November 15, 2006


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – November 15, 2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi folks. This is Alan Watt and it is the 15th of November 2006.


I'm trying to catch up with a lot of stuff I haven't finished before the snow hit, and sure enough, there was an early dump of snow. Right now, it's thawing again and I'm up to my eyes in fixing things et cetera. Everything happens always when the winter starts. That's when everything breaks down and some have been very, very busy.


This time of year is the time when they start hyping up the flu shots. Now they have the pneumonia shot as well and maybe I should talk about this for a little while because in the last five years probably the flu shot has been hyped and promoted by different governments and they have massive advertising campaigns on getting the flu shot.  In Canada, it's free basically. You're paying for it through your taxes, so it's not free at all, but it’s amazing that at the beginning of winter the barrage of advertising you hear to get your flu shot and come spring they give you the statistics of the people who've had the flu and they also tell you that the shots didn't have any effect basically.


This is staggering. It's a repeat performance every single year and they occasionally have programs in the spring, documentaries on all the pseudo-science and they tell you well they can't really prevent the flu because under their own theories you see the virus is constantly mutating and a virus is composed of strands of stolen DNA. This is the theories, you see, from every person that it's gone through and it robs you of a piece of you DNA as it spreads and it will also leave in you part of someone else's DNA from the last victim, but because it constantly mutates and since it takes them a year or two years to make a vaccine, then they're always giving you a vaccine that's one or two years old for the previous flus. Therefore, they can't cover you for the mutated type that you're going to get this year.


This is the mish-mash of information that's given to the public and general practitioners too. It's been fascinating to watch generations of doctors being churned out, each with different theories on different things than the previous lot and science never ever admits it's been wrong on anything. It simply comes out with a new theory or even an opposing theory and that's taught as a "new norm" for a generation, but they'll never ever admit that must mean that the previous theory was wrong.


Now to encourage the public to get their shots, even though the vaccine will be taken from a virus one or two years old at least, they're telling you "well maybe they'll be some cross-over protection."  This is a new term they're using, meaning it's kind of similar to the virus, it will give you a type of cross-over protection, maybe. This is good science here.


Last night on the CBC News, the Canadian News, a victim of a flu shot was on television. He came out with a new syndrome. There's so many new syndromes we're coming down with, you see, which just come out of the blue and they're so stunned by it, but they did warn us that "oh, it may be one in a million will contact Guillain-Barre syndrome." They're not sure.


In this day when they can clone us from scratch (according to the sciences) and make a "purpose-made human" if they wanted to, and even give you a mole on your cheek if it suited them, they just can't tell if this Guillain-Barre syndrome is due to a virus or a bacterium. Two different forms of life you see. Really, the bacterium is a life form. One in a million might – it might be one in million. It could be one in 500; maybe it's one in 10.  When you pick numbers out of the sky, why not?


It’s kind of like FDR said. He said, "there are lies" – actually it was Theodore Roosevelt, his predecessor, his old relative. Theodore Roosevelt said, "there are lies, there are damn lies and then there are statistics," meaning statistics are a better way of lying because we're brainwashed to believe the sciences. It’s like a priestly utterance of truth, ultimate truth. We accept it. They pick out these statistics out of thin air and bamboozle us with it and some people come down with this disease.


Now this is only one type of disease you can get from the injection and they had this poor guy on who got this disease from a flu shot. How it contaminated the shots, they have no idea. Mind you, they won't tell you how they grow the viruses or the bacterium and maybe it’s better that you don't know them. We know how they did it with the polio vaccine. They used monkey kidneys to grow the potent stuff that they poisoned us all with.


This old guy with this crippling disease became paralyzed and it started with a cold numb feeling in his toes and gradually spread up his legs and his arms, and with it comes chronic fatigue. A tremendous upsurge in chronic fatigue syndromes of all different fancy names and going up proportionately with all the different injections we get in this day and age. That's the common denominator in all of this.


Science has taken the place, and this happened after World War II, has taken the place of religion you see. It is a religion. Medicine and science are religions. If they were not based as much on faith as fact, they would be right all the time. We wouldn't have these mistakes. We wouldn't have theories which constantly change all the time and we wouldn't be tossing old theories out the window.


After World War II, people had so much sickness to do with religion and systems, that those who came back wanted to believe in something else, something rational, because the wars had been completely irrational. The reasons for the wars, the movements that led up to the wars were irrational movements. There were mass movements and maybe on the next program I'll go in to more of this because it's a fascinating field of study, how an idea can grip whole populations and motive them often towards their own or others' destruction and how that same principle of motivating mass behavior is still in use today because it is a science in itself, one of the real sciences that's very, very old.



"Anything Goes"

By Paul Whiteman with Ramona Davies


Times have changed,
And we've often rewound the clock,
Since the Puritans got a shock,
When they landed on Plymouth Rock.
Here today,
Any shock they should try to stem,
'Stead of landing on Plymouth Rock,
Plymouth Rock would land on them.

In olden days a glimpse of stocking
Was looked on as something shocking,
But now, Lord knows,
Anything Goes.

Good authors too, who once knew better words,
Now only use four-letter words
Writing prose,

Anything Goes.

If driving fast cars you like,
If low bars you like,
If old hymns you like,

If bare limbs you like,
If Mae West you like,
Or me undressed you like,
Nobody will oppose.
When every night the set that's smart is
Indulging in nudist parties in studios,
Then anything goes!



Interestingly, this poor guy who got this disease from his flu shot says, "well I don't care, you might say it's one in a million, but when you're the one in the million, life sure as hell ain't no fun."  Crippling.


Now many people I know have come down with different kinds of problems after injections, often booster injections. It's as though the first one was a trigger and the booster sets it off. We live in a Malthusian world. For those who want to go into population control from the bigwigs themselves, you can start at least, it's not the first one, but you can start with Thomas Malthus with his "Essay on Population," because Malthus was an economist who worked not just for the British government and for the first big corporations like the East India Company, he talked to governments of all European countries on how to keep the populations in check. He came out with fantastic graphs of how Europe was so overpopulated back in the 1700's, and again by the use of pseudo-science and graphs and things, he convinced them all that they'd have to reduce the populations because by a hundred years time we'd be crawling over each other like ants. He proposed different methods of getting rid of mainly the poor and this is a big part of the old and the new eugenics program.  It's the same ongoing thing.


It's had many names. Now it's called "bioethics".  Sounds much gentler, fuzzy and nice; but Malthus went through the usual spiel about the fittest have the right to survive.  Again, all tied around the Darwinian period and remember that Charles Darwin was not the first one to write on this "survival of the fittest."  His grandfather actually put a book out long before him because they were all high Freemasons and he talked about putting the poor in England and other countries into special housing units, which they would locate in unhealthy areas like swamplands where disease would breed.


He also advocated "the poor houses."  Now the poor houses in the typical dialectical fashion to one group of people it would seem, "well that's not so bad. They're putting up big buildings for the poor unfortunates, the widows and their children who've been left without a husband. He's died in the mills or whatever or he was worked to death in the mines."  They put them in the work houses where, to the charitable mind and those far removed from the situation would think, "well that's good. That's nice and that's charitable." 


Malthus had advocated the setup of these poor houses where they would be fed the worst kind and a minimal type of food, and he even had it spaced down to the bed spacing, which would be just rugs on the floor, so many feet apart; enough for fleas carrying typhus and other diseases to cross between one person and the next.  It was a place to kill off the poor and the average length of existence for a mother and children going in there, for life expectancy, was maybe five months. 


There's your two sides of what sounds like a charitable organization, done for other reasons completely. That's the kind of world that existed before and it's far more sophisticated today.


When you read Charles Galton Darwin's books, the grandson of Charles, the physicist who worked for Britain in the 1950's and who published his own book, "The Next Million Years," he also – because you find in these family lines they have their own specialty, that's their job, and theirs was population and population management and control. Charles Galton Darwin takes over and he goes through who is the fittest to survive and he breaks it down. Who's fittest to survive?  Is it the rich or is it the poor?  And he said well it's the rich especially when they can prove through generations that mainly their offspring have managed to hold on to their wealth. Some bad apples turn up, he says, but mainly they hold on to their property, to their power, to their status and their influence in society.


Those are the fittest to survive and then he goes and categorizes all the rest, and he comes up with quite innovative ideas on how to manage the rest of the people so they don't breed. One of the things he came up with was to allow them to have credit; then they could buy things and by wanting material goods they wouldn't want children because children consume money.  It takes away from the material goods, the toys, and one of the examples he used was a car; he called it "a motor car" as they do in Britain. He says, if they could all have a car and work towards a car, well naturally it will be expensive but they'd have to pay it up and they'd have to be at work, maybe male and female, because they wanted both out in the workplace. It also doubles the tax base and they might not have time for children, which would consume money and they wouldn't have their car and all the other little luxuries they could dangle in front us.


We live in a consumer society, not by chance. There are powerful factors behind the whole consumer-pushing industry and creation industry to divert us from other things; and sure enough, Charles Galton Darwin's biggest fear at the time was that even that the wealthier people were not breeding as much as they should be and he was afraid that "the lessers," you know what Plato would call the "ITS", you know the "commoners," would overtake their betters basically by breeding too much, while the elite were breeding too few and he thought they should give incentives to the elite to breed.


It's kind of hard to imagine what incentives to give them because they're so wealthy to begin with, but I'm sure there are some perks like maybe extended health, maybe advanced medical, the "REAL STUFF," the real treatments for stuff, the "REAL CURES" and things perhaps.  I'm not joking about that because even the Rosicrucians came out in the 1500's and let it be known they could give life extension to their higher members who "toed the line."  It's not far-fetched at all.


From professorship down is the lowest level of science in any of the scientific fields. We can do so much today, never mind the nanotechnology. If they've admitted they have nanotechnology, they've had it for far, far longer than you'd ever suspect because we're the last to know at the bottom. Cloning is the same. We've had cloning long, long before they were even teaching them in medical schools that they'd actually found genes. They always suspected they were there until Watson came along.


Where's all this ramble leading to?


It’s leading to the fact that the reality that we are given and is pushed and promoted to us, often taught by "useful idiots," people who believe themselves they've been taught all there is to know. That's the best kind of "useful idiot."  That's the lowest level of reality. There are much higher levels above that. Quite a few years ago, about the mid to late '80's, an interesting little blurb came across the media in Canada and other countries at the same time, I noticed that politicians and their families would get treatment, special treatment, at top military hospitals and I wondered why would that be. Why couldn't they have the same kind of treatment that was shared amongst the people up until now?  Why would that be?


Well, the reason would be that they're getting treatments which are cures for certain things, because I'm sure many of them themselves are contaminated with the various diseases that were given to us to "degenerate" us, as we can see with the statistics to do with all kinds of illnesses, debilitating diseases, arthritis and so on.  Now we have juvenile arthritis escalating and people under 30 coming down with crippling arthritis as well. We've all been affected in some way or another.


When people are disabled from being fully healthy and functional, they don't make good marriage prospects and therefore they don't breed. That's the purpose for it.


For those who live in a TV world glued to their 10 o'clock news or 11 o'clock news, it would be impossible for them to believe that that could be done intentionally to them and those same people will avoid like the plague, shall we say, going into the books written by some of those who advocated methods of lowering the populations and disabling them as well.


They don't really want to know. They want to be reassured everything is just the way it's presented to us and that science is bamboozled why these little bugs – now they admit, the same sciences will admit – these same sciences are so confused with all the different theories to do with viruses and bacterium and how they mutate and all that kind of stuff and all these different theories that they pass their thesis on and et cetera, et cetera and then change the theory again next year.


The same higher authorities will tell you, like the interviews they did at Porton Down Bacterial Warfare Institute in England, that THEY CAN CREATE VIRUSES AND BACTERIUM, create them and program them basically to reproduce so many times in a week so it would sweep across a country and then stop reproducing itself, like a miniature computer, and that's a write-up done in the early '90's in one of the British newspapers and it was done by a reporter allowed into the facility to sit and talk to the scientists.


They had "ethnic-specific diseases," too, so if they wanted to kill off anybody with, say, a Celtic gene or whatever, it would be done; and yet the same sciences taught at universities, again professorship down, you see, the low-level stuff, are just so bamboozled at how to prevent or cure the common cold. It's a mystery. It's a mystery.


We're living in fantasy land at the bottom of the ladder because in an age where they can literally boast and can clone and create any type of creature they want if they want to.  I mean Dolly the sheep is a joke. That's for the fare for the people. "Dolly" is a Masonic term.  That's why they call it "Dolly the Sheep." 


Benjamin Franklin first used "Dolly" openly when he came back from France. A Dolly is a conveyance, a carrier of genes. That's why you have a dolly and you wheel things along. It's a carrier. It's an in-house joke. They're way beyond that. Way beyond that. They can create any kind of life they want. They can create and build particular bacterium and viruses, but we just don't know how to stop these things and we don't know why people are getting sick from all the serums and so on.  This is nonsense. It only makes sense when you realize that there are other agendas at work and at play and it's not all to do with money.


Yes, the pharmaceutical industries are probably the greediest, most ruthless companies on the planet. Definitely not what I would call humane, but there's lots of money to be gained from suffering, but it's not the only reason.  Over 400 years ago when they talked about setting up big international corporations, when they already had the British East India Company on the go and the Dutch East India Company, who were really two sides of the same thing, same company, THEY KNEW THEY WOULD RULE THE WORLD.


You'd be surprised now many companies today are actually run by Secret Services or CIA. They're front companies. You could never in this day and age allow true competition on any cutting-edge technology to be in private hands if you want to retain power. If you think that Bill Gates was a self-made man, well, keep buying the lotto and maybe one day you'll get there too. Under all the hoopla you hear about monopoly and Microsoft, that's all it is, is hoopla. It's rather obvious to a thinking person that Gates was given a "clear field" to make sure the one system was prevalent across the planet.


For a totally controlled society and a world society, you couldn't have competition if you want to monitor everyone's moves – what they're doing and talking about and thinking about. You need one system. It's the same with the Digital Angel and the chips and so on. These corporations are real corporations but they're fronted for the Big Boys, the CIA and so on.


Canada's history and the British Commonwealth countries have always had, especially since World War II when many of them were set up, Crown corporations. Crown corporations are in a sort of "no man's land" between public and government owned. There's a limited amount of shareholders, apparently, but even some of the big investigative television journalists who've tried to find out more about them and how they're set up are turned away. They can't find out. Well that's because they really are working for the real governments of the world or government, singular.


You can't share real power in a real competitive world and keep a hold of it at the same time. It's one or the other and that's why these things are set up. They're not dummies as such, dummy corporations. They're real corporations but they work for a REAL GOVERNMENT at the top. They don't work as free competition in a free market and they're heavily financed from the start to make sure that they predominate.


That's the real world we live in and they always give us the occasional supposed genius who just is a self-made man. That's utter nonsense because doors have to open to allow you in at the top. It's not a matter of having abilities or anything else or even having the money. It's "will they allow you in or not?" and if the doors are opened, then that means you've been picked and brought up to be their man. That's the real world we live in, not the illusionary one that you get in the movies.


It's not the one you're taught at school. You're trained at school, just like racing dogs are. Racing dogs are all hyped up in their little cages. Up goes the front of the boxes and an electric bunny rabbit goes flying around in a circle and the dogs chase him. Well we're trained to run after money and success at school. It's the only function we have: to earn, until you’re about 30, until you realize that you're not going to get at the top and it doesn't work that way anyway as far as ability goes. There are other factors to consider and you're not taught these things at school. You're not supposed to know. You're supposed to be really optimistic and go out and chase that bunny rabbit. What a shock you'd get if you bit into it, because it's electric.


The real world is a closed shop at the top. Power does not share itself with its "lessers" and there's been a power system in place for an awful, awful long time that does not tolerate any upstart coming in and trying to muscle in. It doesn't work that way in life. THEY ARE RUTHLESS, UTTERLY RUTHLESS TO KEEP THIS SYSTEM IN PLACE.


Now how could they be so sure of the effects that they want to inflict upon populations?


They don't just test on animals. They've been using prisoners in prisons for many, many decades for experimental purposes. They always pick the poorest of the poor who have no voice in society and who need the money. Money makes this little world go round. Those that have it can dictate which direction its spins.


One excellent book to read and there are quite a few out there, but one very good one is called "Acres of Skin".  That was written by Allen M. Hornblum (H-O-R-N-B-L-U-M) and it was published by Routledge (R-O-U-T-L-E-D-G-E). 


He goes into the experiments on prisoners in Holmesburg prison and it's astonishing what they've gotten away with just in that one prison over many years. They’re all at it really and the testing of psychedelic drugs. The testing of drugs to make people impotent. Inoculations of all kinds and many of these people of course have died since or come down with tumors and all kinds of weird diseases from these supposedly "innocent experiments" under different very innocent sounding experimental names, such as testing sun creams or facial creams. They just took their word for it at face value and had themselves basically made up like grids on their skin and different patches and creams used et cetera or pills were given or injections, for all kinds of very innocent sounding things, but they all had to sign release forms that they could never come back on those who were giving them or in charge of their experiments. They couldn't have any legal comeback on them.


It's fascinating to see what's been done on the public, mainly again on prisoners before it's used on the general populations.


What are the worries of the elite?


Before the industrial revolution, at the time they knew they'd have to work up to industries and create cities like Manchester and Birmingham that would be nothing but industrial cities, slums really, for the people. How would they get them into the cities?  We find that the Rothschild's had a big hand in England and in other parts of Europe.  Remember, there were five sons and part of their crest is an eagle holding five arrows in its right claw and the olive branch in the other. They just added extra arrows for the U.S. flag.


The Rothschild's repealed the "Corn Laws" to allow the dumping in Britain of foreign crops and this put all of the small farmers out of business and all the rural workers, and they moved into where the work was starting to be born in the industrial sites. They became hell-holes.


Benjamin Franklin who was over there before the American Revolution talks about them. The squalor, the poverty, the stunted growth of the people who were kept at just survival wages and no more. Sixteen hours a day you worked. That was called "humane" and the elite had meetings to see if that was enough time for them to work because they were afraid if they had any free time at all they'd get up to mischief. They might complain and goodness knows what they'd do. That was the biggest fear of the elite at that time, was could they give them free time to the public; and that's why on Sundays, when eventually they gave them the Sunday off, it was almost mandatory to attend church and then contemplate God all the time and say how sinful you were. That way you would be kept out of mischief. That was their answer to it.  All denominations of churches worked hand-in-glove with the governments and the elite and aristocracy.


During the 1800's, they knew at speed of automation of machines even then, they'd arrive at a period where less and less workers would be necessary and we see again once the Rothschild's took over the Bank of England and got the "standing Army" on the go you see. That was part of the whole deal, the Red Coats. They had war after war after continuous wars. That's why Napoleon called England "perfidious England" because they'd make an ally with someone and once the war was over they'd turn on that ally and unite with someone else against them. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and that's why George Orwell talked about wars with East Asia, West Asia. Who are we fighting today? Is it East Asia or West Asia? because they kept changing sides with their allies.


This is a constant technique which they use and they knew they'd reach a period in the 1800's afterwards where they'd have what they thought was an increase in population, too many idle people. Machines were becoming more efficient in factories. Less hands would be necessary and even child labor might eventually be unnecessary one day and they were trying to think of all these ways.


They had national meetings of the WEALTHY ELITE and they PUBLISHED MANY BOOKS about it at the time (you won't find them in your libraries today) of HOW TO DISPOSE OF THE EXCESS POPULATION AND STILL HOLD ON TO THEIR SYSTEM AND POWER WITHOUT REVOLUTIONS.



Fascinating study and that's where guys like Thomas Malthus came to the fore, then Charles Darwin to back it up and give authority to their theory of "survival of the fittest," which also meant the defeat of "the unfittest, the least fit," and the extinguishing of them.


It isn't changing. It hasn't changed yet. It's still on the go as we work and buy and entertain ourselves and stop having offspring, the ones who still can, that is, because people are becoming sterile faster. The sperm count has dropped like a rocket since the early '50's and the average male in the West at 30 has only 25 percent or 30 percent live sperm count as opposed to what they had in 1950's levels.  Again, no reason given for this, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it all began with the increase and step-up of the inoculation programs from the 1950's onwards.  Women are affected in a different way because they come down primarily with the chronic fatigue. Although, they are also given things which attack the ovaries; that's very, very common today. 


Again, science at the bottom level is just totally baffled as to why this is all happening; and for years women were told the same old thing and because the doctors were trained in universities that they'd start meeting lots of women coming in with these strange weird problems that weren't on the books, and if they weren't on the books, then it had to be in their heads. Women were coming in with all kinds of maladies, primarily fatigue syndromes, and the doctors would say, "there, there. It's stress, dear. It's stress. It's in your head. Things aren't going well at home, are they?"


Well, if you're in pain, if you don't have the energy but you have to get through the day, you will be stressed out. That's what pain does to you. That's what lethargy does to you. You still have the same amount of things to do and you don't have the energy to do them, you do become stressed out; and that's where they came up with the magic, the Valiums and the Libriums, back in the '50's and gave them out like candy. I think it was the 1970's, the mid-'70's, the British medical journals said that at that time close to 70 percent of all women under the age of 50 were on one or the other of these particular group of drugs.


It was all in their heads, you see, and at that time, too, the big companies that put out Valium and they kept this up for 30 years this big lie, they said that it was non-addictive. It was the safest thing on earth, like sugar. Actually safer then sugar and yet doctors in emergency rooms, who again had double-think because they'd all been trained it was non-addictive too, were seeing people come in with convulsions as they were getting withdrawal from long-term use. Now it didn't even have to be high doses. They couldn't even stick to the doses. Different people are affected differently and medicine tries to treat everybody as though they are one person. It's impossible. We have different metabolisms and everything.


They were having these convulsions. People were becoming addicted to them and that's the POWER of PROPAGANDA and REPETITION and INDOCTRINATION of general practitioners. They refused to believe it, even though they could even see it. It had to be something else causing it. For 30 years they kept dishing all these things out like candy and people were going downhill. The "Sorcerers Apprentice," eh? and who's he practicing on and who's his boss?


Today, as I say, sciences are constantly bombarding us with new theories on everything and we’ve been trained again since the 1950's onwards not to listen to anyone unless they are "an EXPERT".  Lord Bertrand Russell who helped set up the system of psychological manipulation of mass populations in "The Impact of Science on Society" said they would do that. He says, "we shall train the public until they can't think for themselves. They'll have to get an expert's opinion," and that has happened.


Back in the '60's, suddenly we had the Thalidomide scare.  Thalidomide was a drug put out initially – supposedly it had been "stumbled across" as they do.  This is what they always do. They "stumble across" a use for something. They've combined different compounds together. They said it was good for elderly people who had urinary retention problems and so on. It would help tone up the bladder and then they started giving it to pregnant women and we end up with masses of children born missing arms and legs.  Incredible outcome and even then the battles for compensation and for guilt took years and years and years, and Thalidomide was stopped.  About four years ago it came back again under a different name, but now they're only going to prescribe it in specific cases where there's a chance of breast cancer developing.


They NEVER give up, do they?  They NEVER give up and they know the public have a short memory. Most people in their entire life have a hard time remembering things they heard 20-30 years ago, even 10. Now it's down to about two. They're losing their ability to retain information and compare with things that are happening today. That's a common thing I hear all the time from people who phone me. Short-term memory is going, as well as long-term. WHY


Is it just that the overabundance of "useless data" that's spilled over to us every day through electronic media, or are there other factors at work?  People are losing memory and when you don't have memory the same tricks can be pulled faster and faster and repeated oftener and oftener.



"Thanks for the Memories"

By Bob Hope and Shirley Ross


Thanks for the memory
Of sentimental verse, nothing in my purse
And chuckles when the preacher said "For better or for worse"
How lovely it was


Thanks for the memory

Of Shubert Serenade

Little things of jade

And traffic jams and anagrams

And bills we never paid

How lovely it was


We who could laugh over big things

Were parted by only a slight thing

I wonder if we did the right thing



This process is just a religion you see that's taken over from another previous religion. In previous religions monks used to line up and be bled every week to get rid of their bad humors, so there wasn't much fun being there, and today we go through all of these ridiculous theories with much speaking of many mouths to tell us how good it is for us, whatever it happens to be.  


It's like the fluoride.  The fluoride itself is a byproduct of the aluminum industry, or "aluminium" as they say in Britain, and they knew that at the beginning of the 1900's during the testing of the process of creating aluminum that they had so much waste (the aluminum oxide waste) and they wondered what they could do with this stuff.  However, they did find through spillage in certain places in Europe into streams and rivers, that when people drank the stuff they become very docile and pliable and easily managed. That was the first effect they noticed with it.


Well, how do you get the people generally to take it and make a profit on it?


Well, you put the waste in their toothpaste and tell them it's good for them. That's what they did. Even the man who led the charge for this to be done throughout Canada's drinking water supply is now fighting back like crazy because he knows himself he was mislead. He didn't have all the details; he swallowed the pseudo-science at the time. This stuff causes brittle bones as well and you can even see the small specks of ultra-white particles in the teeth itself, in the enamel.


The Bronfman's were one of the biggest families with Alcan who made the schmucks buy the stuff because they told you this waste stuff was good for you. That's not too bad, is it?  Dumb the people down, make a massive profit at the same time and you'll be hailed as a hero of the medical profession.  All nonsense, utter rubbish and massive advertising campaigns with psychologically-created ditties that you would hum and sing and whistle. They were better than average songs of the time, all these little things you know to do with toothpaste and so on and what it does for you. Even on the toothpaste it will tell you, "don't take any more than the recommended dose."  Well, it's in your water supply as well if you live in the cities. It's in the toothpaste too.  It's actually put down as a poison.  Poison is good for you. Poison is good for you. There's doublethink right away, to hold two opposing opinions in your head about the same thing – doublethink, George Orwell.


This poison is good for you. Even in Natzi Germany they put it in the water supplies of the conquered peoples because it made them more placid and docile. Who would benefit from that, placid and docile populations?  And it’s interesting to watch the panic that goes on—at least it appears to be panic—amongst this great medical profession that's propagandized through fiction and all these TV shows and hospital shows and dramas.  Remember that all you see on television is propaganda, especially the fiction, to create the image of something that's entirely different.


A few years ago when SARS hit Toronto (interesting name), none of the procedures that had been talked about and held up, even at the United Nations, the World Health Organization, none of them were really followed because they knew where it was all coming from. They knew it was coming from China. They didn't stop any aircraft from coming into Canada. WHY?


If you were truly, truly afraid this was a new brand new type of killer flu and that's what the hype was all about. "This is a killer flu and it's here, it's come," and we saw all the doctors every day on television. It was like an update report during World War II of the blitz. The same faces telling you the latest info or DIS-INFO of how they were handling things and all the staff are to wear masks and do barrier nursing and stuff like that – but they kept the aircraft coming. Now you wouldn't do that, would you, if you believed your own propaganda. Why would you allow the aircraft to continue as usual?  Then they came up with a beauty where you had these, oh, spending masses amounts of money for thermal detectors that would see the images of people and detect who had a fever.


Now that might be fine for people who don't understand anything at all about infections and medicine, but even those in the know were pushing all of this stuff as thought it was another scientific savior. They could actually see the heat around the person's head if they had a fever. Well, when you catch an infection you have a prodromal period and it can be up to two weeks or longer in some people before any symptoms show at all, including temperature elevation; so they were selling the public schmuck nonsense, rubbish, lies, expensive lies because the public had to pay for all this stuff, all this equipment that was technically useless. 


Sure enough, only about six months ago in one of the many little blurbs you'll get on TV, they admitted that. A quick admission and then it was over, back on to sports. Most people will never remember it and this is the kind of stuff we get fed on a daily basis by experts – voodoo. They're selling us voodoo. Actually there's probably more legitimacy in voodoo and I might to a program on that too.  However, they have the public so trained to react to the EXPERT'S VOICE that we jump to it and panic when they tell us to panic.  I think the SARS was really – and more folk died of the ordinary flu during the SARS outbreak, you know, but I think the SARS was a BIG TEST and also to see how the public would react. Would they obey authorities?  Would they do what they were told?  Was it creating the type of panic that they hoped to generate?  And every year again with this flu season – I'm just waiting for it happening this year. It will happen. You always hear in Ontario where the flu first breaks out and it will be an old folks' home for the elderly, as it is every year, and it's transmitted in to the population around by visitors to the home and in those homes they have to take the flu shot. They're the first to get it.


Now 2 and 2 equals, what is it again? Let me think. This happens every year and two years ago it broke out in an old folks' home outside of Barrie, Ontario, and they talked to the supervisor of the home who had their basic medical training and this is just to show you they're just as brainwashed you see as the general population. Her answer, even though they'd all had their flu shots, was "more flu shots" because she hadn't figured it out herself. She hadn't figured it out.


To wind up tonight, I'm going to give a little story for the men, mainly, to make you squirm and this is from the same book "Acres of Skin" on page 150.


             "The best known and fully research examples of prisoner irradiation are the twin cases of Oregon and Washington. They ran from '63 to '73 under the sponsorship of the Atomic Energy Commission."


You know, the good guys that go hunting for bombs all over the planet.


             "These experiments which were designed to measure the effects of radiation on the male reproductive system and sperm cell development out of concern about radiation hazards to astronauts in the nation's space program…"


Ha, ha, sure.


             "…the experiments were directed by Dr. Carl G. Heller a preeminent researcher and a leading endocrinologist of his day and Dr. Heller's protégé Dr. C. Alvin Paulsen. In the Oregon case, Dr. Heller designed a study to test the effects of radiation on the somatic and germinal cells of the testes, the doses of radiation that would produce changes or induce damage in spermatogenic cells, the amount of time it would take for cell production to recover, and the effects of radiation on hormone excretion.


             In the experiment, the test subject sat with its scrotum in a small plastic box filled with warm water. The box was bracketed by sets of x-ray tubes for uniform irradiation. Every subject was required to get a vasectomy usually at the conclusion of the study in order to ensure that the chromosomal damage would not lead to fathering genetically damaged children.


             During the decade that Dr. Heller conducted his study he received government grants totaling $1.12 million.  A test subject was paid $5.00 a month, $10.00 for each testicular biopsy plus $100 when he was vasectomized at the end of the program."




"Subjects endured skin burns, pain from biopsies (testicular inflammation) and bleeding into the scrotum from the biopsies. Interestingly the Roman Catholic Church prohibited Catholics from participating in the experiment not because the tests were dangerous but because the church objected to its members masturbating to provide semen samples."


You see in the Catholic Church, having sexual intercourse is not a sin. It's only a sin if you enjoy it.


             "By 1973 after 67 inmates had been irradiated the rapidly changing research ethics environment caused a termination of the Oregon experiment. Three years later a number of tests subjects filed lawsuits alleging poorly supervised research and lack of informed consent."


Very important part you see, "lack of informed consent."


             "In 1979 the suits were settled out of court. Nine prisoners shared $2,215 in damages."


Wow. That's not including all those who died from radiation and chromosomal changes and cancers.


             "The Atomic Energy Commission selected Dr. Paulsen to initiative a half million dollar research program in '63 after several workers at the Hanford Nuclear Plant in Washington State were accidentally exposed to radiation. Paulsen said is goal was to establish a "reasonably safe dose" of ionizing radiation to the testes…"


Now they knew already you see there was no safe dose, so what was the real reason for this?  It must be much, much bigger than what they're telling us here because they knew there's no safe dose.


             "This was terminated in 1970 after questions arose over the issues of informed consent and the non-therapeutic nature of the study and legal liability. Years after their participation in these dangerous experiments many former prisoners remain angry about how their ignorance and lack of sophistication were used against them. "We can't be blamed for being duped" said Robert Garrison in a 1994 newspaper interview. "Nobody ever sat us down and explained what the tests were all about and what the complications were. I can't even get a doctor to diagnose my problems let alone give me treatment for them. I'm a human being too."


These were prisoners. Prisoners. No voice. Many of them were black men. Most of them had very little education and yet still they were duped because they had the same amount of indoctrination to obey experts and experts know what they're doing and experts can be counted on and trusted.


What were they really doing these experiments for?


Because radiation is a fantastic way to sterilize populations and you only need a small amount of long-term exposure. If you're taking in metallic substances or, say, if they were spraying it from the air, you could also make them radioactive, minutely so, just a little bit above what nature gives us. That's all it would take to fulfill its purpose.


That's all for now. May your god go with you.



"Let's Do It"

By Benny Goodman and his Orchestra


That’s why the chinks do it

Japs do it

Up in Lapland little Laps do it

Well let's do it, let's fall in love.


In Spain the best upper sets do it,
Lithuanians and Lats do it,
Well let’s do it, let’s fall in love.

Electric eels, I might add, do it,
Though it shocks ‘em I know,
Why ask if shads do it,
Waiter bring me shad roe.

Some Argentines without means do it,
People say in Boston even beans do it,
Well let’s do it, let’s fall in love.

The Dutch in old Amsterdam do it,
Not to mention the Finns,
Folks in Siam do it,
Think of Siamese twins.

The birds do it

Bees do it,
Even overeducated fleas do it,
Well let’s do it, let’s fall in love.



(Transcribed by Linda)