By Not Sure

15 October 2023


            I’m not an expert on numerology.  Codes have keys, and without the key, one is likely to end up seeing meaning where there isn’t much, or believing they’ve cracked a message from the dark side, when really, the dark side communicates openly, in plain language, if one is capable of hearing and seeing.  I’ve heard people talk about “master numbers” and “life path numbers” and I know that these are low level number games.  I’m not eager to share my personal data with acquaintances so they can chart my future based on the numbers of my date of birth.


            What is true, is that down through time, rulers, priests, and strategists have used numbers.  Pythagoras was into numbers and geometry in the 6th century BC.  To describe him as a mathematician or a philosopher is quite an oversimplification.  Numbers and geometry are at the heart of everything, he said.  All of nature, music, the “harmony of the spheres.”  To study with him was to be initiated into a secret society.

Gematria is a Hebrew word for the practice of assigning values to words, sentences, and names.  It’s a rabbinic term for finding numerical patterns in biblical text and it is still in use in Jewish culture, found in the Torah and the Midrash and the Kabbalah.  Some Christians get into this too, and it is often referred to as Bible code, and studying it can be come quite an enterprise with tools and software sold to aid in its interpretation.

Sometimes the use of numbers and symbols is so crude, one must suspect that what is being glimpsed is not a coded message, intercepted by good fortune, but mockery of people looking for what is “hidden,” when so much horror and evil intent is now regularly and publicly displayed.  666, 13, 33, are everywhere once you start to pay attention.


Joseph Smith Jr. said that in 1823, he was visited by the angel Moroni, who guided him to buried golden plates which were inscribed with the history of an ancient Judeo-Christian civilization in America.  He would have been 18 at the time of this first visitation, which led to his transcribing the plates into the Book of Mormon and ultimately founding Mormonism.  Smith was accused of practicing necromancy by his wife’s cousin.  Sometime after the angel Moroni’s visit, Smith began taking on additional wives in the practice of polygamy that would characterize the Mormon church.  By early 1844, a rift had developed between Smith and some of his closest associates, whom he excommunicated.  In June of 1844, these dissidents would start a newspaper which was short-lived; only one issue published.  Violence ensued, Smith declared martial law, the city raised a militia, Smith fled, but then returned to face trial for inciting a riot.  While in jail, an angry mob formed and shot Smith dead through his jail window. 

Mormons regard Smith as a prophet similar in importance to Moses and Elijah and he is considered a martyr.  A revelation showed him that he was the only one authorized to issue commandments, authority that was not only spiritual, but political and economic.   For a period in the 1830s, he instituted a form of religious communism.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS aka Mormonism) now has more than 17 million followers worldwide.  Smith’s teachings were based on dispensational restorationism.


In November of 1844, Robert Chambers published a book entitled Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation, which was widely read and was a forerunner to Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, published in 1859.  But in 1844, Darwin himself wrote a long essay which contained many of the ideas elaborated upon in his magnum opus.


Karl Marx established himself in Paris’ Left Bank in the autumn of 1843.  According to Wikipedia, “In Paris, he came into contact with German revolutionary artisans and secret meetings of French proletarian societies.  It was in this period that Marx made the acquaintance of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Louis Blanc, Heinrich Heine, Georg Herwegh, Mikhail Bakunin, Pierre Leroux and most importantly, Friedrich Engels.”  There he wrote the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844, also known as The Paris Manuscripts, and the 1844 Manuscripts.


In 1831, William Miller shared his belief that the Second Advent, or Second Coming of Jesus Christ would occur between March 21, 1843, and March 21, 1844.  By 1840, Millerism had moved from being an obscure movement to a “national campaign” attracting followers from numerous denominations.  He spent years studying the prophecy of Daniel, especially the 2,300-day prophecy, using the calendar of the Karaite Jews.  When the return failed to happen, he returned to the Karaite calendar and set a new date for October of 1844.  The failure of Jesus’ return became known as the Great Disappointment.


The Baháʼí Faith was started in the 19th century, teaching the essential worth of all religions and unity of all people.  Baháʼí began in Persia, what is now called Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The Báb was the spiritual father, and he was executed in 1850 for heresy.  He taught that a new prophet similar to Jesus and Mohammed would soon appear.  Many claimed to be that prophet, but it was Baháʼu'lláh, who lived from 1817-1892, whose claim caught on.  In 1863, in Iraq, he announced his adherence to the Bábí Faith and his claim to be its prophet.  He was imprisoned for most of his life in the Ottoman Empire.  His teaching revolved around the idea that mankind is progressing morally and spiritually to world governance. 

Baháʼu'lláh’s son ʻAbdu'l-Bahá was born in 1844.  He is considered the last of the three central figures of the Baháʼí Faith.  He was imprisoned in various locations of the Ottoman Empire until freed by the Young Turk Revolution in 1908.  He died in Haifa, Mandatory Palestine (now Israel) in 1921.  Haifa is the home to the Baháʼí Faith’s Baháʼí World Centre, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and Baháʼí pilgrimage destination.

“The Baha’is, the United Nations and Universal Peace” is an article found on bahaiteachings.org, part 5 in a series “Achieving World Peace.”  In it, the author tells us to visit the beautiful city of San Francisco where world government got its start with the signing of the UN Charter in 1945.  “Amazingly, the Baha’i teachings had long foreseen these striking, world-embracing developments. When the UNCIO delegates met in 1945, few realized that Abdu’l-Baha had prophetically declared in San Francisco, a third of a century before, ‘May the first flag of international peace be upraised in this state.’ And when the cornerstone of the United Nations’ permanent seat was laid in New York City in 1949, the Baha’is recalled Abdu’l-Baha’s visionary statement thirty-seven years earlier, declaring New York as the “City of the Covenant” and saying, in an address at the Astor Hotel to the New York Peace Society:


    ‘There is no doubt that … the banner of international agreement will be unfurled here to spread onward and outward among all the nations of the world.’ – The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 125.”


According to Wiki, “In the Baháʼí Faith, a dispensation is a period of progressive revelation relating to the major religions of humanity, usually with a prophet accompanying it. The faith's founder Bahá'u'lláh advanced the concept that dispensations tend to be millennial, mentioning in the Kitáb-i-Íqán that God will renew the "City of God" about every thousand years, and specifically mentioned that a new Manifestation of God would not appear within 1,000 years (1852–2852) of the inaugurating moment of Bahá'u'lláh's Dispensation, but that the authority of Bahá'u'lláh's message could last up to 500,000 years.”


In the world of numbers marketed to the masses, there are “angel” numbers.  Lots of them, evidently.  They have special meaning for romance, family, business, etc.  “Biblically, the angel number 1844 represents being rewarded for hard work and dedication. It is a sign of material success and abundance that comes from a strong work ethic and practicality. This number also reminds us about the importance of maintaining faith and trusting in the divine when it comes to our financial and material needs.”  It would seem for those who play with numbers, they are indeed being rewarded for their hard work and dedication.


This Redux 131, is from Alan Watt’s RBN talk on January 28, 2009.


One Ring to Bind Them All:
"For Those Who Live in the Now, Life's a Constant Mystery,
For That Which Happens in the Now Has to do with History,
While Unplanned Life Guarantees Crisis Along its Ramble,
A Powerful Elite Took the World, Smashed It On an Anvil,
No Generation Has had Peace Because of Machinations,
This Group has Sworn to Overthrow Sovereignty of Nations,
They Stir Up and Arm Peoples, Offering Solutions,
Solutions Civic or On the Field of Bloody Revolutions,
Circles Within Circles, Wheels Within Wheels,
Dancing with the Devil Who Makes Perfidious Deals,
When the Guns All Fall Silent and They Ring the Old Peace Bell,
We'll be Altered, Chipped, Monitored in Their Utopian Hell"
© Alan Watt Jan. 28, 2009


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