March 10, 2010 (#531)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 10, 2010:

Government Runs with Lawyers and Marketeers,
Plus Academia, They're Racketeers:

"Masters Use Lawyers to Scheme and Cook,
To Get Each New Law Onto the Book,
Each 1,000-Page Law (Legalese Demanded)
Once On the Books is Then Expanded,
Three Amendments Down the Road,
Shows Real Intent of the Slimy Toad
Who Lives within Well-Funded Think-Tank,
Where Each Part of Agenda's Called a 'Plank,'
Specially Trained in Art of Deception,
Where Truth Takes Artist in Detection,
All to Ensure Slaves are Easily Managed,
And Master Class Goes On -- Undamaged"
© Alan Watt March 10, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 10, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 10, 2010.  For newcomers, look into web site, scroll down and bookmark all the other sites I have up there for future use because sometimes the big ones go down.  Actually any of them can go down but at least youíll have other ones to draw from and get the latest shows from if you have these bookmarked.  [Official sites listed above].  I always start the show as well, get the little plug for donations and so on, over at the beginning of the show rather than pester you like a professional salesman all the way through it.  So here I go.  I need you, the audience, to support me.  I donít take money from the advertisers to put in my own purse.  That doesnít happen.  I donít even know who they are.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by advertisers straight to RBN to pay for this air time, their staff, technicians, equipment and their bills.  So itís up to YOU to keep me going.  You can do so by going into any of my web sites, see the books, CDs and DVDs I have for sale.  I write in a non-linear fashion because, I think that Confucius said, people donít really think so much, or are changed or altered by words or letters but more by symbols.  I try to explain to you that there are other ways that languages are used UPON you without your knowledge, always in plain view, of course, for those who are taught the arts. 


You can also get the disks I have for sale; there are CDs and DVDs.  There are a lot of shows Iíve done, maybe 50 shows at a time on disk for sale and that saves you a lot of time searching for them and downloading them yourself and you can get a permanent copy that way.  So go into any of the web sites and see what is for sale.  You can also donate to me.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  From Canada to the US you can use a personal check.  I think itís the only country left where you can use a personal check to another country, because weíre not really another country, now weíre all one.  PayPal is for donations generally but you can also purchase the books and so on with the use of PayPal, just send a separate email along with the PayPal donation.  For those that get the disks burned of the shows and passed to them, because they are wise and they donít bother with computers, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


What I do on this show, really, is to act more like an observer, sometimes impartial and sometimes not so impartial.  Itís hard to be impartial when you see the techniques that are used upon the people, the general public, whom the elite call the masses.  But at the same time, itís interesting to stand back and really observe all the factions playing the game, as itís called, the big game to see who dominates the planet.  Really, the game depends upon these opposing partners, you might say, of left and right because they all work for the same ends and the fact that theyíve got so much in common, there is hardly a difference between them.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning how itís good sometimes to stand back and look at all the things that are happening.  Only then will you make sense of any of it.  Most folk donít stand back.  Most folk donít even know there is much going on, to be honest with you, because their own personal lives donít seem to change that much, even though they are changing.  They are adapting.   They are adapting very quickly, the old Darwinian saying, you adapt or die.  That really stands well because most folk simply adapt into whatever their masters decree.  It doesnít matter what their masters are called, what system they pretend they are called, or what faction they pretend they belong to, itís all the same old goal of who runs the world.


Weíve had the rise of different factions in society, or classes, in the past and now itís simply the rise of academia and it has been for an awful long time, and Science, the scientific dictatorship, as Huxley called it himself, and Russell and others.  Weíve been run this way for an awful long time.   A good book to read is The Organization Man.  That was written about how organizations came out of academia and from the universities and all their special courses and took over, basically, the system of enterprise.  Everybody had to be a TEAM PLAYER.  It showed you how loyalties are created, even using military tactics.  When you join the military you submerge the individual; in fact, you lose the individualism within yourself and you give it over to the group.  Thatís a basic thing.  When people become very afraid in society youíll find they want to join a group.  The groups are generally provided for you to join, led by the same kinds of psychopaths who smell which way the wind is blowing and they see the opportunity and they are very quick to grab it and parrot whatever the mass wants them to say.  That is a standard in history as well. 


What you can do when you stand back and watch all of this is to simply look at the media, and a brief scan will do it for you; you donít have to sit all day looking through countless nonsensical articles and recycled news.  There is a lot of recycled news out there.  You can actually find PATTERNS.  The elite themselves and the think tanks that work for them use all of these patterns.  Everything is based on patterns.  The RAND Corporation, of course, is one of the biggest so-called non-profit organizations that advise governments on the patterns of human behavior.  All through the Cold War they ran us all on Game Theory, on the premise that everyone is basically selfish and psychopathic, like the guy who invented it, therefore you would only do that which furthered your own advancement and to your own benefit.  Therefore, we were selfish little consumers that could be predictable by running us all through computers and eventually come down to the mass equation.  Nothing really has changed from there.


If you just sit back a little bit and see whatís being taught in the schools, for quite a few years now, to do with environmentalism and the reduction of consumption and saving the polar bear and save Willy and all that kind of stuff, itís all to do with this planned society we are really going into now, big time.  Those children are now coming up through the schools into high school and theyíre parroting all their Ďlittle red bookí stuff, just like Mao Tse Tung.  The Chinese would parrot the red book all the time, en mass.  Thatís what you have coming out of school.  You donít have individuals in school.  School is meant to put you into the mass behavior of consensus and since you havenít developed your personality, youíre too unsure of yourself to become an individual, so you want to join another group as soon as youíre let out of school.  Thatís what a lot of folk do.  Thatís also predictable.  They use teenagers and they use the young people in their 20s to further the causes of their indoctrination.  These are all sciences that are taught, as I say, at university, high university levels and are used upon the public all the time, every generation. 


The sustainability idea and the age of austerity that weíve now to go inÖ they love this ping pong method.  Consume, consume, consume through the Bernays era and give them austerity when itís bad.  Itís BAD to consume; you are anti-social behavior.  SOCIAL DISAPPROVAL is used when required.  Social approval is given when youíre very austere and you are bringing in your old plastic bags, that are full of holes, to get your groceries from the store.  These are the simple techniques of TRAINING THE MASSES or the herd, as they like to call it.  They actually do call it Ďthe herdí too, by the wayÖ including in medicine.  Iíll be talking about that later. 


Another part of it too, going through cartoons and movies now, is that the elderly ruined the whole planet.  Those who are hitting 30, 40, 50, and over are certainly doomed; they ruined the whole planet by consuming.  Thatís the big lie, you see.  Because the public will do whatever they are told in ANY era by those who are the masters.  If they told us to be austere 50 years ago, we certainly would have been.  It would have been back in the 20s when folk were traveling around living in trucks and tents, if they wanted that.  But they gave us a little age to build up especially the US and some of the Western countries so they could pay the taxes to bring IN the new world order and conquer the world and then turn us all into this austere global plantation.  Something that HG Wells and the masters that HE worked for wrote about copiously back in the early 1900s, this new world of depopulation, the killing off of the unfit, the elderly, and the useless eaters as Russell called them, and others.  Thatís really what itís about.  All this killing off the useless eater stuff is stepping up and the mantra is in the mouths of the very, very young via their cartoons and their indoctrination in school. 


This article is from the Telegraph to show you how it goes.  This is just from one dayís looking around.  This is Britain.  Now, Britain is the flagship for the world.  Thatís why Obama and all hisÖ well, itís not really him; heís just a front man for the guys who really run the show behind him.  Thatís why theyíre rushing through the health care system; theyíve got to get this new system in for the socialized control of human life.  Thatís what itís about.  So Britain started it off.  Well, here they are way ahead and they have to catch up in the US now that we are all global.  It saysÖ


Patients' medical records go online without consent

Patientsí confidential medical records are being placed on a controversial NHS database without their knowledge, doctorsí leaders have warned.

By Kate Devlin, Medical Correspondent / 9 Mar 2010 /


At present 1.29 million people have had their details (Alan:  This is their health details.  Their entire medical historiesÖ) placed on the system.  (A:  A governmental system.) A further 8.9 million records are due to be added by June.


Patientsí confidential medical records are being placed on a controversial NHS database without their knowledge, doctorsí leaders have warned.


Those who do not wish to have their details on the £11 billion computer system are supposed to be able to opt out by informing health authorities.


But doctors have accused the Government of rushing the project through, meaning that patients have had their details uploaded to the database before they have had a chance to object.  (A:  Thatís the name of the game.  Itís kept all quiet, right.)


The scheme, one of the largest of its kind in the world, will eventually hold the private records of more than 50 million patients(A:  Remember, they have EVERY personís DNA because they pick the heel of every baby born and have done for about 40 years now.  They have that all over the British Commonwealth countries.  I get reports from Australia where people try to get theirs back from the government facilities in which they are held.  They admit they do hold all this stuff.  Why do they want that?  Because, you see, they believe that through DNA they can tell, and your family history which is also in these databases, if you are prone to certain illnesses and will be a burden on society SHOULD YOU BREED, or your children will a burden to society.  This is all part of EUGENICS.)


But it has been dogged by accusations that the private information held on it will not be safe from hackers.  (A:  Of course not, thatís not the point of it all.)


The British Medical Association claims that records have been placed on the system without patientsí knowledge or consent.


It follows allegations that the Government wanted to complete the project before the Conservatives had a chance to cancel it.


In a letter to ministers published today, the BMA (A:  British Medial Association.) urges the Government to suspend the scheme.


Hamish Meldrum, its chairman, writes: "The breakneck speed with which this programme is being implemented is of huge concern.


"Patientsí right to opt out is crucial, and it is extremely alarming that records are apparently being created without them being aware of it. 


You see, we are post-democratic.  Iíve mentioned that before too and Iíve given you the articles and the books that first mentioned that they favored collectivization, a form of socialism, a type of socialism.  They donít believe in democracy anymore, it hampers them; you canít get anything done with democracy, too many conflicting parties.  That was the Club of Rome, from their book, The First Global Revolution.  Thatís what they said and they are the advisor to the United Nations.  Every country signs agreements with the United Nations every year on everything.  So thatís one article. 


So here are your records, all your records are going there with your DNA and your family histories, will you be a burden on society, will your offspring?  This will lead eventually to who should mate and who should not mate.  Marriage is almost out of the picture now because people donít bother so much about marriage; itís almost an obsolete thingÖ because itís been so heavily attacked.  That HAD to go too.  That was part of the planks of the Fabians Societyís agenda.  The Fabians, of course, put the Prime Ministers into Britain pretty well every year now.  Blair is a Fabian and so is Brown; they are both members of the Fabian Society.  You have to look into it.  So was HG Wells and many others.


Itís also in The Register.  Iíll put that link up as well, after the show, if XplorNet blesses me with enough speed to upload to the show.  I love high-speed satellite.  The high-speed part is when they take the money off you and the slow part is trying to get any service.  AnywayÖ 


Summary care records - you might die, but they never will

(A:  The records will never die.  They will always have that on you.)

Once you can opt in, you can never opt out

By John Oates / 9th April 2009 /


Now, where does that go from there?  Well, okay, remember the elderly and the chants and the mantras in the cartoons?  The youngsters, they are going to punish all the elderly now.  Itís their fault, they had the good life.  They had the good life, apparently.  I donít know where in Britain they ever had the good life but apparently they HAD the good life.  Of course the youngsters will believe that and thatís why they have to be austere.  Iíll read about what they plan to do with the DEATH tax, while you are still alive, in Britain for the elderly after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just showing you how articles can lead together to form a pattern and to show you where itís all going, too, for those that want to think.  This article here, after the last articles I read, goes on a step further to do with a death tax to fund care for the elderly.  So the British government has not ruled this out; they want this death tax to continue, or to go ahead.  This is from The Times Online.


Labour refuses to rule out 'death tax' to fund care for elderly

From The Times - March 11, 2010 / David Rose, Health Correspondent


The Health Secretary refused yesterday to rule out plans for a ďdeath taxĒ to pay for care for the elderly.


Andy Burnham would not commit the Labour Party (A:  Thatís the so-called left wing.) to a single policy option before a long-awaited White Paper on the future of social care funding is published this month.


But after a debate on the issue with the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, he set out in detail what a ďcompulsoryĒ model of public funding could look like.


The model ó endorsed by most patient groups (A:  There is a big massive organization thatís used as a front of course, like everything else is.) and believed to be favoured by ministers ó would involve every adult in England paying towards the cost of a new National Care Service, a universal system to provide free services (A:  How can it be FREE services when everybody has got to pay for it through their taxes?  I love how they double-speak everything.) to the elderly at the point of need, much like the NHS.  (A:  The National Health Service, if it was working properly and they werenít cutting back all the cash from it, from all the government coffers all the time, you wouldnít need anything elseÖ but thatís not mentioned here either.)


The Tories (A:  The conservatives.) have attacked the idea as a £20,000 ďdeath taxĒ (A:  Thatís what EACH person is going to pay for this, an EXTRA £20,000 just before, when you get to a certain age.) which would be deducted from a personís estate when they died.


Instead, they propose a voluntary system whereby people could pay an optional, one-off payment of £8,000 towards insurance to cover the cost of future residential care.  (A:  By the way, if you donít have a living will in Canada and in the British Commonwealth countries, and we are just dominions of London basically, then they seize your property if you go into care if you are elderly.  They seize your home and everything else and sell it and they say that will pay for your careÖ even though youíve paid all your life through taxes into the health service, because thatís what runs it all.)


Critics say that the optional scheme would have low take-up, and would not generate the necessary funds to cover the costs of an ageing population.


Mr Burnham denied that a single amount would be charged to everyone under a compulsory system, and said that a range of options were still being considered, including a 10 per cent levy on the value of a personís estate, or paying a means-tested amount in installments over the course of retirement.  (A:  In other words, they come into your home, they value everything youíve got, thatís the ways and means idea, and they tax you from that.)


So we are taxed, taxed, taxed, taxed, taxed PLUS itís really going to upset everyone below certain age groups thinking, because they donít think they are going to get old either, and they will blame the elderly for it.  So this is just a bash the elderly idea.  After all, what does the UN say?  The United Nations says that a good global citizen is a consumer AND producer.  If you are consumer ONLY, meaning you are retired, you are useless eater basically.  Isnít that the case of it?  Itís quite something how all this kind of thing works together. 


While thatís all on the go, youíll find there are many, many articles working hand and hand with this because some countries are chosen to spearhead CERTAIN AREAS of the global agenda.  For instance, Holland puts an awful lot of money into the so-called New Meat type society where they clone pieces of meat in some kind of fluid and this is how they hope to get away from the animals that like to fart in fields.  Apparently the farting is called The Fart Tax in some countries like Australia and New Zealand.  They farmers pay for the so-called methane offshoot and they actually do call it the fart tax.  So Holland is going to get past that supposedly by just cloning chucks of meat, that are apparently very jellylike because there is no tone to the muscle or anything, but thatís what theyíre going ahead with.  Holland also, being a very advanced socialist country, they tried lots of experiments back in the 70s.  Each European country was doing its own experiments to find the best type to bring into the ONE, when they amalgamated.  Holland was actually paying the guys to stay home to look after babies so that the mothers could go out to work. 


So they are very, very, very advanced socially there and here they are with another part of their socialized agenda.  They already have euthanasia for the elderly.  Doctors kill you off now.  Here is the next step to it.  Everything is a STEP.  Once something is in the books and people say, ah, well, and you know, you adapt to it.  They just take the next step up the rung on the ladder and here ya go.


Holland proposes giving over-70s the right to die

if they 'consider their lives complete'

By Mail Foreign Service / 10th March 2010 / Mail Online


Remember the Nazi plan.  They brought in what they called the hygienicists.  They actually had hygienics staff, as they called them, that went around hospitals killing off the different people that they thought were unfit to live.  Of course, it only took 2 doctors at that time to decide.  They just gave you the injection and that was that.  So Holland is going the whole gambit with this and this is a pilot for the rest of the world to follow.  How do you get rid of the useless eaters?  After all, if they keep living, theyíll keep using up their pensions and the government really, they donít want to pay out those pensions.  They just want the money that you paid into them because theyíve got all these other projects to go, like massive pay increases for the government employees and stuff like that, and wars to fight across the world, to conquer, and they donít really want you to live too long after you retire.  They want to put that cash in the kitty for valuable purposes like giving it to artists that make wonky looking pieces of metal all welded together and call it art, stuff like that, the important stuff, you understand.  So theyíre going to start killing off the elderly.  Iíll read this when I come back from this break.


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just tying a few things together to show you the patterns of how things really work.  Remember, you can sell ANYTHING to the public if you word it in the right way.  ANYTHING AT ALL can be sold to the general public, who listen with half an ear and simply adapt to whatever they hear.  Now, if you want to kill off people for a financial reason, youíll never say so.  Youíll simply have other excuses for doing so, and thatís what youíll hear, you see.  This is from The Mail Online.


Holland proposes giving over-70s the right to die

if they 'consider their lives complete'

By Mail Foreign Service / 10th March 2010 / Mail Online


(A:  Now, thatís the way they word it. Thatís gives you your premise right away.  The RIGHT to die, everyone will sign up for everyone elseís right soÖ that sounds, well, ah, oh, if they want to, you know, why not.  Thatís Joe average; thatís how Joe average talks.)


Assisted suicide for anyone over 70 who has simply had enough of life is being considered in Holland.


Non-doctors (A:  This is a new category here, just like the Germans had.) would be trained to administer a lethal potion to elderly people who 'consider their lives complete'.  (A:  They are probably taxed into the completeness, I guess.  Maybe thatís what they mean by it.)


The radical move would be a world first and push the boundaries even further in the country that first legalised euthanasia.  (A:  You could put this to a marching band and have cheers in the background as Iím saying it.)


The Dutch parliament is to debate the measure after campaigners for assisted suicide collected 112,500 signatures in a month.  (A:  Probably from the same organization, Campaigners for Assisted Suicide, right.  And the top guys will make their money off this organization too, by the way.  You can create an organization to get anything through.)


Euthanasia has been available for the terminally ill in Holland since 2002 in cases of 'hopeless and unbearable suffering' certified by two doctors, (A:  Just like the Nazis.) but this would be a far bigger step.


Supporters say it would offer a dignified way to die for those over 70 who just want to give up living, without having to resort to difficult or unreliable solitary suicide methods.  (A:  ArghÖ they are so humane, these Fabianists.  Theyíre so humane and thatís just like George Bernard Shaw said when he called on the scientists to find a Ďhumaneí way of gassing the unwanted people, he says, to get rid of them, the useless eaters, this Fabian founder along with Wells and others.)


They might include widows and widowers overwhelmed by grief, (A:  Probably so fed up watching the same rubbishy programs on TV and stuff and hearing the same news, taxes, taxes, going up, up, up, up.) those unwilling to face the frailties of extreme old age (A:  Ďunwilling to face the frailties of extreme old ageíÖ hmmÖ) or people determined to Ďget out while theyíre aheadí (A:  Thereís a good one.  So theyíre telling the winners here to go and kill themselves too, get out while youíre ahead.) and meet death on their own terms.  (A:  Administered, obviously, by some other people.)


The assistants who administered the deadly cocktail of sedatives would need to be certified, (A:  Iíd say, mentallyÖ) campaigners said.


And they would have to make sure that patients were not acting on a whim or due to a temporary depression, but from a heartfelt and enduring desire to die(A:  Well, the lawyers wonít like this because, you see, you canít come back if you change your mind at the last minute, can you?  There are no court cases there, so they are kind of out of the picture there.)


But critics say there is scope for the elderly to come under untoward pressure from unscrupulous relatives.  (A:  You know, the will stuff: Oh, we know you have that jewelry tucked away in the back shelf and in the tea tin; we want to know where it is and itís time you split it up with us, or else.)


Many religious groups oppose any form of suicide on principle.


And the Royal Dutch Medical Association - which played a key role in supporting the nation's euthanasia law - fears patients would use the policy as a way of getting around their own doctors.  (A:  Who want to make a killing for pharma and get fatter on it too.)


Although Switzerland allows assisted suicide in cases where someone is not terminally ill, the Dutch measure would go further.


In July 2009, British conductor Sir Edward Downes, 85, and his wife Joan, 74, died together at the Dignitas suicide clinic outside ZŁrich 'under circumstances of their own choosing,' in the words of a family statement.  (A:  Then they go on to give you an example, you see, where someone decided to go and itís all done all nicey, nicey and stuff like that.  Then they give you other examples whereÖ)


In 2008 former rugby player Daniel James, 23, died at Dignitas. He had been paralysed from the waist down when his spine was dislocated in a training accident. 


Then they try to tie it in and show you how itís been done elsewhere, so whatís the big deal, eh, whatís the big deal, just go ahead and do it.  But of course, who is it they are after here?  Itís the ELDERLY again.  All these articles Iím reading are about the ELDERLY.  Getting back to what I said at the beginning of the show - for those with a short attention span - what are they teaching in schools?  Itís the OLDER generation that had the good life.  They reaped all the benefits, plundered the planet themselves and they are the cause of all this global warming and stuff like that.  All the brainwashing theyíve had is blamed on the elderly.  Who dreamed up all this stuff?  VERY OLD MEN like Al Gore.  Of course, they donít think about that part do they?  [Alan laughing.]  And who benefits from it all?  The guys who own the carbon trading business like Al Gore.  [Alan laughing.]  Oh, dear, you have to think for people too sometimes, eh.


Just to give you a few quotes here, remember John Holdren who helped to write a book with a couple of other real freakish nutcases on totalitarianism.  This is what he wrote in one of the booksÖ


ďThe population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put in the nationsí drinking water or in food.Ē


This guy is now the SCIENCE ADVISOR to the US, the whole of the US.  People, you tell them this and they say well, no and they will pop their bubble gum in your face and that blank expression, like so what.  This guy that said this IS IN POWER NOW.  Of course, he didnít really mean that, nah, nobody would do that, of course not.  That was from EcoScience:  Population, Resources, Environment, 1977.  ďSterilized by infertility drugs INTENTIONALLY put in the nationsí drinking water or in food.Ē  They can also get the food to make it themselves by GMO manipulation. 


ďIf I were reincarnated I would wish to come back to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.Ē 


ÖPrince Phillip, the guy with the red nose who loves the wine cellar in Buckingham Palace.


Here is another one by HG Wells. 


ďThe world community of our desires, (A:  Now, who is Ďour,í eh?  Well, itís the Fabians and the elite.)  the organized world community conducting and ensuring its own progress requires the deliberate collective control of population as a primary condition.Ē


That was in the book The Open Conspiracy, 1935.


And Lord Bertrand Russell, who was also a big boy for the think tanks and he planned a lot of what we are living through now, by the way.  He was one of the key leaders.  In The Scientific Outlook, 1931, saidÖ


ďJust as the sun worship of the Aztecs demanded the painful death of thousands of human beings annually, so the new scientific religion will demand its holocausts of sacred victims.
Perhaps by means of injections and drugs and chemicals the population could be induced to bear whatever its scientific masters may decide to be for its own good.Ē


There you go. 


ďIf voluntary birth reductions do not work a nation might have to resort to the addition of a temporary sterilant to the staple food or to the water supply.Ē


Paul Ehrlich who wrote along with Mr Holdren there, Stanford University biologist and author of The Population Bomb


Of course, the beautiful woman that women are taught to cheer, Margaret Sanger, who loved the Nazis and wrote to Hitler and also loved the communist regime.  She loved both of them because they were both socialist.  She is the founder of Planned Parenthood, the abortion clinics across the world, she saysÖ


ďThe most merciful thing the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.Ē


Itís the most merciful thing you can do.  She also said that children were WEEDS, this wonderful woman. 


What do they all have in common?  Utter HATE FOR GENERAL HUMANITY.  Hate drives the world.  Itís not love.  It is hate, you see, and youíve got to understand that these characters are the ones who lead these mass movements.  Thatís why they win, by the way.  You see, hate generally does win.  You can certainly go into the arena, like the Christians did with the lions, and praise God and all the rest of it.  But those in power and those with the money, since we are living in the physical world, tend to end up always dominating itÖ over and over again. 


So thatís really just tying a few articles that have come out in the last day or two together to show you whatís REALLY going on.  Thatís how you get FED your indoctrination, is through bits and bytes, simultaneously from different sources.  You donít consciously work out a conclusion on anything.  In fact, most folk donít really think they are having any conclusion, but their conclusion, the final conclusion has been made FOR them and before you know it they are parroting, well, I guess itís true that there are just too many people in the world; statistics say and statistics say.  I think it was Theo Roosevelt that said, there are lies, there are damn lies and then there are statistics.  In other words, you call it a scientific survey and everybody suddenly perks up and believes it as the gospel truth. 


Now, Iíve read the articles on Kissinger and his bill that he put through years ago for depopulation.  He said that overpopulation was the major enemy to the state.  Now he was talking about the world state, not just the US.  BIG money suddenly went in to programs, again, with the corporations and all these guys getting massive funding to abort across the world, sterilize and all the rest of itÖ and at home as well.  Itís not so much that they believe itís overpopulated, they believe itís too much of the WRONG KIND of OBSOLETE people, the ones who havenít evolved enough to come through, to go on, who are fit enough to go into a future with them, you see, at the top.  They also donít NEED masses of people to serve them anymore, not with intensive farming and corporate farming and robotic machinery and factories and stuff like that.  Eventually they will even thin out China as they cut down and cut down over the next 50 years and theyíll only have enough to produce for who is left.  Of course, we know whoís going to be left.  Itís not going to be THE MOB down below, who are just simply used with this technique of money and taxation to fund all of this into existence.  A new system will come in, in your lifetime, to do with money all together and you will serve the world system. 


Iíve read also about how the US has quite a few military installations with the HAARP projects, standing waves where they can actually cause earthquakes and so on.  Iíve read from the United Nations site, from the treaty.  There is a whole bunch of them, because they keep signing them year after year all through the 70s updating them.  They admit they can cause earthquakes, famine, drought, floods, tornadoes and the various other catastrophes.  They actually said that the atom bomb was obsolete because of it, with weather warfare techniques.  Earthquakes are definitely one of the bad ones which you can cause with it too, very quick, as opposed to simply drought or flooding.   This article is from the Austrian Times Online. 


US military behind Haiti quake, says Innsbruck scientist / March 9, 2010


Innsbruck political scientist Claudia von Werlhof has accused the USA of being behind the Haitian earthquake in January, it emerged today (Tues).


Werlhof said that machines at a military research centre in Alaska used to detect deposits of crude oil by causing artificial earthquakes had intentionally been set off to cause the Haitian earthquake and enable the USA to send 10,000 soldiers into the country.


Ferdinand Karlhofer, the head of the Innsbruck Political Science Institute where von Werlhof works, has slammed her comments. He said such conspiracy theory had no scientific basis and her claim would damage the reputation of the Institute abroad.


Well, they do have this.  They have signed all this into international treaties in the 70s.  They wouldnít do that unless they already had it and it actually worked.  They are doing FAR MORE than just that.  They are doing the spraying of the skies for about 12 years straight, and across the states and Canada with testing before that but now itís STRAIGHT.  So there is massive weather manipulation but there is also, definitely, earthquakes, which are part of the standing wave idea; you have to go into the standing wave technology and youíll see that that CAN be done.  In fact, if you go into the guy who first came out with it, he shook a skyscraper in New York where his lab was.  He basically smashed all the windows when he first tried it out and all the buildings around about him lost all their windows as well.  That was Nikola Tesla.  They can actually do it eitherÖ and actually they can triangulate this too by bouncing it off the ionosphere, the power standing wave, and bring it down on any country they wish.  They also use it in concert with other sites that they have set up, like in Australia in Pine Gap.  They have them in Iceland, Greenland, Norway, and across the world now.  So they can triangulate them and put incredible energy power, right through the whole planet if need be, and cause an earthquake on the other side, if need be too.  Thatís all in the treaties and you have to wade through them, all these different treaties to see how that goes.


The US, as I say, was the driving force.  Itís a beautiful system when you use one country to bring all this in but it pretends to be different from all the rest.  You see, the US had to be the driving machine to bring IN the new world order.  They had to give the people a little better standard of living than the rest of the world for a while, make them proud so they wouldnít bitch about paying their taxes, they would supply the manpower for military might, and they could also, with its massive population, a wealthier population, tax them more for going into research and development for new kinds of weaponry and all the rest of it.  Well, now that thatís done and they are finishing off standardizing the world, they are pulling the rug out from under the people back home.  They have to sink INTO the very system which they helped to create. 


Remember, taxation now is going global, global taxations, so they donít need to keep one happy country happy any more.  This is from the New York Times. 


U.S. Nears a Crossroads on Trade

By SEWELL CHAN / March 10, 2010 / New York Times


(A:  This is a free trade deal.)

WASHINGTON ó After a year in which global exports declined 12 percent in the biggest contraction since World War II, trade policy is heating up again.


But the question is whether the United States is prepared to lead the way or whether protectionist pressures will make it all but impossible for the Obama administration to engage fully with the countryís trading partners.


ďIf youíre serious, as the Obama administration is, about being a leader in the multinational (A:  That means INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM.) system, you canít not provide leadership in the international trade arena,Ē (A:  Theyíre wanting to drop ALL tariffs from all imports, meaning, whatever business is left, if you have any manufacturing left, it will go under.) said Robert Z. Lawrence, a professor of international trade and investment at the Harvard Kennedy School.


On Wednesday, the director-general of the World Trade Organization (A:  United Nations.), Pascal Lamy, met with the Treasury secretary, Timothy F. Geithner, and with the United States trade representative, Ron Kirk, to discuss American misgivings about the long-stalled Doha round of trade accords, which began in 2001.


The Obama administration is also dealing with disputes with Mexico and Brazil over American restrictions on trucking and subsidies for cotton growers.  (A:  They want them to do away with all subsidies and allow free, unbounded trade to put whatís left in the US under.  So apparently, in the Bush era, they didnít sign that last treaty for the last step of it.  The rest of the countries did and they want Obama, and of course Obama is put in place now to make sure thatís done.  They had to keep America SEEMING kind of America, when the Bush Administration was in.  Now itís time to show you are truly international and a global leader.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  There is a caller from South Carolina, Nicholas.  Are you there Nicholas?


Nicholas :  Hi Alan Watt.


Alan :  How are you?


Nicholas :  Iím all right, man.  Iím just one more of them kids they brainwashed, one of the millions, when we were growing up weíd been vaccinated and indoctrinated for our whole lives, but weíre working on it down here.  I just wanted to let you know that your books that you send in the mail are listed as Hazardous Material, man.  I swear to God, I got one in the mail today and there are big stickers all over it.  It was sent to Washington to be inspected.


Alan :  Itís happened to others too.  [Laughing]  I had one that went to New York and the guy wrote back and he said I think it went through to Guantanamo Bay first because of the mess it was in when he got it. 


Nicholas :  Yeah man.  Itís got a big airplane on it and itís crossed out; it says surface transportation only because apparently your book might blow up an airplane.† It says it was sent to the United States Postal Inspection Service, Dangerous Mail Investigations.  Itís got an inspector that signed off on it.  It was examined pursuant to government code and cleared for processing.  I swear to God.


Alan :  There ya go. 


Nicholas :  The books are listed as Hazardous, dude.  That means youíre doing something good, I guess. 


Alan :  I must be.  A lot of folk find that too.  They have these amazing packages arrive with all these weird stickers on them.  [Laughing]


Nicholas :  You are on the hot list dude.  Youíd better watch out, man.  [Laughing]


Alan :  Itís something else.† Once weíve amalgamated, I guess theyíll have to come up here and whisk me off to the nearest torture center and deal with me there.  And Iíll come out like the movie A Clockwork Orange.  Iíll be all changed and all different, very politically correct and Iíll be very kind and nice to my masters. 


Nicholas :  Is that right? [Laughing]  I just wanted to let you know youíre doing the right thing, man.  Take care.  We keep listening. 


Alan :  Thanks for calling.


Nicholas :  Alright, good night.


Alan :  Bye, now.


Folk have no idea the stuff that goes on here, the harassment I get, just with the internet and all the rest of it, which they are allowed to do in cyber wars.  They are allowed into computer systems and different things and give you a hassle.  Then, uploading with the XplorNet, they were told, obviously, from the government to cut my speed down to about twice dial-up and give me a hard time, hoping just to shut you down, get you fed up.  But I have persevered so far. 


Just to finish off tonight, with all this nonsense about global warming.  In the Baltic theyíve got massive icebreakers getting stuck in the ice packs there.  Thereís that much there this year.  Hereís an article from the Weather Network. 


Weather News: Freak Storm Brings Snow To The Beach / March 8, 2010


March 8, 2010- The French Mediterranean coast is usually know for its sunshine, but on Monday it was snow that had people talking.


It's a rare sight to see...a snow covered beach.


A freak storm hit southeastern France on the weekend bringing around 40 centimeters of snow to some areas. Palm trees are even sagging under the weight of the snow.


Residents are taking full advantage of this rare opportunity though. Several people were found sliding down hills on makeshift snowboards. Students are also enjoying a snow day.


So there ya go.  Thatís whatís sort of going on with the global warming.  We are getting more snow than ever, more cold temperatures than ever.  Britain has had its worst deep freeze for MANY, many, many years, as they were signing the Copenhagen Treaty.  Inside the building, where they were signing the Copenhagen Treaty, there was a snowstorm and some of them had to get rescued out of that too.  Nevertheless though, reality has got nothing to do with the agenda and the agenda goes forth.  We are going to be taxed into the grave, but mind you, they are going to help us now with all the subsidized money, to end our lives before we get to that point.  We can go much earlier than weíd perhaps planned.  Iím sure theyíll even have people who will come around and convince you, specialists will CONVINCE you, do you really want to go on living?  Havenít you had enough by now?  Havenít we made it hard enough for you by now?  Isnít it time to just shake your head and give up, now that your pockets are empty?


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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