Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#229)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 7, 2009:

Function of Hate – To Extirpate:

"Through the Ages, This System Destroys
What It Can't Assimilate, Girls and Boys,
Who Pay with Lives, Physical Abuse,
The System with Charts Decides Their Use,
'We're Here to Help, This Blanket will Ease
Cold's Discomfort,' Full of Disease,
Authorized Masters Used Children as Toys,
Raped Girls, Buggered Boys,
Cloaked by the State and Respectability,
Robbed Their Souls, Sterilizing Virility,
Broken Bodies So Small, will be Found
When Effort Breaks the Cold Silent Ground,
The Past is With Us, No Great Divide,
People Who Care can Beat Back the Tide"
© Alan Watt Jan. 7, 2009

Wednesday 7th January 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 7, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, on the 7th of January 2009.  

For the newcomers, go into and, on the website, you can download hundreds of hours of talks that I've given and you can download them for free and these talks concern the big system we live in; I try to go back in history and pull things, from the past to the present, to show you how techniques are always used inter-generationally, to control us into predicted planned future. 

Also, look into for transcripts, which you can download and print up and they're done in the various languages of Europe. 

You know, you can't look around this world, I don't care who you are, without realising that there are big alliances at work, world-wide, especially when it comes to when it's in your face and its massive killing across the planet. Generally, in between all the massive killing, we forget that we have economic wars on the go, where those that have, the big boys who have big international corporations, and the banks that fund them and all those involved with them, with the shares etc, have economic wars on the go all the time and there's nothing new about this at all, it's just kept out of the young children's history books. You don't want to upset them too much and, especially today, history comprises of vastly-edited material, where all the bad parts, all the nasty things that man can do to man, is generally taken out and very simplistic things substituted. Such as two countries went to war over territory and that's all you have to learn.

Yet, down through the ages, when it comes to this odd thing called money and the system that came with it, and the organisation that came out of it, and perhaps even preceded it, it's hard to tell, we find that there's been massacres and genocides all down through the ages and often those who succumb to genocide become the very proponents of the same thing to other people. It's kind of like abuse: you get cases of abuse, where the person who was brought up in the abused situation becomes the abuser themselves; and, that's much the same with whole peoples at times but it's also more than that, it's also a science, which is understood by those who study philosophy and history. That's why governments and heads of state and the big think tanks that work for them, to help project their planned futures, they bring in philosophers and historians to work with them; not just the low level types, but real top notch people who know their stuff, because they want to know how the public would react if they did a certain thing and they go back to the past, to see how it worked with previous peoples across the planet. 

Plato even went through some of these techniques, in his writings and he was taught from people who’d already ruled for a long-long time a good part of the ancient world and that was from Egypt. He said himself the same techniques can be brought to use again, in formula; and, if they're introduced in formula, the public will react to them in the very same way.  This is not a very difficult science to understand, but it's not taught in regular schools, if we were all taught this stuff, we could be on guard for the psychopaths, who always get to the top in an economic system and we could spot them at all levels / all strata of society.  I'm going to continue on this line, with some very important news, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the techniques used, down through the ages, where people can manipulate others and I've always pointed out to the simplest type to understand, and that is where it was found at the Nuremburg Trials, on Adolf Hitler, who is always used, although they're all the same basically whether it’s Stalin or whoever. You find that the followers of such a person at the top level are basically people who are powerless to begin with but they're very radical, they want power, they crave power in fact; and they're psychopathic in personality types. They despise those beneath them and they worship those with more power above them; that is a sadomasochistic type of relationship and you’ll find that all through society. In fact, there's been articles in newspapers about the bosses getting to the top CEO positions of work and being diagnosed as psychopaths; they can do it, because they're very pleasant generally, but they can have massive outbreaks of incredible psychotic temper at times as well. People will forgive their outbursts, their massive-massive outbursts, but they have a great ability to manipulate others to do the things that they want them to do. Other people will, willingly, do all the work for them and this is the same technique the CIA uses, when they set up people to lead crowds, they find the specific type of personality they're after for followers, they become the patsies, they do all the dirty work, they're the guys who are caught eventually and you find there's one person behind them who is manipulating them all, who tries to keep his own nose clean. Standard operating procedure and they use these in the information wars, including a lot of these forums out there, so people should be warned about it. The patsies are always left hanging up to dry.  

When you go into psychopathy, as I say, this is something that should be taught, I think in school, so that everyone can understand what a psychopath is and recognises the signs and symptoms of them. Psychopaths, really, that's what history is full of, is the great psychopaths, down through the ages, who got to the top, by one way or another, or seized power, or smelled the popular wind and they get the popular vote and they get in; they're very adaptive in that manner. We find that the Alexander the Greats and so on, down through the history books, there’s always somebody ‘the great’, here and there, or William the Conqueror or whoever it happens to be and when you go into their histories, they were standard psychopaths. They could put on lavish displays of affection, to those near and dear to them, but they really felt nothing for them at all, that's the ability of the psychopath, to put on massive displays. They make great salesmen; they're very manipulative; it's a gift, which they couldn't verbalise themselves, no doubt. However, they use everyone else, to conquer other people for them. 

Governments really, when you look at governments, remember 'government' is an idea, it's an abstract idea and we, basically, acquiesce to it, by going along with it. It's supposed to be there, on paper at least, and in theory, to help keep order in society, initially, and then protect society. However, we know, it's nothing of the kind, it's really the biggest gang in town; and, it's formulated on the same set-up, the strata set-up as a military commander, like Alexander the Great and all the top henchmen around about him. It's always the top psychopaths that go around the man at the top, so, all governments really consist of the biggest gang in town. It's interesting when you look into government policy at the United Nations and all the other countries, they'll tell you that, in law, their goal is to be the only force authorised to use force, that means that no one underneath them, within society, will, eventually be authorised or allowed to use force, that means even to defend yourself. Now you know where all these laws have been coming from, that is written in their charters.  

Getting back to what psychopaths do, they get to the top of branches of military, government, commerce, generally by using other people, to do their bidding, people who will often worship them. Those who are the paranoid types but who also crave power, will always give in to what they feel is a stronger mind and so they're easily led. They are the patsies, as I say. They're the ones who end up in Nuremberg Trials in fact. The military has used these guys down through the ages. 

I have talked before about Ireland and all the mass graves in Ireland that people put down to the famine, the great famine they had there, the potato famine; but it wasn't that at all. There were lots of things to eat in Ireland, it was just that a few people owned all the food and those people who owned all the food generally came in from Britain, to run parts of Ireland. During that great famine, when there were thousands on the road, looking for anything to eat, or getting herded off to the United States, to go off and fight wars and so on, which they did, they signed up as soon as they hit the docks, in New York. There were British dragoons and guards and lots of different areas of departure, for ships, to ensure that all the food and the beef and the pork etc and the grain was all shipped off to Britain and the British Empire, or wherever Britain was having its wars, to supply those wars. That was the cause of most of the famine; this food was, literally, commandeered by the military. They don't like to put that in the history books, because every government likes to have a nice sort of squeaky clean record on the books, or at least come up with the best face they can. Genocide has been part of this system, for an awful-awful long time, awful long time. Genocide isn't just killing off people. It starts too with depopulating the area, the ancients did this in the Middle East and in Persia when they conquered areas, they'd clean whole peoples off the land and move them, those who survived physically, somewhere else, in an attempt to destroy culture completely.

Britain is a past master at all of this, because the British system used the same techniques in Scotland, when they tried to depopulate the Highlands, they called it “The Highland Problem”. In their history books they’ll always call it, if you read the old history books of Britain; they called it 'a problem'. They had the “Turkish Problem”, when they talked about the Ottoman Empire that owned and ruled a good part of the Middle East, until World War One. They had various problems they called them, they're very-very polite the way they talked at the top you see, rather than go into it in gory detail. However, in Scotland, they had The “Scottish Problem”; and, in Ireland, they had the “Irish Problem”. When they cleared the Highlands, using one rebellion with a few Clans, as an excuse to clear the whole Highlands pretty well out and shipped the people off abroad; and, in turn, that would re-colonise or colonise their new colonies abroad, for England. They forbid the people to speak their native tongue; that was the first step. They forbid them to wear their national clothing, or their tribal clothing. If you were caught speaking Gaelic or wearing tribal clothing, the tartan, you were hung, no trial; and, that went on for a whole generation to try to de-culturalise people. Then, teachers were sent up from England and lowland Scotland, to teach English to the people, so that was part of the genocide. And lots, believe you me, lots of them, were drowned when a lot of these ships were going across the Atlantic, because England sequestered lots of old junk ships that weren't fit to sail and there's many records in museums in Scotland of whole peoples going down at sea, just off the coast, with relatives standing watching.

This didn't stop there, because when Britain went into the Americas, the Indians were there and I've talked before about John Stuart Mill, and then his son of the same name, both economists for the British Government, who wrote stuff similar to H.G. Wells, who did it much later, but the Mills were the first ones to categorise different peoples who would not be fit to come into a new order, a new economic order. Even in the 1700s they had it noted down that the American Indians would not be able to adapt into an economic system and then, later on, in the 1800s, they adapted that finding into the Darwinian philosophy that superior cultures will ultimately destroy inferior cultures; and; maybe they'd have to even destroy purposely the inferior cultures, or they'd bring the superior ones down. That still holds true today and we're actually seeing a lot of it going across the world right now in fact, because a lot of those Muslim countries over there have not adapted into what's called 'progress', the progressive order. They still live in a tribal way, they live to old ideas, which have worked very well for them, up until now, they didn't have usury in the Muslim countries, until fairly recently, and they didn't join the World Bank and so on, we're seeing them pounded into the earth, because everyone is being standardised in this day and age. 

Getting back to Canada: Canada, across the world, puts a lot of propaganda out about being a squeaky clean nation. I've already talked about how Canada led bacterial and viral warfare, during and since World War Two and given you the names of the books. There was one major book that was written about it, I'll be back on more of this, after these messages.  

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, tying together the system, let's call it the system, that we live in, this system that's based on money and commerce and power and military conquest and domination, of the many, by the few; and, how, at the top, you have the psychopathic types and I've gone over many talks before, in the past, discussing psychopathy and how they inbreed at the top, money tends to marry money and power marries power. Nothing really changes with their offspring; and, what you find too, at the top, how they traditionally have their wet nurses and their nannies and so on, the mother has nothing to do with the child and the child goes off to boarding school and many studies have been done to show that they have a hard time bonding, and, because of that they have a hard time about empathy, having empathy for other people. They're classically well-prepared for their roles in life: to rule, by force, and often by very extreme methods, when they think necessary. 

Getting back to the genocide idea: genocide is nothing new, it's used as policy, it's still used as policy today. When Kissinger rattled off his enemy to the state being over-population, and then he headed for the year 2000, and he wanted everything to be in place for the year 2000, with a list of countries where depopulation would have to be carried out and when you look at all the countries involved, it's pretty well all the western world, we've all given money and help and equipment to setting up abortion clinics throughout all of those particular countries, and that's where all the wars have been as well.

It's no coincidence these things happen; when they do these things at the top and they publish their findings and they publish an agenda, you can always count on it they're going to carry it out. It's the same with the United Nations, with their Department Of Population Control, they mean what they say. They don't have meetings and go home and set up letters to Santa Claus up the chimney, with a wish list, they put it into effect, it is done and they have the financial backing to make it happen. 

Getting back to Britain and how they were the masters of this - not the only ones to do it by any means, every rising empire has done the same things to other people.

I'm going to start reading from an article that was first put out on June the 12th 2008, by the New York Times; and, it came out because there was an enquiry had to be taken or done on people who were doing too many grumblings, but mainly because of one man and what he managed to start, all by himself. It says: 

Canada offers an apology for native students’ abuse, by Ian Austin.

OTTAWA - The government of Canada formally apologised on Wednesday to native Canadians for forcing about 150,000 into government-financed residential schools, where many suffered physical and sexual abuse. 

Now, this is the ‘nice’ write up I'm giving you right now, first of all. 

The system of schools which began shutting down in the 1970s, after decades of operations, was dedicated to eradicating the languages, traditions and cultural practices of native Canadians and has been linked to the widespread incidence of alcoholism, suicide and family violence in many native communities.  

This is the ‘nice’ write up. 

The treatment of children in Indian residential schools is a sad chapter in our history, Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada said in a speech in the House of Commons, where a small group of former students and native leaders sat in front of him. “Today we recognise this policy of assimilation. 

Now that's a good word, assimilation, that's what they're trying to do with the whole planet right now. 

The assimilation was wrong,

He says.

has caused great harm and has no place in our country”.

I don't believe it was assimilation, I think it was eradication, personally. He goes on here: 

An apology from the prime minister as been sought by native groups for years and was part of a broad sanctioned settlement with the government and the church organisations that operated the schools. 

The government funded these church organisations to run the schools. 

The Federal Government also agreed to pay 1.9 billion Canadian dollars (about $1.85 billion) to surviving students and to establish a truth and reconciliation commission, to document the experiences of children who attended the schools.

Harry S. LaForme, a Mississauga Indian and a justice of the Ontario Court of Appeal who will oversee the commission, said the schools program was responsible for making the relationship between native people and other Canadians "so unworkable, so filled with mistrust."

"The policy of the Canadian residential schools wasn't to educate Indian children," he said in an interview. "It was to kill the Indian in the child; it was to erase the culture of Indian people from the fabric of Canada."

In a rare break with Parliamentary tradition, several native leaders were allowed to speak from the floor of the House of Commons. 

When you think about even that and the 'break with parliamentary tradition', why shouldn't anybody be allowed to speak on the floor of the House of Commons?  

Some spoke in their native languages. All praised Mr Harper of offering the apology, though native groups remain at odds with the government on several issues, including spending on native communities.

"The memories of residential schools sometimes cuts like merciless knives at our souls," Phil Fontaine, the national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, the national association of native groups, told the House of Commons. He wore a ceremonial feathered headdress. "Never again will this House consider us 'the Indian problem' just for being who we are," he said.

I'll be back with more on this and much-much more, after this break.

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, tying in some histories together, not just to focus on one event or one long period in history that happened in Canada, but to show you this is standard procedure, because we're run by psychopaths and they never ever change their ways, that's in the psychiatric books, if you want to read them. They can't change their ways; so, whatever they do in one generation, they'll do in another and a new generation of psychopaths will copy the former, because that's how they are, that's exactly how they are. If they have a problem, they eradicate the problem.

To continue this article, before I go on to an even better one that goes into it in more detail. It says: 

In 1990, Fontaine, an Ojibway, became one of the first native leaders to disclose that he had been sexually abused while attending the Fort Alexander Indian Residential School in Manitoba.

The federal government has admitted that sexual and physical abuse in the schools was widespread. In his speech, Harper acknowledged that "while some former students have spoken positively about their experiences at residential schools, these stories are far overshadowed by tragic accounts of the emotional, physical and sexual abuse and neglect of helpless children."

He goes on to talk about the:

attendance at the residential schools was made mandatory by the Government in 1920 for native children between the ages of 7 and 16, as part of a programme called “Aggressive Assimilation”. Children were forced to leave their parents, were harshly punished for speaking their own languages, or practising their religions.

All but a small number of the approximately 130 schools were run by Christian denominations that operated them as Missionary schools, some as far back as the 19th Century. Those denominations were the Anglican, the United Roman Catholic and Presbyterian Churches. Although the history of the programme has been reviewed by various Government Commissions and courts, many details are still unknown. 

That's where I'm going to jump from this particular article, to a more recent one; and, this is from the Scotsman, Wednesday the 7th of January 2009: 

Playground bones force Canada to face genocide of Indian children.  

It was the 6th of January it was published, 2009 by Lorraine Mallinder in Canada: 

In overgrown deserted school playgrounds across Canada, lie the bones of thousands of Native Indian children who were stolen from their families,

This is by the law.

Historian John Milloy is helping to uncover their stories in official research on burial sites. "We know that children were buried in unmarked graves, children who disappeared and were never heard from again," he said. The research is part of Canada's attempts to face up to a disturbing legacy of its residential school system, an attempt to "assimilate" native children that resulted in thousands of deaths and ruined lives.

From the late 19th Century, right up to the 1970s, an estimated 150,000 Native children - First Nations, Inuit and Métis - were packed off to the schools, funded by the State and run by the Catholic, Anglican and United Churches.

The story has taken a more sinister turn, with allegations about death by torture, 

I'll go into this with something else after this.  

fatal medical experiments, 

They were doing that too, in fact, they were contaminating the children with TB, by forcing the healthy ones to sleep in the same beds as those that were really on the way out with Tuberculosis. 

forced sterilisation 

There's your eugenics again. 

and secret burials in mass graves, filtering into the public domain.

These allegations have been gathered and disseminated by Kevin Annett

Kevin Annett was a defrocked minister, he was thrown out of the United Church in 1996 because single-handedly, the man started to bring all of this forward, on behalf of surviving natives.  I know he went through hell, from the authorities, and from his own peer group and from his superiors. His wife packed up and left him because she wanted, like most folk want, a nice steady income, husband respected in a good occupation and so on and he gave it up, he gave it all up to do the right thing and he brought it forward. And, the sad thing is, it took a non-Indian to bring it forward because no one would listen to the Indians. It says: 

Kevin Annett, a defrocked Minister was thrown out of the United Church in 1996, for his part in exposing the schools scandal  

He’d had many-many warnings about it, he had the RCMP and many threats and so on, from the Government, and he kept going. It says: 

and the clergy's sale of entrusted native lands to a logging company. 

That's what they did when they were killing off the Indians, they were selling off the land to, you know, the in-boys, the old school tie, given the big logging company contracts. The big boys. 

Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, apologised last year on behalf of the religious authorities. "We failed them, we failed ourselves, we failed God. We failed because of our racism and because of the belief that white ways were superior to aboriginal ways," he said.

I'd add economic ways, because economics, in this system, is behind all of this.  

Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has responded to the claims over Mr. Annett's allegations by ordering maps to be drawn up of possible burial sites and research into numbers and causes of death.

Mr Milloy and his team plan to track down the death certificates and records of maintenance payments sent to schools. Much of the proof will have been lost in routine government purges of official documentation in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, he fears.

And you better believe this, if there's anything around now, they'll be purging it now as well.

Michael Pollesel, General Secretary of the Anglican Church of Canada, says that many schools will also have lost track of children.

Roland Chrisjohn, a professor of native studies St Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick, is sick of what he perceives as Canada tip-toeing around the issue.

"I want someone with the power to subpoena witnesses and documents and go all kinds of places this commission can't go at all," he said.

Describing the residential schools as "genocide", he said: "Perpetrators are still living. People should be held to account."

Mike Cachagee, the chairman of the National Residential Schools Survivors' Society, has his own theory about the TRC. "It is an opportunity for churches to receive absolution," he said.

"For us, there are no words of reconciliation, you have to make amends. Just listening for ten minutes doesn't work."

I think you'll have to get a new baptism pool with complete or 100% disinfectant, to be honest with you, when you go into this.

Thousands abused in regime built to crush native cultures

LAST June, the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, rose in parliament to apologise to aboriginal people on behalf of all Canadians for a system of Indian residential schools he called a "sad chapter in our history." 

A sad, just a ‘sad chapter’. A link I'm going to put up at the end of the show, for a video, will show some of this 'sad chapter' with the proof in it, of British generals, who were taking the blankets out of hospitals where they had various diseases and giving them to the Indians, this was the status, this is what they did, this was normal and so were a lot of the Ministers too. It was an agenda, because one of the generals kept a great record of it. It's in a museum and he actually said in it that he was all for the extirpation, that's the term they used for Scotland too, extirpation of these people he says. That means the complete annihilation that was on the same order that was given by King William to the Campbells in Scotland, as a regiment, working for England, to kill off the McDonalds over taxes, extirpate, that meant kill every man, woman and child, that's what it meant. And General Amherst, in Canada, whose place name's after him, kept the records, he was very proud of selling these diseases to the Indians and he kept records of how fast they went down. It says

From the 1870s to the 1970s, some 150,000 native Indian children were forcibly removed from their parents and sent to distant residential schools. Many survivors said they were abused mentally, physically and sexually. 

On this video I'll give you the link to, you'll hear some of the survivors talking about it. It was standard, little boys had their pants pulled down and they were all stood in a line and they were all buggered, one after the other. They also talk about the graves being dug for some of them, they were severely beaten and died and it shows where they were buried. That's what they're trying to suppress right now. He says: 

There are about 80,000 survivors of a practice that ripped an estimated 150,000 children from their communities and sent them off to be relieved of their "Indian-ness". 

In one area of Canada, where they put in these blankets by the way, in the late 1800s, and they were keeping records of it, there was over 40,000 Indians and at the end of a few years, three or four years, there was only 40 of them left. And, you think anything has changed today? Look at all the talks I've given about bacterial and viral warfare, not because I'm not picking it out of thin air, I'm reading the reports that are given to us, openly, in the press. 

In decades past the aim was to assimilate aboriginal peoples and crush their cultures. Duncan Campbell Scott, a senior government bureaucrat dealing with aboriginal matters, declared in 1920: "I want to get rid of the Indian problem."  

There you are again: the Indian problem, the Scottish problem, the Irish problem. There's always a problem, the Turkish problem, the Lebanese problem, whatever it happens to be, it's always “the problem”, you see. He said: 

"Our objective is to continue until there is not a single Indian in Canada that has not been absorbed into the body politic."

Children were called pigs and dogs. Teachers beat them if they used their own languages 

Same in Britain. 

and told them they would go to hell unless they converted to Christianity. Many parents never saw their sons and daughters again. Survivors often took to drugs and alcohol to dim the [past] pain. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, set up for five years under the terms of the 2006 Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, is expected to hear the stories of survivors, beginning this year. 

Now, you'll find that Mr Annett that brought this forward and paid the price, because - believe you me - the Government of Canada did not want this coming out at all. It loves its squeaky clean image abroad. They put a lot of money into propagandising the rest of the world. How nice and fair we are and we only go off to war when we really-really have to, because we don't like killing people and all of that nonsense.

Mr Annett made a video and it's called Unrepentant and I'll put the link up on my site, at the end of the show. There's a few parts to it and you'll hear from some of the survivors the things that were done to them. Isn't it sad that it literally took, it literally took someone from a different culture, a different ethnic origin, to bring this forward, because no one would listen to the Indians, there’s so much racism, that no one would listen to them; and, all of the big official organisations and all the big churches who are very respectable. Getting back to the psychopath, the psychopath either hides behind anonymity, to manipulate others, and that's why, as I say, the Internet is a great vehicle for them, or they hide in plain sights, but always in something that's very respectable. And, my, have we been brainwashed with the business suit and the suit and tie is the respectable uniform for those should rule over us. We've watched suits and ties take us to war after war after war since World War Two, not uniforms, suits and ties and C.E.Os of Corporations, ping-ponging from being a head of a corporation to a politician and you pretend that you're in some kind of a free society, because you can play at the bottom.

When you take the overall picture and this is what I'm getting at too, when they pull in philosophers and historians, to help guide and plan the future. They're treating us the same way as they treated the native Indians, we're all children now. We're dumbed-down, we're entertained to death, we never grow up and we're completely abused because of it and we're defenceless because of it.  

Britain did the same across the planet wherever it colonised, it did the same thing in New Zealand, same thing in Australia and anything that's different from you, anyone that's different from you, has to be, when they say assimilated, they really mean extirpated, because you are a problem; the aboriginal problem.  

Going back into their system, remember where we are today, they planned hundreds of years ago, because major economists wrote about this coming world system, like John Stuart Mill, read his books, very boring, very dry; but, in there you'll find that he has listed all the peoples, including the American Indian, who would be unable to adapt into an economic system where they get up with the clock and work all day, day after day and go to bed and get up again, to the clock, as all of we are trained to do. Who's got the real natural system I wonder? Because, as we're all playing and behaving like little children, we're being told openly; there is no conspiracy, it's all in your face now. They plan to depopulate fast. I've been over all the sicknesses that have come out since inoculations began, because they don't have to pass blankets around anymore, they just train you to take shots; and, that's how it's done, let’s not scare the children, we're the children. Back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix, going through another unpleasant topic but trying to tie things together to try and show you that genocide is not new. It's used as an arm, a technique you could say of government, many governments. It can take many forms as well; today, it's done more covertly, by training the people, or your victim, that medicine, all medicine out there is good for you. It's more efficient than just tossing out blankets with smallpox. On that video with Kevin Annett, you'll actually see from the same General Amherst’s own notes, the actually official real notes, not copies, where he was keeping all the data to do with this bacterial warfare that they were spreading into the Indian communities and the joy this man obviously took from his occupation when it was so successful. That's the kind of world we really do live in. It's the kind of world that's not taught to children, unfortunately, which makes them gullible and naive, so that they can be all used again, by the descendents of the psychopaths who still run the world. And, believe you me, there are many psychopaths at the bottom, on the bottom level, who, if they were born into positions of power and powerful families, would be just the same as the ones at the top. The M.O. [modus operandi] that they have is always the same, they're great manipulators of other people, they get others to do their dirty work for them, while they walk off squeaky clean. If they have a chip on their shoulder, they'll make sure that there's lots of patsies that'll take the can, when they end up trying to get rid of the chip for him; that's standard technique.

The ones at the top are throughout science and academia; these are the same people like Madeline Albright when she talked about killing off the Iraqis by starvation, starvation. When she was told 150,000 or so had died, was that acceptable to achieve the objective? And she says "yes" without blinking an eyelid. It turned out it was more like 500,000 died off, with lack of food, meanwhile you find the top of the United Nations General Director's son was cashing in on all of this for Oil for Food Programme, another good psychopath.  

They all hide behind something, as I say, psychopaths hide behind things. In the public venue they hide behind the suit and the tie and letters behind their names and we are all taught to be very impressed by letters behind the names, as though, somehow, it makes them more altruistic by having letters behind their names. You will find that some of the worst tyrants in history had letters behind their names. I've gone on about Galton and Charles Galton Darwin and all these beautiful people and there are more of them today in positions of power and all of academia has gone along with this new phase of the Darwinian agenda.

It's in our faces today, it's not held back. We must get out of denial and start doing something about it.

From Hamish and myself, from a very snowy Ontario Canada, it's goodnight and may your god - or your gods - go with you.  


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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