May 26th, 2011 (#841)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 26th, 2011:

G-8 Meeting is Great for Eating:

"The Great Ate Club is Off to France
For Rich Food, Wine, Women, Dance,
And While There Will Sign Agreements
Integrating More Power for Global Achievements
Still to Come, For Such an Ancient Plan
Is Not to Be Thwarted by Petty Man,
Feudal Overlords Salivate, Power Delectable,
Now Each Peasant is Totally Predictable,
Transparent Lives Uploaded to Net,
The Watchers' Presence Not Felt as Yet,
Guzzling Science's Offerings, Science the Saviour,
Oblivious to Guidance Over Their Own Behaviour"
© Alan Watt May 26th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė May 26th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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HI folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 26th of May, 2011.  For newcomers, please look into  Youíll find hundreds of audios for free download, and hopefully, youíll have basically clues to the big system, and shortcuts to the big system that runs the world, where itís headed, how long itís been in operation, and really, itís way above politics, itís way above the systems, even the countries.  Itís one big international gang, of course, of the richest people on the planet, who really run the world.  And to show you how they do it, Iíve given you, as I say, hundreds of audios to choose from with lots of information, books to read, and so on.  So help yourselves.  And remember too, all those sites listed on the .com site have transcripts in English if you want to print some up, of some of the talks Iíve given.  And, if you want transcripts in other languages, go into and help yourself from the variety offered there. 


Remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, so, you could buy the books and the discs that I sell on  And from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check and you can also use PayPal to order.  Use the donation button youíll see on the .com site, and follow it with an email with name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  And you can also use a personal check, as I say, personal check or international postal money order from the US to Canada or cash even.  That gets through as well.  Across the rest of the world youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and again, PayPal.  Remember too, straight donations are certainly appreciated, because things are really climbing, as we all know.  Weíre all going through it, this forced austerity after supposedly bailing out the banks that lost all their money to some place called money heaven, where I guess theyíve got their own archangel with the key, no doubt, because nothing really gets lost in this world, believe you me, not for these boys.  So, thatís the world that we live in, and I try to show you the agenda, where itís heading, how itís been done, and Iím sure most of you who listen to this broadcast regularly have a good understanding already of the associations, the foundations, the private foundations, the NGOs that are funded by them, armies and armies of them that lobby government, along with the corporate business structure, international business, that really are all in at the top levels of running this world into this new system, a system which is to be a feudal system.  Personally I think it already is. 


Democracy is pretty well long dead.  Democracy now is just a tool to get the rest of their agenda through, in fact.  Itís like the Constitution.  Itís ignored when government doesnít want to hear, and of course they use it when they want to get something rammed through.  Same idea with democracy.  Itís used and abused to get the rest of the agenda through, and weíre living through the most incredible changes, planned a long time ago, mind you, and taking generations to get up to speed until weíre ready for the big changes, and a lot of folk are.  Weíve been programmed our whole lives.  Your parents were programmed before you.  And of course, weíre living through this part of the major change, as they try to bring in this globalistic, feudalistic system where basically fascists at the top with their own private clubs run the world, and the rest of you are run under a massive bureaucracy, which you pay for very handsomely from your tax money.  A bureaucracy modeled after a Super Soviet system, a Communistic system for the masses.  And thatís really the system thatís in play today, all living through it, as I say.  And most folk, of course, who have adapted, people adapt very well.  They understand behaviorism very well, psychology, theyíve got neurology all in on it, neuroscience working together to make sure that most folk, the dead, the walking dead as they call them, will float through it without knowing thereís anything actually wrong.  They adapt to all the PC changes that come their way.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  One of the biggest societies thatís really behind the planned changes, as Iíve mentioned so many times, and itís mentioned by Professor Carroll Quigley who was the historian at one point for this big rich society that planned to shape the world, and theyíve actually done it all, actually.  Theyíre still running it yet.  They run all the media, in fact, all top journalists are members of the Council on Foreign Relations in the US with their own branch in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India has them, and they have other ones across the world.  And in Britain, they just simply call it the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is really the parent lodge you might say.  And they also have one established now for all the European politicians at the European Parliament.  So, the same crew are directing the world.  The interesting thing is too, branches of them set up the Fabian Society to control and guide the Left Wing, and they also control the Right Wing.  So, they really are the body behind the shield to an extent, at least the ones that are visible to us.  And whenever you want to know whatís happening in the world, handouts are given out by them, because the CFR, as I say, really has most of its membership in the journalistic and editorial world, television and politics too.  They put their own guys into politics all the time.  In fact, every president and prime minister since the late 1800s apparently, according to Quigley, was a member of this particular group, right to the present day.  So, whenever you want to know whatís happening, just look into what theyíre saying on their own sites.  And we see on the CFR blog, they have ďPolitics, Power, and Preventive ActionĒ, so I guess itís time for a big P for those guys.  And it says here, the 2011 G8 Agenda.  Now, you understand too, these boys, when they started up were comprised mainly, at least as far as the public have been told, of two groups, the Milner Group, Lord Alfred Milner who came from Germany, and also the Cecil Rhodes Society, who was also co-partnered by Rothschild at the time to take over the worldís resources and bring in a type of system which weíre living through today.  They combined and formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They own and staff the Royal Society to direct all sciences.  And all sciences, by the way, are directed.  Thereís many, many directions society could go, and we donít think about that.  We just take everything for granted that weíre just progressing along and willy-nilly, but no, you put your money into where you want research and development to go, because it must match the society youíve already planned.  And as I say, they give handouts across the world to the rest of their members working at other newspapers.  And from their blog here it says, the 2011 G8 Agenda.  It says:


France --which currently holds the rotating presidency for the Group of Eight


(Alan: Now, they started up again, this Royal Institute of International Affairs, CFR, these terms, because they made so many different committees, and theyíve got committees or groups, and they call them groups of two, four, and so on.  The G-20, the G-8, this is all part of the same established system which they created working on specialized areas of controlling this world.  And it says:)


and the G20--is hosting the annual G8 summit in the resort town of Deauville May 26 and 27. The meeting is slated to feature a general lineup of issues including the global economy;


(A: Now weíre a global economy, you understand.  Everything is global.)


political and security issues such as drug trafficking and terrorism,


(A: Which is going to be an excuse for something else.)


exiting from Afghanistan,


(A: Which of course wonít happen yet.)


and Iran's nuclear program;


(A: Because thatís next on the list too.  Theyíve got Syria and Iran to go.  That was what they had on their same list for the New American Century group, after they finished with Egypt, elsewhere and Iraq and Afghanistan.)


and Internet governance.


(A: And thereís big, big changes coming on the internet, and weíre going to see that very toughly policed, very shortly.  It says:)


A significant agenda item will be nuclear energy safety in the aftermath of March 11th Japanese earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima nuclear plant.


A summit priority will be two sessions on the Arab Spring events in North Africa and the Middle East with the leaders of Egypt and Tunisia, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and the heads of the Arab League, the International Monetary Fund (IMF),


(A: The big boys, see theyíre all getting together.)


and the World Bank.


(A: You understand, this whole system is coming into the open more and more as they all get together at the same meetings all the time.  It says:)


 Other G8 sessions will be devoted to African economic and social development.


(A: Which generally means plunder, you know.  Thatís what they mean by that.)


There are also likely to be sideline discussions about candidates for the next head of the IMF, a vacancy created after Dominique Strauss-Kahn's arrest and resignation.


(A: Then it goes on to some of the key concerns, supposedly, that theyíre going to.  You understand that this meeting is a formality, like all these big things are formalities, because the Sherpas, which they call them, the Sherpas are sent out a year ahead of world meetings to work.  These are bureaucrats, high-level bureaucrats and they basically plan everything.  All the agendas, the topics, and they draft up all the documents that are to be signed after these guys have their big feasting session and drunken orgies.  And it says here, itís really good, as the US is going down:)


In a major Middle East speech May 19, Obama pledged to forgive $1 billion in Egyptian debt


(A: Isnít that nice?  Isnít it?  I guess it must be nice to be in that position where you can forgive all that money when it isnít yours anyway.)


and supply another $1 billion in loan guarantees for Egypt and Tunisia.


(A: Now, thatís also going to get basically written off, and the American taxpayers, as always, will have to pay for it.  Itís the same whenever we give out this stuff, and they forgive debts, as they always put you down as a guarantor when they borrow more money from the World Bank.  Anyway, it says:)


He also supports new investment across the region, including billions in aid from institutions like the World Bank, and is expected to outline a plan for reforming the Middle East at the summit. He also may


(A: It must be great.  Weíre going to reform the Middle East.  You know, weíve got the right to do that.)


He also may meet on the sidelines with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to discuss a planned U.S. missile shield in Europe. Because of challenges in Congress, Obama is unable to provide Russia with the "binding guarantees" it seeks that the missile shield would not be use against them,


(A: Well, whoís it really there for, eh?  It says:)


Brookings Institution's Steven Pifer notes. However, he argues that Obama can offer political guarantees and greater cooperation, such as "a jointly manned early warning center." Obama is already threatening to veto a bill (AP) that would attempt to limit the administration's implementation of the strategic arms agreement with Russia. Obama also is expected to meet bilaterally with Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan to talk about nuclear safety and with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the eurozone crisis.


(A: And then they go on about:)


In the wake of the May 14 arrest of former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a chief political rival of President Nicolas Sarkozy, the summit could provide Sarkozy a chance to earn much needed political points


And then it goes on and on about all the other things too.  France actually is heading this meeting, so thatís probably why they got the first dibs as an honor to bomb a few countries, well, Libya and stuff like that.  Well whose honor is it this year?  Oh, thatís France.  Okay, you can go in and bomb them first and get first dibs on the oil.  Anyway, thatís how itís presented to us.  Itís all done in advance, as I say.  Thatís why these guys can write it out.  And who better than the guys who planned it, the Council on Foreign Relations.  Then, when you go to the BBC, and Iíve talked about these massive luncheons they have.  Thatís all they go for, to meet each other, slap each other on the back, and have great feasts and fanfare and lots of prostitutes, all paid for by taxpayers money, which is well known.  Iím not making this stuff.  Itís been in major mainstream, and lots of big boozing and stuff like that.  In the BBC article, which is pretty well the same, actually, because again, itís all Council on Foreign Relations members, or as I say, Royal Institute of International Affairs as they call it in Britain.  It says here that:


As the summit opened, the French and Russian leaders met to agree the sale of four French-built Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia at a cost of at least 400m euros each (£350m; $565m).


(A: So weíre a war industry now.  Anything thatís at all working is actually a war industry.  It says.)


In drizzling rain, President Sarkozy welcomed his guests to the coastal casino resort as they were heralded by trumpets.


Isnít that wonderful to just live like Royalty in this Age of Austerity.  Trumpets blaring, red carpets, all that.  The red carpet idea, you understand came from sovereignty in ancient times, because the great god Ra, you know, the Sun God, the very old, old god, would make his path across the sky, but in the morning eventually he would blaze a red color, a very red color.  That was him blazing and preparing his path for the day, and the path of the world to follow.  So, all sovereigns who then became sun kings and sun queens, had to copy the same thing, and thatís what the red carpet is for.  Now these characters have got it, and they have trumpets and all that heraldry stuff to welcome them into the big luncheon where they make little private deals and all the rest of it.  So you can read both of the articles.  Iíll put them up at at the end of the broadcast, for those that want to wade through it.  But itís all predictable.  Weíre well on course to the agenda.  And thereís nothing to stop it, you see, because thereís only one system in the world that actually works, and is working, and makes sure that thereís no opposition, and thatís the ones Iím talking about right here.  Itís their world, itís their future.  Theyíve planned it all.  And the stuff that theyíre giving us right here is kind of exoteric, because they also have their esoteric group, their inner party.  And they donít let non-members know about what theyíre really on about there.  You probably wouldnít want to know.  Itís about depopulation and stuff like that. 


Now, it says Congress tonight has a midnight deadline on the Anti-Terror Bill.  And itís:


Congress is rushing to extend...


(A: Can you imagine Congress actually rushing?  Have you ever seen these guys rushing anywhere except to the bar?)


Congress is rushing to extend the life of three Anti-Terror tools, including the use of roving wire-taps before they expire at midnight Thursday.  The Senate was set to start voting on the legislation, including possible amendments Thursday morning.  Final passage during the day was sent into the House for quick approval, and then onward to president Barrack Obama in Europe for his signature.


(A: I wonder if his hand will be steady with all that heavy meals and sups of special stuff out of goblets.)


The rapid-fire action on key elements of the post-9/11 USA Patriot Act comes after several days of impasse in the Senate, and results in part of the prodding of senior intelligence officials who warned of the consequences of disrupting surveillance operations. 


So theyíre going to keep this perpetual war across the world going, until they have got the society, the World Society that they want, the world system, and perpetual war, and perpetual surveillance and perpetual terrorism acts across the world.  Isnít that wonderful?  Lovely future, isnít it?  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I go to callers, thereís an article here, thatís just come out.  I love this transparency in government, isnít it.  The speed of light travels differently from government sources though.  It kind of gets to us a few years later.  It says:


Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Royal Bank of Scotland


(A: Which is actually mainly government owned by London)


each borrowed at least $US30 billion ($29 billion) in 2008 from a Federal Reserve emergency lending program whose details weren't revealed to shareholders, members of Congress or the public.


The $US80 billion initiative, called single-tranche open-market operations, or ST OMO,


(A: I thought OMO was something that made your clothes whiter than white.  I guess they launder it, eh?)


made 28-day loans from March through December 2008, a period in which confidence in global credit markets collapsed after the September 15 bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings.


Units of 20 banks were required to bid at auctions for the cash. They paid interest rates as low as 0.01 per cent that December, when the Fed's main lending facility charged 0.5 per cent.


ďThis was a pure subsidy,Ē said Robert A. Eisenbeis, former head of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and now chief monetary economist at Florida-based Cumberland Advisors. ďThe Fed hasn't been forthcoming with disclosures overall. Why should this be any different?Ē


The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which oversaw ST OMO, posted aggregate data about the program on its website after each auction, said Jeffrey V. Smith, a New York Fed spokesman. By increasing the availability of short-term financing when private lenders were under pressure, ďthis program helped alleviate strains in financial markets


(A: That means it covered up all the crooked deals they were doing.)


and support the flow of credit to U.S. households and businesses,Ē he said.


Itís amazing they can screw you and then turn around and say they were trying to help you, eh?  Isnít that wonderful, but thatís what psychopaths do.  Now, thereís a caller from Montreal, itís Herscheid, whoís on the line.  Are you there Herscheid?  Hello?


Herscheid: Hello.† Hi, Alan.


Alan: Hi, how are you doing?


Herscheid:  Iím doing well, how are you doing. 


Alan: Iím surviving, just about. 


Herscheid: Yeah.  I listened to a couple of your talks.  They were quite interesting.  So, I just wanted to ask you a small question, so in one of your talks, I think more than one, I listened, you said at some point of time that Marx, Karl Marx was funded by Rothschild and even The Communist Manifesto in 1848 or something like that was the Rothschild funding, was a product of Rothschild funding.  I just want to take a look at the reference or source.  Like, how can I get the real source of it?


Alan: Well, you have to go beyond, beyond the sources that the Council on Foreign Relations have given you, which is most of the stuff youíll get off the bookstores, unless you go and buy books written in the late 1800s into the early 1900s.  About 1920, everything, all history was written by members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations.  As I say, even Winston Churchill made a speech about that when he found this out.  He was out of the loop.  He wasnít in the know.  And he says, itís amazing that a group like this, a group like at that time it was the Milner group mainly they knew the name by, and he said, itís amazing that they can actually plan conflicts and wars to bring in a society, he was talking about a global government, which they wanted.  I mean, they were agitating from the late 1880s for a war with Germany.  They wanted World Wars, so they could direct the direction of it.  Itís even worse he says when every school child and every student at university are reading history books written by the same members who were actually planning the future.  So, you have to go into the books, to see where the funding is really going for, for the major characters in history, especially in the 1800s.  You can actually go earlier in fact, because this group has been on the go for many centuries.  And I mean, Iíve got stacks of books here, I canít read them right now, because theyíre in a different room, but thereís stacks of books out there.  Whenever you see a rags to riches story, or someone really struggling for the people, you know thereís something going on there.  It isnít that at all, because these boys planned to bring through their system by the dialectic, they were all Hegelian inspired.  They truly believed that out of conflict comes a future which you can direct, but you must create the conflict, you must have left and right on the go at the same time.  And thatís why weíre going through it today with a form of Marxism on the one hand, utterly destroying what was left of the old society, including the family unit, and even male and female, or even what it is to be a man or a woman.  And on the other hand, you have the big boys at the top, supposedly right wing, who are pushing their war industry across the world and grabbing all the resources.  So, itís a long, long, long trek.  And youíre not going to find it from your standard modern books at all.


Herscheid: Thatís what Iím asking.  Like, itís not in the mainstream, so, because what I know is that Marx was living in extreme poverty when he went to London.  He was sent to exile.


Alan: Thatís what they tell you, but when you look at Marxís favorite friend who owned factories, Marx was not living in poverty at all.  He was not living in poverty at all. 


Herscheid: Thatís what I know.  So, thatís what Iím asking, like, how do I, because thatís what we know through history books, to verify that Marx was not living in utter poverty and he was funded by Rothschild, so I would like to read those sources, or those sort of.


Alan: Iíll try and do something on that when I get the time, and I can give you some of the history, or maybe a lecture on the air, a couple of lectures on some of this history, because itís really so bogus when you see again who his friends were, who was funding him with his writings.  And do you think theyíd let him live in poverty at the same time?  No, I donít think so.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just to end with Herscheid too, I was thinking there, that apart from the rags to riches story, which is exactly the same as Rothschild himself, you know they just were rag merchants and they just got lucky and that kind of nonsense.  Thatís how history is written, and weíre supposed to believe it.  Youíll find that even the funding continued to all the Communist Revolutionaries, including Lenin himself.  Lenin had private bank accounts.  So did all the boys, Trotsky and all the rest of it, in Switzerland, and thereís a couple of excellent videos out at the moment.  Iíll try and get a hold of them and maybe put them up tonight after the broadcast, and you can see that these guys were anything but for the people.  They were certainly playing their part, and they were well picked for their psychopathic tendencies.  Marx himself, I mean, he was kicked out of Germany as basically a failed journalist, a little scribbler, who himself was just a sideline revolutionary to an extent.  He was picked up and certainly pushed to the top in Britain.  Now, you think about it too, Britain ruled the world at that time supposedly, and do you really think theyíd bring in this agitator and allow him to do his stuff, without touching him?  No way at all.  Britain even allowed him to have the biggest halls in London for the World Revolutionary Parties that said they were going to destroy all Royalty and all systems of government.  Why would Britain do that?  Itís because, you see, London already controlled it.  That was its base.  Thatís why.  Now, weíll go to Paul from Ontario, whoís on the line.  Are you there Paul?  Hello?


Paul: Yeah, hello there, Alan.† How are you?


Alan: Not too bad.


Paul: Okay, Iím actually from your neck of the woods, I guess, from Farnell.


Alan: You are.


Paul: Yes, regrettably.  Anyhow, in Canada itís just one of those very deceptive places, at least the way people perceive it to be.


Alan: Donít they though.† Donít they.


Paul: Itís got a very dark underbelly, doesnít it?


Alan: Itís astonishing.  Again, these guys who run the world and who have planned this for a long time, they sort of rose up the US to be the kind of knight in shining armor that wasnít tainted with conquest.  They couldnít use Britain, because Britain was already rampaging across the world.  France was the same.  Germany was trying to get into countries like Africa.  So they had to get a new knight in shining armor that would lead the people into a new world, a fair world, and so on, so they created the US.  And their symbols are all across Washington D.C., very ancient symbols, and they certainly arenít Christian or Moslem or anything else; theyíre definitely from Egypt.  Canada itself, again, the cap, we are the cap on top of the US, and when you see how much influence is really put on the US from Canada, itís quite astonishing, the incredibly wealthy families that are very quiet live in Canada, and who are top players in this big world League here, top money lenders and related to Royalty and so on.  Itís just astonishing what we do here.  And leading the world in bacterial and viral warfare since World War II.  Stuff like that.  Itís quite astonishing, as we try to portray ourselves as the helping hand across the world.  And yet, they manage to keep it quiet weíve got our own special air service squadrons here, and weíve had them for quite a few years now, trained by Britain, and these special forces have been active for years in all the countries theyíre not supposed to be in.  That means going over and getting bloodied and killing people.  So, Canada is very, very good at giving out a PR image to the rest of the world as a squeaky-clean covered in snow type country.


Paul: Yes, it certainly is.  Anyways, I just called to say, you know, I appreciate your encyclopedic knowledge, and itís always you know, I learn some new nuggets of information about history in the present world from your show.  So, thank you for the work that you do.


Alan: Thanks for calling.


Paul: Oh, before I go, I just wanted to make one comment in that, because you know, especially as you observed yourself.  A lot of these things, you know, they go back, if you go back in time to history and back to Sumeria, Babylon, etc, thereís always an occult linking to the present time, at least, you know the people that run the show so to speak on the earth.  They are definitely involved in the dark arts and their practices and rituals which, you know, the average person whoís kept entertained by American Idol, etc, has no idea about.  So, you know, is it not wise, do you not think itís really, we cannot view this thing in purely human terms.  You know, otherwise it doesnít really make sense, when you look at it from just a human perspective, because the things that these guys do, like destroying the planet, and you know, all that stuff.  If they just want to kill some people, they could easily set up a society thatís existed all through history like the Aztecs or you know, you want to do some sacrifices, if youíve got the power, you go ahead and do it.† So, donít you think thereís something beyond the planetary, beyond the visible realm that is directing the human component?


Alan: Well, theyíre definitely into that.  Theyíre definitely into it.  Thereís no doubt at all.  Their histories show you that they were definitely into it.  Even someone like Albert Pike, who wrote basically what was and still is for some high members the Masonic Bible, his Morals and Dogma book.  And I have no doubt it was written by a few different hands basically.  It wasnít just one person writing it.  It was too much detail.  I mean, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, a whole bunch of ancient histories he came up with etc.  One guy simply couldnít do all of that, or have all of the information available to him.  But he set out the system that seems very pragmatic, again.  He was also head of the World Revolutionary Society, and he was set up to do that, and thatís when Freemasonry came in from France.  It called itself the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  It wasnít Scottish at all.  And these are the guys that love the 33rd degree to put bombs on in their main lodges and stuff like that.  So, even when he goes through all this stuff, a learned guy supposedly, he also loved to go into meetings with mediums, they had their own mediums, and trying to get portents of the future through these mediums.  They call them channelers today I suppose.  And theyíve definitely been involved in stuff like that. 


When you go into even Benjamin Franklin, high-ranking Mason, he was the grand master of the Nine Sisters Lodge in France in fact.  In fact, he initiated Voltaire into the same lodge.  Franklin himself, and they had orgies, by the way, blatant orgies, well funded too, when you actually see in the Franklin Institute his diaries of how much they got in for wine and brandy and food every week and his horsemen and his groomers.  This little, you know, plain guy from America image that they have.  He really wined and dined, but he was also into a lot of these kinds of things, Sexual Magic, etc.  So, this goes way, way back into ancient days, of course.  And into mainly Babylon, they love Babylon for some reason, and coming out of Babylon is very big to them.  Look at the pageantry they have today, as I say.  When youíre watching the G8 or the G20 Meeting and all the security that youíre all paying for, so they can go and have a big massive lunch and an orgy and booze-up, and thatís really what it is, by the way, and make little personal deals with each other for their own bank accounts, and then sign all the stuff that was made up by the Sherpas, look at the pageantry of them. Even this one here with the red carpet treatment and trumpeters like some medieval announcement or something, I mean, this is all ritual youíre watching.  And these guys are so incredibly ritualistic itís astonishing. 


Now, everything in our society to do with law is pure ritual.  Children sometimes will go through this kind of thing when theyíre copying movies they watch on soldiers and theyíre into that, standing to attention and marching.  But for grown men to actually go in and take oaths and binding oaths of secrecy to each other and go through all this incredible mind-bending stuff with physical movements, kneeling, baring chests, blood oaths, with some of the high, high lodges and so on.  Then they take it very, very seriously indeed.  And then we go into again the theosophists, which many of them were members of as well.  You can be members of different lodges at the same time.  We see the feminist movement coming out of the Fabian Society, because Annie Besant from the theosophists was put on there to be the first one to push feminism for women.  And she was into creating a world Messiah.  It sounds crazy to talk about but thatís in the history books.  Look in the Fabian society today, it will tell you that.  So, itís just astonishing to find that theyíre heavily into this ritualistic kind of mentality.  And itís not just watching Royal Weddings or a Coronation, which are highly ritualistic, going way back to pre-England, obviously, and outside of England, because the only people you see wearing these, the fur around the neck, apart from the House of Lords and the Queen and Royalty, this mottled speckled black and white, is Nimrod of the ancient days, you know.  Youíll see the old steles of him.


Paul: He was the founder of Babylon by the way.  That was the beginning of his Kingdom, was Babylon.


Alan: Yeah, Babylon.  It has many meanings, Babylon.  And Nimrod himself has many meanings too, because in the theology side of it, he was also a representative of a descendent of Cain and sometimes coupled with Satan himself, sometimes known as that.  And of course, itís not so much the way they describe Nimrod as all the titles that he had, and theyíre very big on them, itís like all the old ancient gods had many titles, and so he, apart from being a master builder and all that kind of stuff, he also wanted to build a tower, a plan in other words, to go up to Heaven, symbolic of taking over all that had been made by God.  In other words, a world ruler.  This dream has never died.  And heíd be above all gods in other words.  And this plan has never, ever, ever died.  There was an old book, it was written by Hislop, it was called The Two Babylons.  It was an excellent read on all of that.  And youíll find so many connections to today, and to the high societies, and all this ritualistic nonsense youíre watching when the G20 and G8 meet. 


Paul: Especially the Vatican and the Popes and all those, you know, their rituals are.


Alan: Well, itís interesting that Aleister Crowley who was a member of the Anglican Church when he was brought up as a child, in fact, a very fundamental family he came out of, but he called himself The Beast, and the Great Satan and all that kind of thing, and also into Sexual Magic.  And he abused lots of women, and I think he might have killed a few on the way along too, but anyway, heís the guy who advocated the best sacrifice was a young male child.  He said that he wanted to destroy all religions except Catholicism, he says because they still retained so many of the pagan ritualistics within the Catholic Church.  So, thatís an interesting observation.† And, no matter how anything starts up though, hereís the key to it, I mean, the Vatican was saddled from its early birth really with being an empire already, so it was already into politics and doing things of the world through devious means, because you canít separate the two Ė youíll always get devious people going up into politics anyway Ė and so they tried to couple it with a religion as well, and it wasnít long before it was heavily corrupted.  And with each great meeting they had to formulate the system, it got tighter and tighter and more intolerant of everyone else.  And thatís what happens to all societies as they go on in time.  Thatís why in reality too, you could never, ever have this dream utopia if human beings stay the way they are.  In every generation, you have psychopaths born.  You get the crooks are born.  You always get the ones who want to get to the top and lord over other people.  And thatís why all the pie in the skies utopias they always give you fall flat on their face and turn out generally to be horror shows like the soviet system that killed about 80 million people or more probably, by the time it was finished.  China did the same.† So you understand what Iím saying is that they always give you utopias while they themselves, the inner elite, will literally have their inner own religion.  And they take it awfully seriously.  And they do it in the Lodge with no windows as they call it, you know. 


Paul: Let me ask you a question before, I donít want to take up all your time, but you see like I personally believe in the Bible and I believe in Jesus Christ, so when the Bible tells us that Satan is the god of this world, and that heís devised all the systems and institutions of this world, and thatís what these people are into, Satanic practices, and thereís such a concerted effort in the media to discredit the Bible, so does that not perhaps prove that if the Bible was not true, that they wouldnít need to discredit it.  We donít read about them trying to discredit the Koran or the Bhagavad-Gita, or the Tibetan Book of the Dead, or any of the other so-called Holy Scriptures.  So, why so much effort is spent on trying to discredit the Bible if it really is false?  If it was really false, you know, it would disprove itself.


Alan: Thereís a lot of people, a lot of people think the same thing, as I say, because, youíve got to understand that Christianity in its early form, in its early form was a world changing, ancient world changing system.  And it was the first religion that came along that gave you a worth no matter how low you were as an individual.  Before that, if you were a nobody, you were a slave.  And everyone could be killed by the rich chutzpahs any time they wanted to do it, with impunity.  No one thought of themselves as having any worth to a deity.  Kings were blessed by deity.  Rich people.


Paul: Yeah, but the religious elites were very much the priesthood and the royalty.  They were partners and they were the elites in any society, and the Hindus and the Brahmans and everything.


Alan: Absolutely, but no one had ever said that you matter.  You matter.  No one ever, ever said that.  So in a sense, it was a revolutionary system that came into being where for the first time, ordinary people on an individual basis said, you know, Iím not a nobody at all.  You know, somebody or something cares about me. And that really was a revolutionary idea in its day.  And thatís why it had to be brought back into a mass, a mass, again like the Catholic mass, and then youíre under a priest once again, even though the whole idea was to get rid of the middle man, who was the priest.  Itís right in the New Testament.  So, thereís no doubt about that, itís been an awful nuisance, but then again, the system that already pre-dated it had no problem eventually taking it over and using it to its own purposes.  They always do that.  It wouldnít matter what came along next, if a god himself came down and left you with another system, theyíd take it over, because these guys never give up, remember.  They never give up.  And remember too, itís interesting too, as the statements they make about the Lord of the World.  What is the Lord of the World?  The Greeks went into it in great detail.  They call it the Demiurgos that really was a low-level god that was in charge of the world.  Early Christianity would call it a Satan or a Lucifer.  And what is the Lord of the World?  Well, the Lord of the World is the one that blesses you with money, wealth, and a good time on this planet, and a big family who carry on you into posterity.  So, thatís the way the high chutzpas in the world see it today.  And Iíve actually heard some guys in the music industry talk about serving the Lord of the World, and I know what theyíre referring to, and itís not the one you think about. Thanks for calling.


Paul: Yeah, thank you, Alan.  Good speaking with you.  Thanks.


Alan: Bye now.


(Commercial Break)


Alan: Hi, folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And Iíve got Werner from New Brunswick, who I think has a few problems there with his cattle.  Is that right Werner?† Youíre the farmer, arenít you?


Werner: Yeah.  Yeah.  I was wondering if you got what I sent to you.


Alan: I did.  It was fascinating to watch what youíve recorded there.


Werner: You know, it needed some more work, but I run out of money, so I couldnít do any more editing work on it.


Alan: But youíve done very good documentation.  Wernerís had a big problem on his farm for many years, odd things happening to his cattle and so on.  By the way, do you have that video up anywhere on YouTube or Google?


Werner: I donít, and Iím a dummy on the internet.  But, Alan, that wasnít the reason that I was calling about.† But the last caller, he basically, you know, both of you, you were, you know going right into the origins why the things are happening that are happening nowadays, and this is what years ago, when I was thinking about it, it all got root in Babylon, you know.  Let us be like gods.


Alan: Thatís right, thatís exactly what the boast was, let us be like gods, and even rise above the heavens and above all the gods.


Werner: This is basically, Satanís, Satanís whole purpose, to have as many of mankind join him in this ultimate revolt against the Almighty One. 


Alan: Well, I can remember too, even the Rolling Stones did their Tribute to the Devil.  Itís been used in a few movies in fact that song.  And they also did one of their tours, it was called Bridges to Babylon, or Bridge to Babylon it was called as well.  And of course, theyíre up there in the Order Templi Orientis, the old Crowley group that really originated in Germany initially, but itís all over, especially entertainment systems.  And theyíre all into this kind of stuff, and itís very real to them, and something certainly rewarded them for sure.  Thereís no doubt on that.  But they also help in the destruction of culture and society and direct the next culture, so thatís why they were well rewarded I guess.  But youíre right, and they make a big, big deal of that ancient time, and of course, out of Babylon came, of course, the high priesthood who never disappeared.  Even ancient Egypt, when they had to go and reset the times for the days of the year, they called in the top priests from Babylon, and they recorded that, and itís been found in, again, in Egypt, their writings and some of the places theyíve dug up.  So, these were the wisest men in all the ancient sciences of their time.  And of course, they also were very secretive in the way that they gained their knowledge and how they picked their members and they were very, very wealthy.  They had the wealth of the ancient world.  As they say, Oh, Babylon how youíve fallen, etc.  They ran the trade routes.  They ran all commerce, banking, loans.  They funded armies for warfare across the ancient world.  They didnít just disappear.  They moved on obviously, and these so-called modern systems are simply the later manifestations of the same organizational system.


Werner: And I think the advancement of technology and science, it serves basically, the ultimate purpose to make mankind very powerful, and when mankind becomes very powerful, then more of us humans would be willing to join Satan in his war against the All Mighty One.  If man would be a humble shepherd, it never would come in his mind to challenge the All Mighty One.


Alan: Thereís no doubt at all theyíve put so much of our money into extending their own lives, and theyíre working towards, as David Suzuki, a big player, a geneticist too, and big player for the UN, he said a few years ago on Canadian television, he said, we have the technology now to make a man last 500 years if we so wish.  Well, immortality was always the ancient goal, even in ancient times, through science, and they havenít stopped yet.  Thanks for calling, Werner.  Weíre out of time now.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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