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July 4, 2007


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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is You can also find me at and a few other sites. You probably have noticed that when you punch into the dot com site, you'll be diverted to other main sites I have; and this is because there's so many people across the world are now downloading lots of the information I've given out; and it's spreading like wildfire. Today is July 4th, 2007.


Tonight, I'd like to talk about perceptions and logic, and how we arrive at what we think are our conclusions. Conclusions are reached through comparing personal experience, education, indoctrination, learned behavior against new events, really. The trouble with this type of arrival at the conclusion is that if the erroneous indoctrinations are to the front, and if the current trends of the day (which are often massive propaganda) are to the fore, we will arrive often at someone else's erroneous conclusion.


We do live in a world of mass DIS-information; mass DIS-information, which is sometimes put out on purpose. Other times, it's done by people who, themselves, have been caught in erroneous conclusions; and always remember, because something is said often, doesn’t mean it's true. We have a tremendous tendency to go into the past; and this is a happening, an occurrence that happens towards the end of an age. Philosophers and historians know this. They know that when you go through history from very early times and you see the rising of what they call "civilizations"—which really is a form of monied commerce rule with the creation of armies and the building of ultimately empires—and then watching those things which occur when empires crumble and fall.


Empires tend to crumble and fall when they run out of enemies; then there is tremendous class warfare. The class warfare always ends up with an elite and a middle class (which is really the helpers of the elite) that are trying to eradicate, eliminate the lower classes through standard methods, which keep getting repeated down through history.


When Rome fell, for instance, the Roman Empire, there wasn’t simply a matter of invasions from outside. The Roman Empire lived like all empires ultimately do, on massive taxation, not only of their own people, but also of the conquered countries they had gone into. When they reach a zenith, the peak of their power, they then begin to degenerate through massive corruption; and greed is addictive. There's never enough. It's like cocaine. The first high is the best, supposedly, and everything else is on a dwindling scale, regardless of the quantity they use. Greed is the same, so is the hype for sexual fulfillment. It becomes deviant during the deviant period of the downfall.


Rome also fell because it had taxed all of its dominions (the conquered countries) into utter poverty, in order that the ultra elite in Rome could not only continue at a high standard of living, but go into it—It's amazing, its utterly amazing perversions of what we would term "luxury." Ever expanding, massive pools and idol-making just for admiring at parties and that kind of thing. Big shows, massive parties, that was part of the reason it fell. Part of the reason it fell, too, was that they'd taxed the rural peoples who supplied them with everything they need: food, materials, items which were made and so on, that they all went in to the city, which technically produces nothing except debt and ultimately perversions in its later stages.  The rural peoples rose up to help finish it off when they'd had enough. They had no choice in the matter.  These sequences are always repeated down through ages, and yet, the elite of each period don't perish. They move. Very often, they move before the country or the city in which they reside falls, and they've already set-up the next beginning, the embryo of the next empire.



Now you'll hear me on shows where people go into reptilians and all this kind of thing, where they take allegories as fact and become mixed up with it all, because people tend ultimately to go into religion, which again they take as fact.  Even some who understand its esoteric meanings involved and allegorical meanings involved, they also still go back and take some of the exoteric, because their minds try to compare information to something from the past.  We often think the past must be true if we can just get the ultimate history on something, we'd know, or an ultimate religion or the first religion or the first language et cetera. We tend to think that somehow the secret is in the past.


The secrets of deception certainly are in the past.  Much of it can be uncovered if you do a diligent search through history, but even the ancient historians of Greece and other countries had to admit that they didn't have all of the information of any beginning. The same went for the religion makers. In early Judaism and going into even the Talmud—the Talmud was really begun in Babylon and continued, but they had to admit that no one could know God. What they meant by that was no one could describe God. Any description would be human attributes put on to something which was beyond the human. There's a truth in there, because humans would tend to, if they could, always create a God in their own image, something which they could relate to. That's why, on the exoteric level of the Old Testament, you have a deity that's kind of like an angry father—something human, which they could relate to, with rules and laws for children.


It isn't until you come to the Hellenized version of Christianity where they brought in other attributes from a Hellenic world. The Hellenic world, the Greek world, at that period that came in with Alexander the Great, brought with it an opposing side of the Yahweh god. The sometimes unstable father figure, and they brought in a feminine side, too, because they had female gods, as well, which were very popular back in ancient Greece with the alma mater and so on.


Therefore, in the New Testament, you have a deity which still has laws and rules, but there's a loving side to this God and a forgiving side, whereas the Old Testament god seems to be rather severe in judgments. Religion has always been used to control the minds of people.  It's only the very rare individual who can see through the exoteric to understand the esoteric, because there certainly is wisdom in all old religions on an esoteric level.  The wisdom is always to do, always, on an esoteric journey, to do with an individual's journey of themselves. That's why you would relate to it.


The mass-man or woman happens to be gregarious. Gregarious people like to group together and conform. Conformity means you give up individuality in the group. That is why groups that are religious tend to be very severe themselves. They take on a persona of the judgmental god. They don't like differences. They become fixed and set in their ways. They will have benefits for members. They will have help and aid for those in distress within the group. Although, even those who are in distress within the group can be an embarrassment, because the deity is supposed to bless in a materialistic way, because this is how they see things, especially in Christianity today and Judaism. The deity is supposed to bless someone; and that's one of the signs of blessings, that you're prosperous. You do well. You appear to be happy. Most of them are not happy, because they go through the same dysfunctional situations in relationships, especially with man and wife, as everyone else in modern day society.



The ancients wrote about the mind. The Third Eye is very simple, as the exoteric people delve into what they think are mysteries, looking for pineal glands and other methods of stimulating the pineal gland and opening up a pathway—and knowledge will just flood into them. You earn knowledge by examining yourself, because all knowledge ultimately must be within. It's a sad state when we can look around us and see that in many, many people all they have is extraneous knowledge given to them, often misunderstood, misquoted, going from the simplistic to the bizarre.


The mind is the Third Eye, because all perceptions ultimately must be deciphered by the mind of the person. That is why a trick of rulers in all ages and priesthoods, who taught this to pharaohs, was that they could alter the perceptions of slaves and vast conquered peoples by getting between the mind of the person and the perceptions.  Therefore, their conclusions would be faulty, purposely made so. This was done through early indoctrination into superstitions. When the mind tried to formulate conclusions, the indoctrination would kick in and they'd compare the new experiences to these indoctrinations and come to faulty conclusions, which kept them enslaved and obedient.



The serpent is an allegory for wisdom. Wisdom for what?


The Egyptians wore the Uraeus, the cobra on a head band. The cobra sat on the forehead, the Third Eye. The idea being (and that is also a pun)—between the eyes and the idea. The idea being that you have to guard your mind, being the one who was wise and born into a wise family or class—an educated family or class, you would have wisdom.


I've gone into the fact that, primarily, these high families were psychopathic in origin and interbred, and therefore kept the knowledge to themselves, because psychopaths must always try and gain power, total power over everyone else. That's our dilemma in this world. The serpent strikes. When it strikes, ancient people used to wonder why it would it let so many people pass a particular route or road or track, and only strike the occasional person here or there?  In other words, when anyone got too near to it—too near is the key—it would strike and defend itself.  The idea being that they used serpent or the cobra, which had this lightening strike, to strike something that didn't want to come near it. They used that around the head band as a symbol that they would strike anything which tried to enter (or unauthorized) into their mind. It guarded the mind. The people around did not have the right to wear the Uraeus because they were the ruled.  In fact, it was mandatory that they be open for all indoctrination, all erroneous teachings, superstition and so on.



The psychopath is so well understood, as far as observation goes. So much has been written upon their personalities and their traits. There are categories of them. There was no real need to go into it in any great detail. The snake also had been observed in ancient times to shed its skin every so often; and to the ancients, they thought that therefore the snake was immortal. That it was born again as it dropped off the old and had a new body, they thought. Therefore, it was a symbol of immortality.  When the Uraeus was worn on the headband, not only did it guard the temple, the upper room, the mind, but it also had what they called the "Wisdom of the Ages," meaning the person who wore it had been initiated into and taught the histories and the sciences of the time. The sciences generally were to do with the mastery and the control of the minds of others, the vast populations. 


That they are psychopathic, there's no doubt. You can see the traits down through history, even to the extent where kings or princes would try and kill their fathers to take over and gain the power. That was fairly common. We don't find that all through society. We find it mainly in the upper noble families, if you go into their histories, in all countries. A king was in a precarious position. He was generally psychopathic himself, since they're all inbred and you take on the traits of special selection, where your mates with the same traits are bred with you.


It's just like animals, like Plato said. "You can breed traits in or out"; and when powerful people breed together, they're breeding the same traits in, power and the seeking and lust for power. Therefore, the kings were guarded, and they needed to pay the guards very well with high bribes, knowing that the queen, who might want her son to take over or herself to take over, would do all she could to bribe those guards with more; and perhaps poison him or kill him in some other way. Because they lived in such a state of paranoia, they were paranoid about everything including all of those around them that they ruled over.  Therefore, when there were grumblings amongst the people because the elite were taking too much from, them the paranoia would become incredibly acute and purges would be done on the people. They'd be killed or thinned out, culled to an extent back to a manageable level.


In the ancient times, they did surveys, population surveys. You find that again in old religious books and so on, that the people were all numbered, because every so often, they had to make sure that enough guards were well paid, well fed military. Today, it's military and police to do their bidding, automatically, when they're told to. Instant obedience when they turned them on the people, if it should reach a magic number, because they knew how many of the population (on a percentage basis) could be managed by each particular guard. They knew and did surveys on this in ancient times. Therefore, when the population when over a certain number, they'd either start a war with a neighbor to start culling them off, by enforcement into the military, or else they'd turn their military on the people. This was standard down through history.


Population control is nothing new at all; and it's run by the psychopath, who is also very paranoid. Special position and privilege, especially when you're feeding off everyone else, would make a person paranoid. The psychopath also has a trait of living on their own ego. They're egocentric, completely. They don't feel guilt. They will rationalize any act which they may do, even if the rationalization sounds completely bizarre to normal people.


Down through the centuries as empires grew and faded and moved, to begin their embryonic new empire somewhere else, always with a goal and always with the knowledge, especially written about since the 1400’s and 1500’s, they knew they would reach a point, because they employed the experts of their day, always, the philosophers and scribes and people who did statistics. They did that all along, down through history, statisticians to keep control over everything; but they knew they'd reach a point of global conquest.


In the 1700’s, many of the elite of Europe, the whole of Europe, met together in what we would term 'global meetings of the period' to discuss saving themselves and making sure that their own offspring would still be in charge, 200 or 300 years down the road. They discussed the problems they foresaw. What they did was to bring in many professors from universities. This has been standard, right up to the present time. Not just any professor, but the best in their field. Many to do with philosophy, sociology, ethnologies, all the experts we'd say, to build think tanks which would work for them and keep their fingers on the pulse of the people at all times.


We find the big authors in history and philosophy were employed by, in ancient times, kings and queens, and now they're employed by big government agencies. Carroll Quigley, who selected people for Rhodes Scholarships for World Government, who actually promoted and picked Bill Clinton and put him forward (and others)—talked about this in his book "Tragedy & Hope."   What he writes in that book really is a type of lecture he'd give to these government agencies when they would call him in. He had high clearance to very top agencies of governments, these unelected agencies, and the military industrial complex and the State Department, the Foreign Affairs Department of the U.S.


Britain had theirs, too, they would pull in—one of the most famous being Arnold Toynbee. These people also had psychopathic traits. They could therefore advise how society was going, the problems that they could foresee, and ways (by using historical past techniques) that this could be thwarted or offset or squashed or diverted. Quigley goes into what he calls "the symptoms of ages" in that book, where they go through a period of rule, farming et cetera, which is the only real moral period of a nation's history; then into the city-state creation, where they still retain the values that came from the agricultural society. Then the city-state becomes set on conquest (the Age of Imperialism); and then when its conquests are over, because it conquered most of what they can get, they go into a period of a recline and decline. They go into bizarre behaviors sexually, with extravagances and also with deviancies of all kinds, as they have orgies of spending and parties, and of course, this all comes from taxation, so they're in decline.  They also go through towards the end periods of being unable to defend themselves.


Initially, they try to do all they can, they put all their money into weaponry and getting bigger armies and trying to threaten anyone around them, even though no one is are attacking them.  They then turn this inwards on the people and start to cull them off, because they realize that those down below are the ones who bear the burden of all the taxation, which is the wealth of the elite. Then they start culling them off and become paranoid of the people down below—standard. However, they also go in through periods of tremendous fear at this stage and they bring back what they call "ancient superstitions and bizarre thinking."  We find there's always a resurgence back into nature worship, as people have no more faith in their old gods.  They go into nature worship and pantheism.  They also go into the prevalent sciences of that period, and will relate and almost fix on ancient beliefs onto the new sciences.


Today we see it, since we live in an age of science and space exploration, because we're told—although most of it really is just to do with putting satellites up there, which will control us all on planet earth, under the guise of exploration.  Today, we find that all the stuff of science fiction (which, remember, is called fiction: "science fiction") is wrapped in with old religions.  We have this bizarre outcome where people try to look at something such as a Nephilim, attach it on to space beings, which cannot look like us because obviously come from somewhere else, so they're different; so they have reptilians and all this kind of stuff. This is what happens at the end of an age, as people desperately try to rationalize the position that they're in and what they're facing.


You can also have false ones out there who are promoting it at the top, because the elite also like to confuse the public. We found Erik Von Daniken was promoted out there in the '70’s to lead a whole generation round in circles, and to prepare them for this phase, with "Chariots of the Gods" and other books claiming visitations from space and here's the proof of these Latin American rock carvings.  Every major newspaper on the planet and television published this stuff and promoted it as though it was fact, which tells you that there was an organized scheme of acceptance in promoting this at the top. There were no questions asked. That was the giveaway, until one little reporter from England eventually went into Latin America, into Mexico and tracked down a little Mexican guy who's carving out these rock carvings for Erik Von Daniken, for a few pesos each. Daniken wasn't only a very good con man promoted from the top, mind you, but he's also very, very cheap.


However, that kept people going in circles and circles for a long time. It also opened up possibility thinking: “If that could be true, then this could be true,” and then you end up going through a whole series of possible truths that could be, because you've allowed yourself to be trapped into a tunnel with a myriad of branches that come off it—it’s called "imagination." 



During World War II, when the U.S. Navy brought in airstrips into some of the Pacific Islands, and built these air strips, in came a whole new culture, a different world to the native populations of those little islands. They suddenly had something called “money” there, and physical items that were manufactured that they never thought of or even knew existed. They had an abundance for the first time of different kinds of foods come in—so much so that they stopped working and hunting and fishing. When the U.S. pulled out of those little countries, the people suddenly were devastated from this incredible plethora of goods, that were generally just dispensed willy-nilly, thrown at them almost, and they were back to where they had been before the Navy had come in.


They tried to rationalize it according to their religion (their old religions) and they came up and were called the "cargo cults."  They begun cults, thinking that if they just prayed to their old deities, these sky birds would come back again and land with all the goods, and give them all the goods that they'd had for a short time, they'd bring new stuff with them. They called them "cargo cults."


Desperation brings incredible bizarre rationalizations, again, according to what we previously believe or have been taught or educated to believe. When the U.S. Indian populations were being decimated by the cavalry, eventually in some of the bands, they looked for their own form of messiah. They'd already been tainted with the Christian religion, because you see, the Christian religion was never a reality. I didn't say the message was never a reality. The religion was never a reality. The message was supposed to free individuals from what was a mass culture of rigid indoctrination.


Wherever the religion went, it brought the system of commerce with it—commerce, money, banking, wealth and poverty.  That's why, wherever Christianity went from England, they made a big push towards sending out missionaries in the 1800’s and in the 1900’s abroad. It was really to further the British Empire, because with it came a military behind them, eventually, to make sure that the system itself was imported, not just the actual New Testament.  Therefore, native cultures had to start dressing up. Not only dressing up, but dressing up the way that the missionaries dressed up.  They wouldn't be happy, those missionaries, until these new converts were carrying briefcases and short hair, and talking facts and statistics and investments. That was called "Christianity."  It was a culture that was brought along, a system. That's why it's been so effective.  That is why, whenever the military goes into a country to conquer, you find a plethora of missionaries are sent along with them—to alter the culture, into the same as the British or the American.


There is no doubt (we know, in fact) that much of history is kept from the public. What history we're given is HIS-story, you see, whoever writes it, who is authorized to write it.  There's more misleading that goes on by the omission of facts, than the addition of facts. If you have omission of facts, you'll reach faulty conclusions. It's not a difficult technique to use upon people.


Prior to the 1500’s, historians were employed by the kings or the queens to write glowing histories on that king or queen; and they did it very happily, since they were well rewarded.  That's why every king or queen prior to the 1500’s was wonderful, according to history. Yes, they might slaughter a few thousand here or a few thousand there; but on the whole, they were jolly good fellows. That's how it's written, you see. That's how that's rationalized, because no one would turn in a bad history to someone who's employing them, who also has the ability to chop your head off.


It wasn't until the 1700’s, we began to get a little bit more factual in the histories, but never completely factual.  The same goes today with democracies, which took over the governing part (at least the work part) of running countries.  Authorized historians were always put out there. The main ones were given access to certain archives to bring out more facts, which stunned the general reader and the general population, and become very popular.  However, there's always spins on it, because no one will ever come out and tell you the real truth. They wouldn't be authorized to do it. AUTHOR and AUTHOR-ized is no coincidence.


What we boil down to is what we see in life today. What do we see?


Apart from the same system of money, power and the misuse of it, and the domination of others, and the tragedy of collective societies, where we're treated as a collective for a tax base for armies that slaughter on a much larger scale, always—an ever increasing larger scale, and that's only the type of conventional slaughter you see. You don't see the slaughter wrought by inoculations, which are tainted, deliberately so; or through high-tech weaponry, which is silent.  We can be sure it's getting worse all the time; and far from freeing us, science is killing us.



This brings us always back to the crucial point—and that is the nature of evil itself. To decent people, and by decent I'm talking about those who don't want to go out and harm people. Even though this world—even at the bottom level today is so corrupt, everyone technically is exploiting everyone else.   Even if you try to stay out of it, you're still being used to exploit, because if you don't somehow survive in this monied system, you go under and no one helps you up. People are judged still by their status—their financial status in this system.  I've had better conversations with vagabonds than I have with most professors, and learned more too. 




What is the nature of this evil?  That's where the average person who is fairly normal can't go. He can't cross over into a mindset of someone who's what used to be called "diabolically evil."


What does that mean, "diabolically evil?"


Diabolos: devilishly evil, in that there is so much cunning there that it can fool people en masse; and that's what politicians are there to do. They are psychopathic. Their job is to fool you en masse. It works very well because the psychopath is a born actor. They feel no real emotion towards other people. They have no empathy with others. They have a great show of it, though, because they're actors; and to the psychopath, they'll do whatever is expedient to do for their own personal survival.


In such a flippant little short statement there, you've got to realize that when I say: “they will do anything,” I mean anything for their own personal survival; and if that was the eradication of whole nations, they would do so, because being ultimate ego, pure ego, they must survive at all costs. From the lowliest to the highest psychopath, they will use whatever power is available around them if they can; so, a little street psychopath doesn't have that kind of power. He will use his friends. He'll use everyone around him until he can't use them anymore, because they're broke or whatever, or they say no, but he's nothing bigger to call upon. Whereas the ones at the top, you must remember, have arsenals of incredible weaponry, which they will use if they need to.


How do they get away with this?


It's simple. They count on the knowledge that most people (the normal people) judge the world and the actions of those who lead the world, by their own standards. In other words, “If I couldn't do that, then what I'm hearing about this elite is impossible, because no one could be that bad.” They think that—I, me. You see, the microcosm is the same all out there in the macrocosm. They take it for granted that everyone must have the same feelings, the same in-built social safety locks that will stop them going overboard with tyranny or slaughter or evil.  That's why the elite do get away with it, because they're so vastly different than their psychological makeup that they can do these incredible things.


They can pull off the biggest stunts in history in front of millions of people worldwide. Point the fingers at their targets, and the public will never say, "No, our own people couldn't possibly have done this to make this all happen, surely, because I couldn't do that. I'd blush. I'd blink. I'd give it away somehow."  However, these guys don't do that. They come out and tell massive whoppers of lies, and that very act makes it more unbelievable to the public—that they could possibly be lying, because the public couldn't do that. Very, very simple, and that's why Goebbels, who was a propagandist for Adolph Hitler, being a good little psychopath himself, and how he loved to boast, eventually even stated himself that "if you're going to tell a lie to the public, make sure it's a really big lie because they'll never figure it out." They can't imagine anyone telling such a big, big lie. The Joe Average can understand little lies that they use in their own personal lives. Little white lies, but they can't imagine anything can be pulled off on that kind of scale. There's a type of level you can reach and no more.


That's why the study of the psychopath should be taught to every single person on the planet, in order to recognize them.  It isn't just that they're all through an upper elite social strata, through inbreeding to get those traits.  We also have the abhorrent ones, all through society, on every level. Some of the brighter ones end up serving the higher psychopaths. They're selected for it because they do worship only one thing: and that's someone who's more powerful; and they will worship that person with almost religious fervor. That's why the dictator is surrounded by groveling admirers, who are all tyrants within themselves and by their own standards and by society's standards. However, they do worship the leader—the chain of command, military. It’s a military set-up, you see, like The Knights of Malta or the Knights Templars or all the other knights.


Knight when you speak it, is "K" (a silent K), but if you speak it, you've got K-night; and that's no coincidence, because the allegorical figure of Cain, which has multiple allegories contained within, is their system; their system putting into allegorical form through religion, for themselves to understand, while the elite worship the exoteric.


Cain went on to supposedly found cities, and so he was also Nimrod, really—all allegories.  Also, he was the First Artificer, the scientist who made things, weaponry. As Nimrod, he creates the first city, the first artificial bee-hive, where you recruit and train the people into what you call a "civilization"; and the civilization runs on money because it can't support itself any other way. It doesn't grow its own food even. It must make sure that everyone else uses that money. Therefore, they get an army. Pay the army with the money and go out and conquer the little people around them and tax all their labor from them.  It’s an old, old system.


You see, the city is a habitat; it's an artificial beehive. If you look down through history, you'll see a sequence, as I say, of ever expanding city-states (which were empires eventually), moving the base headquarters around down through time.   Each time they would go into a country to take it over and dominate, they would then start forcing the rural folk into cities—habitat areas.


Under the Grand Finale, the United Nations, the UN, (the one – UN) that would be a final culmination of conquest, the clearing of the land and then the habitat areas become prisons. The elite won't live in those habitat areas, of course. Same pattern all down through time, because it's easy to control people in containment, then when they're all scattered all over the place.  People who are tied to the land that feeds them, tend to very resistive to new ideas that become (made) popular.


What is EVIL? Which is LIVE backwards, of course.


Eve, amongst its many different meanings, of course, and you see, Eve gets the blame for everything, the female. What they really mean by that is the emotional intuitive part, emotion being that of the normal person, not just woman. That's why you also have the belief in “evolve”: Evil, Evol, evolve. You have meanings within meanings, and it would take forever to explain them all; but what we can see, and what’s easily understood, is that the same system with the same traits has gone on down through history. Go in. Conquer. Push the people into cities. Get them all into commerce, paying taxes, using money and using all that to get bigger armies to conquest to the next bunch and so on and so on.  Get them into their happy habitat cities, until we’re at the final culmination of a totally controlled society, where the one big worry of all the elites—and it's a mistaken worry, by the way, but they don't see that because they're creatures of instinct.


That's one thing: when you understand the psychopath, you can predict what they will do; because their particular logic, you can actually understand it, how their patterns work.  They think that by conquering the people and totally taking their mind from them, so they won't need religion indoctrination or a bogeyman or a God watching you all the time and knowing your thoughts. In other words, making you police yourself. You'll be chipped in the brain. You won't need entertainment. You won't need propaganda, fiction or fantasy or anything else to keep you running in circles and checked. You will be not conscious; and that's their big mistake, because the psychopath who lusts for power must have a victim to make him feel supreme. When the victims are gone and defenseless, they become irrelevant and a new target must be sought, because psychopaths are also sadists. They will then turn on each other.


They say there's no honor amongst thieves.  This is true of the psychopath; and they will turn on each other, especially the lower realms; the skirts of the psychopath. The lesser people who helped them get this far, as they see the rest being eliminated, they know they will ultimately be next.  Then the squealing starts and then the accusations begin.  During all of that, they're still vying for power amongst themselves, as they see the one throne of the world.  Every psychopath wants to go down in history with his name chiseled in stone as the first of whatever it may be; but they can't all fit on the one seat.


This doesn't mean you sit back and say, “I'll let it all happen,” because believe you me, when Titans fight with the weaponry they have—the little people are stomped into the ground at their feet all around.  If evil exists on the humanistic level, which is always changing in itself, relying on purely humanistic forms of logic without intuitiveness, they're just as bad. They come out with the same psychopathic conclusions, in fact, just another elitist group who would like to have more power.  There's no doubt that evil is a tangible thing. We have to ask questions, lots of questions, never mind can evil be controlled through self-rule.  It certainly can be altered through experience of the transformation of a particular individual, who will search inwardly for answers, beginning with "what is the purpose of life" for that person. It doesn't matter what it is for anyone else.


It doesn't mean you run off and hold your breathe at meetings and get hypoxia and all the rest of it, and start hallucinating or taking drugs to try and see things. If the TRUTH is within you, only a search within will bring it out and not hallucinogenic drugs. Most people, really, in the whole New Age movement are looking for the thrill of the experience, rather than truth.


What is it that makes people who can be trained to be good, good meaning the cultural norm promoted by the elite over a period?


What makes them, men who work in all types of positions of commerce and trades, what makes them obey during wars, where they're conscripted?


What makes them obey to get up and join and go off and kill, when they're not allowed to kill at home?


What makes them be proud they’ve killed abroad, and take all the medals and talk about it for the rest of their lives, as if it's the only thing of import they ever did? 


Because there is a truth here, you've got to examine, which is very frightening. Either those people were natural killers in the first place, or they're all natural killers and they only suppress it because of the fear of the consequences in the domestic lives, in peacetime; or a change comes over them; or they can be easily trained to do that which would be abnormal.  That hasn't been fully debated.  In fact, it hasn't even been partially debated amongst the public, because obviously, logic must always be logic, like a mathematical sequence; and the same figures must always add up to the same figures.  Therefore, what is good and what is peaceful?   Is it just the threat of reprisal and consequence by law, and the deprivation of their rights if they're locked up in prison or killed, that stops them from killing within peacetime societies?


If that's the case, we are in a sad way. Those who protest and say, "No, I won't kill" are definitely cleared from being psychopathic in their own personality. They will take the consequences of imprisonment and ridicule by the society, who's generally all for the war because now it's good to be for the war. They are the sheep—two legs good, four legs bad; four legs good, two legs bad. Orwell talked about it in "Animal Farm."


Therefore, those who protest the wars and will not kill and fight—are either put in prison or they're put into a medical unit, where they run across fields of fire with nothing but stretchers, knowing they'll take the worst of the fire. That takes a brave person to do that, knowing that they're being lined up for execution really, in a sense. However, they'd rather do that then go and kill someone else.  The rest, which is the majority, will do what they're told and be proud of it.


What I'm trying to tell you, it isn't just the elite that are the problem. We have to face the fact that the psychopathic trait is all down through the whole strata of society, and perhaps might be the majority. We have to start at that point; and that's terrifying for most people. It isn't just in the male population. You see it just as much in the female population today, albeit that the female certainly has had her share of attack, purposely made, through hormonal alterations and different things. In fact, road rage and many acts of aggression, now they're overtaking the males in a lot of this, they’ve been so heavily tampered with. However, that doesn't give everyone the right to say, "I can do what I want. I've been made this way," and make someone else's life a hell.



Does evil exist in an extraneous form?


You have to go by your own experiences; and that's how I'm going to end this whole talk tonight, is all that counts, really, if you are the microcosm, all that will count ultimately are your own experiences. What have you experienced? What have you learned about yourself?  Remember, that because something has been made popular or that allegorical terminology can be used, don't fall for the ridiculous or that which has been purposely cunningly made to be popular (and heavily promoted).


For me, personally, does evil exist as a tangible thing? I know it does, for me, because for me, I've experienced it. I wouldn't force anyone else to take this as a belief. As a belief you're taking something on as faith; or someone's seen a reptile and then it becomes popular and exciting, you're taking that on as faith. All I'm talking about is taking something on by knowing. By knowing, you experience. I'm just talking about evil itself—tangible evil that you can have nothing in your memory to compare it to, nothing in your other experiences to compare it to.


I have seen people do the most evil things, but I've also experienced something which would be called "the supernatural"; and even that I'd check against the fact I also know that there are so many advanced sciences out there, that anything can be projected into your mind.  A lot of that now has been disclosed by the government papers, so you have to take everything into consideration.


Madame Blavatsky, the front-person, who was really just an actress put out there to promote a part of the New Age to get a Women's Movement going, who would totally believe in the New Age; funded by the British government, as they fund all of these things and popular beliefs. Blavatsky said, "The function of Theosophy was to cross spirit with science." 


When you see the technology which can be made to project thoughts into your mind, which is openly declassified now—it's not possible science, a theoretical science. It's actual science. It's old science, in fact.  Then when you do have experiences out of the norm, you have to question them.



In times gone by, people like Wycliffe, who came out with a Bible, who was very good at what he did. He was a very eloquent man, who was eventually killed for it by the church, because it wasn't “meet,” as they say, ready, time, right for the public to have access to something they could read themselves. That would take power away from priesthoods. However, he was being backed by the feudal lords, who wanted more power themselves and to take the power away from the old church. Therefore, they goaded and prodded Wycliffe and flattered him until he saw himself as a very special person. This technique today is still used, where now they can use sciences to give certain people the ideas that they are chosen or they’re a messiah.  If someone has put thoughts in your head and given you these odd experiences and you believed it, you could really be used very, very effectively, because you'd never know yourself that science was behind this (and very cunning men). Therefore, any experience that you have you must check and it must have more personal meaning than anything else, if it's real.


Yes, there are forces out there beyond the sciences as they're used here. Not a lot of them. Way more in books than ever in reality; and such books sell very well because people want—they crave the understanding of this. They crave the need to believe in this, even if they haven't experienced it generally themselves, or if they do, it's on a lesser level.


Everyone can pretty well go through, at least some time in their life, the ability to have slight telepathic power with those next to them or close to them.  You think about them and they phone you and so on. Or, you're ready to whistle a song and someone starts singing the same part of the song, as you are ready to start whistling. These are minor telepathic abilities. Children have them and lose them, as it's trained out of them.  However, not everyone uses it completely.


What is true, beyond all of the sciences and all the mysticism, is that the power of a thought can truly penetrate everything. You must always bear that in mind.  It used to be said, guard your thoughts carefully, but it's also true that you must guide your thoughts carefully. There's tremendous power in a thought. It isn't just truth that's important, it's the reason behind the truth, and only honesty with oneself can give you a clean power behind a thought.


For many, many generations, occasionally power and techniques and thoughts were passed on. Certain people could be trained in understanding the ways of the world, in the hope that ultimate horror would never be achieved or at least it could be thwarted.  However, those intergenerational psychopaths—and that's what it is, it's a trait inborn in them—are reaching the end, where they'll be no more generations with the ability to pass wisdom on to others.  That's why, now, at this time we're in now, is of the most vital importance, where that which we value must be thought out quickly; and just how sacred life is must be spoken about and conversed about by everyone; because if we devalue life, we devalue ourselves. We've got to understand that. We have to understand that. We know, that only in the last 30 years, how fast life itself has been devalued. Something that at one time at least was held to be sacred; therefore the heavy, heavy penalties for anyone who killed—excluding wars, of course, where it was authorized.


We watch the medical profession go into a morass of vulturism, massive profit and exploitation, as all money and profit systems must devolve into; and with it, the convincing of populations that through this mass slaughter of abortion, and the selling of organs and tissues and cells, that are no longer sacred. They're just “scientific things that can be explained,” devoid of all their mystery and uniqueness. “It's just a tissue. It's just a cell. A cell is just blah, blah, blah.” It's stripped of all that was sacred. That's the purpose of science, to debauch everything, even though those same scientists could never create anything from the beginning. They can only, as Masons, take the material that already exists and alter it, but they cannot create it; and yet, they're happy enough thinking they're gods at that level—but ego has no bounds.


In my own life, I've witnessed the plummeting of the standards, which were once held up as humane, for society. I've watched the massive propaganda through television being put over on the people, until they themselves begin to parrot it, and when the parrot it they become debauched themselves in their own lives, as they become more and more what they think is humanistic; but they don't really even understand the term of humanistic, because humanist religion is a religion. It's still a belief system, with the right of might and power, and the elite and intellectualism being in charge, as it must always come to.


When one god is suppressed or many gods are suppressed, human nature will always crop itself up again. It will always pop up in a different form.  When man worships man, then it's always the intellectual, the one that's promoted as being the genius.  That's not hard to do when you understand the techniques of creating a star; that's how Charles Darwin was created. No one had heard of him until the media, for about a year before his book came out, pumped him up gradually as being an utter genius; and his book came out and everyone already was prepared to believe it. That's how these techniques are used. It's well understood.


When man worships man, then you are truly not only in hell, but the fires are well burning, believe you me. They're burning all over the world in the civilized countries. They go on and on about Adolph Hitler with his giant smoke stacks. Every city in this “civilization,” as they call it, has more chimneys than Adolph Hitler could have ever dreamed of.  Women have been taught that removing a fetus—the dehumanized name for just a baby, as you must always demonize your enemy and dehumanize your enemy—"getting rid of a fetus is just like getting rid of a wart," they say.  That's what all of us have become, just removable disposable tumors.




Now remember that some of the shows I go on as a guest, I don't necessarily believe in what they do, themselves. That's the hosts I'm talking about. I always advise people to go by their own experiences, because ultimately that's all you can go on—not what's popular.



Does evil exist?


Yes, it does.


Is it tangible?


Yes, it is.


It has to be investigated further by each individual. That's a journey that most don't want to begin, because you have to examine yourself first of all, and you might not like what you see; but to transform yourself, you have to.  To start the journey, you have to.


Those who want to be accepted by the mass man—go buy the popular beliefs, and there's plenty being churned out in the bookstores for you to pick up. You can do roller coasters across the universe and back again, and round and round forever, and that's what they're designed to do; but you must think for yourself.


From Hamish my dog and myself, it's good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



"Lift Me Up" by Bruce Springsteen


I don't need your answered prayers
Or the chains your lover wears
I don't need your rings of gold
Or the secrets that you hold
Lift me up, darling
Lift me up and I'll fall with you lift me up
Let your love lift me up

I don't need your sacred vow
Or the promise tomorrow brings
Veiled behind the morning clouds
I'll take the fate the daylight brings
Lift me up, darling
Lift me up and I'll fall with you lift me up
Let your love lift me up


When the morning bright
Lifts away this night
In the light above
We will find our love, we will find our love

Your skin, your hand upon my neck
This skin, your fingers on my skin
This kiss, this heartbeat, this breath
This heart, this heart, this wilderness
Lift me up, darling
Lift me up and I'll fall with your lift me up

Let your love lift me up


Lift me up, darling
Lift me up and I'll fall with your lift me up

Let your love lift me up



(Transcribed by Linda)