Aug. 3, 2009 (#377)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 3, 2009:

Truth is Chilling, Teach the Willing:

"Some People are Frozen within Their Views,
The Be-Happy Crowd will Avoid All News,
Those Who've Awoken Feel Evangelistic,
Though Waking Majority is Unrealistic,
Only the Strong can Handle Reality,
With its Hideous Facts, Human Banality,
Look Back on the System, All its Corruption,
Standard Business Practice, ain't No Assumption,
Yet We Know What Elites Know Too,
History is Directed by a Well-Informed Few,
Truth is the Weapon, Freedom the Call,
The More Truth Exposed, Faster They Fall"
© Alan Watt Aug. 3, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 3, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 3rd 2009.  Newcomers look in to web site.  On the front page you can scroll down and you’ll see all the other sites I have up.  Bookmark them for future use in case the big servers go down again.  It’s happened in the past.  You have a lot to choose from.  [Listed above]  If you get problems initially when you’re downloading from the .com site, try one of the other ones.  The .com is the most popular and you have thousands of people trying to download at the same time.  There’s also which is the European site and it also has all the same audios plus the addition of transcripts of these shows written in the various languages of Europe.  While I’m on the subject of transcripts, those who want to try their hands at transcribing in their own tongue, from the English which I put up there, send me an email  [listed above] and we’ll see what we can do. 


Remember, this is probably one of the only shows out there where the host is brought to you BY the listeners.  Thousands and thousands listen for free, that’s the society we live in today.  It’s always the same people who donate time after time.  So I’m asking people to try and chip in and help me get over one of life’s big bumps, as they say.  I certainly need your help.  You can donate to me.  Look into the web site and you’ll see how to do it [listed above].   You can also buy that which I have for sale [At bottom of transcript].  That keeps me ticking over and believe you me, it’s just ticking over.  I don’t ask for money from the shows or the advertisers.  That’s where most money comes from in radio.  The ads on the show go right to RBN.  I have nothing to do with it.  That pays for the air time, the equipment, the technicians, and so on.  It’s up to you. 


It’s up to you if you want to get some alternate news about what’s really happening in the world.  This show here has changed the whole course of Patriot Radio by filling in the big picture to those people who were stuck navel-gazing at their own little country never realizing this was happening across the planet.  We were already global a long time ago.  What they have planned for us, through free trade and all the rest of it and depopulation programs which they’re now openly talking about, we were the first to come out on the show and start all this off… the eugenics, etc.  Luckily other hosts have picked up on this and pushed it and pushed it.  So more and more people are getting the bigger picture and that’s so important. 


So, it’s up to you if you want to keep me going.  There’s a lot more I can go ahead with.  I have a lot of stuff here I’ve never mentioned on the air.  Sometimes, I have stuff here were I debate whether or not to tell you on the air.  There’s a lot of frightening stuff there.  I go to the sources.  I don’t get the paranoid sites out there, I go to the sources.  People like to pass me stuff from inside institutions and so on.  It really is scary because what we’re talking about is true.  There’s no guessing about this.  We’re treated like children.  We’re fed news fairy stories like children.  There’s a big plan at work and if they tell the children what they’re doing to them and what they plan to do with them, they’d be very, very upset.  So we get Michael Jackson and trivia and Hollywood stars but we certainly don’t get the truth.  So that’s what this show is all about is breaking through and cutting through the matrix to show you all the other compartments and how they work together.  I’ll be back with more after the following break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  The big picture is not pretty at all.  I’ve gone through the histories of the big foundations, the parallel governments that run the world.  It’s one parallel government really, ONE, above the ones that you think you elect.  Many of the members come in and out of the foundations and then into politics and back in to the foundations again.  Or else they rotate from foundations to politics to CEOs of corporations and it’s a musical chair scenario.  The biggest corporations on the planet have their people on the right boards in all countries, like the Food and Drug Administration, etc.  They make sure they’re well stocked with people who worked with these big corporations to make sure that certain laws are passed to get certain products on the market.  That’s been well documented in the past as well. 


Whenever the government tells us they’re looking in to something or they’re withdrawing something, you can’t believe them when it has bad health effects on the public.  You’ve got to really check up and follow everything up.  The bisphenol basically has been neutering so many people and creating a whole new breed of males, a different type of male, mind you.  I’ve gone through the history of that, how it affects the fetus in the womb between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks and how it’s in cosmetics, the soft drinks, it’s in everything.  It’s in the plastic bottles as well.  Supposedly Canada had banned it and so on.  Well, here’s an article from


When BPA-free isn’t

Polycarbonate's tell-tale crackles

By Janet Raloff Web edition : Thursday, July 30th, 2009  


The Winnipeg Free Press reported some disturbing news today. Tests by the Canadian government, it said, have found that some plastics labeled as being free of bisphenol A — an estrogen-mimicking chemical — actually contain the potentially toxic substance.  (Alan:  So here they are putting labels on them saying they’re free and independent testing has shown the stuff is there.)


Canwest News Service unearthed the new government data along with correspondence from government researchers through use of the Access to Information Act — the Canadian equivalent of the Freedom of Information Act.


Animal studies have demonstrated a host of deleterious effects from ingestion of BPA, the basic building block of polycarbonate plastics. And human studies have confirmed that use of polycarbonate food-ware containers releases BPA that can later be found in the body.


Because so many baby bottles and sippy cups have been made from BPA, several municipalities have passed ordinances to ban sales of polycarbonate food ware that might be used by children.


Last year, Canada became the first nation to announce it would ban polycarbonate baby bottles over concerns about BPA health risks. Almost immediately, a host of polycarbonate alternatives — labeled BPA-free — began springing up in the marketplace.  (A:  Right away, you see.  Here’s what it says…)


Health Canada researchers were attempting to confirm that these alternatives were indeed BPA-free. Of the nine brands of baby bottles it tested, two hosted the hormone mimic, Canwest's Sarah Schmidt reports. The name of each brand was blacked out in the materials that had been turned over to Canwest.  (A:  So they’re lying again.  They label these ones as being free of BPA and independent tests show that they’re still high.)


According to Schmidt’s account, “The study says ‘traces’ of the toxin [sic] were found in ‘BPA-free’ bottles while internal correspondence between a department official and the lead scientist went further, characterizing the amounts in two brands as ‘high readings.’”


It’s no surprise how BPA gets into polycarbonate food ware. The plastic consists of BPA molecules that have been chemically linked into long chains. However, some of the BPA feedstock never gets bound up into these polymeric chains, which means it’s free to leach into foods and beverages that later make contact with the plastic. The polymers can also break down when the plastic is heated – such as by introducing hot foods, running polycarbonate materials through a dishwasher (even the top rack), or microwaving materials in this plastic. One hint that this breakdown has started: Polycarbonate’s formerly crystal clear appearance takes on a distinctive crackling.  (A:  It’s often very vertical, these tiny little scratches, it seems to be.)


The big question mark — one that isn’t answered by the Health Canada data — is why BPA should show up in a plastic whose recipe doesn’t include this feedstock. The supposition is that it must be due to some type of cross contamination in the production facilities.


And whether the amount of BPA that Health Canada turned up is especially worrisome remains to be seen. The Canadian press accounts don’t give the values. But regardless of how much is there, the presence of this toxicant in bottles labeled free of it constitutes fraud.


I put a call in to Health Canada first thing this morning to confirm details of the Free Press report and see if I can’t root out additional details. I’ll update this account when I hear back — hopefully yet this morning.


So it’s a must be, these kind of things.  That’s why they’ve been using it for so many years.  It’s a ‘must be’.  They want a sort of neutered population especially in the males because what’s coming up for the near future has already been planned and they want guys that are sort of laid back if you know what I mean.  Kind of laid back and take things easy.  Quite something isn’t it.


Here’s some good news here.  This is from the University of Minnesota.  The UM News Banner Graphic, it’s called. I’ve talked before about melamine.  It’s a fantastic idea, the big European conglomerates along with American conglomerates for creating melamine.  It’s a sort of plastic compound.  They were putting it in food, especially baby foods and stuff for bulk.  It’s the same stuff your countertop is made of… that heat-resistant plastic stuff.  Here they are, they managed to get the FDA to classify it as a food by saying, isn’t that molecule there, if we move it over to this side here, couldn’t that be technically – you know, with a stretch – classed as a protein?  And bingo, they passed it as a protein.  They put this junk into baby food and stuff.  And pet food as well.  They also use it in milk when they’ve watered it down and removed protein for other products.  They make it all whitish by adding melamine.  It killed a lot of people in China just last year.  I read it from the different newspapers about that event as well.  The big companies were involved like Nestle and so on.  All the biggies, you know, the ones we love so much.  Hey, morality walks when the dollar talks doesn’t it?  Big profit.  So this is what it says from the University of Minnesota news.


New test kit detects deadly chemical in infant formula

It tests for melamine, a chemical linked to human and pet deaths.

A new test kit based on University research detects melamine, a chemical that has killed children when added to infant formula.

By Deane Morrison


Last year six Chinese children died and 150,000 were hospitalized after drinking infant formula tainted with melamine, a cheap chemical that masquerades as protein when added to food products.


But now a new test kit for the chemical will help protect human and pet health. The kit utilizes an enzyme, discovered and supplied by University of Minnesota researchers, that quickly produces a color change in samples of melamine-laced milk, powdered milk, cream, and other food products. The kit will soon be field tested by BIOO Scientific, a Texas-based company specializing in food safety testing.


The test kit answers a call from the World Health Organization for a simple, inexpensive means of detecting melamine in foods, formula, and other liquids.  (A:  I’m sure the WHO will be finding a way to get around the testing so it won’t change color because they certainly want us depopulated.)


“If a sample has a lot of melamine, you would see a blue color in a second,” says Lawrence Wackett, a professor in the University’s BioTechnology Institute (BTI). “If you want to [measure the quantity of melamine], you let it react for a half hour for full color development.” Traditional detection required expensive equipment and a few days’ turnaround.


“The test is specific for melamine, Wackett adds. It will most likely be used in China and other Asian countries, where BIOO Scientific does a lot of business.


“We helped the company by providing the enzyme and expertise,” Wackett says.


That’s some good news that at least some companies and universities are working on ways to detect the poisons that are put in our food.  I wish they’d to the same with the pesticides that everything is SOAKED with now, because of Monsanto and their new GMO veggies and fruit and coffee and all those other things you take pretty well daily.  I’m really looking forward to a test kit for that, I really am. 


Another article here is to do with… there’s so much about the flu, this incredible thing about the flu.  I have a link here… I’ll put all these links, these articles up on my web site, scroll down, look for today’s show on the front page and you’ll see the links to all the topics.  I’m going to put up tonight; it was an old CBS exposé of the last swine flu farce.  I’ll put that link up there.  It’s worth watching as to how that one was pulled off. 


Video & Transcript:

"Old 60 Minutes Exposé On 1976 Swine Flu Propaganda, Debilitating Vaccines" (


I think Mike Wallace is in it and he goes through it and how it was a farce and how one man at the top of the CDC decided to go ahead with all these injections even though he KNEW this stuff, these injections, hadn’t been tried and tested on anything, really, at all.   This ONE person had the sole decision to give the go-ahead… and vaccinate everybody with the stuff.  Hundreds came down paralyzed.  You’ll actually see on this documentary some of the people who did come down paralyzed.  You’ll hear them talking about it, how the government had utterly conned them and lied to them with their propaganda.  Remember, only one person came down with it and even that’s debatable and he was a soldier at Fort Dix, no one else did.  Back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to counter the propaganda that’s put out by the main stream.  Isn’t it amazing how the media get handouts given to them by experts and they parrot everything verbatim from the experts.  Meanwhile, the media has so much access – far more than we do – to the data and records even in their own departments of previous vaccines and so on and farces.  Why would they be going gung-ho along with the government’s format to terrify us into getting this supposed – and I don’t believe it is – bird flu vaccine?  That’s what they’re going to give, a bird flu…. Not the bird flu, the swine one.  The bird flu one is apparently what they’re talking about.  With the hope that under the new theory that you might, MIGHT just get crossover protection, which is utter nonsense.  If you had crossover protection from ANY flu shot or even getting the flu once, you’d have crossover protection against ALL varieties of flu.  But that logic doesn’t matter when it comes to con games.  This article I read last year.  I’m going to read it again and it’s from The Telegraph to do with what happened in Poland once they had tried out the test flu vaccine there.


Homeless people die after bird flu vaccine trial in Poland

Three Polish doctors and six nurses are facing criminal prosecution after a number of homeless people died following medical trials for a vaccine to the H5N1 bird-flu virus.

By Matthew Day in Warsaw  /  2 Jul 2008


(A:  This is 2 July 2008.  There have been other ones I’ve read since then on the same topic.  A lot more people now have been charged.)


The medical staff, from the northern town of Grudziadz, are being investigated over medical trials on as many as 350 homeless and poor people last year, which prosecutors say involved an untried vaccine to the highly-contagious virus. 


Authorities claim that the alleged victims received £1-2 (A:  Each.  Oh, boy, what a deal eh?  Homeless people, that’s a lot of money to them.) to be tested with what they thought was a conventional flu vaccine (A:  That’s what they were told.) but, according to investigators, was actually an anti bird-flu drug.


The director of a Grudziadz homeless centre, Mieczyslaw Waclawski, told a Polish newspaper that last year, 21 people from his centre died, a figure well above the average of about eight.


Although authorities have yet to prove a direct link between the deaths and the activities of the medical staff, Poland's health minister, Ewa Kopacz, has said that the doctors and nurses involved should not return to their profession.


"It is in the interests of all doctors that those who are responsible for this are punished," the minister added.


Investigators are also probing the possibility that the medical staff may have also have deceived the pharmaceutical companies that commissioned the trials.  (A:   A later version of that reversed that whole thing.  The pharma companies had deceived the nurses and staff.)


The suspects said that the all those involved knew that the trial involved an anti-H5N1 drug and willingly participated.


The news of the investigation will come as another blow to the reputation of Poland's beleaguered and poverty-stricken national health service. In 2002, a number of ambulance medics were found guilty (A:  listen to this…) of killing their patients for commissions from funeral companies. 


That’s where we’re sinking to, you see.  When you dehumanize society to the extent that it’s being dehumanized, when all morality has been kicked out the window because everything is relative, right – that’s the modern, liberal way, everything is relative; there’s no right and wrong… Cabalistic – then this is the society that you end up with…. where ambulance medics kill their patients for commissions from funeral companies.  I wonder if that’s happened here yet?  It probably does.  I won’t be surprised at all to be honest with you. 


Here’s an article from Scientific American. 


Do Seed Companies Control GM Crop Research?

Scientists must ask corporations for permission before publishing independent research on genetically modified crops. That restriction must end.  (A:  Isn’t that amazing control?  So no one can come in and research your product to see if it’s safe…  if they refuse permission…)

By The Editors  /  From the August 2009 Scientific American Magazine / Matt Collins 


Advances in agricultural technology—including, but not limited to, the genetic modification of food crops—have made fields more productive than ever. (A:  That’s not true.)  Farmers grow more crops and feed more people using less land. (A:  Actually, they have 1/3rd less crops.)  They are able to use fewer pesticides and to reduce the amount of tilling that leads to erosion. And within the next two years, agritech companies plan to introduce advanced crops that are designed to survive heat waves and droughts, resilient characteristics that will become increasingly important in a world marked by a changing climate.  (A:  Ha.  I wonder if anybody believes that?)


Unfortunately, it is impossible to verify that genetically modified crops perform as advertised. That is because agritech companies have given themselves (A:  And themselves only.) veto power over the work of independent researchers.  (A:  So you’re left with the propaganda.)


To purchase genetically modified seeds, a customer must sign an agreement that limits what can be done with them. (A:  That’s like buying a shovel or a spade for the garden and saying, well you can dig in sand but you can’t use it in soil and you can’t use it on a Tuesday.)  (If you have installed software recently, you will recognize the concept of the end-user agreement.) Agreements are considered necessary to protect a company’s intellectual property (A:  I’d say so too, except they’re feeding this rubbish to us and it’s poisonous… so we have a right to bypass that for our own safety, I would think, but mind you, there’s so much money passing hands in congress to do with this and Monsanto, I don’t think it will come.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix reading and article about the modified veggies and the companies that own them apparently, from Scientific American Magazine. 


But agritech companies such as Monsanto, Pioneer and Syngenta go further. For a decade  (A:  That’s 10 years!) their user agreements have explicitly forbidden the use of the seeds for any independent research.  (A:  Boy.  They’ve got it all sewn up.)  Under the threat of litigation, scientists cannot test a seed to explore the different conditions under which it thrives or fails. They cannot compare seeds from one company against those from another company. And perhaps most important, they cannot examine whether the genetically modified crops lead to unintended environmental side effects. 


Like… killing people maybe.  All sewn up.  So where does all the info on this come from on this kind of modified seed and so on?  From these very corporations.  That’s who it is.  Propaganda, basically, agents.  That’s where all the information comes from.  It’s the same with all the data on the inoculations.  It comes from the big pharma that makes them.  It’s the same with the melamine I was talking about.  Do you know who advises the European Union on the use of melamine and the safety in food products?  The European Association of Melamine Manufacturers.  That’s where it all comes from.  So what’s the point in having all these FDAs and so on?  What’s the point in having all the supposed government checkers that supposedly check things IF they don’t check, they just take the word of the big corporations that want to put it into our food or inject us or whatever the heck they want to do.  Is it just pure corruption at the top, money passing hands, is that all there is to it?


Research on genetically modified seeds is still published, of course. But only studies that the seed companies have approved ever see the light of a peer-reviewed journal. In a number of cases, experiments that had the implicit go-ahead from the seed company were later blocked from publication because the results were not flattering. (A:  So if you don’t flatter them and say it’s wonderful, you get blocked.)  “It is important to understand that it is not always simply a matter of blanket denial of all research requests, which is bad enough,” wrote Elson J. Shields, an entomologist at Cornell University, in a letter to an official at the Environmental Protection Agency (the body tasked with regulating the environmental consequences of genetically modified crops), “but selective denials and permissions based on industry perceptions of how ‘friendly’ or ‘hostile’ a particular scientist may be toward [seed-enhancement] technology.”


Shields is the spokesperson for a group of 24 corn insect scientists that opposes these practices. Because the scientists rely on the cooperation of the companies for their research—they must, after all, gain access to the seeds for studies—most have chosen to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.  (A:  Imagine being terrified… this is what we’re living today, you know, FEAR of these big, big bullyboys that have tremendous wealth, tremendous power, and massive lobby groups.  How can you get fairness in politics when these guys can dish out so much dough or threats, one or the other?)  The group has submitted a statement to the EPA protesting that “as a result of restricted access, no truly independent research can be legally conducted on many critical questions regarding the technology.”


It would be chilling enough if any other type of company were able to prevent independent researchers from testing its wares and reporting what they find—imagine car companies trying to quash head-to-head model comparisons done by Consumer Reports, for example. But when scientists are prevented from examining the raw ingredients in our nation’s food supply or from testing the plant material that covers a large portion of the country’s agricultural land, the restrictions on free inquiry become dangerous.


Although we appreciate the need to protect the intellectual property rights that have spurred the investments into research and development that have led to agritech’s successes, we also believe food safety and environmental protection depend on making plant products available to regular scientific scrutiny. 


I’d say so.  We’re all eating this stuff.  They won’t label it up here.  So if they want us to eat the darn stuff, we should have access and scientists should be able to go ahead.  This isn’t something you can take or leave.  This is something that is being pushed from your governments onwards on to us as a must-be.  So I think they owe us at least the fact that they can look into it and make this stuff available for independent scientific testing.  I’d love to know the real reports on how much pesticides you can consume before your stomach is cancered all out for instance.  And they know this actually happens with them too, by the way.  They knew that from the beginning even with the mice they tested and so on.  It’s no wonder they don’t want people looking in to it.  But then it fulfills a lot of functions and bringing the population down will no doubt be one of them… apart from many other effects as well.  Quite something.


I also have the full text of the fluoridation of water, the hearings that went before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. 


Fluoridation of water.

Hearings before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, House of Representatives, Eighty-third Congress, second session, on H. R. 2341.

 A bill to protect the public health from the dangers of fluorination of water.

May 25, 26, 27, 1954


(A:  It’s quite staggering what came out at that hearing.  Staggering.  I’ll put this link up as well.  You have to download it; it’s quite a big one.  It’s fascinating to read through it.  Just keep scrolling down till you come to all the different side effects and so on, what it causes to the people.  Absolutely fascinating and it’s imperative that you know it, what’s really going on.)


I read an article about a week ago on the new barcodes and how they updated all of them.  Here’s another article about it.  It’s from TimeNauts.  That’s Mark Baard’s web site.


Now it’s barcodes that can be read at a distance

2009 July 28  /  by Mark Baard


Powered by WP Greet BoxRadio frequency identification tags are not fully catching on, thanks to objections from Alan Watt, Katherine Albrecht, and others who have been hammering away for years at RFID’s threats to privacy and civil liberties.


For global corporations and the US Department of Homeland Security, who remain eager to track individuals, that means it’s time to shift their efforts back to barcodes.


MIT scientists last week said they’ve overcome the barcode’s strongest privacy protections–its close read range, and fussy need to be scanned, line-of-sight. Now, using the camera in a mobile phone, a spy, or hacker, will be able to scan the barcode label on any object, or person, at an angle, and up to 60 feet away.  (A:  I say more, actually.)


The MIT scientists are working with grants from Nokia, Samsung, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation–named for its founder, the ruthless auto industry chief that one reporter counts among “Hitler’s carmakers.” Sloan is also a creator–through his strategy of “planned obsolescence”–of our modern, consumerist culture.  (A:  Well, we’re disposable too aren’t we?  They’re saying that at the top.)


The new barcode labels, called bokodes, can be made “tiny, and imperceptible“– each is about three millimeters in diameter.  (A:  That is tiny!)


Here’s an excerpt from the BBC:


“For traditional barcodes you need to be a foot away from it at most,” said Dr Mohan.


The team has shown its barcodes can be read from a distance of up to 4m (12ft), although they should theoretically work up to 20m (60ft).


“One way of thinking about it is a long-distance barcode.”


Everything is on one heck of a roll, a heck of a roll… to total tracking and tracing of all people, all humans, all individuals wherever we go.  Where EVER we go.  One day someone will stop you, a goon will stop you and ask why this particular jacket is owned by so-and-so and your pants are owned by someone else… because you bought the jacket or maybe you borrowed the jacket from someone in your apartment building.  That WILL come.  That will come. 


I’ll tell you what else will come in the days of rationing as well, and it’s no coincidence that they’ve got fridges that can literally read all the labels of the stuff that you put in there and contact the grocery store.  Well guess who else will have a list?  And one day when there’s rationing underway, you’re going to get house raids to see if you only have the food that you bought.  If they find an extra can of beans there that ain’t on their list there, it hasn’t been barcoded under you, they’ll want to know who gave it to you… or are you doing some black market stuff.  Is that where you got it?  …and where did you get it from?  I’m not kidding. 


If people can not see that they’re going in to a completely totalitarian system, then there’s no point in talking to such people.  They have never been here to be lost.  They’ve never risen far enough to be gone.  They’ve never been here at all… because the signs are ALL around us, completely all around us. 


This other article I want to read tonight is about this farce, this must-be scenario that was dreamed up by the Club of Rome to blame man as the enemy of the planet and “global warming would fit the bill” they said back in the 70s.  So they made this incredible mantra, global warming, global warming.  They kept showing you movies with pollution everywhere, just smoke everywhere… Hollywood smoke of course.  There’s a good movie you should try and get a hold of to show you.


Predictive Programming depends on you gradually being downloaded, mainly with fiction, over many, many years of ideas that you can’t even remember the main movies but the little messages in there are implanted in your mind.  Then the real thing comes along.  It seems kind of natural to you; it’s familiar.  It’s because you’ve been getting loaded with these movies, all through nature shows and so on your whole life long.  Predictive programming, they call it.  Getting you ready.  Preparing the field before planting… only they plant as well. 


This movie was called Zero Population Growth made in 1971.  It’s up on YouTube.  I’ll put the link up on my web site at the end of the show.  Fascinating to see this, 1971!  It’s got all the politically correct terms now, sustainable development and so on, overpopulation, rationing, you can’t have a child.  They actually banned at one point, banned any more children for 20 years; although, of course, there’s selective breeding for special people high up in government and stuff.  So I’ll put that one up.  Well worth looking at just to show you how far back the preparation for our minds has been going on.  Then of course, we have Soylent Green.  It came out just before it, I think.  It was originally called Make Room, Make Room to get that message across as well, along with the rationing and everyone stuck in these overcrowded cities, never allowed out of them.  That was there too.  And a world corporation running everything, all power, all energy, and food… which just happened to be in Soylent Green, RECONSTITUTED PEOPLE.  That was your Soylent Green. 


That’s what we’re dealing with today.  Here’s an article, very important one.  Times archive.  It was 1979.  Professor Blunt’s double life, it says.  [Times Archive 1979: Professor Blunt's double life.]  This article goes on to talk about global warming.  It says here…


Blunt warning about greens under the bed

From The Times July 24, 2009


Once the lure of communism seduced the idealistic. Today’s environmental ideologues risk becoming just as dangerous.


Britain is, thankfully, an ideologically barren land. The split between Right and Left is no longer ideological, but tribal. Are you a nice social liberal who believes in markets, or a nasty social liberal who believes in markets? Anthony Blunt’s memoirs, published this week, reveal a different age, one in which fascism and communism were locked in a seemingly definitive battle for souls.


Blunt talks of “the religious quality” of the enthusiasm for the Left among the students of Cambridge. (A:  That was during the Cold War.)  There is only one ideology in today’s developed world that exercises a similar grip. If Blunt were young today, he would not be red; he would be green.  (A:  Blunt was a spy for the communists.)


His band of angry young men would find Gore where once they found Marx. Blunt evokes a febrile atmosphere in which each student felt his own decision had the power to shape the future. Where once they raged about the fleecing of the proletariat and quaked at the march of fascism, Blunt and his circle, transposed to today’s college bar, would rage about the fleecing of the planet and quake at its imminent destruction. If you squint, red and green look disarmingly similar.


Both identify an end utopia that is difficult to dispute. The diktat “from each according to his ability, to each according to his means” sounds lovely on paper. Greens promise a world in which we actually survive a coming ecological apocalypse. A desirable outcome, undoubtedly.


But the means to these ends seem similarly insurmountable. Both routes demand an immediate suspension of human nature.


Ideologies often credit man with either more nobility or more venality than he deserves. In reality he is a mundane creature. He wants a home for himself and those he loves, stocked with food. And he wants to have the right to control his own destiny, own his own stuff, and to acquire more if he can without interference or fear of imminent death. Such low-level acquisitive desires support high concepts: property rights and the rule of law, without which there would be no foundation for democracy.  (A:  That’s why they’re taxing everybody into the ground with their property.)


My desire to live a free, mundane life is a fundamental cog in our messy, glorious, capitalist democracy. It is built on millions of such small entrenched postitions. Red-filtered, my desires are despicable and bourgeois and must be beaten out of me with indoctrination or force. Green-filtered, my small desires are despicable acts of ecological vandalism. My house is a carbon factory. My desire to travel, to own stuff, to eat meat, to procreate, to heat my house, to shower for a really, really long time; all are evil.


The word evil is used advisedly. Both the green and red positions are infused with overpowering religiosity. Dissenters from the consensus are shunned apostates. Professor Ian Pilmer, the Australian geologist and climate change sceptic, could not find a publisher for his book Heaven and Earth, which questions the orthodoxy about global warming. He is the subject of hate mail and demonstrations. It is entirely immaterial whether he is right or wrong. An environment that stifles his right to a voice is worse than one that is overheating.  (A:  Ain’t that the truth.)


Even within the convinced camp, dissent from certain party lines is frowned upon. Nuclear power is the cheapest, greenest alternative to fossil fuels that we possess, yet it is anathema to advocate its proliferation at the expense of wind and sun. Fans of nuclear are the Trotskys of the movement, subject to batterings by verbal ice pick.   (A:  That’s how Trotsky died, of course.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from Times Online to do with the new religion, the greening agenda and it is a religion.  Remember it was Gorbachev that said that, ‘We are creating a religion of the future; it must be based on a kind of earth type worship,’ earth worship.  That’s what’s being indoctrinated into children right now to make them good little green FASCI-nazis basically. 


The great ecological timebomb is population growth. By 2050 the United Nations’ demographers (A:  We know all about them too because they’re always hyping statistics that never prove to be true.) expect the world’s population to reach 9.2 billion, (A:  Even though all the other reports are expecting a dramatic decrease by 2050.  That’s from NATO and so on.) compared with 6.8 billion today. That’s 2.4 billion extra carbon footprints. (A:  What IS a carbon footprint?) Half measures seem futile. We all hope for some new technology to rescue us. But what if it never materialises? The logical position is to be a cheerleader for swine flu, but not in my backyard. Do we have to pray for swine flu to ravage foreign children, to save our own from frying in the future?


We are at the early stage of the green movement. A time akin to pre-Bolshevik socialism, when all believed in the destruction of the capitalist system, but were still relatively moderate about the means of getting there. We are at the stage of naive dreamers and fantasists. Russia was home to the late 19th-century Narodnik movement, in which rich sons of the aristocracy headed into the countryside to tell the peasants it was their moral imperative to become a revolutionary class. They retreated, baffled, to their riches when the patronised peasants didn’t want to revolt. Zac Goldsmith and Prince Charles look like modern Narodniks, talking glib green from the safety of their gilded lives.  (A:  Ain’t that so.)


Indulge me in some historical determinism. We, the peasants, are failing to rise up and embrace the need to change. We will not choose to give up modern life, with all its polluting seductions. Our intransigent refusal to choose green will be met by a new militancy from those who believe we must be saved from ourselves. Ultra-green states cannot arise without some form of forced switch to autocracy; the dictatorship of the environmentalists.  (A:  Ain’t that the truth.  That’s coming.)


The old two-cow analogy is a useful one. You have two cows. The communist steals both your cows, and may give you some milk, if you’re not bourgeois scum. The fascist lets you keep the cows but seizes the milk and sells it back to you. Today’s Green says you can keep the cows, but should choose to give them up as their methane-rich farts will unleash hell at some unspecified point in the future. You say, sod it, I’ll keep my cows thanks. Tomorrow’s green, the Bolshevik green, shoots the cows and makes you forage for nuts.  (A:  That will be the truth as well.)


If the choice is between ecological meltdown, or a more immediate curtailment of our freedom, where do those of us who are neither red nor green, but a recalcitrant grey, turn? Back to those small desires, and a blinkered hope that the choice never becomes so stark. If it does, I’ll take my chances with Armageddon.


Well said.  Well said, because it’s true.  It’s a religious movement that was created from the top down, again, very rich men who own the world.  The Gores and all these boys and the foundations who back them and they’ve made it into a true religion based on a form of earth worship and man is the problem.  Man is the problem… that’s what the Club of Rome said.  They have to blame man.  And they have done it very successfully… and now the witch-hunts have to start because they want to reduce the population of the planet.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada where it never stops raining anymore because they’re always spraying the skies, it’s good night and may your God or your God GO with you.




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