ALAN WATT    BLURB (i.e. Educational Talk
January 12, 2007



Hello.  This is Alan Watt, and today it is the 12th of January 2007.


"Tears in Heaven"
By Eric Clapton

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven
Will it be the same
If I saw you in heaven
I must be strong, and carry on
Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven

Would you hold my hand
If I saw you in heaven
Would you help me stand
If I saw you in heaven
I'll find my way, through night and day
Cause I know I just can't stay
Here in heaven

Time can bring you down
Time can bend your knee
Time can break your heart
Have you begging please
Begging please

I have had lots of emails.  I always have lots of emails, but certain emails ask me to talk about different subjects. Most of them I dismiss, because most of the subjects are put out there for you to discuss, anyway.  That's why they're in the major media, so why go over it from different angles?  Someone asked me to talk about the smell of gas that was in New York, earlier on.  Some kind of bad odor, but that's washed away with the breeze I guess, and you'll probably find out about it when your taxes go up to pay for sewage. New sewage problems can be fixed, et cetera, so don't worry about that one.

An interesting one was the casualty of birds.  Thousands of them were destroyed in part of Australia, prior to a storm, within two weeks or so leading up to a storm in an area. That doesn’t surprise me, because we know that they're tampering with the weather. Not only the spraying, but also the use of the HAARP; I have no doubt microwave pulsations are used, as well as the ELF pulsations. Anything in the air, during microwave for instance, will be pulverized and end up convulsing on the ground as they die. 

This is the beauty of our scientific system and our secret government establishments, the real government, not the ones that you complain to. They generally know not to ask about the higher government, the one that does these sort of experiments.  THAT'S WHY NO ONE IN POLITICS WILL MENTION SPRAYING.  They know better.

THEY KNOW NOT TO ASK THE HIGHER MILITARY ESTABLISHMENTS.  Many of these rose to power during the Cold War. Even then, people were questioning, “does the CIA run the U.S. government, or does the government run the CIA?  You had parallel organizations with the CIA, sworn to secrecy during the war, different war measures acts, et cetera and becoming unanswerable to anyone.  That's not news to people in Britain, I think, at least some people in Britain, who have realized long ago that MI5 and 6 also were steps above the so called “elected” people.  You don't question these establishments. In fact, if you try to in parliaments, they'll just tell you like Oliver North did, "we don't have to answer those questions for reasons of national security."

There’s no doubt you have a different nation written down in law somewhere. Webster, in his memoirs, in the United States, talked about this. On the one hand he went over the meeting to draw up the Constitution and sign it and he said NO RECORDS WERE KEPT and then around in the same talk he talks about "The Secret Journal." Of course, since it was a Masonic meeting, they did have a Secret Journal, but not for the eyes of the profane, you see, "those in the darkness."

So many facets run this world, so many organizations. In the past it was easier to recognize warring factions and nationalistic warring factions as empires rose and fell, and expanded creating new countries in the process, and then falling away, and leaving those countries to rise and fall again.  This is an ongoing system of control: divide, conquer, exploit.  However, NONE OF IT COULD EXIST WITHOUT MANKIND HIMSELF, Joe Average and Jane Average, because THEY MUST ALWAYS GO ALONG WITH IT AND THEY DO if their own lives are seeming to progress or they're left alone to do their own little thing. They don't mind so much what's done in the name of their country or their nation to others, preferably if they don't see what's happening to others.

Projection is the easiest thing to do, to project the evil within ourselves onto others.  Those who run the sciences of the world understand this only too well. Wars are sometimes hard to start and to get the public to go along with. You generally need a few people to die on your side, you always have a side, and once that happens, the media goes into action and you're suddenly indigent, and you give your approval through an emotional phase. You don't ask the critical questions. Could those few sacrifices have been set up in the first place, to cause that very effect?  Sometimes it never happened at all, when you check into history.  You'd have to get some reasons to get the wars going.

People who don't know themselves will go along with, pretty well, anything.  I keep reiterating the evil caused in the world, by people who have openly taken that stance and said in a pragmatic way, “what's wrong with being evil, if it means dominance and power over the weak?”  That's the Darwinian stance that many of chosen, many of the high, high Masons (not the little pot bellied guys at the bottom), the bigger ones had chosen long, long ago, because it is part of their higher religion in freemasonry.

Great sounding words, great excuses and great orators have led us in circles for thousands of years. They know how to twang the emotions and how to use a little bit of logic, as the emotional topic is introduced. To mix the two together and give the finished product, which is generally a rabble, who applaud them without thinking of the consequences. "Everybody likes a winner,” they say.  The public love to join the winners. They adore the winners. They worship the winners, in fact, unfortunately, in a system based on getting to the top, which means the end of all the fears of homelessness, poverty, sickness and no money to pay to have the proper, high treatment for the sickness. All of these things, you see, have to do with money and this exaggerated need for personal survival over the survival of others. That's what's called "success," in this deviant system.

We watch criminals -- on television all the time you'll see lawyers, dramas. One of the oldest ones they used to show was Perry Mason, and no one questions why he is called "Mason," but if you watch all the gestures, even in those old black and white reruns, you'll see all the Masonic "flashes," as they call them, and gestures and signs in the courtroom.



"The New Atlantis" was to be the Americas. We're run by people who understand all of this and those from the high Rosicrucian, not the little send away things you have today, where you join up and learn the secrets, and send so much cash and they'll send you those little pamphlets back. That's for the profane, really, but the early Rosicrucians knew perfectly well their task and their ambitions, and to restore this fable of Atlantis, the one that Plato talked about -- to restore it, this Golden Age.  However, the public have been unaware, all along.  Even though everything we look at in all public buildings, all governmental buildings, parliaments in Canada and the architecture in them, THAT'S ALL FREEMASONIC. It's FULL OF MESSAGES, if you can read it.  It’s the same with the one in Washington, D.C. Pronounced "dix" in French, "dix" -- ten. The "spoken word."  You have the spell, which casts a spell, and then you have the "spoken word."  The "10" is binary, the male and female.

In the end, they always said that they would eliminate the zero, the emotional part, to leave supposedly “logic.” Even in their ancient founders, they understand that every side has an opposite. You have the twin pillars, the Jachin and Boaz, the male and female, the fire and water. You also have the male, with his conscious part and his unconscious (the sea of unconsciousness), where all acts are possible and you have the same with the woman.  You have a four there, you see. 

Before I forget this, jumping back to the birds that died in Australia, and they pretty well wiped all the birds out in this one area. Back in the '60’s, we started to notice whales getting beached and dolphins getting beached in certain parts of the coastal areas, and it was a big crisis. First, of course, the call came out from the top (the media) that, "it must be pollution."  Then, the environmentalists got in on the act, as they were meant to do, because they build up an environmental crisis to change our ways, gradually, for a different purpose.  Then, of course, the scientists jumped in and said, "It could be a virus in their inner ear that was causing this and altering their navigational abilities," because these mammals, like many birds, navigate by electromagnetic energy from the earth. They know where they're going, and if something interferes, like a virus in its inner ear, well, “that's why it was getting beached.”

People noticed also, after going through so much trouble to un-beach them, they'd often come right back in again, as though they were on remote control, trying to go the right direction. What the Navy was keeping secret from everyone at the time is that's the navigational systems they were using to direct their underwater submarines was low frequency pulsation in the sea and they had these transponders and all along the ocean beds and that's what the whales and the dolphins were following you see. That is why they were getting beached

Isn't it amazing how we can be so mislead, and yet so caring naturally through our emotions? We fall for the excuses they give us. The ones who are causing the problem set-up the environmentalists to create the hullabaloo, to get us to change our ways, into living in these little manipulated habitat areas. They certainly have many different functions, and parts of their plan fulfilled, with each thing that they cause.  They use the reactions to go along with the agenda, which they'd written about much, much earlier.

We're dealing here with very clever manipulators, who understand humanity. They understand humanity so well, they can plan wars, so far in advance, centuries if need be, in the full knowledge that they can train generation by generation the experts, who were given access to archives.  The archives of knowledge are hidden from the public, on all of these formula on how to get people to do this, that or the other. They’re simple formula. As they said in ancient times, the Greeks talked about this, "If it had worked before with humanity, it will always be able to be made to work again, if introduced in the same sequence."


We respond the same way always to the same formula. Deception runs this world - tremendous deception, and a religion, which has been here for thousands of years. It is a religion, which dominated the ancient world, according to those of India.  They've had many ages, seven in all. Five definite, they claim, and two even further in the ancient past, with millions of years spanning each age, in the Indian records. They've risen and fallen. There's always been a little bit of an argument in the higher Freemasonry circles, not in the low ones (the 33 and under group). There's been an argument about how many ages there actually have been. We have the Druids, with their three that they had on record, and they related it to Tacitus, the Roman historian.  We have the Greeks with theirs, and those of India, the Hindu, with theirs.

It’s very interesting to look at theosophy in the 1800’s. The 1800’s was a tremendous time of turmoil and pushing for this New Age to begin, as they knew Aquarius was coming up. They dreamed up theosophy to bring in other groups, especially the women, who were up until that time were pretty well excluded from any type of freemasonry. The Grand Lodge of France did bring some in. So, they came up with theosophy and the front-woman actress, Blavatsky, to push theosophy, where they spoke of histories of the Fifth Aryan Race. It's a Hindu philosophy to do with the end of time. Each time is part of an age, a period, where "only the fittest, those worthy" as they say, survive or allowed to come through, and by no means must the inferior types, the old types, the old man and woman, be allowed through. They haven't “evolved” enough, because the whole thing does go around evolution, an Aryan Race. Even the Aryan is derived from the Hurrian. It's a pronunciation difference, that's all.  

In the old days, prior to standing armies and national banks, the kings and queens had to depend on professional mercenaries. The mercs, the messengers that brought the message of death to those they were called upon to inflict, for money. They had no philosophical qualms about doing so. The reason being, that in every generation there's always young men, who love to dress up and play with weapons and be given honorary titles. Of course, in the old days before central banking, standing armies were allowed to share the loot, "the booty" as they called it.  There's always that kind of reward. They could rape, as well, because, after all, who’s going to charge you with anything?  Vanquished means vanquished. You have no rights when you're vanquished, and the darker side of men came to the surface. It still does today. 

When you talk to some people who have been involved in major wars, and participated in some of these atrocities, they talk quite matter-of-factly about it. They always rationalize it by saying, "it was war and orders were orders."  They either are unable to go any deeper, and examine themselves, and their own participation, or else they're psychopaths. That was the only two choices there.  It is not a normal thing for a species to kill off its own. It's rather unique to humankind.

Now, with the standing armies and indoctrination of general public, the whole public are involved in the war.  Just after World War I, there were military colleges in England that taught other countries too. They had students from other countries, generally included, come in for lectures on this new concept of “total war.”  In "total war" every citizen is basically recruited de facto by the government for that war. If not physically, then at least mentally, and you'd be taxed as well. You contribute to it. That's a normal thing now, the total war syndrome. You can't escape war today. For those that wish to cause it, it will rope you in one way or another.  If not by dressing you in uniform, they'll at least tax you. We know from the speeches given out, after 9/11, by the head front men, like George Bush, who gave out the speech that "you're either with us or against us." 

That was a declaration -- A LEGAL DECLARATION OF WAR ON ANYONE, ANY CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES AND EVERY OTHER COUNTRY.  If you didn't go along with it, you were an enemy and you'd be treated as such. You're hearing legalities preached out to you. We're so used to hearing boring speeches, we tend to dismiss the little things that are said. There's nothing trivial in these speeches, they're very legalistic.  It's by legalism we've all been brought in to these conflicts. We either give our tacit approval, our open approval, or we approve by silence. We acquiesce to the agenda through silence.

“We are all in it together,” as they said in the movie called, “Brazil.” Well worth seeing, by Terry Gilliam of the Monty Python series. Good movie, with a future run by bureaucrats and terrorism everywhere.  No one ever sees a terrorist. Things get blown up, which is an essential part of keeping the system together, actually. So see the movie, "Brazil," you'll have a good chuckle at the same time and learn something, too, because people like Terry Gilliam understand this process very well.  Shortly, that may be the only outlet we'll have, is comedy. Like the court jester, where you could say things to the king, which usually would have anyone else beheaded. The court jester, by some strange part of his occupation, some legality, was allowed to couch things in a certain way, which would exonerate him from any blame or comeback. In other words, only the fool, the authorized legal fool, can say the truth.  If you pretend you're a sane person, it can bring dire consequences.

Here we are, as the collateral and backing for wars, which we are simply put on the books to be part of, and we know that, too. We understand that part of it. We accept it at least. Most people are able to suppress, or even deny, the complicity in what's happening in the world. Part of their paycheck is taken, to go to many, many things, which they might not personally agree with, if they were to sit and dwell upon them, at all.  However, in the mass man of today, they find it difficult to look at themselves honestly, almost impossibly. Unless you understand yourself, the conscious and the unconscious part, the raging sea of unconsciousness, you won't understand your own part in this, and you'll deny it to the end.

That's why all CHRISTIANITY gave you a DEVIL. It was such a burden to bear, the understanding of guilt and complicity and evil. It was easier to throw this on top of some other deity, and let them take responsibility. Or else, in the old Judaic scapegoat, where they'd set it off into the desert to carry the sins of the people. If only it were that easy.

I remember an old Star Trek episode, one of the first ones (the first series), where onboard the ship comes a man, who was using some sort of stage makeup. Half of his face was white, the other half was black.  He's trying to get them all to go, and get ready, to fight this enemy that was coming.  His enemy was an exact duplicate of himself, exact, only the other part of the face was white and the other part was black. It’s the dualism, the yin and yang in humankind, the unconscious, the conscious.  The unconscious will always project its problems onto an enemy. Any enemy will do. Unfortunately, the longer the enemy appears to exist, the more fixed and embedded that becomes.

This is understood with those who run the world. That's why they like to have ongoing wars, clashes and intergenerational wars as they guide the whole process into a predetermined conclusion, with always an unexpected answer to it all, and yet those at the end are so exhausted, they're willing to take anything, and that's generally what they get.

The complexity of the human mind is sometimes overblown. Everyone has projected their own problems, their own faults, and frailties onto other people at some time. Look at the allegories of Adam and Eve, although there's many levels of that, not the exoteric stuff that's taught in the churches.  Even at the lower level, when Eve was tempted and then questioned later on as to why she broke the law, she immediately said, well (in essence) the devil tempted her, the devil made her do it. Because of Adam's own personal needs in that woman, when he was questioned, he blamed Eve for bringing it to him.  The honest answer was, “because I wanted what was promised.” That would have been Eve's honest answer. It's easy to project that something else made you do it.

I used to always think it odd that people who were working in factories or in stores or in trades could be conscripted, and exchange one uniform, of the butcher or the baker or the candlestick maker, for another, and suddenly they're a solider. They no longer belong to the public. They're privates. They're privately owned, as though you could suddenly switch identities, from doing something, which we need, and society would approve of, to something which is destructive, where the end results benefit someone else, in fact, never those involved in the conflict. They still go to parades and Veteran's Days, and put on the old berets, and sort of tottle along, trying to march, as though that's the proudest thing they've ever done, was swapping their old job, their old identity, for this temporary new one. Even though, today, they still can't figure out what was really behind it, except the propaganda they were fed at that time, which never changes with them until they die.

They can't look beyond all of that. With some of the Veteran's meetings they've had in the last 20 years, maybe even 15 years, they've brought Germans, for instance, Canadians and Americans together. Once they have their Masonic booze-up (and most of them are in the Veterans clubs - Masons), they're surprised how they're all so similar, and so are their war stories so similar, because they all stood up for their friends. They saw their friends getting killed, and it's like one big soccer match that got out of hand, in a sense. They can commiserate with each other, because they were all doing what they thought they were supposed to do. They were all the victims of propaganda, at the time, and now they can all be friends.

We should be scared out of our boots at that.  Powers above us can get ordinary people to go off and kill each other, on command, and yet when they're left to themselves they can be the best of friends. That should terrify us, to see how easily we are manipulated. That should strike terror into everyone's hearts, because these are sciences well understood, by a select few near the top.

We're bound together by so many treaties and legalities.  WE'RE PUT DOWN FOR THE DEBTS THE GOVERNMENTS BORROW. 


We're complicit in everything that these boring people at the top, with their boring speeches, put us into, and yet we don't participate openly in any of the decision-making. It's done on the subconscious and the unconscious level.  “If I'm okay, and me and mine are fine, and people are keeping off my back as much as possible, then I don't really care what's happening anywhere else.” That's a shortsighted attitude, because eventually when the dominoes fall, it comes around to you and there's no one there to keep you propped up. 

This is not any kind of democracy, at all.  If you look into the histories of the United States, there was a tremendous anti-Masonic movement in the 1800’s, after Morgan, a Freemason, wrote out openly and published a book on some of the intents of freemasonry. He was a member, and he was executed by freemasons for doing so. Afterwards, some of the U.S. senators, even, who were either very naïve or out of the loop, spoke out and one of them said, "it was impossible to bring these people to justice, because Freemasonry had taken over every important position on the national level to the local level." That is the MO (Modus Operandi) of Freemasonry.  It's a monopoly, a secret monopoly of power. It’s a religion underneath all the religions, and behind and often dominating all the other religions, and it's been here for a long time. 

It attracts the worst types, because the one thing they've always allowed the public to know is, "it helps you get on in life if you join" - unmerited favor and the choice of jobs and promotions, and so on.  What type would be attracted to something, when they knew nothing about it except it helps you get on, even if you don't have the abilities or the credentials?  You find the corrupt types go into it.  For those who joined the Catholic lodges, thinking that they were anti-Protestant, read your histories, you'll find this nonsense. Even when they first applied for a charter from the Pope for permission, in reality they already had a charter given by the Grand Lodge, but they applied to have it made official, and the Pope actually banned it when he went over it. 

Every Freemasonic group that has, in the past, fought another Masonic group, has been controlled by the same capstone, in every country. Wars must be real. Conflict must be real for those that fight and take the consequences, but it's not important that they understand. At the top, conflict is necessary for another part of an agenda, and their body is simply the tool being used.  They don't have the right to know the real reasons behind it.  Albert Pike make that quite clear when he even talked in his own book, "The Old Bible of Freemasonry" that a Mason must go and serve his country, regardless of the country, when called.  Conflict is necessary in this system, for the changes that must be made, to bring about their utopia, you know, the hell on earth, utopia for some.

When I was young, really small, I used to listen to all the chatter that happened in the world, the world I was living in, my daily routines. I realized that most of the chatter, even then, was simply the reiteration of magazines or TV or radio or news, and yet it was done with such exuberance, with little groups, chatter, chatter, chatter, gossip.  I pictured all the words that have ever been spoken, on the planet, going off into space all joined together, and wondering how far in the galaxy it would loop to come back, and mean absolutely nothing. Then I pictured generations of people who'd lived and died, all the graveyards on the planet where people had done all the right things, as they were supposed to do, according to tradition at the time, and never knew what was going on.


Generations and generations HAVE HAD THEIR RIGHT TO CONSCIOUSNESS STOLEN, ROBBED. Living and dying and never knowing.  NEVER KNOWING, just the external stuff that's fed to them by later historians, the whitewashed sifted flour that comes out of history.

I mentioned before that some people in the past and present and something that certain individuals will come to in every generation and they do understand this topic I'm on today. They come to the conclusion that perhaps it's not all good people who are up against a minority of bad people. Perhaps there is only a minority of good people and that rankles us because we always think of ourselves as being good. We follow the rules of the system we live in. We do the socially acceptable things according to the laws and rules and traditions that have been drawn up for us; and sure enough, you can be in trouble and people come to your aid, hopefully. Hopefully that still works today, if you're allowed to, without FEMA intervention, we can help each other and say we are good people and on that basis we are; but how easily we can stop ourselves from being good to others, people we don't know, people we see on the one-eyed monster of TV locked in a death struggle with others in either a traditional war or a recent conflict and it doesn't affect us.

Why can we switch on and switch off? 

The reason being that if we help others around us, close to us, maybe one day they'll help us if need be. We can't imagine those over yonder helping us, you see, so we're selfish in a sense.  When you give you do it because you want to give. Not because you expect something in return. Every motive has to be questioned on a personal level.

Recently, someone sent me one of the many DVDs that are out there on some of the history of freemasonry, done by the select group of the usual people who lead this.  I have to tell those who live on this kind of stuff – it's almost like a hobby. They feed on it. They like to be astounded through this amazing secretive organization and learn little things and quips about them. In reality, there's nothing out there that they haven't allowed you to know and to hear people who are supposedly learned, they talk about the exoteric over and over, to me personally becomes boring. They make it sound almost exciting the way that they question freemasonry and try to expose it. It’s the best recruitment technique there is actually, because the young always go toward the forbidden fruit. It's nature. 

In fact, I think Pike and Mackey also said that it was the best recruitment drive there ever was, when the government of the U.S. for a very short period pretended to clamp down on freemasonry.  It made it an exciting thing for the youth to want to grow up, to become, to get into. That's standard. That's what happens, if you tell them don't take drugs, don't smoke, it makes it more appealing. That's what happens. However, people who seem to be educated will still have their biases and many of these videos are put out there by exoteric Christianity, those who understand on an intellectual level the concepts of Christianity, but they miss the esoteric because the luminous experience isn't there with it. The idealistic experience that’s supposed to be a transcendent experience, which isn’t a sudden, limited short-lasting thing. It's a life-altering thing. It's an understanding, which comes supposedly with it. They miss that because they're formalized Christians.  Formalized Christians are traditional Christians, cultural Christians. The whole idea of a transcendent figure to follow was meant to be an example for those to come, idealistically.

When you get caught up in tradition you lose the meaning of anything, any truth. This happens over and over in every people, culture and religion. You end up joining a club, a social club or a tribal club, it doesn't matter, and tribal clubs tend to club each other to death eventually if they have a slight difference of opinion or a belief.

They used to say that the road to heaven was narrow. That's a clue, it was never meant for the mass of humanity. For even in ancient times they understood the masses, those who stay within the mass, and you can tell them by their topics of conversation. They would always take the BROAD-WAY.  Broadway.  Even the names are written down on streets to give you clues.  The material world is what it meant, something that is tangible; the material world.  Most people always rush towards that which they can easily understand and hope to conquer or grab a piece of.

A word of caution for those who think they can simply join an organization like freemasonry or the OTO or whatever happens to be trendy in your area at the time.  There are many tendrils coming out of that pyramid.  You will not get any secrets that will alter your life. You won't get high enough to get anything of the truth.  Little snippets, little things, they'll say, "oh wow, I didn't know that flash meant this" et cetera, but that's nothing at all. That's nothing that will change humanity or yourself for that matter; maybe it'll make you more corrupt.  It might even compromise you into silence when you should speak up, and you might be used and told to do something, but you certainly won't be given a truth at that level. You have to be groomed for that in the right families to have the higher knowledge. Not the outer stuff, "the portico" as Pike calls it himself.  Albert Pike was way beyond 33rd and Albert Pike did not write that book by himself either. Specialists wrote that book, specialists in different areas.

You can take most books today put out there and people read the exoteric in everything because they have never examined themselves in any depth whatsoever. It's only by examining yourself does the esoteric hit you and you understand it, plus a little bit of study into different areas. Today, people want packaged deals like packaged tours or drive-thru coffee and donuts.  "Here's the money. Give me what I want" and off they go. That's just a hobby. That's the lazy person's way.

To come to any understanding in this world takes a lot of work and then breaking into consciousness on an individual can be a hard task for many people. Too hard for most people.  You, like a staging rocket, must leave many parts of yourself behind, the old you in different phases, as you ascend; and because you're doing it yourself, you simply cannot pass on the experiences to other people who want formula and ritual. That is what religion is for. It's for the mass.  That's why they go to the mass.  It's for the masses.

Something simple to understand on a certain level through ritual and formality and repetition. It's all done for you. There's no real participation. You just have to follow the rituals themselves, which you need not even understand on a deep level. The traditional levels are generally good enough for most people. We can't possibly stop immediately the evil in this world, especially when it's been here since at least the beginning of money and the potential had to exist prior to that. For the evil that's wrought in the world, could be wrought by any one of us under different circumstances.  How can you keep yourself in check if you don't know yourself?  You leave that to the formalized rules of culture and law, which is a big deterrent, but how many people really check themselves? 

We all say we're good people but what is good?  Who defines the good?  If good is not doing harm to others, then we're all pretty bad since we allowed ourselves to be taxed and that money to be used by organizations and departments which employ educatable people who will work consistently creating weapons of mass destruction and project it on to their enemies for doing the same thing. Are we really that good when we allow it to happen? When even a formal complaint to a government saying, "look I object to this, this is not a human thing to do or a humane thing to do" according to our conscience. Not by a religious conscience or a traditional conscience or whatever cultural conscience we've been given, but your personal conscience; and you can always add, "I know I can't do anything else except complain to you," but at least you've stated your position. It's better than nothing. Nothing is always easier, certainly, and being the cowards most people are, they don't realize the more they retreat into cowardice the more their bill is going to be at the end, because what goes around comes around and they'd wish they had the time to do all the complaining when there is no time to do it and no one to complain to.

I've watched people put money into situations in Africa and other countries to promote the Western ideas of business and culture and values and I've thought of it deeply and thought you know – in other words, the only way out of the morass, which is generally de-culturalization of a people where their traditions have been destroyed by exploitation from outsiders with another culture, supposedly a superior one. We give them their values and expect them to simply emulate what we do, which is a value system of exploitation of others all the way down the ladder to the people at the bottom; and so we teach them to exploit their own in a sense. In fact, the better education we give them, the more they'll wind up being better exploiters. There's a dilemma there, a tremendous dilemma that people don't think about when they give their money to the charities.  We're teaching a select bunch chosen out of millions perhaps to have a chance of survival in a corrupt system, but the values they'd have to adopt, although they're approved by "the dominant cultural system," are still corrupt so they end up exploiting those below.

I can remember in the old TV evangelists they would bring over certain people to become doctors et cetera who started up inside of orphanages (grown up in Christian orphanages) and it would be nice if they'd say "well I do this for free or for very little" or "I survive on donations," but no, they're applauded because they wear a suit and a tie – the business Masonic suit of the West. They have the letters behind their name and they're becoming wealthy, which means they're exploiting others; and it's rather sad we save people to exploit others. We have to find a new way, and people are choosing, all the time, in the direction they will go.

In the 20th century as we progressed towards the greatest destructions of all through our wonderful sciences and human efforts and we watched art disintegrate into nihilism. We watched a cultural flux, the sea almost, like a scale going up and down between different ages, come to pass. As the Greeks called the old [Kaopos], the right time, it was the right time for the metamorphosis of the gods because the gods change between ages, although they're reborn with different names, always the same.

It's always the same, because humankind apparently needs the gods, which are given to them by those who guide them, their shepherds. We've watched this destruction of the old through the family units and all this stuff that came before. Most people who bewail that fact never realized that the family units were given to you as well to serve a purpose for a particular age, an agenda, even a breeding program for workers for the industrial age which is no longer necessary. Prior to that, as I say, we lived in tribes where there was no real marriage as such, although couples could do what they wanted to at a certain age. They could pair off if they were older and more mature. Some of them did according to the ancient historians, but the marriage system after the destruction of tribes had been used in the ancient world long before it was brought to Europe to serve the materialistic monetary type wealth system of dominance with the artificial creation of money, or of wealth really. The only true wealth you have is what the American Indians used to say, "it's the home in which you sit at the time. It's that which feeds you. Where you can grow things. Where you can live."  That's your home at the time. That's real estate.  That's why it's called REAL ESTATE, which must mean, in the world of opposites, there's a fake estate.


So much for my spontaneous blurb tonight and it's been a long week for me and I hope you glean something from that which I've said. I'm on a dialup phone, by the way, to let the people know not to send me large downloads of anything because I have to just delete them. I can't sit sometimes for two hours waiting for a message to finish and hold everything else back.  It takes three hours just to do this little blurb and then get it into the right formats to upload and then set it up there and transfer it et cetera, et cetera, up on to the site and it's very tiring at times.

This isn't a business for me and in fact I wondered if I should even have come out and spoken to larger groups. There are many things that you can only teach to a few and even then you have to be discerning. Most people want to see what will profit them and I don't teach people to go out and profit in the usual sense.

Good night from me and from Hamish my dog, as well, and may your god go with you.


"Whatever's Written in Your Heart"
By Gerry Rafferty

(Yeah, night and day and day)

Wakin' up here on a rainy day
I swore last time that I would stay away
I came down here to talk to you
I said this time I might get through.

I heard us speak but all the words were dead
We talked all night and left it all unsaid
So we agree to disagree
At least we got our memory.

Whatever's written in your heart, that's all that matters
You'll find a way to say it all someday (yeah)
Whatever's written in your heart, that's all that matters
Yeah, night and day, night and day.

You've got your secrets yeah and I've got mine
We've played this game now for a long, long time
You don't lean on anyone
You never had no place to run.

You never wanted me to get too close
We love and hate the ones we need the most
I tried to find a way to you
One thing I could say to you.

Whatever's written in your heart, that's all that matters
You'll find a way to say it all someday (yeah)
Whatever's written in your heart, that's all that matters
Yeah, night and day, night and day.

Maybe I've always set my sights too high
You take the easy way and still get by
I know there ain't no special way
We all get there anyway.

I heard us speak but all the words were dead
Talked all night and left it all unsaid
So we agree to disagree
At least we got our memory.

Whatever's written in your heart, that's all that matters
You'll find a way to say it all someday (yeah)
Whatever's written in your heart, that's all that matters
Yeah, night and day, night and day.

Yeah, Night and day and day
Yeah, Night and day and day (whatever's written in your heart)