colored mascot tripping lightly on the fore,
"Don't fiddle with this deadly box, or break the chains, or pick the locks,
And Please... don't ever play about with war."

Well, the children understood, children happen to be good,
and they were just as good around the time of yore.
They didn't try to pick the locks, or break into that deadly box,
they never tried to play about with war.

Mommies didn't either, Sisters, Aunts, Grannies neither,
'cause they were quiet and sweet and pretty in those wondrous days of yore.
Well very much the same as now, and not the ones to blame somehow,
for opening up that deadly box of war.

But someone did... someone battered in the lid,
and spilled the insides out across the floor.
A sort of bouncy bumpy ball, made up of guns
and flags and all the tears and horror and the death that goes with war.

It bounced right out and went bashing all about,
and bumping into everything in store.
And what was sad and most unfair is that it didn't really seem to care,
much who it bumped, or why, or what, or for.

It bumped the children mainly, and I'll tell you this quite plainly,
It bumps them everyday... and more... and more,
and leaves them dead and burned and dying, thousands of them sick and crying,
cause when it bumps... it's really very sore.

Now there's a way to stop the ball, it isn't difficult at all,
all it takes is wisdom.
I'm absolutely sure that we could get it back into the box...
and bind the chains and lock the locks.
But no one seems to want to save the children anymore.

Well, that's the way it all appears, cause it's been bouncing round for years and years
in spite of all the wisdom wizzed since those wondrous days of yore.
And the time they came across The Box, bound up with chains and locked
with locks and labeled "Kindly Do Not Touch, It's War."

Now while I'm on the Ukraine, I can tie this in from the same Ukrainian Parliamentary blurb here where they suggest jailing Freemasons.  This is from the 07.12.2004.

You see, Freemasonry under the guise of charity and just a good bunch of guys having a joke with each other, a little boy's club, is a help themselves organization which takes over any system into which it's introduced, with oaths of secrecy – blood oaths and death oaths and all the rest of it. You'd have to ask yourself why charitable organizations must take death oaths for charity's sake. Of course it's nothing to do with charity. The big charity is in their own pockets and they help each other to get contracts, special government contracts. They must swear to keep each other secret from the public and from everyone else, the profane as they say. It's a system that runs the systems in every country.

Once the Soviet Union came down, it was in the newspapers in the West that Freemasons from America and Britain were sending brothers off to reestablish Masonic lodges in these particular sovietized countries. They got in right away and you wonder why the corruption is going on and how these boys manage to keep all their little deals secret, these multimillion deals they end up getting. Well their brotherhood is alive and well, that's why.

This little blurb that goes like this.

"Ukrainian MP Taras Chornovil has suggested that the country’s parliament, the Supreme Rada, introduce criminal responsibility for Freemasonry, the MigNews web-site reported on Tuesday.

Taras Chornovil is the son of the late nationalist leader Vyacheslav Chornovil, and his appointment as an adviser to presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovich on West-Ukrainian affairs earlier this year provoked much criticism in nationalist circles. He will head Yanukovich’s campaign headquarters in the repeat of the controversial second round of Ukrainian presidential elections.

He has submitted to the Rada a bill entitled “On amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine”, according to which, membership of Freemason organizations, or any other organizations that require rituals and oaths of higher priority than the current law, must be punished by a jail sentence of up to three years.

The bill also reads that the members of Masonic organizations who are Ukrainian civil servants, law enforcers or military servicemen must be jailed for three to seven years."

Alan:  Now I doubt that they'll put this bill through.

"Ukraine’s president, members of parliament, civil servants of ministerial rank, military servicemen and law enforcers of the rank of major-general or higher, if discovered to be members of Freemason organizations, may face up to 10 years in prison.

If the membership in a Masonic organization causes deaths, a threat to Ukraine’s national integrity or its defense potential, members of the organization must be imprisoned for 10 to 15 years, the bill reads.

In February, the leader of Ukraine’s Socialist Party, Aleksander Moroz, said that about 300 of Ukraine’s top officials were members of the St. Stanislaus Order Masonic Lodge. Later, other left-wing parties and also the pro-Western bloc headed by Yulia Tymoshenko also called on the government to ban the St Stanislaus Order in Ukraine.

Alan:  You see these characters have their little clubs throughout all the countries, especially up in the realms which you take for granted, your police, your military, civil service, bureaucracy, politicians. Wherever the public money feeds them, that's where they are. The public produce the honey for the hive. That's your tax money. That's where the biggest money happens to be. It's in that big pot and they all want to get in there and take scoops of it out for themselves, so they put their boys in at the top to make sure that the honey trickles in the right direction. It's run on a criminal basis, basically, where they are an elitist group claiming to be enlightened and it's their duty really to use the profane. That's what the profane are there for according to them.

Other countries are having their problems with them and they're sworn to secrecy.  Well how can you be sworn to secrecy to serve a brotherhood first and foremost and help each other and lie on oath for each other if need be and serve your country too. It's impossible you see. This is through the entire world this system from the top to the bottom and many people live their lives completely oblivious of it.

They don't know why they can't get the right jobs. They don't know why they're passed over for promotions and so on, and it's because they don't have the right connections. That's why.

Now here is another country that's got its pretty big problems with freemasonry.  This is from the Observer-Guardian-UK with a Northern Ireland story, Saturday, July 27, 2003 from the Observer.

"The police service of Northern Ireland is to become the first in the Western world to make officers register their membership of secret societies such as the Masons. A Register of Interest will become mandatory for all policemen and women up to and including Chief Constable Hugh Orde within the next three weeks.

"And the register, which will reveal how many officers hold membership of the Orange Order, will also be handed over to Northern Ireland's Police Ombudsman, Nuala O'Loan. She will have the right to refer during investigations into alleged bias, maltreatment of suspects or the mishandling of police inquiries to any officer's membership of secret societies.

Alan:  You will see that Northern Ireland for instance where the Orange Order, probably one of the most militant Orders within Freemasonry which gives allegiance to the Queen, the Crown, and I know lots of them over in Scotland and Ireland. I've met them and these guys are fanatics. They're trained from childhood to be fanatics and to hate Catholics, to utterly hate them. And yet, you know this is one of the older orders of Freemasonry which the British government used very effectively in the armed forces as far back as the 1700's. The first "traveling lodges" as they called them were in the British regiments. They swore complete allegiance to the Crown; regardless of whatever they were told to do, they would do it. Even through the Americas these guys, wherever these regiments went, they would often leave a lodge behind them in towns, the Orange Order, going back to King Billie as they call him, King William of Orange.

The Orange Free State. The color of orange is very important in the present world system and certainly the Orange Free State is too. That's where The Hague happens to be. The Orange Order used to go through the towns in Ireland, I don't know if they still do, and the towns in Scotland as well with their Orange Day Parade. You'll see these characters with all their Masonic regalia and their banners and guys with swords drawn and clubs. They do these strange little jeering dances as they went down the road, down the street of their march, supposedly to commemorate the defeating of the Irish a long time ago.

The Catholics were made to watch this and feel as though they were second class or even lower citizens. This was encouraged and held up and authorized by the British Crown who kept turmoil going. They must keep turmoil going, chaos, to bring out the order. In freemasonry you'll find all the orders of the rainbow with their colors, all specialized in different parts and remember not just the primary colors, but the colors in between, even unknown to some of the Masons themselves. Specialized orders.

You'll find this in every country on the planet. A religion which encompasses all other religions and yet is seldom noticed by the people as they walk past these little lodges in their villages, towns and cities and they think it's just some sort of charitable boys club where they play themselves and get away from their wives for a little while. It's much, much deeper. You don't take these kind of oaths as an adult and accept the penalties for disclosing the information or the secrets as they call it. You don't take these kind of oaths lightly. These are taken with complete conviction because they're serious oaths and they must lie to everyone pretty well to protect a brother.

They also let freemasons off with petty things: fines, parking offenses, speeding offenses. They get deals on their property assessments. When they need loans from banks, they get them very quickly, generally the same day. They're automatically approved and passed and verified and vouched for. A system within a system. And the Masonic policeman that will stop you and give you the hard time, if you give him the right signs and passwords will let you go; and the guy behind you who doesn't know the right signs and passwords will have to pay up and pay up and pay up and take the consequences – and we call this a fair just system.

There's nothing fair and just about it, and even if you try to close them down they'll simply metamorph into another thing, another area, a different name, and carry on with more secrecy because the world is run by secrecy. Your secret services, intelligence services, are freemasonic as well. It's pretty well mandatory that you must be a Mason to be part of it because you've already learned how to keep your mouth shut and how to stand up in lie for each other if need be. That's quite the insurance policy for the secret service agents and people who could take the heat if they were ever found doing the nefarious things which they often do. It's an insurance policy.

Same in the police. When the police foul up and someone's head is on the block as they say, because he shot someone by mistake or whatever, the rest of them will stand up for this guy. They'll all sit and write the same story in their books, stand up in court and justify whatever ridiculous story they give to get their brother off the hook. There's nothing new in this at all. This kind of behavior encourages worse behavior each time they get away with it because that's human nature.

Not only the male lodges have to be watched carefully and scrutinized, so do the female ones because the female ones tend to go off onto the school boards and other charity events and they become directors and so on; and you wonder where all your policies locally are coming from and how we're becoming globalized and following international standards.  You've got to check out every single person who you have allowed to get up over your head and make laws which affect you.  You must demand to know what organizations they have sworn allegiance to, and some of them are very well camouflaged if you just read their names. Tremendously well camouflaged, not by chance.

And people say how do you stop this?  How do you divert it?  How do you deflect this agenda?  And I tell them, if you're going to play the game, and that's all it is, is playing a game of voting in pre-selected people, you better demand to know everything about that person that you're going to give your authority to who's going to pass laws which will affect you or your children.  You have the right to know everything which they have subscribed to, joined, sworn allegiance to, and then you better do your homework and find out what kind of strange religion is this that runs your world which you think is just a charitable institution?

The U.S. is probably the most openly freemasonic nation or even empire in the world.  It's throughout all of its symbols, emblems, parades.  You'll see presidents giving speeches.  Look at the flags behind them.  Look at the objects placed around them.  Everything is freemasonic openly. You're seeing freemasonic parades when you watch the military.  Look at all the clubs, your business organizations, the banking organizations, the medical.  Look at the symbols they use for the medical associations, the Chamber of Commerce and so on. And even the trade unions, which used to do marches through the streets with their banners, look at them very carefully because all of it and all of it is freemasonic.  It's quite incredible that populations can come and go. Generations can come and go and have no idea, even though it's all around them that they're being guided and run and ruled by a religion.

A religion that shows its symbols openly and you become used to them, taking it for granted it must be somehow normal to have the same symbols repeated as logos et cetera all around you. The one big religion which runs all the religions, and yes, you have ministers who are members. Some of the church organizations are worse than others. I think the Baptist church in the States openly admitted they have the most freemasonic members who are ministers and that was okay with them, but the other ones are the same too.

In fact in some of the Masonic books they take credit and tell you the names of the founders of the different sects of the religions, protestant sects, in the United States and they tell you what degree of freemasonry they happen to be. And the flocks, the sheep never know, never think to ask what is all of these strange symbols and why would their minister be a member of a club that keeps its secrets to itself?

Remember that when the Templars moved off from France with their fleet, which was never found, they didn't stop there. They went across to Scotland and made their base at the west coast at Argyllshire and metamorphed into another society which was allowed. Some of the members were allowed to marry and mix with the people, and who ran the banking system of the time?  Well the Templars did.  They never stopped.

Chameleons can come into any church and take over. With the money backing them they could start all the big branches of banking, business, the medical system; and knowing they'd have opposition as they plundered the public, they created the trade unions and managed that side as well. Of course, most people would prefer to believe because generally they have members who belong to it, low level members, that it's just a charitable organization, even though their flag – when the Templars used their sea flag you had the skull and bones of the pirates who plundered and sunk ships after they robbed them with all hands on board and all passengers too.  Plundering, plundering and plundering.

What was it Albert Pike said in "Morals & Dogma?"  To gain power by all means and every means including the stock market manipulation.  That's what he meant and become the masters over the masters of the world. Those who understand the rest of his book will understand the agenda that he was talking about and where they would take society through science and so on.

Worlds within worlds. Wheels within wheels. All around you and most of the people are oblivious or think they know what it is because Uncle Joe's a member and he comes home drunk once in a while from the club. That's a very good cover.

How can you have a society which declares on the one hand that it's open and demands your allegiance and your pay packet at times, and on the other hand the same politicians and bureaucrats with their own little secret signs and handshakes and stances and quips and words and their winks to each other can plunder you. You can't have both and expect any kind of just system.

This is from Manley P. Hall.  Manley P. Hall was a spokesperson for freemasonry put out to mystify the young through the writings, cause intrigue, promote mysteries, hint at solutions to attract the youth into these organizations. He was a 33rd degree freemason and probably much higher. 

This is what he said about the craft of Masonry.

"All true Masons know that their work is not secret but they realized that it must remain unknown to all who do not live the true Masonic life. Yet of the so-called secrets of freemasonry, were shouted from the house tops, the fraternity would be absolutely safe for certain spiritual qualities are necessary before the real Masonic secrets can be understood by the brethren themselves. Hence it is that the alleged exposures of freemasonry printed by the thousands and tens of thousands in 1730 down to the present hour cannot injure the fraternity. They reveal merely the outward forms in ceremonies of freemasonry. Only those who have been weighed in the balance and found to be true, upright and square have prepared themselves by their own growth to appreciate the inner meanings of their craft.  To the rest of their brethren within or without the lodge their sacred rituals must remain as Shakespeare might have said words, words, words."

He is telling you right there that even the lower Masons don't know what it's all about either. They think they do. As Mr. Pike said, "They must believe that they think they know what all the symbols and ritualism means but it's not necessary that they actually really do comprehend what it means." 

They're taking oaths to things which they don't understand and an agenda which they don't understand, in the hope really not to improve themselves personally, but improve themselves financially and status-wise within communities.  He uses the term "sacred" here, sacred rituals, because freemasonry is a religion. You can tell by its history of revolutions and so on that it's a very powerful religion. It's led revolutions. It has a goal.

Hall himself talks about Masons taking the oaths without comprehending the import of them. They're deadly serious. He also talks about evolution through the ages. He says, "a Mason cannot be ordained or elected by ballot. He is evolved through ages of self-purification and spiritual transmutation."  Here is part of the belief structure – through ages of purification, reincarnation and spiritual transmutation, the alteration of spirit itself.

He also talks about hidden masters the same as theosophy, which is just an ordained branch of freemasonry. There are many, many openly freemasonic organizations using different names and there are also a vast amount of other ones, probably more, with innocuous sounding names all working towards the same agenda and they're encouraged to go on to all kinds of societal boards like school boards, councils, that kind of thing, anything to do with social change and guidance, definitely in education big time.

They're also encouraged to accept brethren from all other faiths, which is fine, except that out of all that comes a more elitist group who believe that they've transcended all of that to join a high group, a group beyond religions, the supreme religion you might say. They would say. It's a supreme religion and they take it all on faith. They take it on faith from the top to the bottom that those above them who have more secrets and who give them orders know what they're doing, so it's a faith-based religion, to obey orders instantly without allowing your own personal opinion or emotion to become involved. That's quite the religion, faith-based.

The perfection of man, to perfect that which was left imperfect, is their goal supposedly, and sure enough, like all self-help groups you think well I guess it's just like a correspondence course from the California-based Rosicrucians where you're told how to better yourself and how to watch your words and watch your thoughts and emotions and so on; but it's much, much bigger than all of that because as you go up the reading process, the understanding process, you realize there is an incredible elitism involved at the top which believes in eugenics.

They believe in superior types of humanity and they also believe that we have evolved as far as we can go in this present state, therefore all of those at the top of the tree, the Darwinian tree you might say, deserve to be there, the crème-de-la-crème in all peoples, and they themselves constitute a new race all together. That's what they believe. They don't think that anything else can come up from the vast pool of the profane down below. The gene war is over as far as they're concerned at the top.

It's tremendously interesting. Underneath all of the allegories, which is really allegory piled upon allegory, they talk about perfecting man with little occasional hints at what they mean by perfection. Everyone's been taught, in the West, that is, since it was decided to give a particular version to the Western busy bees, that at first a deity created the perfect likeness of himself into Adam. If you read the original wording it does mean the perfect sameness, absolute sameness and the hint is that the fall of Adam was loneliness, therefore that which was also in Adam, which was female, was removed and made separate, which also meant that the deity itself was both male and female. How would you perfect that which was left un-perfect unless you put the male and female back together?

Who are these hidden masters they talk about that guide the higher worthy brethren, the same ones that theosophy talks about?  Why would a society which uses the garb of helping society through charity et cetera and makes a big thing of their charitable contributions to society, why would it have to take blood-curdling oaths for charity?  If that's all they were about of course they wouldn't need to. It's just that if society ever realized the ultimate intention of this worldwide religion which is within every religion. They guide every religion. If they knew the ultimate intent, if they knew the ultimate doctrine, they might not see it in the same way at all as a bunch of good old boys getting together and wearing fancy clothes and prancing around an altar.

Why can they themselves in all positions of authority forgive fellow Masons on certain things and yet slap the profane with penalties? Where is the equality in that?  Isn't that a tremendous class distinction?  We're looking at elitist organizations. Their training manuals are big into selecting the right mate or having them selected for you and the correct rearing of the young who will then themselves enter the craft.

You're looking at eugenics. You're looking at the judgment upon the commoners who don't have their mates picked for them. You're looking at the basis of a system which cannot help because of secrecy and obligations to each other but be corrupt. A Mason must lie to defend a fellow Mason on oath. You can find these lodges around the planet in small towns and villages and within cities.

You'll see the architecture in parliament buildings of this religion. Their architecture is everywhere. Their logos, their symbols are everywhere. They use a language of symbolism to evoke in those who understand a very understandable language, the universal religion. And Masons are allowed and encouraged to enter into active participation in the religions of their choice or those in which they were born and brought up, knowing that at all times that's all part of the Great Work to guide society in a faith-based mission believing that the superiors know what they're doing and that it must be for a good reason.

You can have no justice in a system where courts, lawyers, judges, and all the regalia of the courtroom is nothing more than a freemasonic temple. There can be no possible justice there. What is justice?  Is justice simply a battle between lawyers using their own terminology and wit to outdo the other, or does it have to do with right and wrong?  And it’s nothing to do with right and wrong.

Freemasonry in its present form in the West came through different organizations including Knights Templars, the Hospitallers, came through different sects of monks and what they all have in common are uniforms – uniform, one form, one shape. Part of their religion is the oneness of everything.  However, the oneness of everything does not include necessarily the capstone. That's for the elect, so for the masses it may be oneness for you. Kind of like one size fits all.

I'd like to go into a talk to do with perceptions on my next blurb to show you how sciences and conditioning have allowed us to live in a science fiction reality. A greater science fiction reality than any novel that was ever written, and show you the absurdity and criminality and the genius behind controlling our minds for such a long time so that we see things in a completely different way from that in which they are, through massive conditioning and indoctrination from birth.

That's all for me tonight, so from Hamish and me, it's a nice good snowy night and may your god or gods go with you.

"Try to Remember"
By Nana Mouskouri

Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and so mellow
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and the grain was yellow

Try to remember the kind of September
When you were young and the callow fallow
Try to remember and if you remember
Then follow, follow

Try to remember when life was so tender
When no one wept except the willow
Try to remember when life was so tender
When dreams were kept beside your pillow

Try to remember when life was so tender
When love was an ember about to billow
Try to remember and if you remember
Then follow, follow

Deep in December, it's nice to remember
Although you know the snow will follow
Deep in December, it's nice to remember
Without the hurt the heart will follow

Deep in December it's nice to remember
The fire of September that made you mellow
Deep in December our hearts should remember
Then follow, follow.

(Transcribed by Linda)