Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#284)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 25, 2009:

World Money Brings Cheers by Buccaneers:

"World Bankers, by Whom We've been Royally Screwed,
Come Out with Their Plan to Make Us Feel Soothed,
Had It on Standby, Before Countries They Plundered,
Since WWII and the Last Lot They Murdered,
A World Currency to be Launched at Last
By Pirates on Ship, While We're on the Raft,
A World Government to Enforce Payback of Debit,
Cunning Old Shysters, That's to Their Credit,
A Global Plantation Comes into View,
When We're Pickin' Cotton, Who Then will They Screw?"
© Alan Watt Mar. 25, 2009

Wednesday 25th March 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 25, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 25th of March 2009. 

There's always people coming into the show for the first time and I advise them to go into and you'll find hundreds of talks I've given in the past, where I try to fill in all the blanks in history, to show you that the world doesn't stumble down through time, with crisis after crisis appearing and being dealt with by politicians; but, rather everything on a large scale that happens in the world is planned that way. And I give the evidence of the big organisations, and that's the key to everything is organisation, that, basically, plans the future and has done before any of us today were born.

I've gone through the history of some of these Foundations and associations that really, a long time ago, decided that democracy was never going to take place, they'd have to give a dummy sham for the public; and, meanwhile, the real government would work behind the scenes and round constitutions, round all laws of countries and so on, to get the job done. Democracy was too slow, too cumbersome and there were simply too many competing parties and interests, to get the big agenda through. And it truly is based on a form of eugenics and superior breeding, with Darwin being thrown in at the front lines, at one point, to bring the message home to the public that you're just another animal; and therefore the elite, those who have shown their brilliance, have the right to run and order your lives, because we're just too silly to make all the right decisions for ourselves. That's as simple as it comes, really; meanwhile, we're treated like children and now we're under martial law across the whole planet, as they rush all of the laws through and enforce them, to bring the century of change, this is the 21st Century, they call it the Century of Change. What change is that? It's not for the good of the public; it's for a planned society across the whole world, vastly reduced in numbers, where pretty-well, at least for one period of it, if you breed at all, you'll be permitted to breed according to your gene types and your family background and history. Even that will be phased out when they no longer need to breed us as workers; in fact, they have, as we all know, I'm sure, those who have read all the science magazines over the years, they're way ahead of what they tell us. Eventually, they'll breed a new race of perfect servants, to serve the few who will carry on with all the resources intact, for their own offspring at the top. That's as simple as it gets.  

Meanwhile, we have to go through this pantomime, this farce, this pre-scripted play we call life, watching all this chaos happen, because it's planned that way; and they always give us the solutions. Now, remember, at the top and in bureaucracies, nothing is rushed through, especially things with Bills for about 10,000 pages and stuff like that, it doesn't happen that way, anything that's presented to the public took years, years to plan, put together, go back for revisions umpteen times before they can put anything together. Therefore, you always know when it's rushed through on any level, even the anti-terrorism Bills after 9/11, with all the countries on board, as they call it, pirates like these terms, then it was all worked out, long before, probably even before the Cold War started.  

Also, look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download / print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

I hear the music coming, so I'll be back after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix. Before I go onto tonight's talk, remember that you can buy the books I have for sale on . That's my website, that keeps me going; and you can also donate to me as well. Without the cash rolling in, I can't afford even to do what I'm doing here. Remember, I don't ask for money from any of the shows I'm on, or any of the advertisers; the advertisers pay for the shows, they pay for the station, broadcasting and personnel and so on. So, it's up to you, if you like what you hear, if you think it's informative, to keep me hopping along, that's all it is, a hop at a time.  

Now, I've gone on before about the techniques of predictive programming and how it's just an art, it's a science, it's not difficult to understand on how you, basically, familiarise people through fiction and through little, they call them trial balloons that they launch in the media, as to how you'll receive something and accept something, without thinking in any depth about it whatsoever. You take the status quo, that which is given to you by the media, as your opinion; but they also like to feed things into us, like a build-up, before they hit us with something really new, not that they really have to work hard at it today, in fact they don't work hard at it at all. They used to have to do a lot of pre-feeds to people before they’d hit us with a New Deal, but today, because everyone's dumbed down and into television land and they can't tell the difference between fact and fiction, most of them, they don't have to do much so it's very primitive. On March the 11th or 12th, I read from the Australian, concerning an article put out by a Nobel prize winner on economy, I guess; and it said: 

Nobel-prize winner backs world currency 

KAZAKH President Nursultan Nazarbayev has won backing for his plan for a single world currency from an intellectual architect 

He's an architect - Mason, you see. 

of the euro currency, Nobel-prize winner Professor Robert Mundell.  

I guess that's Lord of the World. And it went on and on and on about this great idea that was backed by the President of Kazakhstan. That's how they introduced that to the world, basically; then the same article appeared across the world in different newspapers, because everything today in the newspapers is pretty well a hand-out from the department of propaganda at the top; and it's just printed into the papers, with some journalist's name attached to it, that's how you start off the predictive programming on a particular topic. Then, that was followed up by an article from the BBC news, which said, it says: 

China suggests switch from dollar  

You see, so they got China to put this out to the world; and, believe it or not, you have the top guys in China are owned by the same bankers and so is their whole industry, as the rest of the world. So, they told China to suggest this and China suggests switching from the dollar, it says: 

China's central bank has called for a new global reserve currency run by the International Monetary Fund 

The exact institution that Mr. Kissinger has been going round the world saying this has to be brought up to its proper place, the International Monetary Fund, which is private, a private organisation under the United Nations, you see. Now, here they're telling us that it's bad enough and corrupt enough when the same bankers that run the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, that run your Federal Reserve system or the Bank of England, whatever central bank, they own it, they run it, you see. We couldn't stop the corruption from them plundering us nationally in every country, so they want to make it more legal, as we go into the global system for a one world central bank, basically, to dish out the cash or the tokens or, really, the ration cards for the future, that's what it's boiling down to. So, China did what they were told and they suggested the central bank should, basically, come into being to its full force and replace the US dollar. 

Central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan did not explicitly mention the dollar, but said the crisis showed the dangers of relying on one currency.  

Now, years ago, on this station, and on other stations in the US, probably alone, some wise people commented on the NAFTA negotiations, then the GATT negotiations and it was all discussed then, that eventually the US dollar would decline, the incoming euro, which hadn't been out at the time, would eventually come up to be a massive competitor; and then those in the Oil businesses, in the Middle East and Asia and different places, would switch from the dollar as the petro-dollar, to the euro as a replacement. Now, don't think for a second, that any of the top bankers have been hit with what's happened recently, all of sudden with a big surprise. There are no surprises at the top. We're going through this staged play, as they condition the public, in a thousand different ways that life is never going to be the same ever again. That's what they told us in 2001, after 9/11; and it's not you see. Their whole agenda that's been basically shelved, gathering dust for a hundred years, is now going to be unfurled, blown off the dust and presented to the public, that's what's happening, that's what's happening, very simple. So, then this Chinese central banker says: 

With the world's largest currency reserves of $2tn, China is the biggest holder of dollar assets.  

Another amazing thing too, as far as we know, China is still this odd combination of Communism (this totalitarian one-party system) and Capitalism. Now, lots of people today can't even remember a time when things were not made in China, that everything wasn’t made in China, most folk think it's all quite natural. I remember when they started to flood the markets with all Chinese made goods and everybody was moving off shore to China, all the factories, all the Western factories, paid for with our tax money, to move, by the way, so they wouldn't lose any profits during that interim period. People just floated through their lives as though it was all quite natural; and then, the same brand names appeared with a little bit at the bottom that said 'made in China'.

Here, we're supposed to believe that China and Communism were the worst threats ever and they became the holders of all the Western countries' debts, who's kidding who? Because, believe you me, if the elite didn't want it this way, it would never have happened. If the elite truly believed that the Communist system was a threat to them, they would never give their ability of producing all their armaments, in their own country away to another country, especially the one that was - supposedly - their main rival, it would never happen, never happen in a billion years. This is the farce of the pantomime that we live through. And to go on with this hand-out here at the BBC: 

Its leaders have often complained about the dollar's volatility.  

No kidding. 

China has long been uneasy about relying on the dollar for trade and to store its reserves and recently expressed concerns that Washington's efforts to rescue the US economy could erode the value of the currency.  

This is child-speak for the public, any of them who care to read it, that is. 

His speech was, unusually, published in both Chinese and English, signalling it was intended for an international audience.  

Well, of course it was, this was predictive programming, leading up to what is happening. Remember what I said at the start of the show, nothing happens in massive bureaucracy, even small bureaucracy, quickly, it takes years for them to get anything done. And this leads me onto this: it's a continuation of the last story. This is on Yahoo: 

Talks on new world reserve currency 'legitimate': IMF chief 

It's amazing how they even say that, because they never ever tell the public what the IMF really is, or the fact that it's a private organisation, of bankers, basically; one of the biggest money-lenders on the planet. The same IMF that bankrupted most of the Third World countries over and over, for the last fifty years; and then they always get the countries in the west to give them new loans to Third World countries, put down the citizens of those countries as the guarantor; so, when the Third World Countries fall apart and their economy goes under, we're left holding the tab, the tax payer of the West foots the bill, the bankers love this arrangement, love it. Then they give them another loan and we're down as guarantor again, well it's the IMF that manages that you see; the same bunch. It says: 

IMF managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said Wednesday that talks on a new world reserve currency to replace the US dollar were "legitimate" and could take place "in the coming months."  

This is how fast these guys can move, wow, aren't you impressed? 

China this week called for a replacement of the dollar, installed as the reserve currency after World War II, with a different standard run by the International Monetary Fund. 

Exactly what the IMF have always wanted. 

"I think the discussion about a new currency is absolutely legitimate," Strauss-Kahn told journalists after meeting with members of the French parliament's finance commission. Such discussion could "probably take place in the coming months," he said. US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner earlier defended the dollar as a key global reserve currency in Washington. "I think the dollar remains the world's standard reserve currency, I think that's likely to continue for a long period of time," he said. 

Well, he's fooling the public, as he's supposed to. You see, they all have their places in this play; they're all actors on a stage, the world stage. So there you go: they get a Nobel Prize winner and a president of a country to introduce the idea. The BBC then does a follow-up to it and then it's out on Yahoo and no one really takes much account of it, because we've been trained you see, especially in one generation, that you can have everything you want. Credit cards were thrown at people for years and years and years, who really had no way to pay it back; and the intention was to spoil them and make them think that there really is a Santa Claus and now we're going to pay for it all; and they'll pay for it, because the people have never grown up. That was by intention, psychological warfare. Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing how ideas are placed out there for the public, like a paper-chase really: follow the first idea and then in comes the follow-up to it, that's more concretised in your mind; and then the final, the grand finale is pretty well announced. It's coming, this new currency and then we'll have it introduced and it'll all take place, just like the euro was introduced, quite quietly amongst the public, whether they liked it or not and that's always the way; because, after all, there is no democracy, there never was a democracy. It was decided long ago, as I say, by those who held power, they would never allow the sort of vague fortunes and misfortunes of letting happenstance democracy take its course. I think it was Mr. Rockefeller himself, he said that a system, a world system, run by bankers and intelligentsia was far more preferable to the sort of haphazard way of nations and nationalism and democracy; and they mean what they say and they have the power to do it you see. And we're always surprised to find that we have no rights after all. You get rather indignant when you personally are caught and arrested and you find you have no rights; all the safety nets that you thought were out there in your system are gone, they're not there at all, except on paper. 

Fear: the last refuge of desperate politicians 

Here's someone with a little bit of insight, an author, Alice Miles, journalist, it's from the Times, March 25th, today, 2009. The Prime Minister: 

Brown has resurrected the al-Qaeda bogeyman. But at present the bigger threat is from elsewhere. 

My train pulled into Waterloo station yesterday to be greeted by an alarming poster picturing women and children in a market. 

This is right out of the movie Brazil. 

It warned: “A bomb didn't go off here because weeks before a shopper reported someone studying the CCTV cameras.” It wasn't what I needed to worry about on my way to work. 

This is the utter rubbish they're putting out there in propaganda. All the stuff they used in World War II is resurrected and gone into hyper drive. 

It is part of a new campaign - “Don't rely on others” - urging the public to report suspicious activity that could be related to terrorism: from large amounts of empty chemical bottles in a bin, to a suspicious van rental or somebody who owns lots of mobile phones. Being scary, dramatic and backed by the police, it's the sort of campaign that wins easy headlines and thus acts as a form of subliminal advertising. 

And I'd add indoctrination, that's its real purpose: subliminal indoctrination until, and you will, you'll adapt your way into it. In 'Brazil', they had the big poster in every scene, it says "We're all in it together" under this totalitarian system; we're all in it together, right? It says: 

After years of rejecting the agenda of fear stoked up under Tony Blair, Gordon Brown's Government 

That's the replacement for Blair. 

seems happy to plant fear right back at its heart. 

Well, of course, because Blair pretended he was in opposition to get into power, they play the games and they all know, probably twenty years ago, the line-up of Prime Ministers, who takes over from whom etc. They all play this game. It says: 

This weekend the Prime Minister used the recent attacks in Northern Ireland to form a totally tenuous link to the al-Qaeda threat on the mainland: “Al-Qaeda terrorists remain intent on inflicting mass casualties without warning, including through suicide bombings... As the threats we face are changing rapidly, we can never assume that the established way of doing things will be enough...” 

To leave you all on edge; it's like one of the old radio shows they played apparently during World War I and during World War II. It says: 

This from the man who, when he was running a parallel government to Mr Blair's, refused to use the phrase War on Terror and whose allies talked despairingly of Mr Blair's agenda of fear, with its emphasis on crime. That was when Mr Brown's own agenda of civic duty, tolerance, social mobility and a shared sense of national purpose was supposed to speak to positive values of hope and opportunity instead. 

No more, no more... instead we have warnings about “the murderous agents of hate” in our midst.  

“the murderous agents of hate”. Remember when George Bush first used that - why do they want to destroy America? Because they hate us, he says, they hate us. I wonder if he was speaking for his own little clique there, I don't know; who knows? You know. 

No alarmist rhetoric there, Mr Brown.  

It's a familiar friend, alarm, to the politician casting around for a sense of purpose: stoke up fear among the public and present yourself as their protector.  

That's called totalitarianism. 

If people are not afraid enough of the recession, let's terrify them with bogeymen in the Tesco potted plants section as well.  

And it's not far-fetched by the way. 

Tesco? Yes, yesterday we learnt from the Government's new counter-terrorism strategy - “Pursue, Prevent, Protect, Prepare” 

It's all "P's" you notice, they must have been saving that up for a long time. 

- first of all, that “an attack is highly likely and could happen at any time without warning”, and second, that it's OK because 60,000 hotel workers and supermarket security guards have been trained to respond. Which, for some reason, doesn't make me feel all that much safer.  

A largely pointless debate has been raging among ministers in recent months as to whether the fight against al-Qaeda should be a security issue, led by the police, or a “hearts and minds” issue, fighting the ideology.  

No kidding? 

Back with more of this BS - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from Times online, by Alice Miles, who makes some good points; and she pretty well says that the Government's going to pursue two techniques: one is the war on terror, it’s going to be pushed to the top; and also a war of ideology, of basically indoctrinating the people, kind of like what they're doing in the United States now with the Million Man Army and all that kind of stuff and voluntary-mandatory service. Remember service and to serve, comes from the word serf, for anyone who is interested.  She goes on to say here: 

This seems to have more to do with turf warfare between the Communities Secretary and the Home Secretary than with the War on Terror,  

Now Communities Secretary is for Communitarianism, a term first given to the public by Bush Senior. Remember that the Club of Rome, one of their biggest think-tanks, in their own book The First Global Revolution, said they wanted a form of Collectivism, meaning the Soviet System, to rule the people, it would be much easier for them; and that's why you have Communitarianism, you and your community, see? So, there's a Communities Secretary in Britain and the Home Secretary, who deals with terror etc, it says it's more to do with the War on Terror. 

because the obvious answer is both,  

They want both, the ideology and the physical war. 

and the strategy document confirms that the Government intends to pursue both.  

The question is: why now? Why, in the depths of a miserable recession, in the run-up to a G20 meeting under definite attack from a coalition of home-grown anti-capitalists, environmentalists, anarchists 

I like how she puts that, because you see, most of these groups are actually funded by the Foundations, the big bankers. It says: 

and the newly unemployed,

Well, they're on their own now, basically. 

has the Government raised the bogeyman of al-Qaeda so prominently? 

Even in blossomy West Sussex, surely the middle of Middle England, we have been leafleted about a G20 march in London this Saturday, to “Put People First”. An impressive coalition of charities, unions and pressure groups wants decent jobs and public services, an end to global poverty and inequality, and a green economy. How, they don't say. 

How they're going to get it, they don't say; and there's the trick to it all, there's the trick to it all; why would you go to the abusers, who abused you for centuries and have just hit you again, in places I don't care to mention, recently, why would you go to them and ask them to solve the problems? Think about it; they love this, it's like the abused going back to the abuser for advice and help, that's exactly how it is, see, we're all sadomasochistic, you see. It says: 

Other protesters over the next week have more extreme ends, although they are just as vague about the means: the “G20 Meltdown” campaign, for instance, demands “government by the people”, ridding ourselves of bankers, politicians, borders, capitalism, as well as Iraq and Afghanistan. Some protesters will block streets and stations, others promise riots. 

Well, you know who the rioters will be: they're funded again, by the big Foundations; and they'll be mostly special police or Special Forces dressed up. This has been caught many times before. 

Some are said to be planning to occupy City offices, others to march on banks. Never mind al-Qaeda; this could be the perfect storm of protest. 

So, there you go, I mean why would you go to them - see if things are the way they are, and if politicians have over-taxed you to the extent you can't pay, and politicians gave the go-ahead to license shady schemes, to give you shady mortgages and you're left out in a tent somewhere, it's because the politicians wanted it that way. That's why you're taxed to the hilt. If politicians want a war on terror, to use as a technique, to bring in their century of change, where the whole world is to be changed, it's because the politicians wanted it that way. That's why they sign all these Bills, without reading them, most of them; and they'll tell you that. Everything is the way it is because the politicians belong - and are vetted too, before you even hear of them - they belong to the banking boys, the establishment already you see. Why would you go to them to help you? Nothing will change until we learn that lesson, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, it won't happen.  

Here, she's talking about the farce of Tesco shopping, you know malls, these stores, where the security guards and the store keepers are all watching for suspicious behaviour, suspicious behaviour. 'He chose this brand over that brand', must be something wrong with him.  

From The Mail online; this just shows you how farcical everything is becoming, and believe you me, in the near future, you're going to see horror, when the boys in black with their machine guns are shooting at people in the streets. Alongside stories like this one that I'm about to read and it’s going to be so surrealistic to you, you'll be off in a strange limbo land, which will be intentional, because that's how the media will represent it, just like when they put the boob babes all down the right hand side of the most incredible disgusting stories of horror. That's a technique again of desensitisation to where nothing is real and when nothing's real, you let everything happen to you and to those around you. Mail Online March 25th 2009: 


Fishermen, right, with their fishing rods. 

Anglers arrested and DNA tested by anti-terror police for using laser pens to scare ducks 

This is not a joke, this should be in a comedy sketch with Monty Python, but you know, you can't make jokes anymore because we're living in such ludicrous times and this is the type of thing that you're going to be familiar with very shortly. It says: 

Fishing quietly by a lake, Martin Kailus and his middle-aged friends made for an unlikely trio of terrorists. The police, however, begged to differ. To the bemusement of the anglers, ten officers swooped and arrested them under anti-terror laws.  

That's wearing machine guns and everything, right. 

They claimed the men were using laser pens to endanger aeroplanes flying overhead. 

Remember how that came out in the US, when Bush was in? They were trying to say that the laser pen can interfere with the flight path or something of aircraft. And it shows you a picture of these guys. It says: 

The fishermen explained they were actually using the £20 [40 bucks] pocket devices to ward off ducks which could get caught up in their lines.  

And this is the duck season, when all the ducks are coming in you see. And it's quite common in Britain that they're using this. 

Nonetheless, the officers took them to a police station where they were interrogated by members of the 'terror squad'.  

Just like television, the 'terror squad'. 

The anglers had their fingerprints taken and were forced to give DNA swabs. One was released without charge after two hours. The other two had to spend ten hours in cells before they were released, also without being charged. Although no further action will be taken, their fingerprints and DNA remain on national databases.  

You know, there's over quarter of a million children with the same on their databases, for life; and they were never charged with anything in Britain. It says here: 

Last night, Mr Kailus, 57, of Woodley, near Reading, described the police's behaviour as 'pathetic'.  

I'd say, I'd say. 

I was gob smacked when they said they were arresting us and couldn't believe it,' the builder said. 'I thought they were having a laugh. The whole thing was a ridiculous waste of manpower and time.' Mr Kailus, his close friend Mick Radomski, 53, and a third unnamed man had been fishing for carp at a lake near their homes on the evening of March 6. They were approached by a local police officer and two community support officers, who asked why the fishermen were using the laser pens. Once they had shown the officers their fishing licences and explained how they used the devices to discourage ducks, they expected to be allowed to continue.  

However, about an hour later they were surrounded by seven more police officers, who arrested them under the Air Navigation Order 2005. Mr Radomski, a father-of-three who also lives in Woodley, felt 'humiliated' when he had to explain to his wife what had happened. 'We are all men in our 40s and 50s and we were using the lasers to scare ducks,' the driver said. 'I can't believe the police really could have thought we were terrorists. I am not a terrorist and I object to having all my DNA details and fingerprints on a police database. They wouldn't even give us our pens back - it is farcical.'  

No, they're very good at stealing things from you, the police too, by the way. They will confiscate everything and keep it. 

The green laser pens have a range of about a mile and are commonly used by anglers.  

Commonly used by anglers. 

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said several aircraft pilots have been dazzled by lasers shining up from the ground during the past 12 months.  

Now, see these teams, these special anti-terrorism teams and SWAT teams and all that are always practising. Have you ever watched them when they put their arms across near their shoulder, put it up in the air, they point these things to the air. Have you seen the laser on those things? It won't even enter their heads what they're doing. They're way more potent than these little pen things. They have them on every one of their little MP5 machine guns, so they can see that they can hit their target with this little bead on you, but that won't enter their heads that they're doing this all the time [laughter] but it's astonishing isn't it? Or is it? But things are going to get more and more farcical as we go along, I guarantee you; and people will adapt to the farce, that's the scary part, they'll adapt to the farces as they go along.  

That's what we're basically faced with: a creation of suspicion, fear, paranoia and terror amongst the people. Terror is supposed to make you cower down and stop communicating to people, that's what it did in the Soviet Union, where people would go in the streets, all looking very drab and grey, looking at the sidewalk, never looking at each other, as they passed each other, in case you were being set-up because, what the Soviets did, and this is going to come everywhere else too, I think it already is, they'd have little sting operations with the citizenry and they'd send someone out, or stage something in front of a bunch of people in a street, to see if anybody would do as they're supposed to do, under their laws, and report it. And if you didn't report it, you'd be hauled in for not reporting it, you were all constantly being set-up, so you couldn't trust anything anymore. That's the techniques that are well and truly understood by those at the top, perfectly well understood. And we've had it, we've had it, when we accept all of this; we've totally, completely, had it. And it's a pity, that all those who protest the G20 don't have a common organisation, with a philosophy of what exactly they want. Half of them will want exactly what the Globalists want: the greening of the world and all this stuff. You can't have jobs and all the rest of it and, at the same time, you can't have heat, to heat your factory or your place of work etc, you can't have both, this is ridiculous, utterly ridiculous. And the G20, another bit of propaganda, what a beautiful hand-out this is, this is from The and it's from the 22nd of March 2009: 

G20 warned unrest will sweep globe 

Here's the build-up to the heroes. 

BY Heather Steward and Larry Elliot  

A wave of social and political unrest could sweep through the world's poorest countries if G20 leaders fail to come to their aid, the World Bank warns today, as new research says the credit crunch will cost developing countries $750bn (£520bn) in lost output and drive millions more into poverty.  

Beautiful handout right, because the World Bank and the IMF are really the same organisation, one's a branch of the other. The World Bank is, again, a conglomerate of the international money-lenders, that's what it is, a private organisation, under the United Nations. And then this guy's name here is hard to pronounce: 

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, managing director of the World Bank, 

Sure, sure, front person. 

is urging G20 leaders to use the London summit in less than a fortnight's time to help protect the developing world against the worst effects of the financial crisis. 

Have you looked into the mandate of the United Nations Miss Iweala? Since you work for them; and you will see that the Department of the Population is population control; and you remember that when Mr. Kissinger was up there with the President, he put forward the Bill, which went through, claiming that overpopulation was the worst threat to the State; and they went right to work on ways to depopulate the Third Worlds, by all means possible. They published some of it, because they can't publish the rest of it openly; there's little snippets here and there, they were looking at it like a war technique, because overpopulation was being treated like a war situation. They came out with all the different kinds of sterilisation for the Third World countries and massive abortion, they call it 'Family Planning' systems all over the place; again, going through the front organisations, the big Foundations and the NGOs. Now, the World Bank, as I say, is a private organisation, attached to the United Nations, it's supposed to be part of the United Nations. So, here's them giving the scare tactics here, claiming that it's going to, oh my god, it's going to hit the Third World; they really care about the Third World you know. It says: 

"We have to look at the impact of this on low income countries. Otherwise, without wanting to sound alarmist, social unrest and political crisis could be the result. It's in the self-interest of everyone to prevent that," she told the Observer.   

Now, what she's talking about is the self-interest of all the tax paying countries, to avoid this, ha-ha, that's what she's saying. 

Her stark warning came as a new report from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) 

Another part of the United Nations, you see; and, by the way, every country that signed onto the UN, in the Western Hemisphere, has a Department for Overseas Development and the politicians who are fading or are semi-retired get bunged in there for the rest of their life, they get a whole lot of money / big payoffs for it. So the Overseas Development Institute, which is all part of the same bunch, the World Bank, the IMF and so on, United Nations: 

said the collapse of the global economy would cost 90 million lives, 

Well, the keep telling us they want to reduce the population of the planet, it's right up their alley isn't it?  They want to reduce the population of the planet and make a profit at the same time. It says it would:  

lead to an increase to nearly a billion in the number of people going hungry and cost developing countries $750bn in lost growth.  

Well, the way it's going, it's cost the developing countries billions of dollars that are supposed to go to these Third World countries, in loans that they can never pay back. We're the guarantors; we pay it through our taxes. Every scam that's out there, you couldn't keep up with it, from these bankers, you just can't do it; and they hide behind all these different names: World Bank, IMF, Overseas Development Institute, etc, ad nauseam. 

Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and, I think, Derek's back up again, from Philly. Are you there Derek? Hello? 

Derek: Hi, can you hear me now? 

Alan: Yes, I hear you now. 

Derek: Hey, I was just reading one of the articles about those anglers, the fishermen, it was actually on an Alex Jones website and it's just one of the funniest things and it's so pathetic because, I mean, even if you're walking through a city and you look suspicious a cop will stop you and say 'hey what are you up to?' you know, I mean people asking what you're doing if you have a laser pointer and those little laser pointers, you know we used to play with them at school and I remember people shining them in their own eyes, obviously stupidly enough, but it didn't really hurt them and they're saying they’re shining a laser pointer into the sky. 

Alan: As I say, it's utterly farcical because when those guys train with their MP5s and all the rest of it, machine guns, they all have them to their shoulder, across their chest, they're pointing at the sky [laughter] the whole bunch of them [laughter]. 

Derek: I mean those things are, they're designed to look intimidating, those guns, it’s kind of scary.    

Alan: You see, what's happening is you're going to get more and more ridiculous occurrences happening, there's so many already happened. I know people who phone me who have been - one guy was posting a box of chocolates to his Mum, a woman passed the post office, as he was going in, in her car, with a telephone, phoned up security. A SWAT team came in, pinned him against the wall, smashed open the chocolates because she thought he looked suspicious. It’s probably like some guy in a soap opera, the bad guy. So, that's all it takes now; and you've go to realise too these guys are trigger-happy, they could just as easily have shot those guys, you know. 

Derek: I mean, and I was even looking at a picture of them that was on the website and they're just some "good old boys" you know. 

Alan: I'm surprised they didn't taser them to death because they were holding fishing poles and a can of worms; that's what happened to that guy, recently, he was holding a stapler and they tasered the guy to death in B.C. in Canada. A stapler gun, not a pneumatic, just one used for paper! 

Derek: Well, there was another guy, I remember it a long time ago, but I think it was in New York they tasered guy for holding like a meat ball [?]. 

Alan: Well, I mean, you understand, we have sadists now who are desensitised, because of their training and even their upbringing, with video games, they're desensitised. They have been altered, people have been altered bio-chemically with what they eat, their injections, everything and we're seeing these characters now, they're very dangerous, they've no sense of humour and they really do want to act out a real life cartoon, by really killing someone. That's my opinion. 

Derek: Yes, and they don't really care about us so much. Anyway, so I'll get off the phone now. I'll be listening to Jason Bermas’ show, I never actually listen to him but I know he's a good guy.  

Alan: It's on at 10 o'clock there. Thanks for calling. 

Derek: Alright, thank you. 

Alan: And we'll maybe just get Steve in, are you there Steve? Indiana.  

Steve: Hello, it’s always a pleasure. 

Alan: Yes, how are you? 

Steve: Have you seen Obama Deception? 

Alan: Yes. 

Steve: Ok, do you agree with that information? 

Alan: I agree with some of it, that definitely he was put in by the same people, because I checked up his history, what he was doing before we'd even heard of him, and his job was basically to funnel money that supposedly went to poor housing in Chicago and area, the money wasn’t getting there, he was already in with the big financiers.  

Steve: Ok, I'll call you back soon Alan, thanks a lot.

Alan: OK, thanks for calling.  

And that's the music, so from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada: it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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