Are You Awake Yet?

6 April 2022


                We hope you’re awake because this is the last in our Waking Up series of excerpts.  We’re grateful to a dedicated and diligent listener in Canada for compiling these excellent clips that have taken us on a journey of Alan Watt comments about the process of waking up.  From navigating the different levels of reality to the struggles you may have communicating with those who are still sound asleep, there has been a lot to think about and we hope you’ve enjoyed the clips with a nice cup of coffee or tea.  We are ending the series on a high note as Alan reminds us that there is joy in being awake.

                We’ll be starting a short series of excerpts in the next week or two, so “stay tuned.”

                Thank you for continuing to share Alan’s talks and transcripts with friends and family and for all that you are doing to stay awake!