Because Alan is perfectly genuine he has no agent or manager to arrange radio interviews. He belongs to no group, sect, or political party.
If you would like to hear him more often, you will have to request the major talk show hosts to have him back. A mind with knowledge is a terrible thing to waste.
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Latest Current Shows
July 7, 2024 "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt Redux
(Blurbs, i.e. Educational Talks From the Past)

July 11, 2024 "Real History" with Melissa Podcast

June 27, 2024 "Cutting Through the Matrix" - Melissa as Guest on "Dynamic Independence"

July 9, 2024 "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
(Excerpts, i.e. Short Clips)

July 6, 2024 "Cutting Through the Matrix" Special
(A Special Presentation)

Most Recent Shows
Feb. 28, 2021 "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
(Blurbs, i.e. Educational Talks)

Oct. 18, 2022 "Cutting Through the Matrix" - Melissa and Weston as Guests on the "Fakeologist Show"

Oct. 10, 2013 Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" Live on Republic Broadcasting Network
Feb. 21, 2008 Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" Live on We The People Radio Network
Sept. 30, 2020 "Reality Bytes Radio w/ Neil Foster"
July 31, 2014 "The Power Hour w/ Joyce Riley"
June 21, 2014 "Truth Frequency Radio w/ Chris and Sheree Geo"
Jan. 21, 2014 "The Morning Show w/ Patrick Timpone"
Nov. 13, 2013 "The Russell Scott Show"
Nov. 4, 2013 "Truth Warrior w/ David Whitehead"
Oct. 25, 2013 "The Vinny Eastwood Show"
April 17, 2012 "Alex Jones Show"
Dec. 16, 2011 "National Intel Report" w/ John Stadtmiller
July 18, 2011 "Sovereign Independent Radio"
Aug. 1, 2010 "Axiom 2010: The Truth Tellers" Conference
May 8, 2010 "The Secret Truth" with George Butler and Charlotte Littlefield Brown
Apr. 16, 2010 Helen Skopis on Athens International Radio 104.4 FM
Sept. 18, 2009 "The Extreme Society Show" with Jim Block
Aug. 12, 2009 "Richard Syrett Show"
Aug. 6, 2009 "Rollye James Show"
June 25, 2009 "Outside the Box" w/ Alex Ansary
April 30, 2009 "The Animal Farm Radio Show" with Ben Miller, Tony Pax, and Pieth
April 20, 2009 "The Monday Brownbagger" with Don Nordin, CFRO 102.7 FM
April 17, 2009 "Road Warrior Radio" with Chris Hinkley
April 11, 2009 "The Real News Radio" on WSIC 1400 AM & WDSL 1520 AM North Carolina, USA, and Liberty News Radio
April 7, 2009 "Truth Quest with Melodee" on KHEN 106.9 FM - Salida, Colorado, USA
Mar. 26, 2009 "The Intel Strike Report"
Mar. 25, 2009 "The Infowarrior" with Jason Bermas
Dec. 20, 2008 "The Information Corner Broadcast" with Sam and Trish
Nov. 30, 2008 "Godbox Cafe" w/ Tamurile
Oct. 3, 2008 "Time Out" with Kevin Gallagher and John McGowan
Sept. 14, 2008 "World Review Commentary" with George Butler and Charlotte Littlefield Brown
Sept. 8, 2008 "The John Stokes Show" KGEZ 600 AM
May 27, 2008 "Jeff Rense Radio"
April 29, 2008
(Website Posting)
"Rude Awakening" with Black Krishna, CKLN 88.1 FM - Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
April 17, 2008
(Audio & Video Posting)
"Out There TV" w/ Richard and Kate Mucci (Audio and Video)
(America One TV Network & BEN TV in Britain and Europe)

Feb. 24, 2008 "Feet to the Fire" w/ James Jancik
Feb. 1, 2008 "Dr. Bill Deagle Show"
Oct. 18, 2007 "The Freeman Perspective" (Audio and Video)
Oct. 14, 2007 "Red Ice Creations Radio" with Henrik Palmgren from Sweden
August 17, 2007 "Truth Hertz Radio" w/ Charles Giuliani
August 14, 2007 "The Midnight Rider Radio" with Mike Chambers
August 9, 2007 "Revolution Radio" with Mike Swenson
July 31, 2007 Greg Szymanski's "Investigative Journal"
July 20, 2007 "American Awakening" w/ Michael Herzog
June 18, 2007 Alan Watt on "Republic Broadcasting Network"
April 17, 2007 "Cari Stone Show"
Feb 7, 2007 "From the Grassy Knoll" w/ Vyzygoth
Jan 11, 2007 "Current Issues TV" w/ Hesham Tillawi (Audio and Video)
Jan 3, 2007 "Uncensored Radio Free America" w/ Rick Adams
Nov 17, 2006 "D'Anne Burley Show"
Oct. 14, 2006 "The Edge AM" w/ Daniel Ott
Sept. 28, 2006 "Sweet Liberty" Radio w/ Jackie Patru and Alan as Guest
(Year 2006, 2005, 2004)

Sept. 18, 2006 "Journeys with Rebecca" w/ Rebecca Jernigan
August 10, 2006 "Frankly Speaking Radio" w/ Frank Whalen
August 2, 2006 "Lou Gentile Show"
June 29, 2006 "The Kevin Smith Show"
June 27, 2006 "Light of Day" w/ Sheldon Day
May 1, 2006 Dr. Stan Monteith's "Radio Liberty"
April 10, 2006 "Coast to Coast AM" w/ George Noory
March 27, 2006 "Eye on the Future" w/ Hehpsehboah
March 1, 2006 "X-Zone Radio" w/ Rob McConnell
July 21, 2005 "Road to Freedom" w/ Eleanor White