Thoughts on “Enlightened leadership” as put forth in COVID-19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret


          by Not Sure

Tues 9 March 2021


            The interesting thing about books put out by our ruling elite; our agenda planners, is that we little people are not supposed to read them.

We’re simply to accept that very important people high above us are deeply concerned about our future and leave it at that.  So these kinds of books

are quite expensive, or if they are affordable, all rights are reserved, so even little excerpts cannot be reproduced or shared in any manner.  The latter is the

case with the book COVID-19: The Great Reset by Claus Schwab and Thierry Malleret, published in July 2020.

          There is a little paragraph under the heading, Enlightened leadership, on page 145 which in five or six sentences confirms several things that Alan

Watt has been telling us for many years.  It’s such an important paragraph that I thought I’d just paraphrase it since I’m not allowed to reproduce it or share it,

perhaps on pain of death.  But first, I’ll backtrack a bit to the introduction of this little blue book. 

          On page 11, we’re told that the pandemic is worsening globally and many are wondering when things will return to normal.  Of course, their quick answer is

“never.”  The world as we knew it in early 2020 is no more and has been dissolved in the “context” of the pandemic.  Which is good to know.  This virus is

highly intelligent and adapts quickly.  It knows not to go beyond six feet.  It has evolved to penetrate one face mask, and now we need two or perhaps

even three masks to stop it.  And silly us going about our lives (inasmuch as we can go about life locked down in our tiny houses, hording toilet paper and

corned beef) while all the while, our world had actually already been dissolved by the pandemic.

          These WEF types have even borrowed the Christian system of dating the era and freshened it up a bit.  They’ve started referring to the radical changes coming as “before coronavirus” (BC) and “after coronavirus” (AC).

          Now, back to page 145 and “Enlightened leadership.”  Evidently, some of our leaders and decision-makers have been bashing away in the fight against

climate change (and who can blame them? I don’t like it when the climate changes into winter because  I know I’ll be forced to shovel snow for three months.  I’d fight climate change too if I had their money.)  They want to take advantage of the shock this pandemic has caused and make sweeping and long-lasting

environmental changes.  They’re going to make “good use” of the pandemic by “not letting the crisis go to waste.”  Some really decent leaders; some thoughtful, caring types, e.g. the Prince of Wales and Andrew Cuomo want to “build it back better,” though I’m scratching my head trying to understand how you build back better something which has already been dissolved by the pandemic.  Not much left to build with.

          This wee paragraph also quotes someone named Dan Jorgensen (you can look up this character yourselves) who is telling whatever little bureaucratic

drink-fest he’s yapping at, that around the world, our leaders are putting together some gargantuan economic stimulus packages and clean energy is going to be

integral to those plans.  We people who live in countries led by enlightened leaders can all heave a sigh of relief (as long as we don’t expel carbon), because said

enlightened leaders are going to make these stimulus packages conditional upon green commitments.

          That pretty well summarizes page 145 of the book which you should all rush out and buy since I’m not able to reproduce even one little paragraph for you. 

(See, I pitched their product.  They should be pleased.)

          I am left with a few questions, but I’m not holding my breath for the answer because I need that breath to breathe through three masks.  The first question is,

“If this virus is so intelligent and highly evolved that it has already dissolved our world, what’s the point of building back better or making green commitments?”  On second thought, maybe I just had the one question.  After all, the whole thing is built on a foundation of B.S. (that’s Bothersome Stuff.)


© Not Sure