Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#226)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 2, 2009:

Dr. WHO Hyping Incredible-Inevitable:

"World Health Organization, Dr. WHO,
Made Drastic Preparations for the Inevitable Flu,
The Timing is Perfect, or so it Seems,
They've Created a New Flu Using Spanish Flu's Genes,
Whole Populations to be Probed and Inspected,
Detained, Whether You Are or Are Not Infected,
According to Dr. WHO's Predilection,
You'll be Forced to Take Any Injection,
Which May or May Not Help, May Even Kill You,
Oh Dear, What to Do, Take Your Chances with the Flu"
© Alan Watt Jan. 2, 2009

Friday 2nd January 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 2, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)                  

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, on January the 2nd 2009. 

For the newcomers: look into and, on the website, you'll find lots of talks I've given in the past, covering a wide variety of issues to do with the big control system that runs the world; and, I try to give you the shortcuts to the understanding of it, because it's so incredibly huge. The world certainly is planned, the future is always planned, that's what people of vision call it: planning, world planning.  

Also look into where you can find transcripts of these talks and you can download them. They're written in the various languages of Europe.  

Now, the last time I was on, I was talking about the CBC Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. They used to call it ‘Communist Broadcasting Corporation’ because most of the employees were hard-line Communists and many of them actually came from Russia, but that's the government station and, it hasn't really changed, it's very much like the BBC, it takes its format from the BBC. Every Commonwealth country, and Britain itself in fact, always has its own particular government-owned television and radio stations; so the CBC is owned by the Government of Canada, it's a propaganda arm. However, they have done quite a lot on the coming plagues etc and they have, over the years, done documentary specials; they have them in their archives, and someone has hunted up various links for me, to find the audio and the radio archives and also some of the video from the video archives of the CBC. There is a link for this I'll be putting up at the end of the show that will take you to all of these documentary specials, some of them I think going back to the '70s; some even before, giving you the previous terror scares we were given nation-wide, in fact world-wide on previous flu scares and how it was all hyped up.

There's also some interesting facts come out because we've all heard of the Spanish Flu and that's the one that has been not only rediscovered but recreated, to be a killer actually more potent than the first one. It was a misnomer to call it the Spanish Flu, in the documentaries, and I'll put this link up for you to look at, after the show, on my website. They go into the Spanish Flu, Spain was a neutral country in World War One, it was the only country therefore that wasn't afraid to publish the fact that there was a world-wide flu already on the go; but, it started inside the United States and was spread across the world, across Europe, by US troops being sent abroad. It's interesting, because, later on, when the Swine Flu, the so-called Swine Flu came out, it struck in a military base in the US as well; and, we all know, that once you go into the army, you get all these inoculations and so on, you don't know what you're getting, one after the other. There's lots of documentation; and, I've written about this myself, and I've quoted some authors such as the one that was written in Canada, called Deadly Allies, with de-classified information from the Canadian Government, to do with the troops being used, sometimes, for various bacterial and viral warfare projects. So, I wouldn't be surprised if the one from 1918 was actually man-made at all, personally I wouldn't be, because they are always so far ahead in the sciences, way above what professors are taught at universities, way above. Whatever we get from Professor down, is old stuff to those at the top.  I'll put that link up to the CBC ones that are strung together, it makes it much easier for you, at the end of the show. Back in a moment, after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix and, when you're going through these CBC archives, as I say, you'll find lots of contradictions from experts telling you different things on the same subjects, as to even the efficacy of the inoculations for instance. At one point, this expert was asked if a particular flu shot, should this avian flu come across, would the flu shot help and she said "probably not", the reason being: it would take maybe two years to get an actual vaccine that would affect it. So, there's all this double-speak all through these documentaries from the CBC itself and it really makes you wonder, at that level, which is pretty low level, as I say there's a much higher level of science, there’s a level of science where they can put viruses together piece by piece, to create specific types; that's much higher than these lower experts that will be dealing with the public in pandemics. The hype that we've had for years now, on the coming plagues, the coming plagues, the coming plagues, I've got books from the '80s, early '80s that were writing about the coming plagues, it was just a sure thing, in these circles. We've got to remember too: that every specialist has to 'pump up' his particular speciality, to keep his job and make himself very important. It's no different if you go into Africa in the 1700s and you'd find different competing witch doctors, each one with their own particular cures and rituals and techniques and formulas for making the cures, or dances or whatever it happened to be. It's the same thing in today's academia: they're all competing with each other for status and power. We're in an age of crisis creation; the crisis creation agenda was on the go before 9/11 happened in 2001. They tried to get the national ID cards out in 1998 in Britain; they passed an omnibus crime bill, which is an anti-terrorism bill, in Canada about the same time. Crisis creation was already being pumped up, by different areas of expertise; and, also we had the big fake Y2K alarm that, from the very beginning sounded implausible. The media itself created the hype and people put big bucks into trying to ensure computers would keep going, well none of them fell behind, nothing happened; now, they knew this at the top, nothing would happen, but it was this expectation of crisis coming; and, plus: studying the public's reactions to coming crisis was all part of it.

There's a good set of videos out there, I'll give the link to this as well, that goes through the psychology of controlling masses of people, by a few who understand the sciences, and it's called the Age of Transitions and it's from Information Liberation it's called. I'll put the links up and you can find all the other ones for yourself; but, it's an excellent series to show you how big Foundations, big powerful people, organisations can set trends, using techniques they understand that will ripple across the world and affect every area of your life, right into your parliament, or congressional buildings, into the minds of politicians and they're then implemented into effect, by law. It shows you how the techniques are used, all the way from Freud - and before Freud even - onwards using Psychology and Behaviourism etc. They understand how the masses of people ‘tick’.

It also goes into the big agenda, to do with this big push; and, you'll hear the phrases uttered by the famous people they give us in front of television, over the years, telling us that this big change, change is good, long before Obama came along. This was going to be the century of change, right into coupling us with computers, interfacing us with computers, Transhumanist agenda, longevity, even immortality for some etc. They give you the big meetings where they talked about this, including one I've talked about, at Loyola University, they talked about, they give you some of the pieces that were discussed at that particular meeting; and, they have that meeting every year. That was the meeting where they said that have the chip ready to go in the brains of people. They have powerful regional computers set up; all they have to do now is get the public to accept it, and they would do that through predictive programming, by using novels and fiction, primarily, movies and even cartoons, to make the youngsters think it'd be a great thing to have.  It also goes into the real purpose, because they said they would create a new societal structure, that's the important key to all of this, because, behind it all, is the big eugenics organisations that set up the Foundations, that have funded all of these Movements and have put science at the pinnacle of evolution. Of course they will decide what evolution is going to be, through science; and, they have decided that they want to reorganise the whole of society. Get rid of the defective genes, meaning the defective people too, those that carry them, and have a programmed society, like a pyramid, all the way down to the bottom. Obviously, in such a society, no one would be a useless eater; you'd all be programmed to do essential tasks, to serve those at the top. Remember what Charles Galton Darwin and others have said: the elite themselves will remain untouched, they must be wild, as wild as animals, to retain their survival mechanisms, because they will be steering the ship of planet earth. So, look into this, this particular link I'll give you at the end of the show, The Age of Transition, from Information Liberation; a really good series on this, with good factual documentation, from the big boys themselves.  

Now, getting back to the coming plagues that are supposed to terrify us as well, we're terrified of everything these days aren't we? That's what they live on, the media is on a frenzy of terror and fear and they've got to keep this hype going all the time, because, otherwise, we'll go back to grazing in the pasture; and, once the herd starts grazing, we get kind of ‘antsy’ about getting moved, we don't like it so much. I said that back in 1998, I said: once they get the public stampeded, once change after another, with fear driving the whole thing, they can keep the herd going through massive changes and we won't have time to catch our breath and rationalise and think or reason. We'll just gradually accept them as being normal, as we rush into the next one; that's the technique that is being used scientifically on the people, by those that know how to do it and they are out there. They knew this back in Bernays’ day, the guy who was a great mastermind for advertising; he was the one that got women smoking, got them drinking beer and so on. How to do it, he understood it all, he was writing books in the 1920s.  

When we look at the big organisations, like the World Health Organisation, you tie this together with another branch of the United Nations, which is NATO, and NATO - and I've read this before, some parts of it at least - they have a document out that's supposed to be available to every member of every NATO country, via your post office, or your public library. Good luck if you find it, because the Man Alive team in Britain had to send to the government for a copy, which they showed and most of it was blacked out; but, this is where they say that any contaminated area through disease, pandemic and so on, or even radiation, is to be cordoned off. That's the only purpose the Military has, not to feed you or help you, to stop you from moving from that area. If any individual tries to leave they're to be shot on sight. If whole groups try to leave, they're to be bombed from the air with, I think, CS gas or something. This article I'm going to read now, ties in with that, because it's to do with the World Health Organisation. This one is from Ireland but it's the same the world over. We're all in it together, because we're all global you see. It's from the Wise Up Journal and that's the 2nd of the first 2009, by Gabriel O’Hara:-

Horror Emergency Laws Set To Kill 

The majority of this article is made up from an absolutely horrifying section of the National Medical Bill. Horrors that you’ve not heard about in 70 years are actually written down and they are legal. Everything in this article has a link to the official bill. The section in question of the Medical Bill springs from the World Health Organisation standards and recommendations. Most countries are likely to have the same bills because most follow the WHO’s lead, however in some countries these emergency plans can not be seen even by homeland security so this Irish Medical Bill could be a window into what other Governments are also prepared to do. 

It's true, they're not telling all the Americans what they're going to be faced with, but this is the same one that's running your country. It says:

These specific emergency measures can legally be carried out without the so called emergency every happening in your country, all that is required is a simple alert from the unelected people at the WHO. As we will see, these psychotic Government actions to a so called "imminent" emergency will actually do more damage than if the emergency hit. We’ll come to the Medical Bill in a moment but first we’ll look at this 2008 pamphlet from the Government that states a worldwide pandemic would be caused by "a new influenza strain" and they are pretty confident when they state "there will be more pandemics". It also lets us know who is in control of kicking off the alert and actions when it says, "You will be advised to begin these preparations if and when the World Health Organisation confirms that a pandemic is imminent." The Department of Health & Children's National Pandemic Influenza Plan

They’ve one for children too.

 shows the WHO puts our global society currently at phase 3 of a phase 6 global pandemic, 

That's where they have us all right now, for this ridiculous flu that's still over in the Far East. I'll be back with more about this, after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix and I'm reading from the Wise Up Journal, the documentation on how they're going to handle these pandemics, but it all comes from the World Health Organisation at the United Nations. It says here they use: 

six phases of pandemic alert as a system for informing the world of the seriousness of the threat.“ Phase 3: “Human infection(s) with a new subtype, […] We are now in Phase 3

That was back in

(January 2007).” The power to alert/get nations implementing WHO actions is further consolidated in to the hands of one person, the current Director-General

Which is Margaret Chan.

and the pandemic plan says, “the designation of alert phases, including decisions on when to move from one phase to another, is made by the Director-General of the World Health Organization. The transition between phases may be rapid and some phases may be skipped.”  

Now, it's interesting, this is to do with the flu, they're just absolutely certain it's going to mutate into something similar to, or maybe identical to the so-called, again, misnamed Spanish Flu, from 1918. Now that they know which three genes to put in it, I read that the last time I was on, they can put the right three genes and make it a killer virus you see; and they've been very successful at that. So, no doubt, they're going to release this down the road, after they've weaponised it even more, to make it more lethal I'm sure and they're getting everyone ready for this. It's to be managed by the World Health Organisation. It says: 

National Pandemic Influenza Plan also lists the following:

“A number of legal issues may arise from the public health management of pandemic influenza.”

“The World Health Organization has identified and categorised non-pharmaceutical public health interventions as follows:”

“Measures to increase social distance” “Measures for people entering or exiting an infected area within a country” 

They're going to lock you down within the country. 

“Section 31 [Health Act] gives power to the Minister to make regulations to prevent the spread of an infectious disease and to treat people suffering from infectious disease. The regulations envisaged by the Act include:”

“Requirement for adults and children to stay in their homes”  

Well, that ties in with the NATO one, that's what you're told to do. You don't move, if you do, you're shot.  

“Requirement for adults and children to submit to examination, vaccination, immunisation” It then lists “suspension of travel”, “suspension of other gatherings”, and finally lists “possible security issues” as a wide scope power given to them. Lets look at Part IV of the Health Act which deals with infectious diseases and see how Governments will treat us when the WHO gives the ok. Let’s look at how the law will make all our rights evaporate 

Well, what we've got left, I don't think we've much left anyway, when we need them the most. Then, there's a link here to one of the statute books

Section 38 contains a purposeful loophole to detain anyone. It legalizes the detention of, by force if necessary, people who are not identified as infected but are a “probable” source.  

You’re probably not infected, but you're a probable source. Meaning you came from that area, you've been through that area. 

The name of section 38 is “Detention and isolation of person who is probable source of infection” and it states the following, “force may, if necessary, be used for the purpose of carrying out any provision of this subsection.” 

You would be detained by force. 

Part 2 of section 38 redefines the word person into patient: 

This is very clever; see you have different rights as a person than you do as a patient. Under this section, they can now call you a 'patient'  

“(2) Where an order is made under this section in relation to a person (in this subsection referred to as the patient), the following provisions shall have effect [….]”. This makes it legal for the government imprison [to] people known not to be infected and label them as patients. Part K of section 38 tries to pretend that a person or a parent of a detained child can make an appeal to be released but it’s entirely up the decision of the minister and this “nice” sounding part actually allows the legal interpretation for people to be detained for what ever amount of time the state demands. The key word of part K is “determination” which has a couple of definitions in the dictionary one being “settlement of a dispute”.  

It could take them years to settle a dispute, if they want to. 

Part K states, “if no determination of an appeal under paragraph (h) of this subsection is made by the Minister and communicated to the person in charge of such hospital or other place within twenty-one clear days from the receipt by the Minister of such appeal, such person shall release the, patient”. If a determination/decision is made by the Minister for the status quo then the men, women and children detained will not be released. It also makes it legal for Government officers to detain people even if the Minister has not made any decision because it says if the government officer (“the person in charge of such hospital or other place“) is not told (“communicated to”) that the Minister has not made a decision (or even that there is an appeal) the officer does not have to release the person.  

This is a bureaucratic nightmare, so you know what's going to happen, no one is going to get released, that's obvious, from even reading this part here. Imagine reading all this when the thing was actually going on. There'd be all hype and neurosis everywhere. 

The Health act gives the power of relocating people (persons) to government facilities /camps /accommodation: Health Act section 40, “A health authority may provide accommodation for persons who are compelled to leave their homes on account of any steps taken under this Act or the regulations made thereunder for the prevention of the spread of infectious disease.” It gives the government the right to detain people in government facilities not just hospitals with the following line, [“the order to allow for the patient’s isolation in a hospital or other place convenient”.] 

I'll read the rest of this, after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and I'm reading from an article from the Wise Up Journal, which deals mainly with Ireland's set up agenda for dealing with pandemics but it's from the World Health Organisation, which means that it's the same in every other country. However, in some countries, like the United States, they're not telling the public what the plans are. I know for a fact, from talking to different people in hospitals in the US, who work there, who have been recruited by the way by Homeland Security, they work now for Homeland Security, and they're supposed to go around injecting people forcibly, with the military, if it breaks out in areas down there in the cities and so on. Let's continue with this article here, it says: 

Health Act section 32 A and B below deals with the entire population not just the infected and uninfected population incarcerated in hospitals and “other places”.  

You see, 'other places' are camps. 

It gives the Minister power to order the injection of the entire population (quote: “all adult persons” and “all children”) with a vaccine they believe might immunise against a pandemic “caused by a new influenza strain”. You are probably thinking how could they create a vaccine so fast, doesn’t it take years to prove it is safe? They are prepared to alter the entire population’s immune system and DNA with what would be officially an untested experimental vaccine, are you prepared for that? It’s the law now. 

That's true, when the SARS that came, there was more hype in Toronto when it happened and what really interested me was I wondered how much of this was a big test and propaganda exercise, because, for the first time, we saw the experts come out in their white coats and tell us all these horrific things and scary stuff. Meanwhile, they had not closed down, or stopped, the aircraft coming in from the countries that - supposedly - it was coming from. A few people were killed, much lower than people who would die in the regular annual flu. It was a lot of hype and so on, but I'm sure a lot of experimentation was going on and the studying of the public and getting us used to it coming, big time. Surely, they should have stopped them coming in, all passengers coming in from those areas. Once again, the Government used all the money to buy all these machines and gizmos to detect, by a person's body heat, as they walked off the planes if they might be carrying infection, which is utter-utter tripe and nonsense because every infection has a prodromal period where, as it's working in your body, it doesn't show any symptoms as yet. It doesn't show any raise in temperature either, so these machines are useless, but the government's bought them anyway. To continue with this article though, it says: 

Health Act section 32:

“( a ) The Minister may by order declare that- (i) it is necessary, for the purpose of preventing the spread of a particular infectious disease, that all adult persons should submit themselves to a specified measure in relation to their protection or immunisation against such infectious disease”   

“( b ) The Minister may by order declare that—”

“it is necessary, for the purpose of preventing the spread of a particular infectious disease, that all children should be submitted to a specified measure in relation to their protection or immunisation against that infectious disease”. 

I love how bureaucrats write their stuff, it's no wonder there's a chaos when you actually need to know what to do. It says: 

Going back to the little public pamphlet that looks like it was designed for children it mentions 8 possible emergencies. All the other emergencies beside a pandemic are played down; even a nuclear incident at Sellafield is nothing to worry about according to the pamphlet as it says “any radioactivity from an incident would be diluted before reaching Ireland.” For other emergencies they use words of possibilities like, “in the event of such an incident”, “you may be asked”, but with the pandemic which is allocated more pages they have definite statements such as, “there will be more pandemics”, “if and when”, “every household in the country will receive a leaflet before the pandemic reaches Ireland [their area] ”, follow “advice from the telephone hotline that will be set up or from official Government announcements to the media.”  

In other words: they're all waiting for it coming and we're supposed to sit and wait for their instructions to get us all hyped up and terrified. It says: 

Months after this pamphlet was released the Irish government preformed for the first ever time test announcements over all media as the Irish Times reported in Dec 2008: “the State’s radio and television airwaves fell silent for the first time early this morning as part of a Government exercise on giving urgent messages to the nation.” 

It's astounding, as I say, how they're getting everyone hyped up, in this age of crisis creation, for something that they're just absolutely going to happen. Now that they've recreated the killer flu, they've recreated it and I gave the documentation on that last week, now that they'd done that, it fits in just nicely with what they see coming. Now, remember: behind all of these big movements, the big changes that have to come for this century, this is a century of change, they keep telling us, it's a century where they will fix all the wrongs in nature, meaning man himself, meaning if you've anything at all in you, such as the potential to pass on to a child asthma, through your genes, or something like that, then possibly you won't simply breed, because they don't want that gene passing on into the next bunch that's coming up. It's the time for depopulation, where only the fit survive, the fit come through; and, the intellectuals come through. They've decided they don't need all the manual labour anymore, because science and robotics and cybernetics is going to save them all at the top. You see this all ties together rather well. One great way to bring down the population, obviously, is through pandemics, because pandemics won't simply hit you and then be died down and be gone, they'll crop up, every couple of years, maybe for ten, maybe for twenty years. By that time, the population will be vastly reduced. Now, I'm certain there'll be absolutely real vaccinations against these diseases, in fact, if you go into the bacterial warfare agreements at the United Nations, it states in there that during every process of the alteration of virus or bacterium, to upgrade it to the next stage, they must have an antidote that works for every single stage. They must have a real vaccine, but the public are not supposed to know that. We have to be given the stuff at the bottom, that we're told comes from chickens but maybe some human foetus tissue or blood or albumen thrown in as well; this concoction at the bottom. Now, we don't even have the ability to test that, who has the facilities to test that? The doctors themselves don't have the facilities to check that; everything in that vaccine is taken on blind pure faith. That's the kind of society we're living in, it's incredible, absolutely incredible what's happening.

These boys mean business, there's a massive organisation, interconnected with a thousand parts to it, a thousand points of light, well-financed, well-funded, who have already drawn up the future, they've drawn up the future that will exist, after we've all gone. They've already drawn up the future, right down to the time period, I'm sure, when we'll all start to go, even faster than we are already and we're going pretty fast now. It's just amazing what's truly going on. 

People who are travelling across the world, tell me all the time about the Chemtrails all over the major cities, from here, all across Europe, the major cities, that's where most of the spraying's going on, right across Europe, right across into the Middle East. I'm getting reports on this all the time from fliers and they do report, some of them, there's an amazing lethargy and apathy in the people below in the cities when they land and meet them. These Chems, these Chemtrails, that include all the different metallic particles, I'm sure, have other chemicals in them, which are basically dumbing-down and drugging the general public. No one, whether it's the CBC, or the BBC, or any other of these big government agencies for propaganda will ever mention the Chemtrails. Even though, on the news scenes, they'll show you the Parliament in Canada with Chemtrails above it, they won't mention the 'trails. It's astounding; and what we're doing here is giving you the facts on those things we do know about. Do you realise how much we have no idea about of the higher sciences that are in use right now? 

Well, I'll go to the callers now and we've got Amber from British Columbia. Are you there Amber? 

Amber: Yes, hello 

Alan: Hello, how you doin'? 

Amber: Good, how are you?  

Alan: I'm hangin' in here and digging away in the snow.

Amber: Yeah, me too. Just before my question: I want to just mention something about Star Trek.  I've been watching the original, I don't have cable but every once in a while, I’ll just download something and watch it and I heard you talk about it and I always got a kick out of the original ones so I thought I'd watch them again, to see what you were talking about. But, I noticed that every time there's food, every time they eat or there's food, it's always just vegetables and fruit! 

Alan: That's right, except for the Klingons, the Klingons like some sort of protein manufactured things, they're like worms, they moved, because they were clinging on to the past, the old warrior types. That's what that meant, the Klingons. 

Amber: Oh really?  

Alan: But everyone else, you're right, they're all vegetarians. 

Amber: It's bright green and very blue and stuff, could that be the genetically-modified stuff? 

Alan: Well, I've no doubt, totally synthetic as well, on the Enterprise. It's interesting that that whole series was predictive programming though; because, as I say, they gave you a setting to do with the world but they put the setting in space, because it was about multiculturalism, all the different aliens they'd meet and all of the worlds, which were just countries, would come in under this big UN agenda. That's really what it was showing you: it was the future and the types that all joined for international / interstellar space free trade that were the good guys, but anyone who said 'no we don't want to join you' were always portrayed as bad and evil and primitive. 

Amber: Right, the united federation of planets. 

Alan: That's right. In one of the shows too, they also showed you a planet where no one died, they'd conquered the death; and, so the whole idea was to get Kirk in there so as he could infect one of them, who were so bored at living forever, with a disease. They showed you all these people crowding outside the Star Trek, just millions of faces pressing in with overpopulation. You were getting all these messages from fiction, that now affect us today because that's what the programming was for, our own age group growing up to where we are today.

Amber: Pretty much every episode I watch, I'm like I totally know what you're talking about, with the predictive programming because I can relate it to what's really happening. 

Alan: It is and the Red Berry you know, Gene Roddenberry, he was a member of NASA, and, of course, he was getting the stuff from NASA, who helped plan the scientific future they're going to bring in and he was told to go home and write stories around them and that's how they could put that into his episodes. 

Amber: Really? So, it wasn't just completely his imagination?  

Alan: No, never, these guys have no better imaginations than anyone else. They're always given - same with the sci-fi writers, they all belong to the Futurist Association and the big Foundations, they will fund you to write stories around particular topics and make them sound interesting; but, they'll tell you the main details to write around.  

Amber: So, they'll have meetings and stuff and then they'll just draw their material from that?  

Alan: Yes. 

Amber: Wow, unbelievable. Well, my question actually was about recycling; I thought I heard one of your callers, in passing, say something about it being a scam. Is that really a scam too or should we be recycling all our stuff? 

Alan: It is a scam generally, it's a scam. Part of it, again, was meant for propaganda purposes, to scare us into a world of lesser resources, that was part of it. The other part too, apart from the financial scam; I mean, here they have trained a world's population fairly well, to collect cans and bottles and all the rest of it, package them in separate boxes and, through their tax money, as well, apart from paying for it to be taken to the garbage and then through your tax money, you fund up the companies that will use the stuff and recycle it, so as they can make stuff, for free, and sell it all back to you. I mean, it's a pretty good deal if you're one of these companies. There's a lot of hand-shaking goes on and nudge-nudge wink-winks with the old masons and so on, getting all this stuff for free and training and getting the public to pay for the transportation of all this stuff to them. I mean, that's a brilliant business to be in.  

Amber: Right, it makes you think. 

Alan: Then you have the professor in Japan and I read his article who said it was all nonsense and he went through the reasons why it was all nonsense. 

Amber: Really? What was his name?  

Alan: Well, it's on my website, from about a month ago, if you go back, you'll find an article I read from and he put it down very-very well, explained his argument very-very well indeed as to why it was a complete scam. 

Amber: Ok, I'll find it. Thank you so much. 

Alan: Thank you for calling.  

Amber: bye. 

Alan: Bye now.

Here's another thing too, see we live in cons, there's always a big con going on about everything, that we simply take for granted, because most folk don't reason through any information, they just hear it; and, if it's said over and over and over again, they're inclined to believe it.  If they're all believing this at the same time, gradually believing it at the same time, it comes into their general conversation and they don't know from where it comes and they're adopting all this stuff, it's pure propaganda; but, those who put out this scientific indoctrination understand the masses and I’ve got to admit it works incredibly well. The marketing companies understand the mass behaviour of humans, male and female, in all age groups too; and, that's what they use to programme us via the media. Remember what I said last week: there's no law anywhere that says the news media, any news media, has to tell the public the truth on anything. Isn't that a revelation? There is no law, because they're private companies, in business, they're there for business and no law has been written to say they must tell you the truth. There are laws written that say in times of crisis they will tell the public what they're told to tell the public, by the security organisations of that country; but, there's no law to say that they must ever tell you the truth.  

Here's an article from Belfast here, Belfast Telegraph, it says: 

Environment minister Sammy Wilson: I still think man-made climate change is a con. Spending billions on trying to reduce carbon emissions is one giant con that is depriving third world countries of vital funds to tackle famine, HIV and other diseases, Sammy Wilson said.  

There's a break coming, so I’ll finish this after I come back again. 

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Belfast Telegraph and it's about a member of parliament who's come out and he's said a few times in fact climate change is a con. Wednesday, 31 December 2008. He says:  

Spending billions on trying to reduce carbon emissions is one giant con that is depriving third world countries of vital funds to tackle famine, HIV and other diseases, Sammy Wilson said... [He] has been heavily criticised by environmentalists for claiming that ongoing climatic shifts are down to nature and not mankind. But while acknowledging his views on global warming may not be popular, the East Antrim MP said he was not prepared to be bullied by eco fundamentalists. 

Good term, because that's what they are. It's amazing how many people who are out there just waiting for a god to come along that they can follow, like Mr. Rockefeller or whoever else is at the top there. They're just waiting for someone to follow, because there's some angst in them and they want something to take it out on, you see; and, there's no end to these fanatical fundamentalists. He says: 

“I’ll not be stopped saying what I believe needs to be said about climate change,” he said. "Most of the people who shout about climate change have not read one article about it. “I think in 20 years’ time we will look back at this whole climate change debate and ask ourselves how on earth were we ever conned into spending the billions of pounds which are going into this without any kind of rigorous examination of the background, the science, the implications of it all. Because there is now a degree of hysteria about it, 

He's absolutely right that they've drummed up hysteria about it, on purpose mind you. 

fairly unformed hysteria I’ve got to say as well. 

He knows it's organised and it's directed. 

“I mean I get it in the Assembly all the time and most of the people who shout about climate change have not read one article about climate change, not read one book about climate change, if you asked them to explain how they believe there’s a connection between CO2 emission and the effects which they claim there’s going to be, if you ask them to explain the thought process or the modelling that is required and the assumptions behind that and how tenuous all the connections are, they wouldn’t have a clue.  

It's true; they haven't a clue, if you ask and really go into it with them. They've nothing to fight back with except anger and hate, because they're on the fringe, that's why they recruit the nutcases on the fringe, to go into all of these big Movements. They've done it before with other big Movements; it works very well. He says: 

“They simply get letters about it from all these lobby groups, 

It's true they send them out to all the fanatics you see. 

it’s popular and therefore they go along with the flow — and that would be ok if there were no implications for it, but the implications are immense.” He said while people in the western world were facing spiralling fuel bills as a result of efforts to cut CO2, the implications in poorer countries were graver. 

Well, they want to kill off the public in the poorer countries as well remember.  

“What are the problems that face us either locally and internationally. Are those not the things we should be concentrating on?” he asked. “HIV, lack of clean water, which kills millions of people in third world countries, lack of education. “A fraction of the money we are currently spending on climate change could actually eradicate those three problems alone, a fraction of it. “I think as a society we sometimes need to get some of these things in perspective and when I listen to some of the rubbish that is spoken by some of my colleagues in the Assembly it amuses me at times and other times it angers me.”  

It's true, there's nothing worse than hearing somebody guff off about their religion, some real fanatic; and, that's what this all is you see, for the brainwashed fanatics. That's what we hear. 

Oh, the music's coming in. That's the end of the show for tonight, so, from Hamish and myself, it's goodnight and may your god, or your gods, go with you. 


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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