ALAN WATT    BLURB (i.e. Educational Talk):
December 14, 2006



Hi folks. This is Alan Watt at It is December 14, 2006.


"You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby"
By Perry Como

You must have been a beautiful baby,
You must have been a wonderful child . . .
When you were only startin' to go to kindergarten
I bet you drove the little boys wild!

An' when it came to winning blue ribbons,
You must have shown the other kids how . . .
I can see the judge's eyes as they handed you the prize
I bet you made the cutest bow!

Oh, You must have been a beautiful baby,
'cause baby look at you now . . .
< Instrumental >
Does your dad appreciate that you are merely great?
Does your mother realize you're such a treat for the eyes?

You must have been a beautiful baby,
You must have been a wonderful child . . .
When you were only startin' to go to kindergarten
I bet you drove the little boys wild!

An' when it came to winning blue ribbons,
you must have shown the other kids how . . .
I can see the judge's eyes as they handed you the prize
I bet you made the cutest bow!

Oh, You must have been a beautiful baby,
'cause baby look at you now . . . ( she's a cutie! )
baby look at you now . . .

I'd like to follow-up on last night's talk, with something connected, in a sense, with the topic. This is about how the scientists are now going to the womb, to alter fetuses, and this is the story that they're giving us as to the reasons. You can bet your bottom dollars, these are only part of the reasons, if any of the reasons, at all. The real reasons are, to find out if they can tamper and alter, basically, DNA – DNA structure of a developing fetus. That's what's really behind all of this: to reengineer humanity.

This one's done under "DNA Vaccine Immunizes Fetal Lambs." It's the headline from "Science News 2000," August 19th, Volume 158, No. 8, page 116.  I'm going to read some of this for you.

            "Although a woman’s placenta shields her fetus from most infections she carries during pregnancy, microbes sometimes pounce on a baby during or shortly after birth. In this way, many mothers inadvertently transmit diseases such as herpes simplex to their child. In the August “NATURE MEDICINE,” scientists report successfully vaccinating fetal lambs against bovine herpes, to which sheep are susceptible. The study bolsters a nascent technology that aims to protect human infants still in the womb from diseases of their mothers. The researchers squirted a DNA vaccine into the mouths of fetal lambs using a needle inserted through an incision in the mother sheep. The scientists delivered the vaccine on day 124 of the sheep’s 148-day gestation period. A few weeks later, after the ewes gave birth vaginally, tests showed the technique had immunized all 12 fetal lambs given the vaccine but had no effect on the mothers, says study coauthor Lorne A. Babiuk, a virologist at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. The lambs received an oral booster dose after birth.  The initial vaccination had induced moderate antibody buildup against bovine herpes, says Babiuk. The booster hiked this immunity dramatically—apparently to a protective level. The researchers currently are exposing the lambs to bovine herpes virus to determine whether they are indeed immune.

The DNA vaccine contains a herpes-virus gene. Specialized immune cells accept this gene and display on their surfaces the glycoprotein it encodes. The body then recognizes the glycoprotein as foreign and launches an immune response.  The vaccinations “worked a lot better than we had expected,” Babiuk says. For example, antibodies against the herpes virus appeared in the newborn lambs’ neck lymph glands as well as in their blood, he says. This suggests significant mucosal immunity—so named because it fends off microbes that latch onto the mucus-lined surfaces of the mouth and throat. Mucosal protection is important for newborns because during birth they come into contact with—and often ingest—viruses or bacteria in their mother’s blood or other fluids. In addition, concentrations of the hormone cortisol in the lambs at birth matched those seen in newborn lambs getting an inert vaccine. Babiuk and his colleagues consider this a sign of normal development."

They consider it a sign. That's telling; they consider that a sign. It's not a science. They “consider it.  It's a possibility

            "The study hints that fetal mammals can rally an immune response if properly stimulated, Babiuk says. Herpes simplex, hepatitis B, and group B streptococcus can all be passed on at birth, making them candidates for fetal vaccination,” he says. The research represents “a very interesting development,” says Stephen A. Johnston of the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. “The vaccine-delivery technique used in the study may not be practical for widespread use, but it likely will spawn more research into in utero vaccination,” he says."

That's the end of that little part. There's a whole bunch of links, leading from this, into other scientific groups; who are in to this same field; who are all trying to verify each other. IF they DON'T VERIFY EACH OTHER, the GRANTS will STOP coming, because it's a dead horse, you see. That's how science really works. 

This IS NOT the REAL REASON for all of this TAMPERING with FETUSES. Partly, it's to get PARENTS TO GRADUALLY ACCEPT the possibility and probability that THIS WILL BE DONE ON A ROUTINE BASIS WITH HUMANS. That's what it's all about. They admit that.


If you look into articles and books written back in the '50’s and '60’s, in medicine, you will find that many, many discussions and comments on how they would eventually eliminate disease, and possibly even psychological problems. It would all be done by specifying which particular recombinant, or dominant, genes were responsible for making you prone to specific diseases, or mental illnesses, and so on. They had come to the conclusion back then, and probably long, long before, on the way to CREATE A HUMAN. Remember also, THIS IS A HUMAN THAT'S GOING TO BE APPROVED BY THE GOVERNMENT.  They sit down and discuss what type of human they want. They don't want to make someone who could grow up and change the world. They want someone to fit into a system already established. It will be a government-approved type of human. They discussed then that they'd have to get literally into the womb itself, into the DNA structure of the fetus.

It’s always under the guise of helping to prevent something that will harm us. This is the most ancient technique that's ever been used in history. They're into it. They're in there already. You can bet your bottom dollar, as these various groups are working on animals, farm animals, there are higher groups already doing the same thing, with human beings and human fetuses.


This is the HUMAN who will GROW UP being the EXACT THING that IT'S PROGRAMMED TO BE, programmed by those who are authorized, or have been authorized, to program it, THE PERFECT HUMAN FOR THE PERFECT SYSTEM.  That's where scientists are. These announcements that go out through different publications, are not meant just for those in that field of research. It's really meant for the general public. Gradually you're being conditioned, step-by-step, to the inevitability of this standard technique.

For more on this particular topic, look into "Nature Medicine."  That's the title of the magazine. That is year 1999.  I don't if it's Volume 5, or what it was, but the year was 1999. You'll get the reports from the different departments at University of Texas, University of Saskatchewan and others. You'll start to get the picture of what's really going on.


What these people never discuss, is where their research money comes from? That's how you direct society. ALWAYS, YOU STEER SOCIETY. Anyone who thinks that scientists just leave university to get a job, and are allowed to work in any field, and in any direction they wish, are up a gum tree. The big foundations in collaboration with the secret services of countries, like the MI5 or MI6 or CIA or Mossad, are the ones that direct all research.  In the '50’s and '60’s, there were many publications that came out from science fields, talking about the creation of new types of humans, and how they'd have to get into it. That's why they know they can always pull off what they want.  THEY DIRECT THE FUNDING INTO ANY PARTICULAR AREA AND IT BECOMES SO. 

Those who go off on their own, and try to do something really wonderful for society, will find they can't get grants from the government or the foundations.  They're told where to go into and what direction to go into.

I did half an hour of a blurb, on in-depth science in this particular field, and then I scrubbed it, because it was too technical for most people. It's really meant for those "in the know," with their own little language, which all sciences must create, to keep the profane out or keep them from understanding.

We hurry and scurry in our lives, and are kept busy trying to keep afloat, or we play with our dysfunctional families, or you're busy doing overtime to keep up with all the things that you either want or the basic things that you need. You don't really have time to digest all that's really happening in the REAL WORLD, the stuff that the news barely touches on. Once in a blue moon, they'll touch on something, as though it were a curiosity, and go on to trivia or sports or something, and then it's out of your head.  It's conditioning you to accept the inevitability of certain lines of RE-SEARCH. At the bottom level of science they’re allowed to do RE-SEARCH, because they are funded to go into certain directions.  That's why they're really RE-DISCOVERING stuff.

It's like the Old Testament where the big deity says, "go off and RE-PLENISH the earth."   That means it was “plenished” before, obviously. It’s the same, with RE-SEARCH.  It means the searching was done, at a higher level, otherwise it would simply be called "scientific search."

The bottom research is to keep us living in the past, where we think we're on the "cutting edge." When we believe that, and we truly swallow that we’re on the cutting edge, they can play wonders with technologies that we don't know even exist.  It never dawns on us, because you think you read the latest science magazines or medical journals. You say, “Oh my goodness! No, they couldn't do that to us, because they haven't arrived there yet. They're still working on it.”  THAT'S THE TRICK OF THE BOTTOM LEVEL OF RESEARCH.

At the bottom level, they're paid pretty well, too. They're smug. They're confident, and they have no idea that there are higher levels above them.  However, there's nothing that the military-industrial complex (worldwide, by the way – an integrated military-industrial complex), there's not a single area they haven't been funding and gone into, over probably 100, 200 years.

To maintain power, you must always be on top. You must always have power, which is completely unknown by the people at the bottom. You can play marvelous tricks with the weather, as we see today, as they spray out the skies. No one will talk about this one in their magazines; the spraying that's going on, all the time, and it has been for years now. And like Brzezinski says, “The average person will be unable to think for themselves and they surely can’t know it.  When they see it for themselves, they will not believe what they're seeing, because it's not being mentioned on the media," and Brzezinski, basically, said that.

That's happened to most people. They've grown up in a world where they think the media is there, like some extension to their brain, to do their reasoning for them, and it certainly is not.  It's there to indoctrinate you, and keep you in the dark, as well.  Yes, they can play marvelous things with the weather. It's under control now, and they can bring on catastrophes, droughts. 


I used to wonder, isn't it so strange how everything in the agenda [happens]? You understand the agenda and the timetables, and you've read their books, and you keep up with their reports, and the big meetings they have. When they wanted to, basically, do away with the farming communities in the United States and Canada, suddenly you had all these droughts out west. Just drought, year after year after year, even plagues of grasshoppers out west in Canada. When they weren't being dried out, they were being flooded out, alternating floods. This is all easily done by the HAARP technologies, signed into a treaty at the United Nations. They don't sign anything into a treaty that they can't do. That's why they sign the treaty. They can do it.  It's not something they're working towards.

They put a lot of farmers under. The Free Trade negotiations were the precursor of NAFTA, and actually a bit more important than NAFTA, because the preambles are always more important than the rest of the content that follows. Under the Free Trade negotiations – the Free Trade in the Americas (the FTA), they talked about setting up Latin America, to be the farmers for the planet, basically, especially vegetables, et cetera. Sure enough, the big boys, Monsanto, Cargill, ADM, they're all down there in Chile, which is to join NAFTA. It's all been set-up to do so. They've been set-up by the tax money of all countries, because a big fund of tax money came from the countries, to go into the developing countries, to build them up under the NAFTA deal.

Your food is tampered with, big time. That was a big one, too, when they came out with the modified food, as though it was just a new lollipop. That’s the way it was presented on television in Canada; I think there was just one little blurb on it. They interviewed one person, in between the news, a woman vendor with two tables, one modified corn and one unmodified. They asked, “What do you think of this corn, is it good or not?” She said, “Well, it tastes the same to me,” and that was it. That was your decision done for you, by a red haired yo-yo.

Then they had David Suzuki come out, to cover the tracks, because the Canadians hadn't even been told they were guinea pigs, for 10 years, for this stuff, until it broke out in Britain. Then we found out. Our food is heavily tampered with. We're being inoculated like pin-cushions, since early years. Now they're going into the fetal inoculations, and that's also to reengineer, because believe you me, at the top they have no problems about having enough people to serve them.



They've told us that over and over. I've studied the depopulation program, from their own writings, at the beginning of the 1700’s, right through to the books they put out at the beginning of the 20th century. A lot of the books came out, right after World War I, where big boys in Britain and elsewhere were complaining that not enough people had been killed off. They want to bring it down to their specific little perfect numbers. That's the sad truth about the world, in which we live.

Recently, I've talked to people who really care about others in this world, and they become terribly distraught when they find that most people don't really care about other people. It's a hard thing for those who do care to find out, and really get it through their heads, that that's the world they live in.  Most people are ego-syntonic.  They do that which pleases them. They avoid pain. That can also be helped along through psychological techniques, and sure enough, Bertrand Russell and other ones mentioned that they would create an ego-syntonic society.  That was all part of what the New Age was created to be – to avoid things that make you feel unpleasant.  “I don't want to hear that. Don't tell me that. It's upsetting. Look on the bright side. Don't be a downer.”

You know, when there's a forest fire, the animals run for it.  When sheep get spooked, they bolt in all directions, and they're supposedly the most domesticated animal, alongside the dairy cow. Dairy cows, if they've been chosen to go off to slaughter, seem to know it's coming. They have awareness, almost a psychic awareness, of something happening.  I've seen a neighbor who had cattle.  His cattle would be lowing all night long, before the truck would come in the morning.  All night long, the most sorrowful sounds you'd ever hear. They just seemed to know.

Mankind, humankind, overtakes them in its domesticity.  We've had more work done on us, through psychological methods and inoculations to lobotomize specific parts of the brain, like Koestler said in "The Ghost in the Machine."  You can see it all around you. You see those who don't want to know any bad news. “It's a downer.  I want to be happy.  I. Me. Me. Me.”  However, the survival of humankind, in all ages, is dependent on the caring of each individual for the others.  Otherwise, you have chaos and such a people will vanish.  It's a very telling point actually because civilizations have gone in the past, gone down, because of that very problem. 

The ELITE THINK they have it all in hand. They care about each other. They know the necessity of caring for each other, at least making sure that they're all in their same positions, and standing by each other. They close ranks and stand by each other.  However, those people "down below" are running around chasing gurus, New Age reptilian people, everything you could imagine, anything which excites and titillates the imagination. They don't want to hear the bad news. They don't want to know that there are people amongst them, who work in projects, which would be given the Iron Cross for Josef Mengele research. They could be living next door to you. 


There's a lot of very nasty evil people, and I've talked to some of them. I've heard people tell me – I've met some of them who work for the big boys. One was a woman, who was a teacher. She was a strange kind of teacher, from a very old family, very wealthy old upper family, who could take six months off in the year and go off to China, and obviously paid to do so, and to other countries.  I was talking to her when she came back, and because I understand so many topics, I got chatting to her, and she knew me. We were standing somewhere outside the general store, in the middle of no-where, and she got rather carried away about the Chinese system. 

The CHINESE SYSTEM is to be the MODEL SYSTEM for the WORLD. There is MANDATORY ABORTION for SECOND CHILD FAMILIES. And she got carried away about their techniques for manipulating society into all being one, like one giant ant hill, all going in the same direction, with the same one mindset.  How they have managed, sort of successfully, to sort of downplay individualism and make them all feel a part of this "GREAT ONENESS." That's why it's the model state for the world, according to the United Nations.

She got carried away and she said, "They do so well with their population problem," and I played along and said, "oh, really?"  She says, "oh yes, yes. They have down so well."  It's true, because in the early days of communism in China, when the word filtered back through the spies in society to the top, they'd send out troops to pick up people in their homes and drag the women off to the clinics for the abortion. Now, with the psychological technique of approval, social approval and social DIS-APPROVAL, they don't have to do that anymore, because the neighbors themselves will force the women and escort her to the abortion clinic.

Most people are really not individuals at all. They're composites of their brainwashings.  It's like someone, who you know very well, who notices your car, and you say, “my emergency brake isn't attached,” and they'll look at you like, “oh, that's illegal!”  They’re really concerned, because to them "illegal" means something nasty, nasty, nasty. Law is just law. It's a bunch of commands put out by people at the top and laws can be anything.  Some people who are composites, and don't think for themselves, can be and are your worst enemies, in any society.  They could even be people you might have known for years. You've watched their Pavlovian responses. That's what it is: Pavlovian responses you're seeing of their indoctrinations.

This woman who was telling me about this, with China, prattled on and glorified their techniques, for getting the whole society in on the thing, to go against second pregnancies.  It's not a legal thing anymore; it’s just social disapproval. They used that here with cigarette smoking, big tests.  They started to indoctrinate children at school, so that if you blew smoke 20 feet away, they went into a coughing fit, a paroxysm of coughing, and pointed at you like you were like one of these creatures from a horror movie.  It’s a Pavlovian response. That's what they decided to do in society, is use the same psychological techniques of repetition, until we all have these various types of Pavlovian responses.

I said to this woman, "what gives you the right to decide who will live and die?"  Then she suddenly remembered who she was talking to; I wasn't one of her cohorts. She said, "Somebody has to do it."  That was the simple response. Now, I've heard that same response, on similar topics, from other people who are in the "working army," the "Earth Army" as they sometimes call it, at the U.N.  That's their answer. "Somebody has to do it."  It all makes perfect sense to them.

This is similar to a guy I bumped into, in my travels, who was a big arms dealer, very pleasant man. Very pleasant and you'll find that with most of them. They seem gracious, in fact, in company, concerned, like "do you have enough coffee? Would you like something to drink?" (And so on…)  They'll pull out the chairs for the ladies to sit on, and are very courteous. They will have genuine cares and concerns about people, like their own families, and so on.

One night I was sitting chatting and I said, "you know all of these things you're making, these armaments and all the bullets, and so on, are going to end up killing people. They might even be used back on Canadians one day."  He said, "I don't care. I sell to whoever needs them, whoever wants them. I just want to be rich."  He said it, not in a facetious way. He was being very honest about it. I could tell by the way he said it.

We have these odd people who are able to profit from wars. They rationalize it quite easily to themselves, even though it sounds absurd, to people like me. They have no problem. There's no stammering. There's no hesitancy in their answers. They're telling you, genuinely, how they feel. You find it's incomprehensible how a person can care so much about family, friends and so on, but have that kind of attitude towards what he has chosen to do. 

These people really do exist. This is a telling period for humanity, because there's a separation taking place.  This separation has been talked about in "previous ages," as it's called, where society gets to such a stage of corruption, from the top to the bottom, that something happens, either manmade or whatever, and most people are wiped out.  Others have taken some sort of moral stance concerning the story – that there's a change in certain humans themselves.  There are certain humans alive, who are different from the rest, and these ones come through; whereas those who are still "base" do not.


People worship very old noble families, who got their wealth and their power by slaughtering everyone else around them, generally because they had a big family. These families would go on from there and get in cahoots with bankers, who always work together with these people, for armaments and so on. They were going off and slaughtering other peoples, and dominating them. Today, we accept their descendents, simply, simply because it's tradition. If it's true that society likes a winner, and loves a winner, then society is doomed if that's the kind of winner they truly like – anyone who wins, by any means possible.


In all the old holy books, in other countries, have this fable story in it, whatever it is. Even Judaism has in it that we go through these cycles (Talmudic Judaism), and reach a point of total debasement, and then catastrophe comes, and people are wiped away.  I have to admit; I've seen the good and the bad in my life, and extremes. I've seen the many in-betweens, but I've certainly seen the extremes.  Today, there are very few people who truly care about what's going on. Don't be mislead by groups and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), who are authorized by the big boys, who are always spouting for more things for the workers, or this or that or the other. This is all part of the agenda. I'm talking about people who really care; not because they're paid to; not because they say all the right things and have an ulterior agenda. 

Today, we're seeing the dividing line between those who care, and the majority who do not. That point is passed, in fact. IT'S ALREADY DECIDED AND MOST DO NOT CARE

By caring, I don't mean that you hear about something, and it's on your mind that night, and gone the next day. Caring is something that stays with you. Caring is something, that once you realize what's happening somewhere, to someone else, you can't just let it go, regardless of the company you're in or the situation that happens. If you go to a party, and everyone's laughing, it still stays with you. Those few people are very rare.  They're rare people, and yet those are the ones who are bringing survival instincts into the next stage. The rest of them are gone, because if you don't care about others you are allowing humanity to be extinguished.  Part of survival mechanisms, even in the smallest tribe or the largest tribe, is based on caring for others. WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE IT - YOU'RE DOOMED because anything can and will be done to you.


Growing up in Britain, during a time of mass upheaval, when the de-industrialization after World War II was continuing right down through the '60’s, '70’s and '80’s. All we had on television at news time was decrees, by ministries of this and ministries of that, from the government pushing all of these decrees and all the bad news of layoffs and plant closures; and the reasons were never given. It wasn't until the EUROPEAN UNION – THE BIG SECRET UNIFICATION WAS OVER AND DONE WITH and they declassified their documents. They admitted they agreed in 1945 to de-industrialize Britain.

Like old Rockefeller said, " you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs." All those generations, who grew up in misery and uncertainty, in the era when Margaret Thatcher came on television and said "there's a generation growing up now who will never see work in their lifetime. Get used to it."  That was all part of it. That was the omelet, you see. That was the eggs getting broken. Just unfortunate, but it has to be, because that's the plan.  Generations are included in the plan, generations of misery and no hope and no future.

That's the reality of those who rule and run and guide this world.  These are same people who make sure that the funding for RE-SEARCH into SCIENCE goes into specific areas, which THEY WILL CONTROL, leading to TOTAL CONTROL OF THE INDIVIDUAL. That's the SAD TRUTH of THIS WORLD, in which we live.

The upheavals are coming even faster, because they knew they could not integrate the world into a global system and have "perfect peace," unless they gave it another couple of hundred years of increased immigration, from all sides, to wherever they wanted it to go. They don't have that time, because they go by a very, very strict timetable.  It’s not astrological. They use astrological symbols for the exoteric to fall into. It's actually a time clock.  They count their ages in time written in the sky.  It's a perfect clock, a stellar clock, and they must stay on time. 



When I was young, I went into the adult libraries because I wanted to know about all these old buildings that I could see around the next town, old, old town.  I wanted to know how generations of stone-masons could work on one church or a cathedral.  More so, I wanted to know, because I understood that there was so much chaos and wars going on, and poverty and so on. 

How come the control, or the controlling factor behind all of that, for maybe five, six, seven generations, NEVER LOST CONTROL through all the mayhem and chaos and wars?  You’d think they would put that on hold, but nothing was ever done like that. The money kept coming to the certain building projects. 

Then you go back into the times of the Norman invasion, the ONES who have NEVER REALLY BEEN EXPLAINED IN HISTORY.  What they have given us is partly a sideshow, quite a bit of untruth. They've never gone into the nitty-gritty of a people, who were financed on a larger scale than World War II, with machinations, supplies, postmaster generals and all this kind of stuff, over a multi-year war to take over the whole of Europe and Scandinavia. We're told they came from the northern countries; therefore they called their place Normandy.  However, I don't think that's true at all.  They spoke French; they said that's because they moved into France. No, they spoke French. They didn't stay to any mother tongue.  Even when they took over the court of England, people forget that for about 200 years, the court of England all spoke French.

Who were these Normans, who came in with their big, big building projects?  It was something that had been lost, because the big building projects throughout Europe came first with the Romans, until they left when their empire appeared to crumble.  They did the same thing. They came in with the moneymen, the bankers to force money on the people. Then they taxed it back. They paid you to work for them, and then taxed it back from you.  MONEY and TAXATION IS IMPORTANT TO THEIR SYSTEM.

From the taxes, they have their big, big ongoing building projects. They are the master builders. Huge roads, huge buildings and a money system, to go with this new way of living, didn’t exist before.  The Normans re-introduced that. They did exactly the same thing, with all their building projects and their creation of capital cities. They are ongoing master builders; DEMOCRACY IS BASED ON THIS.  It’s the same ongoing thing, from local townships right up to the top to the federal level, to international levels now.  We have this massive taxation and panels meeting to decide what to build next. As they build and build and build, you're taxed more and more and more. 

MONEY IS A TOOL USED BY THE ELITE.  It's the MEANS.  It's not the END itself.  They could use anything they wished. They would wish we'd all just work for nothing. This way, we can earn all our numbers and pay all our numbers back out; we pay so many numbers back to them. When you figure out, you almost are working for nothing. IT’S A CON GAME, you see.  It’s a TRICK.  Because we use this money, then we are paid, and we will work for them, and we build these big, big projects. 

We build the war machines. We pay universities to put up subsidies, to match the subsidies from the foundations to RE-SEARCH into specific areas, which will end up giving us more manacles to wear.  We build our own chains. WE ALWAYS BUILD OUR OWN CHAINS, IN THIS SYSTEM.  Then you wonder, “my goodness how did that happen?  How did that happen?”  Who do you think paid for all these monitors they put up all over Britain, and all over Europe, and they're putting up all over here?  THE TAXPAYERS PAID FOR THEM. The arms of government wanted them, but the taxpayers paid for them.  They have microphones in many of them (boom microphones), which can pickup conversations 200 yards away in a shop doorway.

Once again, the public are told, “This is normal now. You're being watched. You have "SPECIAL PEOPLE" watching you. They won't rat and blackmail you, or whatever.  No, they're special people. They come out of different wombs than you and I, just like police, military people and politicians.”   WE LIVE IN THE MOST CORRUPT AGE EVER, so the ones at the top are more corrupt than anyone else, and you want to trust that. Well, good luck to you.


When social Darwinism began to be taught, which was really "the survival of the fittest," the elite were so happy to hear it voiced, for the first time, something that they'd always believed in anyway, in their own inner religion. This is something, which they had to teach the people to believe in, because once you accept that life is just gobs of protoplasm with sparking synapses and electrical chemical impulses racing through nervous systems, then you DE-HUMANIZE, you take away any sacredness within life itself. They have been at that, so steadily, for such a long time now, they've convinced most of the population that that is so.  When you convince the population that, “Life is just an accident, almost, but there's nothing great or mysterious about it.  See, the scientists can dissect it and explain it all to you, and there's so much of it around anyway. It's not as if it's in scarce supply. Therefore, why bother grieving over those who are dying or sick, or are going to be killed in this war, the next war or the many wars to come?” Ongoing world war, which is on now, is called the War on Terror.

At one time, people fought to preserve the sacredness within humanity. They fought for that right.  Today, it's out the window. It’s in the trash bin. Most people don't care for anything outside of themselves.  They are walking (or racing) composites, dashing to and fro to buy the next reward, to please themselves at the end of the month.  ANYTHING THEY DO FOR OTHERS IS DONE FOR A REWARDNOTHING IS GIVEN WITHOUT EXPECTING A REWARD, and it's a sad, sad comment that WE'VE BEEN REDUCED TO THIS, but is was written about that this would happen.  They did have to bring us to this point so we could get to the next step, the next stage, underway.  They've been teaching this stuff in schools so long now that generations have grown up thinking, “Well that's it. It's Darwinian socialism. It makes perfect sense to me. It's survival of the fittest.  The most aggressive and intelligent have the right to dominate the rest, and do as they will with the peasantry.” That's what we're watching.

And yet, they have these legalities they most go through, of publishing things, like the blurb I read yesterday. They publish it; that’s a legality, you see, because we acquiesce to it, under common law.  WE ACQUIESCE BY OUR SILENCE to THEIR OUTLANDISH DICTATES.  Their own historians can then go ahead and write, “Society went through this phase. There was no objection from the public.” That's how things are written.

The public feel that they're powerless, unless they belong to a Non-Governmental Organization, but that's not true.  The amount of people an individual can influence in their lives can be astonishing.  Even if you influence five people in your lifetime, like the ancient Greek philosophers said, you'd accomplished wonders. What I mean by “influence,” is to change something, which made such an impact to change people for the better, without robbing them of their self. 

You'll find, out there is the chaos that's been created and well funded into existence, to trap those who are looking for truth. You’ll find the “mine-field” to get out of the tunnel. You see the field. The forest is on the other side of the field. You want to run towards it, but then you find out there's mines (explosive mines) buried everywhere across that field.  The field is so enticing, because in that field you'll hear and see things that you've never seen before. Information you've never heard before, but it's always spun off in a direction to disable you from becoming much more than you already are, to bring you back into the loop.

Before the elite make a single move in any direction, they plan all possible repercussions like a chess game. They set up and train people to become the leaders of groups that will arise to combat, or seem to combat, the initial stimuli before anything is done. Before the first move is made, they go over this meticulously.

WHAT THEY CANNOT COUNT on is THE OCCASIONAL INDIVIDUAL here or there, who doesn't fall into a category – THOSE WHO ARE UNPREDICTABLE


WHEN WE FORGET THE SACREDNESS WITHIN HUMANITY, WE'VE JUST GIVEN AWAY THE ONLY THING THAT COULD STOP THEM FROM TOUCHING YOU.  They’ve convinced whole populations that we're just walking little “pieces of protoplasm,” who can be dissected, who can be harvested. Harvested before you are even clinically dead. They're pushing further, all the time, because the fresh organs straight out the body are the best, they say. The ghouls go to work, and we accept it, because it's for a very good cause, like all charity work. It’s the same thing, the same old Masonic thing, down through the ages.  "It's for a good cause," but look at the horror that's caused in this "good cause" and where it's going. People should really ponder, deeply and carefully.

Next week, I'll go into other topics, of course, with maybe some good news here and there, hopefully.  If I wanted, I could target the big audiences by telling them nice things, which make them go to bed feeling fuzzy and warm and happy. I've never ever pretended that I was here to grab the bulk of the populace.  I've always looked for the uncommon man or woman, because those are the only ones who truly count. The rest are composites of their conditioning, of their training, and yes, somewhere deep within them, there's also the fact that they prefer to make certain choices.

Forgive this talk tonight. It was a bit slow. I'm tired tonight. Ponder these things carefully, and may your god go with you.  All the best.  Good night.


"You'll Never Walk Alone"
By Gerry and the Pacemakers

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of the storm
There's a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark.

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown.

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone.

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never ever walk alone.