Merry Christmas from CTTM Ė Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt

Itís the 25th of December, 2021, Christmas Day. What a year this has been, filled with sadness and the profound loss of Alan Watt. There have been many challenges for the little team at CTTM and we are grateful to those of you who have continued to support us, and the beautiful legacy of talks and writing that Alan gave to the world.

For anyone who stumbled upon Alanís talks, whether years ago or since his passing, youíll understand the relief and joy that his words bring; his words signify Truth. In this Christmas talk from 2017, Alan talks about going through the wilderness of this world and how incredible and rare it is to meet someone with whom you can really communicate. Itís like finding your real genetic twin and itís almost a spiritual experience. Thatís what finding Alan Wattís talks was and is for many people around the world, so the loss we have all experienced is tangible. For those of us who shared time with Alan, we breathed rarified air, and as time passes, we are still struggling with days that he doesnít grace.

Time is something thatís gone, and when it happens itís gone, Alan reminds us in this talk. We canít pull back or change what weíve done in time, but hopefully we can reflect on our words and actions to undo damage weíve done and do better. Alan encourages us to get along, not argue, to truly listen to one another. An argument starts because one is unable to listen. After all, if youíre so busy planning to say what proves you are right, how can you possibly be listening?

At the end of the first Cutting Through volume, Alan writes that we are Spirits descended into matter for a purpose, and that is not for the accumulation of material goods. Most Americans have never even heard of Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. Though it originated as a holiday to give gifts to the poor, today Boxing Day is primarily known as a shopping holiday, and now it has turned into a series of post-Christmas shopping days.

Today, we wish you a Merry Christmas and we leave you with Alanís words and his original Christmas day guitar compositions. May you and all your loved ones experience the sense of peace, wonder and joy that is the true meaning of Christmas.