June 5, 2009 (# 336)


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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 5, 2009:

Tion is Hidden in the Way Sion's Written, Token is Spoken:

"Updated Each Five Years Without Sensation,
Fabian Scientific and Social Indoctrination,
New Myths Taught Through Education,
Now in the Process of Fear Weaponization,
Fanatics Under Oath to Fulfill Their Stations,
In Process of Brutalizing Whole Populations,
Years of Cultural Entertainment in Dehumanization,
Devolved from High into Complete Degradation,
Youth Taught to Believe They're a Lower Primation,
So Let Science Bring Forth a 'Perfect Creation,'
Only One Thing to Alter this Sad Situation,
Think and Act for Yourself, Not Expert Persuasion"
© Alan Watt June 5, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 5, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting through The Matrix on the 5th of June 2009.  Newcomers should look in to cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  I’ve had trouble with it lately but it may have been resolved.  I’ll wait and see.  However, for those who want to download the shows, you can also use these alternate sites.  They’re all full standing, stand alone sites.  This spreads the bandwidth.  If you have any difficulty getting through on cuttingthroughthematrix.com, just go right in to it, you’ll see on the front page as it comes up, go in to one of these sites.   cuttingthrough.jenkness.com.  They’re written down for you, easy to see.  cuttingthroughthematrix.com, .net, .ca, .us, alanwattcuttingthroughthematrix.ca . Also remember the European site, alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  You can also get access to the complete audio section that I’ve done and you can also get transcripts of these talks that you can print up for reading.  They’re written in the various languages of Europe. 


I’ve mentioned before, so many times, they mean it at the top when they say there’s a WAR.  It’s a war for the world.  It’s a war ON the world, in fact.  Even though previous generations were involved in it and NEVER knew from their birth to their death, that most of the cultural changes in their entire lives and the economics changes too that went with them, were all planned long before they were born.  We live in the Truman Show.  It’s called scientific socialism, where generations of complete nations and now it’s ‘regions’, as they call it, and now it’s the whole world, is going in to the ONE cultural system.  Generations come and go never knowing that all the major things were planed before they were born.  The idea for a unified world government was set up an awful, awful long time ago by those who deemed they had the right to do so, being so superior and intelligent and rich and powerful.  They planned the new society. 


Those who donate to me, I really appreciate it because that makes me take over here, gets me taking over.  It costs cash to keep this going.  I’m putting up new sites too, to take over just in case other ones are pulled.  I know for a fact that when Obama appointed his new Czar of the Internet, they mean business.  I’ve read articles FROM the main stream on the air.  They talked about unmitigated cyber war on everyone who opposes this world agenda.  They mean it and they’re doing it… by all means possible.  For those who are unauthorized, you certainly do get your computers hacked, rather often, and there’s nothing you can buy out there on the shelves - firewalls, whatever - lawfully that will prevent it because BY LAW, and they wrote this back in 1995, ALL communication devices sold to the public MUST be accessible BY government agencies.  Again, long-term planning, long-term strategy, always planning the future and what they’re going to do 10, 20, 100 years down the road.  That’s how perfect this system is. 


Now, for those who get the discs passed around and don’t use the computer, my heart goes out to them.  They’ve got more common sense.  I use it because I must, for the moment, in this particular war.  You can get in touch with me by writing [listed above].


I’ll be back with more, and some good stories, after this break.


I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Giving you a different version of reality and also breaking down the techniques they use to give us the version that most of us adopt.  Scientific Socialism, a term used by big players in the past who all belonged to the same association, who were heavily funded by the big central bankers.  The guys who took over central banks, you might say.  The international money lenders that were put there in turn by a massive organization already existing for quite a few hundred years and traced back through Europe and even in to France.  They had big, big plans.  They had plans back in the middle-ages to eradicate the Catholic Church and they were powerful enough to attempt it.  They certainly had a massive backlash but that didn’t stop them. 


They understood the science of the mind at that time.  They knew how to recruit people from the mainstream churches - that was all there was at that time in Western Europe - and how NOT to antagonize believers but to bring them in.   Telling them they could keep their religion and then quietly give them indoctrinations which lead them along questioning their religion.  Then they became devotees in to this REAL, new religion.  It’s actually very, very old.  They used the same technique when they created the Rosicrucians and then Freemasonry.  Everybody can join.  ANY one.  Bring your faith with you.  Then, very carefully, through a scientific method, they will guide you through, into the acceptance of another way, as they teach you virtue and tell you, ‘you’re not amongst the profane anymore; you’re joining the enlightened ones’.  Then you WORK for them… for the rest of your life… to the ‘great work.’


What is the great work?  The recreation of all that was left imperfect.  The perfection of all that was left imperfect, according to themselves.  What is imperfect?  Well, everything on the planet is imperfect, especially the people down below.  The majority of the public.  We’ve served our purpose up until now by working and toiling for many, many centuries under feudal systems for them.  Then they came up with idea of giving people the belief that they’d bring in democracy.  They gave us a good facsimile of what democracy should be, but never the real thing because they always were a parallel government behind it all.  IT’S ALWAYS BEEN THERE.  IT ALWAYS WAS THERE. 


Margaret Thatcher and others talked about this parallel government.  The Club of Rome, in their book The First Global Revolution, said the same thing.  Democracy would have to go.  It had never really been there but they said it would have to go.  Because those who did the planning couldn’t get anything done.  The real planners, the parallel government couldn’t get anything done because there were too many competing, conflicting parties.  There could never be any kind of peace.  The parallel government is made up of massive foundations, backed by the big banking boys that were placed there, themselves.  You can not get up to the top in any era unless the heavens are opened for you and the hand comes down and pulls you up.  Cartels are formed to PREVENT you getting up.  Therefore, if you’re brought up, they’ll give you a persona for the public, a fake history, and make you very popular and famous.  Then, masses of people will believe what you tell them because we love successful people, and RICH people, especially. 


Science was to be used… and has been used.  Pavlovian science.  That’s why you have the bell ringing at school and you all run from one classroom to the next.  Pavlovian science.  As you’re trained to go in to a boring, dull job for 8 hours per day to work for the government.  A person up in the Canadian government in Canada, in the Federal Bureaus, told me EVERYBODY WORKS FOR GOVERNMENT.  You all pay taxes.  That’s your prime reason for existing.  What’s left over allows you to feed and play a little bit and clothe yourselves.  It’s a much better way, you see, than having the slave master throw a few rags at you once and a while and a little bit of beef or something to chew on.  SELF-MAINTAINING SLAVES.  All depends, you see, if you can stand back and really look at society.  Get outside of yourself and your own conditioning. 


This is from noonehastodietomorrow.com. 


Weaponized Education: Controlling Tomorrow With The Youth of Today

By Amy de Miceli, on 06-04-2009


There has been and continues to be an effort by some of the worlds most elite families to establish a global community, with a global government, some call it the new world order.  The plan always benefits them at our expense, and they believe as long as we show no opposition they can retain control. The massive goal is to bring the global populace into harm-ony (Alan:  I like the ‘harm’ part.), but it is an impossibility unless family loyalty is dissolved and individuality is eradicated.  (A:  Remember the movie Rollerball?  One of the first major ones that came out showing you a future, a very bleak one, run by the World Corporation, the experts, with a tiered system of society.  The whole object of the movie when you watch it is about how to stop a top player on the roller ball circuit from keeping winning.  Especially his last game.  They wanted him to fail and to say it was all a ‘team effort’.  He was told by the boss at the end, we must DESTROY THE IDEA of INDIVIDUALITY.  It’s easier to control people who believe they’re all part of the mass, the TEAM, than individuals.    We are conditioned in a thousand, million ways.  From everything we pick up to read… glossy magazines to newspapers to cartoons.  Everything.  As I say, entertainment especially can be dangerous to your health.)


Psychological force has been introduced to achieve their world domination, and it is our children's minds that are being attacked most viciously. The crux of which is being done at school, through both passive and aggressive formulas.


Our enemy is ruthless, picking us off one community at a time, using a multi prong approach inside American schools, Pavlovian behavioral techniques, coupled with soviet brainwashing and scariest of all, trauma based mind control (which also sheds light on a disgusting display of the most power hungry men and women in uniform).  (A:  They’re actually doing practice raids in all schools with SWAT teams and stuff.  That’s trauma-based mind control.)


(A:  It’s got quotes in here too.  You must remember these quotes are from VERY powerful people strategically placed and brought up by the big foundations trained for their life’s role, from a very young age.  From Maurice Strong, the guy who was put in charge, on behalf of the Rockefeller to read The Earth Charter at the Rio Earth Summit and it’s been updated since then.  When man and women were devalued from a high pedestal to a lower status than insects BY LAW, IN EVERY COUNTRY, signed at the United Nations and put in to law.)


"the real goal of the earth charter is that it will in fact become like the ten commandments." — Maurice Strong


(A:  And it is.  That’s where all your GREENING nonsense has come from.  And the global warming which is now declined in to ‘Climate Change’ which is just changes in the weather… from this Earth Charter.  The Earth Charter was the first part of it.)


Soviet brainwashing techniques have been a part of the overall agenda of mass education for well over a hundred years, but today the globalists are flaunting their agenda. As recently as April of 2009 UNESCO (A:  The United Nations.) announced its plan to promote their Earth Charter to encourage all children to become responsible, "global citizens in the 21st century". (A:  Now, of course, those at the top have already defined what a ‘good global citizen’ is.  At the United Nations they said, a good global citizen is someone who is both a producer – meaning physically fit, healthy, etc who can contribute TO the system – and a consumer.  A good producer and consumer.  When you can not work because you’re sick or ill or elderly or retired, you’re a consumer.  You’re a BURDEN on society.  I know this because the US has just recently given the go-ahead in some of the US states to authorize euthanasia of the elderly.  Again, people get into the SIDE issue of it.  I’ll pick this side, you pick that side and they debate the wrong thing because what you’re missing is the third part of it.  THE STATE WANTS TO BE IN CHARGE OF CARRYING OUT EUTHANASIA.  The state wants the right to decide who will die.  Not because they have any sympathy for someone in pain, believe you me.)  The charter is a loaded document that also promotes, redistribution of wealth, "among nations" (communism).


One system already promoting that exact agenda is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, which claims to be an 'elite' international education, and it is being implemented in 2,591 schools in 134 countries.  (A:  There’s coordination for you.  Magic, isn’t it?)


Miami Beach Florida has been the most recent community to adopt the IB Program, and it will be the only curriculum used throughout the entire city for all grade levels. The announcement was made shortly after the IB council met in Miami in March 2009.  (A:  This is democracy in action, you see: the big foundations financing the specialized NGOs that are backed with MULTI-MILLIONS of dollars EACH.  Here’s another quote.)


"In this new world system international education will become more indispensable than ever, but also more possible." - John Goormaghtigh


(A:  What is international education?  It means ONE indoctrination.  That’s another term for education… INDOCTRINATION.  One Plato’s cave, one reality, so that everyone will think what they’ve been TAUGHT to think.  Back with more after these messages.)


I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix and reading from No One Has To Die Tomorrow web site.  It has some interesting articles and good quotes and so on from some of the bigger players that are put up there that basically direct the big NGOS and give them their formulas and their mandates.  Mentioning that the IB, this organization that’s giving this particular curriculum through the schools, with a free hand, and it says here…


The IB was founded in 1968 in Switzerland, and was an offshoot of the International School of Geneva, which was founded in part by the League of Nations (A:  That‘s the precursor to the United Nations.), and it is where IB's founding Director, John Goormaghtigh, served as chairman of the Board prior to IB. Goormaghtigh also served as the director of the European Centre of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, whose nefarious goal of 'controlling the education in the united states' had been previously revealed by (A:  I’ve mentioned this commission often.) the Reece commission in the early 1950's.  (A:  The government sent a commission to find out why these big foundations seemed to be funding what they saw as extreme left wing, in fact, communist organizations, only to find out that these foundations were owned and set up by the richest families in the United States… who owned the banking system as well.  There’s your dilemma.  Why would the big banking systems be funding what seemed to be radical, communistic systems.  Of course, Senator Norman Dodd who was sent out to the Ford and Carnegie Foundations - the Committee I’ve just mentioned - was told by the CEOs that their job was to alter the culture in America so drastically and gradually that they could seamlessly weave that of the Soviet Union with that of the United States of America.  Well, that has been accomplished.  That’s why Khrushchev said, when he came to the states, the United States would fall, fall from within, crumble from within, decay from within… without firing a shot.  Because, you see, the big boys who owned the banks and the foundations also owned Hollywood, as they still do.) 


That’s where you get your culture updates from, or your downloads from.  They own the general media and the magazine industry and so on.  Just looking through the mainstream articles on the front pages of newspapers, on the internet, I’m always astonished to see the same formula set out across the world by the big, mainstream newspapers.  With the main story on the left hand side.  It doesn’t matter if it’s some family at a wedding in Baghdad getting blown up by mistake by the Air Force or whatever, there’s always the boob babes on the right.  What they’re trying to do…  They don’t want this.  They don’t want women to get involved with this anti- new world order movement that’s taken root.  They want women to be obsessed about their bodies.  They want women to be fixated into an age of about 18 and never grow up.  So they show you the famous actresses, everything in vogue now.  Every paper is the same.  It shows you actresses before they had a child and then in the bikini with the pounds packed on with the child.  A NEGATIVE IMPACT, you see.  18 is good, single is good, children cause THIS.  This is the effect of having a child.  Everything that you see is carefully put there to manipulate your mind in to something they want you to do or something they don’t want you to do.  It’s as easy but it’s as COMPLETE as that.  Every newspaper is the same.  That’s how your opinions are formed SUBLIMINALLY for you… by osmosis.  You don’t reason it through.  On the same article, it says…) 


"In order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them." - Dr. Mary Jo Bane


(A:  Another one that’s pushed up there along with Bertrand Russell and many, many others.  Here’s another one by David Rockefeller when he came out of the Bilderberger Meeting talking to the press that WAS THERE but NEVER WROTE A WORD ABOUT IT, except for one reporter.)


"It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity.... But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government." -David Rockefeller


That’s how things really are.  That’s how things really, really are.  There’s nothing in your life that hasn’t been gone over by think tanks.  There’s nothing that you like to do, in fact, that hasn’t been promoted FOR you to CHOOSE from… or wear… and according to your age group.  You have a specialized department working FOR YOU all the time.  They really care how you look, dress, behave, what you say, what kind of vocabulary you use, or don’t use, what you whistle, what you hum in your head, the words - if you can call it words and I hate to say music - is put out to you to repeat and repeat and repeat… repetition - everything is scientific socialism.  Perfect.  The Raw Story, the Raw Story is another site, it says


Banks run Congress, top Democrat says

By John Byrne

June 1, 2009


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that the banking and financial services industry has an outsized influence in Congress.


Wells Fargo, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase each got bailouts of $25 billion in government bailouts last year. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs got $10 billion apiece. And AIG, the mammoth insurer that lost billions in bad derivatives bets, has sucked in more than $170 billion.


This is how you become President and I’m going to explain it after these messages.


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I remember seeing all the old American movies that they’d get in Britain, the old black and white ones they churned out before World War II and after World War II.  The BBC would repeat them late at night, these old, old movies.  It was amazing to watch, what seemed to me - I was a streetwise child - how simplistically they portrayed the American mythology, the founding cultures, etc with movies.  One of them was about Lincoln, the old mythology of a cabin boy makes good, he becomes President.  It’s kind of like the Rothschild story, the authorized one by the old granny, which was completely devoid of any truth.  That they just struck it rich when they used to trade used rags in the ghetto and eventually, one of them got a couple of good little coins, in mint condition, and got to know the Prince.  Then they started trading with him and of course, they obviously had a few caves of these mint coins to pull from because he became very wealthy, very quickly.  That’s the truth of it.  Not the rags to riches story.  That’s where that term comes from, by the way.  That’s how they give you the mythologies.  It was the same with Abraham Lincoln.  Always in stories, they tell you… they show you a little boy standing, to the President, saying ‘one day I want to be President.’  And the President would bend down and say ‘well, if you try hard, son, you could be President.’  This is the mythology we’re given in this whole farce of a system.  It’s the same across the planet. 


Reading this story, from Raw Story, after reading before the break about all the banks that got the bail outs and so on.  All the same guys that run the foundations and so on.  It says…


Meanwhile, President Barack Obama is reticent about bailing out an American state (A:  Which is bankrupt.) — California.


Collin Peterson, Democratic Chairman of the Agriculture Committee, says he knows who to blame.


“The banks run the place,” Peterson told the New York Times in Monday’s editions. “I will tell you what the problem is — they give three times more money than the next biggest group. It’s huge the amount of money they put into politics.”  (A:  It’s bought and paid for.  Always has been.)


Peterson has introduced a bill to regulate derivatives trading — the pesky financial instruments that nearly brought down the US financial system. (A:  Well, that was all planned way ahead of time too.  Then they gave us the scare about the flu to take our minds off of it.)  Derivatives involve writing insurance on various complex financial transactions, such as providing insurance to investors in the event of massive defaults on home mortgages.


But he says that Republicans have watered down his bill. He wants derivatives trading to take place on public exchanges — much like the New York Stock Exchange — rather than through private clearinghouses, which are managed by banks.


Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, meanwhile, would prefer the transactions be monitored by the New York branch of the Federal Reserve. (A:  Which is no surprise to the people.  But here’s what it says if you scroll down.  And this reminds me, it’s a replay of FDR who GAVE The New Deal and when they say ‘new deal’, you’d better believe them.  They’re giving you a NEW CONSTITUTION, a new deal, a new way of living.  The first depression was just as manipulated and brought into being as this one, the last one.  FDR was put up there as a ‘man of the people’ with his new deal.  Who put him in?  The banking boys.  He worked for Wall Street, for God’s sake.)


How much did President Barack Obama receive in contributions from those employed in the financial sector?


$69,823,872 if you include real estate, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. (Sen. John McCain got $60,605,254, with the total between the two exceeding $130 million).  (A:  ‘Anyone can become President if you try, my son.’)


The biggest donor to the presidential campaigns? The banks. Followed by lawyers and lobbyists, at $95 million. The banking and financial services industry have their own lobbyists, so the total donations of the industry are undercounted.


All told, according to the New York Times, financial sector employees gave $152 million in political donations (A:  In one year.) from 2007 to 2008. (A:  $152 million.)  Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Credit Suisse gave $22.7 million and spent a combined total of $25 million on lobbying activities — in a single year.


(A:  So Obama, just from one group right, got $69,823,872 all told.  The man of the people.  Change is good, eh?  Nothing changes.  Except our gullibility.) 


Now, since 2001, as I say, when you look back, not much was happening.  The Cold War was over.  We thought we could relax a little bit, but BIG things had been working all through the Cold War.  International agreements were getting set up for a post Cold War society, a post Cold War world, an integrated system.  They’d already gone through with the GATT and the NAFTA and all these kind of things.  They were setting up China - the main enemy at that time, supposedly, communist China, and supposedly it still is - giving them ALL our ability to manufacture and defend ourselves, by giving them all those factories.  So it was all a farce in the first place.  Still is. 


Then, 2001 kicked off.  September.  September… kicked off the NEW century, the century of change.  Where those at the top would see their centuries of planning and Fabian Socialism take over of all governments being implemented in to REALITY with a depopulated society, voluntary or otherwise, according to their own writings.  When the weak and infirmed, those who are burden to society, are eliminated or sterilized - one way or another, you become eliminated if you can’t reproduce - and the shiftless, etc, the lazy, would be done away with gradually.  They’d have this new world order where Wells himself said you’ll need permits to travel anywhere in the world and only those who are necessary to work somewhere, in this good society, would be able to do so.  The rest would be trapped within your own borders.  Well, 2001 was the start of that.  It’s not to keep terrorists out, it’s to keep the masses IN. The crème de la crème can flow across the world.  The ‘new nomads,’ they call them.  That’s what Jacques Attali called them.  Another international socialist after Wells but Wells said this in 1910 when he wrote his book A Modern Utopia


Same agenda.  Never changes.  Why should they change it?  It works.  Intergenerationally, they can make anything come to be.  The other part of it was to create, as the Club of Rome said, a war scenario where man is at war with the planet and the environment.  MAN would become the enemy; therefore, the experts would have to control man.  That’s what the greening thing is all about.  Every government has someone appointed to the big greenie parties, as the greenie czar, who will tell us how to live… and have it mandated BY LAW… and they’ll use the FORCE OF LAW.  It’s already happening.  This was planned long before I was born, or you, or your granddad. 


Here’s an article from the guardian.co.uk.  Mandelson, he’s the greenie appointee, one of the green appointees. 


Mandelson calls for politics redrawn on green lines

The business secretary sees a necessity for the government to re-engage with the electorate over climate change policies

(A:  Let’s interpret that, ‘a necessity for the government to re-engage’.  It means, to RECONDITION the public who vote.  That’s the only right that we have, is to vote.  So we have to be educated in what to vote for over Climate Change policies.)


Kathryn Hopkins guardian.co.uk,

Friday 5 June 2009


The fight against climate change is being used by the government to regain the public's confidence in politics, (A:  Listen to the way they WORD this.  It’s so Luciferian.  Lucifer MIRRORS everything 180°.  You have to really think and re-question what you’re reading and hearing.) the business secretary Lord Mandelson said today.  (A:  What a record this character’s got.  You should go in to this guy’s history.  It’s astonishing.  It’s astonishing what he’s got away with in the past.)


"We are at a precarious time for mainstream politics in the UK. We can get cynical about politics in this country, or we can have a serious debate about what needs to be done to get our politics back on track and our economy back to growth," (A:  Now, that’s nonsense.  See, they USE the economy and they USE socialism to get the people to do exactly as they WISH them to do.  Have fewer children.  Work longer hours.  Work for less.  ‘We’re all in it together.’  That’s the favorite little phrase they use in all wars.  Now, here’s where he’s speaking, this guy.  This guy’s in charge of basically finance for the country.  Industry, etc.)  he said in a speech at the Policy Network event at the London School of Economics.  (A:  Look at the history of the London School of Economics.  It was set up by the Fabians with the help of Oxford because they’re ‘all in it together’.)


"A positive politics of climate change depends on us deciding that politics works, that it is how we focus collectively on a different future, and in focusing on it (A:  Right?  how we focus collectively on a different future, and in focusing on it…) make it happen."  (A:  WE make it happen.  Go in to The Policy Network.  It’s a very interesting organization.  What is The Policy Network?  It says…)

policy network

new ideas for progressive politics


Policy Network is an international thinktank (A:  So here’s a guy running a NATIONAL system in commerce for a country, who belongs to an INTERNATIONAL think tank…) dedicated to promoting progressive policies and the renewal of social democracy. (A:  You’d better understand what they mean by ‘social democracy’.)  Policy Network facilitates the sharing of ideas and experiences among (A:  Now here’s how they define democracy…) politicians, policymakers and experts on the centre-left. (A:  It doesn’t mention THE PEOPLE.  That’s what they mean when THEY refer to democracy.  Then it goes in to the policies of Climate Change.)


I’ll put all these links up on my site, remember, at the end of the show.  You’ll find this with every country.  You don’t even know who the guys are when they’re in charge of your commerce or anything else.  Do you know 60%, over 60 almost 70% of the US Department of Commerce goes to NOAA.  Why is that?  They don’t tell you.  Why is that?  Do you know it’s the Department of Commerce that sets up the annual meeting for New Gingrich when he talks with the International Scientific Committee on THE BRAIN CHIP?  Why is that? Why is the Department of Commerce involved in that and financing all of that?  Because you see, you’re all economic units, that’s why.  That’s the only purpose that you have.  Because as I said earlier in the show, we all work for government. 


The policies of Climate Change Conference.  Quite interesting to see these characters and who they really, really are.  In a regular mainstream Hawaii newspaper, The Hawaii Reporter, there’s an article about Climate Change and how the science is manipulated, and how the statistics are fudged, and the special computers will only turn out the data that’s purposely fed in to them.  They get the answers they want, etc.  It also gives you some history on natural climate change.  We’ve gone through many changes of warming, cooling, warming, cooling, increases in CO2, decreases in CO2, and it explains here, HUMANITY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.  I remember thinking at the time, when they said that one of the greatest things, or events that’s happened in the world - with climate change - was when the volcanoes came up and erupted.  Well, what had the dinosaurs or anything before them to do with that happening?  NOTHING.  Nothing.  It’s more to do with the sun than anything else.  However, it’s a great political tool because you can CHANGE SOCIAL POLICY AND BEHAVIOR through it and that’s why it’s being used. 


When 9/11 happened, 2001, I said, remember that quote that was given by Rumsfeld, I think it was, or Cheney, at the beginning.  He says, “Life will never be the same again.”  These statements are not spontaneous.  They’re prewritten before the events… to go down in history.  They’re LEGAL statements from your governments.  You’d better remember them.  Like ‘New Deals’, etc, ‘Century of Change’ and so on.  Remember them.  It’s very, very important. 


Then crisis after crisis since 2001 until the world can turn upside-down, till everyone is bending over and showing cards and ID and having searches and so on, to go anywhere, AFTER a Cold War scenario, remember.  We never had this nonsense during World War II or the Korean War.  Why now?  Because the intention is to change the entire world with crisis after crisis.  I said in 2001, that night, on the radio - I believe it was that night - I said, they want everything you’ll see in a regular war, ration cards, eventually, travel permits, ID cards… Refugees… people being moved from area to area. 


What do you think… what do you think all this pandemic nonsense is really all about?  You will see peoples being moved from one area to another before they’re through.  Because they want a full war type scenario.  If you look at the draft plans that they’ve drafted up for pandemics, it falls right in to that type of category, of either total quarantine or partial quarantine for those who are unaffected MUST be driven out and moved to a safer area.  People on the road, on the streets, etc.  Why?  Because every part of that which makes up total warfare scenarios is part of change.  Because in warfare, one of the main purposes of warfare, is to CHANGE SOCIETY forever, according to Professor Carroll Quigley, but in a directed change.  Government takes over everything.  That is the purpose of what’s happening now. 


The Mail Online.  Here’s the next step they’ve gone to. 


Police target 'innocent' youths for arrest in bid to increase DNA samples on database

4th June 2009


 Target: Youths' DNA is being taken and stored in case they commit crimes


Youths with no criminal record are being targeted for arrest so their DNA can be logged on a database in the event they commit crimes.  (A:  in the future.)


A total of 386 under-18s had their DNA taken and stored by police last year in one north London borough - more than one a day.  (A:  But the cops are coming out and admitting it.  They just want their data for future crimes, even though they’ve committed NONE at the moment.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just mentioning - before I take a caller there - that the police are now taking DNA and admitting, they’re admitting in this newspaper article - I’ll put these links up on my site at the end of the show - that they’re taking DNA from children even, about 10 years of age, under the premise and they SAY in this article, if you know you’ve had your DNA taken and it’s on a database, you’ll think twice about committing burglary or crime for a living.  Preventative, you know, PREVENTATIVE.  It’s quite amazing isn’t it?  And how the people just chew the grass and go along with it, you know. 


Now, we’ll take Mike from New York, who‘s on the line.  Are you there Mike?


Mike:  Hi Alan.  This guy Mandelson, this character Mandelson, he has more skeletons in his closet than your average graveyard. 


Alan:  I know.


Mike:  I mean, he’s set to being throw out of various government posts because of corruption, fraud, under the table dealings, the list goes on.  Now, he comes back as the member of the House of Lords no less. 


Alan:  That’s right.  They elevated him after, I think, it was a pedophile scandal.


Mike:  Exactly.  Like one of those corpses in a B horror movie that always manages to crawl out of the grave after the stake’s been put through the heart.


Alan:  Yes. 


Mike:  This business about the government claiming that they’re going to restore confidence via the fight against climate change, this is so ludicrous.  It doesn’t warrant even arguing.  How can imposing the associated extra levies in the form of carbon taxes and myriad rules and regulations, snooping and petty fines as associated with this movement, restore confidence in government?


Alan:  Well, they’ll lie through their teeth.  What they’re giving is confidence to themselves by implementing these rules.  It’s not for the people.


Mike:  This is like the SS claiming that reducing rations to the inmates of the concentration camps is a confidence-boosting measure. 


Alan:  That’s right.  They use this incredible double-speak.  It’s almost a 180° mirror image and you have to really think what they’re saying before you catch on to their meaning.


Mike:  The logical dissonance is that bad that, you know, you have to think to yourself, maybe I’m missing something here. 


Alan:  That’s right.  The representative for the US was giving a speech in China about pushing up their limits on carbon, or carbon taxes for China, or trying to introduce emissions.  When she was asked the question, what are they going to do in the US about it?  She says, we’re in the process of training the public right now.  TRAINING THE PUBLIC RIGHT NOW. 


Mike:  Yeah.  Now, just to change the subject slightly, I called you a couple of weeks ago regarding the Susan Boyle business.


Alan:  You understand what it’s all about now?


Mike:  Sure.  But the latest is that she’s had a nervous breakdown, apparently, because she didn’t win the final competition.  Apparently, the culture secretary is getting involved in, you know, all… The country itself is having a nervous breakdown because of this and…


Alan:  Do you understand what the REAL motive of all this is though?


Mike:  This is just indicative of the fact that television has taken over reality.


Alan:  It’s more than that.  For the last umpteen years you’ve got pushed degrading stuff which is made to collectivize all women into nothing but sex, etc… same with the guys.  A female comes out who isn’t very beautiful, doesn’t fit in with the normal - what we’ve been given - she sings beautiful emotional songs.  Those emotional songs now are for the… it beings with R. 


Mike:  What’s that?


Alan:  What do the young say about each other when they’re mocking each other?  You’re R------- …You’re what?


Mike:  I’m not sure about that.


Alan:  R-E------


Mike:  I got ya.  Okay. 


Alan:  That’s what it was.  It was a fantastic psychological… So anyone who likes good music and emotion, looks like this women and is also you-know-what.


Mike:  Thanks Alan.


Alan:  That’s how it is. 


Well, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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Transcribed by Diana