Feb. 26, 2010 (#523)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 26, 2010:

U.N. Socialist World State Technique --
Use Peoples Against Peoples,
To Create Global Sheeples:

"For a Socialist World, Nations Must be Destroyed,
Create Welfare States, Mass Immigration Deployed,
Cultural Bonds Eliminated, All Morals Degraded,
Till Generation's Born with All Past Values Faded,
Then Will Big Brother, The U.N. World State,
Turn Loose its Real Face of Tyrannical Hate,
Gone All the Freebies, You'd Better be Healthy,
They Claim Sick have Bad Genes (Except for the Wealthy,)
The Liberal Chants Used to Bring Down Each Nation,
Replaced by 'Necessity,' Each Knowing His 'Station'
In Life is, to Obediently Serve the New World Order,
Now Where Will You Run When There is No Border?"
© Alan Watt Feb. 26, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 26, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 26th 2010.  For the newcomers to the show, you should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Scroll down and bookmark all the other sites I have listed there and when the big ones go down in the future you can always download the latest shows by going into these alternate sites.  Plus if you find sticking on download on the .com site try one of the other ones because everyone tends to go into the .com site at the same time and there are thousands that do it and it just jams up.  [Official sites listed above.]  The cuttingthrough.jenkness.com site is a very good site.  That site is always up there even when some of the big ones go down. 


You bring me to you; you are the listeners, the audience.  I donít go the way of most hosts.  I certainly could do it, Iíve had all the offers and it would be very lucrative too and this is by having the advertisers come on your show, etc.  You actually get paid for having them on as guests.  But I donít do it that way.  The ads you hear on this show go right to the station RBN for the broadcast, to pay for their board ops and their equipment and their transmission of the show through satellite and so on and to pay their bills.  So itís up to YOU to keep me going.  It gives me a free hand doing it this way.  You can help support me by buy the things I have for sale Ė the books, CDs and DVDs Ė on the web sites or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those that get the disks burned and passed to them, who donít use computers but they have them given to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


Iíve talked about this big system of whatís called socialism.  All big movements tend to move into socialism eventually and itís backed by the bankers who PREFER a socialist society because itís much more well organized for THEM, especially the international money lenders.  Itís far better to have governments to demand money from its citizens to pay back to the money lenders, than the money lenders basically loaning out money individually to millions of people.  They could never collect it all.  They do it this way through TAXES, taxations and thatís why they favor and promoted, for over 100 years, the introduction of world socialism.  A socialist society is a managed society from cradle to grave, is what they used to say.  Cradle to grave, where experts run by the government and agencies will run your life including what you will do, what you will work at, and so on; in other words, a new soviet system on steroids.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about socialism basically and its many branches because the Fabian Society have hundreds of branches around the world and have had for 100 years or so, over 100 years in fact.  Many of the politicians who are in power today and those behind them and lots of their bureaucrats too are members of the Fabian Society.† As far as I can see, itís really a branch, a specialized branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs which also has many other specialized branches into this globalized world system, the socialist system, a controlled society, planned society. 


They want the so-called Ďfree flow of goodsí through free trade, as they call it, which is RESTRICTED trade.  Itís only the big boys, international corporations who can apply for free trade.  Also the free flow of labor, supposedly, which we know at the moment, is way overdone because most of the immigrants flooding in to different parts of Europe are not really there because they are needed for work.  They are really going there because itís the last place on earth where they can get the welfare system and sometimes treatment as well, from a Health Service, which is also crashing their health services.  Thatís also to destroy the existing cultures and that was admitted by Tony Blairís right-hand man.  I read the article FROM the mainstream newspaper from Britain where Blair had ordered to open the floodgates wide to completely destroy the British way of life forever and itís pretty well been accomplished.  Itís nothing to do with colors, groups or whatever. 


Youíve got to understand this is a warfare tactic thatís being used on peoples across the whole of Europe.  There are also wars going across the world where a lot of these people are coming from.  Thatís always standard.  People flee from these countries especially when they know itís going to be a long haul war.  These wars are now lasting 20-odd years.  Remember, what we are seeing in Iraq right now is a continuation of Gulf War I, going on for many, many, many years.  This is called PERPETUAL WAR, perpetual warfare technique.  Iíve read articles from even the US military about this and how they do it and how they are going to keep doing it until everyone is STANDARDIZED under a common culture.  A culture, really, that is socialist. 


As we are all playing ourselves and thinking we are having the time of our lives, those that are young I should say, you have no idea of the system they are bringing in.  Once they have got one they want, believe you me, all your rights, privileges and your fun will be taken away from you.  See, control freaks canít stand people really having fun.  They also use that as a weapon against you at the moment.  Theyíve been doing that since the 1950s onwards really and speeding up it to destroy society.  To conquer, as many of the top socialists have said even in the 1800s, you have to totally degrade the societies and then you come in to control them


Part of the Fabian system was depopulation.  It also was the abolition of private property and all property would be in the hands of the state.  We have this strange deal of public/private partnerships.  Thatís the socialist way of having the means of production.  They also have the means of distribution, which will come with rationing and so on for the NEW world order.  Iíve got articles here FROM the UN explaining this new world order.  As I say, the abolition of private property and even land itself is to be taken over by governments.   So they are using global warming and land degradation, anything they can dream up is being used now and implemented.  A war has been going on, on a HUGE scale financed by the biggest bankers on the planet and the biggest foundations, which they run, with hundreds of think tanks working for over 100 years with organizations and non-governmental organizations implementing, drafting all this legalese, bureaucrat-speak, for us all and itís all being presented to governments and they are signing them in automatically as we live. 


Part of it also was to do with the depopulation program AND as Julian Huxley himself said, who worked for the United Nations for UNESCO.  He said weíve got to take human being off their pedestals as the most advanced creation and dehumanize them.  Put them down to the level of the animals with no more rights or specialities about them.  Thatís happened in many different ways until we accept things like organ harvesting from fetuses and putting fetuses in blenders for make-up and lipstick and all that stuff.  Horrible stuff like that.  You all know this stuff, those who listen to the show.  Youíve heard it all before and Iíve read from the mainstream.  I donít guess at this stuff and I donít use conspiracy sites.  You donít have to.  Itís interesting.  HG Wells called the organization he worked for and this plan of global conquest, he called it ĎThe Open Conspiracy.í  He wrote about that in one of his books called The Open Conspiracy.  You should read it yourselves.  Itís all there for those that want to find it.  We always publish what we do and what we planÖ HG Wells knew that for most folk there is nothing exciting in it.  There is no sex and violence and the chase and the thrill.  Itís just dry, boring, bureaucratic reading.  You can still find these books in the libraries.


The other part of it was depopulation by what they called the death rate, increasing the DEATH rate.  Not just the birth rate, increasing the death rate.  So you decrease the birth rate, increase the death rate of those who are alive through various means and cancers, etc that were one of the things that they talked about 50 years ago.  We all see how itís been introduced.  We know itís going rampant and everybody is just stunned at the bottom level of science as to whatís happening and apparently itís no big deal; itís no crisis even though 1 out of 2 are supposed to die of cancer now.  They know whatís doing it because there is a higher level of science.  Just like you have an FBI, youíve got a CIA way above them and organizations even above them. 


Euthanasia was also discussed and of course we know that George Bernard Shaw gave the talk back in the early 20s about, if you want to live, you must work, basically, and you must come to us Ė meaning those who will rule the socialist governments, the Fabians Ėand he said, you must justify your existence of why we should allow you to live.  You will only be allowed to live if you SERVE THEIR SYSTEM and they NEED you to serve their system, otherwise they will kill you.  You can hear that little talk he gave on The Soviet Story, an excellent, excellent documentary to see.  It shows you what you are in for and they are using all those methods but theyíve also got more advanced, improved methods because, you see, they wanted to kill you more humanely.  In other words, you wouldnít know what was killing you.  They donít have to shoot you in the back of the head any more.  They can put it into your inoculations and your food, which was also discussed.  George Bernard Shaw also asked the scientists of the world, especially Britain, to come up with a gas that could painlessly kill the unwanted Ė the unwashed masses basically, those that they didnít need Ė that would kill them in a humane fashion, painless.  Well, we know who took up that idea.  So donít blame Germany for everything; they got all their ideas from Britain. 


Here is an article from the Mail Online.   [Article altered and changed as of March 3, 2010.]


ĎEuthanasia by the back doorí:  Fears over Ďcompassioní loophole in new assisted suicide guidelines.

Mail Online / February 25, 2010


LONDON -- New guidelines on assisted suicide could usher in euthanasia through the 'back door' and will increase the risk to the seriously ill and disabled, it was claimed today.  (Alan: Well, thatís why itís there.  Thatís why theyíre putting it in actually.)


Critics immediately attacked the updated approach to people who help others to die, unveiled this morning by the Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer.


The final guidelines shifted the focus from the victims health to the suspects motivation making clear any one acting out of compassion would be unlikely to face prosecution.  (A: Well, they had an organization, you know, in Germany from the Department of Hygiene, they called it, that was sent around to the different hospitals and anyone who was deemed to be on the way out or if they were called mentally feeble and so on were euthanized by these specialists.  But they got their ideas from the Soviet Union, remember, and thatís also explained in The Soviet Story, stuff they have kept quiet for an awful long time.)


But some campaigners condemn the changes and Members of Parliament demanded a Commons debate claiming they are being denied the chance to discuss the controversial issue.


Torry Mark Pritchard said, ďThis is a real concern out in the community that this house is not having a say.  People are very concerned that this is a new back door to euthanasia in the UK. 


Of course it is and itís really also to get what they call Ďraising public awareness.í  There are legalities in this system that we live and how the legalities work is they raise these topics and if we are silent we are giving consent.  So this is a LEGAL DECLARATION, what Iím reading here to the public, like a notice you might say, legally accepted as a notice to the public.  It doesnít matter if they read it or not.  But if they are silent on the decision then you have given your consent.  That literally is how they work this big scheme of theirs. Itís quite something thatís going on but thatís only one area of this whole massive attack.


Iíve talked about the early experimental schools run by Lord Bertrand Russell and others that were given Royal Charters to run them and do things to children that would have gotten anyone else hung at the time.  He was promoting pre-pubertal sex and so on to see if they children would have problems bonding later in life.  If they didnít bond, they would be less likely to have children.  That was one of the main reasons.  The other reason was to try techniques of SCIENTIFIC INDOCTRINATION that would be put through to the children so that their parentsí input, their parentsí moral values and so on, would be OVERRULED by the scientific indoctrination of the children.  He explains some of this in a book called, Education and the Good Life and you can do your search from his other books where he puts in the other stuff. 


Itís great how they scatter the knowledge in different books, you know.  Unfortunately I get calls and emails from people who say, where can I find this, what book is it?  Well, you know, you might have half a dozen books to go through to put it all together, books where the same person has either authored the whole lot of them or written parts in other books.  Everybody just expects everythingÖ itís like a fast food hamburger; they expect it like a drive through, just give me what I want to know.  It takes years to accumulate this kind of knowledge, but they want it all in a minute. Thatís their patience today.  When I get these people I just ignore them.  I donít answer them.  The music is coming in and weíll get into some very good topics tonight when I come back from these messages. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about Bertrand Russell and others who very successfully had their schemes implemented through the National Educational authority systems across the world basically.  Again, thatís the standardization process that the Fabians were obsessed about.  Here is an article from the utter hypocrites that they are, the BBC.  I really canít stand the hypocrisy of the media because you should see some of the stuff, and people sometimes burn the occasional play or whatever that they are putting out today and if you want basic pornography, just watch this stuff.  Here they are, the BBCÖ


Children Ďover exposed to sexual imagery'

(A:  What a joke, eh?)

By Dominic Casciani / BBC News / February 26, 2010


Children are being increasingly exposed to sexual imagery and their parents have limited opportunities to stop it, a report for the Home Office warns.


The report calls for tougher regulation of sexual imagery in adverts and a ban on selling "lads' mags" to under-16s.


It also recommends selling mobile phones and games consoles with parental controls automatically switched on.


Author Dr Linda Papadopoulos said there was a clear link between sexualised imagery and violence towards females.  (A:  Sheís going the other way.  Ha.  So thatís why sheís getting the grant to do this obviously.  Thatís ALL socialist countries.  Most of these authors LIVE on grants from the governments so they can put stuff out there for the NGOs that the government also helps to finance.  A lot of people get abuse, believe you me.  It isnít just women.  Itís not just adults or children.  ALL get abused in this kind of disgusting society in which we live today.)


Her report said the material children were being exposed to included the growth of lads' mags and pornography on mobile phones, through to big-name fashion brands using sexual imagery to advertise clothes targeted at young teenagers. 


You know, the BBC have been churning out music stuff, shows and so on, since the 50s and right through they keep changing and changing and changing them.  I can remember even Benny Hill used to be on and if you wanted stuff that was so near, so near to the target, that was the show to watch.  Believe you me, the BBC helped to lead this whole charge into this new system that we are now into today and really suffering from as well.  Itís just fascinating to watch the hypocrisy of really whatís getting pushed out there and listen to the media.


This article I mentioned a few nights ago where students in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, had the school teachers activating their laptops at home, remotely, and watching them and listening to them.  Here is an article about ANOTHER incident that happened before that, that apparently was already on public broadcasting station, the PBS where a school administrator boasts to PBS about his laptop spying.  Itís a documentary.  This is from, itís called, boingboing.net web site.  Iíll put this up too at the end of the show; all these links will go up there IF XplorNet graces me with my double up dial up speed, itís supposed to be high speed, to upload it. 


School administrator boasts to PBS about his laptop spying

By Cory Doctorow February 25, 2010


A few weeks ago, Frontline premiered a documentary called "Digital Nation". In one segment, the vice-principle of Intermediate School 339, Bronx, NY, Dan Ackerman, demonstrates how he "remotely monitors" the students' laptops for "inappropriate use". (his demonstration begins at 4:36)


He says "They don't even realize we are watching," "I always like to mess with them and take a picture," and "9 times out of 10, THEY DUCK OUT OF THE WAY."   (A:  Thatís his little joke, I guess.)


He says the students "use it like it's a mirror" and he watches. He says 6th and 7th graders have their cameras activated. (A:  This is the article I read previously.)  It looks like the same software used by the Pennsylvania school that is being investigated for covertly spying on students through their webcams.


The shocking thing about this is that the privacy concerns were not even mentioned in the Frontline documentary!  (A:  Well, you see, we are all so jaded now with watching all this rubbish on TV that whatís to shock you anymore?  Really?  What is there to shock you anymore?)


This is pretty amazing footage -- especially (as Scott notes) the absence of any questions about student privacy from the interviewer. I keep trying to imagine what my education would have been like if all my conversations, reading, doodling, writing, etc, had been monitored, in real time, by my teachers. (A:  Then he goes on to say how great his teachers were and so on and so on.)


Then, when you go into the other article...  This article is from Newsolio.  It says,


Students Spied on Via Laptop Computers by Lower Merion School District in Philadelphia, Claim

Thursday, February 18, 2010 / By Newsolio Editor


(A:  This is the other one that I was talking about that broke out recently.  Iíll put this link up too.)


Philadelphia, PA- Parents are outraged after a school district was accused of spying on students at home via their laptop computers in a legal case straight out of a technology nightmare.


Itís claimed that big brother was watching as students of Lower Merion School district schools went about their activities on their specially issued laptop computers.


A suit filed with a US court, Blake J Robbins v Lower Merion School District (PA) et al, claims that students were spied on at home via the laptop web cams.


The case claims that an assistant principal told a student the school district knew he ďwas engaged in improper behavior in his home, and cited as evidence a photograph from the webcam embedded in minor plaintiffís personal laptop issued by the school district.Ē


Outraged families from the suburban Philadelphia Lower Merion School District said Webcam-equipped personal laptop computers were issued to 1,800 high school students at three high schools. 


There is another link here tying in with this.  It gives you the system that they are using to spy on these children and itís from StrydeHax.blogspot.com.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iím giving out the link tonight, go into the web site at the end of the show and youíll see this as well, all these sites will be linked there.  StrydeHax is the guy who gives you the data that you need to know if you want to know if your laptop has this system installed in it that allows them to remotely access it.  Itís called LANRev and itís from StrydeHax.  It saysÖ


Network Fingerprint for LANRev Agent

Monday, February 22, 2010 / StrydeHax.blogspot.com


Analysis of the LANRev software used to spy at Harriton High continues; for now, I wanted to give everyone a way to detect if a machine has the software installed remotely; this won't tell if its webcam features are active. You'll need a Unix command line with the "netcat" utility installed. (A:  He goes through all this stuff which you can read for yourself telling you how to use it.  If you scroll down he tells you, really, who designed this system and it happens to be one of the teachers who is in charge of technology at one of the schools that is listed in the lawsuit.  He was the guy who designed the spy network.)


This investigation into the remote spying allegedly being conducted against students at Lower Merion represents an attempt to find proof of spying and a look into the toolchain used to accomplish spying. Taking a look at the LMSD Staff List, Mike Perbix is listed as a Network Tech at LMSD. Mr. Perbix has a large online web forum footprint as well as a personal blog, and a lot of his posts, attributed to his role at Lower Merion, provide insight into the tools, methods, and capabilities deployed against students at LMSD. Of the three network techs employed at LMSD, Mr. Perbix appears to have been the mastermind behind a massive, highly effective digital panopticon.



The primary piece of evidence, already being reported on by a Fox affiliate, is this amazing promotional webcast (A:  And the link is here, youíll see the promotional webcast for the spying gear that this teacher designed.) for a remote monitoring product named LANRev. In it, Mike Perbix identifies himself as a high school network tech, and then speaks at length about using the track-and-monitor features of LanRev to take surreptitious remote pictures through a high school laptop webcam. (A:  So one of the perpetrators actually is boasting about how to do it on this promotional webcast.)  A note of particular pride is evident in his voice when he talks about finding a way outside of LANRev to enable "curtain mode", a special remote administration mode that makes remote control of a laptop invisible to the victim. Listen at 35:47, when he says:


"you're controlling someone's machine, you don't want them to know what you're doing"

-Mike Perbix


It isn't until 37 minutes into the video till Perbix begins talking about the Theft Tracking feature, which causes the laptop to go into a mode where it beacons its location and silent webcam screenshots out to an Internet server controlled by the school.  (A:  Isnít that just dandy for perverts?  Isnít that dandy for the perverts, eh?  And you think there is not organized perverts out there?  There certainly are.  There have been lots of features in the newspaper articles over the years, a lot of them in high places too.)


The beacon feature appears to have been one of the primary methods for remote spying, however, network footprints abound over the details and architecture of the remote administration effort. In this post, Perbix discusses methods for remotely resetting the firmware lockout used to prevent jailbreaking of student laptops. A jailbreak would have allowed students to monitor their own webcam to determine if administrators were truly taking pictures or if, as the school administration claimed, the blinking webcams were just "a glitch."


Perbix also maintains a prolific blog, where in this blog post he describes using the remote monitoring feature to locate a stolen laptop:


"As a prime example, we initially attempted to recover a stolen laptop that reported back to us its internet address and DNS name. The police went to the house and were befuddled to find out the people we knew had the laptop was not the family that lived there...well, we eventually found out that they were the neighboring house and were borrowing the unsecured WI-FI."  (A:  Amazing, eh?)


In a September 2009 post that may come to haunt this investigation, Perbix posted a scripting method for remote enable/disable of the iSight camera in the laptops. This post makes a lot more sense when Perbix puts it in context on an admin newsgroup, (A:  All these links are all in this article here for you to see by this particular teacher.  Thatís all Iíll say right now but it just shows you, nothing is for free.  Here is your laptop, your school is giving you a laptop, thousands of them get laptops and here these characters have been spying on them for goodness knows how long.  And by the way, they were giving courses in how to use this particular spyware to other teachers from outside the state, so this will be nationwide.)


What a world we live in eh?  What a world.  Iím also putting a link up that was leaked initially from the United Nations.  I think it was FoxNews.com that came out with it.  Itís very interesting.  Itís their whole agenda for the green economy.  It wasnít supposed to be leaked to the public.  Iíll put the link up tonight on my site to the PDF and you can download it yourself.  It goes into how long they have been working on this and it says that global warming and so on Ė because itís been hyped up, blah, blah, blah Ė basically will be the MEANS by which they will take over and bring in this new greening economy and how they can take advantage of all the crises, etc and weather, famines, all that kind of stuff, to bring all this about.  This is from their own, supposedly, secret documentation right here.  Iíll put that link up for you to see.


Now, letís go back to the Club of Rome, the guys that dreamed up the idea for using global warming to get this about, back in the 1970s.  This is from their book, The First Global Revolution, by the founders of the Club of Rome, the PREMIERE environmental think thank for the United Nations.  They are the consultants to the United Nations on this.  Alexander King, the co-founder that wrote in the book, published in 1991, that back in the 1970s they were given the job to find a way and to find reasons to bring the whole world together for a common cause, against a common enemy and he saysÖ


ďThe common enemy of humanity is man.  In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the IDEA that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would FIT THE BILL.  (A:  That would fit the bill.  An IDEA would fit the bill.)  All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.  The real enemy then is humanity itself.Ē


Thatís what they presented to the United Nations and weíve all seen the effects of it since.  All the lies theyíve been spouting out there by all these paid-off scientists that work for the IPCC and weíve seen all these scandals that broke out when their lies get exposed; however, it wonít make a bit of difference because this is the one AGENDA that they must stick with to get all of this carbon taxes, another way to pummel you into the ground through poverty and take your land from you, etc.  They wonít change their mind.  I donít care if you are up to your eyeballs in snow, like I am here and Britain is too, they are still going to go ahead with this.  Theyíve got nothing else in the bag. 


Just to get right back to how this ties in with land, I said at the beginning that the Fabian Society talked about basically how people wouldnít have private property anymore.  Now, there will still be the big mansions and so on for VIPs that run the world to live in and that means themselves, etc, and the scientists.  We will maintain them for them, of course, they wonít have to pay anything, just like the Soviet system but technically no one would own anything.  Weíll all be living in little green shacks, scattered about at the edge of the forest or something.  It says hereÖ


Land management in UK must change to cope with climate change

(A:  So here theyíre pushing now for the takeover of all the land, now that basically theyíve put most of the folks out of their houses, through the managed financial crisis.)

By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent / 26 Feb 2010 / Telegraph.co.uk


Britain faces rising water bills, housing shortages and destruction of wildlife unless the way land is managed is completely reformed, scientists have warned.  (A:  SCIENTISTS again.  Science is the new priesthood.)


Professor John Beddington, the Government's chief scientific adviser, said sticking with "business as usual" was not an option in the face of pressures such as climate change and population increases over the next 50 years.


The Foresight report on the future of land use said addressing these major challenges would need a strategic and integrated approach, rather than the fragmented policies of the past.


Land is also likely to come under pressure from an increasingly wealthy population to provide more living space and recreation, and the need to produce food and green energy - from wind farms to fuels made from crops - to meet targets on renewables.


Pressure on land and the resources it provides is expected to be particularly acute in the South East, where population is expected to grow most but where water is most scarce and most of the best farmland is found.  (A:  Last night I read the article to do with the Mega Cities.  You see, the real agenda is to have us all off the land and crammed on top of each other in these super Mega Cities.  The United Nations are the boys, again, who deal with that.  In fact, the United Nations deals with everything in your life whether you know it or not.  Thatís the reality of it.  Thatís the reality of it.)


So here they are talking about all the things that the Club of Rome dreamed up a long time ago and overpopulation being one of them.  Now, overpopulationÖ  This is a FORCED issue, remember, because the UN itself, when it reports its statistics every year says that the native populations of Europe and Britain have been FALLING for the last 40-50 years.  Theyíre all good people, you see, Donít have any more than 1.2 children per family, so they all complied.  Margaret Thatcher turned around when she was in and says, weíve got to open the flood gates to immigration because there are not enough British people giving birth to children to pay off the national debt.  No kidding.  See, itís all worked out way in advance.  So when you think you are pleasing your government, believe you me, you are just going along with a part of a plan to do you in completely, as Tony Blair proved in that article that I mentioned earlier where he says, theyíd destroy the face of Britain forever.  That was his agenda. 


This article is from the Mail Online.


Two passports a minute are given to foreigners as 1.5m issued since Labour elected

By James Slack / 26th February 2010 / Mail Online


Passports were given to foreigners at the rate of two a minute last year.


Officials approved a record 203,865 citizenship applications, 58 per cent more than in 2008.


Another 190,000 immigrants were given the right to settle in the UK in 2009 Ė a rise of 30 per cent on the year before.  (A:  Remember, these immigrants are allowed, under international law, through the UN, to bring in their extended families as well and they then apply for them.)


Home Office figures show that 1.5million foreigners have become UK citizens since Labour (A:  government) came to power.


In 1997, just 37,010 were granted the status.


Officials claim the massive rises during the past year may have been caused by migrants rushing to beat the supposedly tougher system of earned citizenship due to start next year.


From then, obtaining a passport will usually take between six and eight years from a migrantís arrival in the UK Ė rather than the current five.


The figures also reflect the huge influx into Britain in the early part of the last decade.


This is how they encourage the thing.  It wouldnít happen, believe you me, unless they wanted it to happen.  Then they turn around and say, my God, look, thereís too many people, thereís too many people.  Do you understand, in the Western world if these immigration quotas hadnít been massively pumped up by design they could never pull off this Ďtoo many peopleí scam?  It would never work.  The populations were DECLINING, so it would never work.  They had to pump them in and say, see, thereís too many of you and then the laws are passed on all of you.


This is a 100 year old plan.  Itís actually older.  Itís all coming into play now.  In fact, Bertrand Russell said in the 1920s, about all these techniques that are being used and implemented at that time, would begin to become apparent at the end of the millennium and into the new.  Lenin said the same thing about the West.  You are seeing it all happening right now. 


Iíll go to the phone calls now and there is Kevin from Ontario.  Are you there Kevin?


Kevin:  Alan, hello.  Have you been to North Bay recently?


Alan:  Not recently no. 


Kevin:  Around here they are throwing around a little shirt buttons everywhere that say, ďStudents for sustainability.Ē  You know, UNís Agenda 21 for Ďsustainable development.í  You know, the depopulation agenda, they are pushing the depopulation agenda here on the students saying the world is overpopulated, it needs to be depopulated.  And you see, itís a desensitization using words, right.  If they said to people, weíve got to kill 90% of the population that would turn people off, right. 


Alan:  Thatís right. 


Kevin:  So they use the soft language so people, the masses of sleeping people out there will go along with the program:  sure, weíve got to depopulate, depopulate, depopulate.


Alan:  This is a steady drumbeat for years and people donít realizeÖ Most folk out there are actually already programmed into believing it. 


Kevin:  Itís ridiculous.  I think we spoke about this last time, a lot of people realize whatís going on.  Some of them discretely look into the ďconspiraciesĒ and all that.  There is really only one conspiracy and thatís for world government.  They look into this but a lot of them just have a thing of apathy.  They know the news is full of BS.  They know that the independent media on the internet is the most truthful you are going to find, if anywhere, but there are not many that are really standing up and doing anything about it.


Alan:  Part of the problem is they donít know what they can do about it.  I think they understand on a level that this is so hugeÖ itís massiveÖ we are under the most massively, well-organized organization that has ever existed on this planet.  That is coming from the United Nations and there are literally thousands of branches coming out of it into every country, going all through academia of course, with instant access to all international media. They get all their programs on TV all the time on overpopulation, pollution, weather change and so on.  And we say to ourselves, well, what can we do?  We cannot have access to any of this stuff.  Money rules the world.  Thatís your key.  The bankers who set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs were the international bankers who then put out the foundations that fund the thousands of NGOs.  They also give grants to every university across the planet.  Just look at the Rockefellers.  Every university in Canada gets its list of things to talk about and push because they get the Rockefeller grants.  This is how big this is and they always go for the youth.  They always go for the up-and-coming generations because they get a bit more indoctrination than the previous bunch.  Beria talked about this in the 1930s at the Comintern meeting, the International Communist Meeting.  He said, it used to take 70 years to brainwash and change a population into a completely different way of looking at anything; now we can do it in 5 years and eventually weíll be able to do it every 6 months to a year.  And thatís happening now.  Hold on and Iíll be back after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting  Through The Matrix and weíre talking to Kevin from Ontario.  You still there Kevin?


Kevin:  Yes.  Well, Iím not all there but Iím still here. 


Alan:  Thatís good enough.  


Kevin:  You are talking about they are going after the kids first.  Absolutely and I can tell that first hand with one of the professors I got at Canada College, the social issues, through a film professor and he is pushing socialism in his class.


Alan:  Oh, they all are.  This is the mandate for Canada.


Kevin:  When he and I talked privately, we pretty much speak the same language about the fact that the multi-billion dollar corporations are, pretty much seem to be a totalitarian police state.  Not only in this country, the United States and Britain and all the Western countries are, they are killing off our freedoms.  They are setting up a socialist world government and he fully agreed with me.† In front of the class, heíll laugh, heíll just call me a crazy person.  When we were talking he said, yeah, absolutely.  But heís trying to say that itís a good thing. 


Alan:  I know.  I know they flog this idea and thatís what Bezmenov said, the ex-KGB defector in the video up there.  If you search for him, Bezmenov, he gives the whole technique and he says, once we come into power, THEN all your rights are stripped off you.  The first ones they go for are those ones who pushed what they thought was socialism because they will object when they find out itís not the utopia they expected, and the new system will not tolerate them because they are the first ones to rebel, so they are eliminated right away. 


Kevin:  With this one professor, Iíve been telling a few of my classmates, who do listen to me, by the way.  I try to wake up as many people as I can just by talking to people one on one.  Iíll tell them how this new world order system affects them.  I get into a conversation and tell them, you might want to watch this guy, heís gonna speak our little language but then heís going to start saying this world government is good.  I tell them, watch out for this guy.  I told one of my classmates, Iím going to invite Tom out for a beer one of the nights.  He said, why would you do that, they guyís one of your enemies.  I say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 


Alan:  Thatís right. 


Kevin:  Like, keep a good watch on this guy.  This is going out to all the young people out there that are listening to this show that are going through the colleges, be careful, you might find some of these professors are going to start speaking your language but they are going to start saying this world government system is a good thing.  I tell people that this world government system, the people who are running it, these people are not fit to run a McDonaldís, quite frankly. 


Alan:  No and believe you me, they are totalitarian and once they truly have all the power there, youíll find out itís not going to be a nice brave new world where you are doped on soma.  You will be under the iron fist.  Thatís the way socialism runs because it is completely control freaks from start to finish.  Itís an ordered life from cradle to grave.  They tell you what to do.  They order you what to do.  Also, if you donít work, you die.  That was the Soviet motto too.  They took that from the Old Testament.  That will come in as well.  Thereís no such thing as the welfare state.  Under their system, no one is unemployed, believe you me. 


Kevin:  I wonder when are they gonna finally implement this?  I think, judging from what Iíve done research on, is that I think they are going to let mother nature run a few courses over the next couple of years and once mother nature decidesÖ because you know, the infrastructure has been put in place for the global elite to survive some big cataclysm.  They know whatís coming.


Alan:  What they do is take your tax money and they prepare for ANY possibility their think tanks can come up with in order to maintainÖ  See, the first thing in this totalitarian system is its OWN SELF-PRESERVATION.  Thatís the first thing that must come through any possible thing.  The think tanks look at all these problems and try and find ways to survive FOR THEMSELVES, through every single one of them.  Even the people starving and maybe rebelling, thatís all taken care of too.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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